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151 1 Small silver drinking cup with long thin spout owned by same as


1 512 China gravy tureen, marked. Belonged to Abner and Dolly

Pearson Wood. Miss Jane Rand Wood



1 5 13 Pitcher, brown lustre ware, belonging to family of Capt John

Goodwin. Mrs. Frank Bancroft

1 5 14 Deed given by Sergt. John Parker, (son of Dea. Thomas Parker)

to Dea. Thomas Bancroft in 1686.

1515 Commission of Capt. James Bancroft, who fought in the war of

the Revolution, signed John Hancock.
1 51 6-8 Cups, saucer and tea caddy belonging to the family of Capt
Jas. Bancroft, a Revolutionary soldier whose pilgrim ancestor
was Dea. Thomas Bancroft Francis J. Bancroft

1 5 19 Bible, 1590. Mrs. Samuel Batchelder

1520 Desert spoon which belonged to Lucy Tarbox, granddaughter of

Samuel Tarbox who was in Boston in 1647. She married
three times. Her second husband was Dea. Daniel Gould
whom she married 1753.

1 521 A large silver spoon which belonged to Ruth Gould, who mar

ried John Hood of Topsfield, 1791.


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1522 A tiny teaspoon owned by John and Elizabeth Hood. John

Hood married Elizabeth Reddington in Topsfield 1746. He
was a soldier in the Continental army, also his son John.
Maker, D. R.

1523 Lace from Ruth Gould's christening dress, 1762. Her emigrant

ancestor was Zaccheus Gould, who came to New England
1638. She married John Hood a Revolutionary soldier.

1 524 Washington pitcher which belonged to Daniel Needham, Esq.,

a "Sargent** in the Contmental Army.

1525 Silver thimble. It belonged to Mary Ann Needham in 1807.

1526 Infant's dress embroidered by Sophia Needham.

1527 A tiny teaspoon which belonged to Edie Flint

1528 Teaspoon which belonged to Edie Flint, daughter of Captain

Samuel Flint the only commissioned officerfrom Danvers slain
in the Revolution. Edie Flint married Daniel Needham who
joined the Continental Army when 16 years old and was made
** Sargent " when 18 years old.

1529 Embroidered wallet and embroidered picture-papers.

1530 Fan, "Joseph and his brethren."

1 53 1 Knife and fork.

1532 Shoe buckles.

1533 Pewter porringer.

1534-7 Old china. Nos. 1528-37 inclusive are all more than a century
old and have been held in the Hood, Gould« Flint and Need-
ham families.

1538 Carved shell comb, very old.

1539 Very elegant infant's gown.

1540 Ornamental Liberty mug, formerly owned by Gea. George

Gardner. Mrs. George C. (Jennie Hood) Bossom

1 541 Calash from a niece of Gen. Stark. Mrs. Warren A. Campbell

1542 Hat worn by Lieut. David Parker at battie of Lexington and

Bimker Hill. Edward Damon

1543 Baby trousers worn in late Revolutionary times by Washington

P. Damon, who was descended from Dea. Thomas Parker.

Miss Ella Damon

1544 Adze made by Jos. Dauson, a blacksmith in the war of the

Revolution; his puritan ancestor was Thomas Dauson who
came to Lynn, then to Reading about 1650.

1545 Old rocking chair belonging to the heirs of Jos. Dauson, who

fought in the Revolution. Very old. Mr. Henry Dauson


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1546 Arithmetic and writing book, belonging to Robert Dinsmoor,

the " Rustic Bard " of Windham, N. H., 1774, a Revolutionary
soldier. He heard Gen. Stark say the night before the battle
of Bennington, " I will conquer them or Molly Stark will be a

1547 Incidental Poems and Letters of Robert Dinsmoor, who fought

at Bennington and Saratoga. Mrs. Henry Dauson

1548 Communion cup used in the First Church at North Reading,

1721. Mrs. Sophia Eaton

1 549 Letter from Amos Lawrence, No. 46, Cornhill, Boston, to Col.

Luther Stone, of Goshen, Mass., in 18 13. Col. Stone was a
descendant of Simon Stone, who came to Watertown 1635.

1550 Notes given to Maj. Ambrose Stone, whose Pilgrim ancestor was

Dea. Simon Stone. He fought under Arnold at Ticonderoga.
Notes dated 1 78 1.

