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842 Plates owned by Thomas Waite and used by him in 1772.

843 Receptacle made of lignum, vitae, in use in Quincy, Mass., in

1776. Margaret G. Waite

844 Report by Jacob Bailey, B. D. G., of the doings by Gen. Lincoln,

13-12, 1777; also matters at Castleton, Sept 21, 1777.

845 Grant of a township in Vermont given to Capt Jedadiah Hyde

and associates for services in Revolutionary war, Feb. 18,

846 Commission issued by Madison, July 23, 181 2, to Robert Houston,

with letters from the War Department

Mrs. Leslie C Wead.



November 23, J895

TXlts. 3o^n ^. Bojjnton, Chapter Hegent

Mercy (Adams) Savory, wife of Thomas Savory, had two sons,
Capt. John and Sergt. Williams; two sons-in-law, and three grand-
sons in the Revolutionary War. A short but typical record of the
patriotic women of Essex County.

847 Figure of an Indian in bronze, made by Crawford; one of four

that graced the candelabra in the old Treasury Building at
Washington, D. C.

848 Piece of the girdle worn by Chaiies I, when executed in 1649.

It came to the owner with this message: "When my father
was last in England, a direct descendant of Charles I said,
she would share her relic with him because his name (Rey-
nolds) was the same as hers."

849 Sampler wrought by Susanna Nickals in 1792. She was after-

wards wife of Eliphalet Boynton and mother of Dr. John
Famham Boynton.

850 Lamp. An heirloom owned by Sarah (Brocklebank) Hani-

man. Her father, John Brocklebank, who died in 1844, was
a Revolutionary soldier. John Brocklebank was a descend-
ant of the Capt Brocklebank slain by the Indians at Sud-


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851 Cup and saucer of olden times, decorated with eagle, stars and


852 A pickwick made from a piece of the Charter Oak, the tree in

which the Charter of Connecticut was hidden so that Sir
Edmund Andros could not find it in 1687.

853 Inkstand made of stone. "J. Boynton," cut in it while stone

was soft.

854 Piece of huckabuck linen woven by Mrs, Joanna (Stevens) Boyn-

ton of Salisbury, in 1 720.

855 Receipt of 1733. Names upon it; Stephen Boynton; Benoni

Boynton; Jacob Gould; Moses Willard.

856 Receipt dated 1 706. Names upon it are Elizabeth Sharp; Al-

exander Sharp; Daniel Greenough.

857 Book containing "Narrative of the Capture of Mrs. Johnson by

the St. Francis Indians in 1754." Mrs. John F. Bo3mton

858 Indian arrowheads.

859 Funeral medal of Washington; on the reverse side is an urn

with G. W. near the bottom, and around the edge B. F. 11.
1732. Gen. A. Arm. 75 M. 83 P. U. A. 89. Inside of the
above thus R. 96 G.Arm. U. S. OB. D. 14. 99, which was
thought to mean George Washington, Bom February 11,
1732, General American Army 1775, Resigned 1783. Pres-
ident United (States of?) America. Retired 1796, General
Army of the United States. Died Dec. 14, 1799. The ob-
verse is his head encircled with the words: "He is in Glory,
The World in tears." Loaned by the owner (now eighty-
six years of age) who purchased it among other effects, as
"rubbish," which belonged to an old Revolutionary soldier.

Levi B. George

860 Silk apron made from the wedding dress of Fanny Peabody

Dole (gr. gr. granddaughter of Lieut. Francis Peabody of
Topsfield) who married Corp. Jewett Ilsley in 1836. He
was a Revolutionary soldier. Mrs. Mary H. George.

861 Watch owned by Lieut. David Hopkinton who served during

the French and Indian war and in the Revolution. Tradi-
tion says: "It was once stolen and found many months after-
wards in the possession of a notorious thief who was cap-
tured at Salem."

862 Continental bill found in an old house at Marblehead once oc-

cupied by "Mugford."


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863 Commission of David Hopkinson as 2nd Lieut., signed by John

Hancock. Abbie C. Hopkinson

864 Pewter communion cup, probably used in one of the Newbury-

port churches. Mrs. Annie R. Ladd

865 Will of Thomas Savory, the husband of Mercy (Adams)


866 Painting of fruit and leaves on velvet done by Louisa Balch

Savory in 181 1. Martha W. Savory Parker

867 Bullet mould of Revolutionary times.

868 Pamphlet. Act of Congress, July 28th, 1775, "Concerning the

domestic manufacture of saltpetre with recipes."

