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1928 Letter; antograph letter of Samuel Osgood, "Board of Treas-

ury, February 20, 1786." The letter is also signed by Walter
Livingston and Arthur Lee and addressed to Thomas Har-
wood, Esq., Commissioner of Loan Office, State of Maryland.
Samuel Osgood was fifth in descent from the second settler of
Andover, John Osgood of Andover, England. During the
Revolution he was Andover^s most distinguished citizen, be-
ing State Senator, representative to the Provincial and Conti-
nental Congress, first Commissioner of the Treasury, and after
his removal to New York, the first Postmaster General.

1929 Revolutionary side arm. Sam D. Stevens, North Andover

1930 Tinder box with tinder.

193 1 Folding knife and fork, carried by a Johnson in the Revolution.

Mr. Samuel Otis Swain, Wakefield

1932 Porringer, belonged to Elizabeth Barnard, wife of Rev. Samuel

Phillips of Andover.

1933 Spoon, belonging to Phoebe Foxcroft, wife of Judge Samuel Phil-

lips of Andover. Miss Julia P. Tompkins, Lawrence

1934 Miniature of Ebenezer Pemberton, LL. D., Principal of Phil-

lips Academy, Andover; he also taught in Plainfield, Conn.,
Billerica and Boston. Accumulating no property, he was paid
an annuity in his old age by his former pupils as a token of
their gratitude.


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1 935 Ozk Gavel, made from the wood of the first Phillips Academy,

erected in Andover in 1778. This building was originally a
carpenter^s shop, and after its abandonment and removal by
Phillips Academy, became the home of a revolutionary sol-
dier. Afterwards partially torn down and moved to a cross
road from Salem to Main. Destroyed by fire in 1879, being
the property of the late William Smart

Trustees of Phillips Academy

1936 Lafayette medal, belonged to Charles Moody of West New-


1937 Continental money two-thirds of a dollar.

Mrs. Ashley (Hoyt) Whipple

1938 Towel, woven by Phebe Vose Worthley of Antrim, N. H.

1939 Book-Sermons, owned by Stephen Barker (thought to be the son

of Richard Barker), one of the first settlers of Andover,
Mass. An ancestor of the loaner.

1940 Sampler, worked about 1810 by Miriam Worthley.

Miss Phebe M. Worthley

1 941 Sword owned by Aaron Sawyer, carried in the war of 18 12.

1942 Almanack, 1777, belonged to Mrs. Molly Flint

Mrs. Burnham S. (Sawyer) White

Pictures, manuscripts and relics, relating to commercial and naval

history, with special reference to shipping interests. Selected

from the private collections of Capt. John C. Crowinshield.

The first prize brought iftto Salem was by the privateer Jefferson,
built as a yacht in 1804, converted into a privateer in 181 2. The Amer-
ica captured twenty-six prizes; the John and Alexander, twenty; the
Diomede seventeen, making a total of sixty-four prizes captured by the
firm of Captain George Crowinshield and Sons, and Captain Benjamin

1943-4 Two English engravings, 1737. "The two Friends" and

" The Love of the Grove."
1945-6 Engravings, colored. Winter scene. Female dressed in furs

for skating. Published according to Act of Parliament, Jan.

1745. Originally belonged to the estate of Jacob and Hannah

Carlton whose daughter married a Crowninshield.
1947 Engraving, London, Mar. ist, 1781, entitled Naval Architecture,

line of battle ships on River Thames (has old style lanterns

at stern.) A good representation of English war ships

during the Revolutionary period.


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194^ Engraving, Massacre by the English of the American prisoners
of the war at Dartmoor prison 6th of April, 1815, by the
Somersetshire militia (peace had been declared).

1949-50 Engraving of the East Church, Salemt Also engraving of
the interior. Parson Diamon preached there fifty years. Dr.
Wm. Bentley, forty years.

1 95 1 Silhouette. Dr. Wm. Bentley. Graduated at Harvard 1777*

A tutor three years. A colleague of Parson Diamon, an
old school theologian of stem and imposing dignity. Rev.
Mr. Bentley introduced more liberal views.

1952 Ship Bellisarius of Salem, built 1793, made voyages down to

18 10. George C. & Sons owners.

