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Oonfladam6nte, ad. Confidently.

Confl&do, da, a. Confident; presumptuous,
arrogant, forward. [fldw .

Conflfld6r, 9m. A joint surety ; relier, oon-

Confli^nza, ^f. Confidence, reliance; bold-
ness; hope. [hope.

Confl4r, va. and n. To confide, trust in;

Oonfid^ncia. ^ Confidence.

Confidencidl, a. Confidential

Confidencialm^nte, ad. Confidentially.

Confidante, 9m. Confidant, counsellor.

Ccmfldtote, a. True, lUthftil, tmsty. [fhllr.

Confidentem6nto. ad. Confidently; ikith-

Conflguraci6n, v. Conflfuration.

ConfignrAdo, da, ct. Configurated. [form.

Configur&r, va. To configure, dispose into

Confin, «m. Limit, boundary, border.

Oonfln, Conflniinte, a. Bordering upon,
limitaneous. [imprison ; border upon.

Confln&r, «& and n. To banish; confine,

Conflngir, «a. To mix ingredients into one
mass. [tion; evidence.

Confirmact6n, tf. Confirmation, oorrobora-

Confirmadam^nte, ad. Firmly, unalterably.

Conflrmador, 9m. Confirmator, attester, oon-

Conflrminte, pa. Conflrmer. [strengthen.

ConfirmAr, «& To confirm, corroborate;

ConfirmatlvamSnte, ad. Confirmlngly.

Confirmativo, va, ConfirmatArio, ria, a.

Confiscable, a. Confiscable; forfeitable.

Gonflsoaddn. ^f. Confiscation, forfeiture.

Oonfisd^o, aa, a. Confiscate, confiscated.

Confiscaddr, tm. (Little us.) Conflsoator.

Oonflscar, va. To confiscate, seize by for-

?oufltiur, va. To confoct, candr ; sweeten.

0>nfite, 9m. Conflt, comfit Jfordsr en un
oonfitSy To be band and glove. Ci>f{/tt«t,
Dainties, su^-plums; whipping.

Oonflt^nte, a. v . Ckmfeao.

Gonflt^ ^ Vessel for sweetmeats.

Confiteiia, ^. Confeotlocer^ shop. [tray.

Conflt^ro, ra, «. Confectioner; sweetmeat-

Confitillo, 9m, Broidered coverlet; caraway

Conflt^n, 9m, aiigm, A large conflt

Oonfit^ra, ^f. Confiture, oonfit, confection.

Oonfiacidn, ^f. Conflation.

Conflagraci6n, ^f. Conflagration. [pang.

Oonflicto, 9m. Conflict, struggle; agony,

ConflizAncla, << Confluence, oonflnx, flux.


Conflntote, pa. Oonfloent

Confluir, vn. To ioin or meet; 1

Conformaci6n, «r. Conformation.

Conformir, va. To oonllnm, adjust, fit— nm
To suit, level; comply with.— ©r. Ti
jrield, submit [sistent, similar.

Oonforme, a. Conformable, sottable; con-

Conforme, ad. In proportion; agr eea b ly,
according to dreumstanoes. fimously.

Conformem6nte, ad. Conformably, nnaii-

Conformidid, </! Similitude, conformity,
ajneement; union; symmetry; patienoew
jh oot^rmidad^ By common oonsenL
En ootubrmidadyAgneMbly^ aoeordtng tOw

Conformlsta, «m. Conformist

Confortad^n, ^ Comfort, consolation.

Confortad6r, ra, 9. Comforter. [sole.

Confort^. va. To comfort, strengthen ; oon-

Confortativo, va, a. Comfortable, corrobo-

Confraoddn, ^ Fraction, breaking.

Confraguad6n, 4^ Mixing or uniting metab.

Confratemid^ ^ Confraternity, brother-

Conflicad6n, 1^. Confrioation, friction.

Confric^, v€t. To rub, produce friction.

