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Greene, a relation of Gen. Nathaniel Greene.

490 Translation from French newspaper. A newspaper from the
French Government dated at Victoria the 15th of March,
181 1, has the following paragraph respecting the Americans:
"The decrees issued at Milan and Berlin have been called
back respecting the Americans, because America takes steps
to make its flag to be respected, because she impedes her
being disnaturalized, and because she refuses to submit herself
to the decrees of 1806 & 1807. Every neutral nation's flag,
provided they make it themselves to be respected, is con-
sidered as neutral: the decrees of Berlin and Milan therefore
do not comprehend it at all,"


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July 17, 1895

TXlvs. ptolomg ®, Wi, (£bson, Ctjapter Hegent,

Mary Warren was tlie daughter of Dr. Samuel Stevens of Roxbury.
She married May 29, 1740, Joseph Warren and their son was Gen, Jo-
seph Warren, who was slain at Bunker Hill. Says Frothingham : —
"Mary Warren lived to see her sons attain fame and honor ; — She was
hospitable, kind to her neighbors and benevolent to the poor."

491 Historic souvenir of solid silver ; is slightly rounded on the bot-

tom, so that the hollowing of the reverse will better fit the
body, as the trinket is carried in the vest pocket The back is
covered by a representation of the four days' chase of the frig-
ate Constitution, by the hostile English fleet, commanded by
Broke. Engraved by hand, and so well done, that each spar,
sail, and the standing rigging on all the ships can be seen.
The Constitution is being towed by three boat crews, and from
her stern chaser is belching forth the smoke from the shots,
she is exchanging with the Belvidera. Besides, there are the
old Guerriere, which was afterward captured by the Constitu-
tion, the Aeolus, the Shannon, which shortly afterward cap-
tured the Chesapeake from us, and the small sloop of war,
Africa. On the reverse is an American shield and eagle, and
from the beak of the latter floats a scroll with the national
motto "e pluribus unum". The sides and edges of the box
have lines of fine chasing.

492 Old colored print of Cleopatra.

493 Print (of the period) commemorating the death of Washington.

Charles Frost Aldrich, Boston

494 Glass vase, urn-shaped, belonging to Benjamin Franklin.

495 Memorial pitcher, "To Caleb Strong, Esq./* of Mass. 1800.

496 Poem by Mercy Warren, 1 790. Talbot Aldrich

497 Sampler, worked by Martha Nutter, daughter of Capt. George

Nutter, of Portsmouth, N. H.

498 Broadside of Colonial Resolutions, printed Sept. 1768.


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499 O^ portrait of Abigail Adams, descendant of Henry Adams, who

came to Quincy, Mass. 1630. Loaned by her great-grand-

500 Oration by Nathan Fisk, delivered Nov. 14, 1781, on the surren-

der of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown.

501 Autograph letter of Lafayette.

502 Old porcelain mug. Thomas Bailey Aldrich

503 Cut glass pitcher and tumblers, owned by George Washington.

504 Coffee pot, and Jack Sheppard pitcher, made by Paul Revere.

505 Piece of mortuary embroidery.

506 Two old plates. Mrs. Thomas Bailey Aldrich

507 Hand fire screen. Worked by Martha Frye, somewhere about


508 Toy andirons : made by Hunneman & Co., Boston.

509 "Orations delivered at the Request of the Inhabitants of the town

of Boston, to Commemorate the evening of the Fifth of March,
1770: when a number of citizens were killed by a party of
British Troops, quartered among them in a time of peace."
Published 1807. Second edition.

510 Wedding slippers of Hannah Hewes, who was married to Wm,

C. Himneman, Sept. 17, 1797. Loaned by her grand-daugh-
ter. Mary P. Bacon

511 Sugar tongs given by Gov. Hancock to his niece, Lydia Bows, as

a wedding present. She married Thomas (?) Whitney of
Shirley and the leaner has them from Mrs. G. E. Bullard who
received them from Mrs. Cotting, a grand-daughter of said Ly-
dia. Miss Mary Bean

512 His (mark) autograph. Given by Owaneco, Sachem of the Mo-

hegan Indians as a receipt of final payment for land sold to
Thomas Bolles of New London, Conn., — dated 14th October,

513 Colored print of the Boston Massacre, "Engraved, Printed and

Sold by Paul Revere."
514 — 516 Three forms of "Court of Common Pleas" writs. 1773 Geo.
Ill; 1778 Massachusetts Bay in N. E.; 1784 Commonwealth
of Massachusetts.

