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Baus&n,na, a. Effigy; fool; bow-sprit; down.

Bnutlsm&l, a. Baptismal

BauUsmo, 9m^ Baptism. (Nau.) Ducking.

Bantist^rio, 9m, Baptistery.

Bautiz^nte, pa. BapUzer.

Bantiz4r, wk To baptize, christen. (Nao.)
To duck seamen. BauHMor el vino, To
mix water with wine.

Bautko, cm. Christening.

BAya. ^ Berry, any small fhiit (Prov.)
role to sepanite horses. [flax.

Bay^l, a. Not steeped or soaked : applied to

Bay&I, 9m. Lever used in raising miU-stones.

Bay6ta. ef. Baize, a sort of flannel Bayeta
de alconcher, Ck>lchester baize. Bayeta
/fljwtoyTianrashlre baize. Bayeta mini-
^no, Lonff baize. Bayeta da 9ur or de
ci<mA{2a«, White list batzo. Bayeta Jtna,
Swanskin. Arra9trarbayeta9.(}ieL)Tt
enforce a claim with care.— ^ Pall; in
paper-miUs, felts.

Bayet6n, 9m. Coating. Bayeton moteado^
Spotted coating. Bayeton de fwibee^
Clondeil coating. Bayeton rayado^^\x\p'
edcoathig. Aryaftm comtm, coarse baize.

B^o, ya. a. Bay, a oheetnut-color.— «
Brown butterfly.

Bay6co, 9m. Copper coin of Italy ; unripe flg.

Bay6na, (Arda) ad. The little concern tM
cost of a festival gives to those who pay
nothing. [Fixed bayonet

Bayon6ta, ef. Bayonet Bayoneta oa!ad<\

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ftiyiiiMtiao, «nK Thiusi with a baronet

Bay6qiie» aioK Indian coin ofS ftrtbings.

Bay^ea, «m. TippIinff>hoQBe.

Baa, ^. Trick at cardSb ]So d^r m€ter
baeOf Not to let one pat in a word. Tener
lien Obemiada •« hafk, To have a good
naxiMb (Nan.) Oozr ground.

R&KOv mv Bpleen; milt.

Bizo, za»5k ^rown inclining to yellow. Fom
6aaovBrown bread.

Bazofia, «/ OfU; reflose: hogwash.

Razocir. vck To stir and shake liquids ; dash.

Bazaqoeo, «m.. Btlrring liquids; Jumble.

C«» MiK Baa, the err 0? sheep.— V^ The let-
ter Jl ftr; devotee; bypocrlto.

R^ta, ^ Woman eng&rod in works of chari-

Beateria, ^f. (lion.) Affected piety: bigotry.

Beat6rio, «mw Iloaae inhabited by pious

Beatico, ea, & <Z<m. Hypocrite.

Beatificaci6n« tf. BeatUkatlon.

Beatificam6ntvo<2. BeatiBcally.

Bi'atiflcir, wjl. To beatify.

Beatiflcoi, c% a, (Diyin.) Beatific, beatifleaL

B^tilla, ^f. A 0<»1 of fine linen.

Beatisimo, ma, a, 9up. BcaUttimo padre^
Moat boly fltther.

BcatiUid, <^ Beatitude; holiness.

Be^ ta, cu Happy, blessed; wearing a ro-
Ugions b^it; ae%'OUt. [in retirement

BcMo, ta, 9. Anions perB<Mi ; one who lives

Beat6n. na, %. Ilypocrite, bigot

Bebedoro,«fik Drinking vessel Beb^dero»,
lining strips. [able.

Bebed^ro, ra, Bebedizo, za, a. Potable, drink-

Bebedizo, am. Philter or love potion.

Bebeddr, ra, «. Tippler, toper.

Beb&r, va. To drink ; pledge, toast Saber
de ead<M, To drink at leisure. Beber lo9
rientoa^ To solicit with eagerness. Beiber
eomo una euba, To drink as a fish.

iieberrdn, sm, (Little us.) Tippler, low

BeUda, WT Drink, beverage, potion.

Bebido, da, a. Intoxicated. Bisn hebida,
Drunk.— A Drench, potion tor brutes.

Bcblatr^o, »nu Extravagant mixture of

Beborrote^, «a. To sip.