Confront«d6n, ^ Confrontati<», compari-

Conftx>ntiinte, p<i. Confronting; comparing;

Confrontir, va. To confer, confront; cmu-
pare.— m. To agree in ■entlmenta and

Confimdir, va. To confound ; confrise ; con-
ftite.— 9r. To be bewildered; aftbara«d.

Confusamontc, ad. Confosedly, helter-skel-
ter, [mlliatlon: shame.

Conftasidn, ^. Confliaion, perplexity; ba-

Conltiso, Ba, a. ConfUsed, jumbled together;
indistinct; fearAil, timorous. iE^ooifAf-
•o, Confosedly, obscurdy.

(>>nnitad6n, s/TConftitation, disprooC

ConfiitAr, va. To oonftite, disprove, convle^

CongeUusidn, ^. CongeUmlSnto, 9m, Conge-
lation, freezing; congealment

Congdir, va. and vr. To coaffulato, con-
geal freezeu [oongealins.

Congelativo, va, a. Uaving the power of

Congenial, a. Consenial, analogous.

Gongeniiir, vn. To oe oonsenial, qrmpathlze.

Cong6nito, ta, a. Congenital, connate.

Congee. ^. Congeriesu

Congestion, f^ (M^d.) Congestion.

Gonglilrlo, 9m, Congiary, a Koman gift.

C6ngio. 9m. Ancient Boman liquid measoiei

Con^obadon, << Conglobatlon ; union of im-
materld things; accumulation o(pn>oi±,

Conglob&r, va. To oonglobftte.

Conglomerido, da, a. Conglomerate.

Conglomerir. va. To con^omerate. [Ins

Conglntlnad6n. 4^ Conglutination, cement-

Conglutin&do, oa, a. Conglutinate.

Conglutinir, va. To conglutinate, r0anlt&
— vr. To conglutinate.

Conglutlnativo, va, Conglutlndso, m« a
Viscous, fflutinons. [ln|

Cong^a, ^ Anguish, anxle^, heartteeek

Congolir, va. To oppress, afflict

Coogcooaamtote, €UL Anxiously, palnftilly.

Congqi^so, so, a, AflUotive, painfoi, tor

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CoAgrtd«d6r, sm. Flatterer, eonffritiilator.
fliiftmliiiilniitn. am^ Flattery, obseqolouft*

Congradiir, wk To ingratiate, flatter. — or.
To get into one's mxKl gmoee. [tlon.

Oongratnlacidn, ^f. Congntolation, felidta-

Ooogratoldr, va. To congratolate, compli-

CoogratoIatiSrlo, ria, a. Concratulatorj.

Cgngregaci6n, ^ Congresation, a meotfnc.
Congregadon <U lo9jM^ The Catholic
church. [Uon.

Coigreg&nte, ta, t. Member of a congrega-

OoBgregir, va. To aatemblo, meet, congre-

Congr^fio, «m. Congress; consistory.

C6ngrio, »m^ Conger-eeL [priest

Congma, << A competent sostenance to a

Cdngmamdnte, acU Conveniently, boeom-
ingly. [gruenoe.

CoDgxii^nclA, 4/! Convenlenoe, fltnesa, oon-

Congm^nto, a. Congruent, agreeing, corre-
s^nding; [onsly.

Gongntentem6nte, ad. Saitably, congru-

Cdnsno, oa, A Congmoos, apt, fit, suitable.

Cdoico, ca, a. Conical or conic.

Coniftro, ra, a. (Bot) Coniferous, bearing

Conlza, ^f. (Bot) Great flea-bane.

" O^tioiv, if. Conjecture, sormise, guess.
jetarAbte, a. Coniectarable.
fetniaddr, ra, «. Collector, guosser.
il, a. CoiOectnraL [inglj.

ilm^te. tid. Coi^ecturally, gness-
ijetorur, va. To conjecture, guess.
i^n&E, mu A co-judge. [nection.

