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Salem. Mrs. S. J. Littlefield, Chelsea

2108 Sampler worked by Polly Haynes in 1793.

2109-21 10 Two pewter platters marked T. B., owned by Jemima
Baker, who was bom in 1 763. 21 1 1-21 12 Two pewter plates.
21 13 One pewter tankard. 21 14 One pewter porringer.

Mrs. Wilson Marsh

21 1 5 Homespun linen towel, spun and woven by Sylvester Bowker of

Scituate. Born in 1790.

21 16 Sampler worked by Esther Bowker of Scituate. Bom in 1770.


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21 1 7 Wooden busk worn in stays by Esther Bowker in 1787. Her
initials and the date being on it. She was bom in 1770.

Mrs. Henrietta B. Pratt

21 1 7-21 19 Jewelry cases. Boxes left by General Washington at the
house of Major Stevens. Word was sent to him and he replied
that they were to be kept in remembrance of him.

2120 Pair of scissors taken by a Revolutionary soldier from the house
of a Tory who refused him milk.

Mrs. John Nichols, Lawrence

^121 Snuffbox. 2122 Plate. Mrs. Warren Norton

2123 Tape loom, owned by Mehitable, wife of Col. Israel Hutchinson

of Danvers. Loaned by her great granddaughter.

2124 Pewter tankard.

2125 Pewter plate owned by Silence Putnam of Danvers.

2126 Cups, Royal Worcester ware, always used by Col. Jeremiah Page

of Danvers, grandfather of Miss Annie L. Page

2127 Silver ladle owned by Dr. Isaac Senter and Elizabeth, his wife.

Dr. Senter was repeatedly made President of the Rhode Island
Society of the Cincinnati.

2128 Commission of Horace Seamore, Esq., of Albany, N. Y., as

Inspector, 1787.

2129 Commission of Horace Seamore, Gent., as Lieutenant in the

army of the United States, to take effect Jime 2, 1778. Dated
Dec. 18, 1779. Mrs. Francis Peabody, Danvers

2130 Silhouette of Alpheus Crosby, a soldier in the Revolution.

2131 Silhouette of Mrs. Elizabeth (Gilmore) Crosby, wife of Alpheus

Crosby. Mrs. John E. Pierce, Charlestown

2132 Commission of John Porter, Major 6th Mass. Regt., Revolu

tionary army, July i, 1781. Loaned by his great great grand^
son. Frank K. Porter, S. A. R.

2133 Miniature, name unknown, but owned by Abby Hinckley (Pierce)

Putnam. Loaned by her daughter.

Miss Abby H. Putnam

2134 Button from a military coat of Gen. Israel Putnam.

2135 Spider, formerly the property of John Hancock, first minister

of town of Lexington, Mass.

2136 Bullets cut in a mould used by Gen. Israel Putnam.

2137 Copy of the Stamp Act, 1765. Formerly owned by Lieut Da-

vid Putnam, brother of Gen. Israel Putnam.

2138 Box made from cards. These cards were used by Gen. Page's

men in Danvers in 1 774. Miss Susan Putnam

123 .

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2139 Portrait of Sarah, wife of Gen William Hull.

2140 Portrait of Gen. William HulL

2 1 41 Knocker from the Gen. Hull house, Newton. Loaned to the

•*Sarah Hull" Chapter by Mrs. Sarah Fuller Read

2142 Picture. "Sine of the Minute Man." Elijah Hildreth, Dracut,


2143 Picture. '^Descent of the Reade family in maternal line giving

the names of those who in a military capacity, aided to Create,
Defend and Preserve the colonies of North America:" Sergt.
Richard Hildreth, Lieut. James Hildreth, both of Chelms-
ford. Maj. Ephraim Hildreth, Chelmsford — Dracut. Elijah
Hildreth, Dracut Sergt Thomas Hale, Newbury. Capt
Thomas Hale, Newbury — Rowley. Capt Ezekiel Hale,
Newbury — Dracut Surgeon Thomas Parish, Groton Col'y.
Robert Parish, Groton—Dunstable. Maj. Simon Willard,
Concord. Lieut Israel Hildreth, Dracut Capt Josiah Rich-
ardson, Wobum. Lieut. Josiah Richardson, Chelmsford,
Sergt John Perkins, Ipswich. Samuel Hunt, Sr., Ipswich.
Lieut Nathaniel Putnam, Salem. Henry Kimball, Haverhill.
Onisiphorus Marsh, Haverhill.

