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Trabi\jad6r, ra, 9. Laborer, painstaker.

TrabaJ&r, va. and n. To work, labor, manu«
fitcture ; art, execute ; endeavor ; solicit ;
support ; till the ground ; vox, harass.

Trabfljillo, 9m. dim^ Slight work, labor,

Trabi^o. em. Work, labor, toll; obstacle;
trouble, hardship; fktigue. TrahaAo9,
Poverty, misery. Sacar & uno de tra-
I>ajo9^ To extricate from troubles.

TrabfOosam6nte, ad. Laboriously. [fbL

Trabaioso, sa, a. Laborious, elaborate, pain-

TrabdJ, a. Applied to c]ai«p-nalls.

Trabamionto, 9m. Act of Joining or uniting.

Trob&nco, em. Piece of wood attached to a
dog^ collar.

Trab&r, va. To join, unite; dispute; seize;
censure ; fetter ; thicken ; set the teeth
of a saw. TYabar plAHea. To chatter
together. (Law) T\rabar tjeciieion. To
distrain, seize.

Trabaz6n, ef. Juncture, onion ; connection.

Tral)e, ef. Beam.

TrAboa, ef. A long cown.

Trabilla, f< A small clasp or tie.

Trab6n, ^ Fetter for a horse's foot; cross-
planks in oil-mills.

Trabiica, ef. Cracker, a firework.

Trabucaclon, tf. Confkision, mistake.

Trabucad6r, ra, 9. Disturber.

Trabuo&nte, pa. Preponderating^

Trabuc&r, va. To derans^ ; cut the thread
of a discourse.— vn. To stumble.— «r. To

Traouc&zo, em. Shot with a blanderbuas;
the report of a blunderbuss. (CoU.) A
sudden fright

Trabuco,«>7k Catapult; blunderbuss; Pied-
mont measure of nine geometric feet

Trabuqu6te, em. Machine used by the an-
cients to tiirow largo stones.

Tr&ca, tf. (Nau.) Streak, the uniform raoga

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of Uie planks of a shtp. TYacha de pal~
fiifjarts, (Nau.) Streak of tlio celling.

TracamuDdikna, ^ (ColL) A ridiculoos
change of trifles.

Tracci6n, (if. Attraction.

Traoia, ^. The Thraclan atone, a fossil to
which medicinal virtues are ascribed.

Tr&ciaa, 9m. North-northwest wind.

Tradsta, sm. Projector, intrigaer.

Tr4cto, 9m. 8paco of time ; versicles sung
at mass. [ga.

Tradiddn, 9/. Tradition. (Law) V. SrUre-

Tradtcion&l, a. Traditional.

Tradacci6n, */. Translation, interpretation.

Tradncir, va. To translate ; change, truck.

I'radiictor, ra, «. Translator.

Traedizo, za, a. Tractable.

Traed6r, ra, «. Carrier. [or condacting.

Tracd{tra, itf The act of carrying, bringing,

Traur, va. To fetch, carry, opnduct ; attract;
come; manago; assign V<>Asons ; bring;
persuade; use, wear; cause, contract.
Ttxur en boca9 or UngtM9y To censure,
srieak ill. TYasr un pleUo con aiffuno^
To bo engaged in a lawsuiL— or. To be
dressed in style; have a graceful deport-

Trafagad6r, 9m, Trafficker, dealer.

Trafogdnte, pa. Trafticking, trading.

TrafhgAr, tm. To traffic. V. Trajtcar. To
travel. Journey.

Tr&fago, 9tn. Commerce, trade; a careftil
management of aflkirs. [dlesome.

Trafagon, na, a. Active, industrious, mod-

Traralm6ja,jii, a. Intrepid, audacious.

Trallcacion, »/. Trafilc, trade, cominerco.

Trafldinte, pa. and 9. Mercliant, trader.

TraficAr, ru. To traffic, trade. (Prov.) To
travel, Journey.

Trafleo, 9m. Commerce, traffic, trade.