Mogacion, «/• CoiOQg*tion; union, con-
yngikdo, da, a. Conjugated, inflected,
ijug&l, a. (Obs.) Conjugal, connubial,
matrioKmiaL [rimonially.

Coniingalm^te, ad. (Obs.) Coqjngally, mat-

Comng^r, «c(. To conjugate; compare.

CoiQuncidn, ^ Conjunction, union.

CoEijuntam^nta, aa. Conjunctly, jointly.

C<nMnntiTQ, ts, a. Conjunctive, connexire.

0ooj4nto, U, a. Conjunct, united, connect-
ed-^ allied.

Conjunto, em. Conjanctness, heap, mass.

Coiynntfira, qf. Y. Coj/wiiura and ConMin'
eu>fk Qiiot

ConjuracI6n, ^ Conspiracy, con} oration,

Gonjnrido, da^ A Conspirator; leagner,
covenanter. [spirator.

OonJursd^hr, mn-. Coxdnrer, enchanter; con-

CoDjnrament^, -co. To bind by an oath.—
f r. To bind one's self by an oath.

Coojurinte, pa. Coz^nring, oonspiring.

Ctonjurir, tn. To conspire.— «a. To exoreiae;
ooi^nre; entreat, implore.

Cbttjnro, «m. Conjun^on, exorcism; in-

OraUevad^r, mn. Helper, assistant.

Conllevir, va. To aid or Msist: boar with.

ConUor^, vo. To ff^pathlze, lament

Ommateriil, a. (Little u&) Commaterlal

Ooomemoraddn, ^f. Commemoration; an-
niversary, [public actSb

Oonmemor^, va. To commemorate by

CSomnemorativo, va, a (Little ua.) Com-


ConmemontMo, ria, a. (Little us.) Com

Conmens&L tm. Commensal, measmate.
Conmensalia. af. Commensality.
Conmensurabiilddd, 4/r Commensurablllty.
Conmensurdble, a. (Little us.) Commensa

ConmensnTacl6n, ^f. Commensnration.
Conmensurir, ««. To commensurate.
Conmensurativo, va, a. Commensurable.
Conmigo,proii.;p0r«. With me, with my-

Conmilit6n. am. Comrade, a foUow-eoldler.
Conminacion, ^ Commination, a threat
Conmln&r, 17a. To threaten; denounce puh«

ishment [enlng.

Conminat6rlo, ria, a. Comminatory, threat-
Conmiseraci6n, ^. Commiseration, pity,

Conmistl6n, Conmtstiira, ttf, Commlxlon.
Conmisto, ta, a. Mixed, mingled.
Conmociun, {/T Commotion; excitement;

fretting. [an event; memoir.

Conmonft6rio, 9m. A tvritten narration of
Conmovedor, am. (Little u&) Disturber,

Conmov6r, Ta. To commove, disturb, affect
Conmutabilldad, af. (Little us.) Commuta-

Conmutible, a. Commutablo.
Conmutacidn, ^f. Commutation.
ConmutAr. va. To commute, change, barter.
Conmutativam6nte, ad. (Little ua.) Com-

Conmutativo, va, a. Commutative.
Connatur&l, a. Connatural. Tallens.

Connataralizaci6n, a/T Naturalization of
ConnaturalizAr, va. To naturalize. — vr. To

accustom one's self.
Connaturalm^nte, ad. Connatnrally.
Connexidid, ^ V. Coneaeidad.
Connivtocia, ^f. Connivance. [latlon.

Connotacl6n, af. Connotation ; a distant re-
ConnotMo^ am. Relationship, kindred.
Connote, vo. To connote. Imply.
ConnotaUvo, va, a. (Oram.) Of the quality

of its primitive.
Connovicio, da, a. A fellow-novice.
Connnbldl, a. Comrabial, matrimonial.
Conn&bio, am. Matrimony, wedlock. [Uon.
Connumeraci6n, tf. (Little us.) Connnmera
Connnmer&r, va. To enumerate, include in

a number.
C6no, am. Cone. [critic.

