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1295 Knife and fork owned by Betsey Upton who married in 1804,

Ebenezer King. Mrs. Willis H. Ropes

1296 Silver candlestick used by Commodore Edward Preble in 1798.

Loaned by his descendant. Mrs. Lorenzo Sabine

1297 Silver spoon, belonged to Mrs. Priscilla Ropes, descended

through Aaron Burleck of Salem, who enlisted March 1777,
for three years as drummer in Crane's Regiment of Artillery
under Drury till battle of Brandy wine then under Cook at
Monmouth. Loaned by his grandson.

Charles J. Sadler

1298 Ginger jar brought to Salem by Capt Samuel Cook.

Miss Mary E. (Oliver) Sadler

1299 Silver tankard made by Paul Revere. Owned by Benj. Shurt-

lifiF, who married Sally Shaw.

1300 Silver drinking tube owned by Benj. Shurtliff and his wife.

1301-2 Photographs of paintings of Maj. Shurtliff and his wife, in
old-fashioned garb.

1303 Silver strainer with two handles, evidently made to fit over a

. porringer. Owned by Benj. Shurtliff.

1304 Porringer and spoon made when Nathaniel Bradstreet Shurtliff,

was a baby. He was a physician, and Mayor of Boston 1868-
70. He married Sarah Eliza Smith. Was related to five
of the Mayflower Party, namely: Isaac Allerton, James Chil-
ton, Francis Cooke, Stephen Hopkins, and Richard Warren.

1305 Silver mouth piece belonging to Benj. Shurtliff, a physician in

Boston. Miss Sally Shurdiff

1306 Box of dominoes made by a prisoner in Dartmoor Prison. Given

to Samuel Simonds.

1307 Tinder box, very old. Miss Mary C. Simonds

1308 Wooden box owned by Nathaniel Goldsmith ; married to Nancy

Taylor: taken prisoner in war of 181 2, confined a year in
Dartmoor Prison, England. " Kept store " in this box, selling
trifles to other prisoners. Nath. P. Simonds

1309 Copy of coat of "arms of Symonds of Kent, Gent," Feb. 19,

1662, painted by James Cole, 1802. Mrs. S. B. Simonds

1310 Wood cup made from the wood of the " Roger Williams house,"

built in 1 61 3, known as the "Old Witch House."

1311 Pewter plate inscribed as follows: "Joseph Osborn married to

Molly Proctor, Jan. 6, 1756."


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131 2 Pocketbook owned by the daughter of General Israel Putnam

and showing the old way of tying.

1 3 13 Pocketbook worked by Mrs. Aaron Smith of Ipswich.

1 3 14 A book, "Babes in the Wood," by Clara English, Baltimore,


131 5 Book, entitled " Principles of Politeness," by the late Lord Ches-

terfield." Printed in Boston 1794.

1 3 16 Continental currency. E. A. Smith

131 7 Bag, embroidered by Mrs. Aaron Smith of Ipswich, while taking

care of her brother, Nathaniel Baker, who was wounded at
Bunker Hill. Miss Georgiana Derby Smith

13 18 Enamelled snuff box, such as was carried by the laboring class.

^rs. George Southwick, Beverly

1 3 19 Salem Gazette, dated Aug. 31, 1790. Samuel Stone, Beverly

1320 Miniature in silk of Wm. Stickney, Newburyport, painted by

Doyle of Boston, 1806. The son of John and Elizabeth (Chip-
man) Stickney.

1 32 1 Pewter porringer, 1810. Miss Cornelia A. Stickney

1322 Silver spoon owned by Jane Elliot, daughter of Benj. and Abigail

(Groves) Elliot of Beverly. She married Andrew Shales, of
which marriage Eleanor was bom, afterwards wife of John
Waters. Their daughter Lucy married Matthew Adams Stick-
ney, whose daughter owns this spoon.

Miss Lucy W. Stickney

1323 Iron porringer and trivet; maker of porringer, W. Bullock &

Co. "Bellevue," on handle.