B6ca, ff. Part of a collegian's dress; fellow-
ship; miow. Beea ae merocd^ Scholar-
shlpi Becas, Strips of velvet for feclngs.

B«!ab(inga, nf. (Bot) Brook-limeu

Becida, ^ (Om.) Woodcock.

liecafigo, ««. (Orn.) Fig-pecker, epicurean
warUer. iI^a/2(;ro raro, Bed-hoaded lin-

B«card6n, 9m. (Prov.) Snipe. [earth.

Bec^rra, mn. (Bot) Smm-dragon ; nil of

Becerrillo, ilia, ito, ita, «. dim. C^f ; dressed

Bec^rro, ra, «: A yearling calf; dressed calf-
skin. jBtfCtfrrM cAaroMKiM; Patent leath-
er cal^kina. Bec&rro marino^ A sea-
cali; the seal

Beeoooin, tm. ()ap tied under the chin.

Beeoadroi »m^ (Mua.) A sharp (:%).

BedR 9m. B^uUe; warden; appiurltor.

Beddla, ^ Beadleship, wardenanlp.

B«Mlio, 9nK Bdollinm an aromatic gum.


Bedija, ^ Flock, lock of wool [dropped
Bedij6ro, ra, «. Gatherer of the locks of wofl>l
Bofii. iff. Jeer, scofl; mock ; garland.
Befuoemi, ffm. A musical sign. [the I!p&
Befar, va. To mock, scofll laugh at; mov*
Bt'fo, £a, a. Blubber-lippea.
B6ro, 9m. Ltp of a horse or other animal
Begin, am. Peevish, wayward child,
itogu^r. am. A civil magistrate in Cataloniiw
" — leno, 9m. District and Jurisdiction of a

Behctria, ^ Confhsion, disorder. Luffar da

beheirxa^ A place where perfect eqaolily

B^in, am. (Bot) Puflf-balL
Be{in6ro, 9m. (Prov.) One who separates the

fees from the oil
Bcducil, am. A place where reeds grow.
Beluco, am. Thin or pliable reed; vine
Bcjjuquillo, am. A small gold chain ; ipacac-

nanha; a ratan ; a small vine.
B^lcho, am. Horse-tail-tree.
Beld/td, nf. Beauty. Una bddad^ a beauty

a fiiir woman.
Bdedin, */. Sort of cotton stuffi
Belomnita, ^ Bolcnmites, arrowhead or fin

ger stone.
Relefio, am. (Bot) Henbane ; poison.
Bel^rioo, am. (Bot) Kind of myrabolan.
B61fo, &, a. Blob-lipped. i>i«n/6 &^(/b, Snag-
B61fo, swk Thick under lip of a bortje. [jar
Belhfiz, ^ Belhteo, am. (Prov.) Oil or wine
B61IC0, ca, a. Warlike, martial, military.
Belicoso, sa, a. Warlike, martial; quarrel-
Bellcosidid, a/. Warlike state,
licligero, ra, a, (Poet) Warlike, belligerent
Bell^cr^into, a. Belligerent
Bolitre, a. (ColL) Low, vulgar; roguish.
Bellacamdnte, ad. Knavishly; roguishly.
Belldco, ca, a. Mean, artfbl, sly; cunniog.
Bellaco, am. Eogue, a villain, a knave.
Bellac«!>u, BellMonazo, am. augtn. Great

knave, an arrant rogue. [fellow.

Bellacu61o, am^ dim. Artful, cunning little
Bellad&ma, Bollad6na, af. Deadly night-

shadcL belladonna.
Bellam^nte, ad. Prettily, graceftilly, Ihirly.
Bellaoue&r, ca. To cheat, swindle, play low

tricko, [meannen.

Bellaqueria, af. Knavery, roguery, swindling,
BeI15zie^ tf. Beauty, handsomeness, flourish ;

decoration. i>dcir &tf{2eea«, To say prettf

Bello, lla, a. Beautlftil, handsome, &lr, fine;

Da au beUa gracia^ Of one's own accord.
Belidrio, ia, a. Mouse-colored.
Belloriui, ^ Primrose, cowslip. Bellorita

prima^waly Common cowslip.
Belldta, ^ Acorn; acom-shapca box.
Bell6te, am. liarge round-headed nail.
Bellote&r, «n. To be fed with acorns.
Bellot^ra, ^ Season fbr gathering acorns.
Bellot^ro, ra, a. Acorn gatherer or dealer.
Bellotica, ilia, ita, ^ dim. Small acorn.
Bel6rta, af. Screw which fiistens the plough

beam. ,

Bem61, am. (Mus.) A flat ( D X
BomolAdo, a. (Mus.) Having the D siftn.