1 55 1 Lafayette Plate, 1824, from family of G. A. Parker, whose Puri-

tan ancestor was Dea. Thomas Parker, who came to Lynn
1635, removed to Reading 1637, was one of the founders and
Deacon of Reading church.

1552 Plate, 150 years old, which belonged to Augusta (Stone) Barrus,

a descendant of Simon Stone.

1553-4 Papers belonging to Capt. Thomas Weeks whose ancestors
were George and Jane of the first settlers in Dorchester. He
married Mercy Hinckley granddaughther of Gov. Hinckley of
the Plymouth colony. Papers dated 1783.

1555 Ladle used for dipping melted lead for making buUets in Revolu-


1556 Sugar bowl belonging to Susanna Tobey of Sandwich, Mass.,

who married Samuel Barrows, 1723, whose Pilgrim ancestor
was John Barrows who came to Salem in 1637, from Yar-
mouth, Eng.

1557 Pewter platter belonging to Sarah Tufts, Maiden, who married

Job Hinckley, grandson of Gov. Hinckley of the Plymouth

1558 Diary of Capt. Thomas Weeks written 1776. He married Gov.

Hinckley's granddaughter in 1759, Mary Hinckley.

Mrs. Galen A. (Edna Stone Barrus) Parker

1559 Home-made pocketbook used as a wiU case by James Weston,

1673, a descendant of John Weston of Salem, 1644; was one
of the first settlers of Reading. Mother was Hannah Bancroft
daughter of Lieut. Jos. Bancroft of the Revolution.


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1560 Journal of James Weston, one of first Reading settlers, begins


1 561 Decanter, belonging to James Weston, loaned by his grand-

daughter. Mrs. Frank W. B. Pratt

1562 Whiffletree, used in teaming gunpowder across Lake Champlain

during the French and Indian war, formerly owned by Thos.

1563 Wedding bonnet of Mrs. Sarah Sweetser, 1793; loaned by her

great granddaughter. Miss Grace Sweetser

1564 Sampler, worked by Augusta Stone, daughter of Col. Luther

Stone, and granddaughter of Maj. Ambrose Stone who fought
in the Revolution, from Goshen, Mass. Her Pilgrim ancestor
was Simon Stone who came to Watertown in 1635. Loaned
by her daughter. Mrs. Arthur Temple

1565 Iron stove lamp used in £he family of Joseph Eaton of Reading

(now Wakefield), in the latter part of the last century. Joseph
Eaton was a descendant of Jonas Eaton, an original settler of
old Reading in 1644. Loaned by his great grandson.

Hon. Horace Wadlin

1566 Silver lustre teapot, two hundred years old, owned in 1800 by

Amy Smith of Lincolnville, Mass.

1567 Wedding dress of Abigail Smith of Lincolnville, Mass., worn by

five generations. Mrs. Clifford Weston


I 568 Teapot made about 1750, and formerly owned by the following
families: Marson, Moores and Yeaton of Pittston, Maine.

1569 Tea-pot made about 1750, and formerly owned by the Buxtons

of Yarmouth, Me.

1570 Tea-pot came from England over one hundred years ago; for-

merly owned by Henry W. Tingley of Newburyport, Mass.

1 571 Sugar bowl made about 1 760, formerly owned by the Buxtons

of Yarmouth, Me.

1572 This bowl was in the Morse family of Salem and Framingham,

Mass., more than one hundred years. Presented to Mrs. Yea-
ton by Mr. Geo. Morse, of Framingham, Mass.

1573 Pitcher was owned by the Lorings of Marshfield, Mass., and has

been in their family about one hundred years.


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1574 Sauce plate was owned by Mrs. Hannah (Woodward) Bassett of

Taunton, Mass., in 1780.

1575 Cup, older than Lucy L. (Pierce) Thrasher of Rehoboth,

Mass., who was born in 1792.

1576 Fruit plate about one hundred years old.

1577 Punch bowl; the property of Dr. Lyman of Boston, who was a

grandfather of President Eliot of Harvard.

1578 Child's toy; formerly belonged to the Buxtons of Yarmouth,


1579 Tea Cup; owned by the Hallett family as early as 1810.

1580 Tea Cup; belonged to the family of Isaac Thrasher, of Reho-

both, Mass., who was born in 1 790. He was a direct ances-
tor of Mrs. Yeaton.

