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1834 - l&^iO


Part - A

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I83i+- laijO


Part - A

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Indiaiiapolis, Indiana

The Indiona Hictorical Records Survey

Deceniber Ijiil


i'.arlon County
CoinflilGslonera ' i^ecord 3

.1 ■.?._•.. / -' r^n^i

Pa^e 1 Scptexfiucr Session 1334

At a meeting of tno Board or Conualssioners of [.Mar-
lon County Indiana be^un and held at the Couro Ilouse in
Indianapolis on Scptoir.ber 1, 1334.

Present Tnoinas O'Heal )

i! G0.T..:1.

Harris T^/ner )

Andrev; Hoover now presents his certificate of his
election as Co.rtinissioner oi' the t.-ird District in I.'ar-
ion County, Tor throe years Troia August 4th, 1554 on
the bad: of which is a certificate of his having talc en
the oath required by law whereupon he taVccs his seat
as a iTiOniber of this Board,

J^mea L Cv/an is 'i10VQ:''d-j Licensed to vond foreign
merchandize in iJarion County for Six uor.ths from Sepu-
enber 2, 1334 on his paying into the Go;inty Treasury
five dollars,

John Polke is hereby appointed Constable v/ithin
and for V/ayne Township xxnT^il the next April i^lecoion
and until his successor is elected and qualified; Gnd
the said Polke is required to file a Bond as such Con-
stable with Security to be approved by the Cleric of
this Board,

Joseph I«i. Moore a: Co having shewn to the Board


Marlon County
Coimalssionvvi's' Record 3
that their stocl: in forei(pa nerchandlze does not eycaod
two thousand dollars: V.nereupon It Is ordered that Lhoy
be Licensed to vend Torei^ merchandize in Indianapolis
ior twelve months from I.lay 6th 1834 on their payin,^ in-
to the County Ircasury fii'teon dollars.

Allowed Benjamin McFarland IJi.f/ateen dollars Tor med-
ical services be allowed on Llary Picket and her two chil-
dren and James Dobin^s and Elizabeth Goverdill all paupers
payable out of the County Treasury.

Rufees Jenison Jr. produces the cercificate of tv/enty
four reapectaole free holders of V/arren Township whereupon
he applies for a License to keep a tavern and sell and
retail spirituous and strong liquors at his Stand in Said
Township for the term of oWGive months from the first day
of I.Iay 1834 ViThereupon It is ordered that he be so licensed
on his paying into the County Treasury- five dollars, and
filing a Bond as such Tavern keeper with Saiauel Jenison
and John Cain \/ho are aopi'oved as Securities.

It is ordered that Andrew Jhilson Supervisor cause
to be opened according to lav/ the part of the Co-onty r^oad
established on the petition of V/illiam G. Lciar and others
at January Session 1854 which lies in his district.

Henry Porter £: Co nov; apply for a License to vend
forei-rn merchandize in Indianapolis for tv/elve months from


iiiarlon GO'Oiity
Gavu^issioners ' pLCCord 3
the eighth day of Septoiaber lo34 and jriavini shcvrn to the
satisfaction or the 3oard uiiat their Stock does no- ex-
coed v2000.00: It is oraered that they be so licensed on
pa^inj into County Treasury fifteen dollars

Pa;_;o 2 Sepoeiiber :ies3ion 15.54

Ordered t'nat Aaron Ho.-aan be exer^-ipted x'rorii o^. y^^^T
perfor-Tiinj labor on Roads and hi£>v.vays for personal priv-
lll.'jes until his present disability is removed

Givan and rouaray no'.; apply for a Licerise uo vend
forei.^n T.erchandiz© in (.Marion Counoy) Indiana^- >lia for
twelve nonths froxa Au^^'-st 1, 1334 Oracreu that they be so
licensed on paying into the County Treasury fil'teen dol-

.^iuith V/ilkins cc Co nov/ apply for a licunso to vend
foreljn nerchandize in Inaianapolis for ovrelve Lionchs
froa Septei.ber 2, 1834: Orco- ed that they be so licensed
on paying into the Co'unty Treasury tv/elve doli^ars ana
fifty cents

Allowed Jacob Tumor the 3-0:11 of five hundred dollars
in full of the first pa;,'Tnent on the Jail contract payable
out of ohe Co-unty Treasury

Joiin Johnson applies for a License uo vzr^c. forei.'Ti.
merchandize in i.Iarion Go^anuy for tW'olve rr.oiichs fro:.; cho


Ma r i n C oun ty
CoiiLulsslonGi'3 ' Record. 3
twentieth day of 'May 1834: Oraerod t lat he be so licensed
on his pa^m^ into the County 'I'reasury ten dollars.

