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As^qni, 9m. Duty on every forty head of

Aaequlble, a. Attainable, obtainable.
Asorcidn, ^. Assertion, affirmation.
Aserrad^ro, 9m. A saw-pit; horse or trestle^
Aserradizo, za, a. Proper to be sawed.
Aserr&do, da, a. Serrate, serrated, dented.
A8errad6r, 9m. Sawyer.
AserradwB, ^. Sawing.
Asemd6ras, Saw-dust
Asorrir, va. To saw.
Asertivo, va, a. Assertive.
AsSrtO), 9m. Assertion, affirmation, podtion.
AsertMo, a. Dedaratocy, afltarmative.
Asesiir, vn. To become prudent
Aseeinar, iMtToassasdnate; betray.
Asesiniito, am. Assassination, murder,

treachery. [patch.

Asesino, 9m. Assassin, murderer; cheat;
Ases^r, ra, t. A counsellor, legal adviser.
Asesordrse, vr. To take the assistance ol

Asesoria, ^. The office, pay and fees of an

assessor; tavern. [ner nap or siesta.

AsestadSro, 9m. Place to take an after-din-
Asestad6r, 9m. Onnncr.
Asestadara, aA Aim, taking aim.
Asest&r, va. To aim, point [flrmatlnn.

Asoveraddn, af. Asseveration, solemn af-
Asever4r, va. To asseverate; affirm.
AslSiIto, 9m. Asphaltum.
AsTixla, ^ (Med.) Asphyxia, suflbcatton. -
Asfoddlo, SDK Asphodel, day-lily.
Asi. ad. So, thus, in this manner; thorofbra

alsou Aai bimy As well, as much so.

Ai^ qu9i So that, therefore. Aai que aai^

Anyway. A9i qtte aad or aaadc^ Let it

be as it will. Cbmo a«i. Just sa
Asid^ro, 9m. Handle; occasion, pretext—

pL Tow-ropes.
Aside, da. Seized, grasped ; (kstened, tied.
AsiduidiUl, ^f. Assidui^, asslduousneaa.
Asiduo, dua, a. Assiduous, laborious.
Asi6nto,«m. Seat chair; stability; bottom;

sedimant; treaty; contract; entry; Jndg>

ment; list; prndence.— pt. Bindings.
Asigndble, a. Assignable. [destination.

Asignacidn, «/. Assignation; oistrlbution :
AstgnAdo, 9. Assignat
Aslgnfir, va. To assign, mark out, ascribe.
AsignotAra, af. Programme of the leclurea

in universities.
Asilla, {/t dim. A small handle; a slight pre^

text— :P^ The collar-bones; small keys of

an organ. Sec
Asilo, am. Asylum, sanctuary; harborage.
Asim^smo, ad. Exiactly sa
Asiraetria, ^ (Little us.) Without symmetry
Asimi^nto, 9m. Attachment, affection.
Astmiladdn, af. Assimilation.
Asimilir vn. To resemble, to be Uke. - M

To asstrallatSk
Asimilativo, va, a. AsBlmilaUnf,

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Ailwlwnrt, ad, EzmU j to, UkewiMi
Aifanp>fclo, dft, a. Like a simploton.
Alia. Aaiu, ad. (Low) Y. A91.
Asinfarla6« ^ 2^ Birds in BrtxiL
Asi&ino, 11% a. Asinine, asA-like.
AAir,i)a.andfi..Togra6p; bold: gripe; Uke
'. To dispate, contend. Mfede^

To avail one'a self oC
Aftudn, am. Bird <^ the (kmfly otfnkncdlinM,
A ftirt^acia, f^ Actual presence ; reward ; aid,

help, oomfart AtMUanda^ AUowanoe;

aiinumy; a ftirni^hed room.
Asistenta, ^ Handmaid ; servsnt-mald to

the maida of tionor. forderly.