1324 A collection of knee and shoe buckles, made of pewter, etc., by

Jos. Buxton of Dan vers, prior to the Revolution.

1325 A collection of Revolutionary buttons, such as were sold by

Ebenezer Shillaber on Boston street, subsequent to the Rev-

1326 Letter written by George Washington, dated Oct i, 1779.

1327 Book, "Washington's Farewell Address and Other Papers,"

belonging to Matthew Adams Stickney, loaned by his daugh-
ters, Misses L. W. and C. A. Stickney

1328 Slippers.

1329 Coat of arms of the Studley family.

1330 Small spoon marked " T. T.," owned originally by Mary ScoUay

who married Rev. Thos. Prentiss, D. D.


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1 33 1 Piece of red silk from Gov. Hancock's knee breeches. The

property of John Scollay, the Governor's intimate friend, and
were divided among his descendants.

1332 Sermon preached in 1776 by Rev. Thomas Prentiss, D. D.,

minister at Medfield, Mass. He married Mary Scollay whose
father was selectman of Boston in 1 774-1 790, and for him
Scollay Square was named.

1333 Pitchpipe used in Beverly church by Bartholomew Wallis, leader

of the choir, who married Edith Wood.

Mrs. Catherine W. Studley

1334 English hammered pewter basin made in London by Townsend

and Compton, and owned in 1773 (though older than that date)
by Mrs. Sarah (Mills) Gove. Loaned by her great grand-

1335 China mourning pitcher with very little gold.

1336 Enamelled snufE box, owned by Clara Philbrick in the eighteenth

century. Mrs. O. F. Swasey

1337 Sermons written in 1787 by Rev. David Daniels, a graduate of

Harvard, and the class poet. His wife was Elizabeth Shilla-
ber. Loaned by her great granddaughter.
1838 Sampler worked by Abigail Shillaber Daniels at Danvers, in
1807, when nine years of age. She married Samuel Symonds.

Annie S. Symonds

1339 Wood castor seized during French war from brig "Harlequin"

a privateer. Belonged to Maj. Low, who married Sally Shil-

1340 Piece of paper money, four shillings. No 6404, belonging to

Maj. Caleb Low of the Revolutionary war ; a resident of

1 341 Franklin mug with Franklin maxims upon it.

Lucy Low Symonds

1342 Silhouette of Capt. Samuel Symonds, taken when six years old.

R. S. T. Symonds

1343 Farmers' Almanack, 1798.

1344 Columbian Centenial. Published in Boston, Wednesday, Oct

13, 1802. Mrs. William H. Symonds

1349 Cocked hat worn by Daniel Ross in the Revolutionary war.

Mrs. William Thayer

1350 Pair of cards used in 1700 to card wool for spinning. Owned

by Mrs. Lydia (Tuck) Tittle, wife of Capt John Titde.

1 35 1 Eggbeater used in 1700.

1352 Reading book with wooden covers.

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1353 An ancient physician's book on the use of tar. Found in the

attic in Beverly by WilKam Lovett, but of a much earlier date
than his time.

1354 Piece of bridal dress of Gov. Bradford*s wife.

1355 Cushion made from the draperies where George Washington

slept in Salem, Mass., then known as the Fisk House, now a
hotel in the Eastern station.

1356 Piece of the Concord bridge.

1357 Piece of silk dress earned by Mrs. Abigail (Tittle) Strick-

land, wife of Warren Strickland, by strapping knapsacks
for the soldiers of 181 2.

Miss Sophia A. Towne, Beverly

1358 Tinder box. Mrs. Jesse Trask

1359 Lantern carried by Gen. Montcalm at Quebec, 1759, taken from

him when dead by an English officer, who carried it to Eng-
land. This officer was at the seige of Yorktown ; taken pris-
oner and quartered at Caleb Clap*s house, who was Adj. in
Col. Wesson's 9th Regiment of the Mass. troops. Having the
lantern with him, he gave it to Mr. Qapp. Mr. Clapp was
one of the first members of the Society of the Cincinnati.