Capt Phillip Reade, U. S. Army

2144 Pitcher. (Gen. Foster.) Mrs. Wm. Siner

Collection of Historical China.

2145 State House with cows. 2146 John Hancock's house.

2147 Boston Court House. 2148 Boston Atheneum.
2149 Octagon Church. 2150 Insane Hospital. 21 51 Hos-
pital. 2152 Massachusetts coat of arms. 2153 Landing of
the Pilgrims. 2154 Harvard College. 2155 Warehouse,
Chatham St Mrs. Charles Q. Thayer

2156-7 Two original letters dated Ticonderoga, June 30, 1777. Valley
Forge, May i, 1778. They were written to Mrs. Thomas
Frothingham of Newburyport, who was a daughter of Dr. Jas.
Pecker. Dr. Jas. Pecker's rank was regular surgeon in the
Brigade of Gen. Brickett Mrs. R. W. Toppan, Maiden

2158 Looking-glass.

Mrs. W. H. Underhill, "Judith Badger" Chapter

2159 China creamer.

2160 Sugar bowl. These were bought and owned by Samuel Buck

also known as Samuel Ames, he having taken his mother's
name at the close of the Revolutionary war, in which he served
as a drummer three years. He married Jerusha Egremont
Baker and they lived in Norway, Maine.

Miss M. J. Webber


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2i6i Silver tankard over a century old.

2162 Millenium plate.

2163 Wedding dress of Mary Coleman Adams, married 1770.

2164 Christening shirt and cap worn worn by Abraham Adams, bom

1639. Mrs. Charles Alfred West

2165 Sheets, homespun and woven by Jane Thorn, 1810.

2166 Pocketbook with the word "Liberty" stamped in the leather, be-

longed to Lieut. Thomas Wilson probably previous to 1780.

2167 Deed from James Wilson to his son Hugh Wilson, giving prop-

erty for the maintenance of himself and wife for remainder of
their lives. 1732.

2168 Silver teaspoon, one of the bridal spoons of Jane Thorn who

married Asa Corliss of Salem, N. H., 181 1. Maker "I B."

2169 Chopping knife made from a hoe which was owned by Gen.

Bradstreet of No. Andover. It has been used as a chopping
knife eighty-four years.

2170 Leather box made by an ancestor of loaner on board one of the

ships which arrived in Boston Aug. 4, 1718.

21 71 Infant's shirt made from linen spun and woven by Jane Thorn

in 1810.

2172 Letter of administration granted to Margaret Wilson, widow of

Lieut. Thomas Wilson, State of N. H. Rockingham, ss.

2173 White plate with green edge, brought over from England by

the Robie family in 1718.

2174 White mug with green edge brought from England by Robie

family in 1718.

Misses M. J. and C. A. Wilson. "Methuen Chapter.

2501 Breeches Bible owned in 1604 by Timothy Foster (although first

birth is entered in 1664, as Ruth Foster,) given to Elizabeth

Foster, who in 1754 gave it -to Timothy Tileston, Jr. bom 1728,

died 1819.

2502-2503 Ivory miniature by Doyle of Samuel Stockwell, and of
Mrs. Catherine (Doyle) Stockwell.

2504 Verses sung by the "Franklin Musical Society" at the wedding of
Timothy Tilitson, Jr., and Betsey Lock in HoUis St. church.
1805. Miss Virginia Stockwell, "Dorothy Q" Society.


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Nov* 23, <896

ZlTtss Savaii f). Cogsmell, Chapter Segent

Capt Gage (1730-1799) was a native of Bradford and quite promi-
nent in town affairs. He was very tactful with the Indians, who often
planned to take his life, but never quite dared to do so. He served as
Minute Man and commanded a company at Bunker Hill. In addition
he devoted half his property to the country.



June 14, 1896

ZlTrs. £. Dan £). £^enon)ort^, Chapter Hegent

So named on account of the prominence of the name of Bancroft in
its annals and in remembrance of the reputation of the distinguished
historian. See exhibit with the General Collection.



FcK 5, J897

ZlTrs. 3ames S- (Crocker, (Chapter Hegent

The town was named by Governor Dummer in honor of Lord Paul
Methuen, privy councilor to the King and a prominent English diplo-
mat. The only town of its name in the world. Exhibit with the
General Society.


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Feb* 13, 1897

TXlts. (Dltper tEajjIor, Cljapter Xegent

Judith Peasley Badger (i 724-1810) married in 1740, Nathaniel Cogs-
well. She was the mother of nineteen children; eight of her sons
fought in the Revolutionary War, and returned to be men of influence
in their several positions. She was a woman of commanding flgure,
cultivated manners and sterling character. This exhibit is with the
General Collection.


