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Cynthia and George Oliver, Dec. 2, 1830.

Danford of Millbury and Elvira Godard, Nov. 18, 1827.

David of Orange and Czarina White, June 21, 1807.*

Dorinda of Athol and John W. Foster, int. March 22, 1826.

Elvira and Danford Godard of Millbury, Nov. 18, 1827.

Enoch of Orange and Esther Bliss, Jan. i, 1805.

Henry 2d and Anna Davis, April 28, 1802.

Joseph of Athol and Lucy Bragg, April 30, 1804.

Joseph of Athol and Susannah Jones, Jan. 10, iSii.

Joseph W. and Abigail D. Townsend of Athol, int. April 4, 1833.

Lavina of Orange and Ruel White, int. , 1804 ?

Lucy of Petersham and Col. Salmon Godard, int. May 8, 1825.

[Goddard in int.], Luther of Athol and Polly Forbush, June 26,

Mahala and Shearman Bacon of Orange [int. April 30, 183 1].

Naham [Naum in int.] and Sally Peirce, May 23, 1809.

Nathan of Athol and Nancy Parker, int. April 25, 1803.

* Intention not recorded.


GoDARD, Nathaniel of Milbury and Rhoda Gale, Oct. 29, 1820.

[Mrs. in int.] Ruth and Thomas Beal, Nov. 10, 1807.

Sally of Athol and John Jacobs Jr., int. July 2, 1804.

Salmon and Dolly Faulkner, Oct. 7, 1807.

Col. Salmon and Lucy Godard of Petersham, int. May 8, 1825.

Seraph and Capt. Cyrus Reed, Dec. 15, 1831.

Tamar and Isaac Gale 2d, March 10, 1813.

GODDARD (see Godard), Amanda and John Cowdrey of West-
moreland, N. H., int. May 25, 1835.

Ann and Asa H. Conant of Warwick, Sept. i, 1840.

Anna of Orange and John Bacheller, int. Aug. 25, 18 11.

Charles and Lucinda Presson of Gardner, March i, 1842.

Diantha and Mason Goddard of Orange, Dec. 23, 1S40.

Elisabeth and Squire Peck, June 5, 1794.

Elliott of Troy (s. Solomon and Sarah, a. 23) and Mary A. Nor-
cross, Aug. II, 1 8 47.

Eunas and Moses Goddard of Athol, Jan. 8, 1778.*

Hannah of Shrewsbury and Silas Heywood, Nov. 11, 1779-*

Henry and Louis Mallard of Warwick, Aug. 2, 1798.

Lois and Solomon Bragg of Petersham., Dec. 13, 1781.

Louisa of Orange and Elisha White Jr., int. Feb. 20, 1805.

Mary Ann and James W. Cheny of Athol, June 14, 1842.

Mason of Orange and Diantha Goddard, Dec. 23, 1840.

Moses of Athol and Eunas Goddard, Jan. 8, 1778.*

Nabby [Abigail in int.] of Athol and Samuel Goddard Jr., May
4, 1796.

Obadiah W. and Esther Williams of Warwick, Nov. 24, 1841.

Parney and Francis Jacobs, Nov. 28, 1837.

Sally (d. Ashbel and Betsy, a. 34) and Samuel Wheeler of Dum-
mardston, Vt., Aug. 25, 1846.

Salmon and Charlotte A. Joy of Worcester, int. Oct. 31, 1842.

[Lt. in int.] Samuel and Catherine Parks of Gerry, June 29,

Samuel Jr. and Nabby Goddard of Athol, May 4, 1796.

Sanford and Julia R. Kendall of Dummerston, Vt., int. Feb. 22,

Susan and Luke Bemis, Nov. 8, 1843.*
Susannah of Athol and James Woodbury, int. Jan. 4, 1802.

GOFF, Amos of Cheshire and Anna Peck, Sept. 5, 1805.
Ezra of Winchendon and Mehitabel Bliss, June 18, 1789.*
Ezra W. and Gratia King of Wilmington, Vt., int. April 10, 18 16.
Samuel of Topsham, Vt. and Betsy Peck, Sept. 15, 181 1.
Timothy B. and Sally Wait of Brunswick, Vt., int. Jan. 8, 1815.

* Intention not recorded.