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Ben, tUb^ tm. Fruit which yioldfl a pre-

doiu olL
Benarriza, ^. A bird of the IhxnDy of ortolnna.
Beodedr, va. To bless, doToto, consecrate.
Bendlcidn, »f. Benediction.
Bendito, ta, o^ Salntod, btc^ed; silly. JE7

bendUOf Frayer which begins with these

Benediclte, 9m. (Lat) Permission solicited.
Benedictn, ^. Benedict, an electnary.
Benefact6r, tm. Benefactor.
Bonoflc^ncia, ^ Beneficence, kindness.
Beneflclaci6n, sf. Benefaction. [ticlar;.

Beueflciido, «m. Incumbent; curate, bene-
Beneflciad6r, ra, «. Benefactor; improver.
Beneficl&l, a. Relating to benefices.
Bencflciar, va. To benefit; cultivate; im-
prove mines ; confer a benefice ; purcliase

ft place or employ.
Beneflciirto, »m. Beneflcianr.
Bt'oefido, wm. Benefit, Icindness; rirtt;

profit; boneflcci Bawjido curado^uen'

efloe with a curacy.
Beneflci6so, sa, a. lienoflcial, adrantagooua.
Benefice, ca, a. Beneficent, kind.
Benem6rito, to, a. Meritorious, deserving,

worthy. [consent.

Benepldclto, 9Hk Good-will, approbation,
Benevol^ncia, sf. Benevolence, good-will,

Benevolo, la, a. Benevolent, kind, gentle.
Bongala, «/. Bengal, thin slight stum
Bcnignamento, ad. Kindly, benevolently,

clemently. [brity.

Benlgniddtt, ^ Benignity, kindness; salu-
Bonigno, ua, a. Benign; humane; kind;

mild, gentle.
Benito, ta, t. and a, Benedictine friar or nun.
Bci\]ui, »m. Benzoin, a gum-rc5in.
Beod6z, ^f. Drunkenness, intoxication.
Beddo, da, a^ Drunk, drunken. [ors.

Bc*qne. em. Head of the ship ; privy for sail-
Bcqn^Do, «m. Woodpecker.
Berdm, ijf. Coarse India cotton stuff.
Berb^na, */ Verbena, vervain, peristerlon.
Bcrberis, «m. (Bot) Barberry, piperidge-

Berb6ro, wk A confection made of barberry.
Berbi, rnn, A sort of woollens.
Bcrbiqui, 9m. A carpenter's brace and blL
Bercebfi, 9m^ Devil; perverse temper, ugly
Berceria, ^ Vegetable-market. [person.
Berdol^ ^ Purshiin.
Berengena. 9/. Esqg-pUnt
Bereneeniil, «iik l!<^-phmt field. Ifeterwen

un oertngenal/So involve one's self in

BeigKn6ta, 9f. Bergaroot; bergamot-enufll
Bergam6te, Bergamdto, 9m. Bcreamot-trce.
Ben^te, 9m. Brazen-&ced villain, rascal.
Bergantin, 9m, (Nau.) A brig.
Bergant^Q, na, 9. aitffm. Brazen-lhced, im-
pudent person. [ruJIBan.
Bereantonizo, «m. au^rn^ Most impudent
Benlo, 9m. Beryl, a precious stone, [riage.
Berlina, ^. Landau or beriin, an open car-
Berlinga, ^ A clothos-Iine post ; small round

timber. [of the rampart

B6rma, «/! (Fort) Bonn, ground at the foot
Permejear, Bermcjec^r rn. To he reddish.


Bermojizo, za, a. Beddish*

Berm^o, Ja, o^ Of a bright reddish coior

BermeJ<Sn, na, a. Beddish.

Bcrmeju6h^ «/t Rochet, a small rlver-flsb.

Bermeiura, 8f. Beddishnoss, ruddr color.

