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1 720 Tea cannister used in 1 788.

1 72 1 Goldsmith's scales used in the i8th century; afterwards on voy-

ages to India ; the table of values on the lid bears date 1793.

Miss Ellen J. Abbott

1722 Deed of land to George Abbot from Gov. Simeon Bradstreet,

1663. George Abbot, Maiden, Mass.



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1723 Silver spoon originally owned by Henry Holt who had the

spoon made from two English crowns.

Mrs. James Alfred (Jones) Abbott

1724 Candle snuffers, known to be very old. John B. Abbott

1725 Sugar bowl owned by Sarah Abbot, founder of Abbot Academy.

1726 Pink silk skirt worn on the wedding day of Ruth Dickson who

married George Abbot.

1727 Very old wine glass.
1727a Tax bills of 1792.

1728 Johnson's Dictionary owned by Samuel Abbot, 1746.

1 729 Silver pitcher owned by Sarah Abbot .

1730 Porringer owned by Sarah Abbot. John L. Abbot

1 73 1 Coat of arms of Farrington family thought to be 200 years old.

Mr. Joseph Abbot

1732 Tea board.

1733 Watch 150 years old; carried by Moses Bailey through the

Revolutionary War. Mrs. Moses B. (Dowding) Abbott

1734 Slippers worn by Mercy Hoar, who married Samuel Farrar at

Lincoln 1772.

1735 Book, Child's Instructor, printed 1793 ; presented by the author

to Samuel Farrar.

1736 Sermon preached at the funeral of Madame Phoebe Foxcroft


1737 Journal of Congress, 1776.

1738 Brooch, worn by Madame Phoebe Foxcroft Phillips until her

death, given by her to Samuel Farrar, Esq.

Mrs. Sereno T. (Sarah F.) Abbott

1739 01^ wills and papers. Stephen E. Abbott

1740 Quilt in patriotic design, belonged to Susanna Lamson who

married in 1779 Andrew Kettell of Charlestown, Mass. The
quilt has these words, **Where Liberty dwells, there is my
country, etc." This was evidently one of the first as it was a
part of the wedding outfit See No. 2105.

1 741 Wedding slippers of Mrs. Andrew Kettell.

1742 Engraved glass tea caddy of Mrs. Andrew Kettell, thought to be

very old.

1743 Illustrated Bible, published in 1707 containing family record of

Andrew Kettell.

1744 Cream pitcher of china preserved with great care as an heirloom

in 1800 by Mrs. Andrew Kettell.


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1745 Wedding slippers of Esther Kettell daughter of Susanna and

Andrew Kettell, who married in 1807 Enoch Hunt. Loaned
by her daughter.

1746 Coat of arms of Abbot family owned by Samuel Abbo

an importer and trader in Boston from 1753 until the
Revolution when he returned to Andover. He married widow
Sarah Kneeland (1727-18 16) but left no children. He doubt-
less procured this when in England. Most of his property,
with the consent of his wife, was given and devised to the An-
dover Theological Seminary of which he was a founder.

Mr. and Mrs. William (Hunt) Abbot

1 747 Order of arrangements for the reception of the President at An-

dover, undated, but doubtless that of George Washington.

1748 Military Commission of Timothv Abbot as ist Lieutenant, 1782.

Samuel H. Bailey

1 749 Trencher Boards, original owner Sarah Baker.

1750 Powder horn marked 1754. Original owner Timothy Ballard.

George F. Baker

1 75 1 Book, "Reflections on the Seven Days of the Week." Pub-

lished in Boston 1804, presented to Miss Sarah Hickson
Harding. Mrs. Josephine F. (Harding) Baldwin

1752 Baptismal mitts worn by the ten children of Hezekiah Ballard.

1753 Book, Remarkables of Increase Mather, Boston, 1724.

1754 Piece of the wedding dress of Pomp Lovejoy's wife. Pomp was

the negro servant of Capt. Wm. Love joy, who had a cabin
near Pomp's Pond, and " made 'lection cake and beer for the
delectation of voters' palates on town meeting days." Pomp's
Pond is one of the finest specimens of a " kettle hole " known
in this vicinity and in connection with " Indian Ridge " has
made Andover a favorite resort of geologists.

1755 Handkerchief with Washington's picture, made in the last

I T$(i Yellow handkerchief containing the Declaration of Independence,
the coat of arms of the thirteen colonies and revolutionary

1 757 Package of Ames's Almanacks and Essex Almanacks, 1 762-1 793.

