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Munroe, dated 181 2.

1048 Commission of Nathaniel Cheever, 181 1, signed by James Madi-


1049 Heraldic curiosity dated 1759. Mrs. Edward D. Harlow

1050 Tablecloth made by Sarah Ayer Harris of Haverhill, of Day's

Hill. She raised, spun and wove the entire cloth about the
time of the Revolution.

1051 Needle-book, 1782. Miss Nancy Harris

1052 "Journal of the House of Delegates of Virginia," 1776.

Mr. John Hill

1053 Snuff box. Edna (Mattocks) Clark. Mrs. R. E. Hill

1054 Cup and saucer. 1055 Brass candlestick. Both owned by

Elisha and Edna (Mattocks) Clark, of Timmouth, near Rut-
land, Vt.

1056 Sampler, Eliza Butman, 1805, who was the first wife of Col.

Julius Deming Clark of Rutland, Vt.

1057 Cotton hand bag ; pen and ink work. 1058 Sampler worked in

181 2, by Lydia Buffington Stimpson, second wife of Col Julius
Deming Clark of Rutland, Vt.

1059 Wallet owned by Lydia (Buffinton) Cook, and probably made

by her.

1060 Gold ring, marked " Lydia Cook, Jan. 1773."


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io6i Silver tape needle owned by Betsey Cook, who married Capt
Wm. Butman of Salem, Mass. Mrs. Batman was daughter of
Wm. and Lydia (Baffin ton) Cook, who were married Mar. lo,
1767. , Miss Anna G. Habon

1062 Wedding dress, embroidered and worn by Eliza (ButmanJ Clark
of Rutland, Vt, daughter of Capt. Wm. Batman.

1065 Sampler, commenced by Lydia Buffinton in 1763. Finished by
her daughter, Hannah Cook.

1064 Umbrella. 1065 Six silver teaspoons made by Seth Ring. 1066
Calash ; all owned by Hannah (Cook) Stimpson, wife of Thad-
deus Stimpson.

1067 Brass candle snuffers and tray. 1068 Two silver teaspoons
made by B. Lord. 1069 Bedspread hand worked by Edna
(Mattocks) Clark, wife of Elisha Clark, who owned Nos.
1 067-1 069.

1070 China teapot. Capt Robert Cook of Salem, was taken prisoner

twice in the Revolutionary war. When released once, he was
given some stores and this teapot He then made tea in the
pot and served it to all the officers on the ship.

1 07 1 Stick pin, made from sleeve button owned by Capt. Robert Cook,

marked "R. C, 1775-L. A. H., 1891." Loaned by his great

1072 Pink silk quilted petticoat, taken as a prize in the Revolutionary

war by some ancestor of the owner. Mrs. Lydia A. Hubon

1073 China plate, Mercy (Townsend) Upton; married in 1812 by Dr.

Bentley to Capt. John Upton who commanded the privateer
" Commodore McDonough," one of six sons, all sea captains.
Mrs. Upton's father was a prisoner in the Mill Prison during
the Revolutionary war. Wm. P. Hubon

1074 Miniature of Gen, Porter.

1075 Rapier of Lieut. Col. Jeremiah Page of Danvers.

1076 Silver can belonging to Martha Crosby, wife of Lieut. Col. Jere-

miah Page. This can was inventoried with the property of
Hannah, wife of John Crosby of Boston, the mother of Mrs.

1077 Commission of Jeremiah Page, Esq., as Captain.

1078 Commission of Jeremiah Page as Lieut. Col. in the 8th Regiment

of Militia, Henry Herrick, Esq., commanding.

1079 Commission, Sept 23, 1776, of Jeremiah Page, Esq., as Lieut.

Col. of a regiment drafted from Gen. Michael Farley's brigade,
to go to the aid of the army at New York. Owned by his
great granddaughter.


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io8o Shoe buckles of Israel Hunt of Tewksbury, a private in the bat-
tle of Bunker Hill. Miss Sarah £. Hunt

1 08 1 Silhouette of Sally Goodridge, who first married Mr. Carter, and

afterward Livermore Whitridge.

