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1826 TO 1849




IN IS 1906
D. otO,

[Document No. 54 — 1905.]





{Formerly calhd Record Commissioners'' Reports)

This volume, which is the thirty-sixth report in the series of
Boston Records, contains the Births, Marriages and Deaths of
the Town of Dorchester from 1826 to 1849, inchisive, and addi-
tional deaths, copied from epitaphs of the First Burying Ground
in Dorchester, which do not appear in the Dorchester Records.


City Registrar.

:f, 14-

The following records of Births, ^Marringes and Deaths, include
all entries found in the books of record of the Town of Dor-
chester from 182G to 1849, inclusive, and all records previous to
1826 not found in volume 21 of the Record Commissioners'

Surnames are classified under the most common spelling, the
other combinations following, liut in the marriages the spell-
ing as given ma}- be found by looking up the other name.

In the records of births in several cases probable duplicates are
found, the date differing a 3'ear. In such cases ])oth entries are
given, the latest entry marked " prol). dup."

An asterisk liefore a marriage indicates that the spelling com-
pares exactly with the intention. Where a difference appears, it
is noted ; where no asterisk appears, or difference in spelling is
noted, no intention was found.

Instead of printing the name of the minister after each mar-
riage a number is substituted, which will be found against the
name in the list of ministers. In many cases the name of the
minister is not given, esi)ecially on returns from other towns.

In the records of deaths at the beginning of 1841 the following
note appears: "Buried the day set down to each person," but
in some cases two dates are given, presumably date of death and
burial, and in such cases both dates are given. In 1844 the word
"died" appears before the date, which would indicate that the
date of death w'as recorded.

Following the regular lists of deaths, a supplement has been
added which includes all deaths printed in the Annual Report of
the Cemetery Department, 1904-05, copied from gravestones
and tombs of the North District Burial Ground and which do not
appear in our records.


a. — age

aht. — about

h. — born

ch. — child

dm. — children

CO. — county

c.R. — church record

d. — daughter ; day ; died

Dea. — deacon

du}}. — duplicate entry

f. — female

G.s. — Gravestone record

h. — husband

hr. — hour

inf. — infant

int. — publishment of intention of marriage

Jr. — junior

m . — niale ; married ; mouth

p.i{. — private record

rec. — recorded

s. — son

Sr. — senior

v\ — wife

vnd. — widow

widr. — widower

wks. — weeks

y. — year

2d — second



1825 TO 1850.

ABBOT, Ellen, d. William E. aud Ann S., Sept. 3, 1839.
Herbert Lawrence, s. Horace P. and Olive H., Sept. 22, 1848.
Julia Frances, d. George W. aud Hannah .T., March 9, 1845,

ADAMS, Ann Maria, d. AVilliam and TCliza Ann, July 1, 1839.

Charles D., s. George AV. and Eliza, March 22, 1845.

Charles Follen, s. Ira aud Mary E., April 21, 1842.

Edward, s. E^lisha, .Ir., and Caroline, Aug. 9, 1827.

Edward, s. Elisha, Jr., and Caroline, March 4, 1830.

Elijah French, s. Benjamin W. and Jane B., Oct. 15, 1837.

Elijah French, s. Benjamin and Jane, Oct. 16, 1838. (Prob. dup.)

Elizabeth Ann (twin ), dAVilliam and Elizabeth Ann, Jan. 27, 1842.

Ehzabeth Ford, d. Benjamin and Jane, Dec. 15, 1843.

Ellen Gray, d. Solomon and Adeline D., Oct. 30, 1843.

Ellen Isadore, d. Benjamin and Jane, March 9, 1842.

Emily, d. Ira and Mary E., Dec. 7, 1837.

George Benjamin, s. Benjamin W. and .Jane B., Oct. 23, 1833.

Georgiana, d. William and Sarah E., Sept. 23, 1849.

Hannah, d. Ira and Mary, April 19, 1827.

Hannah, d. Ira and Mary, April 19, 1828. (Prob. dup.)