Allov/sd Plemln;;^ T. Luse Ei^ht dollars for rriaklng
Cofren for Hiram Briant and one for I^Iathan ".Valdo both
paupers and dl^^^^ing one £;;i"ave.

John Stephens now applies for a license to vend
foreign merchandize in irlarion Coiinty for twelve months
from August 1, 1834: Ordered that he be so licensed on
paying into the County Treasury ten dollars.

Henry Porter, Elizabeth ITowland, J, V,. Poundray, John
V/ilkins John Hoore and others by Henry P Cobur.i their At-
torney file five xiemonstrance against the grantin- of any
license to any person or persons re3idin3 in blv3 Tovrn of
Indianapolis, to sell Spirituous or Soron- llcaors 'oj per-
mission of this Board: v/hereupon they pray the Board to
refuse granting any license to any person or persons to
sell spirituous and Strong liquors in said tov.Ta: which
prayer is not granted. (// /pW//Xj^i j^/^0 k^-U^i^^ /X^/

i Mtmu ^i m mmm^i // mA wi ;W/ s<^)^ ^ifMi

////I i'^'Ji'^-^p^-^i.-fi^A'^l ^ji) it /^iV/ appearing to the Honor-
able Thomas O'Neal and Andrew Hoover, that the remonstran-
ces should have 'oqqii against a particular inaividual or
individuals, Settin-j forth such individual or individuals
particularly: in place of a general remonstrance a;^';aln3t
the ^ranting of any license to any person or persons, v;ith-

out naiuing any pei-son whatever

John roster presents the Certificate of twenty four


iuiirion County
Coimaissioners' Kecord 5
respectable freehcJlders of the tovrn of Inalanapolis, as to
his -ood moral character whereupon he prays for a License
to keep a (Grocery and cell and

p^-g 3 Septe.Tiher Session 1854

retail spirituous and stron; liquors and forGi.;n and do-
mestic Groceries in Indianapolis for tv/elve nionLhs from
the third day of September 1854: Ordered that ho be so
licensed on his puyins into the County Treasury fifteen
dollars and filing the Treasurers receipt for the sane,
and a Bond a such Grocery keeper, v/i^h Israel Philips ana
James Vanblaricuia who are approved as Securities in the
Clerks office of this County of I.'^^rlon,

James L. xio^in presents the certificj.te of t^venty
four respectable frecholoers of uhe tovrn of Inalanapolis
of Indiaaap lis as to his good moral charcter -.hereupon
he prays to be licensed to keep a grocery and sell and
retail spitituous ana stron- liqaors foreim and do/.iestic
Groceries in Indianapolis for tv;elve months from September
first 1834. Ordered i-hat he be so licensed accordingly
and he is requested to pay into "che County Treasury flf ^eei
dollars, and file a Bond with John Foster end James Van-
blaricum Securities, who are approved.

Nathaniel Davis presents the Certificate of tv/enty


Marion Coixnty
Comraissioners ' Record 5
four respectable freeholders of -che Town of Indiana oolia,
certifying that he la a person of ^ooa moral characz^or:
V.liereupon he applies to be licensed to keep a Grocery ana
sell and retail any spirituous and strong liquors, forcirn
and Doraestic Groceries in Indianapolis for twelve months
from Au-^ust first 1S54 Oraerod chat ho be licensed acoor-
din-;ly on his paying into the county Treasury fifteen doll-
ars and f ilin:2 ^ Bond with liliakisn iiarding. Jermiah Coll-
ins and David B-arkhart who are approvoa as securities

•lames C. lUrjason presents the certificate of Lwunty
four respectable freeholders of the township ci' V/arren in
j.Ianon County whereupon he applies for a License to keep
a tavern and sell and retail spirituous and strong liquors
in said Tov/nship for twelve months from Septe.;iber 2d loO'i..
Oraeroo that he be Licensed accordingly on his paying into
the County Treasury five dollars, and filin-] a Bond with
Jolxn - iison and -Villian Koed who are approved as Securities;
in the office of the Clerk of this Board

Hiram Colvin presents the certificate of twenty four
respectable freeholders of the town of Indianapolis, as to
his ^ood moral character whereupon he applies for a license
to keep a Grocery ana sell and retail spirituous ana strong
liquors foreign ana aomestic Groceries in Inaiariapolis


Marion County
Coin.nlss loners ' Record '6
for tv/elve months fror.'i the 14 th aay of ■' - u^iist 1354. Order-
ed that he be so licensed on his paying into the County
Treasury fifteen dollars and filing a bond v/ith David
Burlchart and l.^athaniel Lavis who are approved aa secur-
ities; in the of lice of the Clerk of this Eoard.

