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West Viroinia. Department of mines.

Annual report for the year ending June

80, 191$. Charleston. [1913.] 85, 371,

320 p.

A considerable portion of sections 1 and 2
relate to the production of coal and coke. Sec-
tion 3 contains the reports on the condition of
nines made by the district mine inspectors.
A directory of mines is included.

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[l. B.


Babnstt, Maurice. A plea for profit-eharing.
In Proeeedxno9 of the 16th anwiMl eonvm-
turn of the national metal tradee aeeodaiion.
New York, Apr, P, 10, 191$. [Chicago.
1913.] p. 100-125.

R«printed in part in Square deal. May 1913,
BatUe Creek, Mich., p. 313-819.

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bridge university manual no. 70. New
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An outline of the hietory of oo-partnenhip
with illuetrationf of the varioua types of oo-
partnerehip and profit-sharing in Fingjaiwl and

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ship: a fraud and a faUuref Fabian tract
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Profit-sharing system in Great Britain. In
16th abstract of labour statistics of the United
Kingdom, London. Wyman A Sons.
1913. p. 119-122, 236-238.

Statistics compiled from the board of trade
rei>ort on profit sharing and labour co-partner-
ship (Cd. 6406 of 1912) with additions and cor-
rections based on later information; and general
summary of profit sharing in oo-operative

Stock distribution to employees. In Square
deal. V. 12. p. 417-419. Battle Creek,
Mich. June 1913.

Notes on the stock distribution by the Sptrella
company of MeadviUe, Pa.

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fiees. Paris. ChaizAAlcan. 1913. new
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A study of profit sharing.

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sharing. New York. Henry Holt. 1913.
vi, 256 p.

Working conditions and the relations of employers
and employees, v. 5 of report on conditions
of employment in the iron and steel industry
in the United States. Senate doc. no. 110.
62d cong. Ist sess. Prepared under the
direction of the United States commis-
rioner of labor. Washington. Superin-
tendent of Documents. 1913. 594 p.

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Australia. Savings banks. In Official year
hook of the eommonweaUh of Arutralia,
no. 6. Melbourne. Commonwealth
Bureau of Census and Statistics. 1913.
p. 855>863.

Fbakcb. CaisM nationale dTipargne, Rapport
tur lea opiraHons, 191B» Paris. Minis-
t&re du Commerce, de I'lndustrie, des
Postes et des T^l^sraphes. 1918. 121 p.
Report on the QperatioDi of the national
MTinc* bank in 1912, iMoed by the miniatiy
of oommeroe, industry, postal and telegraph
service <rf France.

Qbxat Bbitain. Savings banks. In leth
abetrad of labour eioMice of the Untied
Kingdom, London. Wsnnan A Sons.
1913. p. 324-326.

8tatistios of post ofllce and trustee sayings
banks, 1898-1912.

Truetee eavinoe hanke. Return for the

year endtng the Wth day of November',
1912, from each eavinoe hank in Enoland
and Walea, Ireland, Scotland, and the
Channel islands, London. Eyre A Spot-
tiswoode. 1913.

HowB, Frederic C. Protecting the workers.
In his European dUea at work. New York.
Scribners. 1913. p. 125-142.

Discusses social insurance, unemplojonent,
savings banks, etc., in Germany.

Ibzlakd. Savinge hanke (Ireland), Poet of-
fice and trustee savings hanks. Number of
depositors, etc. Return for year ended
December 31, 1912. London. Wyman A
Sons. 1913. 32 p. [H. C. 272.]

Japan. Caisses d'6pargne postales. In RS-
sumi statistigue de Vempire du Japan,
191S, Tokio. Bureau de la Statistique
G^n^rale. 1913. p. 152-155.

Statistics of postal savings banks in Japan
1902-1912, prepared by the bureau of general
statistics of Japan.

Massachusetts. Bank coioossignsb. An-
nual report, 191B. Boston. 1913. 2 v.
Pt. 1. Relating to savings banks, institu-
tions for savings, trust companies and
foreign banking corporations, zlix, 497,
oxzv p.
Pt. 2. Relating to co-operative banks,
savings and loan associations, and credit
unions, xxviii, 360, 1 p.