TrafYilla, 9f. (Coll.) Cheating, swindling.

Tragacdnta, ^. (Bot) Goat's thoru, milk
vetch ; tra^icanth, a gum.

Tragacdnto, a. Trngocanth. [weapon.

Tragacote, 9m. Javelin, a Moorish missive

Tragad6ro, 9m. Gullet; guH abyss. Tra-
gadtro de un piterto, (Nau.) Mouth of a
harbor. 7Wi«r bueno9 tragadero9y To
be very credulous.

Tragad6r, ra, «. Glutton. Tragador de le-
gu(U, V. Tragalegua9.

Tragah^tnbres, 9m. (Coll.) Bully.

Tragaldabas, «wi» (Coll) Glutton.

Tragal^guas, 9tn. (Coll.) A great walker.

Tnu^aluz, »/. Skylight

Trugam&llas, 9tn. (ColL) Impostor, swin-
dler; gormandizer.

Tragantdda, ^ A largo draught of liquor.

Tragdnte, pa. Swallowing, guzzling.-
Sluice, mill-dam. Tra{fante del bau-
preA, (Nau.) Pillow of the bowsprit

Traganton, na, 9. (Low) A glutton,— a. Glttt-

Tragaut6na, ^ A plentiful repast; the act
of swallowing. (Met) Ditflculty of be-

Tragdr, «rt. To swallow; glut; ingulf.— «r.
To dissemble ; pocket an aflVont Tra-
gar el antueloy (Met) To allow one's
Mlfto be deceived.


Tragdzo, 9m. A large draught

Tragaz6n, ^ Gluttonv.

TragMia, </I Tragedy; moumfbl event
Parar en trageaia^ To have a fatal issue.

Tragulafo, 9m. Kind of animal between ■
goat and deer.

Tragicam^nte, aef. Tragically.

Trdgioo, ca, a. Tragic ; calamitous.

Tragicom6dia, «/. Tragi-comedy.

Tragic6mico, ca, a. TragicomicaL

Tri^o, 9m. (Bot) Tragus; draught; calam-
ity, adversity. A' trago9^ By degrees,

Trag6n, na, a. Gluttonous.

Trag6n, 9m, Glutton.

Tragondzo, za, a. A great glutton.

Tragoneria, Tragonia, 9f. Gluttony.

Tragoi>aua, Tnigopdnade, 9/. Fabulous bird.

Tragorigano, 9m. (Bot) Tragoriganum hxon-

Traicion, </! Treason, disloyaltv. Alia trai-
eion, High treason. A ' iraldon^ Treach-

Traiclon^ro, ra, a. Treasonous. [to place.

Traida, 9f. Fetohing or carrying f^om place

Traido, da, a. Brought, fetched ; used, sec-

TraldcSr, 9m. Traitor, betrayer.

Traidor, ra, a. Treacherous, fidthleas, dis-
loyal, insidious.

Trald6ra, «/ Traitress.

Traidoramonte, ad. Treacherously.

Trallla, ^ Lensh, bsh ; packthread.

Trailldr, ^a. To level ground.

Traina, «/ Train of gunpowder.

Traina, j/! Jack, a small bowl. [cloth.

Traiie, s/n. Act of raising a bur or nap on

Tri^e, «m. Garb, custom, clothes; mask;
pretence ; a complete dress of a woman.
(Nau.) Traie de mar. Slops.

Trf^edr, to. To dress in a manner suited to
one's rank or condition.

Traiilla, ^ A barrow without teeth fbr lev-
elling ground.

Trajin, 9m. Carriage, deportment

Tri^indnte, »m. Carrier.

Trajindr, va. To transport goods fW>m place
to place. (ColL) To fidget about

Triyineria, ^f. Carrying trade.

Tr^jlnero, 9tn. Carrier.

Trajino, em. Transixirtlng of merchandise.

Tri\iio, 9m, (Bot) Pimpinella.

Trdlla, ^. Cord. [machination.

