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A|ipii£ms aivk Leek. nadieai

A?)oi, 9m, Garlic; garUo-aanoe; paint for

'ir, «a. To carry back-loads.

V amk, A heavy back-load.

na» ^ Basin Ihr water.
t}6Uo, am. Sance of oil and garlic.

'«, am. Bird-lime. [thistle

|6n, OT iJoijJ^ro, ^ The low carltne
Aljonjoli, 9m, Sesame-eeed, bene-

9m. Dish of gailio and cheese.
4^ Bracelets and anklet&
f. to, (ProvO To bawl, to cry out
lado^ 0^*0* Ulred by tne day.
, wk To hire by the day.
Ajoi^^ Spavin, a disease in horsee.
AjoanetMO, da, a. Bony lamps on the feet;

Aioib; 9tn, Apparel, fkunitore.

AjndlAdo, da, a. Jewish.

AJnidMo, da, a. Jadioiooa, pradent

AjoIdiU', «n. To acqoire Jodgment; become

Aiutadamtote, ad, Joatly, rightly.

A natido, da, a. Eiact, right, moral; stingy.

A nstad6n 9m. Close waistcoat, Jacket

Ajnatamionto, am. Settlement; agreement;

Ajostir, va. To adlast, conipoee, guide ; oon-
aert; oppreaa; fit— «r. To settle matters;
combine; approach; engage.

AJ^ste, 9m. Proportion; agreement, con-
tract, oath.— «£ Couplings.

AJostici^, 9Ck To execute, to put to death.

Al art (Oontraa of A el) To the.

lia. </: Wing; aisle; row; flank; brim.
^toa,^p2L Protection; defence; velocity;
(Nan.) studdhig-eaiL

AI.% am. Allah, God.

AJlLinterJ. IloUa, a word used in calling.

AlabAdoi am. Uynm in praise of the sacra-
ment [mender.

Alabad6r. ra, a. Fraiser, applauder, com-

AhU>anciMa, aa, o^ Boastftil, ostentatloua.

Alabandina, 9f. Manganese, a seml-metaL

Alaban'za, ^Praise, commendation.

AlabAr, wk To praise, extol, gloriiy.

Alabirda, </! Halberd; sergeant's place.

Alabard&zQ, am. Blow with a halberd.

Alabard^ro, am. Halberdier: khis's guard.

AlabastrMo, da, a. B^embling alobaater.

Alabastrina, ^/T Thin sheet of alabaster

Alabastriao, na, a. (Poet) Made of alabaatai;

Alab&Btro, 9m. Alabaster. [water^miU

A'lab^ 9m. Olive-branch; ladle, flier of i(

Alabearse, vr. To warp, to grow bont

Alab^ 1^ Sweet basil.

Alid>^ 9m, Warping, bent, curved.

AlaMsa, ^. A pike made in Abba.

AlabiAdo, da, a. lipped, ragged; money.

Alao^na, 8f. A oopboard, pantry, lockec


Alaci&r, 9fk y. MMaeiar.

AlacrAn, am. A scorpion ; ring ; stop or hook*

AlacranAdo, da, a. Bit by a scoipion ; yidoub

AlacranSra, ^ Mouse-ear scorpion-grasa.

A16da, ^, Fhittering of the wings^ [plee.

Aladiires, 9m. pL Locks of hair over the tem-

AlAdo. da, a. Winged, feathered.

AladrAda, ^. A ftirrow.

Aladrir, w. (Prov.) To plough.

AUidro, 9m, Plough; ploodlied land.

Aladr6qne, am. (Prov.) A Imh anehory.

Aldfla, ^ (ColL) Merer.

Alaga, af. A species of yellow wheat

Alflffartado, da, a. Variegated; motley.

AlAica, a/t Winged ant, or pismire.

Al^ja, A^jdr, &0., Y. AlAcfJa, AlJu^ar, Am.

Al^dr, 9m. Qround-rent

AlfljA, 9m. Paste of honey, almonds, Ac

Aldma, ^ Gold or silver doth ; lama.

Alamdr, am. Loop of silken twist or cord.