1953 Ship America No. 2 bought in the Isle of France 1795.

This was the ship that brought the first elephant to this
country, Jacob C. Commander. Elephant landed in N. Y.,
Apr. 20, 1 796 and was sold for ten thousand dollars.

1954 Ship America No. 4 built 1804, made India voyages to war of

181 2, then converted into a privateer. Made five cruises,
captured twenty-six British vessels and realized one million,
five hundred thousand dollars from prizes captured.

1955 Brig. Diomede of Salem, captured in the war of 181 2 returning

from an India voyage, with valuable cargo. Had she got safe
to port the cargo would have brought $150,000. John C, owner.

1956 Ship Fame made a famous voyage to Cochin, China, under

Capt. Briggs. Account of voyage published in Essex County

1957 Book of navigation began 17th day of July, 1787, William Carl-

ton instructor, Salem. Left off Sept. 8, 1 787. ** John Crown-
inshield his navigation."

1958 Book of navigation, first belonged to John C, Jan. 21, 1728,

afterwards used by John C, his grandson, in 1787. A log-
book of Schooner Richard and Edward, from Salem to Isle of
France and back. Sixty-three tons and not coppered. Res-
cued a French vessel in a sinking condition and saved fifty
slaves and the crew.

1959 Journal and log-book of the 3d " Ship America," of which there

is no painting. She was bought in the Isle of France, 1795 ;
was a frigate built ship of twenty guns and belonged to the
French Navy. President John Adams commissioned her as a
privateer during the troubles with France ; this commission is,
now at the Salem Custom House. In 1802, Capt. John C
sold her at Bordeaux, France, and she was again used by the
French as a privateer against the English.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

i960 An old account book belonging to Hannah, mother of Capt.
Benj., afterwards used by the Capt on a vo3rage to India,
1 791.

1 961 Account book of the ship Bellisarius. Bengal and China, 1798 ;

also letters from Isle of France and Bourbon from John C.
Letters about the ship America from the Isle of France and

1962 Log-book Brig Telemachus owned by John Crowinshield, Capt.

Penn Townsend. The following entry was made Sept 18,
1809. ** Came too in the harbor and hoisted the first Amer-
ican flag that ever flew in the Capitol of Turkey."

1963 Log-book and Journal of Privateer Diomede, John CrowinshiMd,

Commander, sailed Feb. i, 18 14, for New York. Captured a
fleet of 5 sails. Sailed for Salem having been damaged in
a severe gale, March 6th. Commander married, March 14,
18 14, and sailed on cruise, Apr. 24th. Illustrated with draw-
ings. Sailed from Salem, April 27, 18 14 — Captured twelve
prizes — including three large ships. Had several engagements
and several narrow escapes from capture, finally taken by
English Frigate and kept prisoner twelve months, to the end
of the war. One hundred and sixty-six, of all tlasses, were re-
leased on parole. Had on board when captured thirty-three
prisoners. This book contains a sprig of boxwood and a
flower, received just before sailing, and the Journal says : —
** Carried them on the cruise and kept them all the time at
Dartmouth when a prisoner, and brought them back to

1964 Articles of Parole of prisoners, captives in war of 181 2 by

Privateer Diomede, John C., Commander. On the second
cruise paroled one hundred and sixty-six prisoners and had on
board thirty-six when Diomede was captured.

1965 Book containing letters received from Capt. Crowinshield while

a prisoner at Dartmouth prison at Halifax. War of 181 2. Also
letters written to him by his brother-in-law, Hon. Nathaniel
Silsbee; William Silsbee and others. John Crowinshield
writes to his wife Maria, Sept 25, 18 14: — " The first tears that
have been shed by me, at least for some time past, was when
my companions were sent to England ; three thousand miles
from home — the loss of the schooner was not so hard — but lay
that by."

1966 Ship's glass or telescope used in voyages in the Bellisarius, ship

America and on Cleopatra barge, 1800.

1967 An old sword brought from Constantinople 1809 in Brig. Telem-



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1968 Sword captured in the war of 1812, from English ship, taken by

the privateer Diomede. John Crowninshield, Commander.

1969 Small sword French Rapier, silver handled, ornamented inlaid

blade brought from Paris in 1804 by John C. of Salem.