Trama, «/. Weft or woof of cloth ; deceit,

Tramador, ra, «. Weaver; plotter; con-

TramAr, va. To weave ; plot ; hatch.

Tramilla, ef. (Amer.) Twine.

TrAmite, 9m. Path ; procedure.

Tramo, 9m. Piece, morsel ; piece of ground ;
flight of stain.

Tramojo, 9m, Part of grain which the reap-
er holds in his hand ; band for tying the
sheaf; fright, fear.

Tram6n, 9m. The shortest wool which re-
mains in the comb during the combing.

Tramontilna, ef. The north wind ; vanity,
pride. Perd^r la tramofUana, To be-
come ravu\ with pa.*eion.

Tramontuno, no, a, Transmontane^

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Jin an upper Hoor.
; fraud ; watch-hole


Tramont&r, wi. To pass to th« other side of
tJio mountains.— ^'a. To assist, relieve.—
»/*. To escape. [cruft, artlflco.

Tram6ya, J«/! Machinery nsea In theatres;

TramoyifiUi, «rn. The niacliiniet of a thea-
tre ; impostor, swindler.

Tramna, 9/. Trap, snare ; fraud, deceit Si
hicierala trumpa, If fate would decree.

Trampal, snu Qoaemire. [eyea.

Trampant6jo, »m. Trick played before one's

Trampazo, 9m. The hist twist of the cord
of torture.

Trampeaddr, ra, «. Borrower, swindler.

Trampe4r, vn. and a. To swindle; inipose
upon. ■■■ ~

Trampilla, ^ A slight

Tramplsta, 9tn, Cheat, swindler.

Tramposo, sa, a. Deceitful.—*. Cheater,
siiindler. [(Nan.) Cross-bar.

Tranca, f^. Bar across a door or window.

TrancAda, jyC V. Traruo and Trancago.

Tranoido, Sin. A small harpoon Ibr catch-
ing eels.

Trancahilo, «m. Knot in thread.

TrancanUos, am. pi. (NtLxL) Water-waya.
Tt'ancanilea resertchdM or interioreSy
Under water-ways.

Trancar, va. To barricade.

TrancAzo, am. Blow with a bar.

Trance, 8m. Peril, danger ; the last stage of
life. A' todo trance, Besolutely.

Trancen'il, sm. A gold or silver hatband.

Tranchtite, «i». A broad, curvated knife;
shoemaker's heel-knife.

TriUico, am. A long stride ; threshold of a
door. A' trancoiK, In ha&tc.

Trang&llo, am. Yoke fixed on shepherds'
dogs' necks.

Tranqui&ra, 4/t Palisade. [window.

Tranqu6ro, 9m. Jamb or lintel of a door or

TranqniUim6nte, ad. Quietly.

Tranquilar, «a. To quiet, appease ; baUnce
acconnts. [composura

Tranquilidadf ^ Trananilllty, rest, peace,

Tranqniliz&r, <t>a. To calm, tranqaiIli7.o.

Tranquilla, ^ A small bar; trap, snara

Tranquilldn, am. Maslin, mesliu.

Tranquilo, la, a. Tranquil, calm, qniet

Trans, prep. (Lat.) Lsed in composition,
and signifying over, beyond.

Transaci6n, af. (Composition, adjustment

Transalpine, na, a. Transalpine.

Transar, f t*. (Amcr.) V. Tranaigir.

Transbordar, uo. (Nan.) To tranship.

Transbordo, am. Transbipment

Transceudencia, af. Tranacendencv.

Transcendental, a. Transcendental.

Transcend^nte, pa. Transcendent

Transcend6r, «a. and n. V. Traacender.

Transcribir, va. To transcribe.

Transcurso, am. Process of time.

Transeat, Let it pass. fSoJoumer.

Transefinte, a. Transient ; transitory.— *in.

Tran5ferid6r, ra, a. V. Traa/eridor.

Transferir, va. To remove, transport (Law)
Transfer, convey.