Hannah Woodbury, d. Ira and Mary (Dup. Mary E.), April 19,

Helen Grace, d. George W. aud Eliza B. W., Oct. 8, 1848.
Henry, s. Benjamin W. and Jane B., Aug. 4, 1838.
Henry Augustus, s. Ira and Mary E., Aug. 2, 1844.
Ira, s. Ira and Mary E., Sept. 24, 1833.
John Swasey, s. Ira and Mary, May 6, 1829.
Joseph, s. Benjamin aud Jane, April 10, 1830.
Joseph Nichols, s. Benjamin W. and Jane B., Nov. 16, 1835.
IMarietta Ivlaria, d. George and Maria, Nov. 30, 1845.
Marion Smith, d. Ira and Mary E., May 9, 1831.
Martha, d. Ira aud Mary E., Nov, 12, 1835.
Martha Elizabeth, d. William and Sarah E., March 19, 1847.
Mary Eustis, d, Solomon and Adeline, Nov, 1, 1846,
Mary Jane, d. Benjamin W, aud Jane R,, April 15, 1831,
Rebecca, d, Benjamin and Jane, Sept, 11, 1846.
Susan Isabell (twin), d. William and Ehzabeth Ann, Jan, 27,


4 City Document No. 54.

Adams, William Howard, s. William and Sarah E., Aug. 9, 1844.
, d. Beujamin W. and Jane B., March 9, 1842.

ALBRIGHT, John Hunter, s. John G. and Susan, Feb. 1, 1848.
Sarah (iill)eit, d. John G. and Susan G., June 15, 1846.

ALDEN, Anna Frances, d. Charles and Caroline, Oct. 28, 1841.
Lydia Elizabeth, d. Kliliu and Lydia, May 9, 1833.

ALLEN, Charles Torrey, s. Bennet and Cordelia, June 7, 1847.
Clara Adelaide, d. Wilbur F. and Sarah, Jan. 20, 1848.
Hannah Davenport, d. Phiuehas D. and Olive H., Oct. 26, 1849.

AMBUSH, (ieorge, s. James S. S. and Ann, March 30, 1848.

ANDERSON, Albert Jefferson, s. John and Joanna, May 14,

Daniel Bailey, s. John and Joanna, !March 16), 1845.
Edward Willard, s. Nathaniel and Ruth, April 30, 1847.
George Maxwell, s. John, 2d, and Jane Milene, Aug. 27, 1849.
John, s. John and Joanna, July 27, 1840.
John, s. John and Jane Bruce, July 5, 1843.
Joseph William, s. John and Joanna, April 1, 1847.
Robena, d. John, 2d, and Jane Bruce, Sept. 3, 1841.
Robert Bruce, s. John, 2d, and Jane Bruce, Nov. 1, 1846.
Sarah Victoria, d. John and Joanna, Feb. 17, 1843.
AVilllam, s. Nathaniel, Jr., and Ruth L., July 23, 1849.

ANGIER, George, s. George and Nancy, Oct. 13, 1843.
Isabella Jane, d. Ro))ert and Rachel, Sept. 14, 1849.
John, s. Robert and Rachel, April 5, 1847.

ARIS, Corrin Harrington, s. John and Ehza, Jan. 11, 1847.

ATHERTON, Sarah Maria, d. Lemuel B. and Sarah G., Oct. 24,

ATKINSON, George Bonney, s. Josiah and Ohvia C, March
22, 1.S49.

AUSTIN, Catharine Downer, d. William R. and Ann Catharine,

Aug. 12, 18;!."..
Clara Agusta, d. William R. and Ann Catharine, Aug. 24, 1838.
Samuel Downer, s. Wihiam R. and Ann Catharine, July 20, 1845.

A VERS (Ayres), Alice Cleaveland (Dup. Cleveland), d. John

and Ehza (Dup. Elizabeth), May 17, 1.S38.
Helen Frances, d. .b^hn anil Elizabeth, July 3, 1836.

BACHUFF, , (1. Joseph and Joanna, April 5, 1848.


BACON, Abba Louisa, d. Joseph G . and r:iizabeth, Dec. 29, 1828.
Aim Clariiida (Dup. Clarinder), d. Orin P. and Martha W., Sept.

2, 1840.
Louisa Fisher, d. Lora and Sarah Ann, Oct. 25, 1840.
Luther, s. Orin P. and Martha W., Aui;-. 7, 1843.
Martha Vose, d. Orin P. and Martiia AV., May 31, 1833.
Martha Vose, d. Orin P. and Martlia W., May 31, 1842.
Orin Francis, s. Orin P. and Martha W., Sept. 27, 1831.
Sophia Vose, d. Orin P. and Martha W., .July 21, 1835.
Sophia Vose, d. Orin P. and Martha AY., July 21, 183G. (Prob.


