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A collection of books, pamphlets, log books, pictures, etc., illustrating whales and the whale fishery, contained in the Free Public Library, New Bedford, Mass online

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Online LibraryMass.) Free Public Library (New BedfordA collection of books, pamphlets, log books, pictures, etc., illustrating whales and the whale fishery, contained in the Free Public Library, New Bedford, Mass → online text (page 1 of 4)
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In the middle of the last century the district of New Bedford had
a fleet of over 400 vessels, mostly ships and barques, engaged in
whaling. The introduction of mineral oil as an illuminant, the
scarcity of whales, and the Civil War all greatly depleted that fleet,
and at the present writing there are no more than one-half dozen
vessels which claim New Bedford as their home port.

It is fitting that the New Bedford Library should make a specialty
of books bearing on the engrossing subject of whales and whaling.
This pamphlet is the revised edition of "A Collection of Books, Pam-
phlets, Log Books, Pictures, etc., Illustrating the Whale Fishery, Con-
tained in the Free Public Library, New Bedford, Mass." April, 1907.
Since the issue of that pamphlet many books and pictures have been
added so it seems timely to issue this new edition.

In our city the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, with its Whaling
Museum, contains a very complete collection of the utensils and para-
phernalia associated with whaling, and the very large model ship
housed in that museum affords great interest to visitors. With the
books and pictures in the library, the student of this fascinating sub-
ject will find very much of interest.

The library solicits additions by gift, or purchase, to its collection.





"In Honor of the Whalemen Whose Skill, Hardihood, and Daring Brought Fame and Fortune to
New Bedford and Made its Name Known in Every Seaport on the Globe."

Gift of W. W. Crapo




Allen, Glover M.

Some observations on rorquals off
Southern Newfoundland. (Re-
print from American Naturalist
XXXVIII, No. 453. 1904.)


Sowerby's whale on the American

coast. (Reprint from American

Naturalist. XL, No. 473. 1906.)


Whalebone whales of New England.
Boston Society of Natural Hist.,
vol. 8, part 2. 505-B65

Andrews, Roy C.

California gray whale. 1914.

Beale, Thomas.

Natural history of the sperm whale.
1839. 639.3-B36

Beddard, F. E.

Book of whales. 1900. 599.5-B39

Notice sur la Baleine choue prs

d'Ostende et sur les fetes don-

nes par H. Kessels. Paris. 1829.


Bonneterre, L'Abb.

Tableau encyclopdique et mtho-
dique des trois rgnes de la na-
ture. Cetologie. 1879.

Brown, J. Temple.

Some notes on whales. In Bulletin
of U. S. Fish Commission, p. 411,
48th Cong., first session, H. Miss,
vol. 1.
Brown, Sir Thomas.

Of the Spermaceti whale. Vol. 1,
p. 353. 824.4-B81

Camper, Pierre.

Observations anatomiques sur la
structure interieure et le squelette
de plusieurs espces de ctac6s.
2 vols. Paris. 1820.

Capellini, G.

Delia Balena di Taranto. Bologna.

1877. 599.5-I-C174B

Balenottera di Mondini. Bologna.

1877. 599.5-I-C174BA

Collection Academique. Supp. des

Trans. Phil, de la Soci6t Royale de

Londres. Peche des Baleines en

Amerique. 1683.


Cope, E. D.

The cetacea. Am. Naturalist.

Cuvier, G. L. C. F. D. (Baron).

Animal kingdom. Cetacea. Vol 1.

Dewhurst, Henry W.

Natural history of the order cetacea,
and the Oceanic inhabitants of
the Arctic regions. 1834.

Egede, H.

Description et histoire naturelle du
Greenland. 1763. 998-F-EG26G
Escricht, Prof., D. F., and others.
Recent memoirs of the Ray Society.
Cetacea. 1866. 599.5-ES12R

Escricht, Prof.

Undersogelser over Hvaldyrene.

Flower, W. H.