Aafat^nto, pa, and tm, Awdrtsnt, beiper; an
Aslstir, «iw To bo present, aasist; live in a

boa8e. - vA To ntinister; to server
A'lma, ^ The asthma*
Ambltieo, ca, a» Asthmatic
A'sna, ^f. A sbe-eaa. A'moA, Baftera.
Asn&ebo, 9m. CBot) Cammock.
AsaAda, ^ A fooUsh action; petty whin.
Afi&Ado, am. Side-wall timbws in mines.
AsD^ a. Asinine; brataL
Asnallo, sm. Camroock, restharrow. [ass.
Asnalm^te, ad. Foolishly ; moonted on an
Asn&ocho, Ml. Sharp pepper of Soath

Amerlok [tish iellow.

AsqAzo, am. attgm, A largo Jack-eas; a bra<
Asnaiia, ^ (ColL) Stod ofaasea.
Aaoieo, ca, «. Anuiron.
Asollla, «C ^anoheon or prop.
Aanillo, Ua, a dim. A little ass. A«nmo,

Oraashopper. field-cricket
Aaninov t^ a (GolL) Besembling an aaa.
A'sno, mtK An ass; a stupid iUlow.

', ML To lift a weighty thing with

AsobiaAne, «r. To fUl down with a burden.
AsocarronidOf da, a. Graft/, cunning, wog-

gisb. [tlon; Ibllowsiliip.

Aaodacl6n, ^. Asodamic'nto, m». As6ocia-
AaodAdo, am. Associate; cumrade.
AsodAr, 9a. To associate, unite. — or. To ac-
company, [tation.
Asdaddn, Asolad&ra, ft Desolation, devaa-
Aaoladdr. ra, a. A destroyer, desolater.
Asolamiento, tm. Depopulation, deetmc-

Asolaair, «a. To parch or dry up.
AaoIAt, 1NI. To level, destroy, pilIago.-^vr.

To settle and become clear.
Asoleir, va. To ann. — or. To be sun-bomt
Asolvami^iito, am. Stoppage.
AaolvArse, «r. To be stopped.
AsomAda, «f Appearance.
AsomAdo, oa, a. Fuddled.
AaomAr, vn. " '

show.— or.
Aaombradizo, xar a. Fearfhl, timid. [ens.
AsombradAr, ra, $. Terrifler, one who fnght-
AsombramiAnto, mn, Y. Amnnbro.
AsombrAr, «& To frighten, terrify ; astonlsl ;

8hadei-£«r. To take iHgbt [ment

AsAmbro, tm. Drsad, fear, terror; amaze-
Asombrosamdntei, ad. Amazingly, wonder-

iUIr. [marvellous.

Asomtosoi, sa, a. Wonderfti], astonishing,
AateML tm. Mark, token, sign ; supposition.
AjonAda^ |^ Tamnltooas crowd or people.

. To begin to appear. — oo. To
\ To be mistered with wine.


AaoD^nda, 9f. Asaooaaoe, oooaonance; har-
mony, [sonant versea
Asonantir, «& To mix assonant with con*
Asoninte, a. Assonant
AsonAr. on. To accord.
Asotanar, oo. To vaalt, make vaults.
A'spa, {< A cross; a reel ; wings of a wind-

Aspaddr, »m. A reel.

Aspad6r, ra, a Beeler.

AspalAto, 9m. (Bot) Kosewood.

Aspilto, am. Asphaltos.

Aspami^nto, am. (Prov.) Y. Atpaviento.

Aspdr, oo. To reel ; crucify; vex. Atparm

a ffrito$y To hoot, cry out
Aspavi^to, smw Dread, t^ox^ consternation;

admiration. A9paviento»^ Boasts, brags,

bravadoes. Rook; situation.

Asp^Scto, 9m. A«>ect, sight, appearance;
A'q)eram6nte, ad. Bndely, grtmuy, obdu-

tately. [taste.

AspereAr, vik To be rough and acrid to the
Aq>er6te, mn. Sour taste of unripe fhiit
Asperdza, AsperidM, f< Asperity; gall;

roughness; sourness.
AspiiKeA, 9m. A9per9ion or sprinkling.
A8peri<§go, ga, a. Sour apple of the pippin

Asperilla, ^. (Bot) A plant [fruit

Aspertllo, M7k The sourish taste of unripe
A^rillo, Ua, a. dim. Tort, sourish.
A'spero, 9m. Asper, para (coin).
A'spero, ra, a, Rougb, knotty ; harsh.
Asper6n, am. Orinctetone.
A8pcrsi6n, ^ Aspersion.
Aq>erB6rio, 9m. Water-sprinkler.
A'spid, A'spide, 9m, Asp, a small serpent;

choleric person. [sire.