2174a Order from Headquarters for Capt. Abraham Washburn to
send men from his company to Providence July 26, 1778.

Edward Miles Alden

2175 Box of colonial jewelry.

2176 Commission of Eleazer Carver 2nd Apr. 23, 1776. Adjutant,

Third Regiment, Col. Edward Mitchell.

2177 Silhouette of Rebekah Leonard Washburn, wife of Capt. Wash-

bum, of the Revolutionary army.

Mrs. Anna Washburn Bates

2178 Betrothal ring of Dr. Eleazer Carver, 1776.

2179 Cap worn by Dr. Eleazer Carver of Bridgewater, 1749.

2180 Patent granted Eleazer Carver for " Carver's improved Cotton

Gin, Saws and Grates." Eleazer Carver went to Natchez,
Mississippi, in 1806. He was employed by Maj. Minor to
build a saw-gin on his plantation. The result was a better gin
than had been known before. Thus originated the Bridge-
water Cotton Gin Co., but the firm was always known as
Carver, Washburn & Co. Lucia Bradford Carver

2181 Spoon belonged to Bethiah Elms about 1700.

Mrs. Lucy W. Eaton

2182 Silk embroidery of colonial date. Miss Bethia A. Holmes
2183-6 Four ancient silhouettes. Mrs. Charles Muzzy Read
2187 Silver porringer made by Paul Revere.


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2i88 Portrait in black and white of Paul Revere.

Elizabeth D. Revere

2189 Major*s commission given to £pes Sargent, Esq., of Gloucester

Mass., in the third year of the reign of King George II, signed
by William Dummer, Esq. Lieut Gov. of his Majesty's
Province of Mass. Bay.

2190 A copy of the Boston Evening Post Feb. 2, 1756.

2191 Shipping record of " Fitz William Sargent*' of Gloucester, Mass.

2192 Locket given to Gorham Parsons by Ignatius Sargent in mem-

ory of Mary Sargent who died 1792. The inscription reads :

" Lean not on Eauth
It will pierce thee to the heart."

Mrs. Winthrop Sargent

2193 Miniatiu-e; Hon. John A. Shaw, one of the early educators of

the country. Founder of the Horace Mann system in the
public schools of New Orleans, La. Miss Anna J. Shaw

2194-5 Commissions of Benjamin Pratt, Esq., Capt. of a company in a
regiment of foot commanded by Col. Thomas Tobey, Mar. 15,
1758. Miss Clara S. Washburn

2196 Book, Royal Alphabet, to which is added the "Famous history

of a little Boy found under a haycock." 1808.

2197 Book, New England Primer, 181 1.

2198 " New History of Blue Beard," 1808.

2199 Glass salt cellar.

2200 Newspaper, "The Connecticut Courant," Monday, Oct 29, 1764.

2201 Book, "Language lesson," given Calvin Hayward of Bridge-

water, Jan. 20, 1790.

2202 Sermon preached in Plymouth, N. E. reprint, 1621.

2203 Book, "Hagar in the Desert," given to Calvin Hayward for

reading his lesson best at the visitation of the town school by
Rev. Z. Sanger, 1792.

2204 Roll call, roll of Capt. Elisha Mitchell's company of militia in

Col. Gary's regiment, Feb. 24, 1776.

2205 Silhouette of Mrs. Celesta Sloane, Bridgewater.

2206 Silhouette of Mary Forbes Hayward, wife of Calvin Hayward^

2207 Silhouette of Calvin Hayward.

2208 Silhouette of Edward Hayward.

2209 Silhouette of Judge Elijah Hayward of Ohio. All the above

from the old Hayward house, Bridgewater, built in 1662.

Clinton and Caroline Washburn


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

2210 Silhouette of Col Abraham Washburn.

221 1 Silhouette of John Washburn. 2212 Sugar tongs colonial date.

2213 Spoons, that once belonged to Andrew Craigie.

Miss Hannah A. Washburn

2214 Bible used by James Keith, the first minister of Bridgewater.

2215 Book, "City of Refuge," belonging to Benj. Willis, Esq., in


2216 Book, "The Village Curate.** First American editors printed


2217 Psalm book, printed in 1724 (belonging to Ephraim Keith, Sept.

25, 1727. Price 4-6. A new version permitted by His Majesty,

2218 Book, The Mass. Register for 1794. Geo. Washington, Pres.

J. Adams, Vice Pres.

2219 Book, "The Gooseberry Bush and Caterpillars."

2220 Book, "The Harvest House." 2221 " Illustrated History of John

Gilpin's disastrous journey to Edmunton.*"

2222 Book, " The Assembly and Shorter Catechist"

2223 Book, •*Pollogonia Scholastica." "That children, by the help

of their mother tongue may the better learn to speak Latin in
ordinary discourse.