Conooed6r ra, a. Connoisseur: judge or
Conocdr, <m». To know, be acquainted witli ;

perceive; observe; conjecture; confess.

— vr. To know one another.
Conocible, a. Cognosdble, knowable.
Conocldamonte, ad. Knowingly, evidently.
Conocido, da, a. Acquaintance; person of

ConoelmlSnto, am. Knowledge, skill ; dev-

emoss; acquaintance; note of hand; ju*

dleia] notice; bill of lading.-:pJ. Accom-
plishments; sdence. Venir en conoci

mienta, To remember.
Ck>nold&l, a. Conoidal, conoidlcal.
Condide, af. Conoid.
Conqui, am. (Coll) Condition, quality.

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Oonqiiflio16gla, if, V. CofMHuHbgia,

O^quistft, ^f. Conquest, Bntdection ; win-
ning anotber^s affections.

GonqnlDt^ble, a. (Littio ns.) Cbnqnorable.

Gonqnistaddr, 6m, Conqueror. [qnire.

Conqnlstiiri «!. To oonquer, overcome; ao-

ConreAr, ro. To crease wool.

Conresn&nte, a, Beijing with another.

Conreindr, ^on. To reign with another.

Consabdr, vn, (Little na.) To know jointly.

Consabldo, da, a. Already known. Totberai

Consabid6r. ra, «. Who knows jointly with

Oonsagracton, ^ Consecration.

Consagrido, da, & Consecrate, consecra-
ted, devoted.

Oonsagr&nte, «m. and jOA, Consecrator.

Consagrar, vOw To consecrate, hallow; ded-
icate, [nate, kindred.

Consanguineo. nea, a. ConRangnineou^ cog-

Gonsangulnidadj «/! Consanguinity.

Conscripcl6n, f< Conscription, enrolling.

Conscripto, wk. Conscript

Consecracidn, «/ V. Corutagracion,

Consecrar, va. V. Consagrar.

ConsectArio, sm, Consectary, corollary.

Consect^o, a. Consectary, consequent

Consocncion, tif. Attainment of a benefice,

Consccuuncia, sf. Consequence, importance,
conclusion, inference; firmness. En or
por consecuendtLf Consequently, there-

Consecu6nte, am. Consequent consequence.

Consecu6nte, a. Consequent; following;
consistent [cessarily.

Confiecuentem6nte, ad. Consequently; ne-

ConsecntiTam6nte, ad. Consecutively.

Consecntivo, va, a. Consecutive, consequen-
tfak [ment«.

Conaeguientem^nte, ad. V. ConviguitiUe'

Oonseguimi6nto, «m. Attainment, obtain-

Consegnir, va. To attain, gain, obtain.

Cons^a, ^ A fable. [riser.

Cons^6ra, (if. Counsellor's wife ; female ad-

Conscy^ro, sm. Counsellor; adviser. Cmv-
s^ero de estadOy A counsellor of state.
Oms^«ro d^ capa y espada,, A magis-
trate not bred to the law. [cil-house.

Cons^o, am. Counsel, advice; court; coun-

Consenctiote, pa. Consenting, co'nniver.

Consentido, a. Applied to a spoiled child.

Consentidor. ra, ». Compiler, conniver.

Consentiml^nto, am. Consent, connivance,
acknowledgment [pend.

Consentir, vd. To consent; comply; de-

Oons^rge, am. Keeper of a royal palace.

Oonsei^eria. ^ Wardcnshlp.

Cons^rva, tf. Consen*e ; vessel under con-
voy. De conaeroa^ Under convoy.

Oonservaci6n, af. Conservation,

Conservad6r, dora, am^ and «/ Conservator,
preserver. [Malta.

Conservadnria, ^ Dignity in the Order of

Conservdnte, /Mt Conserving, oonserver.