AlamblcAdo, da, ct. Distilled; given sput*

Alambicir, va. To dlstU ; investigate doaely.
Alamblque, 9m^ Alembic, stOL /\9r akurn^

M^utf, Sparhigly.
AUmbre, 9m, Wire; copper; copper wire.
Alam6da, ^. Poplar grove; public walk.
Alamin, 9m. Clerk ofthe market; arehiteet
Alamina, </! A fine on potters for treepassing

the law.
AlaminAzgo, am. Office of a derk. Sec
Alamir6, 9m, Musical chord (la niire).
Alamo. 9m, Poplar.
Alamparae, vr. To long for, to crave.
Alanceaddr, 9m. Lance-thrower.
AlanoeAr, «a. To dart, to spear, to lance.
Alandreine, vr. To become dry.
Alan^ 9m, A kind of stag in New Mexico.
AIAno, 9m. Mastifll [Vandals.

Al&no, na, a. Belonging to the AlanB or
Alanzida, jyT V. Aramtadcu
AlansAr, t<l To throw lances. ^one.

Alaqutea, ^. Alaqudques, am. pL Blood-
Aldr, am. Pent-roof; snare of hair.
AlAr. ifo. (Nan.) To hawL
Alfirbe, 9m. Arabian ; unmannerly person.
Al&rde, am. Review of soldiers; ostentatimt

Jlacer aktrde^ To boast or brag.
Alardefir, mi. To review.
Alard6eo^ sa, et. Ostentatious, boastAiL
Alargaddr. ra, a. Delayer, poelponer.
Alargamlento, 9m. The act of lengthening.
Alarg^, «a. To lengthen ; protract ; increase :
Alargu^ am. Dog-rose. [to hand

Alirla, ^ A potter's flat-iron.
Alarida, ^. Hue and cry.
Alarido, 9m, Outcry, about, howL
Ahurffi^ 9tn. Office of an arohitad.
Alarifb, am. Architect, builder.
Akrijes, t^.pLK largo sort of griMi.

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AMnaa, ^f, Akrm; nottoe of dufw.
Akrmlr, «& To aUrm, call to arms.
Alattrir^vo. To throw iMck the mib; ballast

— «r. To squat olose.
Alat^nio, wm. Mock-prlvot
Alat6ii, mn* Latten, brass; loto-tree fruit
Alaton6ro, am. Nettle or lote-treo.
Alatrdn, sffK FroUi of saltpetre.
AlayAnco, sm. Y. Lmocmco,
Alazun, na, Or, Borrel-color.
Al&Eo, «fik A stroke with the wings.
AIax6r, «m. (Bot) Bastard salThm.
A'lba, ttf. Dawn of di^ ; alb, the white gown

worn bj priests.
AlbaoSa, tm, Bxeentor.— ^ Ezecatrix.
Albaoeugo, sm.. Bxeoatorshlp.
Albao6ra, tf. A fish like a tunny ; an earlr fig.
Alb&da, tf, Serenade at daybreak. (Mex.)

An attaiok at daybreak.
AlbahiU», ^ (Bot) Sweet basil. [basiL

Albahaqn^ro, mm* Flower>pot with sweet
Albahaqnilla, (del rlo.) ^. diUen.
AlbalA, am. Boyal letters patent ; a qnittanee.

AU>aiddsffma^ A passport
Albantea, a^Net for catching partridges, ete.
Albafiil, AlbafiAr, am. Ck>minon sewer.
Albafiil, sm. Mason, bricklayer.
Albafifleria, «C Kasoniy.
Albaqula, ^. Semnant ; nndlridablo portion

in ooUecttng tithes.
Albfr, a. White.

Albarin. am. Adyertlsoment; note of hand.
Albarazftda, ^ A marble-colored grape.
AlbarazAdo, da, a. Pale with the white

Albarioo, am. White leprosy.
AlbArea, ^. Y. Aharea,
Albarcoqn^ wk (Ptot.) Apricot-tree.
Albirda, ^ Pack-saddle. [the loins.

Albardddo, da, a« Different colored skin at
AlbardAr, wk, To put on a pack-saddle; to

lard fowls.
Albard61a, tf. Small saddle.
AJbardoria, ^f. Pack-saddle shop.
Albarddro, am. Pack-saddle maker.
Albardilla, ^f. Small paok-eaddlo; border;

Albardhk, am. Matweed.
Albardto, «m. A pannoLjpack-saddle.
Albar^o, Albarlgo, sm. (Prov.) A spedes of

Alba]1c6qae, am. Apricot [seller.