Pa-e 4

Peter Carberry, Llichael I.IcRoberts and James I>'c-
Koberts viewers now report that they have viewed the road
be^inninr at Section 7 where the Sr.iocks Iioad intersects
the tovmship line dividing tov;n 14 and 15 Kan;;;e 5 a]. so
when the road leaaing from the Madison State r;oad airrii.uv
for Huffs mill intersects the cov^-nship line thence run-
ning on the proposed route on as good ground and as
straight a direction as they could fina to Joim E. i.'ecs-
ingers mill; to thence to the South East corner of Jacob
Llillers land that said road is on _;ood ground and of
public utility; and there being no objections presented
It is ordered that the same be established as a public
high'.vay. and that, and that Supervisors cause

the some to be opened according to law

Allowed the above viewers Seventy five cents each for
one day V/llliam D. Rooker and Samuel Llorrow viewers ap-
pointed at the last Session of this Board nov; report that

-iarion County
C^ra.'iissioners ' Record '6
have viewed the ground where Liie roaa aieatioaea in T:ae
oruer of this Board;, ls proposed to run ano. are of c^pin-
ion that .:aid Roaa if laia out would not be of public
u'cili"cy, ■:. .iich road is •cnerexore not establisheu

Allowed the above viewers said ...orrow one collar .:
hooker seventy five cents

Jocob v.nitinser hlijah h^uvson ...nd John G. .IcJlvain
viewers appointed at the last cession of 'cnis j^card, ...ow
reoort, that they have viewed and laid out a roac of pub-
lic utility as follo\,s to wit : be^-inning at the north eia
of hli:5ah Dawson^ lane, tncnce a north direction en a route
usaly to ..hitinsers hill on ...lite River: thence a I.orth
ii.ast airection (uo.r.c£a; soc^s to int^reect the rcc-d leiciui-
iro-ii Incianapciis to xJoblesvills about - 0 Roas north of
J l.nitingers house: anu tnere ucin,;^ no objections to said
road It is oruered tnat the sawie be estabi-isnea as a pw^xic

Wxi-'nvvay, and tiiat !Solo-tion aeor-'e -"'P^ -

visorJ-throu::h whose aistrlcit the same runs case it to be
opened accoraing to lav/

hlias C. osalawin, isaac aajie, and Sa^.uel new:- tin
viewers now report tnat tiaey have viewt;d and l;.id out a
road of public utility - s follows, to ..^.c: s: —:_-' " at
; - oovers ^ill r'unning e„:-t 30 rods to ..ilxia-i ho •. ivains
east line, tnence \.urn directly South to Ja,w.s .^cJlvain:!; :

■A c T.

x^arion County
COuii'dissioners ' neccrd 3
thence airectly east to in;:ersect zl\e miOfA-^t.n Boaa about
fifteen rods South of Isaac Fishers: there beini/ x'lO ob-
jections to said road it is oraered that tne be esta-
blished as public highivay, and that John tiuoherland cuper-
visor cause the sane to be openea accoraing to law.

Allov.ed Jocob V.hioinger Elijah La, son ana Jolai d iMc-
Jlvain for County Road seventy'- five cents e^cn

Page 5 Septejiber Session

Lavid i.icCurcy and others present a peti'cicn for an
alteration beginning at tne triage on Lavio. ..ests line,
thence running by the .iiill on the nearer c ana best •::roand
ao intersect the nicuth of David ..icCurc 7s lane: .aereupcn
Ihomas Burns, Tnomas Jones and John Ircr^er are appointed
viev.'ers, to uiake report at next Session ana airie is given