GOOD ALE, Joseph of Warwick and Mrs. Sarah Woodcock, int.
Oct. 17, 1825.

GOODEL, Molly and Lt. Micah French, Oct. 6, 1792.*
Ruth and Solomon Nichols, Feb. 18, 1790.*
Sarah and Capt. Jacob Fuller, Aug. 22, 1792.*

GOODELL, Sally and Joshua Brown, May 30, 1799.*

GOODRIDGE, David J. and Harriet E. Scovell of Walpole,
N.H., int. [ ,1838].

GOULD, Asa of Warwick and Sally Peck, Nov. 24, 1803.
Lucy of Lancaster and Joseph Emerson Jr., July 3, 1831.

GRANT, Aaron and Sarah Morse, Nov. 20, 1777.*

Aaron and Mrs. Mary Town of Sutton, Feb. 20, 177 1.*

Aaron and Lucy Grover, int. June 15, 1833.

Louisa of Ashburnham and Heman Forbush, int. June 15, 1S43.

Orin of Fitzwilliam and Cynthia Nichols, int. April 19, 1836.

Polly and Lovel Kelton, July i, 1798.*

Rebecca of Winchendon and Charles H. Vose, int. Oct. 9, 1837.

Sally and Nathaniel Walker, Oct. 4, 1807.

GRAVES, Elijah and Rhoda Fairbanks of Fitzwilliam, N. H.,

int. May 4, 1849.
Samuel and Betsy Batcheller, Jan. 23, 182 1.

GREELEY, Nathaniel and Delinia Walker, April 26, 1837.

GREEN, Amasa and Lucy Dudley of Acton, Nov. 17, 1783.*
John [George in int.] W. of Templeton and Olive P. Jacobs,

Dec. 10, 1835.
Lucretia of Leicester and Daniel Fairbanks, int. Sept. 24, 1810.
Nahum and Betse Kendal, Feb. 17, 1793.
Uzziah and Lucy Elliot, Dec. 16, 1777.*

GREENBANKS, Joseph (foreigner) and Emily Sawyer, Jan. 17,

GREENWOOD, Ruth and Joseph Estabrook, June 17, 1810.
Samuel of Wendall and Ruth Woodbury, May 29, 1800.

GREGORY, Capt. Elisha of Winchendon and Naamah Bartlett,

int. Dec. 29, 1827.
Capt. Franklin and Martha P. Edwards of Cambridge, int. Nov.

23, 1818.

* Intention not recorded .



Gregory, Ensign Isaac and Wid. Molly Town of Fitzwilliam,

int. May — , 1793.
[Mrs. in int.] Polly and Ebenezer Peirce of Warwick, June 4, 18 10.
Samuel and Eunice Whitcomb of Templeton, May 2, 1790.

GROUT, Emily of Warwick and David Shepherdson, int. Oct.

26, 1835.
Sally of Winchendon and William H. Vose, int. Aug. 25, 1833.

GROVER, Eunice of Fitzwilliam and Lot Richardson, int. May

17, 1802.
Hulda of Fitzwilliam and Oliver Hill, int. Sept. 10, 1792. ,
Lucy and Aaron Grant, int. June 15, 1833.
Mitte and Stephen Biglow Bowker, Sept. 12, 1799-*
Nathaniel Jr. of Fitzwilliam, N. H. and Susa Burbank, Dec. 15,

1796. [It should be Susa Woodbury, q.v.]
Nathaniel and Deborah Rand Chase of Fitzwilliam, Nov. 23, 1807.
Sally and Smith Holman, Aug. 11, 1796,

HAGAR, Joseph and Susanna Wyman, both of Templeton, May
16, 1802.*

HAGER, Eunice and Benoni Peck, int. May 3, 1808.

HALE, Comfort and Joel Howard, May 5, 181 1.
Eliza B. and Abel Manning of Boston, June 22, 1830.
Hepzibeth of Leominster and Joshua Cummings, int. May 22,

Jacob and Mrs. Betsy Wood, int. Nov. 8, 1831.
John W. and Betsey Evins, March 27, 1839.
Joseph L. of Woburn and Lydia Holman, Nov. 11, 1838.
Lydia of Phillipston and Cyrus Holman, int. Oct. 23, 1824.
Lydiann (d. Silas) and Anan Stockwell, March 27, 1844.*
Lymon of Winchendon and Loissana Evans, int. July 12, 1842.
Mary R. and Silas Hale of Stow, April 8, 1835.
Silas Jr. of Phillipston and Betsy B. Batcheller, Oct. 7, 1823.
Silas of Stow and Mary R. Hale, April 8, 1835.
Stephen and Mary G. Brooks of Petersham, int. April 2, 1838.
Susan B. and William C. Brown of Winchendon, Feb. 22, 1837.