AspiraciAn, f^ Aspiration ; inspiration; de-
Aspiradamdnte, ad. With aspiration.
Aspirate, pa. Aspirant
Aspirdr, ock To inspire ; draw breath : asptra
Asquedr, va. To loathe, consider with disgust
Asquerosara^nte, ad. Nastily, foully, filthily.
Asquerosidad, ^ Nastinee^ filthlneea
Asquer6so. sa, a. Nasty, flltby; loathsome.
A'squia, 9/. A kind of grayling fkwh-water

A'sto, «/r Lance, spear, pike; handle; sta£
Astas, Horns.

AstAco, 9m>. Lobster, crayfish, or crawfish.
AstAdo, Ast^ro, 9m. Pikeman or lancer.
Ast6nlco, ca, a. (Med.) Asthenic.
AstAr, 9m. fBot) Starwort
Asteria, 4/! Star-stone ; cat's eve, fiUse opaL
Asterisco, am. An asterisk, (^t) Oxeye.
Astil, am. Axe-handle; shaft of an arrow.
Astll^os, 9m. pi. Y. A9taUi}09.
Astilla, ^ Chip of wood, splinter.
AstiUir, wk To chip.
Astillizo, am. Crack, Injury, damage.
Astill^^oe, 9m. pL Castor and Pollux (starsX
Astill^, am. Drnce ; snoar-stand. A9tiUsr9

d^ conatruocion^ Ship-yard, dock-yard.

Poner en aatUUro^ (Met) To place in an

honorable post rMilk-vetoh.

Astrigalo, 9m. Astragal (moulding). (B<itJ
Astr^ a. Astral.
Astr&nclSj 9f. (Bot) Master-wort.
Aftr^ «/. Goddess Astreik

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AsMcddn, ABtringdiicIa, tf, AJtrictfon, oom-

iitrlotiTO, Tt, ck ABtrictlTO, styptic.
Astricto, ta, a. Contracted, compressed;

Astrifero, ra, (Poet) Stany.
Astringdnte, o^ Astringent
Astrlngir, a. To astringo, compress.
A'stro, 9m. Heavenly body, as tbe sun, moon,

or star; illostrlous person.
Astrogr^fia, tf, Astrography.
Astr6ite, Bin, Astroito.
Astrol&bks 9m, Astrolabe; Jacobs ^taff.
Afltrologia, «/ Astrology. [cal.

Astroldgico, ca, Astr6Iogo, ga, a. Astrologi'
Astr61ogo, sm. Astrologer.
Ai!trol6gicam6nte, ad. Astrologfcally.
Astronomia, ^f. Astronomy.
Astrondmioamdnte, ad. Astronomically.
Astron6mlco, ca, a. Astronomical
A8tr6nomo, «m. Astronomer.
Aatrosamtote, ad. Blovenly, slnttish.
Astr6eo, sa, a. (CoH) Indecent, sordid.
AfltAda, tif. Oonning, craft, finesse, slyness.
Astoridn, «m, A pony, a small horse.
Astatamdnte, ad. Cunningly, cra/Uly, feign-

Astotd, ta, a, Astnte, conning, sly.
Asubiar, «». To goard against tbe rain.
Asn6to, sm. Holyday Ibr scbool-boya, vaca-
Asamir. vo. To ascend, assnme any dignity.
Asunci^ ^f. Assumption; ele^^ation; a

As(into, snu Subject; aflklr, business.
Asurami6nto, «m. Burning; being parched.
Asur^rse, «r. To be burnt in the pot
Asurcdr, va. To furrow sown land to kill

the weeds.
Asustadizo, za, a. Easily fHghtened.
Asustdr, tHJk To ftigbten, to terrify. — »r. To

be fHghtened.
Atab&ca, ^ (Bot) Groundsel.
Atabacido, da, a. Tobacoo-color.
Atabil, 9m. Kettle-drum. [drums.