869 Commission of John Spaufford as Lieut 2d Company Middle

Regiment Col. John Appleton, 1721. This man, known famil-
iarly as " Capt. John SpaufFord," was grandson of John the
emigrant, who came over with the Rev. Ezekiel Rogers in
1638. "Capt John " married first, Dorcas Hopkinson in 1700.
His second wife was Sarah Poor of Newbury (Indian Hill).

870 Engraved powder horn of Aaron Siaddor, Crown Point, Novem-

ber, 1758. Miss Apphia T. Spofford

871 Toy chair of the last century^ owned by Mrs. Bertha (Savory) wife

of Capt David Walker, of the war of 181 2. She was a
great granddaughter of Mercy Savory and a daughter of
Thomas Savory, Drummer.

872 Curious paper printed in 1 792 entitled ** Narrative concerning a

Tornado in 1792." The size is 16x21 inches. The upper
third illustrated by a row of coffins, etc. The remainder is
divided into four columns of verses evidently naming the

873 Declaration of Independence. The same copy that was sent to

the Fourth Church in Newbury (now First Church in West
Newbury), to be read probably in 1 776.

Mrs. Marion H. Warren

874 Circular of Harvard College, Cambridge, 1785.

S75-876 Two medals, one of copper and one of silver, given to Eliz-
abeth Jenkins, in 1810, at Miss Rowson's Academy or school
on Boston Neck.

877 BickerstafiPs Boston Almanack, 1785.

878 Lace, an heirloom and hand wrought by Eliza Houghton.

879 Bag made from a piece of the lining of Lady Washington's cur-

tain, used at Mount Vernon.

Miss Marion Houghton Warren


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88o Sword carried at the Plains of Abraham, 1759, ^^nd at Bunker
Hill, 1775. Stephen Morse of East Bradford, now Grove-
land, carried it at one, if not both places.

Henry G. Woodman



November H, 1896

TXlvs. 3<^5^^ S* Hoss, Chapter Hegent

Named in honor of the wife of Col. Nathaniel Wade, a distinguished
Revolutionary officer who was also engaged in the suppression of Shay's
rebellion in 1786-7. He held many important civil officers and was
honored by all.

881 Teapot with green decorations, belonging to Mrs. John White,

Gloucester, dating about 1703.

882 Cup and bellows owned by Dr. John Manning, 1780.

883 Silver pepper box belonging to CoL David Warner of Revolution-

ary fame, dating about 1750. Mrs. Caroline E. Homer

884-885 Hair bracelets with gold clasps, also breastpin, 1797. Be-
longed first to Mrs. Lieut. John Cobum.

886 Piece of wedding dress imported for Miss Dolly Varnum of Dra-

cut, Mass., who married Capt. Peter Coburn of Dracut, who
served at Bimker Hill. The shirt worn by him on this occa-
sion perforated with bullets was kept for many years as a sort
of heirloom in the family and was often exhibited as a me-
mento of the "day that tried men's souls."

887 Gold earring. Mrs. Eugene Windsor Gray

888 Black lace mourning badge ; 889 Silk mourning badge worn for

George Washington. Ipswich Historical Society

890 Lowestoft teapot.

891 Ancient cloak — material, military cloth like the "Red Coats" of

the British a century ago.

892 Lace pillow and sampler used by Mrs. Low. Sarah E. Lakeman

893 Miniature of Frye Poor, son of Daniel Poor and grandson of Col.

James Poor of Andover.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

894-895 Two commissions to Daniel Poor of Andover, given to Dan-
iel Poor, grandfather of the loaner.

896 Miniature of Daniel C. Poor, son of Dea. Daniel Poor and direct

descendant of John Fry.

897 Carved powder horn, brought home from battlefield of Ticonder-

oga by Nehemiah Patch.

898 Four-pound cannon ball fired at the house of Gov. John Win-

throp, Jr., in Ipswich by the British War Ship "La Houge," in
the war of 18 12, causing great alarm and distress.