HALL, Plyny [Pliny in int.] of Croydon, N. H. and Catherine

Foster, Nov. 26, 181 2.
Thomas L. of Sutton and Jane W. Herrick, March 22, 1842.

HAMMOND, William H. of Rutland and Louisa Peirce, Oct. 30,

* Intention not recorded.


HANCOCK, Benjamin F. of Templeton and Hannah Jacobs,

May 26, 1831.
Joseph of MontpeUer, Vt. and Lydia Peck, Feb. 12, 18 13.
Levi of Winchendon and Fanny Thomson, March i, 1831.

HANDY, Fiorina F. and John A. Rand of Shirley, int. Feb. 2,

James of Richmond and Clarissa Kingsley, June 24, 1824.
Josephus and Roena A. Woodard of Swanzey, int. Oct. 20, 1848.

HARKNESS, Dr. Buffum of Richmond, N. H. and Anna Foster,

June 9, 1799.*
Elisha of Richmond and Ann S. Burgess, Sept. 15, 1841.

HARRICK (see Herrick), Sarah N. and Alonzo Farr, both of
Chesterfield, N. H., Oct. 11, 1838.*

HARRINGTON, Betsy and Charles Garfield, March 16, 1797.

George W. and Julia Pratt, Dec. 11, 1842.

Hiram of Hinsdale, N. H. (s. Allen) and Clarisa Brown, Oct. 31,

[Herington in int.] Lucy and Samuel Richardson, Sept. 8, 1805.

HARRIS, Wid. Abigail and George Stoughton of Gill, Feb. 16,

Joseph and Hannah Fisher of Templeton, int. Dec. 20, 18 19,
Samuel and Abigail Jacobs, Aug. 28, 1808.

HART, Daniel of Reading and Margaret Norton, Jan. 25, 182 1.
Maria S. of Johnson, Vt. (d. George and Prudence, a. 23) and
L. B. Kent of Holland, Vt., Feb. 21, 1849.*

HARTWELL, Harriet N. of Hubbardston and George Rugg,

int. Nov. 16, 1840.
John of Fitchburg (s. Josiah and Rebecca, a. 24) and Rosanna

Lewis, Jan. 23, 1849.
Luther of Fitzwilliam, N. H. and Lucretia Taft, June 29, 1830.
Oliver and Sarah Jacobs, Feb. 5, 18 16.

Samuel of Winchendon and Nabby Davis, int. July 23, 18 13.
Sultina of Fitchburg and William Lewis, int. Jan. 20, 1848.

HASKINS, Juliann of Prescott and William S. Bemis, int. June
14, 1845.

HAVEN, Dea. John of Athol and Mrs. Martha Wait, April 27,

* Intention not recorded.


HAWKINS, Abraham of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Perry, int.
Dec. 10, 1798.

HAWKS, Levi of Deerfield and Susan Chase, Feb. 5, 1824.
Mrs. Susan and Frederick Boyden of Deerfield, int. Dec. 15, 1835.

HAZELTINE, Abigail F. of Winchendon and Luther Richard
son, Feb. 25, 1835. At Winchendon.

HEMENWAY, Betsey and David Stockwell, Feb. 13, 1809.
John and Hitty Gleason of Framingham, int. Feb. i, 1805.
Martha and Edward Holman Jr. of Athol, Dec. 21, 1786.*
Sarah and Oliver Work, Aug. 24, 1780.* '

Silvanus Jr. and Elizebeth Hopkins, Aug. 30, 1791.*

HENS HAW, Dexter of Rutland and Charlotte Dexter, Oct. 15,

HERRICK (see Harrick), Jane W. and Thomas L. Hall of Sut-
ton, March 22, 1842.
John W. and Mariah M. Hill, Oct. 13, 1841.
Marshall and Deborah Ann Cook, Sept. 14, 1841.
Silas of Chesterfield, N. H. and Sally Bliss, Jan. i, 1805.
Silas and Sukey Rogers, Nov. 19, 181 2.
Susan and Caleb A. Cook, May 8, 1842.