Albarlooqa^ am. Apricot-treo ; apricot
Albarillo, am. A tnne on the guitar; suaydl

kind of apricots.
Albarino, am. A white paint fiyr women.
Albarrida, ^ A dry wall ; ditch for defence^
Albarrad6n, am. A monnd to hinder inun-
Albarrina, ^ (Bot) OabdUa aibarrana^

SqnilL Tbrr^oidorrana, A sort of watch-
Albarr^ am, Loosewort [thra.

AlbaUira, ^ Carbuncle; pimple in the ure-
AltMtdaa, ^ A aniall corered boat
Albayaldado, da,a. Oorered with white-lead.
Albay&lde. am. White-lead, oemse.
Albazino, ma, & Of a dark chestunt color.
Albizo, am. Assault at daybreak.
ilbe4r, 9a. To whiten.


Albedrio, am. Free-will

Albditar^ am, A fiurler; horse-doetor.

Albeiteria, ^ FArrlory.

AlboUdn, am. Y. AtbafUO.

Albdnda, ^ Hangings of white linen.

Albendo^ ^. Woman who makes haoglngt

Albengdla, ^ A sort of gauze for turbans.

Albtotola, ^ A slight net of fine thread.

Alb6rca, ^ A pond or pool ; sink.

Alb^rchiga or Albdroblgo, a. Peach.

Alberodn, am. attffm. A large pool or pond

Alb««ns6na, ^ Mad-apple, egg-plant

Albergaddr, rtu «. A hotel-keeper.

AlbergAr, wk To lodge, harbor.— «r. To taks
or let lodginss. [shelter.

Alb^rgne^w/k Lodging-honse; den; hospital;

Albergneria, ^, Inn ; hospital for poor travel-

Albergu6ro, am. Innkeeper.

AIb6ro, am. Whitish earth ; dish-cloth.

Alberqu^ro, am. Tender of soaking flax.

Alb^uilla, ^. dim. A little pool

AlbldTnte, a. Whitening, bleaching.

Albib&r, am. (Bot) Ox-eye.

Albllla, ^ Albillo, am. An early white grape

Albino, a. The wine of a white grope.

Albin, am. Hamatites or bloodstone.

Albina, ^ Marahy croundooTored with nitra

Albino, na, <k Aibma

Albion, sm. Albion, andentnameofSna^d.

A'lbis, (Met) Quidarae in AUda, To be 'lis-

AHbo, ba, a. Ytxj white.

Albogilla, ^. A kind of sail-nut

AIb6gne,«m, A pastoral flute; martial music.

Alb<^6ro, ra, a. One who makes alboffuea

Albon6I, am. A spedes of bind-weed.

Albdndiga, «f. A Doll of forced meat

Albondiguilla, ^. dim. A small ball of foroed

Alb6r, am. (Poet) Whiteness; dawn,

Alboriula, f^ Dawn of day ; battle at dawn.

AlboreAr, wk To dawn.

Alb6iga, ^ A mat-weed sandaL

Alboima, ^ A large glazedjug.

Alb6mo, am. Alburnum. [(^^ak.

A]bom6iE, am. Coarse woollen stuff; Moorish

AlbOTonia, ^ A dish of egg-plant, pnmpUns^
and pepper. [bugain.

Alboroqne, am. Treat at the eondusion of a

Alborotido, da, a. Turbulent restless. .

Alborotad6r, ra, a. Bloter, rlolator of poaoo.

Alborotapudblos, a, A mover of sedilion;
a promoter of feasts. [oror ; fling out

Alborot^, 90, To disturb. — vr. To come

Albor6to, am. Tumult riot; outcry, dutci

A1borozad6r, ra, a. Promoter of nurth.

AlborozAr, va. To exhilarate.

Albor6xo, am. Merriment exhilaration.

Albortdnte, am. A branch for a candle.

Albridas, 4f-P^ Eeward for good nowa.

Albud6ca, ^(Bot) A pumpkin.

Albu^rbola. ^ Exhilaration.

Albuf&ra, ^ A hu^ lagoon.

Albugineo, nea, a. (Anat) Albuminom

Albngin6so, sa, a. Y. AttmifiMO.

