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or months under the lecturers.

In 1882 the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis inaugurated the use
of their new St. Joseph's Hospital ; ten years later another Catholic
hospital was established at Spuyten Duyvil Heights, called the Seton
Hospital for Consumptives, already mentioned. Both of these institu-
tions are well built and well sustained. To the Mt, Sinai Hospital a
handsome dispensary was annexed in 1890. In 1885 an emergency
hospital, governed now by the Department of Public Charities, was
established at Gouverneur Slip, on the East River. For the treatment
of dangerous contagious diseases in the population of the city, was built
in 1884 the Riverside Hospital, on North Brother Island. Thither are
sent also cases from quarantine ; and, for temporary service of patients
awaiting transportation, a reception hospital was erected in 1885.

For the special care of scarlet fever and diphtheria among the poor,
the Willard Parker Hospital, on the East River at Sixteenth Street, was
established in 1884; the great need for a similar establishment for
patients of a better equipped purse has led to the consideration of
another hospital for their use, to secure which Mrs. Minturn has taken
the initiative.

Lebanon Hospital, occupying the old Ursuline Convent in We>t-
chester, was started in 1891. To the Hahnemann Homoeopathic Hos-
pital substantial additions have been made within recent years. A
small, well-kept hospital is St. Mark's, in Second Avenue, founded in
1890, and supported by voluntary offerings. In the same year the


Woman's Medical College of the New York Infirmary took possession
of its premises in Stuyvesant Square. The Laura Franklin Five Hospital
is a homoeopathic institution for children, established in 1886, under
charge of a Protestant Episcopal Sisterhood. In ix'.tn tin- old estab-
lished Xew York Eye and E;ir Infirmary added a new wing to the
buildings it had before occupied. The New Amsterdam Eye and Ear
Hospital, in West Thirty-eighth Street, was opened in l.s

Two other important additions in late years to the city's list are the
Xew York Skin and Cancer Hospital, for free service of the poor, and
the Xew York Cancer Hospital, the latter representing a benefaction of
the late Mrs. J. J. Astor. This fine, spacious, and beautifully mounted
establishment combines all the best arrangements and facilities of the
present day for the comfort of those to be served, and is intended chiefly
for the free treatment of needy patients, though sufferers who can pay
are also received and cared for. In 1888 St. Bartholomew's Hospital
was established for free treatment of diseases of the skin. In 1892 the
Protestant Episcopal Church in Xew York instituted a church dispensary
for the immediate purpose of supplying medical aid and remedies to such
worthy indigent people as can be discovered, who may be unwilling to
apply to a general dispensary.

To further enumerate the hospitals, church associations, dispensaries,
sanitariums, homes, aid societies and diet kitchens opened of late years
in various portions of Manhattan Island, and all now in active service
to. the needy, is impossible here. Enough has been stated to show that
New York is not only alert but eager in the cause of the health and phy-
sical welfare of her great population. An average of seventy-five thou-
sand patients are thus here treated annually free of charge, who receive
all that the utmost efforts of the best skill allow the wealthy patient to
command in his own home. Good beds, pure air, the latest surgical
appliances, the best drugs, admirably trained nurses, the foremost phy-
sicians and surgeons of the day, aided by young recruits from among
the most efficient and distinguished of recent graduates of the best
medical schools, all are freely supplied to the poorest applicant at the
gates of a great hospital, or at the door of either of many small ones
This is an inspiring thought, and a just occasion for proud comfort to the
citizen who has at heart real civilization in the metropolis. Such insti-
tutions seem to render unnecessary the special, hospitals founded for and
maintained by Germans, Frenchmen, Swiss, Norwegians, and others in
Xew York of alien birth, - though the spirit that prompts to such pro-
visions by foreigners for their own countrymen deserves all praise. Cer-
tainly the immigrant who sees his vessel drop anchor under the beacon
VOL. ii. 55


of Bartholdi's light has nothing to complain (if in the arrangements made,
whether by his compatriots or by our own citizens, for the care of his
health upon or after arrival.

