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his warrants to the majors of the Regiments that they take
effectuall Order, that the Mellitia of the Townes belonging
to their Regiments respectiuely doe send vnto s** ffroutiers
such number of foot soldiers and dragoons for thiere relief


and strengthning as the Majore Gen" shall Judge meet to
order The sayd souldiers to be sent forth well fitted with
Armes & amunition and to be relieued at the discretion of
the militia of their respective Townes, vntill further order
be taken in such marier to be ordered as shall appeare to be
equall, not Opressing any person or place while others are

21° March 16§a

Past in the affirmative by the Deputies,

Ebenezer Prout Clerk
Consent' to by y^ Magistrates

Is" Addington Sec"'V

Men to be impressed in the Expedition against Nova Scotia^
^c, Sir TF"* PMps Chief Commander.

If upon the Encouragm' given men do not readily and
voluntarily ofter themselves in the present Expedition for
their Ma"*"^ Service against the French at Nova Scotia and
L'Accadie, the Hon*"'^ Gentlemen uominat'' a CoiSittee for
the Speedy Seting forward the same are Impowred to give
forth their Orders to Impress men for that Service so many
as shalbe necessary not Exceeding ffive hundred in the

And the Hon*"'® S"" W"" Phipps K"' haveing voluntarily
offered himselfe to that Service is desired to take the chiefe
Comand of all the Forces that shalbe raysed for that Expe-
dition, and Shiping and Seamen Imployed therein. And its
Ordered that Suitable Cofiiissions be given forth from this
Governm' unto S'' William Phij^ps, And to all Captains and
other proper Comission officers as well of the Sea as Land
Officers that may be Improved in the aforesaid Expedition,
And that Instructions and Articles be drawn up and given


by the Governo'" and Councill unto the Comander in Chiefe
and other officers for their direction in the aforesaid

Voted by the Deputies in the affirmative

Ebenezer Prout Clerk/

Consent'' to by the Magistrates.

22« March. 1689. Is^ Addington Sec^V

Ordered that M"" Joshua Moody be Eequested to be the
minister of our fleet & army for the Estward expedesion
against the french
22° March 1689

by the Deputies Ebenezer Prout Clerk
Consent'' to by the Magistrates Att''

Is^ Addington Sec"^/

^^ Letter to y^ Gov'^ <& Councill of Connecticutt, March

240 1(311 »

Boston ; March 24. l^%
Hon'"« Gent

Here is Cap* Blagg from N. York, and Mr. Levingston
from Albany confronting each other. We have shewn our
Resentm* of the undue Treatm' you have met with from
York in our Letter to y® Gov'' & by word of Mouth to s''
Blagg, telling him that not you onely, but y'^ United Colo-
nies sent Cap' Bull when their contests about Governm* were
unknown to us Yet we are sorry y* Cap' Lieslers harsh Usage
has made such impression on you as to put you on calling oft'
Capt. Bull's Comp** at this time of extream danger And we
are perswaded that tis of absolute necessity that Albany lay


down the Cudgels, and submit to York. And then we pray
you to take speedy order that Cap* Bull ])e eontmued at
Albany, or sent thether again if come home ; or som body
in his room, that so Reputation may be gained with the five
Nations, when they shall take notice that we mind the same
thing & venture on the same Bottom. Albany is a strong
& well fashioned Curb for o"" Enemies, which if it should be
broken they would run at a prodigious Rate, Albany is the
Dam, w'^'* should it through neglect be broken down by y^
weight of y*^ Enemy, we dread to think of the Inundation of
Calamities y* would quickly follow thereupon. Certainly in
reinforcing of it we do most industriously consult our own
Safety and Interest. On Tuesday y« IS*'^ Ins* about 60^
French, i Indians fell upon Salmon-Falls ab* Break of day
kill'd & carried away seventy nine persons. We know not
of above 2 Fr. killd & 2 Indians & one Fr. taken who says
are in pay from y® Fr. K. & several other parties out Name
of y'' Cap* Mons"" Artel — Surprised our People finding
y"^ without any watch ; burnt many Houses Cap* WincoU &
y® Plaisteds are safe. Our pursu'd but had not success one
of y"" men shot down by y*^ Reer-Scouts. We find that
hardl}^ any Garrison has been taken except by Surprize.

'Twere much to be desired that some of yo"" men might
accompany the Maquas and keep y*^ French alarm'' at their
own Quarters that so they might not be at Liesure to fall
upon o'' Frontiers & make N. E. y'^ Seat of warr which would
prove very ruinous to us our Lines of Comunication are so
vastly Extended that tis Impossible for us to have Souldiers
every where to defend them. A few Garrisons well ap-
pointed seems to be o'' Safety. We find hardly any one has
been taken but by surprise through the deadly Security of
Souldiers and Inhabitants.

