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Visiting days, 280

Private schools, registers and truant officers for, 94-95

Returns of, in Boston, . 89

Boston's compared with those of rest of State, 89

For past ten years, . • . . : 88

Statistics of, by school committees, vlii-lxxiii

Public meetings, 314

Public schools, expenditure on, total amount raised by taxation exclusively, 135, 136
Public sentiment, how to create good, toward the schools, .... 271-276
Public high school, how far^it is a just charge upon the public treasuryf address

by Frank A. Hill 347-382

Cost, 349,377,888

Buildings, 370,377,378

Instruction, 377

Salaries, 377

Courses of study, 378

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1899.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 2. cU

Pablic high school — Continued, pagi

Growth and history of, 365-869

Laws of 1898, snmmarized 382

Legislation in general, 350, 351

Manaal training, 378,379

Number of, 375

Ootlioe of deyelopment, 381

Ration of the enrolment in, to the total enrolment of the schools, . 376, 377

Relation of, to higher institutions, 380

State reimbursement of tuition, 381,382

Summary of high school statistics, 375-382

Teachers in, number of, 375

Reference books and apparatus, amount expended for, viii-Ixxiii

Reformatory institutions at Lancaster and Westborough, Ixxt

Recommendations of the secretary of the Board, summary of, . . . 233-235

Rome, art instruction in the elementary schools of, 287-289

Russell, E. Harlow, principal of Worcester State Normal School, .... 41

Salaries, high school principals, 377, iy-lxiz

Superintendents of schools, 167-172, Ti-lxzl

Teachers. S§e Wages.

Salem, institute of 1898, prospectus of, in full, 180-186

Salem State Normal School, admission to, effect of requirements for, ... 39

Change in teachers of, 38, 39

Instructors in, with branches of study, 38

Model schools, observations in, 39

Principal of, Walter P. Beckwith, 38

Statistics of, 40

Visitors, report of, 38-40

Sanitary and moral conditions in the schools, 316

Sarah Fuller Home for Little Children who cannot hear. West Medford, . 504-507

Miss Eliza L. Clark, principal of, 495

Sargent, Walter L., employed at intervals as agent, 233

School attendance. See Attendance.

School census, law requiring, 91

Facts from State census, . 199-204

School committees, an act relative to, in towns, 565

An act relative to election of, 587, 588

School fund. See Fund, Massachusetts School.

School legislation from 1893 to 1898 Inclusive, 555-596

School material, exhibition and preservation of, 204-208

School organization, some features of, 269-281

School tax, 354, 355

Relation of, to general tax, 138, 139

Schoolroom decorations, 280, 281

Schools, abstract of returns of. See Statistics.
Appropriations for. See Appropriations.
Attendance upon. See Attendance.
Consolidation of. See Consolidation.

General condition of, 325-327

Supervision of. See Supervision.
Time of keeping. See Time Schools have been kept.
Sears, Bamas, famous survey of our public schools, by, reproduced, . . 238-248
Secretary of the Board of Education :

Duties of, 12-14

Hill, Frank A., report of, 73-248

Agents, work of, 231-233

Attendance on the schools. ... 83-96

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Secretary of tbe Board of Education — Continued. page

Hill, Frank A., report of— Continued.

Coarse of study in normal schools, extension of, 191, 192

Educational associations, resolutions of, 226-231

Exhibition and preservation of school material, 204-208

Educational museum, 207, 206

Evening schools, attendance and expense of, 77, 119-122

Number of towns maintaining, for ten years, 119

High schools, approval of, 112

College entrance requirements, 117-119

Discontinued or not returned, 103, 104

Distribution of, with ratio of population having access to, . . '. 102, 103

New schools reported, 103

Number of, in State, with number of pupils attending, . . .76, 77, 101

Statutory definition of, new, 116, 117

Tuition, State reimbursement of, 112-115

Kindergartens, public and private, 196-199

Music in the schools, 212-214

Need of assistance for, 13

Normal schools. 187-191

Admission and attendance, 187, 188

Candidates for admission, care in sifting, 193, 196

Course of studies in, extension of, 191, 192

Dates of first openings of, 186

Facts and questions about in former reports, guide to, . . . 189, 190

Work of Board of Education on, 190, 191

Private schools, registers and truant officers for, 94, 95

Boston returns, 89

Returns of, 88

Recommendations of, 233-235

School attendance, 90, 91

Regularity of, 9e-100

School instruction, reconciliation of breadth and thoroughness in, . 224-228

School tax 354, 35i

Relation of, to general tax, 138, 139

State census, school facts from, 199-204

Statistical returns, analysis of, 80-153

Summary of, 75-79

Superintendents of schools, names and salaries of, .... 161-172

Supervision by superintendents, 154-168

And by school committees, expense of for ten years, 153

Towns not under, 158-161

Survey of our public schools, by Bamas Sears, reproduced from the 18th

report, 238-248

Taxation, total amount raised exclusively by, for public schools, . 135, 136

Teachers, number of, changes in, 1^

Ratio of men to women, 143

State reimbursement of, expenditures for, 148, 149

Wages of, 148-147

Teachers, proportion of normal school pupils among, 148

Teachers* institutes, 172-182

Topics presented, 176-178

Temperance instruction, 210-212

Time schools have been kept, comments on, remarks, .... 128, 129

During past ten years, 124

Length of. In dlflferent towns 125-127

Truant schools, report on, 461-491

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1899.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT — No. 2. eUii