1082 Silhouette of Mr. Livermore Whitridge.

1083 China tulip vase owned by Sally Goodridge Carter, wife of Liv-

ermore Whitridge. Mrs. Catherine Hussey, Beverly

1084 Tiny Bible given Mrs. Hussey by an old sea captain, Capt. Ford.

1085 Miniature of George Whitridge who was buried at sea.

1086 Earrings and pin of hair work. Mrs. Charlotte Hussey, Beverly

1087 Sampler worked by Hannah Bowditch, cousin of Nathaniel Bow-

ditch, the navigator. She married John IngersoU.

1088 Sampler of Nancy IngersoU, daughter of John Ingersoll.

Miss Grace Hutchinson

1089 Pewter pitcher of 1754.

1090 Sampler worked by Harriet E. Osbom about 1800.

1091 Sampler worked by Betsey Wheeler, Aug. 29, 1793.

1092 Picture done in high colors, of the death of Lord Nelson, Oct.

21, 1805., dated Nov. 21, 1805. Published by D. Hinton, 44
Well St., Oxford St, London.

1093 Piece of Chelsea ware, made previous to 1805.

Mrs. Thomas H. Johnson

1094 Cologne bottle.

1095 China cream pot, owned by Pamelia Marsh Stone, granddaugh-

ter of Lieut. Ezekiel Marsh, who married David Emerson.

1096 Miniature of Leonard Kimball, Andover, Mass.

1097 Silver watch, property of Jos. Kenney, who married Hannah

Chandler of Salem. Deacon of Tabernacle church for many

1098 SnufE box, property of Sarah Putnam Stone, granddaughter of

Lieut Ezekiel Marsh. Married Leonard Kimball.

Mrs. J. A. Kenney

1099 Wedding dress. 11 00. Shawl worn by Sally Goodridge Whit-

ridge. Mrs. Sarah Kennison

I loi Silver tablespoon, owned by John and Miriam Russell of Revo-
lutionary times. Mrs. L. M. Kimball, Wenham

1 102 Tobey pitcher over one hundred years old which belonged to the
Cloutman family of Salem. The daughter who owned it
married a Getchell of Salem, who for many years was sexton of
St Peter's church.

1 1 1 1 Blunderbus pistols.


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1112 Millenium plate. Miss Helen £. Kilham

1 1 13 Tin nutmeg box; grater inside and place for nutmeg to drop

after being grated. It was carried in the pocket of the ladies.

Miss Susie Kilham

1 1 14 Silhouette of John Gould, bom January 5, 1 78$, and died un-


1 115 Silhouette of Henry King.

1 1 16 Cup and saucer over one himdred years old.

1 1 17 Five fingered china vase, owned by Mary Watts, who married

James Wood Gould in 1782. Mr. Gould died at sea.
1 1 i8~i 121 Foiu" old fans belonging to Mary (Watts) Gould.
1 1 22-1 123 Two old Closonne salt cellars, belonging to Mary (Watts)

Gould. Miss Harriet M. King

1 1 24 Bowl.

1 125 Cup and saucer, belonging to Capt. James Buffington and his

wife, Abigail Osborne. Mrs. W. L. Kinsman

1 1 26 Miniature of Daniel H. Leavitt, taken in 1805.

Mrs. A. L. Lakeman

1 1 27 Pewter spoon.

1 1 28 Pewter platter, etched in London, third size.

1 1 29 Saucer, blue china, eagle and stars decorations.

1 130 Commission, ensign's commission by Gov. Bernard to Jonathan

Lamson. Married Anna Dane of Conn.

Mrs. Frederick Lamson

1 131 Pewter plate with First Church and Roger Williams' house,

Salem, engraved on it.

1 132 Custard cup, mourning china, with the gift

1 133 Cup and saucer; red and green decoration.

1 1 34 Sugar bowl of blue china, MacDonough's victory.

1 135 Wine glass, very old.

1 136 Glass finger bowl (matches the wine glass.)