1758 Book, Watt's Lyrics, presented by Madame Phoebe Phillips to

Phoebe Abbot, wife of Capt. Joshua Ballard.

1759 Book, Introduction to the Latin tongue. (Cheever's accidence

Abbridg'd). Boston 1724. Belonged to Dea. Hezekiah Bal-
lard in 1730 ; who wrote in it " if i dont larn this Book i must


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1760 Royal American Magazine, 1775, one number containing article
on making saltpetre, doubtless carefully read by the Andover
patriots, who were interested in the Phillips Powder Mill, the
first in Massachusetts to furnish powder for the Continental
cause. The Mass. Spy says on May 31, 1776, "The public
may rely on it as a fact that there has been made at the pow-
der mill in Andover, within diese six weeks past, about one
thousand pounds weight of good gunpowder per week. The
Powder Mill at Stoughton will begin to go in a few days." In
corroboration, Prof. Winthrop writes, May 23, 1 776, " Last
week I was at the powder mill in Andover. They go briskly
on and turn out, as they told me, twelve hundred pounds per
week, and shall soon turn out considerably more." This mill
was run day and night, including Sundays. See Miss Bailey's
Historical Sketches, pages 342-349. Miss Mary A. Ballard

1761-70 Autograph specimens of penmanship by students in Phillips
Academy, Andover, 1 790-1 799, Amos Blanchard, Writing
Master. George Lee, Beverly. Thomas Robinson, Portland.
William Leach, Beverly. Stephen Longfellow, Gorham (Har-
vard 1798). Timothy P. Penny, Roxbury. Timothy Foster
Rogers, Tewkesbury, (Harvard 1802). Benjamin Ames,
Andover, (Harvard 1803). John White, Concord, (Harvard
1805). Henry Ingersoll, Salem. Edward B. Coakley, Bahama
Islands. C. F. P. Bancroft, Principal Phillips Academy

1 77 1 Wedding slippers worn by Miss Eunice Berry in 181 2.

Mrs. J. W. (Clement) Berry

1772 Picture of Old Red House (the Abbot House) at Andover, Mass.

Built in 1750.

1773 Hymn Book used at South Parish Church, Andover, Mass.

The church was founded in 1709, Rev. Samuel Phillips,
Pastor. The same version of hymns was used nearly 90 years
after. Mrs. Charles C. (Holt)Blunt

1774 Glass cup plate. Mrs. Benjamin (Burr) Brown

1775 Mourning sampler in memory of Miss Elizabeth Green, made by

her daughter, M. A. Greene. Miss Alice Buck

1776 Paper heart brought from England before the Revolution.

Mrs. S. J. (Sheldon) Bucklin

1777 Sampler worked by Mary S. Farnum, a granddaughter of Ben-

jamin Famum. Mrs. James P. (Jenkins) Butterfield

1778 Watch chain knitted with beads in 1750.

Mrs. Robert (Loring) Callahan

1779 Book ; one volume of the third edition of the Septuagint, and

the first published by the Protestants. Strassburg, 1526.


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1780 Book; The Salvation of all men strictiy examined, Dr. Jonathan

Edwards, a reply to Dr. Charles Chauncy, Pastor of the first
church, Boston, published in 1790. Belonged to David Hale
of Coventry, Conn., brother of Nathan Hale, the spy. David
Hale, whose autograph is in the book, died in 1822. He was
also a brother of Rev. Enoch Hale ; Dr. Edward Everett Hale
is a descendant.

1 78 1 Piece of brick from the chimney of Elder Brewster's, Duxbury,


1782 Stone from the spring on the Myles Standish place at the foot of

Captain's Hill, Duxbury, Mass. Rev. C. C. Carpenter

1783 Old Colonial watch of silver in perfect running order.

1784 Watch fob with agate on one side, on the reverse side, gold and

silver basket of flowers carved with a crystal. A relic of an
old English family. Charles L. Carter

1785 Mustard spoon belonging to Ruth Butterfield.

1786 Teaspoon, belonged to gr. gr. grandmother of loaner.

Miss Elizabeth Clough

1787 Towel, the flax for which was combed, spun and woven by

Hannah (Harris) Town.

Mrs. James H. (Town) Cochrane

1788 Sampler of 1776.

1789 Book :" Sensible Thoughts on the State of Religion in New

England," by Charles Chauncy, Pastor of the First Church
of Christ in Boston. Published in 1743.