BADGER, Andrew, s. John and Sally, Sept. 30, 1849.

BAILEY, Ellen Morton, d. John and Ann, Aug. 31, 1826.
James Anson, s. Sewell and Eliza, July 10, 1829.
James Anson, s. Sewell and Eliza, Sept. 15, 1832.
John Appleton, s. Hon. John and Ann, July 23, 1828.
Sarah Bradford, d. Sewell and Mary Ann, June 7. 1.S41.
Thomas Franklin, s. Sewell and Eliza, Nov. 22, 1838.
"William Caleb, s. Joseph and Sarah Wells, Jan. 13, 1835.

BAIRD, George Otis, s. Otis and Clarendia P., May 10, 1842.

BAKER, Abel Edward, s. Abel PutTer and Hannah Lewis, June

25, 1837.
Abigail, Nov. 3, 183G.

Catharine Vose, d, Stephen and Hannah D., June 11, 1839.
Charles, s. George and Harriet, Sept. 17, 1844.
Daniel Weld, July 8, 1832.

Edward Jarvis, s. James and Harriot, 2d, Sept. 8, 1843.
Edward Kelton, s. Stephen and Hannah, July 9, 1844.
Eleanor Williams, d. Walter and Eleanor James, Sept. 21, 1841.
Ellen Maria, d. James and Harriet D., Dec. 16, 1836.
Emily, d. George and Harriet, March 26, 1842.
George, s. George and Harriet, Jan. 19, 1845.
Hannah L., d. A. P., June 16, 1839.

Hannah Vose, d. Stephen and Hannah D., Nov. 23, 1830.
Harriet Cornelia, d. James and Harriet D., Nov. 7, 1834.
James Edward, s. James and Harriot, June 30, 1833.
James Edward, s. James and Harriot D, June 13, 1841.
Jane Bird, d. Stephen and Hannah D., Jan. 23, 1837.
Lucy Elizabeth, d. Abel P. and Hannah L., July 26, 1841.
Lydia, Feb. 19, 1834.

Lydia Bowman, d. Edmund J. and Sarah H., Nov. 11, 1848.
Martha Ann, d. Stephen and Hannah D., Oct. 19, 1832.
Mary, d. Robert and Margaret, Dec. 18, 1849.
Stephen, s. Stephen and Hannah D., Dec. 11, 1834.
Theodore Parker, s. Stephen and Hannah D., April 3, 1847.
Ursula Amanda, d. James and Harriet, May 4, 1840.

6 City Document No. 54.

Bakek, "Walter, s. Major Walter and Deborah S., Jan. 5, 1S27.
William Vose, s. Stephen and Hannah D., Sept. 27, 1841.
, (1. Stephen and Hannah D., Dec. 15, 1841). .

BALCOM (Balkain, Balkum), Alfred Otis, s. Ebenezer and

Abigail, May -s, 182G.
Alniira Cheever, d. Elijah P. and Ann L., Jnly 28, 1843.
Amelia Rebecca, d. Cyrus and Rebecca, Jan. ol, 1837.
Carroline, d. Cyrus and Rebecca, July 8, 1835.
Cyrus, s. Cyrus and Susan, Oct. 3, 1849.

PLlizabeth (ilover, d. Capt. Cyrus and Rebekah, Jan. 29, 1828.
Elmira Jnrvis, d. Elijah P. and Ann Louisa, Jan. 18, 1846.
Erances Louisa, d. Elijah P. and Ann, Jan. 11, 1841.
John Codman, s. Cyrus and Rebecca, March 2, 1839.
Rebecca, d. Cyrus and Susan, Aug. 30, 1847.
William Henry, s. Capt. Cyrus and Rebekah, Jan. 9, 1827.
, s. Elijah P. and Ann Loisa, March 22, 1848.

BALDWIN, Charlotte Ennna, d. Thomas and Harriet, Aug. 11,

Mary, d. Thomas and Mary, Sept. IG, 1836.
AYillard, s. Thomas and Mary, April 24, 1839.
, s. Thomas and Harriet, March -"il, 1.S47.

