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4» ^775' One of a series of ten letters from Gen. Agnew to
his wife, written home from America during the Revolution.
The last one written the day before he was killed at German-
town. Dr. Francis Coffin Martin

637 Funeral mourning ring in memory of Mrs. Margaret Warner, 1760.

638 Tablespoons made by Benj. Burt 1754.

639 Pair salt spoons made for Tristram Coffin, Esq., of Newburyport.

640—641 Pepper box and spoon made by Paul Revere ; 642 Silver
shoe buckles worn before the Revolution; 643 — 644 Two
embroidered waistcoats; 645 Pair of blue enamelled pen-
dants of earrings ; Nos. 640—645 inclusive were the property
of Capt. and Mrs. Wm. Coffin.

646 Bracelet set with pearls.

647 Mourning locket made in London in 1801, in memory of Capt.

Wm. Coffin of Newburyport, Oct. 1795, and of his wife
Susanna Coffin, Obt, Aug. i, 1801.

648 Snuff box brought from Paris in 1780 by Capt. Eben Stocker of

Boston and Newburyport

649 Scarf worn by Miss Susan Coffin of Newburyport, at the reception

and ball given to Gen. Washington in that city, Oct. 30, 1789,
when Miss Coffin was one of thirteen young ladies, distin-
guished by similar badges who represented the thirteen states.

650 Miniature of Daniel Coffin, son of Capt. Coffin. Painted in Lon-

don 1785.

651 Canopy for bed brought from Canton, China, in 1802, by Capt

Joseph Blasket of Nantucket.

652 Miniature of Mrs. Joseph Marquand whose husband was Col-

lector of the port at Newburyport 18 13 — 21.

Mrs. Henry A, Martin

653 "Gazette of the U. S." Philadelphia, Nov. 3, 1792.

654 "Virginia Gazette and General Advertiser," Richmond, Va., June

I, 1796.

655 Verses entitled " The Children in the Woods," printed at Cornhill

in the latter part of the last century.

656 Blue china bowl of the "Sheltered Peasant** pattern.

Mrs. George E. Mecuen

657 Silver water pitcher. 658 Silver cream pitcher. Both made by

Paul Revere, and originally owned by John Day Howard,
grandfather of Frederick Howard Nazro


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

658-661 Gravy tureen, ladle and small plate once owned by Arode
Thayer of Dorchester, and known to be at least one hundred
years old. Mrs. R. A. Nichols

662 Sampler wrought by Maria Cotton, daughter of the Rev. John

Cotton, who came to Boston in 1633 and was settled over the
North Church. She married Rev. Increase Mather, and of
them was bom Sarah, who married Rev. Nehemiah Walker of
Roxbury; of them was bom Hannah, who married Rev. Mr.
Trowbridge of Groton ; of them was bom Sarah, who married
Hon. Artemus Ward of Shrewsbury ; of them was born Sarah,
who married Hon. Elijah Brigham of Westboro; of them was
bom Ann Maria, who married E. M. Phillips; of them was
bom E. B. Phillips, who married Rebecca Ayling; of them
was born the owner.

663 Slippers belonging to the wife of Gov. Belcher.

664 Commission of John Page by Gov. Belcher under George II, in

1 737. This commission was accompanied by a flag since given
to the town of Bedford by Capt. Cyrus Page. It is thought to
be the oldest flag in the U. S. Mrs. Cyms A. Page, Boston

665 Copy of miniature of Anne Green Winslow, probably bom in

1760, died in 1779. She was the daughter of Col. John Wins-
low who commanded the English forces in 1755, and was
ordered to remove the Acadians from Nova Scotia. Ann
Green Winslow in 1771 writes in her diary: **I was dressed
in my yellow coat, black bib and apron, black feathers on my
head, my paste comb and all my paste, garnet marquasett and
jet pins, together with my silver plume, my locket, rings, black
collar round my neck, black mitts and yards of blue ribbon
(black and blue is high taste), striped tucker and ruffles (not
my best), and my silk pompadore shoes completed my dress."

(^ Tortoise shell case owned by Deborah Melville (born 1737), the
oldest child of John and Mercy ScoUay, and named for his
mother who was Deborah Bligb, wife of James ScoUay. Debo-
rah Melville married Dr. John Melville, an uncle of Thomas
Melville, who married a younger sister, Priscilla.

667-668 Two pewter platters brought over by Robert Seaver in 1632.