Conserve, va. To conserve, preserve, keep ;

Conservativo, va, a. Conservative.

Conservatives, «n. pi. Spectacles with pre-
servative lenses.


Conaemtoria, ^, Place and office ot%jMm
eonaarvador; indult to oommunitica
Oonaervatoriaa^ Letters patent

Conservat6rio, am. Conservatory.

Con8ervat6rio, ria, (t Conservatory.

Conaider&ble, a. Considerable; great, large.

Considerablem^nte, ad. Considerably.

Conslderaci6n, {/T Consideration ; reflection ;
importance. [eratiou.

Consideracioncilla, ^ dim, A slight consid-

Consideradam^te, ad. Considerately,

Consid^do, a. Prudent considerate.

Considerador, ra, a. Considerer, a person of

Considerdnte. pa. Considering.

Considerdr, va. To consider.

Consi'^rvo, am, A fellow-slave.

Consigna, af- (AfiL) Watch-word. [ment

Confiignaci6n, nf. Consignation; consign-

Con6ignad6r, tfm. Consignor, one who con-
signs goods.

Consignar, va. To consign; intrust; lay
by; deliver; give a sentinel his orders;
sign with the mark of a cross.

Conslgnatdrio, am. Trustee; mortgagee;

Con^go, pro. para. With one's ee\t with
himsellT Oonaigo miamo^ conaigo pro-
pic or conaigo aolo^ Alone, by one's 8el£

Consigui^te, anu Consequence, result

Consigui^nte, a. Consequent consecutivat.
Da eonaiguienie, Consequently.

Consiffuienteminto, ad. Consequently.

Consilldrio, am. Assistant to the heads of

Conslnti^te, pa. Consenting, agreeing.

Consist6ncia, «/. Consistence ; stability; sa

Consi^nte, a. Consistent, firm, solid.

Consistir, vn. To consist ; be comprised ; b«

Consistori&l, a. Conslstorial Caaa comaU"
torialy Senate-house, town-halL

Consl6t6rio, «m. Consistory; town-house.
Ckmalatorio divino^ The tribunal of God.

Cons6clo, am. Partner, companion, fellow

Consoldble, a. Consolable, comfortable.

Consolablem6nte, cu/. Consokbly, comfort-
ably. Fity.

Consolaci6n, ^ Consolation, comfort; onair*

Consolddo, da, a. Consoled, comforted.

Consoladdr, am, Consolator, comforter.

Consolad6r, ra, a. Consolatory, comfortable.

Consolad^ra, f/C Conofortress.

Consolunte, pa. Comforting, consoling.

Consolir, va. To eonsole, comfort cheer.

Consolativo, va, Consolat6rio, rIa, a. Con-

Consdllda, fif. (Bot) V. Oonaualda.

ConsoIidacl6n, ^, Consolidation.

Consoliddr, va. To consolidate, harden. —
vr. To grow firm. (Law) To unite tho
interest with the principal. [atlve.

(^nsolidativo, va, a. Consolidant, eonsolid-

ConsonAncIa, af. Consonance, harmony;
consent; oonrormity.

Oonsondnte, am, Bhyme; corresponding
sound; a consonant

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OootonAato, a. Oonsoiuuit, agreeabto, con*

Ibrtnable. [aJbly.

Consonantomdate, odL Coosonantly, agree- i
GoBstmir, wi. To make a body aonnd;

rliTme; resemble.
06n9oiies» mn, pL (Has.) Concordant soonds.
Odnsono, na, a. Conaonoas, barmonions,

consonant [ooartt.

