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rhe Old Records

.f the

Town, of Fitchburg"
Volume VIII.









Walter A. Davis, City Clerk




< 2


City Clerk's Office,

December 16, 1913.

This volume contains an abstract copy of all the records
of Births, Marriages, and Deaths contained in the book let-
tered "A" of the old records of the Town of Fitchburg, with
the exception of some minor details which the experience of
this office has shown are never required for reference, but
which if included would have greatly decreased the use-
fulness of the volume and made the cost of production al-
most prohibitive.

Book A was the first under the Act of 1844 relating to
the registry and returns of births, marriages and deaths. It
includes the births from May, 1843. through the year 1849;
the marriages from May, 1844, through October, 1851 ; and
the deaths from May, 1845, through the year 1855.

The arrangement is alphabetical, instead of chronolog-
ical as in the original, thereby obviating the necessity of an
index. All those of one surname are grouped together. The
surname is printed in heavy capitals with the first name of
each group, and is not repeated with the other entries.

In regard to the spelling of some of the names it must
be borne in mind that the period covered was one in which
the tide of immigration was becoming marked and that the
names of the newcomers were unfamiliar to the officers
charged with the duty of making returns, as well as fre-
quently of uncertain form among the individuals themselves.
As a result of this condition the records of some families are
under as many as five or six forms widely separated by the
alphabetical arrangement, although phonetically they are not
materially different.

An appendix contains statistics compiled from the rec-
ords of deaths, showing the deaths by ages and the causes
of death for the period covered by this volume.

The work of printing has been done by the Sentinel
Printing Company, under the supervision of Mr. Frank C.

^r ^"5 ^"^ ^'' €\ ^"^


Births 1

Marriages 105

Deaths 141

Appendix 197


Worcester, ss. Fitchburg, December 16, 1913.

I. Walter A. Davis. City Clerk of the City of Fitchburg,
Massachusetts, hereby certify that the records contained in
this volume are in the case of each entry, true and correct
copies of so much of the information therein contained as is
included in the purpose for which it is published.


City Clerk.
Subscribed and sworn to before me,

Frank D. Page, Notary Public.



ACKLEY, Alice, d. Nathan F. and Mary A., Nov. 3, 1854.
Florence Gertrude, d. Henry F. and Helen Maria, July 28,

Nathan, s. Nathan F. and Mary Ann, May 6, 1849.

ADAMS, Catherine, d. Abel F. and Harriet, April 19, 1847.
Fanny Maria, d. William H. and Abby E., Sept. 18, 1856.
George Perrin, s. Abel F. and Harriet O.. Sept. 12, 1851.
Harriet Porter, d. Abel F. and Harriet O., Feb. 2, 1849.
Lydia Ann, d. John and Harriet, Dec. 23, 1851.
Lydia Ann, d. John and Harriet _W., Dec. 23, 1850.
Mary Louisa, d. Abel F. and Harriet C., Aug. 4, 1844.
Richard Fox, s. Abel F. and Harriet O.. Mar. 30. 1853.
Sampson Benjn., s. John 2d and Harriet, Feb. 28. 1852.
Susan Johnson, d. John 2d and Harriet W., Aug. 13, 1853.

ADAMSON, Eliza Jane, d. William and Irene, Jan. 25, 1854.
Viola Annett, d. William and Irena L. (Wheeler). July 29,

AHEARN, Mary, d. Patrick and Honora. Nov. 1, 1857.

AHERN, Johanna, d. James and Isabell, Apr. 11, 1854.
Margaret, d. Patrick and Honorah, Aug. 31, 1855.
Margaret, d. James and Isabel, Jan. 7, 1856.
Mary E., d. James and Isabel, Feb. 22, 1855.

ALDEN, Charles Luodo, s. Charles P. and Anna M., Aug.

12, 1857.
Ella Augusta, d. Charles L. and Elizabeth C, Nov. 21, 1858.
Lizzie Ellen, d. Charles L. and Elizabeth C, Feb. 24, 1856.