1 137 Photograph. House of Josiah White in Leominster, who mar-

ried Deborah Hause. They had ten sons, eight of whom fought
in the Revolution. Their names were, Josiah, John, Samuel,
Capt Benjamin, Abijah, Asa, Luke, and Abel.

1 1 38 Colonial cane. Owned by Richard Hickey, about 1750. Later

carried by his son, Osman Cox Hickey, whose initials are on
the cane.

1 139 Part of sermon, written Aug. 19, 171 1, at Scituate.

1 140 Mosaic pin, very old, and a fine piece of work.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1 141 Gold and jet pin, very c4d.

1 142 Silver teaspoon, marked T.

1 143 Silver teaspoon and cup, maker J. L.

Mr. Frederick Lamson

1 1 44 Wedding slippers, with buckles, owned by Mary, daughter of

Edward and Sarah Toppan, and made from the same material
as her wedding dress.

1 145 "History of the Holy Jesus." Printed and sold by Z. Fowle at

Park St. Boston, 1764.

1 1 46 Pepperbox.

1 147 Almanac, 1753. Miss Adaline E. Little

1 148 Powder horn; bears this inscription: "Isaac Hovey. His horn.

Made at Beverly, July, the XXIII, A. D. MDCCLVI.''
Beverly Records. 1761. "Isaac Hovey 's tax abated, he dy*
ing abroad."

1 149 Pewter plate belonged to Elizabeth Larcom of Beverly, who

married Robert SoUasof Beverly, 171 5, and died in 1751.

1 1 50 Pewter plate owned by Margaret, daughter of Robert and Eliz-

abeth (Larcom) Sallows. She married James Thistle, 1746.

1 151 Pink satin slippers used about 1704.

1 1 52 Pewter platter belonged to Lucy, daughter of Joshua and Anna

(Woodbury) Lovett, who married John Thissel, 1772. All
of Beverly.

1 1 53 Hammered copper tea kettle brought from Russia about one

hundred years ago by Capt. Samuel Haskell of Beverly, who
married Peggy Thistle.

1 1 54 Lace collar belonging to Anna Thistle, daughter of John and

Lucy (Lovett) Thistie. Married Josiah Foster, 1800. All of

1 1 55 Silver candlestick belonging to Sarah Carlton of Boxford, who

married Thomas Hovey, 1 762.

1 1 56 Pewter vegetable dish .

1 1 57 Pewter porringer.

1 1 58 Gen. Washington snufE box.

1 1 59 Enamelled snuff box.

1 1 60 Silk bag one hundred years old. Miss Annie Lovett

1 161 Bead bag owned by Rachael Oakes of the last century.

1 162 Silver spoon "c."

1 163. Snuffers and tray owned by Betsey Switzer, wife of Nathan


Digitized by VjOOQIC

1 164 A whale*8 tooth brought to Beverly over one hundred years ago.

1 1 65 Silhouette of Capt Jonathan Oakes, captain of brig '*Hawkes,"

which captured the **Charniing Sally" of the enemy.

1 166 Silhouette of the wife of Capt Oakes. Miss Lena Lowe

1 167 Bible of Lieut Thomas Bumham, of whose wife, Judith, it is

told, that after the news came of the fight at Lexington, she
fitted out and sent four sons — the youngest only fifteen — to
the war, saying as they left her: "Never let me hear that one
of you was shot in the back I"

1 1 68 Bible of Col. Isaac Dodge of Ipswich, whose daughter married

Maj. Samuel Bumham.

1 169 Bible of Maj. Sam. Bumham, son of Lieut Thomas Bumham.

He married Rebecca Dodge.

1 1 70 Bible of Richard Manning, grandfather of Nathaniel Haw-


1 171 Appointment of Thomas Bumham as ensign in the Ro3ral

Forces; signed by Gov. Francis Bernard, Oct 29, 1761.

1 1 72 Commission of Thomas Bumham as Lieut, June 17, 1765;

signed by Gov. Bernard.

1 1 73 Commission of Samuel Bumham, son of Thomas and Judith, as

Lieut, in the Revolutionary army. Dated 1777.

