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IPtrasell's historical Series,

fk>. 24.


Thirty years of interesting study examining many
and various town, county, State, church, family Bible,
and other records (at all times taking notes), have
enabled me to compile therefrom the within matter,
which I hope will give as much pleasure to some of
the other descendants of the early settlers of Long
Island as the gathering of it has given me.

As "to err is human," I must ask indulgence for
errors, and offer to endeavor to correct them if
brought to my notice.

Several pages in the fore part of the book are de-
voted to deeds, wills and records of the early Powells,
with some accounts of the coming of the first Thomas,
progenitor of all the rest.

The Powell genealogies follow in the order of the
first Thomas. Then, Powell descendants of his oldest
son ; then, Powell descendants of his second oldest
son ; then, Powell descendants of his third oldest son,
and so on through the Powells.

Three of the children of Thomas Powell having
married into the Willets family, I have deemed it
proper that the genealogy of the Willets family
should come next. Edmund Titus' genealogy fol-

6 Preface.

lows ; then, Henry Willis' genealogy ; then, Capt.
John Seaman's genealogy ; then, William Hallock's
genealogy ; then, John Carman's genealogy. All
these were original settlers, and the first Thomas
Powell's children married into their families.

The other genealogies of old Long Island families
follow in alphabetical order.

Lastly, the will of John James, the first town clerk
of Hempstead, and some other interesting matter.

I am, with great respect for my ancestors and their



A descendant of three successive Thomas Powells
and many other early settlers of Long Island.


A Copy of the Will of Thomas Powell.

Last will and testament of Thomas Powell Sen
late of Bethpage now of Westbury in the limits of
Hempstead in Queens County on Nassau Island in
the Colony of New York

Whereas the certainty of mortality is before me
and the uncertainty when the time of my dissolution
shall come, and now being indifferent in health and
of perfect memory do hereby make and ordain and
appoint this my last will and testament for the dis-
posing of what is disposable by me, and in order
thereunto I do in the first place give and bequeath
my soul to God my Maker from whom I have re-
ceived mercy and hope and believe I ever shall as I
keep in his fear and stand in his counsel through
Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior who suffered the
shameful death of the Cross without the Gates of
Jerusalem and ascended on high and led captivity
captive and hath given gifts unto men for the
edifying of the Body his church for the perfecting
the Saints among whom my lot is fallen as well to
believe the Gift as to Receive it, so that by the pre-
vailing of the Gift — the giver working with it —
I come to know his Righteousness, imparted as
well as imputed to me and in a sense thereof my
Soul doth praise the Lord Jehovah who with his Glory


the ?of "nH ^h H M H ° ly "* the Lamb - Ae Light
walk in the U^T™ f *T ^ are Saved s ^ 1
of the Son of f»A e ° f - S ° that ^ the Revelation
fes ted bv the n hi" £* '"^ P artS which is manh
is liahtV r g i"' ( - f ° r whatSOT er makes manifest

edI e g oAheGiorvn°f r tn / SS **?&*■<* the knowl

it SXK7 Bo , dy - to ^ e Earth from whence

discretion f " ed ln a decent manner at the

And as °l 7 eXeCUt ° r J s ^rein after named
debts are o a id7H° U i Ward E f ate > after all my just

given him Deeds of Gift for haVe

Sowra V s e Lp a rtic ul aT d and R **»M£
Deeds of GifK the sare 6 " 1 ' "^ * their SeVeral

and I" s^S h a U Ce7id n to C t^r P Hl eI1
and as SIg ns forever the Equal two thirds of saidbt

Records. 9

of Meadows lying on the Great Neck at Huntington
South lying on the west side of the third part of said
lot of meadow that I sold to my son Thomas Powell
to be equally divided between them or their Heirs
and assigns forever, and I bequeath unto my youngest
son Solomon Powell the sum of Two Hundred Pounds
of Current lawful money of New York to be paid
unto him when he shall arrive to the age of one and
twenty years or shall have some lawful issue begotten
by his own body or which of them shall first happen,
— but if my Son Solomon Powell happen to die be-
fore he arrive at one and twenty years of age and
have no Lawful issue begotten of his own Body
Then the above said Two hundred Pounds shall be,
the equal two thirds parts thereof Divided between
all my Daughters that I have now living, and the
children of my Daughter Elizabeth Titus to have one
equal share divided amongst them, and all my
daughters to have an equal share and share alike,
and if my daughter Abigail Willets shall die before
my son Solomon Powell, and my son Solomon Powell
before he arrive at the age of one and twenty years,
or have any lawful issue her part and share of said
money shall be equally divided amongst all her