Atabale6r, «n. To imitate the noise of kettle-
AtabalAlo, AtabalMe, AtabaliUo, 9m. dim. A

small kettle-drum.
Atabal^ 9m. Kettle-drummer.
AtabanAda da, a. Spotted white, [fbvers.
AtabardiUado, da, a. Of the nature of spotted
Atdbe, OTt. A small vent left in water-pipes.
Atabem4do, da. a. Retailed in taverns.
AtabU14r, vo. To fold cloth with the sel-

Atabladira, Bt. Roller to level sown land.
Atabliir, vo. To level sown land.
Ataoadera, 9f. Blaster's rammer.
AtacMo, da, a. Irresolute; close, miserable.

H&mbre de caUcu atacadaa^ A strict ob-
server of old customs.
Ataca46r, 9m. Aggressor; nunrod or rammer.
AtacAr, ea. To fit tieht; ram; attack.
Atac61a, tf. A strap for a horse's taU.
Ataddras, f^ pk Ataddros, 9m. pL (Prov.)

Garten. [a thing Is tied.

Ataddro, 9m. Cord or rope ; the plaos where
AtadUo, fto, am. dim. (ColL) An ill-shaped

little bundle.
AtadHo, ta, a. dim. Cramped or contracted.


Atiulo, 9m. Bundle, parcel pug

AtiUo, da, a. Pusillanimous, good Pit noth>

Ataddr, 9m. He who ties; packer; binder.

Atad&ra, ^ Tying together; union.

AtaD^^, «& To stupefy, deprive of senses;
to tease.

Atafetanido, da, a. Besembltng taflfety.

Atahdrre, 9m. The crupper of a pack-eaddle

Atah6rma, ^. (Om.) Cwprey.

Atair&r, va. To cut mouldings in panels.

AtAhe, sm. Moulding in panels.

AtaiadJzo, 9m^ Partinon.

At^ad6r, 9m. (Mil) Scout

Atijar, wi. To go the shortest way.— w». To
overtake; divide; intercept Atajarga-
nado^ To steal sheep. AtaSar la tisn^
To reconnoitre the ground.— vr. To be
confounded with shame. [re-union.

Atidasol&oes. sm. A dlstnrber of a pleasant

Ata)6a, At^jia, 9/. Small sewer, drain.

At^|o, 9m. Short cut; ward or guard; ob-
struction. Salir al aiajo^ To interrupt
another's speech.

Atalantir, vn. To agree, accord ; be pleased.

Ataliya, ifi Watch-tower; height; guard.

AtaUyador, ra, a. Guard, sentry; observet.

Atalayir, imz. To observe fh>m a watoli
tower. [seedsL

Atalvina, tf. Milky substance drawn flrooi

Atamidnto, 9m. M!eannes8 of spirit

Atanisia, ^. (Bot) Costmary or alecost,
type between Pica and English Boman.

Atandr, 9m. (Vroi.) A siphon or tube.

Atanquia, «^I)epilatory; reftise of silk.

AtafiM-, «. imp. To belong, appertain.

AUUiue, 9m. Attack; trenches; apoplexy.

Ataqniu, ^f. Laying a branch of a vine la
the ground. [the ground.

AtaqnuAr^vo. To lay a branch of a vine in

At&r, 90. To tie, bhid, knit; lace; depriva
of motion ; close. — vr. To be embarrassed.
AtarM A la Utra^ To stick to the lettet
of the text AtarM lo% mano9. To tie
one's self bv promise. [laid work.

Atarac^ tf. Marquetry, checker work; in-

Ataraoeir, va. To checker, inlay.

Ataranti^o, da. a. Bit by a tarantula; sui
prised; harum-scarum.

Ataraz&na, ^ Atarazan&l, sm. Arsenal ; rope^
spinner's shed; wine-cellar. [teeth.

Ataraz&r, va^ To bite or wound with the

Atare^o, da, Ow Busied, occupied.

Atare&r, va. To task, exercise. — vr. To over
do one's selt

AtArfe, sm. Tamarisk.

Atai;)^ «^ A small vault; sewer, drain.