517 Silver tablespoons made by William Cleveland, silversmith of

Norwich, Conn., grandfather of Ex-President Cleveland.

H. E. Bolles

518 Linen counterpane printed in old red with patriotic designs.

Mrs. H. E. Bolles


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

519 Sampler worked by Anna Chase in 1774.
520-521 "The Rambler." 1752— Two Vols.

522 Miniature of Samuel Sumner who married Martha Saunders Bar-

rett. Her father, Samuel Barrett, married for his first wife a
sister of the wife of Copley the artist Loaned by his grand-
daughter. Mrs. MarUia B. Bolles

523 Silver cup made by Nichols, marked 18 14 but probably given to

the first owner at birth. Stephen Bo wen, Newport, R.I., given
to ^Stephen Bo wen. Now owned by 'Stephen Bowen

524 "Address" from Robert Pike to General Court of Mass., May 23,

1677, in relation to soldiers in Capt Moseley*s Co. in King
Phillip's war, especially in relation to Lieut Gov. Barefoot as
surgeon of the expedition.

525 Account of Committee appointed by Mass. to build a barrack on

Castle William Island to hold seven hundred men, dated 1 755.

526 Bill of Jer. Condy against James Russell, Esq., Commissioner of

Stamps for Province of Mass. from 1755-57.

527 Bill of expenses of Col. Ephraim Leonard from April 10, 1759 to

June 4, for mustering soldiers delivered to Castle William.

528 An account of expenses and services done by Edward Winslow

for the Province in settling the line between the two provinces
(probably Mass. and New Hampshire) Aug. 22, 1737.

529 Signature of Thos. Hancock who built the "Hancock House,"

uncle of Gov. John Hancock, who was his heir.

530 Certificate of Thomas Goldthwait Secretary at War that Col.

Robert Oliver paid Province Bounty of J6522 for fifty-eight
soldiers. Dated Sept 16, 1761.

531 Receipt dated Jan. 16, 1778, signed by Nathan Tyler, Lt Col. in

Col. Gerrish*s Regiment

532 Order of William Tucker, Capt. on Jacob Gerrish, Col. To pay

his company's wages to Caleb Ammidown.

533 Letter from Richard Walker, Esq., and Joseph Hart, Chairman

of Committee of Safety of Penna. recommending Capt. Thos.
Weir of the 2nd Batallion in Buck's County, (undated).

534 Certificate from John Slaymaker, Capt. that William Kain served

one month in his company, Lancaster Co. Militia. Dated
Strawsburgh, 5th Jan. 1778.

535 Bill against Province of Mass. for service in paying five com-

panies of Col. Preble's Regiment, signed Jonathan Hoar.

536 Roll of Capt Mark Pool's Co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's Regiment of

Guards. Jan. 1778.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

537 Commission appointing Capt. Amasa Davis to equip the anned

brigantine "Active", Allen Hallet, Cammander* Signed Sam.
Phips Savage, President Board of War,

538 George Ill's signature and seal affixed to an English Commis-

sion dated 1798, with portrait.

539 Letter from Brig. Gen. David Cobb (aid-de-camp to Washington

1 78 1 -1 783.) to Col. rfenry Jackson. Relative to recruiting.
Mentions Lt Thomas Lamb in Jackson Regt, Richard Wal-
ker killed at Quaker Hill, 29th of August, 1778, Capt Thos.
Hunt with portrait of Gen. Cobb.

540 Bill of Exchange drawn on Nathaniel Appleton, Commissioner of

the Continental Loan Office, dated 11 March 1782 for $120
payable to Henry Gardner. Drawn by M. Hellegas, Treas.

541 Specimen of Conn. Continental money, January 1 782.

542 Orders issued from Gen. Greene's quarters. For Maj. Gen. Lord

Stirling, (not mentioned in Heitman, at least by this tide.)
Date, August 14, 1771.

543 Letter from Lieut Mordecai Morgan, 9th Penn. Regt., addressed

to Maj. Gen. Lord Stirling.

544 Orders issued by Lord Stirling dated February 9th, 1777.

545 Certificate that Patrick Foy was drafted into Capt Willet's Co.,

dated Ticonderoga, Jan. 19, 1776. Signed John Henderson,

546 Receipt for four state notes (no amoimt) for three years service in

Col. Henry Jackson s Regt Signed Jacob Howe. Dated Ips-
wich, Sept 16, 1780.