BALL, Alfred Pelton, s. Rufus and Sarah, Eeb. 22, 1843.
Rufus, s. Rufus and Sarah, July 12, 1845.
Sarah, d. Rufus and Sarah, July 5, 1839.

BALLENTINE, Elizabeth, d. John and Mary, July 4, 1847.

BALLISTER, Elizabeth, d. Joseph F. and Minuetta, [sic]

Nov. 17, 1.S49.
Milletta, d. Josei)h E. and Milletta, Oct. 31, 1847.

BARNES, , s. Ehsha J., Aug. 30, 1.S46.

BARRELL, Edward, s. Christopher and Agnes, Dec. 3, 1847.
Henry, s. Christopher and Agnes, Sept. 22, 1849.

BARRON, Catharine Louisn, d. Thomas and Eliza, June 2S, 1847.

BARRY, Elmira, d, Ceorge and Sarah D., Sept. 30, 1849.
Sarah Kelton, d. CJeorge and Saraii, July 18, 1838.
Susan P^lizabeth, d. (leorge and Sarah, SejU. 12, 1845.

, s. William, .Inly 20, 1.S47.

, d. Ceorge and Sarali, Ju!\' 22, 1847.

BASS, Ann Erances, d. Seth 1>. and Surah, :\Iarch 20, 1845.
Harriet \'03e, d. Seth ]?. and Saraii, .May 26, 1.S46.

Dorchester Births, 7

Bass, Mary Whiting, d. Seth B. and Sarah, July 2a, 1843.
Rebekah Gleason, d. Seth and Sarah, Feb. 6, 1837.
Sarah Bethia, d. Seth B. and Sarah, April 7, 18*11.

BASSE, Elenor Fogg, d. Curtis and Maria, Oct. 13, 1827.

BATTLES, Catharine P., d. Jonathan and Lucy, May 23, 1841.
Edward Winslow, s. Jonathan and Lucy, June 21), 1844.
Frederick Baxter, s. Joseph and Judith, Dec. 16, 1828.
Heuian Ashbury, s. Cyrus aud Eliza, Sept. 7, 1826.

BAXTER, Ellen Agusta, d. George and Sarah, Feb. 9, 1840.

George Otis, s. George and Sarah, Jan. 21, 1842.

Harriet A., d. George, Sept. 3, 1844.

Nancy Field, d. George and Sarah, Aug. 4, 1848.

AValter (?), c. of Walter, May — , 1831. (Died Dec. 24, 1831.)

Walter Edward, s. Walter A. and Mary J., Dec. 22, 1829.

BAYNTON, , Sept. 17, 1849.

BEALES (Beals), Amelia, d. Thomas and Mary, Sept. 5, 1834.

Frederick, s. Thomas and Sarah Blake, Sept. 11, 1845.

Henry, s. Thomas and Mary, Aug. 16, 1827.

Jacob, s. Jacob and Lois G., May 9, 1830.

John Pierce, s. Thomas and Mary, Dec. 14, 1828.

Laura, d. Jacob and Lois, Aug. 24, 1827.

Sarah Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Mary, July 19, 1839.

Thomas Henry, s. Thomas and Mary, Aug. 16, 1827.

BECK, Alice, d. Frederick and Sarah Stone, Jan. 3, 1847.
Frederick Allen, s. Frederick and Sarah, Oct. 17, 1845.

BECKWITH, Da\id Harvey, s. David and CaroUne, Feb. 24,

Henry, s. Henry and Hannah, Aug. 18, 1847.
, d. Henry and Hannah, July 6, 1849.

BELCHER, Rachel Adeline, d. Samuel and Ehza, Aug. 7, 1847.

BELL, Christopher Thomas, s. Christopher F. and Agnes, April

3, 1846.
James Leander, s. Andrew W. and Sophia A., Dec. 25, 1848.

BELLOWS, Adelaide LisUe, d. Clark and Julia, March 26, 1843.

BEMIS, Clarence Henry, s. Henry and Aurelia H., Jan. 3, 1849.

BENNETT (Bennette), Abby Frances, d. P>dwn. B. and Sarah,

Sept. 30, 1842.
Susannah Champany, d. Edwin B. and Sarah Ann, Aug. 24, 1835.