Atarqninar, va. To bemire. — vr. To be co\
ered with mire.

Atarriga, ^f. (Bot) Clammy Inula, Fleabane.

Atarradkr, «ck To fit a shoe to a horse's foot

Atamgar, «& To form the thread of a screw.

Atarug^o, da, a. Abashed, ashamed.

Atarugamiteto, em. Act of wedging.

Atarugir, txk To fbsten; wedge; ^flenoe.

Atamriado, da, a Stretched across a horse

Atasijir, «& To out meat into small piece\

Atascadeto, Atascamldnto, sm.. A deep miry
place; obstruction.

Atasc^, «)a. To stop a leak.— «r. To stiek
in the mire; stop short

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itafid, an. Coffin, heiirse.

AtudMo, da, a^ Goflln-fttupcd. [al

Atttojia, fiC Damaskeening, mlsTing on met^

Atai^iMo, da, a. Damaskeened.

A^tavlado, da. Ov Omainentod, adornott

AuTiir, va. To dress, trim, adorn, embcUIah.

A.taTio, 9m, Drcaa, finery, gear.

A.tdxia, jpC (Med.) Ataxia, irregular fever.

Atediir, va. To disgost or displease. — vr. To

be vexed, be tired.
A-toiamo, «m. Atheism.
AtMsta, enu Atheist; heathen. [ror.

Ateatorizir. va. To terrify, strike with ter-
AlempeTaci6n, sf. The act and effect of t«n-

lUmpersIr, «a. To temper; soften; molli/y.
AfOTftrtr, Atenaze&r, ta. To tear off with

ltaDcl6n, 4/! Attention; ctvlUtv, kindness;

a contract of sale. £n (Uenelon^ Attend-
ing; in consideration.
itenddr, vn. To attend; heed; expect, wait
iten6r, vrt. To guard, obeerra AUnerae &^

To abide by, stick to.
itentad6n, ^ Procedure contrary to law.
Iteotadamente, ad. Prudently; contrary

to law. [rate.

Itentado, da, a. Discreet, prudent, modo-
Atentido, tm. Illegal proceeding of aiudge ;

oftoQcei Tlitely.

Atantamente, ad. Attentively; civilly, po-
Ateot^, va. To attempt any crime ; to try

with caution.
Atentnt^rio, ria, a. Contrary to law.
Atento, ta, a. Attentive, heedftil; polite,

dvii; in consideration.
Atenoacido, «/ Attenoation ; maceration.
Ateno&r, va. To attenn^e ; diminish, lesson.
At^ WK Atheist [fever.

AterdaniUlo, da, a. Afflicted with tertian
AtardopeUdo, da, a. Velvet-like.
Aterida, •/. Jaundice.
AteridixM, To have the Jaundice.
Aterido, da, a. Stiff with cold, benumbed.
Aterimitoto, sm. Act of growing stiff witii

Aieriise. vr. To grow stiff with cold.
Atemerado, da, a. Calf-like.
Aterramlteta 9m. Boln, destruction ; terror.
A tfltrar, va. To destroy, poll down ; terrify.

— vr. To stand in shore.
AterronAr. va. To clod, coagulate.
Aterroriztf, va. To frighten, terrify.
Atee&r, va. To haul taught
At«sorad6r, «m. A boarder.
Ateaorir. va. To treasure or hoard up.
Atestaelon, ^ Testlmon v, evidence.
AtestAdo, da, a. Attested, witnessed.
Atest^MkM, tm. fi. Certlflcates, testimonials.
AteBtad£ura,4/r Cramming or stuffing; must

fbr ioakinffwine casks.
Atastir, «a. To eram, stuff; crowd.
Atcstiguaddn, i(f. Atestlguamiento, 9m. De-
position upon oath.
Ateatignir, Vit. To depose, attest, give evl-

dencei .^iostf^nor <xm, Tociteas awit-

Atet4do^ da, a. Mammlllated, mammiform.
Atatir, va. To sookle.
UettUiir, va. To treooh round rooti


Atez^o, da, a. Black.
Atezamt^nto. rnn. The act of blackening.
Atez^, tWw To blacken. — vr. To grow black.
Atiborr4r, va,. ^o stuff with wool, &c. ; cram.
Aticismo, mn. Atticism; nice, witty joke.
A'tico, ca. a. Upper story, attic; elegant

wit Testigo aUco^ An Irreihigablc wit-
Aticiirga, ^ Base of an attic column.
Atiesar, va. To make stiff or hard.
Atifle^ sm. Potter's trevet
Atlgrado, da, a. Tigor-colorod.
Atildadura, «< Punctuation.
Atild^, va. To put a dash or tilde a letter

censure : deck out [pose.