Mrs. Sarah Trumbull, Beverly

1360 Miniature of Susan (Wendell) Marston, daughter of Thomas

Wendell of Marblehead, who died aboard the prison ship
" Jersey," in New York Harbor, 1777. A direct descendant of
Evert Jansen Wendell, a native of Emboden, Hanover, emi-
grated thence to Albany, N. Y., 1640.

Mrs. S. Ellen Upton

1361 Fac-simile of "The New England Courant," published by

Franklin, February 4th to nth, 1723.

1362 Fac-simile of death warrant of Charles I.

1363 Sermon and proceedings of the Society for the Propogation of

the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1744.

1364 Bound copy of the reports of the trial of the muderer of Crispus

Attucks and others.

1365 Sermon preached before the Ancient and Honorable Society of

Free and Accepted Masons by Rev. Chas. Brockwell, 1750.

1366 Miniature of William Hoskins, a Revolutionary soldier. He

married Lydia Story Box.

1367 Fac-simile of Washington's personal expense account, kept by

himself during the Revolutionary war.

1368 Letter from Madame de Lafayette to John Quincy Adams,

April 2d, 1784.


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1369 First edition of the King's Chapel Prayer Book after its occu-

pation by the Unitarians, 1 785.

1370 Newspaper printed in Wiscasset, Maine, March 11, 1789.

1 37 1 Silver candlesticks, owned by Rev. John Sylvester John Gard-

ner, Boston. In 1792 he became Asst. minister at Trinity
church, and on the death of Bishop Parker in 1805, became
Rector and served until his death in England in 1830, where
he had gone for his health.

1372 Earrings and pin of silver.

1 3 73-1 380 Collection of seven spoons known to be over one hundred
years old.

1 381 Miniature of Richard Quincy Hoskins, who married Jane Gard-

ner Knight, who died 1833.

Mrs. William G. Waith, Dorchester

1382 Sampler worked by Sally Daniels (sister to Abigail Shillaber

Daniels) in 1810, who married Caleb Frost. They were
grandparents of Mrs. Waters.

1383 Sampler worked by Deborah Tufts, 1796, daughter of Jacob and

Abigail Tufts (Frothingham) Perley of Salem.

1384 Pumpkin hood owned and worn by Deborah Tufts.

1385 Calash, owned by Deborah Tufts, (daughter or Amos and De-

borah (Tufts) Tufts of Charlestown) who married Joseph
Frothingham. It descended through Jacob and Abigail Tufts
(Frothingham) Perley to the owner.

1386 Silhouette of John Perley of Salem, loaned by his granddaughter

Helen E. (Perley) Whidden

1387 Iron pipe lighter, George M. Whipple

1388 Small tin kitchen. It was used for baking apples.

1389 Sampler made by Hannah Whipple, daughter of Deacon Na-

thaniel and Mary (Appleton) Whipple.

1390 Washington pitcher owned by Daniel Sage, brought home by

him in the "Peggy." Marked 1797, with his wife's name,
Deborah Silsbee. Mrs. Stephen Whipple

1 391 Diaiy kept by Nathan Cleeves, from the time he enlisted until

after the battle of Bunker Hill, of which he gives an account.

Austin Whitcomb

1392 Georges' Cambridge Almanac or Essex Calender, 1776.

1393 Prophecy pitcher.

1394 Cartridge box. Charles Woodbury


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1395 Brass spoon moulds made in 1787 in England; brought to
America in 181 2. Formerly owned by Mrs. Christine (John)
Perley, wife of Obediah Pcrley. Mrs. Frank Wyman



October 21, 1896

TXlxs. Sfmvji B» Dames, Chapter Hegent

Capt Thomas Kempton lived at the time of the Revolutionary War
in that part of the town of Dartmouth now known as New Bedford.
He was Lieutenant-Colonel in the Revolutionary war. The stories of
his valour, patriotism and endurance are always told of **Capt Kemp-
ton,'* a name New Bedford is always proud to claim.