ALDRICH, Ellen Louise, d. Edward and Sybil, June 13, 1850.
Frederic Lucius, s. Lucius and Lucy, Feb. 20, 1852.
Lucius Henry, s. Lucius and Lucy, June 30, 1855. (
Mary Marinda, d. Lucius and Lucy, June 3, 1858.
, s. George W. and Lydia, July 23, 1844. Stillborn.

2 Fitchburg Births, 1843-Sg

ALEXANDER, Loretter, d. Caleb and Loretter, Dec. 24,

ALLEN, Alice Minerva, d. Charles A. and Mary A., May 10,

Charles Alva, s. Charles A. and Mary A., May 10, 1855.
Edward Everett, s. Charles and Lucinda, Dec. 2, 1850.
Ella Isabel, d. George F. and Emeline L., May 14, 1855.
Frederick Leroy. s. Rufns R. and Catharine A. (Copeland),

Apr. 17, 1859.
George Albert, s. Charles A. and Mary A., May 10, 1855.
Marv Florence, d. Charles A. and Marv Ann D., Feb. 16,

Mary Helen, d. John and Hanley, born at Holden, Mar. 14,
• "1849.

, s. Lorenzo and Elizabeth, Mar. 18, 1845.

. s. Henry and Sarah, June 1, 1845.

ALLEY, John Michael, s. Michael and Mary, Feb. 9, 1847.

AMRHEIM, , d. Adam and Margaret. Dec. 4, 1857.

AMSDEN, Alice Jane, d. George G. and Mary Caroline, Feb.

22. 1851.
Arthur Woodward, s. George G. and Marv Caroline, May

18, 1853.
George Henry, s. George G. and Mary C, born at Ashburn-

Tiam, Aug. 13, 1848.

ANDREWS, Augustus, s. Lysander and Lucy P.. Jan. 18.

Edward Augustus, s. Leander and Eliz. S., Jan. 8, 1849.
Frederick Alonzo, s. Alonzo and Candissa. Nov. 15, 1845.
Henry Warren, s. Alonzo ai^d Candissa, Nov. 24, 1850.
Herbert Warren, s. Alonzo and Candisa. June 17, 1852.
Sarah Eliz., d. Alonzo and Candisa A., Dec. 5, 1848.
, d. Alonzo and Candisa, Dec. 12, 1853.

ARNOLD, Edward, s. Virgil and Sarah, born in Millbury,

July 20, 1848.
Ira, s. Virgil M. and Sarah, July 14, 1854.
Ida Louisa, d. Thomas and Mary A., July 13, 1858.
Lucy Emma. d. Adney T. and Lucy M., Jan. 1, 1857.
Lueila Frances, d. Charles and Mary A., Sept. 8, 1848.
Luman Willis, s. Charles and Mary A., Aug. 17, 1855.
Rosanna Emma, d. Adna T. and Lucy M. (Parkhurst), Jan.

16, 1858.
Willis Eugene, s. Charles and Mary A., May 3, 1846.

Fiichburg Births, l843~5g 3

ARTHUR, Edwin, s. Andrew and Euphemia (Lee), Nov. 28,

ATHERTON, Charles Waldo, s. John L. and Laura J., Oct.

30, 1847.
Frank Percy, s. John L. and Laura J., May 26, 1850.
Henry E., s. Elbridge and Harriet, Sept. 15, 1847.
Mary Lovina, d. William H. and Mary L., July 18, 1850.
, s. Elbridge G. and Harriet, March 8, "1844.

ATKINSON, Angelina, d. Edward and Elizabeth P., March

27, 1844.
, d. George and Irena, July 20, 1852.

AVERILL, Alberton Isaiah, s. Isaiah L. and Eliz., Apr. 24,
• Edgar Eugene, s. Isaiah L. and Eliz., Mar. 13, 1849.

AYERS, Charles Langdon, s. Oliver and Mary, Oct. 27, 1849.

BABBITT, Charles Albert, s. Isaac T. and Anna P., Feb. 22,

Sarah A., d. Isaac J. [T.] and Ann P., Mar. 14, 1845.

BABCOCK, Sarah Elizabeth, d. Henry E. and Emily D.,
Nov. 21, 1858.

BACON, Martha Augusta, d. Levi L. and Lucy E.. Nov. 26,

Vinnie Lizzett, d. George O. and Sarah E., April 25, 1857.