-^— Savings hank life insurance, v. 4.
nos. 1-3. Boston. General Insurance
Guaranty Fund. Jan., Apr., Aug. 1913.

A periodical published in the interest of
savings bank life insuraaoe in Massachusetts
as administered under the state actuary, by the
insurance departments of savings banks and
other agencies. Small pamjihlets, not uniform
in style or sise.

Nbthbblands. Maandelijksohe opgaven om-
trent de rijkspostspaarbank en de voor-
naamste particuliere spaarbanken in de
verschillende maanden van 1912. In
Maanddjfers en andere periodieke opgaven
hetreffende NederUmd en de kdoniin no, 28,
Jaar 1912. 's-Gravenhage. Centraal
Bureau voordeStatistiek. 1913. p. 44, 45.
A 3^«ariy review of statistics of the post
office savings bank and selected savings banks
in the Netherlands for the months of 1912.
Prepared by the eentral bureau of statistics of
the Netherlands.

New Yobk. Statistics of savings banks and
savings and loan associations in cities and
villages of 1,000 [inhabitants] or more,
January 1, 1913. In First anrwal indus-
trial directory of New York, 191$, Albany.
State Department of Labor. 1913. p.

NoBWAT. Norges sparebanker, 1912, Norges

offidellestatistik, v. 219. Kristiania. Stati-

stiskeCentralbyraa. 1913. (4), 12*. 39 p.

Statistics of savings banks in Norway in 1912,

issued by the central bureau of statistics.

The postal savings bank and the currency
bill. In Outlook, v. 104. p. 796-801.
New York. Aug. 9, 1913.

Copies of telegrams from state bank com-
missioners or other public officials of each
state received by the Outlook in answer to an
inquiry as to the effect of postal savings banks
in iT t^Tnii|f ^^.^ii£ thrift.

Rumania. Situation des banques i>opulaires
et cooperatives rurales de Roumaine en
1911. In MoniteuT oommercial Roumain.
Bucarest. Miniature de I'lndustrie et du
Commerce. Nov. 1, 1913. p. 197-200.

A rteum^ of the annual report on savings
banks and rural co-operative societies in Ru-
mania in 1911, published by the Rumanian
ministry of industry and commerce.

United States. Annual report of the hoard of
trustees of the postal savings system for the
fiscal year 191S, House doc. no. 359.
63d cong. 2d sess. Issued by the postal
savings division, post office department.
Washington. Superintendent of Docu-
ments. Dec. 3, 1913
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[L. B.


The beginnings of a new science. In Survey.

V. 30. p. 95, 96. New York. Apr. 19,

Blocking efficiency in government work. In

American induetriee. v. 14. p. 10-12.

New York. Nov. 1913.

A oritidflm of alleged oppoattion to scientific
management on the part of labor unions.

Bbisco, Norris A. Economics of business.

New York. Macmillan. 1913. ziv,

390 p.
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applied to mining. In Industrial engineer'

ing and enoineerino digest, y. 13. p. 166-

168. New York. Apr. 1913.

Extract from paper preeented at a meeting
of the Spokane local section of the American
institute of mining engineers and published in
the bulletin of the institute, Sept 1912.

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nificance of scientific management. In
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Scientific management as related to the
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Address to Joint meeting of the Verein
Deutscher Ingenieure and the American society
of mechanical engineers at Leipsig, Germany,
June 24. 1913.

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the public works of cities. In National
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Baltimore. Oct. 1913.

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erationist. v. 20. p. 296^302. Washing-
ton. Apr. 1913.

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ment to labor. In Journal of politioal
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urement under scientific management.
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Several chapters of this study appeared in
Industrial engineering during 1913.

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co-operation. A method of accomplishing
this necessary preliminary in the installa-
tion of scientific management in an in-
dustry. In Industrial engineering and
engineering digest v. 13. p. 285-288.
New York. July 1913. ,<^ t


NO. 100.]


IV. 93

■cttntWi MtiMgmamt,

— Motion study for the move-man.
How the automatic truck decreases the
cost of shop tranqx>rtation. In Indus-
trial engineerino ond engineenng digest,
V. 13. p. 99-102. New York. Mar. 1913.
Motion study in the box shop. How

an effort to cut down the internal trans-
portation movements effected a 50 per
cent increase in capacity. In Induvtrial
engineering and engineering digest v. 13.
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Oct. 1913.