669 Fire screen worked by Miss Nancy ScoUay in 1760. She was

engaged to Gen. Warren at the time he was kiUed at Bunker
HUl, and his children, he being a widower, were placed under
her care. Mrs. Augustus Parker

670 Waistcoat buttons, time of George III. Worn by Ebenezer

Seaver, 3d.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

671 Sword used in the Indian wars in Maine, the date 1677 marked

on the blade.

672 Tortoise shell comb given to Miss Mercy Scollay by Gov. John

Hancock. W. Prentiss Parker

673 Teaspoon owned by Wm. and Mary Brooks, married t)ec. 15,

1733. Maker, B. Burt; owned later by Mary Brooks Deland,
Sarah Deland Foster, Sarah Foster Nash.

674 Silver teaspoon marked 1769, owned by Mary Brooks, who mar-

ried Wm. Deland.

675 Cup owned by Grace (Barstow) Foster 1769.

675 Small black pitcher owned by Grace Barstow who married Elijah
Foster 1769. Owned by Samuel Foster, Sarah Foster Nash,
and John Gushing Nash.

677 Lowestoft plate belonging to Mary Deland who married Rev.

Elijah Leonard, 1804.

678 Tea caddy. 679 Teapot 680 Punchbowl. 681 Plate of Lowes-

toft china, sdl of which belonged to Sarah Deland who married
Samuel Foster 1805. Owned by Sarah Foster Nash before
the present owner came into possession.

Mrs. A. L. Power, Norwell
682-684 Tablespoons made and used by Paul Revere. F. D. Revere

685 Sword belonging to Major Andrfe. (See Colonial War exhibit.)

A. J. Rodway

686 Embroidered box, si^posed to be for baby clothes*

687 Case of knives, forks and spoons belonging to Sarah Barton, first

wife of John Derby of Salem. Made in England in 171 7, and
doubtless intended for use in the army. Initials E. M. cannot
be traced.

688 Silver bowl formeriy owned by Eliais Hasket Derby of Salem,


689 > Pin or locket painted in hair, commemorating the birth of a child^

Belonged to Miss M. B. Derby of Salem, 1795.

Misses Rogers, Boston

690 Gun carried by Moses Short of Newbury, Mass., in the Revolu-

tion. Henry C. Short, Ashmont

691 Commission of Capt James Lund of Litchfield, N. H., dated

Mar. 3i> 1797.

692 Commission of Lieut. Col. Sam. Chase of Litchfield, N. H., dated

Exeter, Dec. 25, 1784.

693 Pewter porringer, part of the wedding dowry of Mrs. Stephen



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6^4 Portrait of Susanna Longfellow, who married Stephen Bowles*

695 Portrait of Stephen Bowles of Palermo, Me.

Mrs. Charles Gaston Smith

696 Commission, with John Hancock's signature, 1790, to Joseph Wil-

son of Marblehead, as Capt. Second Regt, First Brig., Second
Div. Mass. Militia.

697 Appointment certificates of 1802-3, to Joseph Wilson as Inspector

of the Revenue for the Port of Marblehead.

698 Commission as Collector of Customs at Marblehead, to Joseph

Wilson. Miss Rosalie C. Stephenson

699 Pomade and powder box belonging to Nathaniel Allen in 1700,

father of Jolley Allen. Mrs. Francis Stoddard

700 The " Blue Ball," himg over the shop of Josiah Franklin, father

of Benj. Franklin, at the comer of Union and Hanover streets,
from Jan. 25, 171 1, until the streets were widened in 1858. In
June, 1757, Mr. Dakin purchased the estate and gilded the
ball, but traces of the blue can still be seen.

701 Commission of Stephen Stodder as lieutenant Signed by Gov.

Hutchinson, 1772.

702 " Monticello " blue plate, with name of fifteen states around the


703 Blue plate, known as " Sheltered Peasants." The Misses Stone

704 Silver pepper box, formerly owned by Col. Wm. Pew.

705 Silver sugar tongs. 706 Silver salver, formerly owned by Gen.

Knox. Miss £. H. Swinburne

707 China plate, one of a set belonging to Joshua Wyman of Wobum,

bom in 1692.

708 Fan given in the latter part of the last centiuy, by Lady Temple

to Miss Sally Wyman. Miss Harriet Wyman Taber

709 Sampler of unusual beauty worked by Hannah Wyman in her

thirteenth year, 1804. She married Nathaniel Winchester of

710 Sofa cushion worked in crewels by Miss Rebecca Doubt of Rox-

bury, 1740. Miss Sarah White Taber

71 1-7 1 2 Two silver butter boats made by Paul Revere.
713 Silver porringer made by Paul Revere.
714-715 Two teaspoons made by Paul Revere.