BAGLEY, David Appleton, s. N. G. and C. H., Nov. 9, 1854.

BAILEY, Anna Martha, d. Ebenezer F. and Dorothy S.,*

Sept. 13, 1858.
Carrie I., d. George H. and Ellen A., Dec. 23, 1857.
Ebenezer, s. Ebenezer T. [F.] and Dorothv S.. Oct. 27, 1847.
Edward Goldsmith, s. Goldsmith F. and Sophie F., Dec. 19,

Ella, d. Isaac W. and Sarah, born in East Cambridge, Sept. 13,

Frederic William, s. James E. and Lucy A. ("Guild), July 29,

Harrison, s. Ebenezer F. and Dorothy S., July 12, 1849.
William Kimball, s. Ebenezer F. and Dorothy S., May 9, 1853.
, s. S. and Lucy P., Apr. 5, 1847. ' i

4 Fitchburg Births, 1843-^9

BAKER, Liicinda Sawyer, d. Lyman and Lucinda, Nov. 15,

BALCOM, Eva Maria, d. Henry T. and Sarah E., June 26,

BALDWIN, Abby Danelia, d. Calvin and Sarah, Jan. 24, 1854.
Eda Jane, d. Calvin and Sarah, June 6, 1850.
Edna Florence, d. Simon and Hannah G., May 29, 1852.
Emma Flora, d. Simond and Hannah, Aug. 12, 1849.
Estella Amanda, d. Calvin and Sarah, July 9, 1851.
Franklin Dexter, s. Joseph and Mary E., Mar. 26. 1845.
Freddie Egerton, s. Edwin and Martha M.. Mar. 28, 1853.
George Edgar, s. Simon and Hannah G., May 2, 1851.
Lizzie Robena, d. Simon andi Hannah G., born in Richmond,

III, Tune 28. 1855.
Martha Dexter, d. Joseph and Mary E., Nov. 21, 1858.
Mary Caroline, d. Joseph and Mary E., Jan. 28, 1856.
Samuel Dexter, s. Joseph and Mary E.. July 28, 1850.
Sarah, d. Saml.. Jr.. and Maria, Jan. 1. 1852.
Sarah Maria, d. Samuel. Jr.. and Maria, Dec. 28, 1851.

BALL, Ida A., d. John R. and Mary, Feb. 23, 1847.
Sophia Augusta, d. Phineas N. and Hannah T. (Clarke), Nov.
. 30, 1859.

BALLOU, Henry Elliott, s. Philetas and Laura S., born in
Richmond, N. H., Sept. 5, 1850.

BARDEEN, George Edward, s. Wm. T. and Margaret A..

Nov. 10, 1850.
Joseph Winship, s. William T. and Mary A.. March 20, 1858.
Mary Elizabeth Savage, d. William T. and Marv A.. Dec.

'11, 1855.

BARKER, Anna Hastings, d. Thomas H. and Lydia A., April

8, 1856.
Francis Henry, s. Lorenzo and Eleanor R.. July 5, 1853.
George L., s. Thaddeus L. and Orrilla, born in Keene, N. H..

May 30, 1855.
Louisa Victoria, d. Thomas H. and Lydia A., Aug. 27, 1852.
Mary Frances, d. Lorenzo and Elenor R., Aug. 6, 1856.

BARKLEY, John, s. Edward and Catherine. June 28. 1853.

BARNARD, John. s. John and Ellen (Conklin), Feb. 10. 1858.
Mary Eliza, d. Calvin and Mary M. (Perkins), July 8, 1858.

Fitchbitrg Births, 1843-59 6

BARNES, Charles Warren, s. Warren M. and Mary, born in

Nashua, N. H., June 6, 1851.
Louisa, di. Flavel and Lovina, Sept. 3, 1847.
Samuel S., s. Flavil and Lovina, Dec. 3, 1844.

BARNET, Ellen, d. John and Ellen, Dec. 1, 1855.
Lizzie, d. Patrick and Mary, Nov. 8, 1855.

BARNETT, Johanna, d. Patrick and Ann, June. 1854.
Michael, s. Patrick and Mary, July 15, 1852.