Our tale now told, - although leaving much unsaid, - we commend
to the reader a glance backward from the picture it presents to that of
the little savage island clasped in the embrace of two great rivers, as
described in the opening paragraph of Mrs. Lamb's History. What
further development the years of the coming century may see New
York attain, if measured by her achievement in the recent past, must
surely satisfy the highest ambition of her citizens, and secure to their
children the best rewards of modern civilized life.

i N i) i; x.


ABBEY, E. A., 858.

Abbey, Schoeftel Jt Grau, 855.

Abbey's Theatre, 853.

Academy of Music, the, 854.

Actor's Fund of America, the, 848.

Aguilar Aid Society, the, 849.

Aldine Club, the, 850.

Alexander, J. W., 858.

All Angels Church, 841.

All Souls Unitarian Church, 842.

Altraau, B., collections of paintings and porcelains,


Alvary, Max, 855.
' America," the, 851.

America, New York the capital city of, 790.
America's Cup, the, 851 ; races for, 851.
American Art Association, the, 850.
American Fine Arts Building, the, designed by Har-

denburg, 794.

American Jockey Club, the, 850.
American Line, the, S20.
American Surety Company Building, the, designed by

Price, 793.
American Tract Society Building, the, designed by

Robertson, 793.

American Water Color Society, the, 858.
Amusements, 853 ; amount paid annually for, S53.
Anderson, Mrs. A. A., contribution to Barnard Col-
lege, 834 ; collection of porcelains, 857.
Andrews, Avery D., 832.
Andrews, Loring, library of, 802.
Apartment houses, 845.
Appleton, Colonel, 804.
Aquarium, the, 810.

Arbuthnot, E. O., sale of porcelains, 8GO.
Architecture, owes real modern advance to Richard M.
Hunt, 791 ; France only country with school of, ~'J1.
Architectural League of New York, the, 858.
Ariou Society, the, 850.
Armory Commission, the, 829.
Armstrong, Maitland, 841.
Arnold, J. H. V., library of, 802.
Arrochar, 804.
Artists, 858.

Art Loan Exhibition, 800.
Art Student's League, the, 858, 860.
Asphalt, amount laid, 790.
Associated Artists, the, 800.
Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor,

Association of the Bar of the City of New York, the


Astpr Hotel, the, designed by Hardenburg, 793 ; mag-
nificence of, 847.

Astor house, the, designed by Hunt, 791.
Astor, J. J., library of, 802.
Astor, Mrs. J. J. , library of, 802 ; gift of New York

Cancer Hospitr.l, 805.

Astor library, 844 ; addition of new hall to, 800.
" Atalanta," the, 851.
Auchmuty, Colonel Richard, 839.
Audubon Yacht Club, the, 852.
Augusta Victoria," the, 820.
Avery Architectural Library, thp, 802.
Avery, S. P., 850 ; library of, 862.
Ayer Building, the, 794.


BABB, George Fletcher, work of, 793.

Bar Association Building, the, designed by Eidlit?,


Barlow, Samuel L. M., 794 ; sale of paintings oi, 859.
Barnard College, 809 ; named in honor of Dr. V. A. P.
liarnard, S34 ; officially enrolled under Columbia
College, 834; new building for, 834; contribution
of Mrs. A. A. Anderson to, 834.

Bmiard, Dr. F. A. P., loss sustained by Columbia
College by death of, cS34 ; Barnard College named
in honor of, 834.

Barney, C. T., collection of paintings, 857.
Bartholdi Creche, the, 848.

Bartholdi, M., sculptor of the Statue of Liberty, 818.
Battery, the, 810.

Battery Park, 810 ; aquarium at, 810.
Battle of Harlem Heights, 830.
Bay of Quinte Yacht Club, the, 851.
Beaux, Cecilia, S58.
Beckwith, Carroll, 858.
Bedloe's Island, 817.

Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward, sale of paintings of, 859.
Beerbohrn Tree, Mr. X- Mrs., 854.
Bell, James, 851.
Bellevue Hospital, si;:;.
Bellows, Rev. Dr. Henry W., 842.
Berkeley School, the, 838.
Bernhardt, Sarah, 854.
Bicycling, 852.

Bishop, Heber R., collection of jades, 857.
Blacque, Valentine A., collection of miniatures, 858;

library of, 802.
Blatchford, Associate Justice, 801.

' Blizzard, the," 799 ; serious results of, 799.

Board of Education, 838 ; building for future head-
quarters of, 838.

Board of Foreign and Domestic Missions, 844.

Bomier, Frederick, collection of paintings, 857.

Booth, Edwin, S50.

Borden, M. C. I)., collection of paintings. 857.

Boston Public Library, designed by McKim. Mead, &
White, 792.

Botanical Garden, the, 811.

Bo wen, Clarence W., reads poem at Washington Cen-
tennial Celebration, 800.

Bowery Mission, 848.

Bowmans. SI 14.

Bowue, Walter, sale of paintings of, 859.

Bradley, Associate Justice. 801.

Brandt, Baron M. von, sale of curios of. 859.

Brearly School, 835, 838.

Brewer, Associate Justice, 801.

Brick Presbyterian Church. 842.

Bridges, plans for new. S14.

Briggs, Professor Charles A., trial of, 837.

Brignoli, 854.

Brinkley, Captain F., sale of porcelains, 800.

Broadway Theatre, the, 853.

Bronx Park, 808.

Brooklyn, consolidation with New York. 791 ; strike
of trolley street railway employees. 804.

Brooklyn Bridge, the, 811 ; formal opening of, 811;
exercises at formal opening of, 811.

Brotherhood of St. Andrew, 844.

Brown, J A., sale of paintings of, 859.

Brush, George De Forest, 858.



Buffalo, strike of railway employees at, 803.
Hush. Joseph R., 851.
Butler, Richard. 818.



Caih . work of, 794.

Catf Savariu, 847.

Caledon, Lord. S50.

Calumet Club, the, 850.

Calvary Baptist Church, 842.

Calvary Church, 841.

Calve, Emma, 855.

" Campagnia," the, 820.

Campanini, Italo. 8.">4.

Capeu. Elmer H., sale of paintings of, 859.

Capoul. Victor, 854.

Caravels, Spanish, the, 802.

Carnegie, Andrew, 855, 803.

Carnegie Laboratory, the. SO.",.

Carnegie Music Hall, the, designed by Tuthill, 794,
839, 854, 855.

Carre're & Hastings, work of, 793.

Carter, James C., 801.

Cassatt, Mary, 858.

Castle William, 810.

Cathedrals. St. Patrick's, 791 ; St. John the Divine, 809.

Catholic Club, the, opening of, 843.

Centennial Ball, the, 8011 ; quadrille of honor at, sun.

Central Park, improvements and additions to, 809 ;
original cost of, 811.

Century Club, the, designed by Wells, 793, 850.

Chamber of Commerce, the, banquet given by, 802.

Chapin, Edwin S.. sale of paintings of. 851 1.

Chapman, Henry T., Jr., sale of paintings of, 859.

Charity Organization Society, 847.

Chase, William M., 858 : sale of studio effects of, SCO.

Chelsea, 837.

Chew, Beverley, library of, 802.

Children's Aid Society, 848.

Choate, Joseph H., 801.

Choate, Mrs. Joseph H., 835.

Christ Church, 841 ; designed by C. C. Haight, 841.

Christian Aid to Employment Society, the, 849.

Church, E. D., library of, 802.

Churches, new, 839.

Church Missions House, the, 844.

Church of the Ascension, S41 ; improvements in, 841.

Church of the Messiah, 842.

Church Temperance Society, 844.

Claremont Park. si is.