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arganitoHon, New York. McGraw-Hill.
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"Based on leettins given before the tenior
claee in mechanical engineering at CorneU

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The precautions which should be observed
and the benefits which result. In Indus-
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Abstract of paper read at the meeting of the
American foundrymen's association, Buffalo,
Oct. 1913.

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468. New York. Nov. 1, 1913.

Comment on the protest of workmen against
the "Taylor ssrstem" in operation at the ar-
senal at Watertown, Mass.

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Establishing tasks and inducing work-
men to accomplish them. In Industrial
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Paper read at meeting of the society to pro-
mote the science of management. Philadelphia,
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relations existing between production,
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ings of the 16th annual convention of (he
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systkme Taylor). Biblioth^ue du mouve-
ment prol6tarien. 15. Paris. Riviere.
1913. 70 p.

An adverse criticism of the Taylor system
of shop management.

Pbbsipbnt's commission on economt and
BrFiciBNCT. A brief memorandum de-
scriptive of the iDork of the commission since
its organisation. Circular no. 31. Wash-
ington. Superintendent of Documents.
1913. 19 p.

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the viewpoint of a German engineer. In
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Leipiig. Germany, June 24, 1913.

Scientific management to speed up German
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foreign viewpoint. Objections from both sides
explained away."

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A bibliography on efficiency and sdentifio

Thompson. C. Bertrand. The relation of
scientific management to the wage prob-
lem. In Journal of political economy, v.
21. p. 630-642. Chicago. July 1913.

Digitized by VjOOQLC

IV. 94


[l. B.

Bdtatlflo ManftffMDMit.

— Scientific management and the wage
problem. The history of wage systems —
a logical attitude for labor unions. In
Industrial engineerino and engineering
digest. V. 13. p. 430-433. New York.
Oct. 1913.

Condensed from paper read at the manage-
ment conference of the Western economic
society, Chicago, 1913.

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work. In Journal of political economy.
V. 21. p. 377-387. Chicago. May 1913.

Reprinted in Industrial engineering and en-
gineering digest* V. 13, p. 347-350, New York,
Aug. 1918.

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plied to commercial enterprises. In
Journal of political economy, v. 21. p.
388-399. Chicago. May 1913.

Digitized by


NO. 100.]


IV. 95


Die Arbdterveraioherung in Europa. In
IUi€h9'ArbeiUbkUt, v. 11. p. 619-621.
Berlin. Aug. 1913.

A review of workmen's insurance in Europe
based on reports of the Imperial insurance office
and published in the Journal of the Imperial
statistical office of Germany.

Abointinb Repxtbuo. Las aaooiaciones de
mutualidad en Buenos Aires. In Boletin
del departamento naciontU del trabajo, no.
24. p. 511-526. Buenos Aires. Aug. 1,

Statistics of mutual aid associations in
Buenos Aires.

El aeguro contra aocidentes. In

Boletin del depariamenio nacumal del tn-
hajo. no. 24. p. 682-710. Buenos Aires.
Aug. 1. 1913.

Statistics of labor accidents and accident
insurance in the Argentine Republic.

Armour and oompany pension fund. In Labour
gazeUe, y. 14. p. 488, 489. Ottawa. Oct.

Abmstbono, Theodore. The history of in-
dustrial life insurance. In The co-opera-
Hve wfioUeale eoeietiee limited. Annual^
1914. Manchester, Eng. [1913.] p. 233-

Australia. Old-age and invalid pensions.
In Official year hook of the commonwealth
of Australia, no. 6. Melbourne. Com-
monwealth Bureau of Census and Sta-
tistics. 1913. p. 1168-1175.

Austria. Betriebe des 6sterreichischen Ta-
bakmonopols im Jahre 1911. In Sonale
Rundechau, v. 14. p. m 37-III 40.
Wien. Feb. 1913.