BARRETT, Alice Marion, d. Wm. M. and Lurinda B., June

20, 1853.
Eliza Emily, d. Philander G. and Sarah M., June 24, 1856.
Fred., s. Philander G. and Sarah M., Aug. 20, 1854.
George Milton, s. Philander G. and Sarah M., Sept. 15, 1850.
Sarah Eliz., d. Philander G. and Sarah M., Dec. 5, 1852.
William Lewellen, s. Wm. M. and Lorinda B., Dec. 12, 1850.
, s. Philander G. and Sarah M., Sept. 6, 1857.

BARRON, Albert Henry, s. Wm. B. and Phebe D., Nov. 29,

Alden Roscoe, s. William B. and Phebe D. (Esty), Aug. 26,

Charles Frederick, s. William and Phebe, Sept. 6, 1848.
Clara Malissa, d. William B. and Phebe D.. Apr. 19, 1853.
Florence Amelia, d. Wm. B. and Phebe D., Mar. 3, 1855.

BARSTOW, Anna Briggs, d. George B. and Mary A., June

5, 1857.

BARTLETT, Delia Maria Jane, d. Byron E. and Mary Jane,

Sept. 22, 1851.
Joseph Eugene, s. Byron E. and Mary Jane, June 17, 1849.
Joseph Eugene, s. Byron E. and Mary Jane, June 17, 1850.
William Leander, s. Leander and Mary L., Mar. 28, 1853.

BARTLEY, Edward Terrens, s. Edward and Catherine, Aug.

24, 1855.
James Burnett, s. Edward and Catharine, Oct. 21. 1857.

BARTON, Nancy Lovina, d. Porter G. and Harriet M., Aug.
15, 1852.

BATEMAN, Frederic Augustus, s. Charles A. and Lizzie H.

(Miller), March 29, 1858.
Hattie Czrina, d. Charles A. and Lizzie H., Feb. 6, 1856.

6 Fitchburg Births, 1843-Sg

Bateman, Myra Dorinda, d. Andrew P. and Mary D. (Page),
Aug. 25, 1859.

BATES, Maria Louisa, d. Daniel A. and Louisa M.. Sept. 15,

Nellie Caroline, d. Daniel A. and Louisa M. (Harris,) April

12, 1859.

BATTLES, Abby Foster, d. David and Martha, Dec' 23, 1845.

Flora Isabel, d. Oscar A. and Elizabeth, Aug. 8, 1856.

Franklin, s. Samuel and Fanny, July 10, 1849.

Frederick Oscar, s. Oscar A. and Elizabeth, Oct. 18, 1854.

Hannah, d. Calvin and Mary, April 21, 1844.

Hattie jane, d. Elbridge D. and Sarah J., Aug. 9, 1854.

Lizzie Elvira, d. Nathan L. and Mary B., Aug. 13, 1857.

Martha Antoinette, d. Samuel and Fanny, Nov. 3, 1850.

Wm. Francis, s. Calvin and Sarah, July 3, 1846.

BEAL, Eugene Ellenwood Marcellus, s. Jacob F. and Sarah
Jane, Sept. 19, 1845.

BEAMAN, Charles W., s. Aaron F. and Lucy, Apr. 21, 1847.
Fanny Torrey, d. Aaron F. and Lucy, Dec. 3, 1853.
Helen Louisa, d. Aaron F. and Lucy, Oct. 9, 1848. >

Lucy Lyon, d. Aaron F. and Lucy, June 15, 1843.

BEARD, Susan Frances, d. Alvin and Mary Ann, June 7,

BEARDING, Charles W., s. William, Aug. 28, 1847.

BECKER, Theodore Jones, s. Theodore J. and Ann M., col-
ored, August 14, 1858.

Charles Judson, s. Martin F. and Caroline E., colored, Nov.
23, 1858.

Eugene Antoinette, d. Martin F. and Caroline E., Oct. 29,

Louis M., s. Martin F. and Caroline E., Aug. 27, 1854.

BECKWITH, Arthur Eugene, s. Alfred and Rachel, Mar. 8,

Charles Sumner, s. Alvah A. and Lucy W., Nov. 30, 1850.
Ellen W., d. Alvah A. and Lucy W., Sept. 27, 1846.
Sarah Ellen, d. Alvah A. and Sarah F., April, 1857.