In Osteology of the mammalia.
1885. 591.79-F66

Whales, past and present, and their
probable origin. 1883.

Gasco, Francesco.

Intorno alia balena presa in Taranto
nel Feb., 1877. Napoli. 1878.

Geoffroy, Saint-Hilaire, Etienne.

Fragmens sur la structure et les
usages des glandes mamellaires
des Ctac6s. Paris. 1834.

Gesner, Conrad.

Fischbuch; das ist ein kurtze doch
vollkomme beschreybung aller
Fischen so in dem meer und
anderen wasseren. 1575.

Goode, G. Brown.

Whales and porpoises. In The
fisheries and fishing industries of
the TJ. S., 47 Cong., first Sess.,
Miss., Doc. 124, pts. 6-7.
Also 597-G61F

Graells, M. P.

Las ballenas en las costas oceanicas
de Espana. Madrid, n. d.

Gray, John E.

Catalogue of seals and whales in
the British Museum. 2 vols.
1866, 599.5-G796LC

Greenland captain on the whale.

In Tradesman, or Commercial

Magazine. 633.3-W55-P.16

Guerin, Raoul.

fitudes zoologiques et paleontolo-
giques sur la famille des Cetaces.
Paris. 1874. 599.5-F-G934E

Hamilton, Robert.

Natural history of the ordinary
cetacea or whales. 1837.


Hehn, Martinus.

De tectura et formatione barbae
balaenae. 1849. 599.5-M366T

Lilljeborj, Wilhelm.

Obversigt af Skandinaviens Hvald-
iur. Upsala. 1862.


On two subfossil whales discovered
in Sweden. Upsala. 1867

599.5-JLO4 / 1
Linne, Sir Charles.

General system of nature. 1806.

V. 1, p. 127. 502-L64

McCulloch, J. R.

Dictionary of commerce.

Malm, A. W.

Hvaldjur I Sveriges Museer. Stock-
holm. 1871. 599.5-SW-M296M

Murie, James.

On the organization of the Caaing
whale. 1867. 599.5-M94O

Murray, Andrew.

Geographic distribution of mam-

mals. 1866. 599-M96

Notes sur un cachalot, par S. A. S.

Le Prince Albert de Monaco.

Paris. 1896. 599-F-M74N

Owen, Richard.

Comparative anatomy and physi-
ology. 1866. 596-OW2


Natural history. Vol. 2, p. 359.

Pouchet, M. G.

Anciens echouages de cetaces.


Programm des zur Schau ausges-
tellten Wallfisch Ungeheuers.

Racouitza, Emile G.

Summary of general observations

on the spouting and movements

of whales. Smithsonian Inst. An-

nual Report. 1903. 506-SM6

Sampson, William.

Is a whale a fish? Accurate report
of the case of James Maurice
against Samuel Judd, tried in
the Mayor's office of the City of
New York, on the 30th and 31st
of December, 1818. 1819.

Sars, G. O.

Bidrag til en noiere characteristik
af vore Bardehvaler.

Om Blaahvalen. 599-M317-P.9

Om individuelle Variationer hos

Rorhvalerne og deraf betingede

Uligheder i den ydre og indre

Bygning. 599-M317-P.8

Scammon, C. M.

Marine mammals of the northwest-
ern coast of North America. 1874.
Schmidt, Oscar.

The mammalia, p. 246. 599-SCH5
Sheppard, Thomas.

Whale's skeleton. 1901.

Southwell, Thomas.

Seals and whales of the British
seas. 1881. 599-SO8

Struthers, John.

Memoir of the anatomy of the
hump-back whale. 1889.

Thiercelin, L.

Action des sels solubles de strych-
nine associes au curare sur les
gros cetaces. Paris. 1866.

True, Fred W.

Contributions to the natural history
of the Cetaceans. A review of
the family Delphinidae.

506-SM6N No. 36

Description of a beaked whale re-
cently discovered on the coast of
North Carolina.