Stephen Pitts oroauces a petition £^- that he is
the cner of the west half of the Soutn x^ast cu.-rte.r of
Section 15 Tov.nsnip 13 of Kange 5 East v/aich is situate
on the South side of V.hite River v/here the i^ichigan Iioad
crosses the sa.iie, and praying the Eoard to establish a
public ferry accross saia river at tne crossing of said
ricaa on his saia lana: and having s.a:.,^ito t-^ac satisiac-
tion of the Board, that he has given the nctice reguired

i.iarion County
Co^iLiiiss loners' iiecora 3
by law Ox this apolicctlon It is orcGred that st-id ierry
be established as prayed it appearing that it is necessary
that suca x'erry ^e established it, is oraered that the num-
ber of hands to be e.nployed at So-id I'erry L-liall be as fol-
lows, to wit: fro.a the first day of :»iovc.r.bcr Lc the first
uay of hay in each ana every year tuere hanas if necessary
ana froJi the first di.y of -^ay until tne lirst c^-y of iicv-
e^ber in each and every year tv.o nanas if necessary and
oiiat the rates of toll at said ferry shall De as folic'., s,
to For ferrying a Jian ana horse accross c^^id F.iver
For ferrying a v.agon and tv.o horses or oicen

across said river .c7-^
Do four " " " " .::0
Lo 'ox:: " " '■ " . ; -
" foo-u .len " '^' '' .0 5 i/4
■' a pleasuie carrtxije and die cr

Tv.o noiSi.s .£7^
For " " loose horses per nead .J6 1/4-

For " " cattle " " " .Oo

For " " Sheep and hogs per head .Oi

For all other aniaals or other orcpcrt; -at other-
v.ise orovided for ^uch reasonable coaoensa'oion :„s ..-ay










llb.Txon Co^aaty
Cd!ri:.iissioners' Record 5
be agreed upon NeliG.iiiru,l-i Saiith and ot.icrs orcsont a petition
pray for a Road be^'innin'; at Capt Jacob o.uoclzs ..ill and
runiiing south east to his corner: taence j_,ast on the Sec-
tion line ( or near the section lint ^o to i^e on i^ood s^io-
able lana) running; on the oubscribers land to intersect the
County Road leading I'ro^ Indianapolis "co Stui'is uills in
Shelby County at the South end of Robert Hoacs aeadine^
upon Tho.aas i^icFarland V.illiaa Co^le ana hli^ah Vice are ap-
pointed viewers

And the Boara adjourned until toaorro'.v .;^orning nine

Signed Septeuioer 2 1354

Harris lyner
Tnoaias bncal!-
Andrev, Hoover

Page S Sopteuiber Session 1854

Tuesday morning at tne hour of nine o'clock Septe-i-
ber Second A.L. one thousand eight hundreu and thirty foar;
the Board met pursuant to ac.jourrunent, present Honorable

Harris Tyner

Tno.nas 0'.;cal ^ ■'

e GiU n 1 s s 1 one r s' iioover


i'larion Coxinty
Coimiii S3 loners' liecord 3
I/Iorrls I.Iorrls presents his report as Supervisor for
the year 1855 v/hlch is approved: and hy which It eppcars
that there is aue said Supervisor for services rendered
in 1852-5 the sum of thirteen dollars v/hereuoon it is
ordered that said I.lorrls be authorized to collect of per-
sons who have not worked their time or paid the rr.oney for
said years and retain the ssxr.e to the amount of thirteen


It is orderea that Ephralm Arnold and Thomas I.'.ocre
Supervisors cause to be opened the County Road establishea
at Kovember Session 1831 conmenoinj v;here the line of Sec-
tion ei.-ht and nine crosses the Lav/rencebur^h Head and
running on a due South line to ?riru.-*osa Tarbens as the
same lies in their respective Districts

It is orcicrea that the tax on Samuel LIcCormic:: ferr;;,'
for the year 1654 be reauccc. from three to tv;o uoliars

Allov/ed Alex.-nder Cullertson Joseph Beeler ooseph
V.heatly Jacob Shanicle V/iliiai-j. D. Starhey /u-.drev/ y.oo-
house Benjamin I.I, Logan and Thomas Sheloon the s\m of
fift;/ cents each for retumir.j the August election 1354

Lavid Allison Plelden Clark and Joseph Coats vlev;ers
now report, that they have viewed and laid out and return
a road of public utility as follo'.7s Ee^inninG at the ::. '...
of the V/v;- SE qr of Sec 29 T 17 R 4. Thence east on a


Llarion Goioi'ity
Corrunissloners ' Piecord 5
line to intersect a County road leaaing Alilsonville to
Greenfiold: and thore bcln^ no objection to said Road,
it is ordered that the staae bo established ao a public
hi,3hv/ay. and that the supervisor or supervisors through
whose district or districts the sa::;ie runs Cause the same
to be opened accoraln;; to law