Bormell6n, Bermlll6n, 9m. Vcrmfllon.

Bermudi^na, 9f. Iris-leaved slsyrinchium.

Bcmandinas, 4/? pi. Fan&ronadee, IUm

Berncg^l, 9m. BowL
BcmlH, 9/ Rug; rong^ cloak; a bore.
Bemlclo, ff/ Barnacle, a bird like a gooee
Bemiz, 9m. Varnish, paint, rouge; printer^

B6rra, ^ (Bot.) Tlie strong waterHsress.
BerrAza, 9/. Water parsnip.
BerreAr, vru To cry like a calf, bellow.
BorrcguetAr, vn. To play slelght-of-hand

tricks. [children.

Berronchin, 9m, Grunting; cry of wayward
BerrendeArse, ur. To grow yellow, as wheat
Borr^ndo, da, a, Stamed with two colors;

yellow wheat
BemJra, tf. V. Berraea comtm, [animal.
Bcrrido, im. Tlie bellowing of a calf or oih^^
Berr'm, 9m, Person in a violent passion.
Berrinche, 9tn, Anger, passion ; sulkiness.
Berrinchudo, a. Passionate, sulky.
BerrizAl, 9m. Place ftill of water-cresses.
BiSrro, ««!, Water-cress. Andar d la fior

del 09rro^ To stroll and wander about
BerrocdL «m. A cra^[y or rocky place. [Ite,
Berroquofla, q^ Pieara herroquefia^ Gran-
Berru6co, »m. Pin, a small homy Induratior^
Berruga, sf. Wart, corneous oxcroscence.
Borrugdza, «f. Larjre wart
Bemigi^, sa. a. Warty. [I^yons.

BeiYfisa, 9f. Sort of stuff manufactured at
Bdrza, if. Cabbage. Dena or col comun,

Bavoy-cabbage. Berza lombarda^ Rotl

cabbage. JS/ttar en let'sa. To be In the

bbde: applied to grain.
Besad6r, ra, «. and a. Kissing; kisser.
Besam&nos. •»>« Levee or court-day ; a salute

"With the hand. [plough.

BesAna, ^ First ftirrow opened with a
Besitr, ca. To kiss ; touch closely. A' be9ar.

(Nau.) Home, or block on block. Jlegar

ybetar^ No sooner said than done. — er.

To strike heads accidentally.
Besico, illo, ito, 9m. dim. A little kiss.
B6so, 9m. Kiss ; violent collision. £990 ds

fnon jo, Kind of sweet-meat I>arunbe90

aljarro^ To drink freely.
BestezuAla,^ dim. A llUle beast
B&jtta, 9f Beast B69tia d« albarda, A

beast of burden. BMtia ds 9illa, A aaAdle

beast Gran be9Ha, An elk, an animal ol

the stag kind : dunce, idiot
BestiSge, Bestiftme, 9m, An assembly of

beasts of burden.
Besti&l, a. Bestial, bmtal.
BesUalidAd, 9f Brutish quality.
BesUalmfinte, ad. Bestially, brutally.
BMti&za, 9tn, augm. A great beast ; an idiot
Bestleclca, ilia, lt^ Bestlezu61a, «/ dl/m. k

little beast; an Ignorant pcrson.
Bestion, 9m. attam. Large beast
B^tola. >»/. Paddle for cleaning the conltof
Bc^sncidor, ra, s. Kisser.

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Besacftr, vo. Tb glre many kiss^

Besoedn, «nu Hearty kiss. [breama.

BMQg&dk, ^ A lunch or supper of sea*

fiesugo, «?K (Ichtb.) Sea-bream or red gilt-
bead. 0)0 d^ bmitgoj Squint-eyed.

Beeugn^ra, ^ A pan for dressing heaugot;
a female bream-seller.

Besogo^ro, em. Fish man or seller of breams ;
fishing-tackle for breams.

Besognete, 9m. (Ichth.) Bed Sea-bresro.

BcGaqa6o, mm. Hearty and repeated kisses.

B6ta,j^ A bit or line of thread; tte tapeto
tie on sandals. Beta d^ la madera^ The
grain of the n^bod. Betas, fNao.) Pieces
of cordage for all sorts of tackle.

OetabeU nn, Betarriga, Betarr&ta, ^ (Bot)

Bet61, 9m, Betel-nnt palm; betel-leaf >ine.