1 1 74 Wedding shoes of Rebecca Dodge, made from the same mate-

rial as her wedding gown ; she married Maj. Samuel Bumham.

1 1 75 Baby's dress over one hundred years old belonging to the Dodge

family of Ipswich.

1 1 76-7 These caps are over a century old and belong in the Dodge
family of Ipswich.

1 1 78 Embroidery.

1 1 79 Petticoat border.

1 180 Piece of the hangings (yellow damask) from the bed occupied by

George Washington, Oct 29, 1789, at the house of Joshua
Ward, Salem, known as the Fisk House.

Miss Rebecca B. Manning

1 181 Indenture of lands in Ipswich, Mass., dated 1688.

1 182 Deed of 1792 — Samuel Ross to Daniel Ross.

1 1 83 Deed of 1793 — Samuel Ross to Daniel Ross.

1 1 84 Appointment of Daniel Ross as Ensign under seal and signature

of John Hancock, 1792.

1 185 Commission of Daniel Ross as Lieut, under the seal and signa-

ture of Samuel Adams, May 3, 1796.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1 1 86 Division order signed by Stephen Abbot of Salem, Major Gen-

eral, date Feb. 25, 1799.

1 187 Resignation of Daniel Ross from the Lieutenancy 2nd Regiment,

March 6, 1801. Mr. Moses Marshall

1 1 88 Letter written by Capt. John Baker from Louisburg in 1745. He

married Sarah Herrick and commanded a company in Col.
Choate's Essex Regiment.

1 189 Will of John Baker.

1 190 Receipt of pay of Cornelius Baker, served in the Revolution and

held rank of Lieut. His wife was Mary Elliot

Mrs. Wm. McKay

1 191 Picture in colors of Gen. Joseph Warren.

1192 Silver pitcher given by Ephraim Felt to his sister Katharine,

Jan. 18, 1779, ^t her marriage to Edward Brown, a Revolu-
tionary soldier and pensioner.

1 193 Short sword; property of Capt. Edward Brown.

1 1 94 Silhouette, Edward Brown, a Revolutionary soldier, Deacon in

North Church, Salem. He married Katharine, daughter of
Capt. John Felt who was at the North Bridge afiEair, 1775.

1 195 Six silver spoons owned by Katharine Brown, daughter of Ed-

ward and Katharine (Felt) Brown, married Joseph Symonds.

1 1 96 Strip of cloth woven in England 1721. Printing represents

Penn's treaty with the Indians. Formerly property of Mrs.
Joseph Symonds.

1 197 Embroidered picture entitled "Wood Bay" embroidered 1803,

by Katharine Brown who married Joseph Symonds.

1 1 98 Antique blue platter. Mrs. Lucinda F. S. Merritt
1 199-1200 Portraits of Rev. Ezekiel Gilman Adams and his wife

Dec. 24, 1 771. He was supposed to be a nephew of John
Adams and son of Joseph Adams. Mrs. Needham C. Millett

1 20 1 Calash, belonged to Miss Sarah Nichols in Salem.

Miss Abby Nichols

1 2Q2 Jewelry case, 1 7 1 2, of Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. John Appleton,
President of Harvard College and wife of Col. John Appleton
of Ipswich. The case descends in the following line, Martha
Appleton married 1725 Edward Holyoke, President of
Harvard College 1 737-1 762. Edward Augustus Holyoke bom
1728, married Mary, daughter of Nathaniel Vial of Boston.
This Edward was the first person on whom Harvard con-
ferred the degree of M. D. Susanna Holyoke, born 1779, mar-
ried Joshua, son of Capt. Joshua Ward of Salem (one of the
Committee of Safety). Mary Holyoke Ward married Andrew
Nichols, M. D., of Danvers. Their son Andrew Nichols mar-
ried Elizabeth P. Stanley of Salem. Mrs. Andrew Nichols


Digitized by VaOOQlC

1203 Wine glasses carried and used by Capt. James Buffinton on his

voyages. Mrs. James B. Nichols

1204 Silver pitcher captured as a prize by John Leach as master of a

privateer during the Revolution.