Albfigo, am, A disease in the eye^

Albuh^ra, 4< A fresh-water lake^

Album, am. Album.

Albfimeo, am, (Ohom.) Albumea.

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llbir, MkDaoe^afish; » gam« at cardi.
AlbAn, ^. Whit«ae8&
Albnrwo, mi. A pUqrer at albures.
k1h(a^8m^pL A game at earda.
Alca, «t BaxorbUU a bird.
AkabAla, ^ Bxeia«. duty : a net
AfcabdatArlo, ujk Booko/ alcaJbaia ratea.
Alcabal^ro, tm. Excise officer.
Aleabdr, fuk Pipck sliaft of a chinmo}^.
AIcab6z, mn. Y. AroabuM.
A.Icac61, Aloao^r. tm. Green com.
Alcachoft, «^ Artichoke; Instroment to

stop Mood; Anted malleta.
Alca^offidoi, da, a. Like an artfcboke.
Aloachoffido, $m. Dfab of artichokes.
Alcacbofil, »ni. Artichoke-bed.
Alcschoftra, ^if. An artichoke.
Alcab^ 9m. A large bird-cage.
AlcaharJida, ^. A number of birds in a cage.
Alcahazir, «& To shut up birds in the

Alcabn^te, ta, t. Pimp, procurer, bawd.
Alcahoeteiir, vo. To bawd, pander.
Alcahoeterb, ^ Bawdry ; hiding persons.
Aleahoetda, na, Alcabnetixo, za, «. avg. A

great pander.
Aleaioena, itf. ICarket-pIaoe for raw tilk.
Alcilco, a. Alcaic, verses in Latin.
Alc^de, WL Oovemor; Jailer, warden.
Alcaiildsa, 9f. Wife of a governor ot Jailer.
Alcaidia, ^Office of a governor or Jailor.
Alcald&da, ^f. An inoonsiderate action of an

Alcalde, an. Judge ; game at card&
Alcaldear, vn. To plav the alcalde.
AlcaldAsa, sf. The wil^ of an alcaide,
Alcaktta, ^. Office of an alcalde
Alcaleaodncia, ^ V. AleaUmoion,
Akalescdnte, a. Of alkaline propertiea.
ATealt, ^mTcOhem.) An alkalL
Alcalino, na, Alcalmdo, da, a. Alkaline.
A]eaUzib>, va. To render alkaliiiek
AkaUzaci6n, ^ AlkalizaUon.
Ak^xn, sm. Colocynth apple.
Aleamoniaa, iff. pL Various aromatic seeds.
AlcAna, lif. Place of abope.
Aldbice, am. Overtaking, reaclitng; bal-
ance: arm*B length ; a postscript
Alcancia, ^f. Monoj-hox; a cavalcade.
Alcaneiizo, sm. A blow with a m<Mioy-boz.
Alctodara, af. Perch of a fldcon.
Alcandia, ^Turkey millet
Alcandl&l am. Ground sown with millat
AkutiBi; am, Oamphor.
AlcanfbrAda, fff. Oamphor-treec
Aleanfor&do, da, ck Oamphorated.
Aktotaara, 4/! Cover for velvet in the loom.
Alcaotarilla, ^f. A small bridge; drain;


Itor of a


Alcaparr6n, am. augm. A laigo caper.

Alcaparr6sa, ^ CopperasL

Alcarahni6ya, ^f. CarawayHM>od. *

Alcaravin, am, (Om.) Bittern. [bittern

Alcaravan^ am„ A hawk to pursue tba

Alcaravda, ^f. Y. Alearahueua.

Alcarodfia. ^ Officinal tar^ bitter vetch.

Alcaroa&al, am. Officinal i&re-field.

Alcarrao^ro, ra, & A potter; ahelf for earth-

Alcarr^ tf. Pitcher or jug unglazed.

Alcartdz, m. Y. Cuourueho. [rooC

Alcatifk, ^ Sort of carpets; layer of earth;

Alcatr^ am. Pelican ; a seacfish.

AlcaucU,«m. Wild artichoke. Y.AlcaeJiqfii,

Alcaydta, ^ A hook.

AlcAzar,«m. Castle; fortress; quarter-deck.

Alcaziix, am. Y. Regaliaa. [shuffied.