899 Portrait of Paul Revere; given by Col. Revere to Mrs. F. That-

cher Goodwin, grandmother of the loaner. Mrs. Goodwin's
daughter Lydia F. Goodwin married Dr. John Revere, son of
Col. Paul Revere. Tradition has been preserved in the fam-
ily that Col. Revere, when he gave the picture to Mrs. Good-
win, said : — *'Mrs. Goodwin, I have always wanted to see you
and thank you for your daughter." Mrs. John Patch

900 Satin brocade christening blanket used two hundred years ago in

England afterwards in this country. Later altered to present

901 China cup and saucer, very old.

902-903 Silhouettes of Capt and Mrs. Daniel Poor, Andover. Capt.
Poor served seven years in Revolution. His wife, Hannah
(Frye) Poor stood aU night at a window on the eve of battle of
Bunker Hill, protected only by a babe in her arms, directing
the soldiers on the way to Boston. Other women who had as-
sembled at the same house for refuge did not appear. The
only man (?) in the building was safe under the bed.

Mrs. John Quincy Peabody

904 Rose colored calamaneo skirt, a part of the wedding trossseau im-

ported for Miss Dolly Varnum of Dracut, who married Capt.
Peter Cobum, also of Dracut. He served at Bunker Hill.

905 Pink kid slippers, first owned by the wife of Lieut Peter Cobum.
906-907 Two silver teaspoons, 1765, that belonged to John and Lois

Dunning. Mrs. (Capt.) Henry Starr Spaulding

908 Letter by Col. Nathaniel Wade (husband of Mary Wade) New

London, April 10, 1776.

909 Letter by Joseph Hodgkins, Cambridge, June 18, 1775.

Nellie Frances Wade


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Jtily, J895

TXlvs. 3o^n ID* perkins, Chapter Hegent

The first organized resistance in Massachusetts to armed troops of
Great Britain took place at the North Bridge, Salem, Feb. 26, 1775.

Col. Leslie had been ordered from Boston with part of his regiment
to seize seventeen cannon, which a committee of Provincial Congress
had sent to North Salem to be fitted with carriages. Disembarking at
Marblehead, they marched to Salem. Arrived at the North Bridge,
which must be crossed to reach the cannon, Leslie found the draw
raised and, posted behind it, a company of militia men. They, with
the citizens gathered there, contended that the road was private and not
the King's highway. Leslie declared that he would obey his orders, at
whatever cost A compromise was eflFected by the counsels of Rev.
Thomas Barnard, the soldiers being allowed to cross the bridge on
Leslie's promise to countermarch and return without search for the

During the controversy there were some acts of violence between the
parties, and several of the citizens are said to have been slightly wound-
ed by the British while scuttling some boats in which the latter were
endeavoring to cross the river before the draw was lowered. This is
claimed as the first instance of bloodshed in the Revolution. The
afEair is known as " Leslie's Retreat"


910 Engraving, entitled " Triumph of Liberty." P. C. Verger, N. Y.,

Nov., 1796. Miss Mary Atkins

91 1 Bottle brought home by John Remond from the Island of Curacra

m 1798.

912 Fire bucket of John Remond of Salem in 1810.

913 Plate of Canton China, owned by John Remond and used at the

Lafayette banquet in Hamilton Hall, Salem.

914 India muslin mantle brought into the port of Salem by one of the

first ships in the East India trade about 1805.

915 Sampler worked by Nancy Lenox of Cambridge, 1800.

916 Marriage certificate of James Babcock and Mary Charles, Sept

20, 1807.


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917 A paper given to Mary (Charles) Babcock, 1814. Mary Babcock

was a full blooded Narragansett Indian and this paper certifies
the claim of herself and heirs to land in R. I., claimed by Nar-
ragansett Tribe. It is signed by John Hopkins in Charles-
town. Mrs. Cecilia Babcock

918 Sampler worked in colors by Harriet Lane of Gloucester at the

age of twelve. Over a hundred years old.

Mrs Harriet A. Barker

919 Pincushion made by Harriet Lane of Gloucester, over a century

old. Miss Mary A. Barker

920 Silver pepper box belonged in 1775 or earlier to Elizabeth (White)

Cowley, a direct descendant of Peregrine White, the first white
child bom in New England.

Miss Grace Felton Bachelder, Peabody

921 Plate owned by Nancy, wife of Benj. Coming who was a Revo-

lutionary soldier.

922 Old spoons.

923 Lignum vitae pestle and mortar, owned by Nancy Taylor Gold-

smith. Her husband, Nathaniel Goldsmith was taken from a
privateer in the war of 18 12 and imprisoned for one year in
Dartmoor Prison, England.