Mrs. Nathaniel Thayer, Boston


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

7i6 Saddlebags used by Daniel Gookin. He was Paymaster; Lieut;
Capt; in Revolutionary times and a gr. gr. gr. grandson of
Maj. Gen. Daniel Gookin of Colonial times, comrade and col-
league of John Eliot Vide Pro v. Soc's Records.

Dr. J. B. Thornton, Boston

717 One set Colonial money, (almost complete,)

718 Picture of Sir Walter Raleigh on paper, placed on wood.

Miss Millie C. Turner, Norwich

719 Clearance papers. Invoice of the Brig "Hope" owned by James

Very, Isaac White, Thos. Palfry. James Very, Master.
Signed by Theodore Charles Mozard, Consul de la Rfepub-
lique Francaise. Pour les etats de New Hampshire, Massa-
chusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut, Residant a Boston.
Thomas MacDonough, British Consul in the New England
States, June 25, 1798. Edw. Norris, Notary Public, residing
in Salem, Mass.

720 Certificate of membership of Isaac White in the Massachusetts

Charitable Fire Society, May 31, 18 10.

721 Massschusetts Bill No. 3522 due Dec. i, 1782, five shillings and


722 Note of the State of Massachusetts Bay. No. 187, £15, Feb. 5,

1780. Margins are as follows : MASSACHUSETTS ; Death
to Counterfeit this; Massachusetts State Lottery, Class the
Fourth. Payable January i, 1783. Signed, H. Gardner,
Treasurer, J. ScoUay, Edward Green, Witnesses.

723 Deed. Orange St., Boston. John and Mercy Cornish to John

Tuckerman, Sept C2, 1741.

724 Deed. Daniel and Mary Whitney to Daniel Jent Tuckerman,

Dec. 29, 1756.

725 Deed. Daniel Shea (Guardian) Patrick and Hannah Pebbles,

and Samuel and Rebecca Minot tP Daniel Jent Tuckerman,
Oct 26, 1762.

726 Deed. Southerly part of Boston, Stephen Harris and Stephen

Harris, Jr., to Daniel Jent Tuckerman, April 24, 1764.

727 Deed. Southerly part of Boston (boundaries given) Stephen

Harris, John Sweetser from Katharine Sweetser, Andrew Black
to Samuel Proctor, July 19, 1766.

728 Deed. Bennet St, Boston, Thomas Betterly, Eliza Betterly, to

Samuel Procter, Sept 26, 1767.

729 Deed. Land and wharf (borders described) Richard and Savel

^Uingwpod to Richard Skillings, Sept 23, 1773.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

730 Deed. Brick house and other buildings, Ann Street, Boston.

Jeremiah Allen to Isaac White, Sept 5, 1782.

731 Deed. Land and brick store, on highway from State House to

Long Wharf. Samuel and Elizabeth Page to Isaac White,
Dec. II, 1784.

732 Deed. Land and part of building lower end of State Street

Caleb Loring to Isaac White, Jan 25, 1786.

Miss Charlotte A. White

733 Pocket compass of Maj. Sam Thaxter an officer in the French

and Indian War. Maj. Thaxter was captured by the Indians
in 1757, bound to a stake, and die fagots lighted to torture
him, when he was rescued by a French officer. He used this
compass to guide him home, where he was greeted by an ac-
count of his own funeral. Mrs. Susan B. Willard

734 Scrap of wedding gown of Mrs. Ebenezer Thayer of Braintree,

Mass. She was married in 1772. This was from the same
piece as the wedding gown of the wife of Josiah Quincy, Presi-
dent of Harvard College, 1829.

735 Very old blue and white plate from the Jenk6s family.

736 Piece of ribbon owned by Mrs. Ebenezer Thayer, who lived to the

age of one hundred and two years.

737 Small Lowestoft cup once owned by Isaac Bailey of Little Comp-

ton, R. I. Deputy to General Assembly during the Revolution.

738 " Works and Life of Franklin, New York. Printed for Phillip

Arnold, 1797.

739 Scraps of gowns worn at the Court of St James by Mrs. John

Adams. Given to Mrs. Withington by Mrs. R. A. Nichols
who had them of Mrs. Adams' dressmaker.