Our Drums are beating for Volunteers to go ag* y® French
this 25. March 1G90. the begining of the year is full of
avvfull trouble and disquietmeut. The Lord so bless yo""


and our Counsels and Succeed o"" Endeavours as may be for
.the peace and Safety of this distressed people.
We are Gent", yo"" assured ffriends & Servants

Saiii Sewall
g order of y^ Gov^ & Council/

Superscribed To the Hono'''" Rob'

Treat Esq"" Gov"" And Councill

of their Ma"^^ Colony of Conec-

ticutt These present./.

We have proposed to desire a Meeting at Rhode Island of
Comm'"^ from y® Severall Governm*^^ on y® last Munday in
April next to consult & advise of y® publique affayres refer-
ring to y*" warr and providing for y® publique safety And
desire you would appoint some fit persons as yo"" Com**
then and there to meet for y' end./

Letter Grov. Bradstreet to L*. Crov. Liesler of New York.

Boston, 25" March 1690./.
Hon'"^ S^/.

Cap"® Blagg^ Stay here longer than was Expected gives
us another Opportunity of adding unto what we have al-
ready written unto you by him with reference to the Gent".
& people of Albany, who have represented and laid before
us the distressed and present dangerous State of that place
of being exposed unto the rage of the Enemy : The differ-
ing Sentiments we perceived y' have been between yo*" Selfe
& them Occasioning no small divisions there : which we did
not before so fully understand. Unto whome we have now
written to perswade to a compliance with yo"^ reasonable de-
mands and that all animosities and former differences may
be laid aside, that there may be an Uniting and combining

Doc. Vol. v. 5


as one to withstand and Oppose the comon Enemy which
advice we are Encouraged (by some Gentlemen of that
place at present with us) to hope wilbe complyed withall ;
And Entreat that Such Moderation and Lenity may be Ex-
ercised towards them as may Oblige and win them to a
cheerful activity & vi2:orousness in intendino; their own
Safety and preservation of their Ma"** Interest in those
parts That being so considerable a Post the Loss thereof
may Endanger the whole ; Besides their Interest in and In-
fluence upon the Indians is a matter of no little Reguard,
the disobliging of whome at this time may be very fatal.
We are at present forwarding an Expedition against the
French at Nova Scotia and L'Acadie, our Success therein
will Encourage to an Attempt upon Canada wherein we
must desire the joint concurrance & Assistance of all the
Governments in these their Ma"*^^ Colonys And to that End
have proposed to desire a Meeting At Rhode Island of Com-
ission*^^ from the Severall Governments on the last Munday
in April next ; whereof wee have thought meet to Acquaint
yo"". Hono'' & desire that you would please to forward the
notice thereof unto the Governments of Maryland and
places Adjacent that so the Advice and Assistance of the
whole may be had in so great an Affayre ; whereto we per-
swade our Selvs you will readily contribute yo"" help and
shall accordingly await yo"" Answer in Expectation ofyo'':
Speedy Notice of yo"" appointment of some Gent" Coiuis-
sionated to that Service.

We have had the Sight of a Protestation drawn up by yo"^
Selfe and council! against the Governm' of Connecticutt,
which we cannot but admire at, being very Sensible what
hhAi reflections and Severe char<!:es arc therein laid against
them, which nmst needs have an ill resentment by them and
doth likewise reflect upon the Government here, who joyned
with them of Connecticutt in ordering Cap"'" Bulls Company
to y® Assistance of Albany for their Ma""^* Service to Enforce
y* Garrison — and we fear the Gent" of Connecticutt \Yilbe


discouraged ; Unless you see reason to do something to Ease

and accomodate that matier.

Comending you to the Protection of the Almighty ^Ye

Subscribe. Yo'' fiViends and Servants

Directed To the Honorable S : Bradstreet Gov®

Jacob Liesler U Governo® in the name of y* Couucill/
and Comander in Chiefe of
their Ma"*^^ Province of
New-Yorke. These pres-


Letter Gov. S Council to the Majo^, Recorder & Alder-
men of Albany.

Boston March 25° 1 690./
Hon^*^ Gent"/.

