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Charles E. Wellington, East Lexington

207 Sword owned and carried by Paul Thorndike in the Revolution.

Grace Thorndike Whittemore

208 Pocketbook, made by Ruth, wife of George Carter, who lived near

the Brand)rwine in Penn.

209 Pewter porringer, belonging to Hannah Brinton, Birmingham,

Penn., nearly two hundred years old.

210 Cannon ball found near the Birmingham meeting-house where Gen.

Lafayette was carried when wounded.

Digitized by V3OOQ IC

21 1 Silver knee buckles, set with brilliants ; worn by Col. Isaac Taylor

of Chester Co., Penn., in the battle of Brandy wine and other
engagements. Mrs. George B. (Taylor) King.

212 Christening cap used in Sawin family of South boro, Mass., early

this century. Mrs. John L. Whiting

213 Act of General Court held in Boston Oct 15, 1650, appointing men

to see about bounding and laying out land bought of Indians
around Natick, Dedham, Watertown and other places.

214 Original deed of land given by Indians to Thomas Sawin of Sher-

bom and Natick, Mass., Mar. 17, 1685-6.

215 Deed of land in Natick given by Indians to Thomas Sawin of

Natick, Aug. 17, 1686. Mrs. Mary B. Sawin Whiting

216 Lowestoft tea service, four pieces, 1762. Teapot, creamer, one cup

and saucer, tea cannister.

217-221 Five dishes of blue ware, Staffordshire, about 1770.

222 Imitation Wedgwood beer mug, last of the eighteenth century.

223 Bread plate, 1800.

224 Large blue (Verona ware) platter made between 1 762-1 800. Trade

mark at the back represents the lion and unicorn fighing for
the crown.

225 Sugar bowl made in first American pottery.

226 One of the first cups and saucers (printed ware) made in this coun-

try in the eighteenth century.

227 English pottery plate, representing Chinese scenes about 1800.

228 Olympia ware soup plate, about 1800.

229 Cashmere shawl, 1750. 230 China crepe shawl, 1750, owned by

Caroline Dexter Luce, Martha's Vineyard.
231-232 Two pair of flesh colored silk stockings worn by Presberry
Luce and Peggy Dunham at their wedding, 181 5, at Martha's

233 White silk gloves worn by Presberry Luce at his wedding.

234 Bedspread one hundred years old.

235 Pair of brass candlesticks, descended through the Dunhams of

Martha's Vineyard; made 1750 or earlier.
236-237 Two pictures : " Queen Elizabeth escaping from the Tower
at night;" "Queen Elizabeth stepping into boat on River
Thames." Descended through Luce family of Martha's Vine-


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

238-239 Two whales' teeth with representations: '* Escape of Constitu-
tion from British Squadron;" ^U. S. Squadron under Com*
Bainbridge, returning from Mediterranean in 18 15."

240 Powder horn, owned by Presberry Luce, marked 1 800-181 1.

Mrs. C. C. Williams

241 Teaspoon, once property of John and Abigail Bumham, Falmouth,

Me. Married April i, 1762.

242 Razor blade, carried by a British soldier named Campbell at the

battle of Bunker Hill.

243 John Hancock plate.

244 "American Selections of Lessons in Reading and Speaking.**

Printed 1804. George E. Worthen, East Lexington



January 27, 1886

2TTr5. Helson V* Citus, Cljaptcr Scgcnt

Named in honor of John and Abigail Adams. John Adams, (1735-
1826), second President of the United States (i 797-1801).

Married October 25, 1764, Abigail Smith (i 744-1818), of Weymouth.
They both died in Quincy. The Chapter rooms are in the historic
homestead, the birthplace of John Adams.


245 Delft gravy boat ; part of a dinner set brought from Holland by

John and Abigail Adams, with other furnishings, and used by
them at their home in Quincy, Mass.