1205 Brocade dress worn by the wife of John Leach during the Revo-

lutionary period.

1206 Pair of small silver tankards captiu^d in a prize by John Leach

as master of a privateer during the Revolutionary War.

1207 Valuable old ring captured in a prize by a privateer sent out by

Ichabod Nichols during the Revolutionary war.

John H. Nichols

1208 Sampler worked by Sarah Ropes, bom about 171 7.

1209 Suit of clothes worn by Joseph Pierce, eldest son of Jerathmael


1 210-15 Six views of the house built for Jerathmael Pierce in 1782.
One of the finest specimens of Colonial Architecture in Essex
County, and still occupied by descendants of the original own-

• er, who was, at one time, the largest East India trader in the


1 216 Christening blanket of Deacon Timothy Pickering in 1702 or

1703. Father of Col. Timothy Pickering of the North Bridge
defence; Adj. Gen. at Germantown and Brandywine; also
Postmaster General : Secretary of War and Sec'y of State in
Washington's Cabinet.

1 21 7 Photographs: Pierce coat of arms. The family came to America

in 1635-36.

1 218 Betsey, youngest daughter of Jerathmael Pierce.

1 219 George Nichols who married Betsey Pierce.

1220 Black Satin slippers worn in 1772 by Sarah Ropes, wife of

Jerathmael Pierce.

1 221 Copy book of Joseph Pierce, then fifteen, with three other spec-

imens of his handwriting. Miss Mary J. Nichols

1222 Commission of Ensign to William Nichols, Gentleman. Expe-

dition against Crown Point in French and Indian War. Dated
Newport, R. I., Sept. 22, 1755.

1223 White pitcher with "Sailor's Farewell" on one side and com-

pass on the other.

1224 Sampler worked by Phebe Nichols in 1799 aged thirteen years.

Mrs. Wm. Nichols, 3d

1225 Coat of arms of the Norwood family who granted land in Glou-

cester, 1664. Mrs. Francis Norwood.


Digitized by VjOOQIC

1226 Sword belonging to Mr. Larkin Thomdike. ist marriage Ruth

Woodbury, 2nd, Hulda Leach. Capt. Larkin Thorndike led
the first company of foot soldiers to Lexington.

Harold B. Norwood

1227 Quilt belonging to John Masury, whose wife was Sallie Hull.

Date unknown. John J. Ober

1228 Engraving of Henry Rust

1229 Silhouette of John Rust Mrs. Elizabath P. Osgood

1230 Pewter plate inscribed ** Joseph Osborn " married to Molly Proc-

ter Jan. 6, 1756. Joseph Osborn, Peabody

1 23 1 Money scale owned by Peter Corning born in 1776, married

Molly Stanley, Beverly. Miss Clara A. Pedrick

1232 This cap was taken by Holton J. Breed privateering. It was

found in a letter. Miss Anna F. Perkins

1233 The log-book of the armed ship America, twenty guns, com-

manded by James Cheever, Jr., H. J. Breed, Lieut It took a
number of prizes. George H. Perkins

1234 Old Holland "Clinker Brick" came from the "Old Bound

House" in Seabrook, N. H. Built by order of the General
Court of Massachusetts Colony in 1636. The house wss taken
down in 1879. Apainting of it is on the brick.

1235 Brick from the house in Kittery, Me., in which Brigadier Gen.

Wm. Whipple (Jan. 14, 1730-Nov. 28, 1785,) was born. Wm.
Whipple was one of the signers of the Declaration of Indepen-
dence; appointed Brig. Gen. in 1777, participated in the batdes
of Stillwater and Saratoga, and in conjunction with Col. James
Wilkinson represented Gen. Horatio Gates at Burgoyne*s sur-

1236 Silver shoe buckles of Capt Samuel Philbrick, captain in the

Revolutionary war three years, Sept, 1775, to Sept, 1778.
Member of Committee of Safety 1775, 1778, 1780. These
buckles were worn in 1777.