Atinadam6nte, ad. Cautiously; to the pur^
Atinar, vn. To bit the mark; hit upon,

Atinair, sm. Tlncal ; borax.
Atlpldr, va. To raise the pitch of a musical

lustrnment — vr. To grow very sharps
AtirantAr, va. To fix collar-bomis in a

Atirlciirse, vr. To get the jaundlca
Atisbad^ro, sm. Peep-bolu. [neei^

Atisbad6r, ra, «. A prier into others' l>usl •
Attobad6ra, iff. Prying into others' buslnesa
Atisbar, va>. To scrutinize, pry into ; waylay.
Atlsuiido, da, a. Ttesne-like. [cites

Atizaddro, sm. Exciter, the thing which ex-
Atlzaddr, ra, ». Inciter; poker; feeder.
Atizdr, va. To poke the fire; rouse. AU-

ear la Idmpara^ To raise the lamp-wick.
Ati2on^, va. To lav up bricks and atones

in mortar. — vr. To be smutted.
Atl4nte, am. Ue who bears tlie weight at

government Atl^ntet, Figures of men

used instead of columns.
AtUntico, a. Atlantic [dia satin.

A'tlas, «/n. Atlas, a collection of maps; la-
AtI6ta, sm. Athlete, wrestler.
Atldtico, oa, a. Athletic; robust
Atmdsfera, ^. Atmosphere, tiie air.
Atmosfi^rico. ca, a. Atmospherical
Ato^o, 9m, Towage.
Ato&r, va. To tow a vessel
At6cha. 4< Tough feathergrass bass-weed.
Atooh^l, Atochdr, 9m, Place where bai»>

weed growa
Atoohir, va. To fill with bass-weed.
Atoch6n, 9m. Name of the tender panicia

of tough foathei^rass.
Atodn&do, da, Ow Corpulent fat, fleshy.
Atocin^i^ CO. To cut up a pig; assassinat^i

— vr. To swell with anger.
At61e, 9m. (M.) Indian corn gruel
Atollad^ro, 9m, A deep miry place ; obstacle.
AtoU&r, vn. To fSall Into the mtra — vr. To

get Involved in difficulties. rchoughtles&
Atolondr&do, da, a. Uarebralned, giddy,
Atolondrami6nto, «m. Btupe&otion, con-
Atolondnir, va. To stun, stupefy. — vr. To

get stupefied, dull.
Atomismo, 9fTK AtomlsuL
Atomista, 97n. Atomist
Atombtico, ca. a. Atomical, of atoms.
A'tomo, 9m. Atom, corpuscle, ace. mute.

Reparar en im dtomo^ To remark tbt

minutest actions.

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iltond&r, va. To spar a hoRW^

AtonU, f^ (Med.) Atonv, weakoea^ debility.

Ac6nito, ta, a. Astonishod, amazed.

AtoataJom^te, ad. Foolishly, stupidly.

Atonti^do, da, a. Mopisli, foollsli, stopid.

Atontamlento, mu ObstupefactioD. (stupid.

Atontdr, vo. To stUD, stupefy. — vr. To bo

Atorurse, cr. To stick in tbe mire; fit the

.Itormentadam^te, ad^ Anxiooslv-.

Atorroentido, da, a. Painful, fUlI of pain,

Atormentaddr, ra, «. Tormentor.

Atorment^r, va. To torment; cause afilio-
tton: rack.

Atomiilikr, va. To screw.

Atorozon^jM, vr. To suffer erlnee or colic

Atortol&r, va. To confound, intimidate. —
vr. To be frightened.

Atortor^, va. (Nau.) To Drape a ship.

