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f .''**i

Northeastern University Gatildrori


Table of Contents

Student Life

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Student Activities

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Greek Life

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"The End"

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Boston, Massachusetts





is a



wings/ 7

-C. Archie Danielson

Carpe Diem

Class of 2003 9






■ ■.•■■ :.i. "


Rage, rage against the
dying of the light.

Do Not Go Gentle into
that Good Night

by: Dylan Thomas

These are your years

for tears,

When energy and th

of time,

Botii in greater store


To keep you going in


for failure and


the face of

P. Carey Reid


'Our mind

is capable

of passing




line we


drawn for

it. Beyond

tne pairs



of which

the world


other, new







g of

You imagine

will what you

create what you




George Bernard Shaw

round Here

Key man, we got!

lots of time

round here

we're never sent to

bed early

x. ■


4Jm 1**?ii •>

and nobody makes us


round here we stay up

very late

counting crows

too cheap, we
its value. I lov

conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtai
:em too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything
ie man that can smile in trouble, that can gather
zress and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of
ink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience
uct, will pursue his principles unto death."

- Thomas Paine

■■ : * ' '

i hi

■ *


.._ • '-'


. ■ .

J':? : tjs* . - •,■■'■"


Alma Mater

Music by Louis J. Bertolami, E60, MBA67
Lyrics by Joseph Spear

Oh, Alma Mater here we throng

And sing your praises strong.

Your children gather far and near

And seek your blessings dear.

Fair memories we cherish now

And will forever more.

Come, let us raise our voices strong.

Northeastern we adore.



ft ^®m^^E^%^mmm Uffwiiagpn?

^f TV a IIDP Ml M

m ^ (giHDiFEEA'iiWE gnu® ait boss

September 13, 2002 - BOSTON, Mass. - U.S. News & World Report has
ranked Northeastern University as #1 in the country among programs
that "require or encourage students to apply what they're learning in the
classroom out in the real world." Northeastern came in at the top of the
list in the category of "internships and co-ops" in the annual guide to
national colleges and universities, America's Best Colleges 2003.

'This year, U.S. News introduced new rankings of schools with outstand-
ing examples of academic programs that lead to student success:
"Programs that Really Work." With the help of numerous education
experts, including staff members of the Association of American
Colleges and Universities who are focused on quality initiatives in higher
education, U.S. News identified Northeastern as the leader in efforts to
integrate classroom learning with real-world experiences.

cc We are enormously proud of our flagship co-op program, our other
experiential education programs and the work we have done in recent
years to enrich their educational benefits," noted Northeastern President
Richard M. Freeland. "It is a testament to the dedication of students,
faculty, staff, administrators, and employers that we are recognized as the
nation's leader in practice-oriented education."

The department of cooperative education which administers
Northeastern's flagship co-op program is the undisputed leader in its
field, placing about 8,700 students each year with more than 3,000 co-op
employers in Boston, across the United States, and in many corners of
the world. Unlike most cooperative education universities, Northeastern
offers co-op programs in virtually every undergraduate field of study.

Dear Class of 2003:

As graduates taking part in Northeastern's 101st
commencement exercises, you will always hold a special
place in our remarkable history. You are our first class to
graduate with the knowledge that Northeastern has placed
number one in the country in the U.S. News & World
Report ranking of universities that combine classroom
studies with work experience. That achievement, which
you helped bring about, should serve you well in the years
to come. With pride and pleasure, on behalf of the faculty
and trustees, I congratulate you on reaching this milestone
in your life and wish you every success on the journey that
lies ahead.

As you leave Northeastern, I hope you see your time here
as the beginning of your learning, not the end. There will
always be more to know, deeper levels of understanding
and higher levels of performance to attain. Keep growing
and searching for knowledge, because to stop learning is,
in a real sense, to stop living.

I hope you will seek wisdom and compassion even as you
pursue knowledge and skill. As you discover, make use of
your discoveries. As you learn, teach. As you succeed,
share. What you have acquired during your years here
can make your community— and all the world— a better

I hope, too, that you will keep a place in your heart for
Northeastern. You have earned a permanent place among
us. We want to be a continuing part of your life and your
growth. You are joining generations of graduates, linked
to one another throughout the past century. With you now
in the vanguard, this University, this family of
Northeastern, will flourish anew in the years to come.



Richard M. Freeland




: .

4 :i





"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they "'
are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in
this world are the people who get up and look for the circum-
stances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them."