Transflgnr&ble, a. Changeable.

Tninsflgnraci6n, af. Transtlguration.

Tran&flgurftr, va. To tranhfignre, transform.
— «r. To be transfigured.


Transflxidn, tf. Transfixion.

Transfixo, xa, a. Transfixed.

Trunsflorar, ta. (Plct) To copy a picture
or drawing at a side light

Transflorear, va. To enamel, inlay.

Transfollado, da, a. (Vet) Applied to tu-
mors round a horse's legs. [morphosis.

Transformacidn, a/. Transformation, nieta-

Transformaddr, ra, a. Metamorphoser.

Transformamionto. am, Transfortnatlon.

Trausfurmir, va. To transform ; transfigure.
—vr. To assume different sentimenta.

Transformatlvo^ va, a. That possesses pow-
er to transform.

Transfi^gir, va. To rub.

Transftetiino, na. a. Transmarine.

TransfVetilir, va. To cross an arm of the sea.

T^afuga, TransfCigo, am. Deserter, fugitive.

Transfundir, V(L To transftiae; communi-
cate, [tion.

Tran8ftisl6n, </! Transfusion; communica-

Transgresion, ^ Transgression. V. Traa-

Transgresor, ra. a. Transgressor.

Translcidn, af. Transition. [avarlcioua-

Transido, da, a. Worn out with anguish;

Tranaigir, va. To accommodate diflferences;

Transitdble, a. Passable.

Transit^, vn. To pass by a place.

Transitive, va. a. Transitive.

Tr&nslto, am. Passage, transition ; inn ; road ;
death of holy persons.

Tran8itoriam6nte, ad^ Transitorily.

Transit6rio, rla, a. Transitory.

Translaci^n, iff. Translation, removal ; ver-
sion; metaphor, [plioricul; translatoiy.

Translaticlo, cia, Translato, ta, a. Metar

Transmarino, na, a. Transmarine.

Transmigraeidn, ^f. Transmigration.

Transmigr^, vn. To traosmlkrato.

Tranamisible, a. V. Traamiaible,

Transmision, ^f. Transmission.

Transmitir, va. To transfer, transmit

TransmontAr, va. V. Tra»morUar.

Transmut^ble, a. Transmutabl&

TranBmutaci6n, ^ Transmutation.

Transmutikr, vo. To transmute. V. Traa-
mutar. (That which transmutes.

Transmntativo, va, Transmutat6rio, ria, a.

Transpaddno, na, a. Y. Tra9pa,dano.

Tran8par6ncia, ^ V. Trasparencia.

Transparentdrse, vr. To be transparent

Transpar6nte, a. Transparent [chnrchea.

Tronsparimte, am, A glass window in

Transpirdble, a. Transplrable.

Transpiraci6n, «^ Transpiration.

Transpir6r, vn. To transpiroi

Tran$plantacl6n, af. (Prov.) V. TraapUttUe.

TransplAnte, am. V. Traaplants.

Transportacidn, tif. Transportation.

Transportami6nto, am. Transportation.

Transporter, va. To transport convey.
Hatar tranaportado con alguna per-
sona^ To be wrapt up with a person. —
vr. To be in a transport.

Transpdrte, am. Transport Bajdd^tran^
porU, (Nan.) Transport

Transportin, am^ A thin, small mattress.
(Vulg.) The posteriors.


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TranspoBicioD, «\f. Transposition.

Transujrmlndnte, pa. Transgresaing the
lioiita.— <fffii. Travelling flock of sboep.

Transterminar, va. To pass tho limits ; tres-

TrausostandacidD, ^f. Transubetantiation.

Transnstanciul, cr. Converted into another

Transustanci&r, «a. To transnbstantiate.

Transvorberacldn, «/ V. Trawjlseion,

Tranaveradl, a. Transversal V. TraaiwaaL

Transvorsalin6nto, ad. Transversally.

Transv<Jrso, sa, a. Transverso. [erty.