HEYWOOD, Alpheus [of Winchendon in int.] and Lucretia

Holman, April 13, 1824.
Benjamin and Sally Cutler, Sept. 7, 1819.
Frederick L. and Emeline Dyer, int. Nov. 21, 1849.
Hannah of Winchendon and Silas Heywood Jr., int. June i, 181 2.
Mrs. Hannah of Templeton and Stephen Holman, int. Dec. 30,

Hannah G. and William O. Brown, Nov. 25, 1841.
Joel and Betsey Taylor of Winchendon, int. Feb. 3, 1840.
Joel M. and Louisa Brooks of Surry, N. H., int. Dec. i, 1835.
Lucy and Isaac Metcalf, Nov. 27, 18 10.

Silas and Hannah Goddard of Shrewsbury, Nov. 11, 1779.*
Silas Jr. and Hannah Heywood of Winchendon, int. June i, 181 2.
Solymon and Harriet Holman, Nov. 25, 1829.

HICKS (see Hix), Hannah and William Pine [?] of Richmond,

int. Feb. 18, 1793.
John and Ellithear Fuller, Jan. 25, 1793.

HIGGINS, Henry Jr. of Hardwick and OUe Metcalf, Nov. 25,1813.
Olive of Greenwich and Joseph Metcalf, int. Oct. 26, 1807.

♦ Intention not recorded.


HIGINGS, Susanna of Chesterfield and Lewis Brewer, int. Dec.
II, 1805.

HILDREDTH, Aaron (s. Benjamin, a. 37) and Bithenia Macom-
ber, Oct. 11, 1849.

HILL, Abigail and Elijah Walker, June 4, 1782.*

Charles and Sarah Peirce of Warwick, int. July 17, 1S45.

Deborah L. of Athol and Alonzo Mann, int. April 25, 1842.

Elizabeth of Athol and Josiah Flint, int. March 25, 1S27.

Ephraim and Martha Walker, Oct. 29, 1789.*

Hepzibah and Daniel Maynard of Rutland, March — , 1822.

John and Levina Streeter of Orange, int. May 25, 1S20.

Jonas and Lucretia Moore of Warwick, int. Sept. 25, 1820.

Joseph M. and Betsey Lovering, Sept. 14, 1837.

Joseph M. and Adaline Lovering, Sept. 25, 183S.

Maria E. (d. John, a. 16) and Charles M. Flagg of Templeton,

Sept. 4, 1844.
Mariah [Maria in int.] M. and John W. Herrick, Oct. 13, 1841.
Nancy and Reuben Whitcomb of Phillipston. June 23, 1814.
Oliver and Hulda Grover of Fitzwilliani, int. Sept. 10, 1792.
Phebe of Athol and Paul Wheeler, int. Oct. 3, 1803.
Salem [Salem L. in int.] and Rebeacah A. Howard, June 17,

Sarah and Silas How of Westborough, Aug. 4, 1841.

HINDS, Cortis [Corlis in Barre Records] of Barre and Jane

Curtis, Feb. 2, 1808.
Harriet and Charles Lazell, March 29, 1843.
Ruth [Wid. Jane in int.] and Shubel Blanding, July 11, 1815.

HIX (see Hicks), Daniel and Louvisa White, Nov. 28, 1805.
Jacobs [Jacob in int.] of Richmond, N. H. and Betsy Brewer,

Feb. 13, 1817.
Nancy P. and James E. Stacy of New Salem, Nov. 29, 1838.

HOBBS, Cordelia of Spencer and Benjamin A. Bemis, int. Dec.
25, 1835.

HOLDEN, Adoniram J. of Templeton and Eunice S. Flag, int.

Feb. 17, 1838.
Caroline V. of Templeton and William H, Davis, int. Jan. 25,

Hannah and Peter Blanchard of Concord, Vt., March 6, 1804.
John and Sally Lyon, both of Templeton, April 3, 1808.*
John of Templeton and Hannah Chamberlin, June 11, 1829.