924 "An abridgement of the History of New England for the use of

young persons. Now introduced into the Principal Schools of
this Town — By Hannah Adams, Boston, published by Ether-
edge & Bliss, No. 12, Comhill, 1807. Belcher and Armstrong,

925 Pepperbox.

926 Flintlock pistol. Miss Alice H. Breed

927 Pewter porringer owned by Esther Buxton of Dan vers, who mar-

ried Solomon Vamey, March 1806. Loaned by her grand-
daughter. Abby V. (Dodge) Bowen

928 Bill of wearing apparel 1776 for the wife of Lieut. Col. Eleazer

Weld of Roxbury.

929 Salt cellar brought from France by Jacob Oliver, Jr. in 1895.

930 Hair earrings belonged to Anna Thomdike, wife of Jacob Oliver

privateer in 1781.

931 Spoons made by Paul Revere.

932 China bowl. Mrs. Charles Brown

933 Silver spoon, 1720, owned by Lucy (Baker) wife of Aaron Smith.

Miss Lucy S. Brown


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

934-5 Two Log-books, written by Capt Thorndike Proctor, son of
Robert. Master of Brig "Fannie" sailing to Port au Prince
in Hispaniola from Salem.

936 Masonic silver watch carried by Robert Proctor, a soldier in the

Revolution. Maker, Jona. Ryland, London.

Miss S. Ellen Brown

937 "Examination of the Age of Reason," by Thomas Paine, 1 794.

938 Continental sword found under the rafters of an old house at

North Beverly.

939 Collection of twenty Indian implements found in North Beverly.

Edward J. Caldwell, North Beverly

940 Memorial ring of Louisa, infant daughter of Israel and Lydia

(Wait) Williams, Salem.

941 Fan belonging to Lydia (Wait) Williams, Salem. Wife of Israel

Williams. Miss Augusta L. Chadwick

942 Sampler worked by Elizabeth Wait. Sarah Lander, School-


943 Silver spoon (taken by privateer of Revolution), owned by Eliza-

beth Wait. Boars Head on handle, given to her gr. great-
daughter. Miss E. W. W. Chadwick

944 Miniature of John Chadwick, Salem. John C. Chadwick

945 Embroidered wallet made for Capt. Sam. Cooke, by his wife,

Sally, 1798. Ellen W. (Oliver) Cheever

946 Porringer, used by Benj. Barker of Salem, while a private in war

of Revolution. Fought at battle of Bunker Hill.

Mrs. Mary E. M. Chipman

947 Mourning pitcher, belonged to Mrs. Eben (Lydia Ray) in i 'j'jd,

948 Sugar bowl with a silver finish. Miss Sarah W. Clarke, Beverly

949 Sword, dated 1782. Carried by Samuel Cole, one of the guard,

to Louisburg.

950 Pension order. On account of Samuel Cole, a " Musician" in the

"Army of the Revolution." Miss Jennie Cole

951 SnufF box dated 1750. Mrs. James H. Collier

952 Silver ear rings, worn by Betsey (Barr) Holman.

953 Ring, 1 790, or earlier.

954 Deed of land in " North Fields " from Elizabeth Sjrmonds to

James Barr, Aug. 23, 1766.

955 Musket carried by James Barr. who married Eunice Carlton,

daughter of Col. Samuel Carlton. James Barr's father was
amongst those who gathered to repel Col. Leslie af North
Bridge, Feb. 26, 1775.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

956 Letter written from Valley Forge to his daughter, Eunice, Mar.

21, 1778, by Col. Samuel Carlton, who married Eunice Hunt.

957 List of Ship's company in the ** Adventure," commanded by Capt

James Barr of Salem, from 1798 to 1804.

Miss Bessie H. Curwen

958 Silver bowed Spectacles worn by Col. Sam. Carlton of the Rev-

olutionary army.

959 Photograph of James Barr taken when ninety-two years old.

Geo. P. Curwen

960 French garters owned in the Holman family a century.

961 White satin bag, very old, embroidered in colors. Owned by

Betsey Barr, wife of Jonathan Holman.

962 Sampler made by Betsey Barr in 1799 aged thirteen.

963 Spy glass formerly owned by the family of Samuel Barr Holman.

Mrs. Mary H. Curwen

964 Satin skirt owned by Lucy Herrick of Beverly, 1769.

965 Silver spoon given to Robert Camble, one of the sailors who as-

sisted Capt. Beckford in the rescue of 1787. See No. 1273.