740 A button from John Adams* coat

741 Chinese cup and saucer owned by Henry Tillinghast, Newport,

K. I. Married in 1764 Rebecca Vose. He built the house
afterwards occupied by Gov. Gibbs and now owned by Mr.
Tuckerman of New York. It stands beside the Old Stone
Mill The cup was probably imported by Capt Ebenezer
Vose, Mrs. Tillinghast*s father, Member of Maine Society.

742 Scrap of wood from the British Frigate Somerset, which covered

the landing of British troops at Bunker Hill. She was wrecked
oflECapeCodin 1778.

743 " Memory of Washington." Containing National Testimonial of

Respect, Portrait Order of Funeral Procession, etc. Printed
by Oliver Famsworth, Newport, R. I., 1800.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

744 Piece of dressing gown of Rev. Mather Byles, of Mollis Street

Church. A noted humorist. In 1776 he adhered to the royal
cause. This relic originally belonged to Capt. Francis A.
Biunham, a grandson of Dr. Byles. He gave it tO Miss
Nichols who gave it to the owner, Mrs. C. F. Withingtoft

745 Teaspoon, made by Moulton of Newburyport

Mrs. Chas. Francis Withington

746 Watch ; the property of Rev. Nathaniel Clap of Newport, R. I.

At his death it was valued at £ 20. He was the grandson of
Nicholas Clap who came to Dorchester in 1633, and the broth-
er of Jonathan who was the great grandfather of James B.
Clapp the present owner of the watch referred to in the Clapp
Memorial. Page 203.

747 Plate, supposed to have been brought over about 1633. It is

owned by James Clapp, son of Deacon John Clapp of Rox-
bury. Miss Susan £. Withington

748 Very old cake basket.

749 Very old fruit basket

750a Watch handed down in one family over one hundred years.
750b Sword — an old timer, found stored away in an attic among
other relics. E. C. Worcester

751 Bible of Capt. Roger Clap; given to the loaner*s grandfather by

his grandmother who was great granddaughter of Capt. Roger
Clap. Much is missing at the beginning and end of the book.

752 Account book of Treat and Pico, Boston merchants in 1766, who

employed John Adams as a clerk. John Adams made many
entries in this book before he became President of the U. S.
Loaned by gr. gr. granddaughter of Samuel Treat

Mrs. W. H. H. Young

753 Pipe bowl taken from a Hessian Soldier at Valley Forge and sent

from there to Boston by Wm. Foggo, who was fife major of
a regiment Loaned to " Mary Warren *' Chapter



February U, J897

TXlts. Hoberl C- Swan, (Ctjapter Hegent

Gen. Rufus Putnam was among the first to enlist when the Revolu-
tionary war broke out. He was a great mathematician and Washing-


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

ton appointed him his chief engineer. He planned the fortifications on
Dorchester Heights, which proved such a success as to cause the
evacuation of Boston by the British. He founded the State of Ohio,
April 7, 1788. Washington appointed him, in 1795, surveyor-general of
the U. S. Lands. In the words of Senator Hoar, '* Rufus Putnam is
entitled to a place in the Annals of Constitutional History, by the work
he has accomplished, which is second to that of Washington, alone.

754 Coat of Arms, " By the Name of Howe." Ancestor Abraham

Howe, who died 1683.

755 Coat of arms, "By the name of Robinson."

756 A goldsmith's scale, time of George II.

757-760 Dorchester tax bills to Edward Buck; of 1764-72-76-80.

761 Embroidered wallet — Hannah Clap.

762 Morocco sewing case, Rachel Vose, 1790.

763 Silver pocket case, marked Hannah Collins, 1790.

Mrs. C. L. Brigham

764 Sampler, wrought at Scituate, by Sally Jankins when thirteen, af-

terwards Mrs. Daniels of Franklin, owned by her grand-niece.
Miss Bertha F. CudworA, Roxbury

765 Commission of Moses Dorr of French and Indian war; from

George II. Mrs. Frank L. Dorr, Newton Highlands

766 Piece of an apple tree planted by Peregrine White, the first white

man bom in New England. "Marshfield, July 22, 1704, Capt.
Peregrine which of this town aged 88 years, died here the 20th
inst. bom on board the Mayflower in Cape Cod Harbor, Nov.
1620, first white man bom in New England." Boston News,
July 31, 1704. The 15th number of the first paper published
in New England.

767 Sugar bowl, bearing the date 1657. Owned in the Humphreys fam-

ily of Dorchester, for many generations.