1396 Manifest. Wm. Giles, 1803; ship John, New York; David

Whippey, master, April 19, 1803. Before Christopher Dudley,
J. P. " Gen. Hooper, consular agent of his Majesty."

1397 Silhouette of Alexander Whippey. Mary E. Brown

1398 Petition. Nathaniel Gilbert to the Church at Norton on account

of the loss of his house and contents by fire. He was a Rev-
olutionary soldier and saw much service ; married Mary Keith,
a descendant of the first clergyman in Bridgewater; his son
Judson married Mary Gannett, daughter of Deborah Samp-

1399 Letter of Jacob Foster from Roxbury camp, July 2d, 1775, to

Anne Howard of Bridgwater, whom he married in 1776; she
was sister of Silena Howard, who married Philip Bryant, and
became the grandmother of William CuUen Bryant

1400 Letter of Jacob Foster from Roxbury camp, Nov. 9, 1775, to

Anne Howard, which shows that the course of true love was
not running smoothly at that time.

1401 Home of Joseph Gilbert of Easton, of the committee of*

correspondence on the secret expedition to R. I., 1777. Drove
the baggage wagon for Washington in 1780, and witnessed
the execution of Andre.


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1402 Land back of Joseph Gilbert's house, Easton. He was plough-

ing when message came to his son Nathaniel about the en-
trenchments on Bunker Hill. As he started his father met
him and said: "Hold on, Nat, and Til go with you." And
he did.

1403 Parsonage of Rev. Samuel West, near New Bedford, Mass.

Here James Otis resided for a time after he received the
blow in the British Coffee House, Boston (1769), from John

1404 Grave of Rev. Samuel West. He deciphered the treasonable

letter of Dr. Benjamin Church. He preached the election
sermon. May 29, 1776, from Titus III, i.

1405 Mansion house of Wm. Rotch of New Bedford. His ship, the

"Bedford," was the first to fly the Stars and Stripes in Eng-
land after the Revolution, Feb. 6, 1783, at London.

1406 Home of Francis Rotch, New Bedford, 1 750-1822. He with

his brother William owned the tea ships "Beaver" and
"Dartmouth," and was super-cargo of the fleet. He figures in
the Boston Tea Party, Dec. 16, 1773, as Mr. Rotch. He mar-
ried his cousin Nancy, daughter of Joseph Rotch. His
silhouette was published in the New England Magazine
for June, 1893, also in Briggs' History of Shipbuilding of the
North River, 1889, Edward Denham

1407 Certificate of indebtedness of the Commonwealth of Mass., 1789,

to Samuel Richards signed by Alexander Hodgdon, Treas-
urer. Countersigned by James Lovell. James Lovell was
son of John Lovell, teacher of the Boston Latin School, who
(John) said in his funeral oration on Peter Fanueil: "May this
hall be ever sacred to the interests of truth, justice, loyalty,
honor and liberty. May no private views nor party broils
ever enter these walls." Later John Lovell departed with the
Loyalists to Halifax where he died. This James Lovell was
a member of the Continental Congress till 1782; the friend of
Gates in his quarrel with Schuyler in 1777, and a supporter
with Dr. Benjamin Rush, of Mifflin and Conway in the Con-
way Cabal. No one can doubt Lovell's firm patriotism though
he doubted Washington's ability. He married Mary, daugh-
ter of Alexander Middleton; had eight sons and one daughter.
This daughter married Mark Pickard, and their daughter mar-
ried Henry Ware of Harvard College. James Lovell's oldest
son, James, served in the Revolution, and was in Lee's South-
em Legion. His son, Joseph, served in the war of 181 2. An- .
other son married Helen, one of Mr. Sheaffe's handsome
daughters. Joseph Hendel, Jr.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

i4o8 Photograph of the home of Capt. Thomas Kempton which he
was building when the Revolution began.