2224 Bond; the original bond for some land on Tetiquit river from

Samuel Robin (Indian) to Amos Keith in 1 740.

2225 Amos Keith's grant of a burying place in the southern part of

Bridgewater (Titicut) 1771.

2226 Paper, vote of Middleborough. 1777.

2227 Appointment of Benj. Willis, Esq., Bridgewater Justice of Peace,

signed Samuel Adams.

2228 Summons; Consider Howland, Innholder, complained of Simeon

Holmes, laborer. Signed, Edward Winslow, Gov.

2229 Indenture Elizabeth Chestnut to John Washburn, Jr. Bridge-


2230 Spoons belonged to Mrs. Lawson Lyon in 1800, marked "L. W."

2231 The Independent Chronicle, containing ^the will of George


2232 Embroidery, Rose, Shamrock and Thistle work of Bethia Elms,


2233 Sermon, written by Samuel West, A. M., 1764.

2234 Sermon, written by Thaddeus Mason Harris, D. D., 181 4.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

2235 ^^ ^legy* which was sung in Bridgewater on the death of Geo.


2236 Silhouette of Dr. Eleazer Carver of Bridgewater.

2237 Book, "Pietas, et Gratulatio Collegii Cantabrigiensis, 1761," An

Oblation from the President and Fellows of Harvard College
in Cambridge, America to his Majesty George III upon his
accession to the imperial throne of Great Britain.

Heirs of Seth Washburn

2238 Prayer book printed in 1 774. Miss Anne M. Wells

National Society of Daugfhters of the American Revolution

October U, 1890


2239 Colonial Cotton Bedquilt, 1795.

2240 Weem's ** Life of Washington."

2241 Sampler worked by Esther Duncan. Married James Cassinby

of Valentine, Conn. Date 1730. Esther Duncan was great
aunt of Mrs. Peggy (Stevenson) Bradford; has been in the
family ever since.
2242-4 Three pairs of antique shoes, I7i4-Duncan; 1774-Stevenson;
1780-Stevenson. Been in the same family of Bradford.

2245-8 Four antique fans (1780-85). Belonged to Mrs. Margaret
(Stevenson) Boise and her niece, Mrs. Alden Bradford (Peggy
Stevenson), and has remained in the Bradford family ever

2249 Silver teapot, made by Paul Revere in 1764 for Elizabeth Gray,

first wife of Samuel Alleyne Otis, given to her daughter, Mary
Otis, and by her to her great niece. Mrs. Samuel (Otis) Elliot

2250 Commission of Col. William Prescott, signed by Joseph Warren

' as President of the Congress of the Colony of the Massachu-
setts Bay. Mrs. Roger (Prescott) Wolcott


2251 Flag of 14 stars, Vermont. Miss Marion Howard Brazier

2252 Pewter porringer.

2253 American flag, 14 stars.

2254 Pewter plate.


Digitized by V:iOOQIC

2255 Black lace shawl.

2256 Panel from the garrison house erected In Mattakeeset (now

Pembroke) in 1628. The panel contains a description of the
house, two pieces of wall paper, pane of glass and some clay,
all from this location. Miss Fannie Isabel Loring


2257 Certificate of marriage between Samuel Bowman, Jr., and Elizar

beth Robbins of Lexington, April i, 1774.

2258 Games of cards or almanack in a dialogue, published in 1799.

2259 Continental money.

2260 Silhouette of great grandmother Hannah Simonds of Lexington,


2261 Water color "Comedy" printed in 1808.
2261a Shell comb.

2262 Gavel, made of wood from Old Belfry, from which alarm was

rung on April 19, 1775, Lexington, Mass.

Mrs. Edward H. Crosby, Boston

2263 Bill Head, Cromwell's Head Inn, engraved by Paul Revere.

The inn was on School street, Boston.

2264 Hudson's speech from the Pillory. Nathaniel Hurd put out a

caricature print which excited much attention. Hudson is in
the Pillory, and Howe stripping for the whipping post The
medallion represents Hudson as he appeared before his de-
tection. The likeness was said to be good and many persons
in the crowd were well known to those who lived at that time.
And the pillory and whipping post were in State (King) Sq.,
where Braziers Building now stands.