768 Pocket book, carried by Capt Samuel Clap in the war of the Rev-

olution, with Continental currency.

769 Letter in cipher, written Oct. 11, 1776, by David Baker in camp at

Mt Independence, opposite Ticonderoga, to James Hum-
phreys, who was an officer in the Revolutionary war.

770 Letter in shorthand written by Ebenezer Withington, Dec. 1777,

from Springfield to James Humphreys.

771 Snuff box belonged to Mrs. Catherine (Mears) Bamard. Mrs.

Bamard first married Rev. Samuel Dexter of Dedham.

Mrs. Richard C. Himiphreys


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

772 Singing book, called "Continental Harmony 1 794." Wooden covers,

the inside of the front cover having a tune printed in a circle,
etc., with explanation of the round tune ; originally owned by
Ephriam Davenport of Dorchester, a singing master. Now
the property of his grand-daughter. Mr. Geo. Lane

773 Masonic breastpin ; given by Dea. Zeba Spear to his wife Han-

nah Sampson (a niece of Deborah Sampson of Revolutionary
fame.) In 18 10. Owned by her great nephew.

Harvey Mann

774 Light stand; brought to this country by Robert Pierce in the

"Mary and John" 1630. It has been in the Pierce House, Oak
Avenue since its erection 1640 and is now in the possession of
the seventh successive generations of Pierces bom in this
homestead. Mrs. Wm. A. Pierce

775 Goldsmith's "Animated Nature" Vol. III. Printed for Matthew

Gary, No. 118 Market St., Philadelphia, Sept 3, 1795. Inter-
esting as an English work printed in this coimtry.

Mrs. Leander Waterman

776 Sampler wrought by Mary Whiting Withington, daughter of

Isaac Withington. She married James Pierce in 1824.

^*]^ souvenir pitcher of Independence. Inscribed.

"As he tills your rich glebe, the old peasant shall tell

While his bosom with Liberty glows ;
How your Warren expired, how Montgomery fell

And how Washington humbled your foes.''

The whole embellished with patriotic designs, etc. Formerly
owned by Miss Catherine Clap of Willow Court, Dorchester.

778 Wineglass formerly owned by Miss Catherine Qap (daughter of

Capt. William Clap) who lived and died in the old homestead
which was occupied by soldiers for a time in war of Revolu-
tion. Mrs. W. C. Withington

779 A small engraving of Ebenezer Dorr who rode over Burton Neck

to the Committee of Safety at Cambride and on to Lexington
with a letter from Dr. Warren to John Hancock on the eve-
ning April 18, 1775. Loaned by his great great niece.

Mrs. Eleanor Dorr Wood, Cambridge


Digitized by




May 27, 1896

Vdts. 3- £. Ktttrebge, (Copter Segent

Capt Isaac Gardner, Jr., was the first Harvard graduate, and the
only BrookKne man killed, April 19. Three Brookline companies re-
spoiKkd to ^e Lexington alarm, one led by Isaac Gardner, Esq. Th^
were Bp^et at " Watson's Comer " (now junction of Massachusetts and
RindgQ Avenues, Cambridge) by British troops and Isaac Gardner fell
pi^rcj^d by twelve bullet and bayonet wounds.

780 Silhouettes of Daniel Poor, descendant of Daniel Poor and Mary

Famum who married in Boston, Oct 20, 1650, and were early
settlers of Andover, Mass. ; and of his wife, Hannah Frye, de-
scended from John Fry, who was of great note in his day. An
ancient manuscript pedigree makes the following summary:
" Mr. Fry was one of the first setders in this Towne and his
ofiEspring men of Grate note ; there was Copprils, Sergeants,
Clarks, Ensignes, Lieuts., Twelve Captains, Magrs, Cornels
and Mager Generals. Two Judges of the Corts Superer and
Court of Common Pleas and two that had the titel of the
Honoral Counsellors and severall justites of the Peace and
some of the Rest Excelen Good Citizens."

Mrs. Amasa Clarke, D. A. R.

781 Book, " The Continuation of the History of the Province of Mass.

Bay from 1748."

782 "An Abridgment of the Church History of N. E. from 1620-

1804 by Isaac Backus." Mrs. Ellen C. Coolidge

783 Book, " Elements of War," by Gen. Isaac Maltby, approved by

officers of Revolutionary Army.

784 "The Columbian Orator " used in N. E. schools. Published in


785 Mourning memorial of Wm. Fuller — a sergeant in the Revolu-

tion. Painted by his granddaughter in 181 o.