Tr&Dza, ft/". (Prov.) Bale of a debtor's prop-

Tranzad6ra, ^. Knot of plaited cords or
ribbons. [auction.

Tranz&r, f>a. To plait; braid; eiit; sell at

Tranz6n, 9m. Part of a forest which has
been cleared for fuel.

Tr&pa, ^. Noiso made by stamping with the
feet. 7>apa«^ (Nau.) Kelfovlng-tackle.
Trapas <U ku vela^ty Spilllng-lines.

Trapacei^, ffn. To deceive by uttal oontrl-

Trapaceria, «/ Fraud, deceit

Trapacdro, ra, a. and a. Cheating, deoeitfkil.

Trapacute, sm. (Mer.) Waste-book.

Trapacista, am. and a. Impostor, sharper,

Trap^jo, mn. Ra^ tatter.

Trapu680, sa, a. Bagged, tattered.

Tr&paia, ((f. A stamping with the ibet ; de-
celt— «flk Garrulity, loquacity.

Trapale&r, wk To be loquacious; babble.

Trapaldn, na, a. and «. LoquaoiouB; bab-
bler; deceltfhl.

TrapizA, ^ Fraud.

Trapaziir, vru V. Trapalear,

Trap&ax), am. A kirgo rag.

Tr4|>e, am. Buckram.

Trap6clo, am^ (Oeom.) Trapezium.

Traperia, ^. Street inhabited by woollen-
drapers ; frippery ; wooUen-draper^s shop.

Trapero, ra, a. Dealing in fHppory.

Trapiche, am. A sugar-mill Trapiehe ds
wtpor^ Bteam sugar-mill. (Cuba) A small

Trapico, am. dim. Little rag.

TrapiUo, am. Courtier of a vulgar woman ;
little rag. Eatar, andar^ or aalir da
trapilio. To be in dishabille.

Trapls^nda, </! Bustle, noise.

Trapito, anu V. Trapico.

TrApo, am. Cloth ; rag; sails of a ship. A'
todo trapoj With all t)ie might J'oner
como tm trapo^ To reprimand severely.

TrAque, am. Crack, bursting noise. Traqvs
barraque, (Coll) With whatever mo-

Tr&qnea, ^. Windpipe.

Traqueu", un. To crack, make a noise.— «i.
To handle much; move to and fro.

Traqudo, am. Noise of artificial fireworks;
the act of shaking or moving to and fro.

Tniqueso6te, Mn. (Nau.) Trackscout

Traquetoiir, vo. To agitate, move to and flra

Traquet6o, am. Shaking, concussion.

Traqniart6rla, af. V. TYttgwcL

Traqnido, am. Beport of fire-arms.

Traa, j?nn7. After, behind, besides.


Tras, am. (Coll.) Breech, bottom; crash,

dash. T/*a«, traa^ Bepoated strokes. ITo

Uner traa qua parar^ To bo extremely

poor. [recesA.

Trasa1c6ba, a/. Alcove behind the principal
Trasalpino, na, a. Y. Tranaalpino.
Trasanieayi^r, ad. V. AfUeantaayer.
Tra!>afi(*jo, Ja, a. Wine three years old.
Trifica, a/. (Prov.) Leather thong;
TrascAbo, am. Trip by which a wrestler

throws his antagonist
Trascant6n, am. Stone placed at tho comer

of a street ; porter. Jjar traacarUvn^ To

hide one's self behind a comer.
Trascart&rso, vr. To remain behind.
Trascart6n, em. Drawing of a winning card

after tho game is lost
Trasccndfincia, ^ V. Transeendenda.
Trascendentil, a. Y. TranacenderUal.
Trascendunte,pa.anda.Y. Tranacande$U6.
Trascend6r, «a. and n. To transcend, go

beyond ; rise above ; extend itself; emit

a strong odor; penetrate.
Trasoendido. da, a. and pp. of Traaeender,

Acute, endowed with great penetration.
Trascol^, WL (Med.) To strain. (Coll.) To

pass over a mountain.
Trasconcjarse, vr. To squat: applied to

game ; sheer off.
Trascord&rse, «r. To forget
Trascdro, am. Space in a church at the back

of tho choir. [buttocka.

