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Wbolesde dJod RelSal


J305TON. ^J


Catalogue of a loan collection of
ancient and historic articles, ...

Daughters of the American Revolution,
Copley Hall (Boston, Mass.)





7 r^'^^



Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

■"•;» . "^JiAr^'^ -%^{,Vi^v^CvVs^ ^'^:^-S.,\\V':»AJi, _'^W>%v-^,,\"^'^^A

Digitized by VjOOQIC









April 19-20-21, 1897


Digitized by VjOOQIC


; ,^„i. . KARY


Copyright 1897


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

, - • ' ♦ . « . • • ^
'.» : •.? •^.- \.« -

• • : • — • ; *

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



general (Eommtttee,


Colonial Room— U^S. EDWARD B. COLE

Historical Data— MRS. JOSEPH BATES,



Digitized by VjOOQIC

Organized June 17, 1893 Incorporated February 28, 1894

Daughters of the Revolution


Society Room, - 823 Tremont Building,


The exhibit of the State Society includes all articles not in
Chapter or private collections ; also those received too late for
classification. See page iiS.


The compilers of this Catalogue have sought to secure histor-
ical accuracy and have, so far as permitted by the limited time
between the receipt of the lenders' descriptions and the printing
of the catalogue, endeavored to verify the historical statements
it contains. For any error which may have been caused by in-
correct family traditions, they cannot, however, hold themselves
responsible. As it is hoped that the catalogue may be of per-
manent value to antiquarians and collectors, the committee will
gladly welcome corrections or additions. These may be ad-
dressed to

Chairman D. R. Catalogue Committee,

Box 623, Andover, Mass.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



April (6, (896

TXlts. 3osep^ if. ZlXerebit^, Chapter Segent

"Dorothy Q." was daughter of Edmund Quincy of Quincy and
married a Mr. Jackson. Their daughter, Mary Jackson, was the grand-
mother of Oliver Wendell Holmes, the physician and poet This
Dorothy Q. is often confounded with her famous niece (daughter of
Edmund Quincy, Jr.), who married Gov. John Hancock.


1 " The Boston Gazette or Weekly Journal, No. 133, Sept 22, 1747."

2 North America's "Almanack" 1777, by Isaac Warren.

3 Fac-simile of the first paper ever issued by Franklin. Printed on

a press once used by him.

4 Almanack, 1795; amongst other items gives the "Vacation at

Harvard College." Miss Louise E. Boyden

5 Docimient of 1649, signed by Harry Vane.

6 Book. John Cotton's "Singing of Psalms," 1650.

7 British Stamp Act, 1765. Four American stamps.

8 The Boston Gazette and Country Journal, March 11, 177 1.

9 PhiUis Wheatley's "Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and

Moral" 1773.

10 Josiah Quincy, Jr.'s " Observations on the Boston Port Bill," with

autograph of author. 1774.

11 Autograph letter of John Hancock, Feb. 8, 1777.

12 Faneuil Hall lottery ticket

13 State of Mass. Bay Notes of 1777, showing State motto and pine


14 Autograph letter of George Washington, Jan. 24, 1787.

15 Docimient, signed Timothy Dexter, 1793 with portrait,


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1 6 Josiah Quincy's Oration, pronounced July 4, 1798.

17 "Sacred Dirges, Hymns and Anthems, commemorative of the

death of Gen. Geo. Washington."

18 Autograph letter of John Adams, May 18, 181 2.

19 Book plate. Charles B. Brooks

20 Piece of wood from Old Wa3rside Inn, Sudbury, Mass.

21 Scrip shilling, 1781, issued by the Assembly of Hartford, Conn.

22 Mass. half-cent — American Eagle bearing on its breast a shield

with the words " Half Cent," 1787.
23-24 Two U. S. half-cents. 1795 and 1809.

25 Tall cylindrical mug. Blue, orange, and green.

26 Piece of wood from "Old Ironsides,*' (Frigate Constitution).

27 Urn-shaped crockery sugar bowl, (probably English), mulberry

colored, with painted pattern imitating Chinese ware — said to
be very old. Abbie Farwell Brown

28 Book. " A Treatise of Faith " by John Ball, 1632. With auto-

graph of Rev. Cotton Mather, once tiie owner.

29 Book. " Election Sermon " by Rev. Thomas Prince, one of the

pastors of the South Church in Boston. Date 1730,

30 Book. " A Voyage to Boston." " A Poem, 1775," by the author

of " American Liberty," " Gen, Gage's Soliloquy," etc.