246 Satin slipper worn by Mrs. John Adams, probably before 1737.

247 Revenue Collector's Certificates showing duty paid by John

Adams in 1798 on carriages. Duty of Nine dollars upon a
four wheel carriage called a cochee; three dollars upon a
chaise ; fifteen dollars upon a coach.

Given by Miss Elizabeth C. Adams to the Adams Chapter.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC


248 Pictures of John and Abigail Adams.

249 Hair of John and Abigail Adams.

250 Shawl made from circular cloak worn by John Adams.

251 Letters of Abigail Adams.

252 Picture of Mrs. Jonathan Bass.

253 Picture of George Washington.

254 Hair of George Washington.

255 Pewter plates.

256 Picture of John Quincy Adams painted in Holland.

257 Picture of John Quincy Adams, copied from painting by Copley

258 Music copied by John Q. Adams, in Newburyport, in 1786.

259 Bible of Thomas Boylston Adams, July 10, 1799.

260 Diary of Thomas Boylston Adams, once owned by Abigail Adams

261 Christening dress of Abigial Adams, daughther of Thomas Boyl-

ston Adams and granddaughter of John and Abigail Adams

262 Sampler worked in Germany, by young ladies of rank, in 1696.

Given to Miss Adams by President Tyler's granddaughter.

Miss Elizabeth C. Adams

263 Eulogy on George Washington, Sterling, Mass., Feb. 22, 1800 by

Isaac Story, A. M. Mr. J. Purcell Baker

264 Dutch andirons, owned in 1762 by Jonathan Bass, whose ancestors

came to America, 1632. Mrs. Lewis Bass

265 Mirror taken from the house of Thomas Bispham at the burning

of Charlestown, June 1775. Henry C. Bispham

266 Revolutionary sword. Mrs. Bradford Boyden, Atlantic

267 Canteen carried in the war of 181 2 by Joseph Bracket, Senior.

Joseph Bracket

268 Pewter plates and platters, brought over in 1630 by Robert Car-

ver, and retained in the family ever since.

269 Pipetongs.

270 Pewter sugar bowl.

271 Creamer. Mr. John Carver, Atlantic

272 Embroidery made by Miss Chloe Gay, Stoughton, Mass., 1760.

Mrs. H. P. Clarke, Randolph, Mass.

273 Silhouette of Robert Means, whose ancestor, Robert Means, came

to this country 1718 and settled in Saco, Me.
274 — 276 China plate, cup, and saucer, made in Liverpool, Eng.,
1809 for Robert Means. Mrs. Thomas Closson^Roxbury, Mass.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

277 Ivory handled sword, used in the Revolution.

Chas. M. Cook, Allston

278 Sword given by Gen. Lafayette to James Davenport for bravery.

Wm. Davenport

279 Tortoise shell comb, age imknown.

280 Dark blue sugar bowl ; very old.

281 Paper, which was wrapped around some tea which one member

of the Boston Tea Party, Dec. 1773, took to his home in
Cambridge, instead of throwing it into Boston Harbor.

Mrs. Cordelia French Cummings

282 Blue bowl.

283 Teapot

284-286 Three cups and saucers, from the family of Capt Hopedale
Hall and Sarah Baker of Dorchester.

287 Badge, crossed axe and saw, worn by Nicholas Ford in 181 2.

Now owned by his daughter. Mrs. Anna Ford Ellenwood

288 Continental Bank Note, 1778. Miss Isabel F P. Emery, Atiantic

289 Bible owned by Nathaniel Ells Bennett, Abington. Printed in

1 791. Mrs Ichabod W. Faunce, Wollaston

290 Cup and saucer brought from England, 1638

291 Warming pan used in the family of Joshua Hammond of Revo-

lutionary fame. One of the founders of Newton.