2265 Letters of Sagittarius; extracted from the Public Ledger, printed

in Boston i yjs*

2266 The Boston Chronicle, 1768, printed by Mein & Fleming at their

printing office, in Roxbury St., almost opposite the White
Horse Tavern. Subscriptions 6 shillings, 8 pence, lawful, per
annum, to be paid at subscribing.

2267 Map of Boston, 1796.

2268-9 Oriental china punch bowl and plates, made in China, and have
been in the family 150 years.

The Misses Eliot, Roxbury.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Society of Q>Ionial Wars in ManacfitiKtts

Instituted 1892


2270 Commission signed by Gov. Roger Wolcott, Nov. 14, 1751.

2271 Silver tankard owned by Maj. Gen. Roger Wolcott, Commander

at Louisburg in 1745. Governor of Connecticut, 1750.

2272-4 Cane, knee and shoe buckles owned by Gov. Oliver Wolcott,
Governor of Connecticut 1796-7. Signer of the Declaration
of Independence.

2275 Fac-simile of Commission issued to Maj. Gen. Jabez Huntington

by Gov. Jonathan TrumbuU of Conn. June 7, 1777.

2276 Silver ladle owned by Oliver Wolcott, Governor of Connecticut,

181 8-1827. Second Secretary of the Treasury in Washing-
ton's Cabinet, 1 795-1800.

2277 Silver bull's eye watch and seal of Col. Joshua Huntington who

was Lieut. Capt. of Conn. Troops during the Revolution.

2278 Engraved powder horn, dated 1759. Jo^° Williams, Deerfield.

2279 Bar cannon shot from French Man-of-war sunk at Louisburg,

1745, recovered in 1895. Hon. Roger Wolcott

2280 Commission issued to Capt. Jedidiah Foster as C^t of Second

or West Foot Company in First Regt. of Militia in County of
Worcester commanded by Col. John Chandler, 26th Apr. 1753.
Signed by Gov. Spencer Phips.

2281 Commission issued to Maj. Jedidiah Foster by Gov. Wm. Shir-

ley as Major and Capt. of a Company of Foot under Maj.
Gen. John Winslow, 24 Sept 1756.

2282 Commission of Jedidiah Foster as Justice of the Peace in the

County of Worcester 6th Sept, 1775, signed on the margin by
the Council of the Province of Mass. Bay, also alteration
agreeable to an Act of the Colony to read " Free Government
and People of Massachusetts Bay in New England." Is dated
28th Aug. 1776. Alfred D. Foster

2283 Commission to Lieut Francis Barker of Pembroke and Hingham

as Lieut Jan. 11, 1753, by Gov. Spencer Phips.

2284 Commission by Gov. John Hancock to Capt John Barker of

Hingham, Oct 23, 1788.

2285 Commission to Maj. John Barker of Hingham as Maj., June 8,

1797, by Gov. Increase Sumner.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

2286 Commission to John Barker as Lieut. Col., May i8, 1801 by

Gov. Caleb Strong.

2287 Commission to John Barker as Brig. General, April 4, 181 2. By

Elbridge Gerry. Arthur R. Swan

2288 Engrossed deed of land written by Shadrach Wilbore dated and

acknowledged 4th of Apr., 1692, from Samuel and Mary
Williams to Thomas Deane of Taunton before Daniel Smith
Magistrate, recorded 24th of Sept, 1707, by John Cary, Re-
corder. He was considered the best scrivener in Plymouth

2289 Commission to Edward Leonard as Ensign in the Third Regt.,

Second Brigade, Fifth Division of the Mass. Militia, 20th of
May, 1805. ^y Caleb Strong.

2290 Commission of Samuel Leonard as Ensign in the Company o^

Foot under Capt. James Leonard, Sept 2, 171 7. Only known
example of a printed commission of Gov. Samuel Shute bear-
ing a perfect seal.

2291 Fac-simile of commission to Peter Tufts as Lieut of the Eastern

troop raised out of the lower regiment of militia in the County
of Middlesex, of which William Greer is captain, 1 7th of Oct,
1699, by Richard Coote, Earl Bellomont

2292 Passport granted Joseph Hurd, Jr., going to Europe Oct 31,

1803, by Gov. Caleb Strong.