1970 Small sword (Rapier) worn by John C. at the Coronation of

Napoleon Bonaparte, 1804.

1 971 Pocket book used at the Isle of France on schooner "Richard

and Edward" 1789. The brothers, George and John C. were
both there. George having gone there with the ship Wash-
ington called the " Rambler," a privateer in the Revolutionary
war. He came home in command of the schooner " Richard
and Edward," having sold the Washington for $30,000.

1972 Miniature, Capt Benj., son of Jacob and Hannah (Carlton). He

was at the battle of Bunker Hill, commander of the privateer
John and Alexander. 1 8 1 2.

1973 Silhouette of Hannah, daughter of Jacob and Hannah (Carleton)

and sister of Capt. Benj. C.

1974 Silhouette of George, son of George and Mary (Derby) C. Owner

of the famous Cleopatra barge.

1975 Manuscript book containing names of 812 residents of Salem

who, during the embargo of 1809, were supplied with bread
from the firm of Geo. C. & Sons. " Bread given to the poor
during the embargo by G — C. & Sons."

1976 Portrait of John C, merchant and ship-owner, born in Salem,

July 14, 1 771. Died at Boston April 7, 1842.

1977 Tortoise shell box containing medallion head of Napoleon with

inscription " Napoleon Empereur des Francais et roid'Italie;"
given to Capt. Benj. C. by Pauline, sister of Napoleon, 1816;
at the same time she gave him a lock of Napoleon's hair
which she cut from the head of Napoleon herself, and a mosaic
box and ring which unfortunately cannot be exhibited.

1978 Watch case, Indian bead work.

1979 An ancient painting on copper, all from Mexico.

1980 An old work of art, three hundred years old, from Spain.

1981 Tortoise shell boat brought from India, 1791, by Capt Benj. C.

1982 Woven basket

1983 Indian beads, 1800.

1984 India netting brought from India, 1796, in ship Bellisarius, John

C, commander.

1985 Wooden watch case belonged first to John C. 1722 then to Han-

nah (Carlton), mother of Capt Benj. C. then to his daughter
Hannah and granddaughter Maria and her descendants.


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1986 Piece of the wedding vest (satin) of Capt. Benj. C.

1987 Silver chatelaine, old style, belonged to Hannah, mother of

Capt. Benj. C.

1988 One pair of wooden shoes brought from India 1795 in ship Bel-

lisarius, John C, Commander.

1999 Old pocket (bone) pin case used in the last century.

2000 Snuff box (papier mache). Naval engagement represented on

the cover, belonged to John C, commander of the privateer
Diomede, war of 181 2.

2001-2 Two small Indian trunks made of India grasses representing
old style Indian trunk, used to pack silk, etc. Brought home
by Capt. Benj. 1800.

2003-4 Two ornamented metal wine coolers from Cleopatra barge.
2005-6-7 Three relics made from the wood of the old Constitution.

A barrel. A cross. Cross tipped with gold all made by an

officer of the Navy.

2008 Knee buckles.

2009 Shoe buckles.

2010 Sleeve button. All owned by Capt. Benj. C.

201 1 Shoe buckles of Mary Lambert, wife of Benj. C.

2012 Walking cane of metal with spy glass or telescope in it Be-

longed to Geo. C, merchant, ship owner and owner of the
Cleopatra barge.

2013 Turkish pole-axe, on one side a star; on the other the square

and compass — maitonic emblems. Brought from Constantino-
ple 1809 in brig Telemachus owned by John C. and commanded
by Capt. Penn Townsend.

2014 Ship carpenter's compass and dividers belonged to Retire

Becket, ship builder, and used by him in drafting several
ships including the Cleopatra barge from 1 794-1816.

2015 Small gold sleeve button. Belonged to John C, Commander

of Diomede.

2016 Silver salt spoons part of the wedding outfit of Maria, wife of

Capt. John C, married Mar. 14, 1814.

2017 Note of Invitation from President Jefferson to Jacob C. to dine

with him — Dec. 16, 1807.

2018 Book of English sermons — date 1682 -1685 -1687 -1693 -and

others, one before the Artillery Co. London, St. Luke XXII -
verse 36. " He that hath no sword let him sell his garment
and buy one."