506-SM6P Vol. 45

Nomenclature of whalebone whales.
506-SM6P Vol. 21

Whalebone whales of the western
North Atlantic. In Smith. Inst.,
Vol. 33, Contrib. to knowledge.

Tullberg, Tycho.

Bau und Entwicklung der Barten
bei balaenoptera Sibaldii. 1883.

Turner, William.

Account of the great Finner whale
(Balaenoptera Sibaldii) stranded
at Longniddry. 1870.

Van Beneden, P. J.

Un mot sur la Baleine du Japon.

Wall, William S.

History and description of the
skeleton of a new sperm whale,
lately set up in the Australian
Musuem, together with some ac-
count of a new genus of sperm
whale called Euphysetes. 1851.


'Abbott, Willis J.

American merchant ships and
sailors. 1902. 656-AB27A

Aldrich, Herbert L.

Arctic Alaska and Siberia, or Eight
months with the Arctic whale-
men. 1887. 639.3-AL2


Anderson, Johann.

Nachrichten von Island Gronland
und der Strasse Davis. 1747.


Andrews, Lorrin.

Sabbath whaling; or, Is it right to
take whales on the Sabbath?
Lahaina, Maui, S. I. n. d.

Andrews, Roy C.

Whale hunting with gun and
camera. 1916. 639.3-AN27W

Ashley, Clifford W.

Blubber hunters. 639.3-AS36B

Austin, Jane G.

Nantucket scraps. 1883.

Ballantyne, Robert M.

Fighting the whales, or, Doings and
dangers of a fishing cruise, 1865,
1870. 639.3-B212F

Banks, Charles E.

History of Marthas Vineyard.
1911. Whalefishery, Vol. 1,
Chap. 28. 974.41-M365B

Barren", William.

Old whaling days. Hull. 1895.


Beale, Thomas.

Natural history of the sperm
whale, etc., to which is added
A sketch of a South Sea whaling
voyage. London. 1839.


Beane, J. F.

From forecastle to cabin; the
story of a cruise in many seas,
taken from a journal kept each
day, wherein was recorded the
happenings of a voyage around
the world in pursuit of whales.
1905. 910.4-B376F

Bennett, Frederick D.

Narrative of a whaling voyage
around the globe. 2 vols. Lon-
don. 1840. 910-B43
Bewick, Thomas.

Description of above three hun-<
dred animals, viz., beasts, birds,
fishes, serpents and insects, with
a particular account of the man-
ner of catching whales in
Greenland. Glasgow. 1801.

Bickerdyke, J.

Sea-fishing, containing Whaling,
by Sir H. W. Gore-Booth. 1895.
Bliss, William R.

Quaint Nantucket. 1896.

Bolau. Heinrich.

Die geographische Verbreitung
der wichtigsten Wale des Stil-
len Ozeans. Hamburg. 1895.

Browne, J. Ross.

Etchings of a whaling cruise, with
notes of a sojourn on the island
of Zanzibar. 1846.

Brown, J. Temple.

Whalemen, vessels, apparatus, and
methods of the whale fishery.
In Fisheries and Fishing In-
dustries of the U. S. Vol. 2,
pp. 218-293. 597-G61F

Bullen, Frank T.

Cruise of the Cachalot. 1899.

Burns, Walter N.

A year with a whaler. 1886.


Catalogue of Nantucket whalers and
their voyages from 1815 to 1870.
Nantucket, 1876. 974.41-N159H

Chase, Owen.

Narrative of the most extraordinary
and distressing shipwreck of the
whale-ship Essex at Nantucket,
which was attacked and finally
destroyed by a large spermaceti
whale in the Pacific Ocean.
1821. 910.4-C387N

Chase, Washington.

Voyage from the United States to

South America eighteen

months cruise in a Nantucket -'
whale-ship. Newburyport. 1823.
Cheever, H. T.

Whale and its captors; or, the
whaleman's adventures. 1850.
1886. 639.3-C41

Clutterbuck, Walter J.

A skipper in Arctic seas. 1890.

Colnett, James.