Oonadrdo, stn. Partnership, Boclety; inter-
Ooii96rte, s. Consort partner; aocompUce.
OoD9ptcaani6nte» cut (Little ub.) Consplca-

onslr. [eminent

OwiBpicao, coa, a. Consptcnona, obvious;
OoQapiraei6o, 4< Conspiracy, plot, coi^nra-

[eomplbtter, traitor,

Ooniptr&do, Consptrador, snK Conspirator,
Oonmtrinte, pa. Conspiring. FutnM oon^

tpiratUet, Conspiring powers.
Oonsplrir, vn. To conspire, plot ; cooperate.
Cooetinda, ^ Constancy, unmntabiuty.
OoDstinte, «. and a. Constant, firm, immn-

taUe; loyal ; manifSnt— ^Xk Composed oi;

con^sting in. [evidently.

Oonsrsntemtote, ad» Constantly, firmly;
Coaster, ^ imp. To be clear, evident, oer>

tain. Cknuta «» auto*. It appears from

the proceedlngsw [epidemic.

Conatelacl6n, tffConstellation ; climate ; an
Conalemad6n, ^ Consternation, amaze-
ment, wondtf .
Constem^. to. To terrify, oonfoond.
Oonstipadon, ^ Cold ; constipation.
OonatipMo, sm. Cold, a disease.
ConslipAr, «a. To canse a cold, stop tbo

porea.— er. To catch cold; be eoetive.
Constlpativo, va, A. Constrictive. [ute.

Goitttitad6n, «f. Constitntion ; temper; stat-
OonstitadonM, mk GonstltationaUst, consti-

ConstitaeSoni], a, ConstitotlonaL
GmstltaclMialmtete, ad. Constitnttonally.
Oonstitai^r, sm. Constituent, oonstitnter.
OoDStitair, ra. To constitute, produce;

erect; depute; pay. OotutUuirae «i,

To bfaid one's self to.
Constitativo, va, a. Constitntive, essential

— a. Constituent
Constituydnte, ttn. Constituent, Ac — ck

Oonstrefiibla, a. (Little na.) Constrainable.
ConstreflldamSnte, ad. Compulsively.
Ooa e tr eftlmiftn to, sm. Constraint or com-

polsion. [make costive.

Constrefiir. va. To constrain, compel, force;
OoBStrlceiOn, ^. Constriction, contraction.
C onrtr ictivo, va, o^ Binding, astringent,

Oonstnct6r, sm. Coa^trictor. [stricter.

Ooastrtng^nte, «. and ixt Constringent ; con-
Oonatnum^n, qf. (yonstrnction ; syntax;

trandation; naval architecture.
Ogustruc t6 r de Navio, sm. Ship*bailder.
Oonsbnir, va. To form, build; construe;

OoBStropad^n, ^. Constnpratlon.
Ooii8tr«pad6r, wm. A debaucher, defller,

eormpter. [flour.

OoostnipAr, «& To constoprate, defile, do-
OoMQ^^ir. 9n. To become Joint fathers or

mothers in-law.

Consn^gro, gra, «. The iiiUhers or mothwi
who marry their children together.

ConsnSlda, ^ (Bot^ Comfrey. Ckmmelda
tiMdiOi Common bugle. Coruu^lda real.

Consuelo, mu Consolation, comfort; Joy,
(Obe.) Charity. Sin canauelo, Out of rule
or measure. .Se50r«mc<m«u^, To drink
to excess. <?<7«tor«i»con«i««/o, To spend

Consnita, t. Stage nrompter; directory fo»
divine servioe. voti^itaUUf Short prayen
on certain daj«.

Consnetudinirio, rla, a. Customary; in tlie
habit of sinning.

Cdnanl, mn. Consul

Consolido, 8m. Consulate, consulship.

Gonsnl%3^ am. Fees paid to consuls.

Consolir, a. Consular. Varon oontultuf,

Cons^ta, 4/! Consultation, conference; a
question proposed; advice given to the
king in coundL [upon.

Consult^ble, a. Worthy to be deliberated

Consultad6n, ef. Consultation, conference.

Consult^te, pa. Consulting, consnlter.

Consult^r, wk To consult: advise; deliber-
ate. OcntnUtar con el oolHUOy To con-
sult one's purse. Consultar con la al»
mohada^ To take into mature considen^

Consultivo, va, a. Consultative, advising.