And whereas the said Two Hundred pounds Be-
queathed unto my son Solomon, and in case of his
decease before he arriveth at the age of one and
twenty years or have any lawful Issue the equal two
thirds parts thereof Bequeathed to all my daughters
and is now due in the hands of my son Thomas
Powell, my will is that all the mean profits and rents
thereof shall also be equally divided as the said two
thirds part of the said two hundred pounds. Allow-
ing to my Executors all their just charges about the


i o Records.

executing this my will, and in case my son live to the
age to receive his portion above said he shall also
have all the mean profits and Rents thereof, allowing
the charges of the executors above said. I will and
Bequeath if my son Solomon die without lawful issue
or before he be one and twenty years old the equal
one third part of the Two hundred pounds Be-
queathed to him be equally divided between all my
sons viz My son Thomas Powell and my son John
Powell and my son Jonas Powell and my son Caleb
Powell and my son Wait Powell and my son Elisha
Powell and in case of any of their decease to their
Heirs and also the mean profits and Rents thereof
as above said I will unto them. And I will unto
Samuel Titus the sum of one pound and ten shillings
current money of New York in full of the remaining
part of his wife's portion.

I will and Bequeath unto my two youngest daugh-
ters Sarah Powell and Amey Powell my Bed and
Bedding and furniture belonging unto it. I will and
bequeath unto my son Elisha Powell all my apparel
and wearing clothes, and all the remaining part of
my estate in money goods and chattels after my just
debts are paid shall be equally divided amongst my
six youngest daughters viz my daughter Mercy
Powell and my daughter Sarah Powell and my
daughter Amey Powell and my daughter Hannah
Willis and my daughter Phebe Willis and my daugh-
ter Rachel Willets.

I do hereby constitute, authorize, and appoint and
ordain my Loving Brother Thomas Townsend and
my trusty and loving Friend Benjamin Seaman and
my two sons in law William and Henry Willis to be
my Executors of This my last Will and Testament
and I do hereby Disallow Revoke and Disannul all

Records. 1 1

and every other former Testaments, Wills^ Legacies,
Bequests, and Executors by me in any wise named
and bequeathed or Willed and Bequeathed. Ratify-
ing and confirming this and no other, to be my last
will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this third day of the first month one Thou-
sand seven hundred and nineteen, twenty.

The words to whom, and the words the equal two
thirds part thereof Bequeathed, interlined before
si^nine and sealing thereof.


Signed sealed published, pronounced and delivered
by the said Thomas Powell as his last Will and Tes-
tament in the presence of us the Subscribers


Will of Thomas Powell the Second.

The last will and testament of Thomas Powell of
Bethpage in the Township of Oyster Bay in Queens
Co. on Nassau Island made the sixteenth of ninth
month in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand
seven hundred and thirty one, revoking whatsoever
by me formerly made, and this being my last will and
testament I being weak of body but perfect in mind
and memory, I being willing to dispose of my out-
ward estate as followeth and my will is that all my
just debts shall be well and duly paid as I shall here-
after duly appoint by my Executors hereafter named.

1 2 Records.

Item. In the first place I give and bequeath to my
well beloved wife, Mary Powell my dwelling house
and the use and profit of one third part of all my
lands and meadows everywhere, and my will is that
my wife shall have half of my moveable Estate in
the house: one third of my movables without doors
excepting my Carts, Ploughs and Tackling, belong-
ing to them and my Smiths Tools. My will is that
my wife shall keep them till such time as our youngest
son Isaac Powell shall come to the age of twenty
years. Then to return back to my sons equally
amongst them. And my will is that my son Tho's
Powell shall have four acres of Land and house that
stands upon it, — my fathers homestead, more than
any other of my sons: meaning the four acres of Land
with the house and orchard to him his heirs and as-
signs forever. And I give all the rest of my Land
and meadows both Salt & fresh to my Seven Sons,
viz. Thomas Powell, Wait Powell, Amos Powell,
Moses Powell, Richard Powell, Joshua Powell and
Isaac Powell to be equally divided amongst them
their heirs and assigns forever. And if either of my
Sons die without children or before they take their
part in possession it shall be that their part shall be
equally divided amongst the surviving Sons. In the
next place I give unto my six daughters by name
Abigail Hallock, Mary Pryor the wife of Samuel
Pryor, Elisabeth Powell, Hannah Powell, Martha
Powell and Deborah Powell the one half of all my
movable Estate that is not already disposed of and
two thirds of my movables without doors which are
not already disposed of, to them, their heirs and as-
signs forever, and in case any of my daughters shall
die without issue or before they are in possession of
their portion, it shall be equally divided among my