547 Parole to Gen. Sumner from Wm. M*Ca£Eerty. Dated Oct x6,

1780. He promised to obey orders of Commander of the
American Army at all times.

548 Receipt of seven dollars for a gun which Joseph Choat carried in-

to the Continental army. By hand of M. Eliphalet Kilbom.
Signed Joseph Hale.

549 BiU of Ichabod Goodwin, Lt. Col. against U. S. for expenses. Da-

ted Winter Hill, July 1778. Presented to Maj. Hopkins, A. D.
Q G., (Asst Deputy Quartermaster Gen.) at Cambridge.

550 Letter dated London, Dec. 16, 1816, from John Winthrop to Wil-

liam Eustis, Minister at Brussels (afterwards Gov. of Mass.)
concerning purchase of heavy cut-glass tumblers selected with
the approval of Mrs. Adams.

551 Commission of Henry A. S. Dearborn to be Brig. Gem, by Caleb

Strong, Gov. Dated*August i, 18x4.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

552 Letter of Benj. J. Porter (Surgeon in Continental Army) to Hon.

William Eustis, dated Boston, Jime 24, 181 2, containing refer-
ence to the request of the President of the U. S. that forty-one
companies of militia be placed under orders of Gen. Dearborn.

553 Memorial "To the Honorable Council and House of Represen-

tatives in General Court assembled " by the Committee from
the Mass. line of the army to adjust the account of officers
and soldiers on account of delay in payment and depreciation
of their continental pay received in lieu of rations and for
arms purchased of the State at ^64 10 shillings; afterwards
branded with the U. S. mark. Signed by John Popkin (Lt.
Col.,) Tobias Femald (Lt. Col.,) Wm. Hull (Lt Col.,) Simon
Leonard (Brigade Major,) Benj. Heywood (Capt,) John
Homans (Surgeon 2nd Continental Dragoons,) Boston, 8 April,
1780. J. C. S. Brown

554 Silver sugar bowl — a part of the wedding outfit of Thomas

Richardson and his wife Judith Kendall who were married in
1772. Thomas Richardson was at the battles of Lexington
and Bunker Hill. Their daughter Mary married in 1802,
John French. Their daughter, Mary Richardson French, in
Aug. 12, 1835, to Frederick Brown.

555 English plate marked ** Meigh." Jacob Meigh started in business,

555a China plate. French decoration bachelors buttons, mark

crossed arrows. Probably De la Courbelle, Paris, 1775. This

plate was bought of a French family early in the century by

Mary (Richardson) French.

Heirs of Mary Richardson Brown
555b Coffee cup and saucer formerly owned by Martha Washington.

A member of the Curtis family gave it to Miss Charlotte Allen

who transferred it to Mrs. Geo. A. Whiting — thence to

present owner.
555c Tablecloth and napkins of Gov. Hancock. Given by his widow

to Mary May, wife of Isaac Davenport, who was grandmother

of the present owner.
555d Bowl and pitcher, owned by Gov. Eustis early in the century.

Used by Lafayette. Mrs. Geo. E. Bullard

556 Pewter porridge dish. Mrs. B. Gates, Allston

557 Lamp, used for cooking by Gov. Benning Wentworth at New

Castle, N. H.

558 Original doorlock from the tower of old " Brattle St. Meeting-

ing-house" built in 1669.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

559 "New England Courant" of Feb. ii, 1775.

560 Cartridge box carried at battle of Bunker Hill, 1775.

561 Tinder box with flint and steel. W. S. Chase

562 Sampler. This commemorates the death of a brother and sister

of Elisha Briggs, a soldier of the Revolution from the town of
Scituate. Elisha Briggs was descended from Gov. Prence
and Elder Brewster. Miss Antoinette Clapp

563 Bible (1672) containing one genealogical line of the Newell and

Brown families of Charlestown, Mass. Originally owned by
David Newell of Charlestown. Now owned by F. O. White
of Roxbury. Mrs. Eugene H. Clapp

564 Commission of Ebenezer Craft as Ensign, Feb. 23, 1720, Gov.

Samuel Shute. Now owned in the seventh generation.

Wm. F. Crafts

565 Commission of Samuel Crafts as 2nd Lieut. 1773 Governor


566 Commission of Caleb Crafts signed by fourteen members of the

council in April, 1 776.