Secretary of the Board of Education — Continued, paos

Hill, Prank A., report of— Continued.

Wages, teacbersS , 143-147

Average, of men and women in the public schools, 147

Fiuctnations for ten jears, 147

Remarks, 144-146

Tear covered by returns, 80

Diversities in the fiscal year and school year, 81-83

Special schools, report on, compiled by the Secretary of the Board, . . 493-522

American School at Hartford, 495-497

Clarke School, 497-501

Horace Mann School, 501-504

Massachusetts School for Feeble-minded, 515-522

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for Blind, .... 508-522

Sarah Fuller Home, 504-507

State aid, to towns, 317, 318

How can inequalities in school burdens be best reduced by, . . . 129-132

What a town should show to merit, 131,132

State Agricultural College, what it might do for nature study in the schools, . 217-222
State attendance officer, need of, to co-operate with local agencies, .... 92-94

State census of 1895, school facts from, 199-204

State inspection of schools, 315,316

State institntions, reformatory, at Lancaster and Westboroagh, .... ixxv

State reimbursement of high school tuition, 112-116

Teachers' salaries, expenditures for, 148-151

Law regarding, 148, 149

Table of, in small towns, 150, 151

State scholarships, an act relative to awarding, in the Massachusetts Institute of

Technology and in the Worcester Polytechnic Institate, . . 571, 572
State valuation, increasing percentage of, expended on the public schools, . 140-142

Statistics, abstract of school committees* returns for 1897-98 i-cxxxvii

Comments on, in report of Board, 16-18

Counties and towns alphabetically arranged to show :
First : (a) population of towns ; (b) valuation of towns ; (e) public schools,
number of ; {d) persons between five and fifteen years of age; (e) per-
sons between eight and fourteen years of age ; (/) membership and at-
tendance In schools ;( ^) recapitulation by counties, . . . .ii-lxz
Second : (a) different teachers required and employed, number of; (6) nor-
mal pupils and normal graduates employed, number of; (c) wages of
teachers, average per month ; {d) months schools have kept; (0) high
schools, statistics of; (/) recapitulation by counties, • . . iv-lxxi
Third : (a) amount raised by taxes ; (6) supervision by school committees,
expense of ; (c) supervision by superintendents ; (d) reports, books and
supplies, expense of ; («) schoolhouses, building, altering and repair-
ing; (/) taxes, total amount of, and voluntary contributions; (ff) re-
capitulation by counties, ri-lxxiii

Fourth : (a) local funds appropriated for schools ; (b) academies and private
schools; (e) school fund, town's share of; (d) apparatus, portion of
ftind used for ; (0) recapitulation by counties, .... vlii-lxxiii

Evening schools, number, attendance and expense of, Ixxiv

Graduated tables, first series :

Explanation of, Ixxvi

Appropriations by cities and towns of State, per child, . . . Ixxvii-lxxxvii

By cities and towns of counties, per child, Ixxxviii-c

By counties, per child, ci

By counties, including voluntary contributions, di

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Statltticg, abstract of tcbool oommitteet' retnms for 1897-96 — Continued, paoi

Oradnated tables, second series :

Explanation of dii

Percentage of taxable property appropriated for the snpportof public schools, d^

B J cities and towns of State, dv-CTii

67 cities and towns of counties, criii-cxii

Bjrconnties, cxiii

Bj coanties, indading volnntarj oontrlbations, cxir

Graduated tables, third series, attendance, towns' rank in State, . . cxri-cxix

Explanation of, cxv

Counties, towns' rank in, cxx-cxxiv

Counties' rank in State, cxxt

Graduated tables, fourth series, cxxTit-cxxxTli

Explanation of, cxxvi

Appropriations hj cities and towns of State, per child, based on ayerage

membership, cxxrii-cxxx

By dties and towns of counties, per child, . . * . . . cxxxi-cxxxr

By counties, per child, cxxxvi

By counties, including Toluntary contributions, cxxxril

Institutions, reformatory, at Lancaster and Westborough, .... Ixxt
Stoddard, E. B., report of, as Tisitor to State Normal Art School, .... 53-56