Alca am. Cut of the cards after being

AlceaAn, am. A klne-flsher.

Aldno, am. Wild basil

Alci6n, am. Halcyon. Y. Aloedcn.

Alc^ba, ^ Alcove; bedroom.

Alcobilla, Alcobita, tf. dim, A small alcovii

Alooh61, am, Antimonv; aloohoL

Alcoholddo, da, a. Dark around the eyes.

Alcoholad6r, ra, 8. Beotifler of spirits, paintor
with antimony. [rectify spirita.

Alcohol&r, va. To paint with antimony;

Alcohol^ «/! Yessol for antin^ny or alco
hoL [Mar

Alcoboliz&r. vo. To alcoholize. Y. Alcth

AIcoliolizaci6n, nf. Alcoholization.

Alo6r, am. Y. Cerro.

Alcoran, am. The Koran.

AJcoranista, am, A Koran expounder.

Alcoraoo41, am. Plantation of cork-treeft.

AIcom6Que, am, Cork-tree ; a blockhead.

Alcdrza, ^ A sweet paste of clarified sugat

Alcorzdr, va. To ice with sugar.

Alcotdn, am. Lanner, a bird otprej.

AlootAnk ^ Piokaxew

Alcotancillo, am, dim. A young huiner.

Alcrebite,*M7». Sulphur. V. Aa^ra,

Alcribio, sm. Tuyere of a forge.

Alcr6co, am. (Om.) Y. Azof rati.

Alcubilla, 4/r Beservoir of an aqueduct

Alcucilla, ^f. dim. Small oil-bottle.

Alc6mia, if. Famtiv, lineage, race.

Alc&za, ^. Oil-bottle or craet

Alcuzada, f(f. A cruet ftall of oil.

AlcuzAzo, am. Blow given with an oil-botUe.

Alcuzc&z, Kooskoos, or Cooscoosoo, am. A
flour paste made into pellets.

Alcuz6ro, ra, a. One who makes oil-bottlesL

Alcuz^ ra, a. Belonging to an oil-bottlo.

Alcuzdn, am. augm. A lai^e oU-botUe.

Alddba, tf. Door-knocker. [den fear.

AldabMa, ^f. Bap with the knocker; sud-

Aldab&so, Aldaboodzo, am. Knocking at
the door.

Aldabe&r, vik To rap or knock at the door.

AldabiiL Iff. Horizontal beam.

Aldabilla, iff. dim. A small knocker.

AIdab6n, am. A large knocker; a trunk

Aldda, n/. A small village, a hamlet

Alde&na. iff. YiUago-woman, lasa.

AIdeani6go, ga, a. Belonging to a hamlei

Aldcano, am. Villager, countryman, lad.

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Aldebaiia, «nK Aldebaran, a fixed tUr.

iUdebn^Ia, AldeiUa, ^.cUm. A littto vlUAge.

Alde6rrio, mn. A smuL nnpleaaant Tillage.

Aldiza, ^. A small reod without kiiot&

AldrAn, Mk One who sells wine to shop-

Aleaci^n, ^ AlUgatioii, alloyage.

Alead6r, am. Allojer.

Ale&r, «fk To flatter ; move the anns quick-
ly; recorer ftt>m stckiiessw— vo. To alloj.

AlebHUlo, da, a. Harehearted.

Alebr&ne, Alebrastrfine, Alebrest&rsei vr.
To squat; cower.

Alebroniise, «r. To be dispirited.

Altee, «nu Bagout of flsh*llver.

Alechag&do, tbia. Corled. flated.
Alocbn^, va,To carl; plait. Ante.


Alectdria, </! Aloctoria, stone in a oock^s

A16da, ^. Boftue of wax in a bee^ira

Alediflo, wn, Boondary, border, limit

Alefluiginas, ^. pL Porgo pills of spices.

Alefria, 9m. Morase, a hole cot into wood.

ADegadte, 9f. Allegation; argoment

Alegar, «a. To allege, affirm, qaote.

Alegdto, amw Allegation, plea.

Alegoria, ^ Allegory.

Alegteicam^te, ad. Allegorically, by figure.

AlegMoo, oa, a Allegorical

Alegorista, «m. AUesorist.

Alcgorix&r, «a. To allegorize.

Alegr&do, da, a. Delighted, r^oiced.