Yours by the hand of ]\P Livingstone &c. are before us
we have also had Consideration of the Memoriall presented
by the said Gentlemen wherein they represent th'e present
dangerous State and Condition of Albany which we per-
ceive to be principally occasioned by the unhappy dissen-
tions and Contest arising among yo'^selves and dissatisfaction
with the present Government of New Yorke who expect you
should be subject to Orders from thence as being alwayes
an appendix to that Province : whatever yo"" sentiments or
apprehensions may be Concerning the Government of York
(although we have not been made acquainted with his Majes-
ties particular Commands to them) yet we are of Opinion
considering the present Conjuncture of Affairs, it will be
most conduceing to their Majesties Interest that there be
rather a concession on your parts than by maintaining con-
tention to be out of a Capacity of securing yo"" selves and
resisting the Common Enemy thereby Endangering the
whole, and the falling off of the maquas and other nations
of Indians now Engaged with us when they take notice of
our divisions, to take part with the Enemy : who doubtless


are not wanting in their unwearied Sollicitations and restles
Endeavours by all imaginable cunning to draw them to their
side ; which if they obtaine will prove very pernicious to
their Majesties Interest in all these Collonyes. What meas-
ures have been taken by the Gentlemen of New York with
reference unto your selves that you apprehend to be hard or
unreasonable we think it most advisable that you await a
settlement from England for yo'' satisfaction and redres
thereof. And that there be a present accoinodation and com-
posure of all differences and laying aside annimosities on
either side that so you may unite and combine against the
common Enemy whereto we are willing to contribute what
assistance we are capable of and to Endeavour a mediation
betwene you.

We have written unto L' Gou'' Leisler intreatino^ him to
use all moderation and hope he will be perswaded thereto
and take no such measures as may be justly prouokeing unto
yo"" selves. It would heartyly rejoice us to hear that there
is a good Understanding betwixt him and your selves.

The Proposals oflered by m"" Livingstone and the other
Gentlemen as to the supply* of men prouisions and moneys
from the Collon}^ we are in no present ca})acity of granting
being Infested by the Enemy upon our Towns and Planta-
tions Eastward and Northward And are settino^ forward a
nauall Expedition against the French of Noua Scotia and
Beside the preparation necessary ly called for to our defence
against the Attack of the French by sea, If it shall please
God to suceed this present Expedition we shall be Encour-
aged forthwith to bend our Force a^'ainst Canada the ne-
cessity whereof (if Judged fleasal)lo) we are alike sensible
with your selves. To which End we hauc j)roposed to desire
a meeting of Comission'"'* from the severall Governments to
consult and aduise thereof, and shall speedily notify all our
neighbours of our motions thereto that so there may be a
joint concurrance and Assistance. And a good appearance
prouided both of Christians and Indians to disrest and annoy


the Enemy by Land through the Country whilst our Forces
by sea do Attack them at Quebeck, we desire you would
Acquaint the Maquas of our ju'esent Expedition against the
French and Endeavour by all meanes to hold them and the
other nations firm to their promises and assurances lately
given of their Fidelity and Assistance of the English in
prosecuting the Enemy.

We have written as Effectually as we can to stir up our
Neighbours and Confederates of Connecticut to yeild their
succor and Assistance to Albany which without a composure
of your differences and better understanding betwixt New
York your selves and them we cannot Expect will be at-
tended) and to send some Forces from thence to joine the
Indians in prosecution of the Coiiion Enemy, we perceive
by what hath occurred to our veiue of a declaration put forth
in the name of the L* Govenour and Councill &c of New
York the Gentlemen of Connecticut have been misrepre-
sented there in that which was intended both by themselves
and us as a seruice to their Ma""^^ and for the Comon safety
in sending Cap' Bull with his Company to Enforce and
strengthen the Garrison at Albany, which we cannot but
think they must needs highly resent to be so Entreated for
their good will ; But hope it will not discourage from duty
and intending the good of the whole. We heartily condole
the awfull desolation lately made at Schenectady ; which is
accompanied with the more sorrowfull aggrauation that it
was cheifiy occasioned thro their own carelesness and want
of Vigilance, the like whereof hath hapned at Salmon Falls
a Plantation in the prouince of Maine the Enemy being
French an Indians surprizing of them there being not so
much as one man attending duty upon the watch, and killed
and carried captiue about seventy nine persons ; ma}^ these
Instances be warnings to us to the more vigilance ; And stir
up all their Majesties subjects in every place of the Country
unto a hearty union for their own security and Engagem*
against the treacharous and barbarous Enemy : We do again


refresh our aduice unto you that you cease all farther anni-
mossityes and contentions and comply with what may be
reasonably desired and Expected in Submission to the pres-
ent Gournment that we may all be Vis unita fortior.

Commending you to the protection of the Almighty
Subscribe Gent"" Yo"" Assured Freinds & Serv"*

The Govern® and Councill of y*^ Massachusetts Bay.