A voyage to the South Atlantic and
round Cape Horn into the Pacific
Ocean, for the purpose of ex-
tending the spermaceti whale
fisheries. London. 1798.

Congdon, James B.

New Bedford. 974.48-N42-P-7 "

Convention rglement et loi concern-
ment Les Pgcheries dans les mers
situees entre les c6tes de France et
celles de la Grande-Bretagne. Paris.
1846. 639.3-W55-P-18

Conway, Sir Martin.

No man's Land, A history of Spitz-
bergen. 1906. 988.2-C767N

Cramer, Danielem.

ICurtze Beschreibung des grossen
Walfisches welcher den' 13 Maii
dieser jetzt lauffenden Jahrs jung-
sthin in Pommern Todt anges-
trandet ist. 1620.


Crantz, David.

History of Greenland. Whales and
whaling 1767. 998-C85

Cupples, George.

Cupples Howe, mariner. 1885.

Curtis, Stephen, Jr.

Brief extracts from the journal of
a voyage performed by the
whale-ship M y of New Bed-
ford. 1844. 639.3-W55-P-4
Also in vol. 60 of 040-P19

Davis, William M.

Nimrod of the sea, or, the Ameri-
1 can whaleman* 1874.

Delano, R.

Wanderings and adventures: being
a narrative of twelve years' life
in a whale-ship. 1846.

Also in P. box 299
Denison, Charles W.

Old Slade; or, Fifteen years ad-
ventures of a sailor, including a
residence among cannibals on
Wallace Islands. 639.3-D415O

Densmore, D. C.

The halo: an autobiography. 1876.


- Dexter, Elisha.

Narrative of the wreck of brig
William and Joseph of Marthas
Vineyard. 1848. P. box 80

. Dodge, G. A.

A whaling voyage in the Pacific
Ocean, and its incidents. 1882.

Egede, Hans.

Det gamle Gronlands. 1741.

Elking, Henry.

View of the Greenland trade and
whaleflshing, with national and
private advantages thereof. Lon-
don. 1722. 63i9.3-EL55V
Ellis, Leonard B.

History of New Bedford and its
vicinity. Chap. 22. 1892.

Enderby, Charles.

Proposal for reestablishing the
British southern whaleflshery.
1847. 639.3-EN2

Eschricht, D. F.

Om Nordhvalen. 1861. Kjoben-

havn. 1861. 639.3-D-ES17N

Faits et observations sur 1'etat ac-

tuel de la Peche de la Baleine en

France. Havre. 1851.

Faulkner, Joseph P.

Eighteen months on a Greenland

whaler. 1878. 910.4-F27E

Fisheries Exhibition, International.

Vol 1-7, 9, 13. 639-ln8

-Folger, J. H.

Handbook of Nantucket. 1875.

Flower, William H.

Observations upon a fin-whale,

recently stranded in Pevensey

.Bay. 1865. 639.3-W55-P-12

Forbes, Allan.

Special exhibitions of whaling pic-
tures from the collection of
Allan Forbes. Peabody Museum.
1919. 639.3-W55

-Forbes, R. B.

Loss of the Essex, destroyed by a
whale, with an account of the
sufferings of the crew, who were
driven to extreme measures to
sustain life. 1884.

Fotherby, Robert.

Narrative of a voyage to Spitzber-
gen in the year 1613. 1860.

France, Maritime.

1. La Baleine Franche. 1852.

2. Dep^cement de la Baleine.
1852. 639.3-F-F842

-Freeman, Frederick.

The history of Cape Cod. 2 vols.

1860-62. 974.41-C174F

Die Gefahren des Wallfischfanger.

1828. 639.3-W55-P-13

Gerstacker, Friedrich.

Die Nacht auf dem Walfish.
Frankfurt. A. M.


Also- in De Tijd. 639.3-D-D485
Der kleine Walfischfanger.


Gottinsche gelehrte Anzeigen. 1826.
(Review of Scoreby's Journal)


A Greenland captain, on the whale.
1812. 639.3-W55-P-16

Grinnell, Joseph.