8 City Document No. 54.

BENTON, , s. William, Oct. 19, 1849.

BICKNELL, George, s. John and Lucy, Feb. 4, 1826.
Hannah, d. C^iiincy and Rachel, July 17, 1848.
Martha Elizabeth, d, John and Lucy, July 19, 1829.
Mary Lovell, d. John and Lucy, May 5, 1834.
Nancy Sabrina, d. John and Lucy, Jan. 7, 1832.

BILLING (Billinos), Crcorge Willard, s. George B. and Lucy M.,

Feb. 10, 1830.
John, s. Lenuiel and Lucinda, Oct. 2, l'S49.
Joseph (twin), s. George ]i. and Lucy M., Oct. 31, 1828.
J^uey Freeman (twin), d. George 1>. and Lucy M., Oct. 31, 1828.
Mary Gibbens, d. George M. and Lucy M., March 24, 1.S32.

BINGHAM, Walter F., s. Albert and Harriet, May 20, 1845.

BIRCH, Leo, s. Stephen and Catharine, April 11, 1845.

Leo, s. Stephen and Catharine, April 11, 1846. (Frob. dup.)

BIRD, Agusta (.<e6 Caroline Agusta), d. Stephen and Caroline,

Dec.^29, 1829.
Albert Harrison, s. Harrison and Luc}^ Jan. 17, 1841.
Caroline Agusta (see Agusta), d. Stephen and Caroline, Dec. 30,

Charles, s. Samuel C. and Mary, Aug. 6, 1827.
Charles Josiah, s. Joel C. and Catharine, Dec. 2, 1839.
Charles INIathew, s. Matliew and Sarah, Sept. 4, 1831.
Eliza, d. Edward and Sarah, Sept. 1, 1842.
Elizabeth Sawan, d, Harrison and Lucy, April 17, 1843.
Emeline, d. J^uther and Almira Jane, Feb. 20, 1843.
Frances Augusta, d. Samuel C. and IMary, Sept. 19, 1844.
Francis Heniy, s. Stephen and Caroline, Dee. 19, 1827.
George, s. Elijah and rriscilla, March 14 (Dup. 16), 1828.
Hannah June, d. William, 2d, and Reliecca, July 24, 1841.
Harriet, d. Edward and Sarah, Oct. 22, 1829.
Henrietta, d. Samuel C and Mary, June 29, 1840.
Horace Luther, s. Luther and Almira J., Feb. 23, 1846.
James Howe, s. Samuel C. and Mary, June 15, 1829.
Joel Edward, s. William, 2d, and Rebecca, April 15, 1844.
John Lnmson, s. Elisha !>. and Francis, Sept. 9, 1835.
Lydia Perkins, d. Ste])hen and Caroline, May 14, 1837.
Lyman Franklin, s. Stephen and Caroline, Oct. 3, 1.S33.
Mary Ann Holden, d. J^lisha 15. and Frances, May 13, 1834.
Mary Caroline, d. Sanuiel C. and IMary, Aug. 7, 1831.
Matilda Ann, d. Sanmel C. and Mary, Feb. 13, 1838.
Nathaniel Hall, s. Samuel C. and Mary, July 8, 1835.
Rebecca Frances, d. William and Rebecca, Oct. 14, 1848.
Sarah, d. Edward and Sarah, Sept. 3, 18.')8.
Susan Tidd, d. Benjamin Coolidge and Mary Ann, Feb. 27, 1849.

Dorchester Births. 9

Bird, "William Henry, s. William, 2d. and Reliekah, May 13, 1838.
William Miller, 8. Luther and Almira .1,, July 13, 1844.

, c. Elijah and Priscila, April 11, 1831.

, e. J. H. Blacknian and Lydia J., Jan. 7, 1845.

, d. Sigourney and Emeline, June 4, 1^48.

BISPHAM, Eleazer William, s. Eleazer J. and Mary PL, April

9, 1837.
Elizabeth Tolman, d. Eleazer J. and Mary E,, Aug. 10, 1841.
Henry Clay, s. Eleazer J. and Mary Elizabeth, Oct. 14, 1846.
John Erancis, s. Eleazer J. and Mary Elizabeth, Oct. 18, 1844.
Mary Walker, d. Eleazer J. and Mary, July 14, 183.").
Robert Tolman, s. Eleazer J. and Mar}' E., April 3, 1840.