1409 Piece of Old North Bridge at Concord battle ground.

141 o Photograph of the birthplace of John Elliott He received a
bullet in his leg at the Battle of Saratoga. He carried this
bullet to his grave.

141 1 Paper cutter made from the wood of Whaling Bark ^^Rosseau"

by Abraham Taber.

141 2 Piece of wood from the whaling bark, "Rosseau/' built in i8oi«

141 3 Constitution of the Washington Artillery Company, New Bed-

ford, Mass. Organized 1770. Mrs. Lucy M. James

1414 Letter from Rennie Hayward to John Gray, Norton, Mass.,

dated Bridgewater, Aug. 9, 1745.

141 5 Sheriff's writ issued by Zephaniah Leonard, Esq., Jr., of Rajm-

ham, afterwards Col. Leonard of the Revolutionary army. The
writ of attachment is on the property "or his body," of Joseph
Harvey, Gent, in favor of Simon Baker, Cooper, for forty
shillings. It is endorsed, March 14, 1774 "att. one hat of re-
quired value M. R. Pratt** Miss Helen M. Leonard

141 6 Masonic certificate issued to John Shaw, Master Mason. A

member of the Ind. Royal Arch lodge No. 2, New York City.
Signed by William Wright, Master ; Elijah Pinckney, S. War-
den; Isaac Winans, J. Warden; Lincoln Tibbet, Secy.

Mrs. Isaiah T. Woodbridge



March ii, 1896

ZTIrs* 3* H). (Eratpforb, (Chapter Hegent

Deborah Sampson enlisted in the Revolutionary Army when only
eighteen, disguised as a man, and served until she was severely
wounded. She went under the name of Robert Shurtlieff.

She was shown great favor by General Washington and honorably
discharged. Later she married Benj. Gannet of Sharon.

141 7 Cup and saucer, 1797.

1 41 8 Portrait of Deborah Sampson.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1419 Lace collar, 1797. Mrs. John W. Crawford,

1420 Spectacles, 1758.

1421 Proclamation by his £x*cy. Samuel Huntington, Gov. of Mass.


1422 Commission of Amos Shepherd, Esq., as Maj. of N. H. Militia,

dated Mar., 1782.

1423 Proclamation of Lieut.-Gov. Lincoln for Fast Day, Apr., 1809.

Mrs. Silas Ketchum

1424 Sample of wedding dress silk. Susan (Edgell) Wright^ of

Wobum, 1 80 1.

1425 Child's silk bonnet, 181 2, worn by Mary White Wright, Med-


1426 Child's book, " The Peacock at Home." 1814.

1427 Note of John Wright, Jr., of Chelmsford, to John Wright of

Wobum, 1694.

1428 Silk lace, wrought by Polly (Wright) Manning.

1429 Patchwork pocket worn under the dress by Olive Dean wife of

Dr. Elisha Pond, Wrentham, 1807.

1430 Needle work case and bodkin of Mary (White) Wright, of


1 43 1 Section of hand painted trimming of ball dress made by Polly

Wright, Woburn, in 1805.

1432 Wrought sampler, 1797, by Mary L. (Gardner) Sprague of


1433 Crepe shawl of Miss Rebecca Manning of Tewksbury, 1814.

1434 Picture of Mrs. Sarah (Putnam) Fowler, Danvers, the first white

child bom on Skelton Neck, now Danversport. She married
Samuel Fowler; was in Lexington the day after the fight and
saw the English dead upon the field.
1 435-1 436 Two embroidered cap crowns about ninety years old.

1437 Bunch of old ribbons.

1438 Work bag over a hundred years old.

1439 Old singing book, "The Village Harmony," used by John Page

of Danvers, later by Maj. Moses Black — Danversport

1440 Book containing sermon preached by Cotton Mather, printed in

Boston in 1698, "under west end of the Town House."