Records. 1 3

Surviving daughters. My will is what I have given
to my wife is during her widowhood. My will is if
she marry again she shall have half the indoor
movables, and one third of the out door movables,
to her for her own disposal.

I do constitute and appoint my son Thomas Powell
and my son Wait Powell and my brother Wait Powell
and my wife Mary Powell all to be my Executors
hoping they will this my last Will Execute according
as it is the intent of it. And lastly, I desire my
Brothers in law Richard Willets and Samuel Under-
bill to oversee and assist my Executors. In witness
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the
day and year above written. Before Signing and
Sealing my will is that my Executors shall have full
Power to sell land when they think best for to pay
the debts and their Deed or Deeds shall be good.

Signed Sealed published and declared this my last
Will and Testament in the presence of the Subscrib-

ers 1 \


W t ill of Thomas Powell the Third.

I Thomas Powell of Bethpage in the Township
of Oyster Bay in Queens County on Nassau Island,
yeoman being this the second day of second month
called February in the year of our Lord one thousand
seven hundred and fifty five much indisposed of body
but of perfect mind and memory do make and ordain

14 Records.

this writing- to be my last will and Testament in man-
ner following. I first order that my debts and other
incidental charges about my estate shall be fully paid
out of my movable Estate in some reasonable time
after my decease. Item. I will and bequeath unto
my well beloved wife, Abigail Powell, the issues and
profits of the one third part of all my Lands and
Meadows wheresoever, for her support and the east
dwelling house that I dwell in all for her to use dur-
ing the time she remains my widow. Item. I will
unto my son Samuel Powell his heirs and assigns
forever the lot of land I bought of Caleb Powell
which was John Powells. Item. I will and bequeath
unto my son Thomas Powell, his heirs and assigns
twenty acres of my land before a division be made in
general amongst my sons. Item. I will and be-
queath unto my son Joshua Powell his heirs and
assigns forever Ten acres out of my Lands before di-
vision be made. Item. I will that my son Samuel
Powell has five acres of land. Item. I will that
after my son Samuel has five acres, of land, my son
Thomas twenty acres, my son Joshua Ten acres of
Land, that then all the remainder part of my houses,
lands, Rights of land and meadows whatsoever and
wheresoever shall be equally divided amongst my
eight sons viz, Samuel, Thomas, Joshua, Joseph,
Elisha, Amos, Israel and Jesse, and to remain unto
them in severalty their heirs and assigns forever, so
to be understood as not to infringe or debar my wife
from her privilege of my house lands & meadows
above mentioned to her during her widowhood and
I do hereby fully and absolutely empower my Ex-
ecutors or such of them as shall Execute this my will,
to make a full and clear division of my Lands amongst
all my sons in quality according to the above devise

Records. 1 5

as they shall judge equal and just, and the division
so made by my Executors or such of them as shall
qualify as aforesaid shall be good stable and authen-
tic to my sons, and to each of them in fee simple in
as full a manner as if I had done it myself in my
lifetime to all intents & purposes whatsoever ; And
my will is after my debts are fully paid and other
charges accruing about my estate, that the remainder
part of my movable Estate be divided thus : my wife
to have the Indian girl named Boda during her
widowhood, and then my daughter Mary Powell to
have the said Indian girl to her disposal. I also will
unto my daughter Mary Powell so much out of my
movable estate as will make her portion equal with
one of my two daughters or what each of my two
daughters have had that are married. Then my will
is that my wife shall have the one equal third part of
the remainder of my movable Estate and the other
two thirds to be equally divided amongst my three
daughters viz Elizabeth Post, Ruth Mott & Mary
Powell to their free disposal. And my will is what I
have above given to my wife shall be taken and es-
teemed in lieu of her right of dower and not other-