BEECHER, Sarah Jane, d. Albert and Sarah A., Feb. 20,

Fitchburg Births, 1843-^g 7

BELL, William James, s. Alexander and Susannah, Nov. 24,

BELNAUGH, John, s. Francis and Angeline, Nov. 15, 185L

BEMIS, Alice Samantha, d. Joseph C. and Lucia A., July 14,

Walter, s. Daniel W. and Mary, Aug. 3, 1857.
William Eleazer, s. Joseph C. and Lucia A., Oct. 22, 1849.

BENNETT, Caroline Adger, d. Augustus and Barbary, born

at sea, Apr. 17, 1853.
Charles Asa, s. Augustus N. and Barbara, May 24, 1851.
Fred Locke, s. Charles and Marv E. (Locke), Sept. 28, 1859.
, s. Abraham, July 25, 1844. '

BENSON, Elizabeth, d. William and Ellen (Drynan), Nov.

18 1858
Ellen Elizabeth, d. William G. and Ellen, Feb. 17, 1857.
Mary Jane, d. William G. and Ellen, July 11, 1853.
William Henry, s. William G. and Ellen, Mar. 6, 1855.

BENTON, Charles Putnam, s. Charles H. and Sarah C, Apr.
6, 1851.

BETTERLY, Celinda Arvilla, d. Oscar A. and Lucy C, born
in Worcester, Feb. 9, 1855.

BIGELOW, Calvin Augustus, s. Job S. and Lucy, July 26,

Marian Adriana, d. Enos and Emily B., Dec. 28, 1843.

BILLINGS, Alphonso Chancelor, s. Charles and Mary Ann,

Aug. 25, 1851.
Anna Caroline, d. Albert and Joanna, Oct. 6, 1855.
Charles Holman, s. Silas and Joanna, July 25, 1^43.
Clarence, s. Charles and Sarah, Mar. 28, 1847.
Frank Hulcy, s. Charles and Mary Ann, Feb. 6, 1853.
Frederic Towne, s. Charles J. and Sarah A., Jan. 17, 1858.
Henry Edwards, s. Silas P. and Joanna, Feb. 15, 1849.
Jane Maria, d. Silas P. and Joanna, Aug. 13, 1847.
Lottie Elizabeth, d. Reuben F. and Flannah E. (Kinsman),

Apr. 6, 1859.
Lurana Knight, d. Reuben and Susan, Jan. 15, 1844.
Mary, d. Reuben and Susan, June 24, 1846.
William Silas, s. Silas P. and Joanna, July 13, 1851.
Willie Albion, s. Charles and Mary A., Feb. 20,' 1849.
, s. Chas.J. and Sarah A-, Apr. 24, 1854.

8 Fitchbiirg Births, l84J-^g

BINGHAM, Charles Henry, s. Charles and Sarah, Aug. 18,

George, s. Charles and Sarah W., Nov. 8, 1855.
Walter Harris, s. Charles and Sarah W., Aug. 2, 1857.

BIRMINGHAM, Patrick, s. Patrick and Catharine (Marthy),
born in Boston, Feb. 11, 1859.

BISHOP, Charles Samuel, s. Samuel and Mary Jane, June
17, 1850.

BLAKE, Daniel F., s. John and Ann, Jan. 1, 1855.

BLANCHARD, Araminta Maria, d. Amos M. and Maria T.,

Nov. 1. 1851.
Elvie Annettia, d. Cyrus and Emily, Dec. 17, 1856.
Frank, s. Cyrus and Emily, Oct. 10, 1852.
George Munroe, s. Levi M. and Eliza, Dec. 15, 1849.
Henry Luther, s. Luther and Hannah, Apr. 22, 1849.
Luther, s. Luther and Hannah, Feb. 4, 1846. '

Phebe, d. Peter and Clarissa, born in Mason, N. H., Sept. 7,

Suza Emma, d. Cyrus and Emily, Oct. 3, 1855.

BLISS, George William, s. Wm. E. and Emeline E., Aug. 6.

Henry, s. Gaffield and Mary (Burbank), born in Grafton,

Jan. 22, 1858.
Ida Jane, d. Charles H. and Jane, June 27, 1858.