* Intention not recorded.


HoLDEN, Maria H. and George D. Clark, int. June 28, 1847.
Reuben of Ashburnham and Hannah Nichols, Nov. 7, 1796.
Mrs. Sarah of Templeton and John Chamberlin, int. Oct. 20,

HOLLAND, Thomas H. of Boston and Sarah E. Hubbard,
Nov. 5, 1838.

HOLMAN, Cyrus and Lydia Hale of Phillipston, int. Oct. 23,

David and Mehitable Gale. Nov. 13, 1803.
Edward Jr. of Athol and Martha Hemenway, Dec. 21, 1786.*
Hannah and Joseph Bliss, April 25, 1820.
Harriet and Solymon Hey wood, Nov. 25, 1829.
Hervey [Harvey in int.] and Rosilla Bartlett, Dec. 14, 1826.
John and Mrs. Mary Bacheller, April 3, 1808.
John Jr. and Eliza Estey of Warwick, int. April 15, 1824.
Lucretia and Alpheus Heywood, April 13, 1824.
Lydia of Athol and John Beal, May 10, 1789.*
[Mrs. in int.] Lvdia and Joseph L. Hale of Woburn, Nov. 11,

Melissa and Timothy Craggin of Rindge, March 24, 1831.
Noah of Athol and Ruth Stockwell, int. June 3, 1795.*
Polly and Moses Kenney, Nov. 29, 1810.*
[Mrs. in int.] Sally of Athol and Isaac Norcross Jr., June 14,

Sally and Hosea Willard of Sterling, April 10, 1809.
Capt. Seth and Eunice Peirks, April 10, 182 1.*
Sidney and Myra Fisher of Templeton, int. Jan. 7, 1833.
Smith and Hannah Norcross, Dec, 11, 1792.
Smith and Sally Grover, Aug. 11, 1796.
Stephen and Mrs. Hannah Heywood of Templeton^ int. Dec. 30,

Stephen and Mrs. Prudence Richardson of Sterling, int. Nov. 15,

Willard and Hannah Brown, int. Feb. i, 1831.

HOLMES, Eunice of Stoughton and Jesse Manley, Feb. 15,

HOLT, Polly of Winchendon and James Dyre of Athol, Oct.
21, 1807.

HOMER, Rebeccah and Paul ElUs, April 5, 1786.*

* Intention not recorded.


HOPKINS, Achsah [Axa in int.] and Thomas Salter Townsend

of Fitzwilliam, N. H., Oct. 27,1795.
Elizabeth and Silvanus Hemenway Jr., Aug. 30, 1791.*
Mary of Hollis, N. H. and Timothy Richardson, Nov. 5, 1778.*
Patty and Peter Carpenter Hunt of Pallentine, N. Y., April 28,


HORTON, Freelove and Silvanus Bliss, Jan. 15, 1793.
Gideon and Lucy Garfield, Dec. 16, 1801,
Lewis and Polly Clark of Warwick, int. Jan. 20, 1809.
Lucy and Shubal Blanding, May 26, 1794.

HOSMER [Mercy Cassendania in int.], Cassindania of Box-
borough and William Peirce, Sept. i, 181 1.
Silas and Delia Gibbs of Gardner, int. Dec. 21, 1832.

HOW (see Howe) [Howe in int.], Silas of Westborough and
Sarah Hill, Aug. 4, 1841.

HOWARD, Apollos of Winchendon and Lucy Norcross, int.

March, i, 1823.
Apollos Jr. of Templeton (s. Apollos and Lucy, a. 24) and Elsie

M. Stockwell, May 17, 1848.
Augusta E. (d. Ansel and Esther, a. 20) and Luke A. Parks of

Winchendon, June i, 1848.
Chloe of Winchendon and Luther Lovejoy, int. Sept. 10, i82[i].
Esther H. [or A.] (d. Ansel, a. 20) and Joseph Priest, June 13,

Joel and Comfort Hale, May 5, 181 1.
Joseph of Holden and Charlotte Chase, Oct. 16, 1826.
Lucy Lavina and John W. Phelps, int. Sept. 23, 1845.
Rebeacah [Rebecca in int.] A. and Salem Hill, June 17, 1845.
William and Eliza Ann Chase, int. ]March 20, 1843.