Clark, Alfred Corning, collection of paintings, 857.

Clark, Colonel Emnions, 829.

"Cleopatra's Needle," 810; history of, 810 ; medals
struck to signalize presentation of, 810 ; official pres-
entation of, 810.

Clergy Club, the, 844.

Cleveland, President Grover, reviews Naval Parade,
802 ; 811; formally accepts Statue of Liberty, 818.

Clinton. C. W., 793.

Clubs, 850.

Coale, S. A., Jr., 859.

Coenties Slip, Mir..

College of Physicians and Surgeons, the. 830. si;.",.

College of the City of New York, the, 837 ; new build-
ings of, 837 ; students of, 837 ; highest stage of
common-school system, 837 ; appropriation for, 837;
aim of, 837.

College Settlement, the, 848 ; important work of, 848.

Collegiate Reformed Dutch Protestant Church, the,
841 ; designed by R. W. Gibson, 841.

Collyer. Rev. Robert, 842.

Colonial Club, the, building designed by Kilburn,
794; 850.

Colonial Dames of America, the, 853.

Colonial Dames of New York, given care of the Van
Cortlandt House. SI is. S5:;.

"Colossus, The New," 819.

Colossus of Rhodes, 818 ; compared with Statue of
Liberty, 818.

Columbia College, present buildings designed by
Haight, 793; location of new buildings, 8(19; loss
sustained by death of Dr. F. A. P. Barnard, 834;

Seth Low elected president of. 834 ; large contribu-
tions of President Low to, 834 ; brilliant prospects
of, 834 : organizes Law School and establishes School
of Philosophy, 835 ; adds School for Pure Science,
830 ; growth of medical department, 830 ; new build-
ings of the future, 830.

Columbian Celebration, the, 801.

Columbia University, department of architecture in,
792 ; new quarters designed by McKim, Mead, &
White, 792.

Columbia Yacht Club, the, 852.

Commerce, prosperity of New York depends on for-
eign. S'Jd.

Common-school system, a feature of, 838.

Compagnie Generate Transatlantique, the, 820.

Conkling, Roscoe, death of, 799.

Cook & Willard, 793.

Cooper, Miss Julia, collection of paintings, 857.

Cooper, Peter, death of, 801.

Cooper Union Schools, the, son.

Coquelin, 854.

Corlear's Hook, 807.

Corn Exchange Bank, the, designed by Robertson, 793.

Corrigan, Most Rev. M. A., 842.

Cotton Exchange, the, designed by Post, 792.

Cotton, Mrs. Leslie, 858.

Coudert, Frederic R., 843.

Country Club, house and grounds of, 808, 850.

Cremorne Mission, the, 848.

Crescent Athletic Club, the, 851.

Crosby, Rev. Dr. Howard, 810, 842.

Croton Aqueduct, the, 814.

Crotona Park, 808.

Cruger, Mrs., 800.

Cunard Line, the, 820.

Cuthbert, Alexander, 851.

Cutler, Arthur H., private school of, 838.


DAKOTA, the, 845.

Daly, Augustin, library of. 802.

Daly's Theatre, 853.

Damrosch, Leopold. 855.

Damrosch, Walter, 854, 855.

Dana, Charles A., collections of paintings and curios,

Daughters and Sons of 1812, the, 853.

Daughters of the Revolution, the, 853.

Deakin, Henry, sale of art objects of, 859.

" Defender," the, 851.

Delenios & Cordes, work of, 794.

Delmonico's, 847.

Del Puente, Giuseppe, 854.

Department of Public Charities, 804.

Depew Chauncey M., delivers oration at Washington
Centennial Celebration, 800; delivers Commemora-
tive Address at unveiling of Statue of Liberty, 818.

De Peyster, Mrs., son.

Dewing, , 858.

Diamond Reef, last remains removed, 810.

Diana, of St. Gaudens, 855.

Dick, William, library of, 802.