Signed S. Bradstreet/

Directed To Pe. Schuyler Esq' Major

Derick Wessels Esq"" Kecord' And

Aldermen of Albany

These Present./ g m'' Rob* Livingston/

Letter Charles Frost ^ others to the Gov^ ^ Council

Portsm° March 26 : 1690
Much Hon^*^

Wee have lately wrote yo'' Hone's : from both of y® Prov-
inces but so many of Each being now met together we can-
not omit vnitedly humbly to reiterate the same : And you
may please to know that all the Townes in these two Prov-
inces are frontiers to the Enemy, Portsm" by Water, & the
rest by Land & none in A capacity to defend themselves, so
y' another attack will necessitate those of the out places
that Escape to desert & leave all to the Enemy unless re-
leife be sent of men, provision &c to sustain them for most
persons of late having been prevented following any busi-
nesse, to stand upon their guard have not wherewith to sus-
tain themselves, some young men also who have nothing to
save or loose caiiot be kept w^'out provision &c : we would
further humbly offer the danger of the losse of this River if
the flrench by sea should make an attacke upon it ; The last
Dutch Warrs the lower part of Kittery were appointed to
the ffort on great Island, but nothing can be now Expected
from them, having not men suflicient to defend their own


Garrison, as also wheither it may not be advisable to reset-
tle A Garrison at Salmon falls ; & hoards Garrison at Co-
checho being the ffrontier cS: the only Garrison on the North
side of that River are readie to desert for want, having now
lost three men, one kil'd & two wounded in the late fisht at
Salmon falls all w*^^ wee humbly recoiuend to yo' Hon''* con-
sideration : And supplycate such releife as in yo"" Wisdomes
shall be thought meet:

The bearers Lieu' Storer of Wells who was w"" Major
flVost in the late pursuit of the Enemy, & m"" Sargent CoiTi-
and"" of the Garrison at Saco, will be able to informe further
of the state of the Country, to whome we humbly refer,

Yo*^ Hon'^s Humble Seru'*
Charles ffrost

W"^ Vaughan
Rich'' Martyn
Francis Hooks
John WiucoU./

Form of Coimnissions.

The Governour and Councill of the Massachusetts Bay in

New England

To Captain Greeting

Whereas you are appointed Captain of a Company of
Souldiers who listed for their Majestyes service in an expe-
dition against the ffrench at Nova Scotia and L'Accadie sub-
jects of the ffrench King, the Declared enemyes to the
Crowne of England haveiug also appeared in actuall Hostil-
ity & joyned with the Indians in taking killing burning &
distroying the persons & Estates of their Majestyes Sub-
jects belonging to these Colonyes —

You are therefore Authorized in their Majestyes names to
take und'' your care & conduct the sd : Comp* & carefully &
diligently to discharge the duty of a Captaine by leading
ordering & exerciseing the sd ; Comp* in armes both inferi-


our officers & Souldiers & to attack take persue kill & dis-
troy the sd : common Enemy, keeping yo"" souldiers in good
order & discipline commanding them to obey you as y"" Cap-
taine & your selfe to obserue & follow such orders & direc-
tions as you shall receiue from your Superior Officer accord-
ing to the Rules & Discipline of warr, persuant to the trust
reposed in you. In testimony whereof the publick scale of
the Colony of the Massachusetts bay is hereunto affixed.
Dated in Boston the day of Aprill one thousand six

hundred & Ninety. In the second year of the Eeign of our
Soveraign Lord & Lady, William & Mary by the grace of
God King & Queen of England, Scotland, ffrance & Ireland,
Defenders of the faith

Boston S'' April. 1690/

Vot'' by the Governo"' and Couucill to be the Forme of

Comissions to be given out to the Officers for the French


//att' Is"* Addington Sec'


In the Leiutenant & Ensigues Commisions Insert these


* To obserue & follow such

orders & directions as

you shall receive from

your Captaine or other

Superior Officers &c :

Complaint against Three Soldiers.