BLACK, David Sandford, s. Andrew and Elizabeth, April 7, 1837.

Elizabeth, d. Andrew and Sarah, March 16, 1845.

Robert, s. Andrew and Elizabeth, May 5, 1.S43.

Sarah Louisa, d. Andrew and Elizabeth, March 16, 1841.

BLACKMAN, Ann EKzabeth, d. Lemuel S. and EUzabeth, Feb.

15, 1849.
Caroline, d. WilUam M. and Eunice, Sept. 22, 182.S.
Charlotte, d. William M. and Unice, May 28, 1826,
Charlottee Laura, d. WiUiam M. and Eunice, May 28, 1827.

(Prob. dup.)
Ellen, d. William M. and Eunice, Feb. 5, 1832.
Emma Augusta, d. William M. and Fheba, June 10, 1847.
.John Hearsey, s. Lemuel S. and Elizabeth, June 6, 1842.
Lemuel Stopjien, s. Lemuel S. and Elizabeth, Feb. 18, 1840.
Sumner Smith, s. Lemuel S. and Elizabeth, Feb. 16, 1847.
, c. Oliver and Olive, , 1831.

BLAKE, Abner Lincoln, s. Edwin and Hannah, Jan. 7, 1830.
Agustus Coleborn, s. Peter and Frances, Aug. 18, 1832.
Alice Maria, d. Josiah and Caroline, Feb. 3, 1849.
Caroline Agusta. d. Samuel and Caroline, Jan. 21, 1829.
Catharine Nichols, d. Jame[s] H. and Mary B., Sept. 14, 1830.
Charles Wilson, s. Sargant and Lueinda, March 11, 1<S37.
Ellon Amelia, d. Sargant and Lueinda, March 4, 1839.
Frances Rebecca, d. Peter and Frances, Feb. 8, 1836.
Franklin Sargant, s. Sargant and Lueinda, May 29, 1835.
George Minott, s. Peter and Fanny, Nov. 16, 1829.
Henry Francis, s. Peter and Fanny, April G, 1827.
Henry Nichols, s. James H. and Mary B., June 5, 1838.
John Minott, s. Sargant and Lueinda, Jul}' 10, 1832.
MiUey Tileston, d. .Tames and Mary, Nov, 28, 1831.
Robert Thaxtcr, s. Peter and Frances, Jan. 5, 1835.
Sarah Lueinda, d. Sargent and Lueinda, May 2, 1842.
William Edward, s. James H. and Mary, Nov. 8, 1842.

10 City Document No. 54.

Blake, William Edward, s. .lames H. and Mary, Nov. S, 1843.

(Prob. dup.)
"William Graiivil, s. .Joseph and Sarah, Aug. 19, 1827.
"William .Josiah, s. "William and Caroline, Oct. 20, 1828.

(twins), ch. Sargant and Lucinda, May 2, 1842.

, s. Edward, .July 23, 1^46.

BLANCHARD, Charles Pollin (Dup. Follen), s. Hiram W. and

Elizabeth W., June 6, 1840.
Frederick, s. Horatio and Eunice, Nov. 6, 1827.
Hiram "Washington, s. Hiram "W. and Elizabeth "W., Dec. 14,

"Wilham Goodell, s. Hiram W. and Elizabeth, .Tan. 10,1838.

BLANK, .lohn Stephens, s. .Joseph and Elizabeth, July 28, 1847.
Joseph, s. Joseph and Elizabeth, May G, 1846.

BLEMCS, Jane Olivia, d. Isaac W. and Olivia, Feb. 6, 1846.

BOARDMAN (Bordman), Margaret (twin), d. Ebenezer and

Harriet B., Nov. 1, 1846.
Nancy (twin), d. Ebenezer and Harriet B., Nov. 1, 1846.

BOLQER, Francis, s. Antonia and Margaret, Aug. 16, 1843.

BOMASTER, Leo, s. John and Marion, March 31, 1848.

BOND, Ehzabeth Liston, d. William C. and Selina, Oct. 6, 1829.
Richard Fifleld, s. William C. and Selina, Aug. 27, 1827.
Selina Cranch, d. William and Selina, Dec. 4, 1831.