Digby, Admiral Sir Robert, 808.

Diocesan House, the, 844.

Diocese of New York, the, 844.

Dix, Rev. Dr. Morgan, 840 ; library of, 802.

Docks, 819; new system of, 820; department of, 820.

Dodge, Grace, sagacious labors of, 839.

"Dolphin." U. S. S., 802.

Domestic life, methods of, 844.

Down Town Club, the, 850.

Down-Town Relief Bureau, 848.

Doyle, General. 803.

Draper, Dr. Henry, 835 ; valuable astronomical re-
search of, 835.

Draper, Mrs. Henry, 835 ; carried on valuable astro-
nomical research of her husband, 835.

Drawbridges, 815.

Drexel, Mrs., library of, 802.

Driving Club, the, 8511.

Dunraven, Lord, 851.

Dunwoodie, new seminary at, 843.

Duse, 854.




EAMES, Emma, 855.

East River, the, piers and docks on, 819.

East River Park, 807.

Edgehill Chapel, 842.

Etlison Building, the, designed by Canviv ,V Hastings,

Edison Electric Illuminating Company, 828; descrip-
tion of plant, 828.

Edson, Mayor, 811,

Education of women, 834 ; board of. 838.

Eidlitz, Cyrus, work of, 71)4.

Eighth Regiment, the, 829 ; armory of, 829.

Electric lighting, system of, 827 ; growth of, 828.

Ellis Island, 821.

Ely, the Misses, private school of, 838.

Emmet, Lydia, 858.

Emmet, T. A., library of. 862.

Empire Theatre, the, 853.

Episcopalian Church, the, 839.

Evangelical Aid Society for the Spanish work of ?.'
York and Brooklyn, the, 840.

Evan?, W. T.. sale of paintings of, 850.

Evarts, Senator Win. M. , 801, 810 ; formally presents
Statue of Liberty, SIS.

Excise, Board of Commissioners of, 832 ; statistics
concerning work of, 832.


" FAMILY" hotels, 845.

" Favrile " glass, 800.

Fifth Avenue Theatre, the, S53.

Fire Alarm Telegraph System, 830.

Five Department, the, 830 ; changes wrought in, *.">o :
relief fund of, 830 ; area covered by, s."n ; personnel
of, 830 ; appropriation for, 830.

Fire Department Relief Fund, 832.

First Brigade, National Guard, 804.

Fischer, Emil, 855.

Fish, Hamilton, makes speech at Washington Centen-
nial Celebration, 800 .

Fitzgerald, General, 804.

Five Points, 807.

Flagg, Ernest, work of, 794 ; 848.

"Flat" houses, 844.

Fletcher, J. D., collection of paintings, 857.

Flood Rock, removal of, 810.

Florence Critteutou Mission for Fallen Women, the,

Flowers, money expended for, 840.

Folger, Secretary, Sll.

Foote, C. B., library of, 802.

Forbes, J. Malcolm, 851.

Ford, Paul Leicester, 802.

Forest, George B. de, library of, SG2.

Fort Columbus, 810.

Fort Hamilton, 810.

Fort La Fayette, 810.

Fort Schuyler. 816.

Fort Tompkins, 810.

Fort Wadsworth, 810.

Fort Washington Park, 809.

Fort Wood, 818.

Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church, 842.

France, influence of, 7'.H ; only country with school of
architecture, 791 ; presents Statue of Liberty to
United States. 818.

Frederickson, C. W., library of, 802.

Free Circulating Library, the, 801.

Free Ice Funds; the, 8411.

Free Library for Mechanics and Tradesmen, the, 801.

Frelinghuyseu, Secretary, 811.

Fresh Air Funds, the, 849.

" Fuerst Bismarck,'' the. 820.

Fuller, Chief Justice Melville W., 801.

Fuller, William H., 857.


"GALATEA," the, 851.

Gambrill. , pupil of Hunt, 791.

Garden Theatre, the, 854.