1581-2 Two blue plates which were in the Nurse family of Salem and
Framingham more than one hundred years. Presented to
Mrs. Yeaton by Mr. George Nurse of Framingham, Mass.

1583 Mustard Pot; for many years owned by Daniel Webster, and

was taken from his house on the day in which it was destroyed
by fire, by Mr. John Carver, of Marshfield, Mass., by whom it
was presented to Mrs. Yeaton.

1584 Candlesticks and Snuffers owned by the Yeaton family since

about 1800.

1585 Cork Screw; Buxton family of Yarmouth, Me., 1790.

1586 Pewter Porringer; owned by the Buxtons of Falmouth, Me., as

early as 1750.

1587 A piece taken from the "Charter Oak," upon its destruction by

wind in 1856.

1588 A piece of the wood from Commodore Perry's Flagship "Law-

rence," sunk in the battle of Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813.

1589 A brick from the chimney of the old Ciwtis House, Jamaica

Plain, built in 1639. In this were quartered a part of the
troops during the siege of Boston. The picture on the brick
shows the house as it now looks.

1590 Pocket welt and coat tail from 181 2 uniform worn by David Bas-

set of Taunton, Mass. He was an ancestor of Mrs. Yeaton.

1 591 A piece of wood from the Lexington Belfry where the alarm

was rung April 19, 1775.
1593 Piece of walnut from Gen. Hull's headquarters; battle of River
Jlaisen, 181 2.


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1593 Piece of Oak Knee taken from Scho. Royal Savage which was

commanded by Benedict Arnold. Sunk at Valcour Island,
Lake Champlain, Oct ii, 1776. First naval engagement of
the Revolution.

1594 This gavel is the property of the U. S. Daughters, 181 2. It is

made from one of the original timbers of the "Constitution,"
1797. In one end of the head is inlaid a piece of Com.
Perry's "Lawrence," 18 13, and in the other end, a piece of
the Schooner "Royal Savage," 1776.

1595 Lace mitts made by Lucy L. Pierce of Rehoboth, Mass., and

worn at her wedding Jan. 27, 18 10. She was a direct ances-
tor to Mrs. Yeaton. George W. Yeaton

1596 A plate that has been in the Tingley family since about 18 10.

1597 Glass lamp that has been in the Yeaton family nearly one hun-

dred years.

1598 Apiece of red cedar from one of the original timbers of the

Hancock house, Boston.

1 599 Piece of wood taken from the house of Paul Revere, North

Square, Boston.

1600 Hand carved banister; one of the original ones from the bal-

cony, on the tower of the Old North Church, Salem St. Bos-
ton, above which the "Signal Lights" were hung for Paul Re-
vere, April 18, 1775. From this balcony Gen. Gage and staff
watched the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. Church
built in 1723.

1 60 1 Looking glass ; one hundred years old, and formerly belonged to

the Nelson family of Munson, Mass.

1602 Foot stove one hundred and forty years old, and formerly be-

longed to the Nelson family of Munson, Mass.

1603 Natural frame for picture, cut from the Old Elm, Boston Com-


1604 Picture representing the Old State House, Boston, when on fire

in 1832 ; a rare plate.

1605 Picture of Battle at Bunker Hill, painted by John Trumbull and

engraved by J. G. Muller.

1606 The picture of the Old Elm, Boston Common, and the copy of

Mayor Cobb's letter is printed on wood taken from this tree.
(The Old Elm.)

1607 Warming pan that has been in the Bassett family of Taunton,

Mass., for at least one hundred years.


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i6o8 Brass candlestick formerly owned by the Soule family of Free-
port, Maine, and presented to Mr. Yeaton by Mr. George
Soule of Boston, a direct descendant of George Soule of the

1609 Piece of plank from the English Frigate ** Somerset" Guard

ship on duty when Paul Revere crossed the harbor to make
his famous ride to Lexington, Apr. 18, 1775. She also took
part in the Battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775. She was a
sixty-four gun, 3d rater, built at Chatham, Eng., 1746-48, and
lost on Cape Cod, Nov. 2d or 3d, 1778.

1 610 Cloth loom shuttle owned and used by Mary Dorman of Cherry -

field, Me., in 1750.

161 1 Soup tureen; property of Dr. Lyman, who was grandfather of

President Eliot of Harvard University.

161 2 Silver candlestick ; the property of Tristram Moores of Pittston,

Me., who served in the War of 181 2.