966 Saddle cloth and sash worn by Lieut John Davis of Beverly, in

war of 181 2. Miss Lucy H. Davis

967 Silver mug given by Dr. Israel Woodbury of Beverly to his

daughter Hannah. Mr. Israel Davis

968 Miniature of Mrs. Robert Brookhouse of Salem, painted about

1780. Miss Anna Dean

969 Samples of dress goods from the wedding "fit out" of Miss

Hannah Hibbard who married Henry Lee of Manchester,
Mass., in 1788. It was provided by her adopted father Gen.
Fisk of Salem who married her sister. She said that " Gen.
Fisk gave her a horse and chaise, a cow, a cask of wine, sev-
enteen silk dresses or tunics and petticoats with everything else
to correspond." Mrs. Lee was the mother of eight children.

970 Shoe worn by Miss Hannah Hibbard who married Henry Lee in

1788. Mrs. Charlotte P. Dodge, Beverly

971 Silver snuff box belonged to Jemina Emerson of South Boston.

972 Very old spoon. Mrs. Edwin H. Dodge, Clifton

973 "Johnson's Dictionary" published in 1755.

974 Cane made from the wood of the Frigate Constitution, 1789.

Mr. Fred Dodge, Beverly

975 Fan brought to Salem about 1800. Mrs. M. B. Driver


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

976 Silver shoe buckle worn by Elizabeth Doane Snow, wife of Capt.

Jabez Snow, Colonial Army. 1755. Loaned by her grand-
daughter. Miss Adelaide Dyer

977 Spoon owned by Daniel Ross of Ipswich.

978 Autograph of George Washington.

978a Foot stove used in Ipswich about 1800 Mrs. Chas. G. Dyer

979 A liquor bottle used on shipboard; John Andrew, commonly called

" White Andrew." J. B. Edwards

980 Spectacles worn by " Grandma Perry *' of Wells, Me., presented

by her on her looth birthday to Lena Grey, of same town, on
her tenth birthday (the same date) June 22, 181 8. They are
evidently 200 years old, were a relic of the Perry family, and
worn by the aged lady's father before her. The string which
holds the bows was hemmed by " Grandma Perry " when a
child. Loaned by the daughter of Lena (Grey) Kendall.

Mrs. May I. Everett, Boston

981 Leaf of Capt. Well's diary; "Days March to Ticonderoga " in

1776. Mary E. Wells Farley

982-3 Gun and cartridge box carried in the Revolution.

Mrs. Eugene J. Fabens

984 Sampler 1789. Made by the sister of William Farrington and

Capt. Daniel Farrington. Mary Farrington

985 Table on which Arnold and Andrfe signed the Treason Papers,

Sept. 1, 1780. Authentic.

986 Slippers with Colonial pipe stem heels.

987 Deed of land given a soldier for services of 1686.

988 Corsets worn at the reception of Washington at Salem, 1789, by

one of the family of Elias Hakset Derby.

989 Watch of silver, very old with hand-hammered decorations.

990 Deed signed by Thomas JeflFerson and James Madison.

991 Pewter oil lamp.

992 Bottle made in 1 767.

993 Powderhom, beautifully carved with Biblical scenes.

994 Lamp used in Salem Jail at the time of the witchcraft delusion.

It is said that it belonged to Hester Hepworth, who with her
mother was imprisoned there ; the mother being a supposed
witch, who died before her trial.

995 Lamp, thought to be the first used with glass reflector.

996 Trencher. A wooden dish used as we use china by those too

poor to own pewter. Femcroft Inn, Danvers


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

997 Silver spoon, belonged to Sally Parsons, daughter of Rev. Wm.

Parsons, first minister of Gilmanton, N. H., maker, William
Moulton. Loaned by her grand-niece. Miss Annie £. Frye

998 Powderhorn of Israel Foster, bom 1 770, who married Sally Loveth.

Abbott GaUoupe

999 Button from coat of Capt John Galloupe of Stonington, Conn.

His wife, Hannah Lake, died in 1674.

1000 Button from the coat of Col. Larkin Thorndike. His first wife

was Ruth Woodbury.

1 001 Button taken from the coat of Capt. Nicholas Thorndike who

married Abigail Ober.

1002 Carved mahogany box, size of a razor, dated 1769.

1003 Coat of arms.

1004 Pocket candlestick belonging to Capt. Benj. Ober, master of brig

" Freedom " in the Revolutionary war. Capt. Ober was lost
at sea; married Mary Foster in 1777.

1005 Nail made by Cornelius Baker of Beverly, blacksmith, and taken

from the coffin of the wife of Rev. Mr. Hale, first pastor of
the Beverly Church. She died in 1695.