292 Musket and bayonet used in the Revolution.

Henry Gannet, Wollaston

293 ** Poole's Annotations " formerly owned by Nathaniel Gill of

Hingham later by George L. Gill, the fifth in descent

Mrs. George L. Gill

294 Bank bill made out to John Quincy Adams. Mrs. Dr. Gilson

295 Washington pitcher.
296-297 Two old pictures, 1750.

298-299 Two pictures, George Washington and John Adams, engraved
before 1800. Mr. Elliot L. Green, Atiantic

300 Mustard pot.

301 Cup and saucer.

302 Sermons of 1745.

303 Last for mending stockings used over one hundred and fifty

years ago.

304 Continental Bank Note, five dollars, issued by Coi^^ress at Phil-

adelphia, Sept. 26, 1778.


Digitized by VjOOQIC

305 Book. "The Lady's Pocket Library." Published in Philadelphia,

March 20, 1792.

306 "Boston Weekly Magazine" Vol. 2, 1803-4.

307 Commission of General Isaac Stall.

308 Copy of miniature of Gen. Isaac Stall. In command of force at

Newport, R. I. War of 181 2.

309 New England Memorial by Nathaniel Newton. Plymouth,

(reprint). Mrs. Thomas F. Hinckley, Atlantic

310 Hebrew text of the Psalms and Lamentations. Published 1635.

311 Sermon preached at Enfield July 8, 1741 by Jonathan Edwards

A. M. Mrs. Chas. A. Humphreys, Randolph

312 Engagement ring of Bryant Newcomb (who served six years in

the Revolution) to Jane, daughter of Capt. Joseph Glover and
his wife, Elixabeth. Owned by great-great-^anddaughter.

Miss Lillie F. Marsh

313 Likeness of Jonathan Mayhew, D. D. who died July 8, 1766.

314 Silver spoon belonged to Joseph and Rachel Bracket who were

married July 2, 1767. Mrs. L. J. Marsh

315 Piece of Martha Washington's dress. The owner's ancestor,

Francis Wells, an English merchant, came to Boston on his
own ship, " Ye Hampstead Galley,*' from London in 1723.

Arthur F. Means, Jr., Dorchester

316 Counterpane, spun and woven by Maria Bates Simmons.

Mrs. Aug. Merriam

317 Cutlass, used by Jarvis White on the "Federal George" 1812

owned by his daughter. Miss Mary E. Merrill

318 Very old, doubleflint, lock gun. , Geo. W. Morton

319 Wedding slipper of Elizabeth Newcomb who was married on

Nov. 20, 1788. Mr. Stephen B. Nye, Sandwich

320 Silver mug, old in 1793. Presented to Benj. H. Mooers by

Madame LaSanssay.

321 Commission issued to Lieut Benj. H. Mooers by James Madison

181 2. Mrs. Frank Page, WoUaston

322-323 Canteen and spoon tray. Canteen carried during Revolution-
ary war by Benj. Tirrell of Weymouth. Loaned by his
granddaughter. Mrs. Lucinda Tirrell Parker

324 One large spoon ; maker Murphy.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

325-326 Two teaspoons, maker unknown. These spoons were the
property of Mary Cary, daughter of Col. Simeon Gary, of
Bridgewater, Mass., who marched his Regiment to Lexington.
She was the wife of Simeon Keith, who enlisted in the same
Regiment and who married his Colonel's daughter.

Miss Mary Perkins

327 Writ served upon Alex. Dow of Plymouth Nov. 19, 1730.

Signed by John Winslow. Mrs. H. W. Pinkham

328 Egg spoon, 1757.

329 Salt spoon, 1757.

330 Brandy burner, 1768.

331 Silver creamer over one hundred years old.

3^2 China pitcher, dragon pattern, over one himdred years old.

333 Silver spoons belonging to Mehitable Kimball, whose ancestors,

Richard Kimball and Ursula Scott, came iroiq England in
ship "Elizabeth," 1634.

334 Concordance, 1806. Belonged to Lois Kimball of Bradford,

Mass., whose ancestors were Richard Kimball and Ursula

335 China plate owned by Sophia Rumney Wells Means, great-grand-

daughter of Francis Wells of Boston.