Garland, James A., collections of painting/i and por-
celains, 857.

Garrick Theatre, the, 853.
Genealogical research, 853.

General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, 837.
General Fund, the, S32.

General Theological Seminary, 837 ; buildings of, >S37.
' Genesta," the, 851.
George, Henry, 843.
German Hebrew Synagogue, 843.
German Singing Societies, SOO.
Gerry, Elbridge T. , chairman Washington Centennial

Committee, 800.
Gerry, Mrs. Elbridge T., 800.
Gerry house, the, designed by Hunt, 791.
Gerster, Etelka, 854.
Gherardi, Rear Admiral, 801.

(Jilis.ui. H. W., work of, 794; designs St. Michael's
Chuivh, 841 ; designs the Collegiate Reformed
Dutch Protestant Church, 841.

Gilder, Richard Watson, 810.

Gilroy, Mayor, 811.

Giralda Tower at Seville, 855.

Girls Friendly Society, the, 844.

Gorringe, Lieut. Commander, 810 ; removes " Cleo-
patra's Needle "to New York, 810 ; medal presented
to, 810.

Gothic, pure American, introduced by James Ren-
wick, 793.

Governor's Island, 810.

Grace Chantry, 840.

Grace Episcopal Church, 793, 840 ; designed by James
Renwick, 793, 840 ; additions to, 840.

Grace H'liist*. S40.

Grace, Mayor, 810.

Gracr .Memorial Hnux-. .* 1".

Grant Birthday Dinner, the, 802.

Grant, Frederick D., 832.

Grant, Rev. Dr. Percy, 841.

Grant Tomb, the, 795.

Grant, Ulysses S., 802.

Graves, Robert, sale of paintings of, 859.

Gray, Associate Justice, 801.

Greater New York, probable events of, 790.

Greek Benevolent Society, the, 848.

Greene, George S., Jr., 820.

Greenwich Savings Bank, the, designed by Gibson,

Greer, Rev. Dr., 841.

Greenoble, the. 84(1.

Grolier Club, the, 850.


HADING, Jane, 854.

Haight, C. C work of, 792 ; designs Christ Church,

Hall, Rev. Dr. John, 842.

Hall of Languages, 830.

Halstead, Richard H.. sale of collection of, SCO.

Hamburg American Line, the, 825.

Hamilton, Alexander, historic home of. 841.

Hansoms, 800.

Harbor, New York, 810 ; description of, S1G.

Hardenburg, H. J., work of, 793.

Harding & Gooch, work of, 794.

Hare, John, 854.

Harlau, Associate Justice, 801.

Harlem River, 804.

Harlem River Driveway. 809.

Harlem Ship Canal, the, 815.

Harrison, Benjamin, makes speech at Washington C
tennial Celebration, 800 ; dinner given by Washing-
ton Centennial Committee to, 800 : attends special
religious service in old St. Paul's Church, 840.

Harvard Observatory, the, 835.

Hassam, Childe, sale of collection of. S

Hastings, Thomas, an able exponent of architectural
art, 793.

Hank. Minnie, 854.

Havemeyer, Henry 0.. 857.

Hawkins. R. C., library of, 802.

Hazard, William A., 801.

Healey, A. A., collection of paintings, 857.



Hearn, George A., collection of paintings, 857.

Hebrew Sheltering Home, the, 849.

Hegner, Anton, 850.

Heins & La Farge design cathedral of St. John the
Divine, 840.

Hell Gate, 817.

Heuii, Lieutenant, 8.~>1.

Herald Square Theatre, the, 853.

Hewitt, A. S., collection of paintings, S."i7.

Hewitt, Mrs. A. S., collection of curios, s.'.s.

High Bridge. SI4.

Hill, David B., 811.

Hirsch, Baron de, Fund, 823 ; colony of, 823.

Historical Society Library, the. 862.

Hoagland, I. C., collection of paintings, 857.

Hobart Hall, 837, 844.