161 3 A plate that formerly belonged to the Stetson family of Marsh-

field, Mass.

161 4 Sword from Japan, the hilt and scabbard of which is carved from

bone and is very old.

161 5 A match presented by Mrs. George Wardsworth of Duxbury,

Mass., a direct descendant of Polly Standish. She states that
it was found in the Standish house many years ago, and was
one of the first matches used in Duxbury.

1 61 6 Sugar tongs and four silver spoons. These spoons have heen in

Mrs. Yeaton's family since made and represent the following
owners. Mrs. Betsy Pierce, 1771; Isaac Thrasher, 1790; and
Zilpath (Thrasher) Bassett, 181 1.

161 7 Collection of arrow heads, etc., from Maine, New Hampshire,

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

1618 Silver spoons made by Shem Drowne about 1750. In 1742 he

made the Grasshopper for Faneuil Hall.

1 61 9 A letter dated May 25, 1742, was found in the ball above the

grasshopper on Faneuil Hall tower. This is said to be the
only copy.

1620 Picture of the grasshopper on Faneuil Hall, Boston, made by

Shem Drowne in 1742.

1621 One of the original knobs used in Gov. Winslow's house at

Marshfield ; two hundred years old.

1622 Oyster-shell plaster, taken from the secret closet in Gov. Wins-

low's house at Marshfield, Mass. This estate was called
Careswell from his ancestors* family seat in England.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1623 Photograph, showing the room in which George Washington

died. This room is still supplied with the original furniture.

1624 Photograph, showing where Jeremiah Bassett of Taunton, Mass.,

a soldier of the Revolution, was bom in 1751. In 1773 the
house was rebuilt and enlarged, and is now standing as shown
in the picture. He was a great grandfather of Mrs. Yeaton^

1625 Copy of the will of Miles Standish, published by Wm. S. Rus-

sell, keeper of Plymouth Col. records. Sept i, 1856.

1626 Sample of the silk taken from the wedding dress of Mrs. Taylor

of Marshfield, Mass., who was great-grandmother of Mr. John
Carver of Marshfield, Mass. She was married about 1775.

1627 A teapot, the property of Tristram Mooers of Pittston, Me.,

about 181 5. He served in the war of 181 2.

1628 A teapot, the property of Mrs. Susan (Marson) Mooers of Pitts-

ton, Me., about 1800.

1629 Pitcher, formerly owned by the Marson family of Pittston, Me.,

and later by the Mooers and Yeaton families. It is more than
one hundred years old.

1630 The wedding ring of Lucy L. Pierce, who married Isaac Thrasher

in 18 10. She was the great grandmother of Mrs. Yeaton.
Isaac Thrasher served in the war of 181 2.

1 63 1 A plate, formerly owned by the Davenport family of Boston,


1632 Pipe, made from one of the original gun deck beams of the

" Constitution," taken from the ship more than fifty years ago,
soon after her return from the trip around the world.

1633 **Fac-simile of the first paper ever issued by Benjamin Franklin,

and now printed (Sept. 17, 1856) on a press once owned by
him.'* This paper was called "The New England Courant*'

1634 Part of a ship's log book showing entries in 181 7.

1635 Part of day book showing entries in 1772.

1636 Fac-simile of "The Massachusetts Centinel" of Wednesday,

Oct. 28, 1789.

1637 Photograph, showing Old Witch House, Salem, Mass., built in

1631, with piece of original wood attached.

1638 A corkscrew, that has been in the Bassett family about seventy-

five years, and was used by Dr. Bassett of Taunton, Mass., a
grandfather of Mrs. Yeaton.

1639 ^ stick, was made in 1868 from wood taken from the frigate

"Constitution" more than fifty years ago.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1640 British flint lock gun, made in the Tower of London armory, and

captured from the British during the Revolution. It was owned
in Marshfield, Mass., until a few years ago when it came into
the hands of Mr. Yeaton.

1 641 A flint lock gun, made at Springfield, Mass., in 1803, and used in

the war of 181 2.

1642 A flint lock pistol, made by Jones of London, Eng., and used in

the Revolution.

1643 A sabre, used in the Revolutionary war.

164^ Matchlock gun, made in China four hundred and fifty years ago.
Inlaid along the barrel with gold and silver.

1645 East Indian dirk, very old, with hilt and blade inlaid with gold

and silver.