Report of the operations of the Austrian
tobacco monopoly giving statistics of wages
and woricmen's insurance. Published in the
social review of the Austrian bureau of lab<»'

Die Oebaruno und die Ergebnieee der

Krankheite e ta ii ei ik der nach dem Oeeete
torn SO Mart 1888, hetreffend die Kranh-
envereicherung der Arbeiter, eingerichteten
Krankenkaeeen im Jahre 1910, Wien.
K. E. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei. 1913.
161 p.

A study of sickness statirtics of the work-
men's sickness insunmce fund established under
the law of Mar. 30, 1888. Reviewed in the

Sosiale Runds ch au of the Austrian bureau of
labor BUttsdcs. v. 14, p. Ill 164-III 170. Wien.
May 1913.

Die Oebarung und die Ergebnieee der

UnfaUetatietik der im Cfrunde dee Oeeetue
vom t8 Deeember 1887, hetreffend die Un*
faUeereicherung der Arbeiter, errichteten
Arheiter'UnfaUvereicherungeanetalten im
Jahre 1910, Wien. K. K. Hof- und
Staatsdruckerei 1913. iii. 223 p.

A study of accident statistics based on the
reports of the workmen's accident insurance
institution established under the act of Dec.
28, 1887. Reviewed in Sosiale Rundschau of
the Austrian bureau of labor statistics, v. 14,
p. Ill 171-in 179, Wien. May 1913.

EiBNBOCx, Viktor. Bericht des Berg-

arbeiter-Ausschusses fiber den Gesetsent-
wurf, betrefifend die Unfallversicherung
der Bergarbeiter. In ProtokoU der dreiund-
dreieeigeten Sitiung dee Arbeiteheiratee 9om
7 Mai 1915, Wien. E. E. Arbeitsstatis-
tischesAmt.- 1913. p. 41-47.

Report of the special committee on mine
workers of the permanent labor council on
accident insurance for mine workers, issued by
the Austrian bureau of labor statistics as sup-
plement no. 2 to the proceedings of the 33d
session of the labor counciL

Statietik dee Bergbauee in Oesterreich

far doe Jahr 1911, Dritte Lieferung.
Die Oebamng und die Ergebnieee der
Krankheite-, Mortalitdte- und InvaliditOU-
etatistik der Berguferkebruderladen im Jahre
1910, Issued by E. E. Ministerium f&r
dffentliche Arbeiten. Wien. 1913.

A study of sickness, death, and disability
statistics of mine-workers' brotherhoods in
1910. Reviewed in Sosiale Rundschau of the
Austrian bureau of labor statistics, v. 14, p. Ill
251-UI 254, Wien, July 1913.

Statistieche Mitteilungen Ober doe deter^

reichieche Salzmonopol im Jahre 1911,
Wien. E. E. Hof- und StaatsdruckereL
1913. 303 p.

Statistical reports on the Austrian salt mo-
nopoly in 1911. A review of labor conditions
in the industry is given in the Sosiale Rundschau
of the Austrian bureau of labor sUtistics, v. 14.
p. Ill 310, 811, Wien, Aug. 1913.

Baldwin, F. Spencer. Old age insurance. In
American labor legielation review, v. 3.
p. 202-212. New Yorifc June 1913.

Digitized by VjOC

IV. 96


[L. B.

SooUl Xnrarftaot and

Barb, S. R. Organised relief. In Tranaac-
tions of Iht 16th intemcUional congreM on
hygiene and demography, Waehingion,
Sept. e3-£8, 1912, v. 5. pt. 1. Washing-
ton. Superintendent of Documents.
1913. p. 145-149.

A diBounion of the work of the relief depart-
ment of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad.

Bkloiuh. Les fonds oommunauz et pro-
vinciaux d'encouragement 2i la pr6voyance
contre le ch6mage involontaire, en 1912.
In Revue du travail, 18th year. p. 817-
839. Bruzelles. July 15, 1913.

Statistice for 1912 of funds maintained by
municipalities and province! to encourage
unemployment insurance, with comparisons
for the years 1901-1912.

— La mutuality en Belgique. Conunis-
sion permanente des soci^t^ mutualistes.
In Reviu du travail, 18th year. p. 117-
122, 952, 953. Bruzellee. Jan. 31, Aug.
15, 1913.