HOWE (see How), Harriet W. of Brookfield and Warren Cooper,
int. Oct. 22, 1836.

HUBBARD, Amos and Mary E. Lathe, Nov. 28, 1848.

Daniel and Sukey Eddy, Aug. 16, 1801.

Elizabeth and James Lamb, April 24, 1833.*

James Jr. and Sophia Wheeler of Chesterfield, N. H , int. Dec.

5, 1824.
Ester of Ringe and William Putnam, int. Oct. 12, 1810.
Lyve Ann S. [or T] (d. James and Sophia H., a. 20) and Lyman

H. Lovejoy of Charlestown, Jan. 11, 1848.
Maria and David Dexter of Athol, Nov. 5, 1835.

* Intention not recorded.


Hubbard, Sally and John R. Brooks of Winchendon, int. March

lo, 1828.
Sarah E. and Thomas H. Holland of Boston, Nov. 5, 1838.

HUCHENSON (see Hutchinson) [Hutchinson in int.], Benjamin
Jr. and Nabby Jones Rogers, Feb. i, 1801.

HUNT, Peter Carpenter of Pallentine, N. Y. and Patty Hop-
kins, April 28, 1795.

William of Shutesbury and Hannah Shepherdson, int. June i,

HUNTER, Jonathan of Gerry and Lucy Fry, Aug. 12, 1791^*

HUNTING, Samuel Jr. of Richmond and Mrs. Mary Jeseph,
int. Sept.—, 1793.

HURD, Thomas of Northfield and Esther Church, Dec. 9, 1822.

HUTCHINSON (see Huchinson), Anna and Patrick Manus of

St. Johnsbury, Vt., Oct. 19, 1819.
Benjamin and Mary Patridg of Braintree, int. Dec. 20, 1797.
Joshua and Betsy King of Sutton, int. Dec. 17, 1821.

HYDE, Asa of Winchendon and Abigail Colburn, Oct. 5, 183 1.
Dea. Reuben of Winchendon and Sally Wood, Dec. 8, 1830.

INGALLS, Betty of Richmond and Isaac Kenney, int. April 12,

INGALS, Nancy and Abraham Crane of Richmond, int. Jan. 30,

Rufus of Richmond and Lydia Cole, int. Feb. 28, 1791.

JACOBS, Abel and Cynthia Blanding, May i, 1S06.

Abigail and Samuel Harris, Aug. 28, 1808.

Anstis and Asa Walker, April 4, 1821.*

Elizabeth and John Cutler, int. March 7, 1828.

Francis and Parney Goddard, Nov. 28, 1837.

Hannah and Benjamin F. Hancock of Templeton, May 26, 183 1.

Harriet and Jonas Prescott Metcalf, Oct. 23, 1834.

John Jr. and Sally Godard of Athol, int. July 2, 1804.

John and Huldah Barnes of Brookfield, int. Nov. 3, 1806.

Joseph of Athol and Sarah Bragg, May 17, 1792.

Joseph and Olive Parmenter of Princeton, int. Oct. 15, 1805.

Mary and Silas Clark of Floyd, N. Y., int. July 8, 1809.

Nathaniel Cutler and Polly Kneeland, Feb. 3, 1785.*

* Intention not recorded.


Jacobs, Olive P. and John W. Green of Templeton, Dec. lo, 1835.

[Mrs. in int.] Rhoda and Isaac Gale Jr., May 30, 1816.

Sarah and Oliver Hartwell, Feb. 5, 1816.

Dea. Simeon and Sarah Davis, Dec. 8, 1792.*

Simeon Jr. and Molly Kenney, April 10, 1805.

Thomas and Elizabeth Bennett, Jan. i, 1805.

JASEPH (see Jeseph), Mrs. Nancy of Warwick and Jonathan
Shepherdson, int. March 29, 1825.

JENNINGS [Jinnings in int.], Hannah of Orange and Andrew
Kendall, Feb. 23, 1796.

JESEPH (see Jaseph), Mrs. Mary and Samuel Hunting Jr. of
Richmond, int. Sept. — , 1793.

JOHNSON (see Jonson), Lucretia and Ansel Davis, March 27,

Sarah Ann and William R. Muzzy, Jan. 22, 1833.*

JONES, Aaron and Mary Ann Byam of Fitzwilliam, N. H., int.