1646 Two silver spoons made for Rev. Isaac and Rebecca Story by

Paul Revere.

1647 Collar and cap of hand-made lace; one hundred and four years


1648 A belt worn a hundred years ago.

1649 A walking stick made from a timber of Com. Perry's Flagship

"Lawrence." She was sunk at battle of Lake Erie in 18 13.

1650 Church Pew Banister from the Old Ship Church, Hingham,


165 1 Hand Irons owned by Isaac Thrasher in 1810, when he was

married. He served in the 1812 war, and was a great-grand-
father of Mrs. Yeaton.

1652 Two silver salt spoons, made for Hannah Woodward, of Taun-

ton, Mass., by Harding of Boston, as part of her wedding out-
fit. She married, Feb. 3, 1780, Jeremiah Bassett (i 752-1819)
who served in the Revolution. She was a great grandmother
of Mrs. Yeaton. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Yeaton



March 9, 1897

ZItrs. 3* JTtarsIjall pljtiltps, (Cljapter Hegent

Deliverance Monroe of Lexington was noted for her bravery and
services during the war of the Revolution. She assisted her brother,
Capt. John Parker, who commanded the Minute Men, in melting all


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

available lead, such as cups, tankards, etc., and molding bullets from
the same, at the same time assisting and encouraging the men on to
battle. The old house is still in existence, and bears proof of the
warfare, being pierced with bullet holes.


1653 Watch, old bull's-eye watch, 1775. Mrs. C. W. Atherton

1654 "King's Arm" used in the Revolution. A. H. Bicknell

1655 Vase of flowers, 150 years old.

1656 Box, love token pink box, Mrs. Morris, Portland, Me., 1770.

1657 Hearts of hair of Mr. and Mrs. Morse, 1775.

1658 Hair bracelet, once belonged to Mrs. Lucy M. Rogers.

1659 Shot bag carried by Miss Lucy Cummings' father in the


1660 Newspaper, Boston Gazette and Country Journal, March 12th,


1 66 1 Picture, "Love me, love me not, 1790."

1662 Mrs. Tarshley's wedding shoes, 181 2.

1663 Box, once owned by Mrs. Lucy M. Rogers, 181 2.

1665 Sampler and pictures by Mary A. Rogers. Mrs. C. A. Crowell

1666 Spoon, rat-tail silver spoon (English), 1735.

Mrs. Francis E. Dyer

1667 Commission of Samuel Phillips to collect taxes of South-

borough, Mass., in the year 1769, the ninth year of King
George III. Mrs. Angeline A. P. French

1668 Money, one third of a dollar printed by Hall & Sellers in Phila-

delphia, 1776. Miss Mary E. Foster

1669 Lace.

1670 Spoon. This spoon came over in one of the first ships, and

belonged to the Bradford family.

1 67 1 Wooden spoon, cut from a tree growing at Foster's Comer,

Tewksbury; fashioned with a jack knife by Lieut. Eleazer
Stickney of Capt. Ebenezer Hamden's Company, Col.
Bridges' Regiment. It did good service from the battle of
Bunker Hill to the end of the war. Mrs. Lucy D. Kimball

1672 Silhouette of Gen. Geo. Washington, printed from plate en-

graved by William Annesly of Boston, 1 798.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1 673 Pewter platter from Royal House, Medford, Mass., 150 years


1674 Pair of old silver candlesticks, 1765. From old Fay House,

Broadway, N. Y.

1675 Slippers worn at the time of the Revolution.

1676 Wine cooler with crest used by William Lemon, 1776, Lemon

House, Salem.

1677 Inlaid box once used by Capt. Eleazer Giles of Beverly, 1774.

1678 Copper pot from the house on Charles St., Boston, 1725.

1679 Pewter tureen with crest of Lemon family, 150 years old.

1680 China mug. Came over from China in the ship Hamilton,

Capt. Wm. Martain, among the first to bring in a cargo of
tea in the port of Boston after the big "Tea Party" in Bos-
ton. The ship Hamilton sailed from Boston in 181 5 and
returned in 1821. Mrs. Thomas B. Reed

1 68 1 A candle stick brought over from England in 1632.