It is ordered thot an election to bo held at the
usual place of holainn; Llectlons in V.'arren Tov.nsliip on the
first Saturday in October next for electing a Justice of
the peace in said Tov/nshlp to fill the vacancy occasioned
by the resignation of Joshua olacl: ^sq, '/'li^ Y^// It appear-
in.2 to the satisfaction of the Board i-hat Kaan Wright i3q.r
a Justice of the peace of Pike Township, has resigned h.i s
office. It is oruered tho.t an election be held at :;he
house of said Wright on the first Saturday in October next
to fill said vacancy.

Pa^e" 7 September oessioa lbo4:

It appearing to the Satisfaction of uhe Board that

Peyton Bris tow Esqr a Justice of the peace in and for

Perry Tov.xishlp. has resigned his office

It is therefore ordered that an election be held ^t

the usual place of holaing Elections in saia tovrnsLip

for thu election of a Justice of the peace to fill said



Ivlarlon County
Co.ninis s loner s ' Record 5

Luke i.cixuole nov; a^jplies for a License to vend xorcl ;n
r.icrcliandlze in Indianapolis Tor six months i'l-om September
2 1334: Ordered that he bo so licensed on his paying
into the County Treasui^y six dollars ana tv/enty five cents

Allowed Samuel Hews tin Isac Lake and Ellas G 3aldv;in
seventy five cents each Tor one days services as vie'.vers
of County Road Carey H 3oatrljht nov; produces the cer-
tificate tv;enty four respectable freeholders of Indianap -
oils which '.vas filed in the Clerics office in vacation on
July 7 1354: V/hereuoon he applies for a License to vend
spirituous and strong liquors foreign and aomectlc grocer-
lea by retail, and to keep a grocery in the To'.vn of Indian-
apolis for the term of t'.velve months from the first cay
of ooptember 1334: Orderea that he be so licensed on his
paying into the County I'rer^sury fifteen doi^lars and fil-
ing a Bond with Samuel Ilev/atin who is approved as Security

Ordered that John H. Lie o singer be and he Is hereby
appointed Supr. of nui:iber one in Franklin Tov.-nship lintil
the April Election next.

Ordered that '.Villlom Eaton be appointed Supervisor
of Road district number two in Franklin Township -until
the first Llonday in - -pril next.

1-ia.rion County
Cpmuiis;:- loners' Record S
Ordered tnat V.illlaui '..lieatly be apjoliitcd Supervloor
of Road District nuiuber three in Franklin Ic .iLliip untxl
the first -Alonday in April next

It appearing that there an error cca.ftitted in
certifying the return of the Llection of ou_,erviooro in
the second and third Districts in i^ecavar fo,.ns..ip for
the year 18o4. Therefore i^ is ordered tnat .-aaui Ro.^er be
appointed Supervisor in tl^e t..ird District ana tnat fanxs
D. Bush be appointed supervisor in ti.e second District in
said Township for axid until ohe first ..icnuay xn ..pril next

Ordered thc^t ThOuU.s haae and FleJiin^ Jones oupervis-
ors cause to be opened a county roao esuabllsned ar oxe
wovcuiber session loco reporisec by j-aaiu i.right and r.xley
iio2snin viewers

Allov.ed Joiin for one tax Book and t..o Reccra
books for the use of the County ei^-nteen dolxc^rs si.v.y
tv.o and half cents ."jlCGb^

Allov,cd iienry -yers for keeping tv.o cnilcren of
John Picket paupers nine days and nights c,uid meuicines
furnisnea v;hen siciv vc-.QQ

Craered tnat hoses hcCxaren oupervisor cause to
be opened the part of one County Rcac. running frpra Jon..-
stons ...ill to xi;i iscnville and zo V.hitin^ers -liil,
lies in his district according to lav;

. xC—


r^arion County
CQ^jiuiisiioners' Record S

Page 8 Septe;aber t;e3Gion lcS4

John Little presents t.-ie certii'icate of tv.enty four re-
soectcble freeholders of the town oi' IndianapoxiLS,
upon he applies for a License to heep a tavern ax-.c. soil
and retail bpirituous and strong Licuors in Incianapclis
for -cv'elve jiontns iro^i bep-ctuiber sixth 15c4 Crcerec -c.-at
he be so licensed on his paying into "che County Treasury ten
dollars and filing a Bond v:ith Lavid Buchanan and
v.ho are approved as securities in tne office of "cne Cierh
of this Board.