Betlemita, 9m. pi Bethlemlte, a Mar of a
reli^ons order.

Betonica, ^ (Bot) Betony.

Beti^ 9tn, Bitomen, pitch ; cement Betun
de eoimena^ Coarse wax. [grapes.

Beima, ^. A gold-colored wine ofBemia

Be^t» 8nk A kind of s^^flsh.

Bey, 9m. Bey, a Turkish Kovemor.

Beyupftra, 4^ A la:^ kind of fish.

Bezaar, «/ Bezoa** medicinal stone, antidote.

B«z4nte, «m. (Her.) Bezant; round spot

Bezir, tf. Bezoar stone.

Bdzo, am. Blabber-Up; proud flesh.

Bezofir, 9m. V. Betar.

Bczoardico, ca, a. Bezoardic

Bez6te, «i». A ring worn In the under Up.

Bezfidoi, da, a. Blubbcr-Uppcd, or blop-
lipped. [bark.

Blamb6naa, K stulT made in China of

BJangnl^r, a> Biangulated, biangulous.

Bifea, 9f. Goane silk from the Levant

Btizas, ^. pL Saddlebags.

BIbdro, 9m. Linen from QaHcia.

Biblla, 9f. Bible.

Biblfco, ca, a. Biblical. [worm.

nblidfllo, en. BibUophile, book-lorcr, book-

BibUografia, sf. Bibnography. [ograpbic

Bibli(^r4fico, ca, a. BlbilographlcaJ, bibli-

Mbli^grafo, «7K Bibliographer.

Bibliomania, ^f. BibUomania.

BibU^mano, na^ Bibliomaniac

Bfbli6taft), 9m. Who neyer lends his books.

Bfbllot^ca, ^f. Library.

Bibliotec&rio, 9m^ Librarian.

Biea, «/r A sea-fish resembUns a bream.

Bfc^isnl&r, a. (Bot) Bicapsnlar.

BicMTa, qf. A kind of wild or mountain goat

Bicb^ 9m. (Nau.) Boat-hook.

Bieho, 9m. SmaU grub or insect: Tcrmln.
Ma* Mcho. A mischievous urchin.

Bie6ca, ^. Sentry-box; a smaU borough;
a tUng of little yalne.

Bicoquite, 9m>, A bonnet or head-dress.

Bicoquin, 9m. Csp tied under the chin.

BIcdme, a. BIcomuous, bicorn.

Bioorpdreo, rea, a, Bicorporal

Bloos, sm, pi. Smtdl gold points or lace.

Bicuadr&tica, a. Biqnadrale, biauadratic

Bid^nte, 9m. Two-pronged spade; sheep.

Bifida, 8f. Pitchfork with slxor seven prongs.

Keld&r, ««. To winnow by means ol^a fork.
Bidldo, BI6Igo, 9m. Winnowlng-fork.


— • t

Bidn, 9m. Supreme soodnosa; object of «•
teem; good, utility, benefit; wUkre^
.B««»<5», Property, fortune, riches. BUk^
raiceSf Real estate. £{^ne9 musbleSf
Goods. Blenes de fortuna, Worldlv
treasures. Decir mil bien^a^ To praise

Bi6n, ad. Well, right; happily; willingly.
Bien qv4^ Although. Bien *<, But It
Ahcra bien^ Now, this being so. Mat
Mtfn, Rather. JTay hien de eso. There ii
plenty of that Ser hirru, To bo good, use-
ful, or convenient Dc hien d frw« or po*
butu, Willingly, amicably. Bstar lUn
To bo well.

Biendl, a. Biennial.

Bienam^do, da, a. Dearly belovctl. [cess

BienandAnza, tf. FcUcitv, prosperity, sue

Bicnavcntnrddo, da, a. Blessed, nappy; sue
cessfhl; simple, silly.

Bienaventurdnza, «/ Beatitude; human fo
Uclty. Btmaventuranoaa, The eight lv»

Bienestikr, 9m, Well-being.

Bienfortun^o, da, a. Fortunftto, successful

Biengrandda, if. Curl-leaved gooso-foot

BienbabWdo, da, a. Well and civilly spoken

BienhadAdo, da, a. Lucky, fortunate, happv

Bienh^cho, cha, a. Well-shaped, weU-per

Bienhechdr, m, «. Benefhctor.