31 New Years' poems of Newspaper carriers of " Mass. Centinel,"

32 Boston Directory with map, 1789.

33 Portion of the wedding coat of Gov. Joseph Dudley, married Re-

bekah Tyng, 1668.

34 Yellow satin skirt embroidered by Elizabetii Davenport for her

wedding, at the age of fifteen years, to William Dudley.

35 Crimson brocaded shoes, belonged to Anna Mayo Richards.

36 Itemized bill for dry goods for Mrs. Catherine Dudley, 1750.

37 Boy's court suit of silk, worn in 1775, by Dudley Cotton, great-

grandson of Gov. Joseph Dudley.

38 Sleeve of wedding dress of Betsey Locke, Lexington, May 1805*

She was married to Thnothy Tileston of Boston by Parson
Clark, at whose house Paul Revere stopped, just before the bat-
tie of Lexington.

39 Green morocco slippers, belonged to Elizabeth Richards, 181 2.

Made by Richard Mansfield, Lynn.

40 Sampler, wrought 1736 by Elizabeth Dudley, grand-daughter of

Gov. Joseph Dudley, Province, Massachusetts Bay.

"Elizabeth Dudley is my name

And with my nedel I wrought the aame
And if mv sldll it had ben better

I would have mended every letter."

Digitized by V3OOQ IC

41 Sampler, wrought by Elizabeth Richards in 1790. She married

Richard Child in 181 2. "Now We are caused to Live there's
nothing I Esteem Worth Learning but the way to die."

42 Stair rail from the Hancock House built in 1737.

43 Fire bucket, marked P. Johonnot 1760.

44 Fire bucket, marked "P. D. Richards 1791. Salvator Divitiarum,"

a red heart over clasped hands.

45 Spectacles, horn-rimmed and iron-bound, worn by Elizabeth Dud-

ley 1770.

46 Some of the first American playing cards, with plain white backs*

47 Invitations from John Hancock to Miss Esther Johonnot, 1778.

Printed on the backs of playing cards.

48 Small painting of the Battle of Bunker Hill, done in 1792 by Tim-

othy Tileston.

49 Earthen pitcher, inscribed "Benjamin Locke, his pitcher year of


50 Order of Exercises for the memorial service in the Old South

Meeting House, on the death of George Washington, January
9, 1800.

51 Silver pepper box. William and Elizabeth Dudley, 1721. Maker

B. H.

52 Silver tankard. William and Elizabeth Dudley, 1721. Maker

W. R. W. R.

55 Silver teapot, belonged to Lucy Wainwright, wife of Judge Paul
Dudley, 1757.

54 Silver porringer marked ChurchilL Prior to 181 2 belonged to

Elizabeth Richards Child.

55 Mourning ring inscribed "J. Dudley late Gov. N. E. ob. 2 April

1720 Ae. 73."

56 Mourning ring of gold with scrolls of black enamel, inscribed,

"Hon. Paul Dudley, Esq., ob. Jan. 25, 1751 Ae. 76."

57 Mourning ring, gold, engraved with Death's head, inscribed

"Madm Debr Prince ob i June 1776 Ae. 67 J**

58 Mourning ring with glass medallion containing braided hair with

gold letter "L" inscribed "Wm. Lowderdied July 1796 aged 82,
Miss Ann Lowder died June 1801 aged 84."

59 Embroidered wallet, owned by Elizabeth Richards.

Mrs. Dudley Richards Child

60 Coat Brush taken from pocket of an American General after the

battle of Bunker Hill. Mrs. Gilbert Clark

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

6i An ivory minature, painted with burnt hair, originally in a round
marble frame. Painted previous to 1750 and formerly in the
possession of Rev. Isaac Story of Marblehead.

62 Letter from Sir William Pepperell, written to Timothy Gerrish,

Esq., of Kittery, Me., who was his kinsman. Owned by a de-
scendent of Timothy Gerrish and of the sister of Sir William

63 Silhouette of William Parsons of Bradford and Alfred, Me. Son

of Rev. James Parsons of Bradford and direct descendant of
James Parsons, First in America. Also direct descendant of
Gov. John Usher who built the Royal House, Medford, and of
Gov. Samuel Allen, Pres. of N. H., thence of Capt John Ma-
son of Gorges and Mason Claim.

64 Gloves worn by Gen. Samuel Leighton to a dinner given by the

City of Boston, in honor of Lafayette in 1784.

Miss K. Frances Leighton Gregg

65 Bible, 1739, with signature of Mather Byles, belonging to the

"Church of Christ" in Hollis St. The gift of his honor Wm.
Dummer, Esq., late Lieut. Gov. and Commander in Chief of
this Province, May 2nd, 1742. M. Byles.