xiuothy hirh presents the Certificate of tventy four
respectable freeholders ci the lovn of Inaianspclis
uocn ne applies for a license to l-.eep a tavern and sell
and retail spirituous and strong liquors in said Ten for
twelve .nontns from oeptember 1, 1854: Ordered tnat he oe
Licensed acccraingly. on his :w:-ying into tue Ccnzy _reas-
ury ten dollars and filing a Bond v.itn Iienedict higdcn
and acrris Bennett are approved ^.s securities in t.^e
office of the Clerh of tnis Board John Sutliff presents
the certificate of tv.enty four respectable freenolccrs of
the Tovrn of indiinapolis, vv.ereupon he applies lor a uicense
to i-iieep a Grocery inc. sell and retail spirituous anu strong
lic^uors foreign ana ac - estic ^roceri-s in c.aic Tov.n for


Hv'^ricn County
CoiiLaissioiierb' i.ecoi'cl "6
tv.elve laonths Troui Seoociiibc.r Cd 1364:

Ordered 'chat xie be ^o iicca^cu on nis pi-.yin^ in'oc
tiie Co nty Trea;sury Tixtecn ucllc.i'S and ±'iling a Bona
v.itii Ja-;:es Jciiiison and Livingston Lunlop v.ho are ap^orov-
ed as Securities in tne oiiice oi the Cierl: c2 t.iis zict-rd.

John G. JuLue and coners present a pe-cition praying .
for a County Road cc-i-iicncing at the Lafayette 'ijz^.'ce hocd
i.t the South iiast corner oi Alexander Leiongs r.i';iQ in
'io'..n 17 Range 2 E on Jcid Koaci: thence east on the line
bctv.een Jones and V.'hite and tnrcugh Alexanoer oiasenbarricl
lane uiience to cross the County head ai; a..e Scncol house,
thence east sc as to intfrsect a county Koad leaeing e>..3c
to the -iicnigan xioad . at the ola Coumsy ucau en tne e. st
Side of Lagle creek whereupon '..illiiuii iiarmon Lo^niel
hoberts and Alexander Snyder u,re appointed vie',,ers. to
report at next session Henry Brady hathan i.ells and ^avia
Shields vieuers appointed at tne last Session oi tnis
Board to viev; a proposea County Road co^nencing ^n the
Section line on the ncvth side Ox' Section 3C icnship 16
II oi Range 4 h. where s^.ia line crosses the ouc.te road
leacing I'rom Inoianapoiis zo ^^ncerson ^i-ence east
en said Section line to che half uiile stake on the acuth
side of Section ):Z sarae toan ^ Range oUi. nee angle one
half ..lile norch to zlie o.icn line eivicini; aecLien £L,


iilarioii County
i CQ;a.:iis:. Loner t:.' iiecord 3
fneuco east on said oocn line to tnc Coiiuty lino: re-
port thb.t tncy have viewed end examined eaid Iioute and
are of opinion that the iriliabii:ants ohroush Vviiich said
road as proposed shoula run -laoor under sooie inconveni-
ence for \.ant of a roau: uut xnat said proposed rou.e
runs through

Page 9

to wuch s\;aanpy lane to ever iaake a jood road, cne tnat
tne ^:rounu is insufficient for a roaa on .~aid route .-.iiere-
fore sale, roaa is noL estaalished

Allowed the above viev/ers for two cays services c ne
dollar ana fix'ty cents each

A.H. Dawson Co.Luuissioner appointed hy c.n ^.ct of '
General i.sse.foiy of che Stc.te of Inuiana, entitled " .-.n
Aco oo change a part of the State road leaaing iron •
C^Uiaberland to 'che Lafayette road at Euchs run approved
February 1, 13o4 nov. rtports under oath onat ne
laade such alteration a ciurvey and plat of ,.nich are now
filed: wnereupon it is oreered that the Supervisor or
Supervisors through wnose district or disoricts tne l. \e
runs cause it to be opened as Surveyea anc .^c-racu, ac-
cording to law

Allowed George L. Kinard Surveyor for Surv^^ ing che

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Online LibraryMarion County (Ind.). Board of CommissionersCommissioners' record, 1822-1840 (Volume 3, pt. A) → online text (page 1 of 14)