567 Commission of Samuel Doggett as First Lieut, in 1778. Council

of Mass. Bay fifteen signatures.

568 Photograph of Maj. Gen. William Heath of Roxbury from an oil

painting in possession of his descendant. Gen. Heath served
throughout the Revolutionary War, the Lexington Alarm,
Concord fight. Bunker Hill and Seige of Boston. An original
member of the Mass. Society of the Cincinnati.

569 Photograph of the oil portrait, now hanging in Leicester Acad-

emy, of Ebenezer Craft. Served as Capt. at the Siege of
Boston. Col. in 1785, when he took an active part in the sup-
pression of " Shay's Rebellion.**
570-571 Two photographs of Lieut Samuel Doggett and Elizabeth
Badlam of Dedham. Taken from oil portraits, painted by
Gilbert Stuart in 181 5, now owned by their descendants.

Miss Emily A. Crafts

572 Piece of wedding gown of Abigail Fisher who married in 1772

Jeremiah Daniell, both of Needham. The dress was spun,
woven, colored and made up by her own hands.

573 Silver spoon made by Paul Revere.

574 Book called " A View of Religions " by Hannah Adams, pub.

1801. Dedicated to "John Adams, late President of the

575 Autograph letter of John Adams to Hannah Adams, 1803.

M. Grant Daniell

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

576 Curious china plate, once owned by Col. John May.

577 First report of the Boston Female Asylum 1801.

Mrs. S. A. M. Edes

578 Deed from Ganet Church of Watertown to Walter AUin, Oct 26,

1703. Signed also by David Church, William Walker, John
Snow, Hiram Martin, Thomas Browne.
579-580 Oct. and Nov. issues of the " Boston Magazine," 1785.

581 ** Independent Chronicle and Universal Advertiser,'* April 26,

581a Photograph of the house built by Mr. Apthorp for his son, whom
he hoped would be made Bishop of the colonies. The son only
remained here six months, then returned to England, but the
house got the name of the " Bishop's Palace." During the
Revolution the patriots took possession of it and Burgoyne
was a prisoner there. After the war it was at one time a
tavern known as " Blood's Tavern."

582 Pillow cases embroidered in 1807 by Sally Whitney.

583 Sampler worked in 1797. Mrs. P. O. M. Edson
584-585 Two scrap books containing among other things the fol-
lowing :

Commission of Jonathan Howard, Gentleman ; to be Captain
of the Fourth Foot Company in the Town of Bridgewater, in
the Regiment of Militia within the County of Pljnnouth,
whereof Amos Turner is Colonel. Dated May 31st, 1737.
Signed by Jonathan Belcher, Governor.

Commission of Jonathan Howard, Gentleman, to be Captain
of the Second Foot Company, in ye West and North Precincts
in Bridgewater, in the Second Regiment of Militia in the
County of Plymouth, whereof John Gushing, Esq., is Colonel.
Dated May 17, 1744. Signed by William Shirley, Governor.

Commission of Jonathan Howard, to be " Breviate " Major
of the Regiment of Militia within the county of Plymouth,
whereof Thos, Clap is Colonel, and to be Captain of the Fourth
Foot Company in the Town of Bridgewater in the Regiment.
Dated Nov. 28th, 1754. Signed Wm. Shirley, Governor.

Commission of Nathan Howard, Gentleman, to be Ensign
of the Fourth Foot Company in Bridgewater, under the com-
mand of Jonathan Howard, Captain, in the Second Regiment
of Militia, within the County of Plymouth, whereof Thomas
Clap, Esq., is Colonel. Dated January 31st, 1748. Signed
William Shirley, Governor.

Commission of Nathan Howard, Gentleman, to be Captain-
Lieutenant of the Fourth Foot Company in Bridgewater,


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

under the command of Major Jonathan Howard, Esq., Captain,
and in the Second Regiment Militia, within the County of
Plymouth, whereof Thomas Clap, Esq., is Colonel. Dated
Dec. 2d, 1754. Signed Wm. Shirley, Governor.