July — , 1845-
Amos and Lydia Wooley of Acton, Oct. 11, 1770.*
Ebenezer of Acworth, N. H. and Mary Ann Prouty, May 20,

Elmira (d. Silas) and John C. Bartlett, Nov. 27, 1844.
George and Lucinda Stow of Phillipston, int. Nov. 10, 1816.
Hannah and Daniel Foster, int. March 11, 1837. [Marriage in

c.R. March 14, 1836 ?]
Lucy of Woburn and Joseph Lee, July 31, 1784.*
Lydia of Athol and Robert Thomson, int. June 14, 1802.
Reuben and Mary Davis, Feb. 16, 1815.
Sally and James Baxter Phelps of Ashby, Feb. 22, 1826.
Silas and Mrs. Rebeckah Sawyer of Templeton, int. Dec. 2, 1811.
Silas Jr. and Mary Smith of Winchendon, int. July 4, 1842.
Silas Jr. and Sarah Cudworth of Putney, Vt., int. July 22, 1848.
Susannah and Joseph Godard of Athol, Jan. 10, 181 1.
Sylva and Otis Bemis, May 29, 1839.

JONSON (see Johnson), Eliphlet of Stoughton and Hepzibah

Norton, May 27, 1782.*

JOY, Charlotte A. of Worcester and Salmon Goddard, int. Oct.
31, 1842.

KELTON, Lovel and Polly Grant, July i, 1798.*

* Intention not recorded.


KENDAL (see Kendall), Betse [Betsey in int.] and Nahum

Green, Feb. 17, 1793.
Calvin of Athol and Abigal Bacheler, June 27, 1793.
Polly of Garry and Nathaniel Bragg Jr., int. Jan. i, 1807.

KENDALL, Albert of Worcester (s. Stephen and Ruth, a. 27)

and Maria L. Perry, May 25, 1748.
Andrew and Hannah Jennings of Orange, Feb. 23, 1796.
Elvira of Barre and James Raymond, int. Sept. i, 1823.
Gilbert and Martha Pratt, int. Oct. 15, 1836.
Capt. John of Athol and Mrs. Rebecca Whitmore, int. Sept. 8,

Julia R. of Dummerston, Vt. and Sanford Goddard, int. Feb. 22,

Lucinda of Phillipston and John Fry, Jan. 30, 1823. At Phillips-

Lucy of Lincoln and Silas Cutting, int. March 24, 1808.

Lucy J. of Sandoff, N. H. (d. Joshua and Mary, a. 23) and
Horace Fisher, Jan. 14, 1846.

Mary E. (d. John and Mary, a. 21) and Amasa A. Tenny, both
of Winchendon, July 23, 1846.*

Mayry [Mary in int.] and Seth Whiting [Whitcom ?] of Phillipston,
Nov. 30, 1815.

Seth of Athol and Olive Blanding, Jan. 7, 1800.*

Seth of Athol and Polly Blanding, Dec. 11, 1804.

Stephen J. of Warwick and Ruth B. Fisher, May 9, 1820.

Sylvanus and Emily M. Chase, Sept. 15, 1840.

KENNEY, Aaron and Jerusha Whitmore, July 20, 1807.

[Wid. Kinney in int.] Elizabeth and Thomas Clements, Nov. 22,

Isaac and Betty Ingalls of Richmond, int. April 12, 1802.
Molly and Simeon Jacobs Jr., April 10, 1805.
[Elder in int.] Moses and Elisabeth Bemis, May 19, 1795.
Moses and Polly Holman, Nov. 29, 1810.*
Rufus and Fanny Town of Warwick, int. Jan. 24, 1803.
Rev. Silas and Eliza Benthall of Lowell, int. Aug. 18, 1837.
Thomas and Sarah Warren of Petersham, Jan. 19, 1769.*

KENT, L. B. of Holland, Vt. (s. Bushnell and Amanda, a. 26)
and Maria S. Hart of Johnson, Vt., Feb. 21, 1849.*

KILBURN, Merrill T. of Hartford, Vt. and Lovisa K. Perkins,
int. April 2, 1849.

* Intsntion not recorded.