Hollis Street Church

66 Commission of Moses Vose, March 25, 1776 as Lieut

67 Receipted bill Jan. 27, 1779, of Lieut Moses Vose.

Miss Emma P. Hunt

68 Print Copy of "Last Will and Testament of George Washington."

Mrs. George Butler Mason, Cambridge

69 Gold bead and locket bracelet.

70 Old Snufif box.

71 Autograph letter of Cxen. G^rge Washington.

Mrs. J. H. Meredith

72 Orderly book of the 13th Regiment, Conn. Militia Col. Increase

Mosely, Nov, 4, 1776 — ^Jan. i, 1777 at Stamford, Saw Pit, Rye,
etc. John G. Mosely

73 Calico stamp ; made by Josiah Thompson, Esq., of Halifax, Mass.,

for printing calico previous to the year 171 5. Mr. Thompson
kept a store and tavern, making and printing his own cloth.

Mrs. Eugene E. Pierce

74 Silver spoon belonging in 1772 to Charles Willing of Penn. Mark

I NR. Annie S. Penfield

75 Portrait on ivory of Mrs. Lucy Davis, whose daughter married

Daniel Merry — their daughter married Robert Mansfield Bar-
nard whose daughter loans the portrait Mrs. E. F. Pratt



Digitized by V3OOQ IC


76 New Testament printed in 1716. Taken from the "Java" when
captured by the "Constitution" and given by Commodore Bain-
bridge, to Capt Joseph Breck of Boston in Feb. 181 3. Owned
by his grand-daughter. Mrs. William Gardner Reed

^^ Blue Platter. Miss M. B. Rogers

78 Silver teaspoon, wedding present of Lydia Appleton and Ben-

jamin Wells of Boston, Mass. Miss Ellen V. Smith

79 Picture of " Old Bull Tavern " in Lexington, which was invaded

and ransacked by the British soldiers on April 19, 1775. This
tavern was kept till 1820 by Daniel Child, when Joel Viles
bought it; burned in 1850. Mrs. Qinton Viles



October 3, 1896

Zrtrs* Cllcxanber ZIT* ^ctris, (Chapter JJegcnt

Sarah Fuller Hull was the wife of Gen. William Hull of the Revo-
tion. Among her descendants was the Rev. James Freeman Clarke, a

80 Old newspaper, containing article on death of John Adams.

Mrs. Mary Oakes Atwood, Everett

81 Fan, Louis XVI — 1 775.

82 Tax bill— 1777.

83 Irish spoon, 1780.

84 Tea kettle, made by Paul Revere.

85 Silver shoe buckles, owned by Capt. Ebenezer Dorr.

86 Shagreen spectacle case, 1795, owned by Clarissa (Badlam) Dorr.
Z^ Gold paper knife, owned by Clarissa Dorr, 1805.

88 Scales for weighing gold and silver, belonging to John Adams.

89 Manuscript Music Book, belonging to Wm. O, Adams, 1795.

90 Muffiwe^r 1797, time of George III.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

91 Cane; 92, Shoe buckles; 93, Snuffers and tray; 94, Horn drink-
ing cup (silver lined); 95, Waist-coat links; 96, Flint-lock
pistol ; 97, Invitations. Nos. 91 to 97 inclusive, all belonged
to Gen. Stephen Badlam who served in the Continental Army
as Major through the entire war ; afterwards General of the
Militia. Married Mary Adams 1753, cousin of John Adams.

C. C. Badlam

98 A blue earthen teapot, piece of the " Wedding sett " presented to

Col. Munroe and wife, Anna Smith.

99 Pink dinner plate.

100 Candle snuffers ; all used at the Munroe Tavern, Lexington, 1775.

loi Pocket of the dress worn by Polly Rogers of Westford, when
Washington visited Lexington, 1789. She was Col. Munroe's
second wife and the widow of a soldier, killed at the battle of
Monmouth by the bursting of a cannon.

102 Brittannia teapot, used at the time of this visit.

103 Pin, such as was used previous to their manufacture in this coun-

try. The card upon which it is, is an invitation to the dedica-
tion of the Lexington Monument erected in honor of the
Minute men, 1798. A complete paper of this style was given
to the Essex Institute, Salem, by a Lexington lady.

104 China tea caddy, originally owned by Annie, daughter of Col. Wm.

Munroe. Miss Laura Muzzy Brigham, East Lexington

105 Candle Snuffers of Jonathan Harrington. Miss Nellie Caldwell.

106 Tea tray owned by Hannah (Church) Burton, wife of Maj. Benj.

Burton. Mrs. Burton was a lineal descendant of Richard
Church (father of the famous Indian warrior Benj. Chnrch) who
married Elizabeth Warren, daughter of Richard Warren, who
came to Plymouth in the Mayflower, Dec. 21, 1620.