Atorti^ir. vo. To squeeze, make flat

Atosigador, 9m. PolMner.

Atosigamidntacm^ Tbe act of poisoning.

Atosigilr, oo. To poison; liarasa. [hurry.

Atratondu", va. To huddle, perform in a

Atrab4nco, »m. Tbe act of huodling.

Atrabil^o, ria, AtnbiU^so, sa, a. Atrabilap
riona, melancholy.

Atrabilia, ^ Beinc atrabtlarions ; black bile.

Atracaddro, tm. (Nao.) LandfldL

Atrae&r, va. To oyortake; cram. — w. To bo
stuffed. Atracarte al oostadOy To come

Atraoci6n, ^ Attraction.

Atraoon, sm. Over-eating.

Atractivo, va, a. Attracnve; engaging.

Atractivo, wk Charm; grace; cooing, [ins.

Atractiz, a. Applied to the power of attract-

Atra^r, va. To attract, draw; allure, invite.

Atrafig&do, da, a. Much occupied; labori-
ous; fidgety.

Atra£^p4r, vn. (Low) To toll, bo over-
wrought— «?r. To fidget

AtraganUij^ vr. To stick In tbe throat; be
cut short In conversation.

Atraidoradamc^nte, ad. Treacherously.

Atraidorddo, da, a. Treacherous, perfidious.

Atrailldr, va. To bind with a string; follow
game. [into dilficulUes.

Atramp^rse, vr. To be caught in a trap ; get

Atramuz, am. (Bot) Lupine.

Atrancor, va. To bar a door; take long
steps; rood hurriedly. [oelve.

Atrapir, va. To overtake; li^ hold of; de-

Atr^ac^ Backwards; past ndcerseatraa^
To fallback, (^uedorae a<ra«, To remain
behind. r<rfr«rM a<ra«, To retract Ild>-
ota atrat, Far trom that, quite the con-

Atrasado, da. AtraMdo de mfdiot^ Short
of means, poor. Atrasado de ncUdas^
Ignorant of common things. [unjpaid.

Atrasidoa, am. pi. Arrears, sums remaining

Atrasdr, va. To obstruct another's fortune;

? retract, sot back. — vn. To so slow. — vr.
'o remain behind ; be in debt
AtTHM, aifK Backwardness; loss of fortune;

^traveaido, da, a. Sqiint-eyod; oblique;


AtravesAfio, am. Crooa-piece, cross-tknbef
Atraveaafloa da laa lataa^ Garlines.

Atraves^, va. To lay a beam athwart; run
through; cross over; bewitch; bet; lay
a trump. (Nau.) To lie to. Atravesar
el conuotts To move to compassioa.
Atraveaar loa ginero% To buy goods to
sell by retail. Atraveaar toao H paia.
To overrun the whole country. JVb atra-
veaar loa umbralea^ Not to darken ono^
door. — vr. To be obstructed; interfere;
dispute; cross the course of another veseeL

(}"<> atravieao^ yo atravieae, firom Atraw^
aar, V. Aoertar.)

Atrayeute, pa>. Attrahent, attractive.

Atregnadamcnie, ad^ Madly, rashly.

Atreguddo, da, a. Bash, foolish, precipitattk

Atreenaldr, va. To collect sheaves Into heaps.

Atrevdrse, vr. To be too fom^ard ; to dare,

Atrevldazn^nte, ad. Audaciously, du-ingly,
boldly. [dona.

Atrevidillo, 11a, a. dim. Somewhat auda

Atrevidiaimo, ma, a. aup. Most audacious.

Atrevido, da, a. Bold, audacious, daring
insolent [bhide.

Atrevido, am. A muscle on the shoulder*

Atrevimidnto, am. Boldness, hardihood,

Atribaddn, ^ Attributing; attribute.

Atiibnir, va. To attribute, ascribe, impute.
-^r. To assume. [vexe^

Atribnl&r, va. To vex, afflict— vr. To be

Atributivo, va. a. Attributive.

Atrib6to, Mn. Attribute ; a quality adherent

AtrtcapUla, ^ (Om.) Tbe Kpicurean war-
bler, [straps.