Mrs. Wm. H. Ruddick, South Boston

336 Mortar and pestle, used in early Colonial days for pounding com.

Mrs. W. E. Simmons

337-338 Photographs of Matthew Loring, and his wife, Mercy Bates.
He was one of the Boston Tea Party.

Mrs. Geo. W. Sprague, South Boston

339 Pocket book owned by Samuel Longfellow, a Revolutionary


340 Piece of the Historic Elm which stood in Boston Common and

was destroyed by storm in i860.

341 Tin lantern, used in the Longfellow family at Palermo, Me.

342 Cane from the Old Constitution.

343 Glass plate — sold at the dedication of the Bunker Hill Monu-

ment. Mrs. James Spratt, Charlestown, Mass.

344 A deed of gift from John Alden, the Pilgrim, to his son Joseph

Alden. The deed is dated April ist, 1679. Signed by Gov.
Josiah Winslow and John Alden.

345 Commission : To Joseph Alden (gr. gr. grandson of John Alden,

the Pilgrim), dated July, 1734, signed by John Hancock.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

346 Military statistics, for Lieut Joseph Snell, 1735.

Miss Alice M. Thayer, Randolph

347 Pewter plate, 1750.

348 China plate, blue and white morning glory design, 1750.

349 Cup and saucer, strawberry design, 1750.

Mr. Jared Thomas, Atlantic

350 Wedding ring. Jeremiah Gore to Thankful Harris, Aug. 3, 1789.

351 Watch key and seal belongmg to Jeremiah Gore, Boston, 1789.
352-353. China sugar bowl and tea caddy ; 354. Silver snuffers and

tray; all belonging to Mrs. Jeremiah Gore, Boston, 1789

355 Miniature of Mrs. Henry Smith, daughter of Jeremiah and Thank-

ful Harris Gore ; she was foremost in all patriotic work in Bos-
ton. Through her personal efforts, ladies, by a fair, raised
ten thousand, six hundred dollars to build the Perkins* Insti-
tute for the Blind at South Boston, so as to obtain Col. Per-
kins' donation. Mrs. Smith was Treasurer. She also helped
organize and carry on successfully the great fair in 1833, by
which the ladies helped to build, and complete Bunker Hill

356 Miniature of Miss Carohne Gore, daughter of Jeremiah and Thank-

ful Harris Gore. Married Chas. O. Rogers of Portiand.
Miniature painted by Alvin Clark, the famous maker of tele-

357 Child's pewter porringer ; supposed to be older than silver ones.

358 Glass tumbler given to Zabiah May Gore, when five years old,

by Mrs. Marv Ripley.

359 Silver medal given to Miss Zabiah May Gore at Mme. Rowson's

Academy, Boston, 1809,

360 Wedding ring. Henry Smith of Boston to Zabiah May Gore,


361 Mourning ring presented by heirs of Elizabeth Tuckerman to

Sarah Harris. 1805. Mrs. Nelson V. Titus

362 Plate, 1767. Mary J. Turner

363 Pass port, sent by John Adams to Bryant Newcomb, who was

confined in Mill Prison, England, during the war of the Revo-
lution. Loaned by his gr. grandson. Mr. Peter Turner

364 Bible presented to the Church of Christ, Sandwich, Mass., by

Madam Deborah Cotton, Lady of the Hon. Roland Cotton
of Sandwich, Eng., Nov. ist, 1763.

Unitarian Church, Sandwich

365 U. S. Copper cent of 1793.



Digitized by V3OOQ IC

366 U. S. Copper cent of 1817.

367 U. S. half-cent of 1829.

368 A silver coin with the head of George the Third, date probably


369 A German coin of 1776. It is unknown if the two foreign coins

were in use in this country before the Revolution.