- George Bernard Shaw






\*he liberation nf /„

! in the Zaii f mge /S W ° ted
^^"oeration of ourseh


WRBB 104.9 FMI

Co 1

Northeastern Black
Nledia Association


<* j

•^Bfc* ^P



Student Society of America

r or Gfetrist-


6 1

^> '

■•'11 "~~

Curry Student
Center Staff



Academic Ocganizations

NU Atkletic Training Club

tiopuimonacy and Exercise Sciences Club

Cinema Society

College of Computer Science Student Advisory Council

Communications Quo

Criminal Justice Student Advisory Council

Communications Club

Criminal Justice Student Advisory Council

English. Club

Finance ^ Investment Club

International Business Club

Linguistics Club

Marketing Association

Math Club

Medical Laboratory Science Club

Music t" Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA)

Philosophy Club

Physical Therapy Club

Physician Assistant Student Society (NUPASSj

Pre~LaW Society
Public Relations Student Society of America
Senior Physical Therapy Class
Speech V Hearing Club
Student Nurses' Association
Supply Chain Organization
Toxicology Student Association
United Nations Association

Club Sports



Figure Skating Club
Men's Lacrosse
Men's Soccer Club
Men's Volleyball
Rugby Football Club
Running Club
Snowboard Club
Women's Club Volleyball
Women s Lacrosse Club
Women's Rugby Football Club
Women's ultimate Frisbee
Wrestling Team

Community Service Organizations

American Red Cross
Circle K

NU Campus Girl Scouts
Up til Dawn

Political Organizations

College Democrats

NU International Socialist Organizatior


o o » o


Greek-Letter Organizations

Greek Executive Council

Greek Week Committee

Interfraternity Council

National Pan-Hellenic Council

Pankellenic Council

Greek~Letter Sororities

Alpka Epsilon Pki

Delta Pki Epsilon

Delta Zeta

Sigma Delta Tan

Siqma Gamma Rko




igma Oigma oigma
Zeta Pki Beta

Greek-Letter Fraternities

Alpka Epsilon Pi

Alpka Kappa Sigma

Beta Gamma Epsilon

Kappa Sigma

Pki Beta Sigma

Pi Kappa Alpka

Stgnxa Alpka Mu

Sigma Pki Epsilon

Tan Epsilon Pki

Tketa Delta Cki


Etknic tJ 1 Cultural Organizations

African Student Organization

Arabic Students Association

Armenian Student Association

Asian Student Union


Nortkeastern Black Student Association (NBSA)

Nortkeastern Brazilian Organizations

Cape Verdean Students Association

Caribbean Student Organization

Eastern European Organization

Haitian Student unity

Hellenic Club

Indonesian Student Association

Nortkeastern Internatioiial Student Association (NISA)

Korean Student Association

Latin American Student Organization (LAS)

NU Persian

Students for Israel

Turkisk Student Association

UTSAV (Soutkeast Asian Association)

Vietnamese Student Association

Graduate Organizations

Black Lxutf Students Association
Bouve Graduate Student Board
Ckinese Student V Sckolars Association
College Student Development Association
Graduate Students Political Science Association
MBA Connection

Student Speeck-Language Hearing Association
Sanskriti (Indian Student Association)





Music Literature

Tke Academy (Acts ^ Sciences)

Alpka Pki Sigma (Criminal Justice)

Pi Sigma Alpka (Political Science)

Psi CKi (Psyckology)

Rko CKi Society (Pkarntacy)

Sigma Alpka Lambda

Tan Alpka Pi (Engineering Tecknology)

Tan Beta Pi (Engineering)

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Computer Sciences)

Performing Arts Organizations

Accidentals (a'cappella)

Band Association

Bassix (acappella)

Ckoral Society

Cultural Dance Organization

Dance Company

Downbeats (a'cappella)

Performance Club (Club PerLit)

Nor'easters (acappella)

NU "ft Improved (improo group)


Pep Band

Silver Masque (tkeatre)

Print ■$ Broadcast Media

Cauldron Yearbook

Nortkeastern News

Onyx Informer (multicultural)

Spectrum Magazine (literary)

Times New Roman (kumor)

WRBB Radio 104.9 FM

Religious Organizations

Agape Christian FelloWskip

Ckinese Ckristian FelloWskip

Cki Alpka Ckristian FelloWskip

Ckristian Student Union

Evangelical NU FelloWskip Forum (ENLIFF)


Hindu Student Council

Islamic Society

J.DQAAI. Unity Gospel Ensemble

LatterrDay Saints Student Organization.