Atrio6sea, am. pk Blngsto hold the stUrup-

Atrici6n, 4/: Attrition, grief for sin. (Farr.)

Atril, am. Lectern, a stand for tlie missal or
service books in ohurehes. [lectern.

Atril^ f/C An ornamental cover for the

Atrincherami^nto, am. Intrenchntent,
mound. Atrinekemmiantoa de abord^
age^ (Nan.) Breast^wortca.

Atrincherdr, va. To intrench, mound.— vr.
To intrench one's sel£

A'trio, am. Poroh ; portlca

Atrito, ta, a. Gonmte through fear.

A'tro, ra, a. (Poet) Dark, black, obscure.

Atrochdr, vn. To go by cross-paths.

Atrociddd, ^f. Atrocity ; enormous wicked
noss; exoess.

Atrofla, ^. Atrophy.

Atr^flco, ca. a. Alfocted with atrophy.

Atrompetiao, da, a. Trumpet-like.

Atronadom^to, ad. Precipitately, wiUiout
prudence. [itate, imprudent.

Atron&doi, am. Blunderer, wild.— a. Pr«eip»

Atronaddr, ra, a. Thunderer: [hoise^

Atronad6ra, nf. Tumor in the pastern of a

Atronami^nto, am. Thundering; stupe(ao>
tion. [thuaderstrock.

AfTonar, vo. To thnnder, stun. — vr. To be

Atronerir, va. To make embrasures.

AtropAdo, da, a. Grouped, dumped.

Atropir, va. To assemble in groups without
order. [Aisedly.

Atropelladamdnte, a<& Tumultnously, odd*

AtropeUido, ds, a 9peakio|t«r aetlng oasllly

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Atiopellad6r, ra, #. Tnuxipler under ibot
AtiopdUunl^nto, 9nu TnunpUng under fcot
Atropellir.vo. To trample under foot; hurry;
oyerwork, — vr. To iiuny one's self too

Atroz, a. Atroclou.% enormous; cruel
iarciz£r. «a. To truss a yard to the mast
Atroonentc, ad. Atrociously; excessively.
AtruhanMo, da, o. Bcurrilous; using low

Atufkdam^nte, (xd. Pcorishly, morosely,
AtaCar« cOw To vex, plague. — cr. To fret ; he

angry. ngnonint, stupid fellow.

Aton, «n. Tunny-flsn. Peduzodeatun^Kn
Atun^ra, ^. A tunny fish-liook; a tunnv-not.
AtUBcro, «m. Tunny flsbermau; dealer in

Atuhir, «aw To stop or shut up closely.
Atordkkii. da, a. Harebrained, madbrain.
Atordimi^nto, am. Pertorbatloa; duinees.
Aturdb*, CO. To perturb : stupefy with won-

der.— «r. TobeoQtofonevwita. [lence.
AturroMr, 9a, To confound, reduce to si-
Atosad^, rnn, Hair-dreflser; one who trims

AUnir, co. To cut the hair even ; trim. — or.

To dress one's self with too much care.
Atntia, ^f. Tutty, a sublimate of calamine.
Auca, ^ A gooae. Y. Oca,
AuUeia, ^f. Aadadty, boldness.
Aodiz. a. jSold, andaoious, fcarloss.
Audible, a. Audible.
Andl^nda,!^ Audience; hearing; audIeno&>

chamber ; court of oyer and terminer; law-

ofltoeis; the az-Sponish America.
Auditivo, Ya, a. Auditive; right of giving

aadienca. [delegate.

Aiidlt6r, sm. Auditor, a hearer; a Judge; a
Anditoria, iff. Auditor s office.
Andit6rio, wu Auditory, audience.
A'uge, am. Meridian; apogee.
Aognr, «m. Augur, angurer.
Angnnid6o, ^. Auguration.
AuguriU, a. Augonal, belonging to augury.
Augurir, to. To augur.
Aogfirio, OTik Augury, omen.
Auff^sto. ta, a. August, magnillcent
A'ua, ^ Lecture-room.
Auliga, ^ Furzo, gorse, goss.
A'oUco. ea, a. AuUe, belonging to a court
Anlladoroi, mn. Place where wolves howl at

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