Hoe, Robert, collections of paintings and curios, 857 ;
sale of paintings of, 859 ; library of, 802.

Hoey, John, sale of paintings of, 859.

Hoffman, Josef, 850.

Holland House, the, 840.

Holland Society, the, *.">:;.

Holy Trinity Church, 841 ; designed by William
Potter, 841.

Home Life Insurance Building, the, designed by N. Le
Brim & Sons, 794.

Homer, Winslow, 858.

Hoppin, F. L. V., work pf, 794.

Horse-cars, 805.

Hospital, floating, 810.

Hospitals, 8C3.

Hotels, 840.

House of the Holy Comforter, the, 848.

Hudson River, 795.

Huguenot Society, the, library of, 8G2.

Hungarian Association, the, 848.

Hunt, Richard M., real modern advance in architec-
ture owed to, 791 ; instances of work of, 791 ;
pupils of, 791 ; designs pedestal for Statue of Lib-
erty, si ;.

Hunter, Dr. Thomas D., 838.

Huntingtou, C. P., collection of paintings, 857.

Huntingdon, Daniel, 85S.

Huutington, Rev. Dr. Win. R., 801, 840.

Button, Laurence, library of, 8G2.


IMMIGRANTS, total number of, 821 ; leading national-
ities of, 822

Immigration, United States Bureau of, 821.

Imperial, the, 84(1.

Iiiuess, George, s.~is.

Inspection of Buildings, Department of, 830.

International Navigation Company, 820.

International Telegraph Christian Association, the,

Irving, Henry, s."4.

Iseliu, C. Oliver, 851.

Island Mission for Cheering the Lives of the Poor and
Sick, the, 849.

Ismail Pacha, presents " Cleopatra's Needle " to New-
York City, 810.

Italian Home, the, 849.

Ives, Braytou, sale of books, etc., of, 859.


JAMES, Admiral, 818.

Jeannette Park, 806; location, sno.

Jesup, Morris K., collection of paintings, 857.

Jewish Immigrant's Protection Society, the, 848.

Johnson, Eastman, 858.

Johnston, John Taylor, 810.

Joseffy, , 850.

Jourdan, General, 812.

Judson Memorial Church, 842 ; designed by McKim.
Mead, & White, 842 ; description of, 842.


KEITH, Dora Wheeler, 858.
Kellogg, Clara Louise, 854.
Kemeys, , 858.

Kendal, Mr. & Mrs., 854.
Kennedy. John S., 848, 800.
Kilburn, Henry, work of, 794.
Kimball JL- Thompson, work of, 794.
King, David H., 818.

King, D. H., Jr., sale of collection of, 800.
King, Mrs. Gracie, 8(l().
Kingsley, Acting President. 812.

Kinnicutt, Mrs. Francis P., important work accom-
plished by, 835.
Knickerbocker Club, the, 850.
Knights of Labor, the, strikes instituted by, 802.
Knoedler & Co., sale of paintings, 859.
Knowlton, Colonel, death of, 830.
Koveii, Reginald de, 850.


LAMAR, Associate Justice, 801.

La Farge, John, picture of the Ascension, 841.

Lamb, Mrs. Mary J., 789; editorship of the "Maga-
zine of American History," 853.

Larchmont Yacht Club, the, 852.

Laura Franklin Free Hospital, the, 805.

Lawyer's Club, the. S'lO.

Lazarus, Emma, SIS, 819.

Lebanon Hospital, SI 14.

Le Brim \- Sons, N., work of, 794.

Lefferts, Marshall C., library of, 802.

Lehmaim, Uli. .sV>.

Lenox, James, 804.

Lenox Library, the, designed by Hunt, 791, 861.

Lenox Lyceum, the, banquet of centennial celebration
of the Supreme Court of the United States held in,

Leo House for German Catholic Immigrants, the 849

Leo XIII. ,843.

Lesseps, Count Ferdinand de, 818 ; makes speech at

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