BLODGETT, Fredman Horace, s. Lorenzo and Sarah E.
(Messinger), born in Gardner, Oct. 20, 1858.

BLOOD, Charles, s. Dennis and Clarina, Aug. 8, 1843.
Charles H., s. Thomas S. and Ann, Mar. 4, 1847.
Charles Hiram, s. Hiram A. and Mary M., Dec. 10, 1857.
Cora Estelle, d. Hiram A. and Mary M., Oct. 16, 1856.
Henrietta Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Caroline E., Mar. 15, 1847.
Henry Munroe, s. Thomas and Ann, June 2, 1845.
Mary, d. Matthew and Anna, Jan. 11, 1851.
Thomas Calvin, s. Dr. Thomas S. and Anne W., May 23,

BOGERT, Charles Van Valen, s. Cornelius and Sarah G.,

Apr. 9, 1853.
Fanny Adelia, d. Cornelius and Sarah G., Feb. 3, 1849.
Maria A., d. Cornelius and Sarah, Dec. 2, 1846.

Fitchbiirg Births, 1843-Sg 9

BOLAND, Catherine, d. Lawrence and Joanna, Aug. 12, 1852.
John, s. Lawrence and Joanna (Long), Dec. 14, 1858.
Lawrence, s. Lawrence and Johannah, June, 1856.
Thomas, s. Lawrence and Johanna, Jan. 6, 1854.
William, s. Michael and Honorah, Oct., 1855.

BOLIO, Joseph Calls, s. Peter H. and Ann, May 4. 1855.

BOMAN, Ella Elvira, d. Horace S. and Elvira W., Sept. 22,

BOOTH, Mary Eliza, d. Edward and Bridget (Gleason),

Apr. 5, 1858.
Thomas, s. Edward and Bridgett, Dec. 8, 1856.

BOSS, Adelbert, s. George H. and Catherine, Aug. 30, 1848.
Orlando Phidelio, s. George H. and Catherine, July 30, 1843.

, d. George and Catherine, Apr. 18, 1846.

, d. George H. and Catherine L., Nov. 9, 1856.

BOUM, Emma Augusta, d. Nelson D. and Lucinda, born in
New Boston, N. H., Apr. 19, 1850.

BOUTELLE, Edward, s. Josiah W. and Sarah, Aug., 1847.
Frank Lyman, s. Nat. S. and Dorcas F., Jan. 21, 1846.
George W., s. John, Sept. 4, 1847.

Mary Jane, d. George W. and Mary Ann, July 4, 1848.
. d. Josiah W. and Sarah, Mar. 12, 1844.

BOUTWELL, Anner Ellen, d. Marshall and Ploomy, born in
Lunenburg, May 1, 1848. [Parents' name is given as

Edward Walton Leverett, s. James W. and Sarah R., May 6,

BOWEN, Emma Louisa, d. Peer M. and Eliza A., May 15,

Frank Herbert, s. Peer and Eliza Ann (Ellen wood),' Nov.

20, 1858.
Frederic Herbert, s. Ephraim N. and Martha W., May 13,


BOWIN, Abby E., d. Ephraim and Martha, May 12, 1846.

BOWKER, Almeretta, d. Davis C, Nov. 4, 1847.
Clarence Gushing, s. Davis C. and Fanny A., Nov. 20, 1851.
Edward S., s. George W., June 30, 1847.

10 Fitchbiirg Births, 1843-59

BOWLIN, Mary Ann, d. Lawrence and Judy, May 1, 1851.

BOWMAN, Horace, s. Horace and Elvira, Sept. 11, 1846.
[See Boman.]

BOYLE, Francis, s. George and Ann, Dec. 28, 1855.
George Martin, s. George and Ann (Boyle), Feb. 28. 1859.
Jane, d. George and Ann, June 29, 1857.

BRAMIN, Mary, d. James and Ellen. Oct. 22, 1846.

BRANEN, Dennis, s. Bartly and Julia, Aug. 21, 1851.

BRANNEN, Catharine, d. Patrick and Margaret, July 18.

BRANNIN, John, s. Patrick and Margaret, July 20, 1846.