Mrs. Aretas R. Sanbom


Digitized by VjOOQIC



TXlxs. ©eorge ID. Bloob, (Ctjaptcr JJegent

Nathaniel Tracy was one of the merchant princes df his day. He
was princely in his generosity, giving one hundred and sixty-seven
thousand, two hundred and nineteen dollars for arms and provisions for
the patriotic cause. He also fitted out the first privateer. At his resi-
dence on State Street, now the Public Library, he entertained Wash-
ington and Lafayette.

1 441 Miniature of Stephen Tilton painted in 1799, the year of his


1442 Ring formerly the property of Sir Wm. Pepperell, the American

commander at the capture of Louisburg, June 17, 1745.

Mrs. David A. Andrews, Boston
C443 Antique silver pitcher. Miss Annie B. Atkinson

1444 Antique hand painted fan owned by Mrs. Sarah Balch Braman.

Loaned by her niece. Julia Norris Balch

1445 Wm. Penn Plate owned by Mrs. Braman. Loaned by her niece.

1446 Miniature of Miss Experience Fames. Loaned by her niece.

Mrs. W. H. Blood

1447 Leather eye-glasses, 1797. W. H. Blood, Aubumdale

1448 Silver teapot owned by Capt. Isaac Stone in the time of the


1449 Silver sugar bowl.

1450 Silver creamer originally owned by Capt. Isaac Stone, loaned by

his grand nephew. Allen M. Brewster

1 45 1 Communion cup used in First Church in Rowley — now George-

town— 1732 to 1789.

1452 Miniature Rev. Dr. Isaac Braman of Georgetown. A betroth-

al gift in 1797, the same date as his ordination. He was
the sixtieth candidate.

1453 Smoking tongs. Mrs. James Braman

1454 Old watch in form of a harp. Miss Addie M. Brockway

1455 Portrait of Parson Giles, painted on mahogany. 1790.

1456 Silver tooth pick and case, 1 780, owned by Parson Giles.

1457 Picture embroidered in silk. Mrs. Charles Brown

1458 Blue silk quilted skirt owned by Mrs. Lucy Hooper Jenkins,

in 1780.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1459 Sleeve of dress worn by Mrs. Lucy Jenkins, daughter of Robert

Hooper, 1780. The Misses Currier, gr. gr. granddaughters

1460 Brown wooden sugar bowl, owned by Mrs. Lydia (Little) Atkin-

son, (daughter of Col. Moses Little) in 1755.

1 561 Silver mounted tortoise shell snu£E box owned by Lewis Jenkins,

1462 Fan owned by Mrs. Lewis Jenkins 1 760 : who was Lucy Hooper

J^ 755-90- Miss Helen L. Currier

1463 Pewter platter, once owned by Mrs. James Hill, whose son was

a Revolutionary soldier, and loaned by his daughter now liv-
ing in Newburyport. Mrs. James Hill Currier

1464 A miniature of Mrs. Jenkins, 1772. Miss Sarah Currier

1465 Silver pitcher, 1770. Miss Sadie B. Goodwin

1466 " Ames Almanacks" collection. 1759-60-63.

Mrs. Sarah B. Goodwin

1467 Copy of "New England Chronicle,'* printed in June, 1775, at

their office in S tough ton hall, Cambridge, Harvard College.
One of the articles was a "Declaration by Representatives
of the United Colonies of North America now met in general
Congress at Philadelphia setting forth the Causes and neces-
sity of their taking up arms." Edmund P. Graves.

1468-1470 Commission of Thomas Ham as Sergeant, 1794 — ^the same
as 2d Lieut, 1794 — his honorable discharge in 1799.

1 47 1 Open face gold watch made by Britley, London, No. 2467, and

enclosed in a curiously engraved gold case — accompanying it
is a very large chatelaine with chains for key and charms,
owned in the family for about two hundred years.