Statistical table of whaling industry
in U. S. 1844. Pam. box 57

Hagenaar, Hendrik, and Tasman, Abel
Nederlandsche Reisen. 1786.

Hall, Daniel W.

Arctic rovings; or, The adventures
of a New Bedford boy. 1861.

Hammond, Thomas W.

On board a whaler. 1901. H1885O
Hazen, Jacob A.

Five years before the mast, or, Life
in the forecastle aboard a whaler
and a man-of-war. 1854.

Holmes, Lewis.

Arctic whaleman; or, Winter in the
Arctic Ocean, being a narrative
of the wreck of the whaleship
Citizen, of New Bedford, in the
Arctic Ocean. 1857. 639.2-H73A
Honig, J.

Historische, oudheid en Letter-
kundige Studien. (de Groen-
landische en Straat Davissche
visschery.) 839.38-D-H756H

Vol. 2

Hull Museum Publications, Thomas
Sheppard, curator.
No. 25. Hull whaling days.


No. 30. Hull whaling relics. Hull
whaling statistics.


No. 31. Hull whaling relics and
Arctic; or, Historical records of
250 years. 639.3-SH471HU

No. 35. Hull whaling log-book.


No. 33. Quarterly record of addi-
tions. 1906. Renowned cen-
tury-old whaler Trueiove.


Hurd, D. H., comp.

History of Bristol County, Mass>
Chap. 9. 974.41-B777H

Hutchinson, H. S. & Co., pub.

Cutting in a whale, a series of
twenty-five photographs. 1903.

Ives & Jewett, pub.

Catching of the whale and seal.
1838. -639.3-IV37C

Jarman, Robert.

Journal of a voyage to the South"'
Seas, in the "Japan," employed
in the sperm whalefishery. Lon-
don. 1838. 639.3-J292J
Jenkins, Thomas H.

Bark Kathleen sunk by a whale.
1902. 910.4-J41B

Jones, John B.

Life and adventure in the South

Pacific by a roving printer. 1861.


Journal des connaissances utiles.
Baleine. (Peche de la.) 1836.

Journal des voyages.

Peche de la Baleine, dans la Mer
des Antilles. 1822.


Emploi des fusses a la Congrdve
pour la peche de la Baleine, et
description de ces fusees. 1822.

Kingston, W. H. G.

Old Jack: a man-of-war's man and \
South Sea whaler. London. 1859.
Kohler, Fried. G.

Reis naar de Ijszee en naar de
kusten van Greenland en Spitz-
bergen. Amsterdam. 1820.

Kottenkamp, Franz.

Der Wallfisch und Walfischfang.
Kriess, Freid., trans.

William Scoresby's des Jungern.
Tagebuch einer Reise auf .den
Wallfischfang. Hamburg. 1825.

Laflin, James, pub.

List of officers composing the whal-
ing fleet. San Francisco. 1886-
1888, 1890-1908. 639.3-L136L

Laing, John.

Account of a voyage to Sptzbergen.
1815. 919.8-L14

Lay, William, and Hussey, Cyrus M.
Narrative of the mutiny on board
the ship Globe, of Nantucket,
Mass. New London. 1822.

Le Compte, Jules.

Pratique de la pche de la baleine */
dans les mers du Sud. Paris, /(
1833. 639-F-L49

Leslie, Sir John.

Narrative of discovery and adven-
ture in the Polar seas and regions.
1831. 919.8-L56

Lindeman, Moritz.

Vol. 1. Die Arktische Fischerei
de Deutschen Seestadte, mit zwei
Karten von A. Petermann. 1620-

Vol. 2. Die Seefischereien, ihre

Gabiete, Betrieb, und Ertrage.

Gotha. 1880. 639.3-G-L64A

Die Gegenwartige Eismeer-Fisch-

erei. 1899. 639.3-G-L64G

List of ships in New Bedford district,

1832. 1835. P. box 93 *

M<5Nab, Robert.