107 Silver buckle, owned by Roland Cobb, a Revolutionary soldier.

108 Hat brush, made by Maj. Benjamin Burton.

109 Revolutionary pitcher belonging to Maj. Benj. Burton.

Mrs. Sewell C. (Anne M.) Cobb

no Blue and white cup and saucer, one of a set owned by Bathsheba

Hill at the time of her marriage to Benj. French about 1746 ;

was given to her daughter, Mehitable French, who married

Dudley Coburn (son of Maj. Daniel Cobum) and has been in

the Coburn family as a keepsake to the present time. The

identity of this cup and saucer is fully assured.

Ill Red, white and blue plate. Family tradition claims that this

" Plate," with others, was brought to this country from England

in ship " Defence " in 1635. Owned originally by Mary French


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

Coburn Geyer, who gave this history with the plate to her
great niece, the owner. Clara J. Coburn

112 Old Copeland pitcher, belonging to the Countess of Blessington.

113 Old sampler, worked by Hannah Cogswell of Haverhill, 1762.

114 Lowestoft cup and saucer, painted by Rose, 1775.

1 1 5 Wedgewood dish, 1 780.

116 Green cup and cup plate. Staffordshire, 1790.

117 Swansea Colonge bottle, 1800.

118 North Hilton set, four pieces, 1800.

119 Andirons — Indian figures — 181 2. Mrs. H. A. Crosby

120 "Etymological and English Dictionary" by Nathaniel Bailey,

1754. J. Steams Gushing, Norwood

121 " Land Warrant," given to Francis Daniels and signed by Presi-

dent James Munroe. Henry C. Daniels

122 Punch bowl, from one hundred and fifty to two hundred years

old. Mrs. Ada E. Davidson

123 Sleeve buttons, 1750. Miss Mary E. Dudley

124 Portrait of Sir Matthew Hale, a member of the Convention of

Parliament, 1660.

125 Portrait of Thomas Lord, Archbishop of Canterbury.

126 Book of Sermons, belonging to Rev. Joseph Roby, a minister of

Lynn for fifty years. Mrs. W. R. Evans

127 " Geological and Historical Grammar" by Mr. Salmon, printed

by Williston and Darling, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1771.

Mrs. Alexander Ferris

128 The Tily family bible, 161 1. Mrs. R. Ford

129 Document, signed by Gov. Thomas Hutchinson, 1763.

130 Commission of Col. David Brewer, signed by Gen. Joseph War-

ren, 1775.

131 Miniature of Mrs. Edmund Green, Charlestown, S. C, 1777.

132 Miniature of William Tucker, 1790.

133 Infant's shoes, worn by Ann Brewer Green ; made by Shillaber,

1800. Mrs. James B. Fuller

134 Tin powder horn, containing powder, left from War of 181 2;

owned by Sullivan Burbank. He was in the U. S. Army im-
til 1839, serving at almost every point on the frontier from St.
Lawrence to the Sabine. Miss Sarah Gosson


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

135 Framed newspaper of 1770, March 12, Boston Gazette and Coun-

try Journal ; owned (i) Jonathan Currier : (2) his son William :
(3) his son William W. : (4) Anna (Currier) Heckman : con-
tains full account of the Boston massacre and description of
Crispus Attucks who was killed : also an account of the meet-
ing at the Old South Meeting-house when the Committee was
appointed to request the removal of the English troops. This
Committee included John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Dr.
Joseph Warren.

136 Copper coin of 1790.

137 Gold and Coral brooch, formerly a buckle, and owned in 1775 by

Nancy Currier, then by Joanna Currier, now by Anna Currier

138 Brass snuff box Anno 1800, once owned by Jonathan Currier of

New Hampshire.

139 Bag made of opal beads : owned by Mary Downes Cousens of

Maine in 1780.

140 Bead bag: owned in 1780 by Nancy Sargent Currier.

141 Cup and saucer in green and bronze. Former owner Mary

Downes, 1780.