1237 Pocket book worked with worsted home spun and dyed. It

belonged to Joseph Philbrick, known as Judge Philbrick of
Weare, N. H. He married Hannah Gove, January 24, 1797.

1238 Wool cards used for carding wool into rolls, which were then

spun into yam. Used by Lois (Hoag) Philbrick, wife of
Joseph Philbrick of Seabrook, N. H.

1239 Linen apron spun and woven by Mrs. Judge Philbrick (Hannah

Gove) before her marriage.

1240 Hand reel with linen yarn left upon it about one hundred years

ago. Owned by Lois (Hoag) Philbrick, wife of Joseph Phil-


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1 241 Wax cupid bronght to this country in 1770 by Capt Joseph

Mills of Deerficld, N. H., afterward Adjutant in the Revolu-
tionary war. He was a brother to Sarah (Mills) Gove.

1242 A piece of the French Frigate " Magnifique " in which Lafayette

came to this country in 1784. It was sunk in Boston Har-
bor one hundred and six years, then taken from there by divers
in pursuit of copper.

1243 Pepper grinder two hundred years old, originally owned by Mary

(Gove) Sanborn, bom in Hampton, now Seabrook, N.H., Apr.
14, 1666. She was daughter of the famous Edward Gove,
who with others opposed the oppression measures of the
tyrannical royal Governor Cranfield, for which he was im-
prisoned in the Tower of London from June 1683 to April

1244 Gen. John Burgoyne's bed quilt, brought from Saratoga, N. Y.,

by Col. Ezra Newhall of Lynn, Mass., after the surrender to
General Gates, Oct 17, 1777.

1245 Corsets worn in 1795 by Hannah Gove of Weare, N. H.

1246 Cotton spun in Beverly (Mass.) Cotton Mill before 1789; the

first in this country to be spun by machinery. Gen. Washing-
ton visited the mill Oct. 30, 1789, on his visit to New England.

1247 Knife and fork known to be of the period before 1810.

Misses Helen and Eliza Philbrick
1248-9 Autographs of Washington and Timothy Pickering.
1 250-1 Two linen bags embroidered in white by Sarah Smith.

1252 Manifest of goods taken by the "Success" from Salem to the

West Indies. This gives an idea of the cargoes they carried.
Signed Joseph Hiller Collector and William Pickman Naval
Officer for the port of Salem.

1253 Embroidery worked by Sarah, daughter of Aaron and Lucy

(Baker) Smith.

1254 Parole, dated June 30, 1813, of John Pickering. He was lost at


1255 This candlestick was owned by Lucy Baker who married Aaron

Smith, a gunsmith, during the Revolution at Ipswich. He
cast the candlestick himself, being a worker in metals.

1256 Silver spoon owned by Mary Baker 1759. She was a daughter

of John and Eunice (Pope) Baker and had a sister Lucy(Baker)
Smith. Gen. Israel Putnam's wife, Hannah (Pope), was her
aunt. Miss Elizabeth R. Pickering

1257 Sampler worked by Tamsin Lummus in 1801.

Mrs. Pingree, Wenham

1258 China tray.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1259 Spectacle case owned by Mr. Benj. Jacobs of Peabody, then

South Danvers. Made by the Dutch and brought here early
in the eighteenth century. Miss Abbie Pingree

1260 Cup and saucer — Willow ware.

1 261 Inlaid fan.

1262 Tortoise shell comb. Tradition says it is ninety years old.

1263 Cup and saucer one hundred years old. Miss Carlotta Pitcher

1264 Waistcoat of Brig. Gen. Moses Porter who served in both Revo-

lutionary war and war of 181 2. He died unmarried. "He
served longer than any other officer of his grade" says the
historian of Danvers and the whole account is worth reading.

Mrs. Lydia A. Porter

1265-6 Two spoons made from silver knee and shoe buckles worn by
a " Minute man " at the battle of Lexington.

Mrs. Fred G. Pousland

1267 Skimmer owned by John and Elizabeth (Herrick) Lovctt, mar-

ried in 1767.