Province of Mayne

Aprill y'' 7'" 1G90

Thes are to certifie any whome it may Conscerne & Espe-
cially the Hon'"'' Councell Millitary at Boston That ther is
three souldiers namely William Williams Thomas North &


Kichard Warren : Williams and North haue been qrterd att
Benioy Hodgdons euer since the 16"* of Nouember last and
Warren since the distraction of Salmon ffalls all three are
this day departed from s*^ Hodgdons Garrison under pre-
tence that they wanted shirts to chang their want being known
they all were ofFred shirts to chang by the said Hodgdons
wife and one Bartholemew Thompson butt they said they
would go home for Boston and would not stay no longer
now in o"" greatest strait and want of men Thomas North
said hee would not be stopd nor hindered as long as hee had
any powder and shott And that it was little odds to him to
kill on of vs as an Indian the other 2 more Moderate Sar-
geant Thorp heard som of the Garrison aiErme that they
had shirts oiFerd for this mornino- the saro:eant was att the
Garrison and pswaded them to stay butt they would not but
went away with a gmis to retourne att night but w^e are cer-
taine they are gone Sargeant Thorpe Cann speake more att
larg what the people of said Garisson said into whose hand
we haue Committed this to be sent to Boston And this to
be sent to Major tFrosts this night to be ready for the Sar-
geants Hand in the Morning What gffers were made them
were affirmed By Bartholemew Thompson & Abigaile Hodg-
don And ther wilfull goeing off without cause testified by
all the men in the Garrison

Benoy Hodsden "] Thes testifie that they might

Abigaile //J Hodgdon I haue had shirts to Chang.

Bartholemew JR Thompson j

Benjamen Bridges

John I ~ Thompson

with the most pt of the Gar



thes are wittnesses to the
opprobious h i g h e and
Avicked speeches slighting
of command only Warren
was more sober butt other
Two sordid ffellows ffull
of Rascality in word &
actions for to bee gone./


Commission of S^ W^ Phips.

The Governour and Council of the Massachusetts Bay in

To S - William Phipps K"* Greeting

Whereas there are Sea and Land fForces now provided
and appointed for their Ma*^'^^ Service in an Expedition
against the French at Nova Scotia and L'Accadie, Subjects
of the French Kins; the declared Enemies to the Crown of
England, the said French haveing also appeared in armes
and done many acts of Hostility against their Ma"^'* Sub-
jects belonging to the Colony^ of New-England, not onely
in takeing several! of their Trading and Fishing Vessells
and Goods, captivating the People ; But have likewise ani-
mated Succoured Supplyed and jo} ned with our Indian En-
emies in their cruel treacherous and bloody Enterprises by
Surprising, Attacking, takeing killing burning and destroy-
ing the Habitations persons and Estates of their Ma"**^ Liege
People within the said Colonys And by certain Information
are designing and attempting farther mischiefes & Dep-

Reposing Special Trust and Confidence in yo"" Courage
Conduct & Loialty, These are in theire Ma"^^ Names AVil-
liam and Mary by the Grace of God King and Queen of
Euoland Scotland France and Ireland Defenders of the ffiiith
to Authorise and Impower you S"" W^illiam Phipps to be
Commander in Chiefe of all the said Navall and Military
fforces and to take them under yo'' Care Conduct and Co-
mand. Leading, Ordering and Exercising the said flforces in
Armes as well Inferiour Officers as Souldi" Marriners and
Seamen. And to attack take pursue plunder Spoyle Kill and
destroy the said Common Enemy firench and Indians both
by Sea and Land ; Keeping yo"" Seamen and Souldiers in
good Order and discipline ; Commanding them to Obey you
as their Chiefe Commander

And your Selfe to Observe and follow such Orders and


Instructions as from time to time you shall receive from the
Governo^ & Council according to the Rules and discipline of
Warr, pursuant to the Trust reposed in you. In Testimony
whereof the publique Seal of the said Massachusetts Colony
is hereunto Affixed. Dated in Boston the ffourteenth day of
April Anno D. m One Thousand Six hundred and Ninety.
In the Second year of their Ma"*^^ Reign.

By Order of the Governo^ and Council.

Signed. Sim. Bradstreet Govy

Is" Addington Sec'^^./

Commission of W^ Stoughton & others Commissioners.

The Governo'' and Council of their Ma"«« Colony of the Mas-

sachu setts Bay in New England To all unto whome these

pnf* shall come Greeting &c

Whereas a bloody War hath been raised by the Combina-
tion of French and Indian Enemies which is still carrying
on a2:ainst the Protestant Religion as well as the Peace of
their Ma"''^ Subjects in these parts of America wherein not
only the Calamities and destruction already Suffered have
been exceeding great ; but y^ common dangers and distresses
thereby are daily Spreading and increasing more and more.
Upon Consideration Avhereof had And to the End that noth-
ing may be omitted which may be needfull in this present
juncture untill more express powers Instructions and Com-
mands in this matter shalbe received from his Ma*-^.

It hath been concluded by a mutual correspondence & ad-
vice between the severall Colonies and Governm*^ now more
Especially concerned That upon the 24**^ day of this Inst

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