' Brief reports of the sessions of the permanent
commission for mutual aid societies, held Dec.
4, 1912, and May 28, 1913.

La mutuality en Belgique. Sooi6t66 et

federations mutualistes reoonnuea. In
Revue du travail, 18th year. p. 506-517,
1106-1114, 1362-1365. Bruxelies. Apr.
30, Sept. 30, Nov. 30, 1913.

lists of reoognised mutual aid societies in
Belgium arranged by provinces. The Labor
review for Apr. 30, 1913, gives comparative
statastios for the years 1906-1912 (p. 515-517).

Bellom, Maurice. La ligidation bdge d'aa-
eurance contre VinvaliditS, (Lot du 6 mai
1912.) Paris. A. Rousseau. 1913. 22 p.

Brief account of the Belgian sickness in-
surance law of May 5, 1912.

La ligi^aHon beige aur les r^raiiee dee

ouvriers mineure, 191 1-191 S, Paris. Du-
nod & Pinat. 1913. 136 p.

A study of Belgian legislation relating to
miners' pension systems. The investigation
was made by M. Bellom imder commission
from the French minister of public works.

-— - La loi anglaise d'assurance sociale de
1911. In Journal des iconomistes. 72d
year. Paris. 1918. Mar. 15. p. 399-
425; June 15. p. 372-390.

Parts 5 and 6 of a study of the British national
insurance act of 1911. The first four parts were
published during 1912.

BatiranMnt Syitams.

Les premiers r^sultats de la nouvelle

loi anglaise d'assurance sociale. In 3 pts.
In Journal des iconomistes. 72d year.
Paris. 1913. Aug. 15. p. 264-277;
Sept. 15. p. 434-446: Nov. 15. p. 225-

A discussion of the results of the new Britbh
national insurance act.

La prAvoyanoe ISgdU en faveur des em^

ployis. Exemples suivis d'uns s6rie de
conclusions pratiques. Paris. G. & M.
Ravisse. 1913. 108 p.

A study of social insurance legislation in
Germany and Austria, affecting employees
other than manual workers, with con^Mtrisona
for the two countries, and conclusions.

La slatistique iniemaiionale de Tos-

surance contre VinvaliditS. Rapport pr6-
sent^ et propositions aoumiaes k Tinstitut
international de statistique. Vienna.
F. Jasper. 1913. 85 p.

International statistics of social insurance.
A report presented to the intematiooal statis-
tical institute and propositions submitted.

BoTD, James H. Workmen*s compensation
and industrial insurance. Indianai>oliB.
Bobbs-Merrill Co. 1913. 2 v. 1622 p.

An analsrsis and criticism of workmen's com-
pensation laws in various states. This work
was originally issued in one volume (1913) under
the title "A treatiBe on the law of compensation
for injuries to workmen under modem indus-
trial statutes ".

BuHLB, R. Die Jnvalidenversicherungspfiicht
nach der Reichsversicherungsordnung.
Stuttgart. *J. B. Metslersche Buchhand-
lung. 1913. 337 p.

Compulsory sickness insurance under the
imperial insurance law.

Califobnia. Manual of compensation insur^
ance. Rules and rates for California^
adopted by the state compensation insurance
fund. Effective Jan. 1914. Sacramento.
Compensation Insurance Fund. 1913.
xix. (124) p.

Canada. Old age pensions. Investigation of
select committee of house of commons.
In Labour gasette. v. 13. p. 983-986.
Ottawa. Mar. 1913.

Cabb, a. S. Comyns. Gabnbtt, W. H. S., and
Tatlob, J. H. National insurance. With
preface by D. Lloyd George. London.
Digitized by LjOOQIC

NO. 100.]


IV. 97

SooUl InfQimnoe and

Macmillan A Co. 1913. 4th ed. xliii,
1284 p.

In this edition the provisionfl of the amend-
ing act of 1913 have been incorporated, together
with the regulations, tables, and dedsions issued
by the various departments charged with the
administration of the acts. The introductory
chapters of the original edition have been

Cabstenb, C. C. Public pensions to widows
with children. In Survey, v. 29. p. 459-
466. New York. Jan. 4. 1913.

The results of six weeks* investigation of the

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