1006 Part of the shirt which Reuben Kenniston wore when killed at

Lexington. It shows bullet and bayonet holes. He was in
Capt Israel Hutchinson's Co. His wife's name was Apphia
Batchelder. Augustus A. Galloupe

1007 Pair of corsets worn by Abigail, wife of Israel Obrae, mariner

of Salem. Mrs. Frank A. Gardner

1008 Lantern owned by William Gavet who was born about 1775.

Miss Augusta Gavet

1009 Pewter plate marked J. and J. C, owned by Joseph and Jane

Chase, Stratham, N. H., 1760. Now owned by the fifth gen-
eration. Mrs. Anna Wingate Gilbert, Ipswich

loio Plate. "Landing of the Pilgrims," one of a dozen owned by
Mehitable Phil brick at the time she married John Hare of
Greenland, N. H. Miss Sarah Gilbert, Ipswich

ion Canteen used in the Revolution, marked "D. W. 6th Co. 22nd

1012 Old chain and seal once owned by Samuel Shepard who died

181 6, son of Nathaniel Shepard and Mary Wheat of Boston.

S. D. Gilbert

1013 Continental Script of 1780.

1 01 4 Coin dated 1804. Albert Goodhue


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1015 Sword carried in the Revolution by Aaron Goodhue. Loaned

bv his great-grandson. William Goodhue

1016 Pewter syrup pitcher. Miss Martha Gray

1017 Knapsack worn by John Baker of Wenham in the war of 181 2.

1018 Four silver spoons, old.

1 01 9 China castor.

1020 Cup and saucer.

1021 Piece of Charter Oak with an acorn which came from the tree.

1022 Hand cufFs, the first kind ever made.

1023 Linen, the flax for which was planted, gathered, and spun by

Deborah Gage 1746, who married Peter Woodbury.

1024 Piece of the the Frigate " Somerset " which was in Boston Har-

bor in 1775.

1025 " New England Chronicle," or " Essex Gazette," Feb. i, 1775.

1026 Skillet used for melting lead from which to mould bullets, by

Lieut. Timothy Bachelder of the Continental army.

1027 Grape shot, thrown into the City of Washington by the British

fleet. Mrs. Chas. E. Greenough, Beverly

1028 Spanish coin 1770.

1029 Pocket book carried by Alexander Carrico, in the Revolution.

He was bom in Virginia and married Miss Elizabeth Foster
of Beverly. Miss Elizabeth Grove

1030 Silver porringer owned by Nathaniel and Nancy Knight of

Salem, one hundred and twenty-five years ago.
1 03 1-2 Photographs of portraits of gr. grandfather and gr. grand-
mother of Daniel Prescott Grovesnor, hanging in the Peter-
sham Library. D. P. Grovesnor, Peabody

1033 Apron woven and embroidered by the gr. grandmother of

Daniel Prescott Grovesnor a century ago.

1034 Pepper box originally owned by Abigail, who married Abram

Fairfield, about 1740.

1035-6 Pewter sugar bowl and creamer, belonged to Hannah(Leonard)
Stowell, born in Lexington 1780. Mrs. H. F. Haddock

1037 Engagement ring one hundred and forty years old, of " Grand-
mother Lufkins." Inside is engraved :

" First love Christ,

Who first loved thee,
And next to him
Love none but me."


Miss Mary Hale

Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1038 Pin cushion made by Mrs. David Warren (Mary Warren Raw-

son) Leland, gr. gr. granddaughter of Edward Rawson, Secre-
tary of Mass. Bay Colony from 1651 to 1686.

Miss Edith Leland Harlow

1039 Book. "The Compleat Counting House," by John Vernon,

printed in London in 1698. Owned at different times by
Daniel Belemy, Thom. Biggleston and in 1746 by John
Hathorne, grandson of Judge Hathorne.

1040 Sugar tongs owned by Thomas and Mary (Trask) Hutchinson

who married in 1746.

1041 John Hancock primer, date 1777, owned by Mary Leland Page.

1042 Commission of John Page, Major, May i, 1789.

1043 Commission, John Page, Lieut Col., Aug. 12, 1789.

1044 Resignation paper of John Page, Feb. 12, 1795.

1045 Miniature of Nathaniel Cheever, painted about 1800.

1046 Miniature of Mary Leland Page, painted in 1802.

1047 Instruction paper to Capt. John Crowninshield signed by James

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