BOSTON, Caroline, d. James and Fanny D., Sept. 10, 1827.
James, s. James and Fanny D., .Tan. 12, 1829.

BO WEN, ik'njamin FrankUn, s. Benjamin (Dup. James) and

Lydia, April 26, 1.S40.
Betsey Avis, d. Zenas and Betsey, Feb. 26, 1833.
Caroline Elizahctli, d. Isaac and Cloe, Aug. 23, 1S26.
Catharine Hopkin, d. Zenas and Betsey, Nov. 24, 1826.
Isaac, s. Isaac and Chloe, March 9, 1830.
Isaac, s. Zenas and Betsey, Nov. 11, 1830.
James Edward, s, Benjamin and Lydia, Nov. 5, 1841.
Mary Hale, d. Zenas :uk1 Betsey, March 29, 1835.
Priscilla J., d. Zenas and Betsey, July 18, 1841.
Thankful G., d. Zenas and Betsey, April 6, 1838.
Zenas, s. Zenas and Betsey, Oct. 30, 182.S.

BOWER, Annie 3Iaria, d. John S. and Catharine, Sept. 17, 1845.

Dorchester Births. ] I

BOWERS, Mary Pray, d. Levi aud Mary N., July 23, l-SSl.
BOWKER, Benjaniiii Cushinii", 9. Benjamin aud Susan, June 23,

BOWMAN, Lorenda Dearborn, d. Lewis and Mary, Jan. 25,

Mary Elizabeth, d. John and Abigail, Jan. 29, 1839.
Mary Lydia, d. Lewis and Mary, April 2, 1842.
Susan Elizabeth, d. Lewis and Mary, May 8, 1843.

BOYLE, Margaret, d. Thomas and Ann, Dec. .s, 1848.

BOYNTON, George Francis, s. George W. and Ruthv Ann, Oct.

I, 1841.

BRAAD, Mary Elizabeth (in Boston), d. William and Almira,
May 13, 1842.

BRADLEY (Bradlee), Alice Bowdoin, d. James B. and Mary

P., August —, 1846.
, d. James B. and Mary M., Aug. 10, 1849.

BRADSHAW, Aaron, s. Levi and Elizabeth, Jan. 20, 1833.
Elbridge, s. Levi and P^lizabeth, April 24, 1831.
Eliza Mehitable, d. Levi and Eliza, Aug. 23, 1829.
Eunice, d. Levi and Elizabeth, May 24, 1834.
George Hall, s. Levi and Eliza, Jan. 23, 1827.
•Jesse Henry, s. Levi and Elizabeth, Nov. 23, 1837.
Susan Hall, d. Levi and Eliza, Aug. 20, 1840.
, c. Levi and Eliza, May 10, 182.S.

BRADY, Ann, d. Thomas aud Ellen, Sept. 3, 184il.

BRECK, Margaret Amelia, d. Henry, Jr., and EUzabeth D., Dec.

24, 1848."

BREWER, Lawson Buckminister, s. Darius and Harriot, Sept.
23, 1826.

BRIQDEN, Mary Jane, d. Thomas J. and Eliza, March 21, 1848.

BRIQQS, George Azel, s. Franklin and Louiza, May 11, 1848.
Lester Franklin, s. Franklin and Louisa, April 19, 1846.

BRIGHAM, Edwin Wetherbee, s. Owen B. and Mary D., April

II, 1848.

BRIKNALL, John Warren, s. John and Lucy, July 19, 1827.

12 City Document No. 54.

BRITTON, Frederick F. (in Roxbiiry), s. John C. and Mary C,

Dee. 2.S, 1841.
William Ilenrv (in Roxbury), s. -John C. and Mary C, Sept.. 10,


BROAD, Abigail .lane, d. William and Almira, Oct. 24, 1843.
Willielmena Joanne, d. AVilliam and Almira, Sept. 29, 1845.
William Amos, s. William and Almira Jane, May 30, 1847.
William Edwin, 8. \\'illi;un and Almira, Aug. 8, 1849.

BRONSDON, Lucy T.,d. Charles and Lydia, Feb. 27, 1845.
Mary Brewer, d. Charles and Lydia N., Sept. 11, 1848.
Sarah Frances, d. Francis H. and Sarah Ann, April 10, 1848.