Mrs. Thomas Greenville

1472 Mug owned by Eliphalet Hills in 1782. Loaned by his gr.


1473 Silver pitcher owned by Mrs. Mary Merrill in 1771. Loaned by

her gr. gr. granddaughter. Miss Harriet N. Hills

1474 Silver porringer.

1475 Embroidered muslin. Mrs. A. W. Hitchcock

1476 Christening wrap of yellow satin, worn by Dr. Simon Foster,

a native of Andover. Loaned by his granddaughter.^

Mrs. Julia A. Hodgon

1477 Sermons, 1737 — Rev. Jos. Emerson of Maiden, ordained 1721,

gr. grandfather of Ralph Waldo Emerson. This clergyman
lost but two Sundays by sickness during a pastorate of forty-
six years.


Digitized by VjOOQIC

147^ Sermon of Rev. Jos. Emerson of Pepperel, son of the Maiden
clergyman. In 1745 ^^ chaplain of the expedition against
Louisburg. Then ordained at Pepperel, 1746-7. He visited
the camp at Cambridge, (making the first prayer there,) and
took cold, dying from the results in October.

1479 Miniature of Harriet (Parker) Lewis, loaned by her grand-


1480 Fast Day sermon, 1786, preached by Rev. John BuUard

at Pepperel. Miss Edith March Howe

1 48 1 Silver cream pot owned by Edward Johnson, brother-in-law of

Lady Arbella Johnson, and supposed to have been owned by

1482 Silver porringer, Paul Revere. Mrs. Henry Bailey Litde

1483 Iron hanging hand lamp owned by George Little, the progenitor

of all the Newbury Littles, of whom the loaner is the seventh
generation. Joseph Little

1484 Silhouette. Brigade Major Enoch Titcomb. Fought in the

Revolution. Loaned by his gr. granddaughter.

1485 Silhouette of Mrs. Ann (Jones) Titcomb. Miss Annie Merrill
i486 Piece of the vest of Gov. Jonathan Belcher.

1487 " Liberty teapot " 1738.

1488 Washington locket executed by Jacob Perkins.

Miss Addie Pillsbury

1489 Miniature. Mrs. Sarah J. Read

1490 Copy of old Bible printed in 1632. Owned originally by Abigail

Illsley Short

1 491 Snuff box owned by Mr. Moses Short who fought in the Revolu-

tionary War. Loaned by his daughter.

1492 Pair of brass candlesticks, 1797. Miss Abby Short

1493 Hieroglyphick Bible printed in London, 1796.

Mrs. John Stanley

1494 Miniature of Mr. Jonathan Parsons. Miss Margaret Stone
1495-6 Copper tea and water pots, 1697.

1497 Sword cane, 1747.

1 498 Boston Common plate 1 8 1 2.

1499 Plate of Davenport Stone ware originally owned by the Tilton

family of Hampton Falls, N. H. Mrs. D. D. Tilton

1500 Silver table spoon, 1697,

1 501 Silver lustre cream pitcher, 1750.

1502 Crockery pitcher. Crooked Boston, very rare.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1503 Washington punch bowl, 1780.

1504 Blue custard cup. Boston Common, 1810. Miss M, E. Tilton

1505 Commission of Maj. Gen. Jona. Titcomb, signed by John Han-

cock. Miss Annie B. Titcomb

1506 Silver porringer owned by Peter LeBriton Waters. Loaned by

his gr. granddaughter. Miss Lizzie LeBriton Waters

1507 Sampler, 1747. Miss Annie B. Williams, Wellesley Hills

1508 Copy of Flavel's sermons, 1689. Presented to John Eliot by

Judge Samuel Sewall. Nathaniel Withington

1509 Pinball with silver chain to be attached to the belt, owned by

Mrs. Abby Little and loaned by her gr. granddaughter.

Mrs. Nathaniel Withington

1 5 10 Large silver soup spoon owned by Edward and Martha (Parsons)

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