TrascorriU, 9m. Back-yard. (Joe.) Breech,
Trascu&rto, am. Back-room.
Trascribir, va. To transcribe, copy. .
TrascArso, am. Course or process of Ume.
Trasdobladtira, af. Treble.
Trasdobl^, oo. To treble.
Trasd6blo, «»k Treble.
Trasdds, am. (Arch.) Inner side of hewn

stones in buildings.
Tr8segad6r, am. One who racks wine.
Traseg^, «a. and n. To overset, torn top^-

Traseiialaddr, ra, a. One who altera mario.
Traseflaldr. va. To alter a mark.
Tras^ra, a/. Back part; croup.
Tras6ro, ra, a. Bemaining behind, coming

after, hinder.
Tros6ro, am. Buttock, ramp of animals.
Trasferidor, am. Transferrer.
Trasferir, va. V. TratiafBrir.
Trasflgiirdbic, a. Trasfiguracldn, ^f. and

Trasflgur&r, va. V. TranaJIgurahlef

TranaAgwacion^ and Tran»Jtg%war.
Trasflxion, ^ and Trasfixo, xa, a» Y.

Tranafiadon^ and Tranafiao.
Trasflodu- and Trasflore&r, va, V. Tran9-

fiorar and Tran^/lorear.
TrasfoJ&r, vn. To run over the leares of a

book. Y. TtaahMar.
TrasfollAdo, da, a. V. TranaJhUado.
TrasformacI6n, af. Transformation.
Trasformador, sm. Y. Tran^nnador.
Trasformamionto, «fnw Y. Tra^fornkocUm.
Trasform&r. va. V. Tranafyrmar,
Trasibrmatlvo, va, a. Y. Trarui/t}rmat(WK
Trasfreg&r, va. To rub.
Trasfretuno, na, a. Transmarine.
Tr^sftiga, Trisftigo, am. Deserter, ftigltiTa

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Traflfundicl^n, tf, TransAision. T. Trati*-

Tniftfundir, wu Y. TYannfuncUr,

Traafusion, itf. Transftision.

Trasgo, am. OobUn, sprite

Traegredir, «a. To tran8gre8&

Trasgreslon, tff. Transgreaelon, crime.

Traagres^r, ra, 9. Transgressor, offender.

Trasgne^, m. To pUylthe hobgoblin.

Trasguero, »m. One wno imitates the tricks
of nobgoblins.

Trasbogucro, snK Iron plate at the back
of a fire-place; block of wood placed
against the wall to keep in tlie fire.

Trashognero, ra, cu Idling all day by the
fireside. (oook.

TrashoJ&r. vo. To mn over the leaves of a

Trashum&nte, p€L and A In Spain, sheep ,
pasturing north in sammer and soath in |
winter. TVxuhumanieSy Travelling of
merino sheep.

TrashumAr, v<k To drive sheep to or from
the pasture-grounds in spring and autumn.

Trasiego, «7n. liemoval, the act of moving
things ; of decanting liquors.

Tras^odo, da, a. Lank, meagre.

Trasijar, t?». To grow Ujln or meagre.

Traslacidn, Tnisladaci6n, i^f, Y. Tratu-

Traslad&nte, pa. Translating.

Traslad4r, «a. To move, transport; trans-
late; transcribe.

TraslMo, mn. A copy ; imitation, likeness,
counterpart (Law) The act of deliver-
ing written judicial proceedings to the
other party, that on e.TaminaUon of them
he may prepare his answer.

Traslap4r, wi. V. Solanar.

Traslatieiam6nte, ad. Metaphorically.

Traslaticio, cia, Trasliito, ta, TraslaUvo, va,
a. Metaphorical.

TrasloAr, va. To bestow ftilsomo praise.