1268 Fire buckets used in 1804. The law required that each bucket

should have a bag, bed-key and screw driver in them and
persons were hired to go round to the houses and see that the
buckets were in readiness. The bag was used to carry articles
from the burning houses ; each bucket and bag had the name
of the owner printed on them. Robert Rantoul was born 1778,
married Joanna Lovett. See No. 1868.

Miss Hannah Rantoul

1269 Plate bearing the stamp on the back of the " Lyon and Unicorn."

Miss Clara Remmonds

1270 Constable's pole used to call the assembly to order at court and

town meeting. Mr. William Remmonds

1 27 1 Brittania sugar bowl over one hundred years old. Came to

present owner from Sarah (Barr) Rea, daughter of James
Ban*. Married 1807 to Samuel Rea.

1272 Nutmeg-grater in case and bag. Over one hundred years old.

Owned by an ancestor of the present owner.

Miss Caroline Rea

1273 Gold spoon presented to Capt John Beckford of Durham, N.

H., for rescuing the crew of a ship wrecked on the west coast
of Sweden, 1787. Mrs. M. K. Robbins

1274 Paper valentine from Benj. W. Bradford to Susan Clark, and

found among his papers. Charles A. Ropes

1275 Pewter platter of Hannah Whipple, wife of John Whipple. She

died in 1758.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1276 Sword of Capt Benj. Ropes in the war of 181 2. He married

Frances Wilkins, daughter of Reuben Wilkins, of the Revo-
lutionary army.

1277 Commission of 181 2, Capt Benj. Ropes of Salem, dated July 6,

181 2, signed by President James Madison.

Mrs. Chas. F. Ropes

1278 This candlestick belonged to Polly Gardiner, wife of Reuben

Wilkins of Middleton, a Revolutionary soldier. She used it
during the war.

1279 A child's book. 1778. This book belonged to the children of

Reuben Wilkins.

1280 A girl's book, 1809. Owned by Amelia Ropes who married

James Dimon She was the daughter of Capt Benj. Ropes
of the war of 181 2, who was the son of Capt Benj. Ropes, Jr. of
the Revolutionary war. Miss Emilie Ropes

1 28 1 List of the children of Elder John Whipple who came to this

country about 1636; lived at Ipswich Hamlet, and was mar-
ried twice. The given names of the wives were Sarah and
Jennett. This list, written by one of his grandsons, was
found a few years ago in the garret of the Whipple home-
stead in Hamilton. Amongst his distinguished descendants
was Gen. William Whipple, the second signer of the Decla-
ration of Independence.

1289 Account book used by three generations, i — Matthew Whip-

ple. He married first, Joanna Appleton who died in 1696.
He then married Mrs. Martha (Dennison) Ringe. He lived
in Ipswich Hamlet and was the grandfather of Gen. William
Whipple. 2 — The book was. again used by John Whipple,
3— Finally by the grandson Capt. John Whipple.

1290 Jurors statement at an "inquisition" held in Ipswich, 1785, on

the death by suicide of John Hubbard. It bears the jurors'
signatures, six of them being Whipples.

1 291 Deed of 1795; Dr. Manassah Cutler, to the town of Hamilton

"for its use forever" certain land. Nathaniel Whipple, Bar-
nabas Dodge and Lemuel Brown act as agents for the town
of Hamilton. Mrs. Lucinda Whipple Ropes

1292 Commission of Benj. Ropes, Jr., as 2nd Lieut, in Capt John Sy-

mond's Company of Matrasses, Salem County of Essex, June
21, 1777' He married Margaret Symonds.

1293 Letter written to Lieut Benj. Ropes, Jr., and his brothers, with

Capt Samuel Flagg's Co. in R. I., 1778, by his father Benj.
Ropes, and his mother, Ruth (Hardy) Ropes.



Digitized by VjOOQIG

1294 Order book kept by Lieut. Benj. Ropes, Jr., Aug. 1778. Provi-

dence. Miss Susan £. Ropes

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