Lutkeran Campus Ministry'

Newman Club

Professional Organizations

Academy of Students of Pkarmacy

American Ckemical Society

American Institute of Architectural Students

American Institute of Ckemical Engineers

American Medical Student Association

American Society of Ctoil Engineers (NUSACE)

American Society of Meckanlcal Engineers

Association for Computing Mackinery

Association for Engineering Tecknology

Association of Latino Professionals In Finance If 1 Accountli


Black Engineering Student Society (BESS)

Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers

Institute of Industrial Engineering

Nortkeastern Black Media Association

Professional Latino Society for Engineering IJ 1 Sciences

Society of Women Engineers

Student Society of Healtk System Pkarn^acy

Student National Minority Association of Pre~Healtk

Students (SNMA/MAPS) '


"Good leaders make people feel that tkeyre at tke <?ery keart

of tkings, not at tke peripkery. Everyone feels tkat ke or ske

n lakes a difference to tke success of tke organization. W ken

tkat kappens, people feel centered and tkat gkes tkeir Work

meaning" - Warcen Bennis

All University Organizations

Class Council Governing Board

Council foe University Programs (CUP)

Graduate 1? Professional student Association (GPSA)

Resident Student Association (RSA)

Student Government Association (SGA)

Special Interest Groups


ANIME of NU Interpreting Club

Ballroom Dance Team Karmic Awareness

Brothers About Ckange Linux, UNIX Group

CKess Club Mac User Group

Class of 2003 Council NU Bisexual, Lesbian, <$ Gay Association (NUBILAGA)

Class of 2004 Council NU Bots

Class of 2005 Council NU Campus Against War ^ Racism

Class of 2006 Council NU Huskiers V Outing Club (NUHOC)

Class of 2007 Council NU NAACP

Class of 2008 Council NU Student Association of Commuters (NUSAC)

Colorguard Paintball Club

Connected Ping Pong Team

Deaf Club Progressive Student Alliance of NU

Demiurgical Engineering Club Sailing Club

DoWnkillers Ski 'ft Snowboard Club Student Ambassadors

Eating *& Weight Concerns Project (NEwCOPE) Students for Environmental Action

Entrepreneurs fy Innovators Club Wireless Club

Feminist Student Organization Women's Health, tr Fitness

Gaminq Group Xcel [49



A sportsman is a man who, every now and then,
simply has to go out and kill something."
- Stephen Leacock


2003 Roster

~ """ >

#91 Steve Militello
#92 Scott Quimby
#93 Bob McDonough

_ Cecil Howard

#39 Jonathan Kahn

#i Mike Johnson

#41 Bobby French

#94 Brandon Cook

#2 Charles Cameron

#42 Cedric Garner

#95 Ian Nielsen

#3 William Griffin

#43 Keith Kent

#96 Charles Bennett

#5 Quintin Mitchell

#44 Joe Gazzola

#97 Justin Simmons

#6 Robbiel Moore

#45 Ron Carter

#98 Dan Philcox

#7 Tyler Grogan

#46 Ben Woods

#99 Adam Waters

#8 Anthony Nolen

#48 Steve Anzalone

#9 Bismark Osei

#50 Matt Campopiano

Head Coach: Don Brown

#io Rold Luis

#51 Liam Ezekial

Offensive Coordinator: Kevin

#n Kurt Abrams

#52 Jason Zimkus

Morris I

#12 Curtis Guilliam

#53 Ryan Przydzial

Assistant Coach, Linebackers:

#13 Jared White

#54 John McDonald

Keith Dudzinski

#14 Justin Clement

#55 Gene Rich

Assistant Coach, Wide Receiv-

#15 Neil Johnson

#56 Andy Macinnis

ers/Recruiting Coordinator:

#16 Shawn Brady

#57 Chris Bock

Eddy Morrissey

#17 Sean Cassidy

#58 Tim Dwyer

Assistant Coach, Offensive

#18 James Abosi

#60 Greg Abramopaulos

Line/Run-Game Coordinator:

#19 Richard Orah

#61 Nick Daily

Brian Picucci

#20 Frank McDonald

#62 Chris Halliday

Assistant Coach, Defensive

#21 Peter Harris

#63 Paul Preston

Backs: Sidney Powell

#22 Tim Gale

#65 Jason Khouri

Assistant Coach, Defensive

#23 Art Smith

#67 Tom Olivo

Line: Steve Tirrell

#24 EJ Jackson

#70 Ryan Gibbons

Offensive Assistant (Tight

#25 Adam Walter

#71 Keith Driscoll

Ends)/Video: Mike Cerullo

#26 Joe Okrah

#72 Mike Roseborough

Offensive Assistant (Running

#27 Louvans Chariot

#73 Ty Perini

Backs/Video; Brent Thompson

#28 Anthny Riley

#74 David Williams

Defensive Assistant (Defensive

#29 Miro Kesic

#75 Adam Bourget

Line):JJ Fadden

#30 Zach Conway

#76 Tim Avery

Offensive Assistant (Wide

#31 Neil Anderson

#80 Keith Motley

Receivers): Lance Overby

#32 Corey Ponzo

#82 Eric Thomas

Video Assistant: Kevin Picucci

#33 Charles Hughley

#83 Kevin Lawlor

Director of Football Opera-

#35 Mike Hall

#85 Marc Thomas

tions: Jon Mack

#36 Matthew Hayes

#86 Patrick Graham

Strength & Conditioning Coor-

#37 James Souffiant

#87 Cory Parks

dinator: Joel St. Cyr

#38 Gavin Potter

#88 Cody Thompson

Athletic Trainer: Kim Terrell


2QQ3 Record

Aug. 31 Lock Haven 48-0 W
Sept. 7 at Ohio 31-0 W
Sept. 21 Massachusetts* 42-17 W
Sept. 28 Hofstra* 28-17 W
Oct. 5 at Delaware* 10-27 L
Oct. izRhode Island* 38-13 W
Oct. 19 at Harvard 17-14 W

Record: 10-3 (7-2 Atlantc 10)
* Atlantic 10 Game

Oct. 26 at William & Mary* 13-30
Nov. 2 at Richmond* 24-21 W
Nov. gWillanova* 38-13 W
Nov. 16 at New Hampshire* 49-17
Nov. 23 James Madison* 41-10 W

NCAA 1st Round
Nov. 30 Fordham 24-29 L



2003 Record

Record: 12-8-2 (6-2-0)
*America East Game

Aug. 30VS Fairleigh Dickinson 1-1 T

Sept. 1

Sept. 6

Sept. 7

Sept. 10

Sept. 14

Sept. 20

Sept. 22

Sept. 24

at Quinnipiac 2-0 W
vs Drury 0-1 L
at Memphis 1-2 L
at St. Peter's 1-2 L
St. Francis (NY) 2-2 T
Oneota State 2-1 W
Sacred Heart 5-0 W
at Holy Cross 0-1 L
Oct. 2 Dartmouth 1-2 L
Oct. 5 at New Hampshire* 2-3 L
Oct. 9 Hartford* 2-1 W



Oct. 12 at Stony Brook* 2-1
Oct. 16 at Maine* 1-0 W
Oct. 19 Vermont* 4-3 W
Oct. 23 Boston University* 2-1
Oct. 30 at Albany* 2-3 L
Nov. 3 Binghamton* 5-0 W

America East Semifinals
Nov. 9 #1 Northeastern vs #4 New
Hampshire 3-1 W

America East Final
Nov. i7#i Northeastern vs #2 Vermont
2-1 W

NCAA 1st Round
Nov. 23 at Lehigh 1-1 W

NCAA 2nd Round
Nov. 27VS Boston College 1-2 L



2003 Roster


#i Helder Pires

#15 Jeff Gannon

#2 Oumar Thiam

#17 Sergio Saccoccio

#3 Peter Mosconi

#18 David Downing

#4 LeRoy Waatkins

#19 Jay Betley

#5 Joseph Parrish

#20 Dana Myiak

#6 Tom Heimreid

#21 Matthew Handy

#7 Andrew Hickey

#22 Matt Stafford

#8 Julian Daniels

#24 Andrew Babicz

#9 Michael Cipriano

Head Coach: Ed Mat z

#io Athanasios

Assistant Coaches: Jeff


Lipman, Brendan

#nJochen Beck


#12 Bennie Priieske

Captains: Nate

#13 Jay Hanson

Houghton, LeRoy

#14 Nate Houghton

Watikins, Oumar Thiam




r 1

2003 Roster


#o Cynthia Slowik
#i Jeanette Tremblay
#2 Kelly Smith
#3 Megan Vaccaro
#4 Nicole Bottino
#5 Emily Haahr
#6 Tanya Mello
#7 Caitlin Moroni
#io Filippa Petruccelli
#n Jessie Haidamaka
#12 Jessica Olds
#14 Jackie Spellman
#15 Jill Link
#16 Meghan Kelley
#17 Liz Dyjak
#18 Jess Pfeifer