370 Canteen carried by Jonathan Wild of Braintree in the battle of

Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. He married Hannah Bass, Sept
25, 1744, who was a direct descendant of John Alden and
Priscilla Mullen. Loaned by his gr. gr. granddaughter.

Emily C. Wild



April 3, 1895

ITTrs- inicaja^ p. (Elouglj; (Chapter JJegent

The Lynn chapter chose this designation because it was the first town
settled in the " Third Plantation."


371 Doll, owned first by the children of Persis (Chapin) Pease. Three

generations have succeeded them in its possession.

372 Book, entitled "Virtue in a Cottage."

373 Book, entitled "The Remarkable History of Tom James, a

Foundling "

374 Little round hand trunk of Persis (Chapin) Pease.

375 Wall paper; struck off in commemoration of victory in the

battle of the " Constitution " and " Guerriere " Aug. 19, 181 2.
Used in the time of Erastus Pease.

376 Sampler worked by Experience Chapin, 1795.

Mrs. Kate M. Bruce

377 Blue and white china bowl.

378 Teapot with red flowers.

379 Pewter platter.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

380 Plate, very old. (St Paul's Church, N. Y.)

381 Tea caddy.

382 Cup and saucer, china. Mrs. £. A. Campbell, Lynnfield

383 Book with signature of Nathan Hale, the martyr spy.

384 Document signed by Gov. Huntington of Connecticut, said to be

the first commission issued for a privateer in the Revolution.

385 Autograph of Washington.

386 Book with book-plate of George Washington, entitled " Age of

Louis XVI."

387 Leaves from the old Record book of the Concord Company of

" Minute Men."

388 Picture. Two girls playing fife and drum to make the English

believe the place guarded. War of 181 2.

389 Miniature of Andrew Jackson.

390 Miniature of Andrew Jackson's wife. Chas. E. Clark, M. D.

391 Cups and saucers.

392 Camphor bottle.

393 "Massachusetts Register and U. S. Calendar," 1810.

394 "Nautical Almanac" for 1805 and 1807.

395 Papers relating to Great Brittain, 1791.

396 " Acts and Laws in New England," 1692, 1736.

Mrs. W. A. Clark. Jr.

397 Copper urn from Buckman Tavern, Lexington : owned by Buck-

man family until given to the present owner.

Micajah P. Clough

398 Powder horn used in the war of the Revolution.

399 Yellow china bowl used more than a hundred years ago.
400-405 Six plates, decorated with historical subjects.

Mrs. Micajah P. Clough

406 Pin, over one hundred and twenty-five years old.

407 Snow shoes, over one hundred years old.

408 Cribbage board, carved with a jack knife in 1798.

409 Pewt6r porringer, 181 2. Miss Susan Clough

410 Stone pitcher.

41 1 Seaman's thimble. Miss Mary A. Goldsmith

412 Small Bible published in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1713. Owned by

Capt. James Gregg.

413 Fan, probably owned by Janet Gregg.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

414 Incomplete file of the "N. E. Chronicle or Essex Gazette,** pub-

lished in 1775 and 1776. Owned by Benj. Gregg of Antrim,
N. H. Misses Gutterson

415 Tea caddy used by a surgeon in the French and Indian War.

Miss Maria L. Johnson

416 Dress worn 1797.

417 Masonic apron used in 1797. Miss Lucy P. Kelley

418 Cider mug, known to antedate 1740. Belonged to David Newhall

and owned by his descendants.

419 Silver spoon; the property of David Newhall and wife, Bethiah
Mansfield, about 1776. Handed down through five generations.

420 Plate ; part of the wedding outfit of Samuel and Betsey Newhall

of Danvers. Probably bought at the time of their marriage in
1 81 2, but may be older. Miss Marcia A. Lamphier

421 Seaman's share in the private brig "Active," Dec. 16, 1780.

422 "The Miscellaneous Works of Col. Humphreys." This book con-

tains an essay on the " Life of Maj. Gen. Israel Putnam,"
written by Col. David Humphreys while the General was still
living. The essay was addressed to the Conn. State Society
of the Cincinnati and published by them.