142 Small brown and white cup, 1780.

143 Pewter plate, 1740.

144 Silver teaspoon, 1799. Maker J. R.

145 Pewter porringer, 1765.

146 Silver tablespoon. Nos. 142 — 146 inclusive owned by Nancy S.

Currier. Mrs. John F. Heckman

147 Deed of sale 171 7 — 1723.

148 Copy of Joshua Richardson's will, Sept. 26, 1748.

149 Deed of gift to Joshua Richardson, 1 740.

150 Bill Book. Miss Elizabeth Hill

151 Old Dutch plate. Mrs. F. B. Hombrooke

152 Silver tablespoon of Mrs. Benj. Burton.

153 Needlebook, owned by Ann Church Burton, youngest child of

Maj. and Mrs. Benj. Burton. This was brought to her in
1805 from Bristol, R. I., by her mother. They were then living
in Friendship, Me., and had doubtless been on a visit to the
scene of their marriage in 1779.
I J4 Silver teaspoon. Mrs. Wm. Taylor Logan

155-6-7 Three deeds, dates, 1734, 1746, 1747. Mrs. L. B. Matteson


158 Book, relating to the institution and proceedings of the Society of

Cincinnati, formed by the officers of the U. S. at the Canton-
ment on banks of Hudson River, May 10, 1783. With the
proceedings of the Mass. State Society of the Cincinnati from
its organization 1783 — 181 1. Miss Welthea Alden Merritt

159 Coat of arms wrought in 1773. George Nowell

160 Reticule, belonging to Abigail Harrington, daughter of Jonathan

Harrington the last survivor of the battle of Lexington.

161 Book, "Exhibition Dialogues and Recitations" which belonged

to Wm. Harrington, son of Jonathan Harrington.

162 Newspaper, "Federal Republican and Baltimore Telegraph,"

dated Tuesday Morning, Mar. 11, 181 7.

Miss Gertrude Pierce, East Lexington

163 Glass tumbler, used at the Munroe Tavern, 1775.

Mrs. Nathaniel Pierce

164 Sampler, worked by Marsy Tucker in 1788 when eight years old.

She married Capt. Mansfield of Salem, and her daughter mar-
ried John Endicott.

165 Back comb, worn between 1789 and 181 2.

166 Pitcher, on which is plan of city of Washington as laid out in

1792, Mrs. P. M. Rice, Union, Me

167 Sword cane of Gen. Henry Knox of Thomaston, Me.

168 Brass hook from the Gen. Knox house in Thomaston, Me.

169 Bible, printed in the time of King James.

170 Newspaper, printed at the time of George Washington's death.

Mrs.W. W.Rice

171 Commission of Wyseman Claggett as Attorney General for the

Province of N. H.,in the year 1767 under King George II L

172 Glass brought over in the Mayflower in 1620.

Mrs. Frederick Simpson

173 Piece of money paid to Josiah Smith of Lexington, for service in

the Revolutionary army in 1776.

174 A wood book made from a piece of wood from the old Lexington

belfry. Albert B. Smitii

175 Hat. 176. Lantern, carried by Jonathan Harrington upon start-

ing out at the call of his mother : "Get up, Jonathan, the Reg-
ulars are coming and something must be done." See No. 160.

Edwin S. Spaulding

177 Bedspread, 1795, made by Catherine Brown Mellen.

178 Platter over a hundred years old, owned by Catherine (Brown)

Mellen. Charles Mellen Tillinghast


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

179 Genealogy of Knights family, made by Betsey Knights 1807, age


180 Portrait of Stephen E. Harris.

181 Portrait of Polly Knights.

182 Portrait of Polly Knights' daughter.

183 Pitcher, 1790.

184 Picture; 1790.

185 Mirror, 1740. 186 Sampler. i'79o. 187 Cup, 1795. 188 Platter,

1795. 189 Blue Laws Book. Mrs. Emma E. Tillinghast

190 Table cover made of a piece of linen spun and woven by Miss

Polly Smiley, Sidney, Me., 1 790 or earlier.

191 Pillow slips (a part of the household linen), spun and woven by

Mrs. Katherine (Hastings) Harlow. Mrs. E. M. Springer

192 Teapot, from Abington, Mass., 1740 or earlier. Lillian E. Tower

193 Wedding slippers, made from wedding gown of Mrs. Theophilus

Parsons, who married Chief Justice Parsons of Boston, at
Newburyport, Jan. 13, 1780.

194 Old English china, 1770. Duplicate of this in Boston Museum.

Mrs. Elizabeth Ward

195 Slippers, belonging to Mrs. John Cabot of Newton, probably in

1780. Mrs. F. W. Webber

1 96- 1 97-1 98 Three pistols used at the time of the Revolution.

199-200 Two powder horns with names of Revolutionary soldiers cut
in them while in service.

201 Piece of wood from belfry at Lexington.

202 Brass ornaments.

203 One Britannia sugar bowl.

204 Leather cartridge box, used at the battle of Lexington.

205 Leather case for holding articles for cleaning guns.

206 Scabbard used in the Revolutionary War.

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