Tax Warrant to Jonathan Howard, Constable and Collector
of the Town of Bridge water, dated Nov. nth, 1730. Signed
Jeremiah Allen, Treasurer and Receiver-General.
Private papers bearing the signatures of
Experience Mitchell, ... - 1679

William Bradford, Deputy-Governor, - - 1683-4

Rev. Jas. Keith, First Minister of Bridgewater, 1685

Nahum Mitchell, , - - - 1793

Numerous letters and papers relating to military affairs of
the period between 1744 and 1764, with signatures of Gov.
William Shirley, Col. John Gushing, Col. Thomas Clap, Major
Jonathan Howard and Captain Nathan Howard,

A dozen or more lists of the militia under the command of
Capt Jonathan Howard, from 1745 to 1760.

Deeds and private papers dating back as far as 1685, upon
which prominently appear the old family names of Fobes,
Howard, Hayward, Ames, Willis, Field, Mitchell, Edson,
Keith, Washburn, Winslow, Perkins, Leonard, Gary, Brett and
others. These papers are of special interest to those of
Bridgewater parentage, and are replete with autographs of
di£Eerent family members. Henry Dean Forbes

586 Wedding ring of Sarah Tufts who married Maj. Joseph Adams,

Feb. 25, 1802.

587 Knee buckles worn by Joseph Adams, a direct descendant of

Henry Adams, who died in Braintree in 1646.

588 Snuff box of Joseph Adams.

Mrs. Henry D. (Sarah Adams Magoun) Forbes

589 Linen tablecloth with head of Gen. Washington in the centre.

Miss Sarah Haskell, Dedham

590 Paul Revere cream pitcher. A wedding present to Zachariah

Hicks and Mary Coolidge, 1779. Mr. Hicks was son of the
patriot, John Hicks, who was killed at the battle of Lexington.

Miss Hicks, Milton

591 Violin made by an Indian out of a slab of wood four inches thick

and eight wide. It was dug out with a chisel and sold or
given to Dr. Aaron Wight, of the French and Indian war.
Dr. Wight studied medicine with Dr. John Kittredge of An-
dover, ^nd married his daughter, Molly Kittredge, who died,


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

as did their only child. In 1776 he married Jemima Rutter of
East Sudbury. They had ten children, and as all the family
were musical, this violin was procured originally that the
children might learn to use it, and all but two succeeded. It
descended to his grandson, Mr. Willard Wight, who gave it to
the owner, a gr. gr. granddaughter of Dr. Aaron, who has had
it restrung, a new bridge added, and new hair in the bow.
This information is given by a granddaughter, Mrs. Frances
J. G. Hunneman, born about the time of Dr. Wight's death.

Miss Frances H. Hunneman

592 Spoon made by Revere. Owner, Shuball Hewes, who gave it to

his son, Samuel Hewes, who in return gave it to his grand-

593 Silver mug made by Greene or Green.

594 Wooden snuff box with official notice on it Com. O. H. Perry

to Sec'y of Navy of victory over the British on Lake Cham-
plain, 1 8 13. Hewes Hunneman

595 Pocket book of Silvia C. Sampson, 1788, worked in crewels. Miss

Austen is said to have made Silvia Sampson one of the char"
acters in a novel.

596 Elaborately worked handbag over a hundred years old.

597 Fancy Silk Shawl over a century old.

598 Elaborate mourning piece, " Sacred to the Memory of Miles Stod-

dard, who died Sept 12, 1799, aged 24."

Mrs. Frank H. Jenks, Duxbury

599 Miniature of Miss Mercy ScoUay, daughter of John Scollay of

Boston. Mrs. Wilbur Johnson

600—601 Silhouettes of Mark Walker, and Mary Shackford Walker,

his wife. He was bom in Dover, N. H. She in Newington.

Mrs. J. P. Jordan

602 Commission of Capt. Robert Boody, in Tenth Regiment of N. H.

Militia, Sept. 5, 1775. Arthur Mason Knapp, Boston

603 Cap owned by Nehemiah Warren of Waltham. He belonged to

the Weston Light Infantry in 181 2. This cap was worn by
him at military trainings, country musters and the annual
celebration of Comwallis. It was doubtless one of the occa-
sions that inspired Lowell in his Biglow Papers, First Series,
to write these lines,

" Recollect wut fun we hed, you*n* I an' Erry Hollis,

Up there to Waltham plain last fall along o* the Comwallis' ? "

604 Pewter stirrup cup; 605 Pink silk nightcap embroidered in

colored floss ; 606 Silver snuff box. These three belonged
to Wm. Lane, or his ancestors, of Lebanon, N.}H.


Digitized by VaOOQlC

607 A pocket embroidered in colored worsted made and worn by

Sarah Perkins, wife of Benj. Wyman.