#19 Jennifer North
#20 Tara McLarney
#21 Andi Matthews
#22 Joane Wolosiewicz
#23 Patti Lynch
#24 Rachel Cambio
#25 Megan Moore
#26 Meryl Carberry
Head Coach: Ed Matz
Assistant Coaches: Kelly
Desmond, Jeff Lipman
Captains: Kelly Smith,
Emily Haahr
Athletic Trainer:
Shannon Flaherty




2003 Record

Record: 8-8-4 (4 _2_2 America East)
*America East Game


Aug. 31

at Manhattan 1-1 T

Sept. 2

7 at Long Island 3-0 W

Oct. 2iDartmouth 0-5 L

Sept. 4Holy Cross 1-1 T

Sept. 29 at Stony Brook* 1-1 T

Oct. 24 at Boston University* 0-0


Sept. 6 at Memphis 0-3 L

Oct. 1 at Sacred heart 0-4 L

Oct. 27 at Binghamton* 11-0 W

Sept. 8 at Mississippi 0-5 L

Oct. 6 at Hartford* 0-3 L

Nov. 1 Albany* 3-0 W

Sept. 12 at Iona 5-0 W

Oct. 8 at Brown 0-2 L

Nov. 3 Vermont* 2-1 W

Sept. 14 Siena 1-0 W

Oct. 11 New Hampshire* 0-1 L

Nov. 8 at Hartford* 0-3 L

Sept. 22 Rider 4-3 W

^ -

Oct. iyMaine* 2-1 W


2003 Record

Aug. 31 Quinnipiac 4-0 W

Sept. 2 at Massachusets 3-2 W

Sept. 8 William & Mary 1-0 W

Sept. 14 Holy Cross 3-0 W
Sept. i8#i3 Boston College 4-0 W

Sept. 20 vs. Central Michigan 3-1 W

Sept. 22 at #2 Michigan 1-2 L

Sept. 27 at Appalachian State 5-1 W

Sept. 29 at #13 Duke 2-3 L

Oct. 4 at Albany* 6-0 W

Oct. 6 Brown 3-0 W

Oct. 9 at #20 Harvard 2-1

Oct. 12 Vermont* 4-0 W


Record 18-5 (4-1 America East)
* America East Game

Oct. 13 Fairfield 2-0 W

Oct. 18 #15 California 6-0 W

Oct. 20 at Maine* 1-2 L

Oct. 26 New Hampshire 2-1 W

Nov. 2 at #17 Boston University* 2-1 W

Nov. 5 at Connecticut 1-2 L

America East Semifinals
Nov 8 #1 Northeastern vs #4 Vermont 5-0 W

America East Final
Nov. 10 #1 Northeastern vs #3 Maine 4-0 W

NCAA 1st Round
Nov. 16 UConn at Harvard 1-0 W

NCAA 2nd Round
Nov. 17 Michigan State at Harvard 1-2 L

2003 Roster


#3 Sara Webber

#20 Alii Bolster

#4 Liane Dixon

#22 Lauren Edelmeieer

#5 Leigh Shea

#24 Aleisha Bemis

#7 Fior Arrindell

#25 Maureen Connelly

#8 Katherine Hopkins

#26 Joy Earley

#9 Mari Creatini

#27 Megan Troxel

#n Katie Grant

#33 Emily Roy

#12 Carley Cook

#77 Diana Nelson

#13 Sarah Broderick

Head Coach:

#14 Natalie Singelais

Cheryl Murtagh

#15 Melissa Rowell

Assistant Coaches:

#16 Nicole DePace

Zowie Tucker

#17 Erin Coyne

Scott Smith

#18 Heather Bernstein

Athletic Trainer:

#19 Jay Quinn

Chad Krawiec



2003 Roster

#11 Kristin Ursillo

#i Karrin Moore

#2 Sara Bill

#3 Jana Kubalova

#4 Larissa Adomat

#5 Lindsay Wagner

#6 Briana Furch

#7 Kelley Cognac

#8 Whitney Wienkoop

#9 Lindsay Feller

#io Rebecca Holland

#12 Jennifer Endres
#13 Shannon Brooker
#14 Erin Spangler
Head Coach: Ken

Assistant Coaches:
Sylvie Quenneville
& Colleen Lee

2QQ3 Record

Aug. 30-31 at Colgate Invitational
Aug. 30 vs St. Francis 3-0 W
Aug. 31 vs Colgate 3-0 W
Aug. 31 vs Tulsa 3-0 W
Sept. 5 at South Florida 0-3 L
Sept. j at Central Florida Challenge
Sept. 7 vs Central Florida 2-3 L
Sept. 7 vs Stephen F. Austin 2-3 L
Sept. 13-14 at Rhode Island Classic
Sept. 13 vs Utah State 0-3 L
Sept 14 vs Baylor 1-3 L
Sept. 14 vs Rhode Island 3-1 W
Sept. 20-21 at Valparaiso Invitational

Record: 18-15 Cio -2 America East)
*America East Match

Sept. 20 vs Valparaiso 2-3 L
Sept. 21 vs Fairfield 1-3 L
Sept. 21 vs Jacksonville 1-3 L
Sept. 24 at Brown 1-3 L
Sept. 27 Rutgers 0-3 L
Sept. 29 St. Peter's 3-0 W
Oct. 1 at Holy Cross 3-0 W
Oct. 4-5 at Crimson Classic (Harvard)
Oct. 4 vs Winthrop 0-3 L
Oct. 5 vs Harvard 1-3 L
Oct. 5 vs Dartmouth 3-0 W
Oct 8 New Hampshire* 3-22 W
Oct. n Stony Brook* 2-3 L




Oct. i2Hartford* 3-0
Oct 15 Connecticut 3-0
Oct. 20 at Maine* 3-0
Oct. 25 Binghamton* 3-0
Oct. 26 Albany* 3-1 W
Oct. 29 at New Hampshire
Nov. 1 at Hartford* 3-0 W
Nov. 2 at Stony Brook* 3-1 W
Nov. 8 at Albany* 3-1 W
Nov. 9 at Binghamton* 3-0
Nov. 15 Maine* 3-0 W
America East Semifinals
Nov. 23 vs Stony Brook 2-3

i-3 L



2QQ3 Record

Oct. 26 at Boston University 173-124


Nov. 10 vs. Maine 171-120 W vs. Central Connecticut State

176-89 W

Nov.16 vs. Army 190-110 W

Dec. 14 at Harvard 107-172 L

Jan. 4 at Dartmouth 142-100 W

Record: 9-4
(4-1 American East)

Jan. 11 at Princeton 133-155 L
Jan. 19 Massachusetts (Senior
Day) 131.5-108.5 W
Jan. 20 at New Hampshire 145-155

Jan. 31 at Boston College 119-181 L
Feb. 14-16 America East Champi-
onships at Maine NU 1st 821.15

NU Captains, Jill Vance (L) and Kaitie Calligan (R)
with Head Coach, Roy Coates.

Swimming & Diving

Adela Gavozdea, 2003 qualifier for
the NCAA Diving Championship

2003 Roster

Kelly Colburn
Kaitie Colligan
Alexandra Cooper
Jesse Coxson
Jordan Crown
Rachael Dane
Kelly Engel
Patricia Eng
Adela Gavozdea
Jan Iacopucci
Katherine Kane
Kristen Kane
Jessica La Salle
Sarah Longacre















Rachel Marullo

Kelly Mc Isaac

Kerryn Palmer

Lauren Portman

Sarah Reddick

Emily Rochefort

Katie Schmaling

Cara Tontodonato

Jill Vance

Emily White

Head Coach: Roy Coates

Diving Coach: Brad Snodgrass

Assistant Coach: Heather Montanaro

Volunteer Assistant Coach: Jennifer




Freestyle. Butterfly








2003 Roster

# 4 Lizzie Demor

# 5 {Caroline Alexander

# ii Joy Gorham

# 12 Maralene Zwarich

# 13 Aisha Williams

# 14 Katarina Andersson

# 15 Melissa Kowalski

# 21 Franceses Vanin

# 23 Lori Newsome

# 24 Laurie Harris

# 30 Erica Sheppard
#31 Milena Ninkovi

# 33 Joi Jefferson

# 35 Lindsay Mansi

# 44 Michelle Decerbo
Head Coach: Willette

Assistant Coach: Karen

Assistant Coach: Mark

Assistant Coach: Shon

2003 Record

Nov. 22 Central Connecticut State
62-29 W

Nov. 26 Dartmouth 72-81 L
Nov. 30-1 at Fairfield Tournament
Nov. 30 vs. Georgetown 66-79 L

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