Old whaling days. Melbourne.
1913. 993.1-M2310

Macy, Obed.

History of Nantucket. 1880.

Macy, William Hussey.

There she blows! The whales we
* caught and how we did it. 1899.
M'Donald, Alexander.

A narrative of some passages in the
history of Eenoolooapik, a young
Esquimaux. . . . Remarks on
the Northern whalefishery. Ed-
inburgh. 1841. 910.4-M146N
Manby, George M.

Journal of a voyage to Greenland

~ in the year 1821. London. 1822.


Mariner's Chronicle. New. Haven.
1834. 910.4-M33

Mariner's Library. 1840. 910.4-M335
Markham, Albert H.

Whaling cruise to Baffins Bay.
1875. 910.4-M34W

Markham, Clements R.

Threshold of the unknown region.
1873. 919.8-M34

Mason, Otis T.

Aboriginal American harpoons. In
National Museum Report. 1900.
56 Cong. 2 Sess. H. Doc. 115.
Maury, Nannie B.

Whalers and whaling. 1896.



Mermilliod, M.

Rapport fait au nom de la Commis-
sion chargee de 1'examen du pro-
jet de loi relatif a la peche de la
baleine. 639.3-W55-P-17

Martens, Predrik.

Naukeurige Beschryvinge . van
Greenland, of Spitzbergen. Am-
sterdam. 1770. 919.8-D-M364V
Viaggio. 919.8-I-M364V

Mobius, K.

Ueber den Pang und die Verwer-
thung der Walflschs in Japan.
Berlin. 1894. 639.3-G-M724U

Miiller, H. C.

Whalefishing in the Faroe Islands.

Miiller, S.

Geschiedenis der Noordsche Com-
pagnie. Utrecht. 1874.

Murdoch, W. G. Burns.

Modern whaling and bear-hunting.
1917. 639.3-M947M

Munger, James P.

Two years in the Pacific and Arctic
Oceans and China. Vernon. 1852.
Murphey, Charles.

Journal of a whaling voyage on
board ship Dauphin, of Nan-
tucket. (In verse.) 1877.


Also 639.3-W55-P-5
Murphy, R. C.

Subantarctic whaling. Pictures on
whaling in brig Daisy of New
Bedford. P. box 359

Nederlandische Reizen.

Walvischvang te Pirando, in Japan.
Amsterdam. 1786.

Nevens, William.

Forty years at sea. 1848.

Newhall, Charles L.

Adventures of Jack, or, A life on
the wave. 1859. 639.3-N456A

Nordhoff, Charles.

Whaling and fishing. N751W

Old Dartmouth Historical Society.

No. 2. Ships built in Dartmouth.
No. 14. Fitting out a whaleship.

Old whalers.
No. 43. Oxford village.
No. 44. Ship Bartholomew Gos-
nold. Bourne Whaling Museum.
No. 45. Dedication of Bourne
Whaling Museum.

Oxx, Thomas H.

A voyage in the Pacific Ocean in
the ship Mechanic of Newport,
R. I. 1834. 639.8-OX96H

Paddack, N. C.

Life on the ocean, or, Thirty-five
years at sea. 1893.


APease, Z. W.

Whalefishing. In New Bedford,
Mass. Its history, industries, in-
stitutions, and attractions. N. B.
Board of Trade. 1889.

La peche de la baleine. Poem.

1 639.3-W55-P21
Peirce, Herbert H. P.

Whaling and sealing claims against
Russia, on account of the arrest
and seizure of the American ves-
sels "Cape Horn Pigeon," "James
Hamilton Lewis," "C. H. White,"
and "Kate and Anna."


Practical Mechanics' Journal.
Harpoon guns. 1858.
Harpoon guns and harpoons. 1857.
Harpoon guns for whalefisheries.
1857. , 639.3-P884H

Remarks on the whalefishery. (Prom \
Nantucket Mirror in reply to the
New Bedford Mercury.) 1852.
Broadside. 639.3-W55-P-3

^Report of the Secretary of State on V
the subject of the Cod and Whale
fisheries. 1791. 639.3-UN3R

Also in 42 Cong. 2nd Sess. H. M.