And my will is further that my Executors shall
be tutors and guardians for all my children under
age, and shall have full power to put and bind my
three youngest sons out to trades according to their
inclinations, and further to explain my will in respect
to what I have given my son Samuel, which is thus.
The lot before mentioned which I bought of Caleb
Powell is to be reckoned as part of his portion to
be equal with the common division amongst my
sons, only the five acres to be taken out first before
the common division is made aforesaid. Lastly. I

1 6 Records.

do constitute, ordain and appoint my brother Isaac
Powell, my brother in law John Whitson and my
cousin Richard Willets of Islip to be my Executors
of this my last Will and Testament and every article,
clause and condition above expressed and further to
make division with the rest of the Proprietors of
Bethpage, and to take what Land falls to my right
and to give releases when the division is finished, to
the other Proprietors as fully as I could myself in
my life time if I were personally present.

In witness hereunto I have set my hand and fixed
my seal the day and date above expressed.


Signed, Sealed, Published, Pronounced and de-
clared by said Thomas Powell as and for his last
Will and Testament in the presence of the subscrib-
ers who subscribed as witnesses in the presence of the



i 5-3-1690. Richard Willets and Abigail Powell
took each other to be wife and husband at a meeting
appointed at the house of Thomas Powell Hunt-

Witnesses who signed the certificate
Thomas Powell John Cock Tamison Fry

Joseph Wood Thomas Whitson Sarah Cock
John Seaman Nathaniel Pear- Thomas Willets
John Townsend sail Dinah Willets



Hugh Cowper-

John Adams

Benjamin Sea-

William Fry

John Dole Martha Seaman

Daniel Kirkpat- Hope Willetts
rick William Willis

Samuel Titus John Feake
Elizabeth Adams Elizabeth Feake
Martha Seaman Elizabeth Phillips

2 day of 9th mo. 1690. At a meeting'at Edmond
Titus Westbury, Thomas Powell, late of Hunting-
ton and Elizabeth Phillips of Jericho were married
by Friends ceremony.


John Townsend Edmond Titus
Thomas Powell jr Martha Titus
Thomas Whit- Hannah Titus

Richard Willets
Joseph Wood

Henry Willis
Mary Willis
William Willis
John Dole

John Willis

Benjamin Sea-

William East-

Mary Smith.

6 of 9th mo 1 69 1. Married at the house of
Thomas Powell jr Bethpage by Friends ceremony,
Samuel Titus of Westbury and Elizabeth Powell
daughter of I st Thomas Powell.

Witnesses who signed the certificate
Thomas Powell Robert Field William Willis

Phebe Field
Benjamin Field
John Rodman
Hugh Cowper-

Isaac Smith

Edmond Titus
Hannah Titus
Samuel Titus
Joseph Wood
Benjamin Sea-


Mary Willis
John Fry
John Dole
John Underhill
Sarah Cock.

1 8 Records.

At the same time and place Thomas Powell jr. of
Bethpage and Mary Willets daughter of Thomas
& Dinah, became husband and wife by Friends cere-

Thomas Powell William Fry Mary Willets

Thomas Willets John Fry Hope Willets

Edmond Titus John Dole Richard Willets

Joseph Wood Robert Field Phebe Field
Hugh Cowper- Benjamin Sea- Martha Seaman

thwait man John Rodman

John Underhill Isaac Smith


" We represent the hereditary influences of our
race, and our ancestors virtually live in us.

u The sentiment of ancestry seems to be inherent in
human nature, especially in the more civilized races.

" At all events we cannot help having a due regard
for our forefathers. Our curiosity is stimulated by
their immediate or indirect influence upon ourselves.
It may be a generous enthusiasm or, as some might
say, a harmless vanity, to take pride in the honor of
their name.

a The gifts of nature, however, are more valuable
than those of fortune, and no line of ancestry how-
ever honorable, can absolve us from the duty of dili-
gent application and perseverance or from the practice
of the virtues of self control and self help."

"They haunt your breezy hillsides, and thundering floods ;
They linger by your gliding streams, and mid your moss draped

woods ;
They sit beside the green old graves ; in shadow and in sheen,
And move among your household gods, though voiceless and


Records. 1 9

" Then ye, who make your happy homes, where once their homes

have been,
Deem also this your heritage, to keep their memories green ;
To shield within your heart of hearts, the glorious trust you hold,
And bear unstained the names they bore, those brave, proud men

of old."

Thomas Powell (progenitor of all the Long Island
Powells — most if not all of these in the State of
New York — many in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and
Maryland — and some in the other States) was born
in 8th month, 1641. The names of his parents and
place of his birth do not appear to be on record in
this country.