Biteio, 9m. Term or space of two years.

Bienquer^, vn. To wish the good of another

Blenqner^r, 9m. Esteem, attachment

Bienqnisto, ta, a. Generally esteemed and

Blenvenida. t^. Welcome, [shell of an ejrjt

Bi6n2a, </: (Prov.) The film which lines lh«

Bi^Tzo, 9m, Linen manulacturod at Bierzo.

Bifdrme, a. (Poet) Biformed, blibrm.

Bifr6nte, a. Double-fronted or double-fkccd.

BigAmla, ttf. Bigamy.

Bigamo, «m. Bbamist

Bigardedr, w. To live Uccntionsly ; wander.

Bigardia, 9f. Jest, fiction, dissimulation.

Bigdrdo, 9ni. Friar of loose morals ; a lubber.

Bigarrddo, da, a. Variegated, motley, dapple.

BIgdrro, sm. (Prov.) A large sea-snaU.

Bign6nia, ^ (Bot) Trumpet-flower.

Bigomcta, sf. dim, A small anvil

Big6mia,«/ Anvil

Big6Ui, 9f. (Nau.) Dead-eye.

Bigotuzo, sm. augm. I^arge whisker^

Big6te, 9m. Whisker, mustache. J/oinbt^
de bigotey A man of spirit and \igor.
Tener bigotes. To be firm and undaunted.

Bigotdra, ftm. Leather cover for whiskers;
ribbon ornament; folding seat in front ol
a chariot Pegar ttna Hgatera, Toplay
one a trick, itf^^o^^o^. Face, mien. lUier
buenaa bigoteraa. To have a pleasing faoa

Bigoteria, */ Bigotry. (Padre Isla.)

Bifa, sf. Amotta or nnnatto tree.

Bildnce, am. Balance of an account

Biland^r, em^ Bilandei', a small morchar

Bilidrio, ria,j;T. Bilianr.
raal; <

Bmngiie, a. Bilingual ; d^oeltfhl
BiU6so, i>a, a. Bilious.


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Billar, wk Billlard-table; gameofbllUarda.
BUldto, «m. Billet, Ublo, ticket BilUis de
hanco^ A bank-note. [letter.

Billetico, MK dim, A small billet; a love-
BlUdn, srtK Billion.
Bilinad6r, «m. Algebraist
Bil6rta, am. Bing; tlying report; a kind of

cricket gaino.
Bii6rto, «ffk Bat havlnff a crooked bead.
Biltroto^r, vn. To ramble about the streets.
Biltrot<ira, tf. A gossip, gossiping woman.
Bimembre, a. Having two members.
Bimustro, a. Of twoononths' duration.— «m.

Tvfo months* leave of absence.
BinadSra, sf. Weedlng-hook.
Binad6r, mn. Digger, ne who digs the same

ground again. [second time.

BinAr. ta. To dig or ploogh ground the
Bin4rio, sm. Binary. [wooden brackets.
Binateras, 4/C pi. (Nan.) Becketa, straps,
Binaz6n, 9m. Digging or ploughing a second

Bindcnio, am, Binocle, opera-glass.
Binocol^, a. Binocular. [Binomial root
Bindmia. af. Binomial Kai» binomial^
Binza, i\f. Pellicle, lining of an egg.
Biograf la, ^ Biocraphy.
Blogr&flco, ca, a. Biographical
Bi^afb, am. Biographer.
Bi6mbo, wn. Screen.
Blpartido, da. a. Bipartite.
Bipedal', a-. Bipedal
Bipedo, am^ Biped.
Bipdtalo, la, a, (Bot) Blpetaloua. [knees.
Biquit<Srtes. a, pi (Nau.) Qnarter-gallenr
Binida, ^. Tack. Birada de hordo^ (Nan.)