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

2019 Book of poems "An ode humbly inscribed to the Queen on the

glorious success of Her Majesty's Arms "1706. Printed 1725.
Written in imitation of Spencer's style.

2020 Scrap-book; containing old manuscripts, shipping papers, sam-

ples of India taffetas sent home in 1795 by John C, French
Passport issued at Paris, 181 5, with official seals, etc. "Essex
Registers" dated from 1776 on. The Essex Register, 1773,
gives an interesting account of the sudden and awful death of
some Salem people by the upsetting of a boat near Baker's
Island, June 17, 1773. Among the interesting papers is that
of the Essex Register, 1815: "Extra! Great News! Bona-
parte in Paris, and Re-established as Emperor of France ! ! All
Europe is again in Flames!" April 30, 181 5, gives news of
the schooner Macedonian of Portsmouth, Penn Townsend,
commander. She spoke privateer brig Scourge of N. Y.
Speaks of two American privateers in the Mediterranean, one
of which had captured twenty prizes. Capture reported of the
ship Somerset, Wm. Rogers, prize-master. Apr. 12, spoke
brig Diligence forty hours from Portland, "who informed us of
Ratification of Peace." Account of Gen. Jackson's trial at
New Orleans. Grand plan of Longwood, St. Helena, where
Napoleon lived and died a prisoner. It was the plan and
intention of Capt George Crowninshield and his brother John
to rescue Napoleon, but owing to causes beyond their control,
the final attempt was frustrated. This has been denied by
some not wholly conversant with the facts. The book also
contains a history of Hanson Posey, a slave at Washington,
who faithfully cared for his employer, the Hon. Jacob Crown-
inshield, M. C, during his last sickness in 1808. In recognition
of these services he was given money to purchase his freedom.
His brother, Capt. John Crowninshield certifies two years
later: "He has behaved with the greatest propriety — sober,
industrious, faithful, grateful, and has fulfilled every wish ex-
pected of him."'

2021 Fancy draft and naval architecture, 1800.

2022 Book, Poems, famous English authors, London, 1759 &c. Was

used by Jacob Crowninshield, master of the Ship America,
1798, name on leaf.

2023 Book, trial of the British Soldiery of 1770, Boston Massacre

(so called.)

2024 Engraving— Combat de Voygeur, lost June, 1794 — Naval bat-

tle French and English — *' Vive la libertie Vive la Repub-
lique Francaise."


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

2025-6 Two books containing an account of the voyage of John C,
from Pittsburg on the Ohio to New Orleans, I815-16 in a
small boat, soon after his release from Dartmouth Prison in

2027 North Sea, 1787, and old charts of Isle of France, Africa, Gen-
eva, 1793. All of which were used by the Crowninshield
family in their numerous voyages, and are culled from several
thousands of letters and manuscripts.

John C. Crowninshield, Andover



2028 Daguarreotype of Mrs. Betty Lincoln Pratt, third in descent

from Samuel Lincoln from whom Abraham Lincoln was
descended. Mary F. Atwood, Chelsea

2029 Sampler worked by Mary Eastabrook Smith, age nine years,

Sudbury, Mass., August 9th, 1804.

Mrs. Anna Estabrook French Anderson, Roslindale

2030 Commission of Ensign Humphrey Barrett from Sir Edmund

Andros dated 1688.

2031 Commission of Ensign Nathan Barrett of Concord from Gov.

Francis Bernard dated 1766.

2032 Commission of Capt Nathan Barrett of Concord from Gov.

Thomas Hutchinson dated 1773.

2033 Commission of Maj. Nathan Barrett of Concord from the

" Council of Massachusetts Bay " dated 1 776.

2034 Commission of Col. Nathan Barrett of Concord from the

" Council of Massachusetts Bay" dated 1779.
203s Commission of Col. Nathan Barrett of Concord from Gov. John
Hancock dated 1783.

2036 Sword of Capt Nathan Barrett, carried at battle of Concord

and Dorchester Heights. Edwin S. Barrett, S. A. R.

2037 Sword of Lieut. John Hay ward. Carried at battle of Concord

and at Bunker Hill and through the Revolution.

Mrs. Edwin S. Barrett

2038 Pair of silver salt spoons with shell ornament, gift to Mary Esta-

brook Smith of Sudbury on her marriage to Anthony Wright
of Concord. Maker of spoons, Baldwin & Jones.