2293 Embarkation permit John King and Reginald Pole Carew,

two of His Majesty's under Secretaries of State and John
Reeves, Supt. of Aliens permit to Joseph Hurd to embark
from Liverpool to America, Aug. 6, 1804.

2294 Receipt for three wolves' heads. Wolf Bounty. Taunton, 2nd

of Aug., 1693.

2295 Sergeant's Warrant (printed) signed by Lieut Col. Benj. Hayden

Jr., appointing Samuel V. Arnold a sergeant of a company in
the Third Regt., First Brigade and First Division of Mass.
Militia of which Samuel French is captain. Sept 20, 1804, at
Braintree, Mass.

2296 Coat of arms painted on vellum showing the arms and supporters

granted Earl Jeffrey Amherst for military services in the
French and Indian Wars in America — 1758-1760.

2297 Print of the Boston Massacre from the copper plate engraved by

Paul Revere.

2298 List of banks in Mass. 1809, and notice no bank bill will be

allowed to pass current of a less denomination than five
dollars if issued by a bank not within the State.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

2299 Printed military notice to Samuel V. Arnold of Bralntrce to

appear for military duty Nov. 27, 181 2.

2300 Hanger used by Lieut Isaac Collier, Marblehead, at the battle

of Bunker Hill and previously in the French and Indian Wars.

2301 Blunderbuss of the eighteenth century.

2302 English officer's court sword of the eighteenth century.

2303 Naval telescope of the eighteenth century.

2304 Flintlock pistol of the eighteenth century.

2305 Watch of the eighteenth century.

2306 Nathaniel Morton, secretary of Plymouth Colony, author of New

England Memorial. Order from Gov. Thomas Hinckley to
Ensign Leonard and Nathaniel Williams of Taunton, June 9,

2307 Attestation of Giles Richards, Sr.'s, statement Nov. 28, 1668, by

Thomas South worth assistant, Plymouth Colony.

2308 Complaint of Capt. Thomas Coram, founder of the Foundling

Hospital, London, against Capt. Thomas Leonard at Bristol,
N. E., Aug. 30, 1703.

2309 Order from the Plymouth Council of War July 18, 1690, to

Capt. Thos. Leonard of Taunton; to have his soldiers join the
Quebec Expedition at Nantasket. John Walley, commander
in 1690 expedition.

2310 Record of lands and town proceedings from 1638-1654, mostly

written by Oliver Purchase, the first town clerk. Taunton,
Mass., settled 1638.

23 1 1 Newport Mercury, Oct. 27, 1781, giving the news of the surren-

der of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

2312 Paper money, 1690. Indented bill of twenty shillings, Feb. 3,

1690. First paper money used in the colony.

2313 Paper money, 1710. Indented bill of twenty shillings. May 31,


2314 Revolutionary roll. Pay roll of the company on board guardship

at Providence, Sept. 1778. Eighty-three men.

2315 Jonathan Hall of Raynham, Mass., deeds to the town, through

the love and respect he has for them, one acre and eight rods
of land for a burying place, July 4, 1737.

2316 Testimony of Elijah Leonard, Raynham, Mass., that when five

years old his hat flew into deep water. "It seemed that I
flew to my hat or that my hat was brought to me. This I
think to be a matter of truth, and I hoop I shall not be unmind-
full of the mercyfuU hand of God toward me." Early part of
eighteenth century.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

2317 Shadrach Wilbore*s copy of a petition from town of Taunton^

Jan. 7, 1682, protesting against the town's rate for taxes. For
writing a similar petition a few years later he was imprisoned
by Sir Edmund Andros, who attempted to make him give up
the town records. The town afterward gave him ten acres of
land for his sufferings.

2318 Boston town meeting warrant (printed) May 8, 1765, to choose

representatives, to consider what measures may be proper for
the preservation of Beacon Hill, also to prevent the loss of
Deer Island by the incroachments of the sea; also as to
repairs of the dams on the east and west side of the island,
much damaged by a late storm.

2319 Certificate of imports of Gen. Benj. Lincoln as Collector of the

Port of Boston and Charlestown, May 23, 1806.

2320 Annual town perambulation. The boimds of Easton and

Stoughton, Nov. I, 1799.

2321 Bill of Samuel Blake, constable of Taunton, 1688, for taking

Thomas Britton, a pirate to Boston.

2322 Warrant of Daniel Caswell, Middleborough, Mass. Quebec

expedition 171 1, with constable's return for his apprehension,
being impressed for 171 1 Expedition for King Philip's War.

2323 Testimony of Francis Racket, age fifty-four in 1686, as to see-

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