Miss Harriet M. Coolidge

786 Sword found in a secret chamber in a house built by Dea. Thom-

as Gardner of Brookline in 1718.

787 Patch, made at the time Lafayette came to America, and owned

by Mrs. Mary Jackson Gardner.


Digitized by VaOOQlC


788 Deed signed by Gov. Randolph, granting the office of Justice of

the Peace to John Brooks, afterwards Governor.

Mrs. Abbie J. Corey

789 Bowl, of a set of china brought by Sarah Worthen to her home

in Hampton, 1790. The journey was by horseback.

Mrs. R. S. Dana

790 Musical instrument.

791 Flint lock rifle used in the battle of Lexington.

Mrs. Arthur C. Dow

792 Plate, brought to this country by the Ashley family, before 1640.

793 Agreement, appointing referees, dated 1702.

794 Draft of a deed dated 1707.

795 Will on parchment dated 1710.

796 Lease of land, dated 1 713-14. Dated in the "12th year of the

reigne of our sovryne Lady Anne of great Britain, France and
Ireland, Queen defender of the faith Anno domni 171 3-14."

797 Bill for goods bought in Boston in 1716.

798 Seven years* lease of land, 17 19.

799 Bill for a bride's trousseau bought in Boston 1734.

800 Release to guardian, 1734.

801 Allotment of estate under will, 1748.

802 " Town Rate or assessment made on the Polls or Estate of the

inhabitants of Cold Spring "(now Belchertown, Mass.), 1756.

803 Teaspoon made in Boston before 1768.

804 Candlesticks bought in 1768.

805 Cradle quilt, flax for which was raised, spun and woven by Mrs.

(Clark) Smith, who covered her babies with it as early as 1780.

806 Commission as Justice of the Peace signed by John Hancock,

dated 1785.

807 "Massachusetts Gazette," Oct. 29, 1782.

808 "Hampshire Herald," Tuesday, Oct 11, 1785.

809 Letter patent to Luther Holland of Belchertown, signed by Pres-

ident Madison.

810 A small shawl, a present to Miss Mercy Smith on her eighteenth

birthday, July 10, 1798. It was purchased in Boston and cost
eighteen dollars.

811 State house plate made in England about 1800.

812 Provincial assessment warrant, signed by Harrison Gray, Treas-

urer of Province of Mass. Bay.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

8i3 Needle-book, 1798. Mrs. T. B. Griggs

814 Ori^nal list of minute men from Ipswich. Miss Helen Kimball

815 Gold ring found on the field of Naseby, Eng., 1645, inscribed:

"Keep faith till death."

816-7-8 Three tall wine glasses owned by Mrs. Clarissa (Eames-
Jacques) Chapman.

819 Large tortoise shell comb once owned by Mrs. Clarissa Kittredge.

820 Two volumes of Junius printed in London, 1797.

822 Large platter and covered dish owned by Mrs. Clarissa Chapman,
who lived until her one hundredth year. Loaned by her grand-

824 Three samplers dated from 1800 to 1813.

827 Small piece of embroidery on white satin, probably more than one

hundred years old.

828 A valuable piece of English china. The last remaining piece of

a wedding tea set owned by Mrs. Jeremiah Kittredge.

Mrs. J. C. Kittredge

829 Sword worn in Court at the trial of the Salem witches. It be-

longed to Judge John Hathon and was purchased from the

830 " Queen's Arm " used during the American Revolution.

831 Drum carried at the battle of Bunker HiU.

832 Pewter tankard used at the old "Eagle Inn" at Rowley, Mass., in


833 Round dish, "State House" china.

834 Washington pitcher.

835 Cake basket, came from the "Hancock house," Boston; was pur-

chased at the sale of the house.

836 Framed picture, account of George Washington's funeral. Col.

Little was one of the pall-bearers. Mrs. James L. Little

837 Black silk mitts worn by Mary Frances, the first grandchild of

Mary Revere, a sister of Paul Revere. They were worn at
her christening when three months old, as mourning for her
twin sister Phebe who died at the age of two months.

Mrs. Justin Mosher

838 A plate between one hundred and fifty and one hundred and

seventy-five years old.

839 Cup and saucer owned by Mr. Johnson and used by him while

at Oxford, Eng., about one hundred and sixty years ago.

840 Amsterdam Bible published 1730.


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841 Pitcher, 1 757, belonged to the Little family.

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