Traslucido, da, a. and pp. of Traducirae.
Transparent, pellucid.

Trasluci^nte, a. Translucent, transparent

Traslncirse, vr. To be transparent; conjec-
ture, [dazzled bv excessive light

Traslnmbnim{6nto, mi. The state of being

Traslumbrdrse, or. To be dazzled ; vanish,

Trasl6z, *m. Light which passes through a
transparent body. (Pict) Transverse
light [hammer.

Trasm^dlo, 9m. Trammel ; iron handle of a

Trasmano, 9m. Second player at a game of
cards. A' trasmano. Out of the right way.

TrasmanAna, 9f. The day after to-morrow.

Trasmarino, na, a, V. Tranmnarino.

Trasmatikr, do. To survive; outlive.

Trasmtgraci6n, ^ V. Tran9migracion,

Trasmigrtir, va. V. Tran9miffrar.

Trasmln&r, va. To undermine, excavate. —
vn. To emit a strong seen t-^r. To pierce,

TnismiMble, a. Transmisslve.

Tra«mlhIon, Y* V. TransmUion,

Tra&miUdo, da, a. Transmitted.

Traflmitir,«a. (Law) V. TranmMUr.

Trasmontiff, va. To pass to the other side
of the mountain. Y. Tramontar,


Traam6ta, ^. fProv.) After wine, made by
water poured on the pressed grapesb

Trasmna&r, va. To remove, transport;
change the affections; convert; turn

TrasmutAble, a. V. TransmaMbU.

Trasmutaci6n, 9f Y. TranemutaoUm,

Trasmut&r, va. To alter, transmute, convert

Trasmutativo, va, Trasmutat6rio, ria, a. Y.

TrasnochAda, tf. Last night ; nights watch ;
night's attack; watch, the act of watch-
ing a whole night [watching.

Trasnochddo, da, a^ Fatigued from night-

Trasnochad6r, ra, «. Night-watcher.

Trasnochdr, vn. To sit up a whole night

Trasuombrir, va. To misname.

Trai>nominaci6n, tf. Y. Metonimia,

Trasoir, va. To misunderstand.

Traaojado, da, a. Emaciated, worn oat,
having sunken eves.

TrasofiAr, vn. To dream.

Trasp^na, ^f. Back pageu

Traspal^, va. To shovel ; remoro ; clear the
ground of grassi [mlslav.

Traspapel^rse, vr. and o^ To be mislaid;

Traspar6ncia, 9f. Transparency.

Trasparentirse, vr. Y. Transpareniarsa.

Traspardnte, a. Y. Tranmarenta.

Traspasacidn, i^f. (Law) C^nveyanceu

Traspas^do, da, a. Transfixed, conveyed.

Traspasamidnto, 9m. Transgression; tres-
pass; transfer; griet

TraspasAr, vn. To pass over; cross; be
ainicted.— CO. To remove, transport;
transfix ; cross a river ; repass ; transgress ;
trespass; transfer.

Tiasposo, «m. Conveyance, transfer; griel^
anguish ; trespasa. J*or H traspaioy For
the ^ood-wilL [bow.

Traspecbo, 9m. Bone on the back of a oroes-

Traspcin^, vcr. To comb again.

Traspits 9in. Trip, a wrestler's trick. Echar
or dttr tra9ple9. To supplant by artifice.
To slip, stumble.

TraspillirM, vr. To be emaciated.

Trasplnt^r, va. To know from the cards
drawn those tiiat are to follow.—^. To
be disappointed.

Trasplrablc, a. Transpirable.

Trasplracion, fl/T Transpiration.

TraspirAr, va. Y. Traiupirar.

Trasplantaci^n, «/ (Prov.) Y. Tra9planU,

I'rasplant&r, va>. To transplant, migrate.

Traspl&nte. 9m. Transplantation.

TrasiionedOr, ra, 9. Transplanter.

Traspon6r, va. To transpose, tnuMport;
hide, conceal; transplant— -er. To be

Trasponiin, «m. (ColL) Y. Trasero.