The various branches of his descendants claim
that he came from Wales, and we have reason to be-
lieve that tradition is, in this case, correct.

In 1 61 9 First Journal of House of Delegates for
Virginia says Burgesses were chosen. William
Powell for James City, George Yeardly Knight and
Govenor of Virginia, and others.

A great-grand-daughter of Thomas Powell I st of
Bethpage, told her children that the Virginia Powells
were relatives of the family.

The Court Records of Huntington Dated — 1662
first introduce him to our notice as giving written
testimony in the suit of law, brought at that time
against Joanna Wood, widow of Jonas Wood Hal.
Jonas Wood Hal was drowned when attempting to
ford Peconic River near Riverhead, in 1660, conse-
quently T. Powell was not more than 19 years old at
the time of the transaction.

At a Court held in Huntington July 29, 1662.

Thomas Matthus plaintiff against Joanna Wood
widow and Administratrix to Jonas Wood. An ac-

20 Records.

tion of debt for fifty-four pounds 2 shillings. and two

Mr. John Simmons of Hempstead appeared in the
case as attorney for Joanna Wood.

After relating- the circumstances of the case

• • • 1

Thomas Powell gave testimony in writing that,
u What was in my Master's book — that particular
about Master's Good Wood and Good Higbie touch-
ing the six pipes of wine and three hhds of rum, —
when it was writ my Master read it to him or them
and asked if it was well, and one of them answered
it was. This was at Oysterbay in Daniel White-
head's store.

living with my Master almost
nine years I never knew my master's books ques-
tioned in the least."

J. Matthews produced his books in Court and the
case was decided in his favor.



Thomas Matthews sometimes called Captain Mat-
thews was at Flushing, L. I., in 1649, trading with
John Bowne delivering goods, &c. In 1659 he was
bringing goods in partnership with Jonas Wood and
Edward Higbie.

In 1669. Thomas Powell, Attorney for Mr. Thomas
Matthews, sold land in Oysterbay to Joseph Ludlam.

In 1667. John Matthews, son of Thomas, sold
land in Huntington to Thomas Wicks.

He died Dec. 7, 1686 — his son John was of age in

Records. 2 1

1663. A copy of a deed from John Westcoat to
Thomas Powell:

Know all men by these Presents that I John West-
cott late of Fair— have bargained, sold and doe by
these presents make over from me my Executors,
Administrators and assigns forever, all my accom-
modations where Moses Hayte and myself bought of
Rich'd Ogden in Huntington, that is to say my home
lot, meadow and hollows commonage, and all privi-
leges belonging to the accommodations, as also land
upon the plains which belonged to Rich'd Ogden
when I bought the accommodations of him.

I the aforesaid John doe bind myself, my heirs and
assigns, to clear all Rates and Taxations that shall
be demanded and found from the beginning of the
World to this day, as witness my hand this 8 th of De-
cember 1663.



Witnesses j CALEB WOOD

This is a true copy of the Original Deed extracted

by me


This appears to have been the first land purchased
by T. P. although the Records show that he had a
home and corn in 1662.

In 1667 Thomas Powell was Constable, John Todd,
John Rogers Overseers, for Huntington, L. I.

Under the Duke's Laws, promulgated when the
English took possession in T865, 8 Overseers were
to be chosen the first year, to hold office 2 years, &
4 to be elected every two years afterwards, and a

22 Records.

Constable was to be elected every year out of the
Overseers of the previous year.

The Constable and Overseers managed the Town
affairs, and had power to make orders & rules con-
cerning fences, highways and similar matters. Con-
stables were to attend Courts, and they had power
to arrest, those who were overtaken with strong
drink, or found swearing, or Sabbath breaking,
Vagrants night walkers, provided taken in sight of
Constable, or proven information from others or if
in beer or disorderly places

" Every Constable shall have a Staff six feet long
with the Kings arms on it, as a badge of his au-
thority "

The Town Court had Jurisdiction of assault, Slan-
der, and disorderly conduct generally, One offense
was defined " as giving false news and lying about
another." The penalty was a fine of 40 shilling if
Paid " if not paid to sit in the stock or be whipped
40 strokes and give satisfaction.

T. P. was then 26 years old.

Huntington Records show that Thomas Powell was
frequently elected to fill important positions in the

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