Mrs. Eleanor Wright French Bates, Roslindale


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

2039 Masonic pitcher of English china, brought from England by

William Moores, Jr. Made for him while Captain of the ship
"Perseverance" between 1790 and 1800. William Moores
was mate on the first ship that hoisted the American flag after
the Declaration of Peace.

2040 Silver spoon, William and Lucinda Moores. Makers name,

"Bunger " 1795.

2041 Cup, part of a set owned by John Cartwright*s family of Nan-

tucket, during the Revolution.

2042 Blue tray owned by Zacheus Hussey of Nantucket, during the


2043 Teaspoon. One of a set. Maker B. B. Date unknown in 1770.

2044 Silver spoon, maker G. Keeler, 1795, Cartwright Family,


2045 Spoon marked with Usher Coat of Arms. Maker S. N.

2046 Small dish decorated in green and with monogram W. L. M.

Belonging to set made for Wm. Moores, Jr., of Nantucket,
about 1770.

2047 Glass mug belonged to Wm. Moores, Jr., of Nantucket. Made

in England about 1790.

2048 Bowl decorated in several colors and with the monogram

W. L. M. Made in England for William Moores, Jr.

2049 Co2^t of Arms — Moores' family.

2050 Cream pitcher brought from England by Wm. Moores between

I 790-1 800.
Loaned to " Mary Warren " Chapter by Wm. M. Bates, Roxbury

2051 Printed document of June 1774 sent out to every town for sub-

scribers. Addressed in writing to "His Excellency George
Washington, Commander of all the United Troops of the
thirteen united Colonys," dated Mar. 25, 1776. It is really a
covenant to support the American Army.

Loaned to " Isaac Gardner " Chapter by Chas. K. Bolton

2052 Liquor set of Chinese porcelain — Ming D)masty.

2053 Linen tablecloth, the flax of which was spun and woven upon

the plantation of Bernard Peel, Esq., early in the century.

Mrs. C. Van D. Chenoweth. " Bancroft" Chapter

2054 Piece of a dress of Priscilla Mullen, made into a quilt.

Miss Mary L. Cobb

2055 Pitcher. Proscribed Patriot's pitcher, Liverpool, 1804. From

the Hastings House, at one time a public house or inn —
Thomaston, Me.

Mrs. Wm. H. Daniels, " Mary Warren " Chapter


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

2056 Copy of Declaration of Independence with signers.

Mrs. Chas. H. Fisher, Hyde Park

2057 Commission of Thomas Rand, Jr., as Ensign in a company of

Mass. Militia. Issued by Caleb Strong, Governor Jime 15,
1 81 3. Miss Mary Rand Flanagan, Somerville




2058 Boston, Birthplace of Paul Revere built in 1668, North Square.

2059 Ja^^ica Plain, Greenough Mansion, headquarters of Gen.

Greene in 1775 and afterwards hospital for American soldiers.

2060 Boston, Gray House, or British Hospital. Prince Street, about

1750. Major Pitcaim died here.

2061 Watertown, Paul Revere House. About 1680 First Continental

notes were printed here by Paul Revere.

2062 Roxbury, Auchmuty House. 1761. The Stamp Act originated

and the Safety Committee met here. A Tory mansion confis-
cated by the government.

2063 Danvers, Collins, or "King" Hooper House. Occupied by

Francis Peabody Esq. Gen'l Gates' Headquarters before the
siege of Boston.

2064 Dorchester, Shirley Mansion, 1738.* Residence of Governors

Shirley and Eustis. Washington, Hamilton, Bup:, Franklin
and other notables were entertained here.

2065 Cambridge, Holmes House, 1725. Birthplace of Oliver Wendell

Holmes. Headquarters of American officers during the siege
of Boston. Battle of Bunker Hill was planned here.

2066 Lexington, Munroe Tavern. Headquarters of Lord Percy, Apr.

I9» 1775.

2067 Lexington, Clark House, 1695 and [734. Associated with John

Hancock and Samuel Adams during Paul Revere's midnight

2068 Concord, Old Manse, 1765. Home of Rev. Wm. Emerson,

Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

2069 Sudbury, Wayside Inn. Old Oak. Made famous by Long-

fellow in " Tales of a Wayside Inn."