BROOKS, Catharine, d. Patrick and Mary, Feb. 27, 1845.

BROWN, Amanda jNIalvina, d. .Tohn and Mary Ann, June 17,

Charles Edward, s. Albert F. and Susan p:., Oct. G, 1.S49.
Edward Payson, s. Freeman G. and Sarah H., May 12, 1848.
George N.,%. Albert F. and Susan E., Sept. 29, 1844.
.John jMorrell, s. Simon and Rebecca, July 5, 1845.
John Webb, s. .lohn and Mary Ann, Aug. 14, 1831.
]\l:irtha, d. William and Agnes, Feb. 11, 1848.
]\Iartin, s. Michael and AVinnifred, April 3, 1(S47.
Mary Ann, d. John and .ALiry Ann, Feb. 4, 183 I,
I\Lary Frances, d. David and Caroline A., Aug. 25, ls4o.
Paul Henry, s. John and Mary Ann, Ai)ril 19. 18;'.6.
Rebecca, d. Simeon and Rebecca, May 2.S, 1.S47.
Rosamond Annette, d. .John and Mary Ann. March 3(). 1843.
Stephen, s. James and Elizabeth, Eel). 1, 1849.
Susan, d. Albert F. and Susan E., Oct. 25, 1847.
William John, s. William and Agnes, Nov. 19, 1849.

BRUMMELL, Edward Robbins, s. Mrs. Hannah, Nov. 27, 1834.
SauHiel .lewett, s. Hannah, Nov. 11, ls;;2.
William Wallace, s. Hannah, April 15, 1831.

BRYANT, Charlotte, d. Elijah and Snrah Ann, Nov. 2, 1841.
Edward Francis, s. James and Lucy, April 18, 1842.
Elizabeth Gushing, d. .lames and Lucy, Feb. 9, 1.S46.
Eunice Emily (twin), d. Elijah and Sarah Ann, ,lan. 6, 1833.
Francis, s. Elijah and Sarah Ann, Dec. 15, 1844.

George Henry, s. , Oct. 5, 183.S.

Hannah, d. r'JiJMh and Sarah, Feb. 13, 1847.

James, s. .lames and Lucy C, April IN, 1.S42.

.lames Wisnor, s. James and Lucy C.. Ai>ril 16 (Dup. March

16), I.SIO.
Lucy Holden, d. .lames and J>ucy, IVIarch 24, 1838.
Lydia Holden (twin), d. I<>lijah and Sarah Ann, .Ian. G, 1833.

Dorchester Births. I'd

Bryant, Eebecca Ann, d. William H. and Susan, March 23, 1849.
Sumner Hale, s. -lames and Lucy, Aug. 31, 1836.

, c. Nathan and Mary, Feb. 26, 1«27.

, d. James and Lucy, Nov. 21, 1818.

BUQBEE, Sarah Ann, d. Charles and Sarah Ann,. July 15, 1832.

BUISEY, .Judith, d. John and Hannah, June 2, 1832.

BURBANK, Alice Holden, d. Abijali F. and Caroline, Feb. 10,

BURGESS, Harriet Elizabeth, d. Zimri and Almira, Aug. 3, 1847.
Isabella, d. Zimri and Almira, March 3, 1840.
Louisa, d. Zimri and Almira, Feb. 24, 1838.
Mary Helen, d. Zimri and Almira, May 30, 1845.

BURT (liirt), Charlotte, d. .Joseph and Mary, Nov. 5, 1842.
EUzabeth J^oring, d. John and Betsey, Feb. 8, 1835.
George Livingston, s. John and Betse^', March 27, 1839.
Harriot, d. George and Esther, Sept. 14, 1831.
John Edward, s. John and Betsey, April 27, 1831.
Joseph, s. Joseph, .June 29, 1831.

Joseph Gardner, s. .Joseph and Mary H,, Feb. 24, 1828.
.Joseph Holland, s. .John and Betsey, March 12, 1833.
Mary Sophia, d. Joseph and Mary, May 1, 1830.

BUSSEY, Benjamin, s. John, Jr., and Hannah, April 23, 1827.
Clarisa Hannah, d. Capt. John and Hannah, Dec. 22, 1828.

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