KING, Adonijah of Brattleborough, Vt. and Rachel Bliss, June

I, 1786.*
Betsy of Sutton and Joshua Hutchinson, int. Dec. 17, 1821.
Charles W. (s. Manning and Mary, a. 25) and Lucy M. Garfield,

both of Worcester, Oct. 3, 1847.*
Elijah of Winchendon and Lydia Nichols, April 21, 1842.
Gratia of Wilmington, Vt. and Ezra W. Goff, int. April 10, 1816.
John 2d of South Orange and Mary B. Batcheller, Nov. 21, 1839.

KINGMAN, Benjamin of Winchester and Mrs. Elizabeth Burnap,

int. Oct. 10, 1824.
John and Anna French, April 16, 1778.*

KINGSLEY (see Kingsly), Belinda and Caleb Ormsbee of

Gilford, April 3, 1792.*
Clarissa and James Handy of Richmond, June 24, 1824.
Martin and Polly Cass of Richmond, int. June 24, 1833.

KINGSLY (see above), Candis of Rowe and Jediah Blanchard

of Whitingham, Vt., Jan. 9, 1816.*
Nathaniel and Hannah Allen of Richmond, int. June 30, 1823.
Peleg and Deborah Mason of Swanzey, Oct. 14, 1787.*
Peleg Jr. and Anna Mason of Swanzey, March 25, 1789.*
Zepeniah and Lydia Moses of Warwick, int. Feb. 15, 1802.

KNEELAND, Polly and Nathaniel Cutler Jacobs, Feb. 3, 1785.*

KNIGHT (see Knights), Ainsworth of Phillipston and Nancy N.

Cambell, int. Nov. 10, 1840.
Jason [Isaac in int. J and Sally Whitmore, Nov. 8, 181 2.
Joseph of Fitzwilliam, N. H. and Abigail Richardson, Aug. 5,


KNIGHTS, Israel and Rebeccah Whitmore, March 30, 1810,

KNOWLTON, Amasa of Shrewsbury and Sally Peirks, June 18,

LAMB, George W. of Phillipston (s. David and Lydia, widr., a.

46) and Polly Clark, March 23, 1847.
James and Elizabeth Hubbard, April 24, 1833.*
Israel and Phebe Walker, int. Nov. 8, 1836.

LAMPSON, Mary and William Crawford, Dec. 4, 1788.

LARNED, [Mrs. in int.] Anna of Templeton and Ebenezer Eliot,
April 25, 1797.

* Intention not recorded.


LATHE (see Leathe) [Leathe in int.], Benjamin Jr. and Polina

Chase, Aug. 11, 181 4.
Mary E. (d. John) and Amos Hubbard, Nov. 28, 1848.

LAWRENCE, Jonathan of New Marlborough, N. H. and Keziah

Fitts, int. Feb. 2, 1809.
Samuel and Anna Pratt, July 15, 179S.*

LAWS [Lucas?], Silas S. and Lucretia K. Ward of Shirley, July
4, 1841. In Shirley.

LAWTON, William H. of Leverett (s. Robert and Louis, a. 24)
and Sarah A. Peirce, July 4, 1848.

LAZELL, Charles and Harriet Hinds, March 29, 1843.

LEATHE (see Lathe), Benjamin and Mrs. Hannah Cowdrey of

Lunenburg, int. Sept. 25, 1819.
Benjamin and Lavina Drury of Winchendon, int. Feb. 18, 1842.
John and Polly Morse of Fitzwilliam, int. Nov. 15, 1828.
John M. and Mary Jane Davis of Templeton, int. Sept. 2, 1843.
Lois and Joseph Day of Winchendon, int. Dec. 12, 1837.
Sarah G. and D. Laurens Tompson of Phillipston, int. March 28,


LEE, Dr. George H. and Mrs. Augusta Edwards, int. April 3,

James W. [or M.] of Athol (s. William and Lydia, a. 24) and

Rachel Dexter, April 4, 1S47.
Joseph and Sarah Barrett of Newton, Oct. 26, 1769.*
Joseph and Lucy Jones of Woburn, July 31, 1784.*
Rev. Joseph and Wid. Hannah Farrar of Shrewsbury, May 31,


LEWIS, Alvin W. (s. Timothy) and Hannah Richardson, Jan.

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