No. 32.
Reste, LeC. Bernard de

Histoire des peche, des decouvertes
et des etablissemens des Hol-
landais dans les mers du Nord.
3 vs. Paris. 1801.

-Rhodes, James A.

Cruise in a whaleboat by a party of
fugitives. 1848. 639.3-W55-P-7
Ricketson, Daniel.

History of New Bedford. Chap. 6
and 10. 1858. 974.41-N421R

Ross, L.

Reisen auf den grieschischen Inseln
des Agaischen Meeres. Stutt-
gard. 1843. 639.3-W55-P-22

Rottenkamp, Franz.

Der Wallfisch und Walfischfang
Stuttgart. 639.3-W55-P-11

'St. John, J. Hector.

An account of the whale fishery of
Nantucket one hundred years ago '
In 48 Cong. 1st Sess. H. Miss,

Salmon, Th.

Hedenaagsche Historie, of Tegen-
voordigestaat van alle Volkeren
Amsterdam. 1735.

'Sanford, P. A. .-

Pioneers of the whale fishery
Nantucket. 1852. "Safe 55 "

Scammon, C. M.

Marine mammals of the Northwest-
ern coast of North America with
an account of the American
whale fishery. 1874.




Scoresby, William.

Account of the Arctic regions, with
a history and account of the
Northern whale fishery. 2 vols.
Edinburgh. 1820. 639.3-SCO7A
Journal of a voyage to the North-
ern whale fishery. 1823.

Scoresby, William, ed.

Whaleman's adventures in the
Southern Ocean. (H. T. Cheever.)
London. 1850. 639.3-SCO71W

Scoresby, William, Jr.

Memorials of the sea. My father:

being records of the adventurous

life of the late William Scoresby.

London. 1851. B-SCO73S

Scraps from the log-book of George

Lightcraft, who was for more than

twenty years a sailor; an account

of the whale fishery, with many

thrilling incidents in the life of

the author. Detroit. 1850. *

Seas, ships, and adventures.

Seward, W. H.

Survey of the Arctic and Pacific

oceans. Speech in the U. S.

senate. 1852. In Works of W.

'H. Seward. 1,236. 308-SE8

Simmonds, P. L.

Aquatic mammals and their
products. 639-SI4

Snelling, W. J.

The Polar regions of the Western
continent explored. 1831.

. Spears, John R.

The story of the New England'
whalers. 1908.' 639.3-SP33S

' Starbuck, Alex.

History of the American whale
fishery from its earliest inception
to the year 1876. 1878.


Also in U. S. Commission of Fish
and Fisheries. Report of Com-
missioner for 1875-6. 1878.
^State Street Trust Co.

Whale fishery of New England. An
account, with illustrations and

Utilization of the skins of aquatic
animals. Wash. U. S. Com. of
Fish and Industries. 1903.


Swift, Clement. (See drawer.)
Taber Bros., pub.

Whaling directory of the United

States, in 1869. 639.3-T11

Pocket signal-book. Semaphore

telegraph. New Bedford. 1843,

1848, 1850, 1853, 1856, 1860.

Taber, Charles, & Co.

New Bedford, Fairhaven, and Dart-
mouth Signal-book. 1837, 1845,
1848, 1853, 1855. 639.3-T11N

Taber, Charles S.

A narrative of a shipwreck in the
Fiji Islands in 1840. 1894.


Supplementary account of the same
by Ellis L. Rowland in N. B.
Standard. Sept., 1901.
Teller, Thomas, ed.

Stories about whale-catching, and
the toils and perils of whalers.
New Haven. 1845.

Thacher, James.

History of Plymouth. 1835.

Thomes, William.

A whaleman's adventures in the
Sandwich Islands and California.
1890. T364W

De Nacht op den Walvisch.

In De Tijd's Gravenhage. 1856.


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