Mrs. Benj. A. Walker



June 6f 1896

TXlxs. 3* ©♦ Perkins, Cljapter Hegent

Josiah Bartlett was the fifth in descent of Richard, the emigrant to
Newbury in 1635. He was bom in Amesbury and his monument bears
this inscription — "Patriot, Scholar, Statesman." A delegate to the
Continental Congress; a signer of the Declaration of Independence;
with Stark at Bennington ; a member of the Convention which ratified
the Constitution of the United States; Chief Justice; President and
first Governor of New Hampshire.

1682 Pharaphase on Job. 1700.

1683 Piece of wood from the house of Josiah Bartlett.

1684 Old papers of the Revolutionary War.

1685 Collar made by a granddaughter of Capt. John Currier.

Miss Sarah Bartlett

1686 Shawl, 1797. Mrs. H. W. Batchelder


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1 687 Pocket book worked by Nancy Osgood Hackett

1688 Pocket book worked by Elizabeth Gee Colby in 1761.

1689 Piece of Frigate "Alliance" built for Continental Congress by

William Hackett in 1778 on the banks of the Merrimac River
and the first service of this ship was to convey Lafayette to
his home. Miss Annah £. Colby

1690 Piece of "Old Linen " spun by Sophia Knowlton in 1780.

1 691 Silver spoon belonging to Capt Augustus Stanton.

Mrs. Lucy T. Gray
1692-3 Two pewter tumblers.
1 694-6 Two pewter platters — porringer.
1697 Cotton and linen christening blanket
1 698-1 700 Three pieces of old fashioned chintz.

1 701 Infantas shirt.

1702 Sampler. Mrs. R. B. Hawley

1703 Commission of Capt John Currier in the Colonial War at Lake

George, 1759.

1 704 Photograph of the order given to Capt. John Currier to march

to Concord, 1775.

1705 Photograph of Capt Currier's invitation to dine with Gen.


1706 A pair of corsets made a century ago.

Mrs. James Hume

1707 English Prayer Book printed in the first part of the eighteenth

century. Used by a Keniston. Carrie W. Keniston



November 4, J895

ZUrs. IDtUiam ZHarlanb, Cljapter Hegent

Phoebe Foxcroft Phillips was the youngest daughter of Hon. Francis
Foxcroft of Cambridge and wife of his honor, Samuel Phillips, LL. D.
During her husband's absence on affairs of State she carried on all his
large business and town interests. She was with others founder of the
Andover Theological Seminary in 1808. Her biographer quotes, " Sir,
she has the manners of a court and the piety of a convent."


Digitized by V3OOQ IC


1 708 Bill of the Town of Lexington for its proportion of the repairs on

the great bridge in Cambridge, Nov. 11, 1774.

1709 Cash account kept at Governors Island, Boston Harbor, April,

I772» to Feb., 1773, known also as Fort Warren and Fort

1 710 Bill ; Commonwealth, town, county and beef tax of Governors

Island, Aug. 31, 1781.

171 1 Proclamation by Robert Cochran, Harbor Master as to the rules

to be obeyed by all pilots, masters or commanders of vessels
in Charlestown Harbor, Oct. 4, 1783.

1 712 Log-book of Capt. Thos. Perkins, 1783, contains many names,

among others Isaac Giddings, a Revolutionary soldier.

1 713 Tax bill of Capt Thomas Perkins, 1786.

1 714 Clearance papers of the Schooner "Two Brothers" — Capt

Thomas Perkins, loaded with lumber, fish, beef, N. E. rum,
and hoops, Salem, May 17, 1788.

1 71 5 Decree for Alimony ; in reply to a petition from Joseph Gris-

wold, father of Elizabeth Hildreth, in behalf of his daughter
to James Patterson, Esq., Maj. Gen. of his Majesty's forces
and commandant of New York, etc. This petition was re-
ferred to a committee of three, each party to choose one, and
these two a third. It was decreed that the said Elizabeth
should have sixty pounds per annum paid so long as she
should remain unmarried and seventy pounds per annum for
the maintenance of her children until the son should reach the
age of 14 years and each of the daughters the age of 17 years.
1780. Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. (Whipple) Abbott

1716 Silver porringer, 1745.

171 7 Ivory fan brought from China in 1805 by Henry Abbot of An-

dover, importer and trader.

1 718 Wedding shoes 1776, of Phoebe Abbot who married Capt.

Henry Abbot

1 719 Wedding shoes of Judith Folansbee who married Henry Abbot

Miss Charlotte S. Abbot

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