Trasportaci6n, ^. Transportation, convey-
ance, removal [Fit, ecstasy, raptnrei

Trasportami^nto, 9m. Y. Trasportacion,

TrasportAr, va. Y. Tran9portar,

Trasi>6rte, 9m, Y. Tran9porU.

Trasportin, «m. Y. lyatuportin,

Trafiposici<in, 9f. Transposition.

lYaspu^sta, 4/f Transport removal ; flight,
disappearance; back-yard; back-door
out- offices of a dwelllng-honse.

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Traspu68to, ttL,pp. TransportAd.

Trasqauro, «m. Leather-cutter. [shorn.

Trasquiladcro, 9tn. Place where sheep are

Trasquilador, «m. Shearer.

Trasquiladuraf ttf. Shearing.

Trasqulliu-f va. To shear sheep; cut the
hair In an irregular manner ; clip, cortaiL

Trasquiliaidcho, cha, a. fColL) Close shorn
or cropped. [ouilone^ Irregularly.

TrasquiI6n, am. Cut of the shears. A' tras-

Tr&ste, am. Fret or finger key of a fftiitor;
a small cup or glasa. (Pro v.) Y. Traato.
Sin trasUfs^ Without head or tall. Dar
al tracts con loa neyocioa^ (Coll.) To fail

TrasteMo, am. Number of strings tied
round a gnit&r^s neck.

Tra8tead6r, ra, «. A noisy fellow, a disturber;
annoyance. [er on the guitar.

Trasteante, pa, and a. A dexterous perform-

Trastcar, va. To tie A-ets round the handle
of a guitar; remove furniture; play well
on the guitar; talk in a lively maimer.

Trastfjador, am. Tiler.

Trasteladtin, tff. V. 'lYatttjo.

Trastejur, aa. To tile; repair. Par aquX
traaUJaik, Thither they repair.

Tnutt^jo, am. Tiling; any uninterrupted and
disorderly motion.

TrasUira, a/. Lumber-room.

Trasteria, a/. Heap of lumber. \nUnanU.

Trosterminante, jm. and am. Y. Tranater-

Trastcrmin&r, na. V. Tratiaterminar,

Trastesddo, da, a. Solid, tight

TrastiSnda, a/. Back-room of a shop; pru-
dence, forecast.

Triisto, «t». Furniture, movables; luggage.
Traatoa da cocina de Jlet'rOy Kitchen
utensils of hollow- ware. Useless person.
Traatoa^ Useful arms, as sword, dagger, Jcc

Trastorn&ble, (i. Movable ; flckla

Trastoniador, ra, «. Disturber; subverter.

Trastomadiira, a/. Overturning. [ing.

Trastornamionto, am. Overturning, Invcrtr

Trastomiir, va. To overthrow, reverse, over-
turn; crush; confuse; persuade.

Trastomo, atn. Overthrow, overturn.

Trostrabado, da, a. A horse whoso tbr hind
foot and near fore foot are white.

Trastrigo, am, (Prov.) Wheat of the best

Trastrocamlcnto, am. Transposition.

Trastrocdr, va. To Invert or change the
order of things. [transiwsition.

Trastru6co, Trastrntquo, am. Inversion,

TraatmSlo, am. dim. A useless person.

Trastnmbar, vn. To overturn, overset

Trasud&r, va. To sweat perspire.

Tmsud6r, am. A gentle sweat

Trasuntiir, va. To copy ; abridge.

Trasantivam£nte, ad. Compendiously.

Trasunto, am. Copy, transcript; likeness.

Trasustanciacion, a/. Transnbstantiatlon.

Trasustandal, a. T. Transubatanoial.

TrasustanciiU*, va. V. Tranauataneiar.

Trasvendrse, vr. To be forced out of the
veins: applied to blood; be spilled.

Tra9vcrberaci6n, */ V. Tranajheion*

Traaversiil, a. Transversal

Trusvepsalmunte. ad. Transversely.

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