Consnlt6r, ra, %. Consulter, adviser, counsel

Consumad6n, 4^. Consuumiation ; destruc-
tion, [mately.

Consnmadam^nte, ad. Perfectly, consnm-

Consum&do, da, a. Consummate, completa

Consumido, am. Jclly-brotb, a strong inroth.

Consumad6r, ra, «. Finisher, pcrfecter.

Consnmir, «a. To consummate, finish, per-

Consnmativo, vs. a. Consummate.

Consumible, a, (Little us.) Consumable, d<^

0>nsnmid6n, ^ (Comm.) V. Ga*to.

Consumido, da, a. Lean, exliansted; easily
afflicted. [waster.

Consumid6r, ra, «. Consumer, spendthrift,

Consumimidnto, nn. Consumption.

Consnmlr, va. To consume, destroy, waste;
obliterate. — vr. To be spent; fret; wear

Consmno. wn. Contomptlon. [rasmua

Consundon, sf. Consumption, waste; mv

Consnstandacion, «/^ Consubstantiation.

Consostanddl, a. Consabstantial

ConsustandalidM, ^ Consubstantiality.

Consustandalm^nte, ad. Consubstantially.

Cont^cto, 9m. Contact, touch, union.

Contad^ro, ra, a. Countable, numerable.

Contadoro, am. A narrow passage where
sheep are counted. Salir or por conta-
d&rot To go out through a narrow pas-

Contddo, da, a. Scarce, rare, uncommon.
2>0 oontado. Instantly, imocediatoly. AJL
contado. With ready money.

Contad6r, ra, «. Computer, reckoner; a^
conntant: counter; desk; an auditor;
counting-nouse. Contador ds maHmOt

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Pimcr ta the nAVT. Omtador d4 nu^
1KU, Prattler, an idle talker. [oountaDt.
Oontadorcito, tm. dim. A petty clerk or eo-
Contedoria, Contedum, 4/f AecooDtant^s or
Miditor's office. [morals.

OoDtaglAr, fxk To infect; corrupt one's
ContAgio, tm. Contagion; corruption of
moralflw [vice.

Contagi6n, ^. Contagion; propagation of
Contagi6so, sa, a. Contagious, infectious;
odd. particular. [for oonntlne.

ContU de Cu6ntas, am. A sMng of beads
Oontaminaoidn^ ^ Contamination, pollu-
tion, [ted.
CoDtamlnido, da, a. Contaminated, pollu-
Oontamin4r, co. To contaminate, defile;
Infeot; oormpt [teller.
Cont&nte, mn. Beady money; narrator,
Contib", ffo. To count, reckon; calculate,

class; consider, look upon; depend.
G<nite9iper4nte,pa. Tempering; moderator.
Gontemper^, «a. To contemperate, mode-
rate, [tion; oomplianco.
Gontemp1aci6n, ^. Contonnplation, medita-
Oontempladdr, am. Contemplator.
Contempl&r, to. To contemplate, study;

Tiew; rouse; assent; condescend.
ContemplatiTam6nte, ad, Attentlrely,
thougntnilly. [dioua.

OontemplatSvo, va, a. ContemplatlTc, stu-
Contemplatiro, 9m. Contemplator; flat-
OontemporaneidAd, a/ Contemporarlneas.
Contempor&neo, nea, <k Contemporary, co-
eyaL I^Asy temper.

Oontemporizaddr, am^ Compiler, a man of
Contemporiz^r, vn. To temjwrize, comply
with. [tost

Contenci6n, ^. Contention, emulation; oon-
Oontenciosam^nto, ad. (Little us.) Conten-
tiously, contestingly. [some.

Oontenci^eo, sa, a. Contentious, quarrel-
Oontended6r, am. Contendent. antagonist,
opponent [debate; argue.