Tacking, putting the ship about
Blrad6r, sm, (NauO Top-rope.
Birdr, i?a. (Nau.) To wind, twist; tack;

heave. Birar dA hordo^ To tack or go

about Birar por avant^^ To put the

ship to windward- Birar de hordo on

redondOy To put the ship to leeward.
Biras6nca, aiiupl. Land and sea breezes.
BirbiquL 9m. Borer, brace and bit
Biribis, Bisbia, am^ JBlribi, a sort of game.
Biric6, am. Sword-belt
Birilla, af. Shoe ornament of gold or silver.
Birlad6r, am. One who knocks all down at

a blow.
Birl&r, i>a. At nine-pins, to throw a bowl a

blow, kill at one shot; snatch away; dls-
dinary means.
que. Doing by


a at nine-pins.

ombre. A la

g; hoop.



ker*8 polisher.

9 and hinses. i


Biaagraa de la porter'ut^ (Nao.) PoH

Btsilto, em. (Bot Prov.) Pea.

Bis&nuo, nna, a. (Bot) Bisannual

Bi80cci6n, a/T Bisection.

Bis^l, am. Bevel edce of the plate.

Bisiusto, a. Bissextiio. Muaar de bineata$
To alter one's conduct

BisUabo, ba, a. Gousisting of two syllables.

Bisl'mgua, 4/! (Bot) Butcher's broom.

Bi86}o, Ja, a. Squint-eyed. {pdo,

BIsOnto. am. Bbon, In America called bof^

Bisofidda, a/. Bash speech or action.

Bisofteria, ^ Inconaiderate«peech or action.

Bis^fio, fia, a. Undisciplined; novice; un-
broken horse.

BlBp6n, am. Roll of oil-doth.

Bistola, ^. (Prov.) Staff.

Bl8t6rta, af. Great bistort or snako-weod-

Bistrdta, or Blstr^cha, ^ Payment in ad-

BIstttri, am. (Surg.) Bistoury.

Bis&lco, ca, a. Bisulcous, cluven-lboted.

Bisnrcddo, da, a, Biftircated, forked.

BItdcora, ^ Binnacle

BitadOra. qf. Cable-bit, a turn of Uie cable.

Bitaa, af. pk (Nau.) Bits. CorUrabiiaa,
Standards of the bits. Bita de moUnOe,
Knight-head of the windlass.

Bitchemdre, am. Biche de mer.

BiUSnes, am, pL (NauJ Pins of the capstan

Bit6que, am^ Bung. Tener ojoa de bUo^ue
To squint

Bltor, em. (Om.) Kail

Bitumen, am. Bitumen.

Bituminoso, sa, a. Bituminous.

Blvdlvo, va, a. (Conch.) Bivalve, bivalvnUur.

BIv6rio, am. Beaver, castor.

Biza, af (Ichtii.) Fish similar to a tunny-fish.

Bizarrain6nte, ad. GallanUy, wiUi spirit

BIzarredr, tm. To act spiritedly and gallantiy.

Bizarria, </C Gallantry, valor; liberality.

Bkdrro, rra, a. Gallant, bravo ; generoui*.

Bizdzas, ^ hk Saddle-bags.

Blzcdcha, <^ A Peruvian animal

Bizcdr, «a. To squint

Biz'co, cts a. Squint-eyed.

Bizcochdda, jj/: Biscuit boiled in milk.

Bizcochdr, tsa. To make or bake biscuit

Bizcoch^ro, am. Biscuit-cask; biscult-znakM
or seller. .

Bizcochito, am. dim, A small biscuit

second time; to knock all down at onv J)izc6cho,«m. Biscuit; sweet cake; wbitina.

Bizcot^la. ^ Ll^t biscuit
Bizma, ^ Cataplasm, poultice.
Bizmdr, «& To poultice, apply a cataplasm.
Bizna, af. Membrane dividing a nut-shelL
Bizndga, ^ (Botl Carrot-like amml
Biznieta, af. GreA-grand-danghter.
Bizni6to, am. Great-grandson.
Blzquedr, «ik To squint
Bldnca,4/:HalfamaravedL UTo tener blan'

CO, Not to have a fiirthing; magpie.
Blanca-espina, «/! Hawthorn, white thorn.
Bldnco, ca, a. White, hoary; honored, r*-

spected. Hombre bianco. An houe&t man,

JB^o de la gaUina bianco, A lucky fel*

low; untarred
Bldnco, am. Blank; white spot in horses*

mark to shoot at Blanco de haUena.