Miss Marion W. Newhall

423 Netted silk scarf worn by Col. John Ingalls of North Andover, of

the home militia.

424 Flax comb of Mrs. Abigail Adams, 1712. Miss Effie Newhall

425 Chinese china cat, over a century old.

426 Sampler.

427 Picture worked in silks.

428-429 Chinese silver pitcher and card case. Miss Carrie C. Porter
430 Copy of the deed of 1690 of Francis Nurse to his son-in-law,
Thomas Preston, of the Rebecca Nurse homestead. Rebecca
Nurse was executed as a witch in 1692.
431-432 Two receipts, 1698-99, given by James AUin, minister of Bos-
ton, former owner of the Rebecca Nurse place.

433 "Almanack of 1758," made by Amos Pope of Danvers.
The following five lists were all kept by John Preston.

434 First Company in Danvers, November ye 26, 1776. 435 Training

band. 436 Capt. Wm. Towne's Company Oct. ye 22, 1778.
437 Alarm list. 438 Return of Capt. Wm. Towne's Company,
Dec. ye 8, 1778.
439-442 Four papers, conveying to John Preston prize money taken by
the schooner " Dolphin *' and brigantine " Pluto," i TJT*

Digitized by V3OOQ IC

443~444 Two receipts of money for services given by John Preston to
Amos Tapley, 1 777 ; one by John Putnam to same, 1 778.

445 Agreement of Joseph Wiatt to serve in army, 1 777.

446 Agreement of William Whitteredge, Wm. Gi£Eord and J as. S wines- ^

ton to go in the service at Boston, 1778.

Mrs. Andrew M. Putnam

447 Pewter platter owned by Col. David Putnam, a brother of Gen.

Israel Putnam.

448 Bull's eye watch formerly belonging to (i) Lieut. Joseph Putnam,

(2) Gen. Israel Putnam, (3) Col. Jesse Putnam, (4) Capt. Andrew
M. Putnam of Danvers; now the property of Eugene A. Put-
nam of Lynn. Watch has no works: "Jno. Downing, Liver-
pool, 230." On face, in place of numerals: "Jonathan Dorr."

Miss Augusta N. Putnam

449 Housewife of the eighteenth century.

450 Cane, formerly owned by Rev. Jonas Clarke, patriot, pastor of

Lexington, and the friend of Hancock and Adams. Settled
over church at Lexington in 1755. A pastorate which lasted
fifty-one years. Presented to Bowman Viles by Elizabeth,
daughter of Rev. Jonas Clarke ; now owned by his son Henry
Viles of Ljmn.

451 Silhouette of Bowman Viles, adjutant in the war of i8i2(son of Joel

Viles, corporal in Capt. Parker's Company at Lexington).
452-453 Pair of silver candlesticks, part of the marriage outfit of Betsey
Sawyer who married Bowman Viles.

454 Sampler worked by Betsey Sawyer. Mrs. Eugene A. Putnam

455 Miniature of Martha Crosby, who married Col. Jeremiah Page in

1 776, afterwards property of her daughter, Martha Page, who
married John Fowler 1800; then their daughter, Sarah P.
Fowler, who married Andrew M. Putnam 1836. Now property
of her granddaughter. Miss Louise L. Putnam

456 Account book of Lieut Joseph Putnam (a nephew of Israel Put-

nam) of Capt. Sam. Flint's Company at Lexington. The book
contains entries concerning time lost in training, alarms by his
servant, Reuben Barthrick, a soldier in the same company,
and accoutrements furnished to him. This same account book
owned and used by Joseph Putnam's son, Jesse Putnam, Colonel
in war of 181 2, and then by his son, Capt. Andrew W. Putnam
of Danvers, now by his son, Eugene A. Putnam of Lynn.