As visitor to North Adams State Normal School, 44-47

As Tisitor to Worcester State Normal School, 41-43

Summary of high school statistics, 375-382

Summer session of Hyannis State Normal School, 12, 60-52

Summer institutes for teachers, 822-325

Superintendence, in western district, Massachusetts, 315

Superintendents, an act relative to the employment of, in small towns, . 669-671

Superintendents of schools, list of, for<1897-98, with locations and salaries of, 161-172
Supervision of schools, expense of, by school committees and superintendents, vi-lxxii

For ten years, 153

Extent of, by superintendents, 154-158

Towns not under supervision by superintendents, 158-161

Names of, ineligible to receive State aid 160

Names of, eligible to receive State aid, 161

Survey of our public schools, by Bamas Sears, reproduced fh>m the 18th report, 238-248
Taxation, total amount raised and expended on public schools by, • . 135, 136

Teachers' certification of, examiners needed for, 24

Contracts with, 227,228

Meetings of, 269-271,314

Normal graduates and undergraduates, 148, vi-lxxi

Number of, changes in, 144

Employed and required, ii-lxxi

Employed for ten years, 143

Ratio of men to women, 148

Who have attended normal schools, 148

Permanance and qualifications of, 276-280

Tenure of office for, . . . ' 210

Training of, 364

Visiting day 280

Wages. See Wages.

Teachers* institutes, 812

Addresses at, 178

Appropriations for, need of greater, 16

Expenditures for, 260,261

Instructors in and topics presented, 176-178

Locations and dates of holding, 172, 173

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1899.] PUBLIC DOCUMENT— No. 2. civ

Teachers' institatefl — Coniinued. taqm

North Shore, 321.822

Namber and attendance of, 172, 173

Salem, of 1898, prospectus of, 180-186

Snmmer institutes, comments on, 322-325

Longer sessions desired, 179, 180

Towns represented, 173-176

Teachers' meetings 269-271,314

Teaching force, standard of equipment for, 316, 317

Teaching methods, 332,833

Temperance instruction, 210-212

Text books and supplies, expense of, for ten years, 161,152

Thompson, John O., principal Fitchbnrg State Normal School, .... 61

Time schools have been kept, length of, 124

By towns and counties, 125-127

Comments on, 128, 129

Transportation of children to school. See Conveyance.

Treasurer of the Board, financial statement of , 251,264

Truancy. See Attendance and Truancy, and Truant Schools, Report on.

Trnant schools, report on, by Frank A. Hill, 467-491

County truant schools of the State, 463,464

Essex County School 473-478

Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth County School, 473-476

Hampden County School, 476-479

Hampshire and Franklin County School, 479,480

Middlesex County School, 482-489

Suffolk County School, 464-473

Worcester County School, 480-482

General comments, 489-491

Nature and menace of truancy, 464, 465

The teacher a possible cause of tmancy, 465, 466

Visitation by State Board of Education, 463

Tuition, State reimbursement of high school, 112-115, 381, 382

Visitors to normal schools, reports of:

Bridgewater, • ••«.. 29-33

Fitchbnrg, 61-67

Pramingbam, 33-37

Hyannis, 48-52

Lowell, 57-60

North Adams, 44-47

Salem 38-40

State Normal Art School, 53-56

Westfield, 63-72

Worcester 41-43

Wages of teachers, 143-147,812

Average, of men and women in the publicjschools, 147

Fluctuations for ten years, 143

Remarks on, 144-146

Wells, Mrs. Kate Gannett, report of, as visitor] to Framlngham iState Normal

School, 33-37

As visitor to Lowell State Normal School, 57-60

As visitor to State Normal Art School, 53-56

Westborough, State reform school at, Izxv

Westfield State Normal School, boarding hall of, 69

Instructors in, with branches of study, 68

Lectures at, 71

Outlook of, 68,69

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clvi BOAED OF EDUCATION. [Jan. '99.

Westfleld State Normal School — Coniinued. paob

Principal of, Cbarlet S. Chapin, 68

Statistics of , 72

TeachiDg force, changes in, 68

Training school, 69

Arrangement with town unsatisfactory, 70

Triennial gathering of alumni, 71, 72

Visitors, report of, 68-72

Whittemore, Henry, principal of Framingham State Normal School, ... 33
Williams, Job, L.H.D., principal of American School for the Deaf, . . . 496
Worcester State Normal School^ apprenticeship in, good effects of the system, . 41, 42

Electric time serrice installed, 42

Graduation address by Mrs. Kate Gtennett Wells, 48

Instructors in, with branches of study, 41

Principal of , E. Harlow Russell, 41

Statistics of , 48

Tale, Miss Caroline A., principal of Clarke School for the Deaf, Northampton, 495, 499

Tear covered by the returns, 80

DiTcrsities in fiscal and school years, 81-83

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