2070 Boston, Interior of Christ Church built in 1723, on the steeple of

which, it is claimed, were hung Paul Revere's signal lights
by the sexton, Robert Newman.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

2oyi Sudbury, the Wayside Inn. Built in 1680.

2072 Danvers, " Oak Knoll." Homestead of John Greenleaf Whittier.

The poet died here.

2073 Boston, Old State House, built in 1713. Washington St. front

2074 Boston, Old State House from State Street. 17 13.

2075 Dorchester, Blake House, built in 1647. Residence of Elder

James Blake, Annalist of Mass. Bay Colony.

2076 Danvers, Gen. Putnam's house. 1648 and 1744. Birthplace of

Gen. Israel Putnam.

2077 Roxbury, Cutter House. Built in 1730. Headquarters of

American officers during the siege of Boston.

2078 Boston, Christ Church and Hull Street. 1723. Interior toward


2079 Boston, " Tea Party " House, cor. Tremont and Hollis Streets.

Built in 1735. Connected with the famous Boston "Tea

2080 Medford. " Royall Place," or Mrs. Tidd's House. Known also

as Hobgoblin Hall. Finest estate of its time in New England
successively headquarters of Generals Lee, Stark and Sullivan.
Built in 1738.

2081 Roxbury, Auchmuty House. 1761.

2082 Danvers, Collins, or " King" Hooper House.

2083 Medford, Porter House, 1 726. Place where Paul Revere halted

to awaken the inmates.

2084 Danvers, Rebecca Nourse House. 1636. The occupant was

hanged as a witch, July 19, 1692.

2085 Cambridge, Elmwood. 1759. Home of James Russell Lowell.

L. Soule & Co.

2086 Account book kept by John Adams.

2087 Scissors— over one hundred years old — made by hand.

Loaned to " Adams " Chapter by N. B. Furnald, Quincy

2088 Work of Abraham Crowley, published 1707.

2089 Photograph of house of Master Hacker of Salem. Built in 171 5

with elevator in the house.

2090 " The Gentieman's Magazine," (one volume) published 1757.

2091 "The Revolution of America,'* written by the Abb^ Raynal,


2092 Silhouette of Master Isaac Hacker of Salem. Founder of the

Hacker School, Salem, organized 1785.

2093 Sampler worked by Lydia Hacker of Salem, 1784.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

2094 Silhouette of Col Moses Swett Born 1770, died 1829, fought in

the war of 1812.

2095 Tankard owned by Squires Shore of Salem.

Loaned to " Third Plantation " Chapter by Miss Sallie H. Hacker

2096 Glass bottle decorated. Brought to this country in the last cen-

tury by Captain Hall.

2097 Teacaddy owned by John or James House — last century.

Miss Sarah R. HaU

2098 Shovel and tongs made by Thomas Ames of Mattapoisett, the

village blacksmith, for his niece, Clarissa Dexter

Mrs. Georgie Dexter Harrower

2099 Two knives. Miss Mary T. Hawkes

2100 Commission of Samuel Hooker as Captain.

2101 Commission of Samuel Hooker, Jr., as Ensign.

2102 Commission of Samuel Hooker, Jr., as Lieut.

Aretas Hooker.

2103 Lead inkstand. The mould for this inkstand was made by cut-

ing a turnip. It was made by Thomas Beebe in 1776. A
pickaxe, sword and flint lock are on one side; T. B., 1776, on
the other. Miss H. R. Hyatt, Cambridge

2104 "List of officers in Col. Francis' Regt, stationed at Dorchester

Heights, Nov. 16, 1776, from Aug. ye 12th to Dec. ye 12."
Loaned to " Mary Warren " Chapter by Robert Anson Jordan

2105 Quilt; copperplate engraving struck on cloth of equal parts-

linen and cotton. Made from bed curtains which were a part
of the wedding outfit of Rebecca (Hawkes) Stebbins of Deer-
field, Mass. Married Aug. 4, 1785.

Mrs. Isadore E. Kenney, Danvers

2106 Linen towel, made by Hannah Carter Dudley about 1790, with

her initials embroidered upon it.

2107 Mug brought home from sea by John Wells, a seafaring man of

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