Contender, fm. To contend, strive, strode,
Gontendidnte, pa. Disputant, litigant
Contend6r, sm. Contender, antagonist op-
Contened6r, ra, 0. Holder; a tenant
Contend, va. To contain, comprise; re-
strain. — vr. To keep one's temper, re*
frain. [perate.

Oontonido, da, a. Moderate, prudent, tem-
Gontenido, amw Tenor, contenta, context
Conteni6nte, iTO. Containing, comprising.
Cont6nta, 4/: Endorsement; present; cer-
Oontentadfaco, aa, a. BUn 6 mal conteniO'

diao^ "Eaaj or hard to please.
Contentami6nto, 9m. Contentment Joy,

Oontent&r, fo. To content rattsfy, please,
fill.— w. To be contented. Ser as busn
6 mal coiUmUar^ To be easily pleased, or
diffleolt to be pleased.
Oontentible, a. Contemptible.
OontentSro, ra, a. Containing, comprising.
Oonttoto, ta, <t Olad, fhll of Joy; content-
ed : temperate, prudent
Vontento, mn. Contentment, aatlsfhotion;



receipt A' eontmto. To ona^ 1

Centura, ^Ferrule: button; prelude. Pot
canUra, Ultimately, finally. rnpoa.

Cont^nnino, na, a. Contiguoaa, boraertng

Conterrineo, n^ a. Countryman, country

Conteatible, o^ Contestable, disputablOr

Conteetaoidn, ^ Beply; contestation; da-

Contaetir, va. To confirm ; prore, attaat -
«n» To agree, accord.

Cont^ete, a. Confirming, proring, atteatJng.

Cont6sto, am.. Intertexture; e(mtezt; serlea.

Contest^*, *f. Contexture; context; hn*
man frame.

Contidnio, sm. Dead of the night [fray*

Conti^nda, 9f. Contest dispute; eoimict;

Contignaoi6n, a/ (Arch.) Ccmtignation, •

Contigo, proTK. per*. "With Iheat

Contiguamdnte, ad. Contigiionsly, eloaelT.

ContlgQidM, 9/. Contiguity.

ContSgno^ gua, a. Contiguoaa, close.

Contindncia, if. Continence; moderalton.

OontinentAl, a. Continental. [mien.

Contln6nte, 9m. Continent; countenance,

Contindnte, a. Continent, chaste, abstinent

Contineatemdnte, ad. abstemiously, chaste-

Contlng^ncla, ^f. Contlngence.

C<mting6nte, a. ConUngent fortuitous.

Contingente, am. Conongent, share, allot-
ment [gentily.

ContingentemSnte, ad. Casnany, contin-

Contino, am. OflSoo In the royal house of
CaadleL [stay.

Contlnuacl6n, ^ Conttaraatioo ; eonneotioQ

Contihnadamente, ad. Continuallr.

Continuad6r, 9m* Continuer, eonunnator.

Continuamdnte, ad. Continually.

ContinuAr, to. and n. To continue, hold
endure; protract

Oontlnuid6d, «/ Continuity, eobaelon.

Continuo, nua. a. Continuous; UMtlng; aa-
sldnon& A la conUmuk, Continudlr.

Continue, 9m. A whole ; one of the hundred
yeomen. [air.

Contonedrse, vr. To walk with an affected

Contondo, am. An affected gait or manner
of walking. [body.

Contorc^rse, ur. To distort or twiat onra

Contorci6n, a/ Contortion, twiat ^v^T mo*
tion. [aidew

Contom&do, a. Turned towards the sinister

Contomiir, Contome^, «A. To trace the
outline of % figure ; fbrm according to a

Contom6o, 9m, V. Rodeo.

Cont6rno, am^ Enyirons or vloinltr; con-
tour, outline. JSHe<m^oryu}, Bound about

Contoraldn, ^ Contortion, twist, wry mo»

Cdntra, prep. Against; by flivor o£ As
eontrOy Against or in opposition. J^ d
faucor iU en eonti^ Neither pro nor oob.

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