Miss Louise L. Putnam

457 Autographs ; Ferdinand and Isabella, patrons of Columbus.

458 Henry VIII, King of England. Royal sign manual. May 151 5.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

459 Elizabeth, Queen of England. 1578.

460 John Wmthrop, Gov. of Mass^ 1640. With portrait

461 Sir Harry Vane, Gov. of Mass. 1636. Afterwards one of the
X regicides. Document signed, January 20, 1647. Also signed

by Thomas Hoyle and Cornelius Holland, two of the regicides.

462 John Endicott, Gov. of Mass. Dec. 1646. With portrait

463 Sir William Phipps, Gov. of Mass. 1692-94. Document signed

April 24, 1693.

464 Gen. Thomas Gage, last Royal Governor of Mass. With portrait

465 Sir Francis Bernard, Gov. of Mass. Commission, signed by

Andrew Oliver, the famous Stamp Agent

466 Samuel Shute, Gov. of Mass., 1716.

467 Benjamin Franklin. Sept. 22, 1751. With fine impression of his


468 William Shirley, Gov. of Mass. Lieut Ira Willis' commission in

a company to be used in "dislodging the French from His
Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia." Dated Feb. 13, 1755.
The Acadians were exiled in July of the same year, so he
probably assisted.

469 John Hancock. July 16, 1769.

470 Council of Mass. (After departure of Gage and Howe.) Docu-

ment signed by full council containing many famous names.
"George III," etc., at top has been scratched out. Oct 24,

471 Gen. John Stark. Hero of Bennington and husband of " Molly

Stark." Folio letter signed and dated from Bennington, forty-
eight hours after the battle, Aug. 19, 1777. Written to the
Committee of Safety, at Exeter.

472 Gen. Anthony Wayne. Paramus, Oct 27, 1779, ^^ o'clock p. m.

473 Richard Henry Lee. Autograph letter signed, Nov. 29, 1 780.

474 Samuel Adams. Boston, April 18, 1783.

475 George Washington. July 25, 1786. Also a soldier's discharge

from the Revolution signed by him, and also by Jonathan
Trumbull, Jr., the original " Brother Jonathan."

476 Robert Treat Paine. Signer of the Declaration. Boston, July 3,


477 Oliver Wolcott. Signer of the Declaration and ancestor of Gov.

Roger Wolcott, of Mass. Auto, letter signed New Haven,
Oct 22, 1796.

478 Charles Carroll of Carrollton. Signer of Declaration. Auto-

graph letter signed.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

479 Thomas JefEerson. Autograph letter dated, Monticello, July 29,

1804. Howard K. Sanderson, Lynn

480 Book in Latin, printed 1554. "On Punishing of Heretics."

Vezetio, author ; Stephani, printer.

481 Fac-simile of " Accounts of George Washington with the U. S.

commencing June 1775 and ending June 1783," a space of
eight years. Mrs. C. C. Sheldon

482 History of the Prophet Isaiah — " Christian Theological Compen-

dium *' printed 1559 — '^7-

483 Beer mug owned by Olive Gould 1757, Joshua Lovell 1777, Olive

Gould Lovell 1815, then by Walter E. Symonds and the
present owner.

484 "Dictionary and Geography" 1800, 1798. Warren L. Simonds

485 Coat of arms, one hundred and fifty years old, embroidered by

Martha Adams (Tufts) a direct descendant of John Alden and
cousin to President John Adams.

486 Glass taken from the oldest house in Nahant, built in 171 7,

owned one hundred and fifty years by the Johnson family.
At this house, it is said, deserters from the British fleet were

487 Passport from Santona, Spain to an American captain whose

vessel was seized during the war of 181 2 by a French launch
and detained in Santona.

488—489 Two pictures. "The Prodigal Son in Misery." ''The
Prodigal Feasted on his Return," 1799. Owned by Joanna

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