Alegraddr, ra, a. Sdoicer; a jester.

Alemr, va. To gladden, make merry; ex>
hflarate; enliven.

Alesrsne, vr. To rejoice, oongratolate, ex-
ult; grow merry.

A16gre, & To be slad, merry, JOTfhL content

Alegrem6nte. ad. Merrily, gladly, joyfhlly.

Alegria, ^ Mirth, merriment, r^ldng;
IlgbtBomenees; ecstasy; pleasure: eesa-
mum seed ; psste of sesamam and honey.

Al^gro, am. (Mua.) Allegro; quick, gay tune.

Alegr6n. am. Sudden, unexpected joy.

Aloamlento, ami. Elongation : strangeness.

Aloandrino, na, a. Alexandrine fi>ot

Al^^*, va. To remove to a distance.

AMUas, ^ Barley-soup.

Alelarse, «r. To become stupid^ dull

Aleli, Mu The winter gilllflower; name of

Aleliiya, a< AlloIi;jah; Joy.

AI6ma, ^ Water ibr irrijnting.

Alomnfiin, mit. Qermaa ; (jferman language.

Alemdna, ^ An ancient Spanish darioe.

Alemanisoo, oa, a. Germanic; German table-
cloth, [tare.

Alonguami6nto, am. An agreement for pas-

Al^ngu^, «av To agree respecting pasture.

Alentadamtote, adi Bravely, gallantly.

AlentMo, da, a. Spirited, courageous; bold.

Alentaddi; ra, a. Elncourager, cheerer.

Alentir, «fk To breathe.— «a To encourage.

4]epin, tm. Bombesin.

^teoe, am^ Larch-tree.

kihto, mtK The projecting part of a roof;
gable end; eaves.— ^ Snares for par-

^6rta, am. (MIL) Alert, watch-word.

Alirta, Alertamente, ad. VlgihmUy, care-
Ailly. JMoraZerfOiToboontbewatcb


Alertir, to. To render vigilant^ to pit mm

on his guard, watchftiL
A16rta ta, a. Vigilant, alert, guarded.
Alesnado, da, a. Awl-shaped.
A16ta, tf. A small wing; fin of a fish.
Aleti^ ^ Flapping of the wings.
Aletaxgido, da, a. lethargic, morbldlt

Aletargane, w. To iUl into a lethaiKy.
AletMo, WK Stroke of the wins.
AleteAdo, da, a. Finlike. flnnecL
Aleteir, «fk To flutter, flit
Alet^o, 9m. Fluttering.
A16to, utK The Peru^an fkloon.
AletMi, §m. OfUffm. A laige wing.
Aletria, em. YermlcellL
A16ve, a. Treacherous, perfidious.
AlevMa, ^ Tumor under the tongue.
Alevoeamtote, ad. Treacherously.
Alevosia, ^. Perfidy, treachery.
Alev68o, sa, a Treacherous. [dotal

AlexiAimaco. ca, Alexitdrlco, ca, a. Anti*
AlfiLbega, ^. Sweet-basil.


Alfobdticamtote, ad. Alphabetically

Alikb^oo, oa, a. Alphabetical

AUhbetista, $m. One that studies the «

AllU>6to, 9m. Alphabet


Alflu;ia, ^ Wood for windows.

AUhhir. 9m. Pottery.

Alikharero, 9m. Potter.

Albhareria, V. A^iir, A{fareria.

AliM6r, 9m. Paste of almonds, raisins. dM.

Alfiulk. ^ AU&Uh, 9m. Lucem.

AllUflU, AUklflir, 9m. Lucem-field.

AU&na, ^ A atrons and sphlted horse.

AUhnique, 9m. The white eagle; tent oa

Alllnge, 9m^ Hanger, cutlass. [booth.

Alflus6te, 9m. dim. A small cutlass.

A]flu\ iaoy 9m. A cuthus-wound. [cothMib

Alih^6n, ami. aagm. A large hanger of

Alflujonizo, amw A cut with a laige hanger.

Alflbque, 9m. a shoal or bar.

AllKiv am. Pottery.

Alffr, «ik To raise the forehead too much.

Alforiz, a. Moorish horseman.

AU&rda, ^ Duty paid Ibr irrigation, [duty.