Digitized by VjOOQlC

Spermaceti; ioterlade; interraL Labor
Man<»» Plain work. Tt>la or ropa bianco^
Linen. Armas blaneas^ Side-arm& De
pwUa en bianco^ Vointhhuik, M bianco
dtl ave. The breast of a fbwL Quedarw
<» blancOy To bo frustrated. [neae.

B1aDe6r, mn. B\axM(a% ^. Whiteness, boari-

BbndAIes. «m. pL (NaiL) Back-stays.

Blandead^r, ra. s. Softener.

Blandcor. vet. To soften ; brandish, floarisb.
— en. To yield, be softened ; tread ten-
der! j. Bumdear con otro^ To coincide
with another. — tr. To be unsteady.

Bland^gae, 9m. A soldier armed with s
laoce. [soil

Blsod^ am. The good or bad anallty of tlie

Blandi^te, a. Tremnloos or TlbraUng.

Blandir, ml To brandish; whirl round.—
rr. To quiver, move tremulonsly.

Blindo, da, & Soft, pliant; milky; effaml-
natCL dehcate; tractable; tender; mild.

Blandon, anu Wax taper; a large church

BlaadoncUlo, mt^ dim. A small candlestick.

Bbnd6cho, cha, BkmdMJo, ja, a. Flabby,
looea, sofL not Ann.

Blandira, sf. Softness, delicacy; gentleness;
niHd temperature; whit© paint.

Blaodarilla, ^ Fine soft pomatum.

Blanqoeaddn, af. Blanching, whitening.

Blanqoeaddr, ra, a. Blancher, whitener,

Blanqneadfira, «£ Whitening, bleaching.

BlanqodU', «a. To bleach, whiten, blnnch ;
whitewash. — tn. To show whiteness.

BUmqneoed^, mn. Officer to blanch the coin.

Blcnqoeo6r, vo. To blanch coin.

Blanqnecino, na, a. Whitish, hoary.

Blanqv^ am. Whitening; whitewash;

Blasqueria, *f. Bleachln^place, bleach-field.

Blanqadro, aim. (Prov.) Tanner, [women.

Blaoqn^te, am. Wfaite^'ash; paint used by

Blaoqiulla, ^ A yery small coin; yellow
pinro: white grape.

BianqocUlo, ilia, a. dim. Whitish.

Biaoqoimitoto, am^ Bleaching lioaor.

Blanqnindeo, so, a. (Prov.) Whitish.

Blanqni2il, sm. Whitish clay, pipe-clay.

Dlanqnizm, ea, a. Whitish.

Biio, a. (Her.) Azure, fklnt blue.

BhMfemible, a, Blamable, culpable, faulty.

Blasfemaddr, ra, a. Blasphemer. [onsly.

Blaafemam^nte, ad. Blasphemously, impi-

Blad'em&r, vn. To bUspheme ; curse.

BlasfematdrlOkria, a. Blasphemous.

Bla^mia, »f. Blasphemy. [pheracr.

Blasl&mo, ma, a. Bhuphemous.— ^ Bias-

naa6n, am. JSeraldry, blazonry; honor,
^ory; ITae^ blaaon^ To blazon, boost

BIasonad6r, ra, «. Boaster, bragger.

Blasonante, pa. Vain-glorlousVboaster.

Blason&r, va. To blazon, boast Blaaonar
del amea^ To brag of deeds never pcr-
forroeJ. [wall.

Ble, am. Plar with a ball thrown against the

B16do,sn»w Wild amaranth. Nomeimporta
tm bledo^ I don't care a straw. No vale
tw hUdo^ It is not worth a rush.

BKnda, (MIn.) Blende.


Blono, Blino, am. (Ichth.) Bake, Menoy.

Blenorrugia, af. (Med.) Blcnnorrhagla.

B]enorr6a, ^f. (Med.) BlennorrboHi, gleet

Blinda, af. Blindaa,i)2w Y. BUndaffe.

Blindage, am. (Mil) Blind, cover.

B16ndo, ^. Silk lace, blond lace.

Blondina, »fi Narrow silk lace, narrow blon

Blondo, da, a. Flaxen, flaxy, light

Bloqnedr, ra. (Mil.) To blockade.

BloquSo, sm. Blockade.

B6a, ^ Boa, a large serpent {cattle.

BoaWge, swk (Prov.) Pasturage of black

Boarrote, am, (Little us.) Storm or tempest
at sea. [clamation.

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