BRAY, Abby, d. Michael and Margaret, May 8, 1855.
Emmeline, d. Michael and Margaret, Sept. 23, 1857.
Lucy, d. Michael and Margaret (Murphy), May 7, 1859.
Margaret Maria, d. Michael and Margaret, born in Peterboro,
N. H., Sept. 6, 1853.

BREED, Frederic, s. James C. and Eliz., Apr. 8, 1852.

BREEDON, Albert William, s. William and Mary (Shing-

ler). July 16, 1859.
Charlotte, d. William and Mary, June 20, 1857.

BRENNA, George, s. Peter and Eliza St. Peter, Mar. 31,

BRENNAN, Julia Ann, d. Patrick and Margaret. July 22,

BRENNEN, James, s. Patrick and Margaret, Dec. 13. 1852.
Joseph Henry, s. Patrick J. and Margaret, July 11, 1848.

BRENNIN, Margaret Theresa, d. Patrick and Margaret,
July 8, 1850.

BRICK, Frank Marvin, s. Jerome S. and Lucy A.. April 6,

Hattie M.. d. Jerome S. and Lucy A.. Mar. 4, 1854.
Mary Rosanna, d. Jerome S. and Lucy Ann, Apr. 15, 1849.
Sarah Adelaide, d. David C. and Hannah, Apr. 17, 1852.

Fitchburg Births, 1843-Sg 11

BRICKET, Mary Augusta, d. Oilman and Eusebie, July 19,

" BRIGHAM, Charles Lewis, s. Charles and Rebecca, July 10,

Emma Linwood, adopted daughter of H. H. and Sarah, Oct.

7, 1858.
Helen Sophia, d. Seth E. and Louisa M. (Fitch), Oct. 22,

Howard Hammiond, s. Howard H. and Deborah S., Feb.

5, 1847.
Willie Howard, adopted son of H. H. and Sarah, Mar. 10,


BRIMBLECOM, Alta Maria, d. Sylvester H. and Jane E.,

Feb. 2, 1855.
William Henry, s. Sylvester H. and Jane E., Oct. 8, 1856.

BRONSDON, , s. Charles, Feb. 27, 1845.

BROOKS, Alfaretta Lillian, d. Luke W. and Matilda, Dec.

28, 1854.
Altezara, d. Luke and Matilda N., born in Townsend, Mass.,

Jan. 5, 1853.
Ellen Lucretia, d. John and Jane, Jan. 24, 1845.
Mary Helen, d. Henry C. and Julia E., Sept. 2, 1852.

BROWNING, Mary Louise, d. Silas W. and Fanny, Aug. 11,

Willis D., s. Abner and Mary R., Feb. 1, 1848.

BROSNIHI, Michael, s. Cornelius and Mary, Sept. 21, 1851.

BROWN, Anngenette, d. Amos and Clarissa, Oct. 27, 1854.
Catherine Perkins, d. George and Mary, July 23, 1853.
Charles Everett, s. George and Mary, Mar. 23, 1846.
Charles Henry, Jr., s. Charles H. and Emeline, born in East

Boston, Aug. 28, 1849.
Edgar, s. Charles H. and Emeline (Hubbard), Apr. 21, 1859.
Edward Humphrey, s. Jacob 2d and Mary, June 9, 1854.
Elisha, s. Porter and Mary A., Sept. 5, 1855.
Emma Jane, d. Amos and Clarissa, Oct. 4, 1856.
Frank Edwin, s. Charles PL and Emeline J., June 6, 1851.
[Frank W.], s. Amos, Jr., and Clarissa, Aug. 14, 1850.
Lucy Hart, d. George and Mary, May 26, 1843.
Mary Adelia, d. George and Mary, Mar. 2, 1851.
Myra Amelia, d. George and Mary, May 19, 1849.

12 Fitchburg Births, 1843-Sg

Brown, Roxanna. d. Porter and Mary Ann, Mar. 3, 1853.
Sarah Elizabeth, d. Porter and Maryann, Mar. 11, 1850.
William Albert, s. Charles H. and Emeline J., Sept. 16, 1853.