AUhrd6ro, 9m. A collector of the inigation

Al(toxi^lh^ tf. Galloon. panda.

All!ud6n, 9m. Hoop; duty for watering

AUkreria, 9f. Pottery; potter's trade.

A]ftr6ro, 9m. A potter.

Alftrge,ami. The lower stone <^ an oil -mill;

carved ceiling. [dowa.

Althrgia, tf. Apiece of wood to make wia*
Alftima, V' ^^d rue. [or window.

Alfolxi^. 9m. The inside aperture of a doof
AUhfilcar, ^a. To ice with sugar.
AlfofticArse, «r. To affect peculiar delicacy.
AllUUque, 9m. Paste made with clarified

sugar ; a person of a delicate complexion.
Alfen»cia, 9f- Epilepsy ; an ensign's conunls-

sion. [ensign of the jto wn.

Alfirez, am. Ensign. .^f'Sraareo^ The ehial
Alfio6z, 9m. The serpent cucumber.
AlfU, 9m. Bishop in the game of chess.
Alfil6r, 9m. A pin. Ajfisr99 de gamoJi0 6

<2ap«^ Hairpins. .^{^Um^ Pin-money.
Alfllerixo, 9m. Prick of a pin ; a large vln.
AlfiUtc, AiflIet4^to, 9m. Paste of coarse fiow

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AJfllet^o, fl»7U Pin-case, ipeedle-^^ase.
AlJbli, othw Gnuiary; magaxino of salt
AUbliJ^, Alibiing, tm. Keeper of a gran-
ary or masazine.
Alfombra, itf. Floor-carpet
A]fombr^, «a. To carpet
AUbmbdoa, itf. augm, A largo carpet
AUbmbrkt), ra, «. Carpet-maker.
AUbmbrilla, ^f. A small carpet; scarlatina.
A)fond^ ore. Pistachia [other.

AUbnsearse, rr. (Low) To Joke with each
Alfona, em. A maravedi.
AU&nsJgo, am. Pistachio. nidefonso.

AUbnain, no, na, a. Belonging to Alphonso or
A]t»idnsk» tf. DiscQssions in the Alphonsine

ehajpel in AlcaU.
iUinja, ^f. Baddlo-bag, portmanteau.
AUbQ^rx), 9m. Maker or seller of saddle-bags ;

a laj-brother who begs alms.
Alittrza, tf. A plait a tack.
Alfronitro. tm. Bpome of saltpetre.
A'lgB, ^ Bea-weed.
41^oiii6n, j^ (Bot) Cadwoed.
Algtfda, ^/t Bidge of shifting sand.
A]gAido» da, o. Thatched, covered with straw.
Algaliba, af. White briony, wild hops.
AlgiUa, f^Civet, a perfUme; catheter.
AJgikra,^^ The pellicle of an egg; a foraging

bia, «< The Arable tongue; gabble,
(Bot) CenUuTf.
« ^ A load cry; sadden attack.
Al^ariro, ra, a. Pratins, talkative.
Algarhkda, ^. Driving duUs into the pen.
Algarr&ba, ^ The smooth-podded tare.
A%arrob&l, «ii». Groand pUoited with carob-

AIgarrob6ra, Algarr6bo, «. (Bot) Garob-tree.
Aigazira,^Ha£za; the shout of amultitude.
Algaz^ am. A plant
Algeb^na, ^ An earthen Jug.
A'^ebra, ^ Algebra; Joint-setting.
Algebriata, mti. Algebraist; » bone-setter.
Algo,jir9. Somewhat, something, anght
Algo, ad. Soroe^rtiat; In a manner; prop-

€«rtr, fiicnlty.
Algoddn, rnn. Cotton.
Algodonido, da, a. Filled with cotton.
AlgodonAl, tm. A cotton-plantation.
Algodon6n», &m. The cotton-tree; dealer in

cotton, a cotton broker.
Algorin, sm. (Prov.) A place in oil-mills for

receiving the olives. [numbers.