608 Gavel. 609 Wine glass. Both belonged to Benj. Wyman of

Woburn, Mass.

610 Silver spectacle case owned by Jesse Viles of Weston, Mass., a

soldier of the war of 181 2.

61 1 Knitted purse of colored beads owned by Mrs. Gourgas of Weston

who was one of the Huguenots.

612 " Sermons by Increase Mather, D.D., teacher of a church at Bos-

ton in N. E. London 1674. Reprinted by John Allen for
Nicholas Boone at the Sign of the Bible in Comhill, 1721,
Boston in New England."

613 Picture of the house in Roxbury, Mass., (as it stood Aug. 1840),

in which Joseph Warren was born, in the year 1741.

614 An original door latch from the "Red Horse Inn," Sudbury,

Mass., of tener called " The Wayside Inn."

615 Wallet owned by Nathan Warren of Weston, Mass., a soldier of

the Revolution.

616 Hand bag embroidered by Lucy Jones of Concord, Mass., second

wife of Nathan Warren. She lived near the battlefield, and
her mother took all the children to a hill where they saw the
fight. Mrs. Ellen £. Lane

617 Doll purchased in 1773 ^y Mrs. John Williams, granddaughter of

Increase Mather 2nd and great granddaughter of Cotton
Mather. Originally dressed in elegant costume, but the
caresses and abuses of five generations have reduced her to
this plain Quaker garb.

618 Rusty cannon ball from a cellar in one of the oldest houses of the

North end of Boston. The owners, Emery by name, were
driven from the house on the occupation by the British; fled
to Cambridge, and were saddened one morning on crossing
the Common to see that all their household furniture was
being sold at auction. Mrs. Samuel Langley

619 Porringer owned by Mr. David Wait of Charlestown, who was

driven from that town when it was about being burned,
— dropped this and all his silver into the well, finding it there
in safety on his return.

Samuel P. Langley, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.

620 " Book of Common Prayer together with Psalter and Psalms ; "



Digitized by VjOOQ IC

621 Silver coffee spoon; both owned by Thomas Henderson of Marl-
boro* who married, 1761, Hannah Walker. Maker, L. A.
This family in the marriages of their children shows great
longevity — their son Charles, the youngest child, married
Betsey Hall in 1806, who died in 1881 in her one hundred and
second year. Their oldest child Elizabeth, wife of Orlando
Hall is still living, in her eighty-ninth year.

Miss Helen H. Lewis

622 — 623 Pink and white china pitcher and plate, part of the wedding
dowry of Mrs, Stephen (Susan Longfellow) Bowles of Palermo,
Maine. Miss Lula Vesta Lund, East Somerville

624 Dutch Bible owned by Catherine Van Schaick, wife of Peter

Gansevoort. Date 171 5.

625 Silver teapot, over a hundred and fifty years old. (Van Schaick


626 "Housewife" or needlecase made by Catherine Van Schaick

marked C. V. S. 1772.

627 Silver sword buckle. 628 Silver sauce boat; both owned by

Gen. Peter Gansevoort

629 Crewel work, Kensington stitch, probably done by Catherine


630 Miniature of Maria, daughter of Gen. Peter Gansevoort, and wife

of Allan Melville.

631 Cocked hat worn by Major Thomas Mellville of the Boston Tea

Party to the day of his death, 1832. Mrs. W. H. Mackintosh

632 Miniature of Harmon Blennerhassett, Esq., of Blennerhassett's

Island, painted in London in 1796. An Irish gentleman who
emigrated to America in 1797, and was induced by Aaron
Burr to assist his schemes in the South-west, by liberal con-
tributions of money. He was tried with Burr for conspiracy,
but fully acquitted.

633 Silver gilt inkstand carried by Gen. James Agnew of the British

army in all his campaigns — 1755 to 1777. Descended to
Mrs. Harmon Blennerhassett, the wife of the unfortunate dupe
of Aaron Burr, who was granddaughter of Gen. Agnew.

634 Autograph letter of Pres. John Adams to Hon. Mr. Dalton of

Boston, Feb. 22, 1799.

635 Letter from Major (afterwards Gen.) J as. Agnew to his wife. One

of a series of fifteen letters written by Maj. Gen. Jas. Agnew
ofgthe British army, to his wife in England from Louisburg
and, Quebec, 1758.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

636 Letter of Gen. Jas. Agnew to his wife, written from Boston, Oct

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