BRUCE, Frank Wilmot, s. Abel, Jr., and Eliz. E., Sept. 29,

Frederic Eugene, s. Abel, Jr., and Elizabeth E. (Towne),

Aug. 6, 1859.
Harriet Maria, d. Abel, Jr., and Elizabeth E., Apr. 21, 1854.

BUCK, Julia, d. Alexander and Bridget (O'Brien), Aug. 31,

BULLARD, Caroline, d. E. W. and Harriet. Feb. 8, 1847.
Emma, d. Geo. C. and Caroline A., born in Waltham, Apr. 28,

Harriet Marguerite, d. Ebenezer W. and Harriet, Nov. 28,

Lucy Ann, d. Ebenezer \V. and Harriet N., Aug. 31, 1849.
William Ebenezer, s. Ebenr. W. and Harriet N., Jan. 23,


BULLOCK, Carrie Louise, d. Laban and Harriet S. (Dins-
moor), Aug. 21, 1858.
Florence J., d. George and Jane, Feb. 23, 1858.
Frank Elmer, s. Laban and Harriet S., July 19, 1851.
Helen Augusta, d. Laban and Harriet S., Mar. 18, 1849.
Herschel Ney, s. William L. and Eunice S., Nov. 14, 1855.
Marion, s. Wm. Lafayette and Eunice S., Oct. 31, 1853.
Thedea, s. Laben and Harriet S., Feb. 1, 1854.
, s. Charles and Mary A., Mar. 31, 1848.

BURGESS, Ada Frances, d. Oliver B. and Frances G., May

3, 1857.
Aldorus Leone, s. William H. and Jane A., July 29, 1851.
Charles Edward, s. Chas. and Adaline, Feb. 16, 1852.
Lillie Adelaide, d. Charles and Adeline (Goodfellow), May

21, 1859.
Louisa Adaline, d. Charles N. and Adaline G., Dec. 12, 1849.
Martha Ann, d. Charles and Adaline, Feb. 6, 1855.
Mary Ezelia, d. Cornelius and Dorothy, May 17, 1851.

BURK, , s. Lovell and Hannah, Mar. 18, 1847.

BURKE, Edward, s. Wm. and Nancv, born in Leominster,

May 24, 1853.
Henry, s. Alexander and Bridgett, Sept. 3, 1856.
John, s. Alexander and Bridget, July 14, 1857.

Fitchburg Births, 1843-Sg 13

Burke, John Timothy, s. William and Ellen (Shean), July

20, 1858.
Margaret, d. Alexander and Bridget, Sept. 3, 1855.
Willie, s. William and Ellen, Feb. 10, 1857.

BURLEIGH, Anna Atwood, d. Charles and Eliz. R., Apr. 27,

' 1851.
Charles Rogers, s. Charles and Eliz. R., Nov. 19, 1852.
George Augustus, s. Charles and Elizabeth (Rogers), Oct. 13,

John Henry, s. Charles and Elizabeth, Jan. 21, 1856.

BURNETT, John, s. Patrick and Marv (Donovan!, Jan. 2,

BURNAP, Elson Aubrey, s. Calvin F. and Harriet B., Mar.

11, 1854.
Emma Jennett, d. John and Eliza (Daby), June 11, 1859.
George Franklin, s. Samuel and Lucinda F., Oct. 25, 1849.
Harriet Elizabeth, d. Stilman and Melody, Jan. 4, 1846.
Mary Eliz., d. Calvin and Harriet, May 28, 1850.
Mary Jane Tilson, d. Edward and Nancy, June 8, 1852.
Nancy Melody, d. Stillman and Melody. Mar. 30, 1851.
Stilman Warren, s. Stilman and Melody, July 24, 1848.

, s. Edward and Nancy M., Apr. 6, 1854.

, s. John and Eliza., Sept. 13, 1856.

BUTMAN, Lucy Jane, d. John L. and Lucy E. (Cady), Sept.
26, 1858.

BUTTERFIELD, Luther Henry, s. Henry D. and Hannah
Rosilla, Sept. 28, 1853.

BUTTERS, George Harris, s. Wilder and Almira, Oct. 31,

BUTTRICK, Edeth Ferrelin, d. Francis and Mary B., Apr.

9, 1853.

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