Algontmo, am. Algorithm, the science of
AIg68o^ sa, a. Weedy, ftill of sea-weeds.
Algoaal, «iK ConstAble, a police-officer.
AlgnacUioffo, em. The place or office of an

aigvacU. [flour-mill bucket

Algaarin, am. (Prov.) Store-room, pantry ;
Algoieo, pro. Somebody, some one.
AlgUn, pt'o. Algtm Uemrpo^ Sometime. Al-

tma tanto^ A littlt, somewhat
Algtoo, na, a. Some person, something, any

one; sometimes, now and then.
Alh^bega, ^ Sweet basil,
ilhadida, ^ Sai&on of burnt copper.
AlfaiHa,^ Jewel; showy ornament
AJhijor, va. To adorn; hn-nish. fit np.
AilMindl, em, A beast of burden; porlfr,


AlhandAl, em. Coloeynth apple.

Alliar&ca, a/l Clamor, angry vodfhrathm.

Alharaqni^to, ta, a. r7oi8y, clamorous, loud

AlhAigama, Alhirma, ^ Wild rue.

Alheli, (^. Gilliflower. [ing of conL

Alhdna, f/. Henna (plant or leaf); the blasl-

Alhefi^, va. To stain with henna. — ©r. Te

grow smutty, mildewed.

Alhdcigo. em. Plstacliio-tree.

Alh6ja, ^ A small bird resembling a lark

AlhOiva, 4/: (Bot) Fenugreek-

Alh6ndiga, «/C A public granary.

Alhondigu^ro, «m. Granary-keeper.

Alh6rma, ff. l^>yal Moorish tent

Alh6rre,«tn. Eruption on the skin of inlknta

Alhoetigo, em. V. AWneigo.

Alh6z, em. Limit or lot of land.

Alhucema, ^. (Bot) Lavender.
j^y.^.,^. .. _ ^ .__ .



Al leagued


Al hrze.

Al tlon.



AJ d.

A' , y anotliot

Alica, fif. dim. A small wing.
A'lica, ^ Pottace of wheat and pulse.
AJicoido, da, a. Drooping; weak; low-Bpir>

Alicdntara, »/. A small venomous lizard.
Alicante, em. A poisonous snake.
AMcantina, ^ Artifice, stratagem, cunning.
AUcatddo, em. Work inlaid with Dutch tilei.
Alic&tes, em^ fl. Pincers; nippers.
Alici^nte, em. Attraction, incitement, in-
Aliclondr, va. To teach, Instruct
Alicuanta, a. Parte alicuanta^ Aliquant

number. [ber.

Alicu6ta, a. Parte alicuokt^ Aliquot num-
AlidMa, tf. Quadrant pow.

Alid6na, ^ Stone in the intestines of a swal*
Alien&r, «<t To alienate.
Ali^nto, «m. Breath ; vigor of mind; smelL
{Yo alierUOy yo alient^ from Alentar.)
Ali^r, em. A rower; a marine. [plaint

Alifiro, em. A callous tumor; chronic com-
AUflir, «& To polish, burnish.
Aliilsra, ^ Collation, lunclieon.
Aligaci6n, ef. Alligation.
Aligaddr, em. Alligator. [gether.

Aligamiento, em^ Alligation; bindung to-
AligAr, va. To tie, unite ; oblige.
Aligerami^to, em. Alleviation ; lightening.
AHgerdr, CO. To lightcp; alloiate: hasten.
Alyaddr, em. One who lightens. Lanchon

alijadar, A lighter ; cotton-picker.
AlUar, f)a. (Nan.) To lighten ; to pick cotton

with the hand or with a gin.
Aiyir, em. Waste, stony ground, [vation.
AlOarir, va. To divide waste lands for culti'
AiyarSro, em. Sharer of waste lands to col

AlUari^, n, a. Relating to waCte lands
Alijo, em. Lightening of a ship.


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iJflla, ^f. A small wing^ fln of a fish.

AHmftfla, tif. ADimal which destrojTB game.

AJimentaci6n, «/! Act of nourishing.

Aiiment^r, imz. To feed, nourish, muntain.

Allmentiirlo, Allmentista, «. One who enjoys
a maintenance.

AJlmenticio, cia. a, Natiitions, natrittve.

A1Im6nto, mx. Nourishment, food ; encour-
agement— 0. pi. Allowance given to the
heir of ui enUlled estate; alimony.

Aliment^so, sa, a. Alimentary, nntrltioQS.

AlindAdo, da» a. Affectedly nice, or elegant

Allnd4r, «a. To limit; embellish, adorn.
Alindar el ganado. To driye catUA to the

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