1790 Gold beads, original owner. Miss Elizabeth Foster.

Mrs. John Nelson (Poor) Cole

1 791 Specimen of handwriting of Joseph Stevens, when in Phillips

Academy, Andover, in 1790. Afterwards Maj. Joseph Stevens
of the South Parish, Andover.

Mrs. Daniel (Holt) Cummings

1792 Autograph letter of Andrew Jackson.

1793 Original muster and pay roll of Capt. John Adams Co., from

Sept 26 to Nov. 6, 1777.

Wm. J. Dale, M. D-, North Andover

1794 Sampler worked by Ruth Davis, who married Stephen Poor of

Hancock, N. H., 1795. Miss Abbie W. Davis

1795 Augustine's Confessions, MCCCCLXXV, small 4to, pages not

numbered, Latin type.


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1796 Book, Harmonica Sacra. A compilation of Psalm and Hymn

Tunes, collected from the most celebrated European masters,
as published in the different London editions by Thomas
Butts; to which are added several select pieces from Green &
Handel. Andover. Printed and published by Flagg & Gould.

1 797 Vetus Testament|um, ex versione S eptuaginta I nterpretum,

MDCCIX. A thick 4to of 1326 pages Greek text, with copi-
ous notes, bound in parchment.

1798 Mikrokosmos. A little description of the great world. Aug-

mented and revised by Peter Heylyn. Mart, Epig. 4, Lib. I.
Aethereas lascure auxis volitare per aurae I, fuge ; sed poteras
tutior esse domi. Oxford. Printed by John Lichfield and
William Tomer, and to be sold by W. Tomer and T. Huggins,
An. Dom. 1625. Out of 812 pages, 40 only are devoted to

1799 Book. Hebrew grammar without points, by Prof. Moses Stuart-

Published in Andover by Flagg & Gould, 1813. It was at this
press and under the influence of Prof. Stuart that the printing
of Oriental languages was begun, and there were at Andover
types for eleven Eastem languages. Prof. Moses Stuart him-
self set much of the type for this book. Warren F. Draper

1800 Ring worn by Rose Coburn, wife of Titus Cobum. The ring

bears what is thought to be the word **Assurance." It is sup-
posed to have been presented to her at the time she was freed.

Mrs. Eliza R. Flanders

1 801 Commission of Miles Flint, Gent., as First Lieut in the 7th

Regt. of Militia, County of Middlesex, May 31, 1776.

1802 Proprietors lay out of land to Charles Furbush.

1803 Resolve of the General Court, Jan. 22, 1796, in regard to Capt.

Charles Furbush's estate, a soldier of the French and Indian
War, and an officer in the Revolutionary War.

1804 Inventories of Capt. Charles Furbush. George E. Flint

1805 Wooden boot-jack owned by Thomas Houghton of Phillips &

Houghton, paper manufacturers at Andover, 1789.
1 806-1 807 Ring and pin containing hair and monograms of Thomas
and Sarah Houghton, date of ring 1785.

1808 Writing paper manufactured at Andover by Phillips & Hough-

ton in 1790.

1809 Calico bag, 1775.

1 8 10 Pocket book and bank bills of Jonathan Abbot, bom 1740. A

Lexington alarm man.


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i8ii Piece of wedding dress of Dinah, wife of Pompey Lovejoy.
" They were born slaves but died free." See No. 1754.

1 81 2 Silver teapot thought to have belonged to the King family of


1813 Part of wedding outfit of Hannah Russell, married in 1801.

1 814 One piece black and white china tea set, originally owned by

Hannah Russell, married in 1801.

181 5 Tea caddy, originally owned by Charlotte Houghton.

Mrs. N. Farrington (Harding) Flint

1 8 16 Silver tea spoons. Maker, Boyer.

181 7 Commission of Amos Foster appointing him lieutenant, dated

1 818 Revolutionary claim granting pension to Amos Foster.

1819 Book, "The Constitution of the State of Massachusetts and that

of the United States; with President Washington's Farewell
Address," printed in Boston, 1805.

1820 SnufE box owned by Mr. Amos Foster.

1 82 1 Knee buckles.

1822 Bull's eye watch and chain ; original owner Mr. Amos Foster.

Frank M. Foster

1823 Apothecary scales, bought by Rev. Jonathan French, who had

acted as army surgeon at Castle William, in 1773, and used by
him in his early service as a physician among his people.

1824 "Perkins Points," belonged to Rev. Jonathan French. A famous

panacea in his time.

1825 Silver teaspoon owned by Rev. Jonathan and Mrs. Abigail French.

Miss Lucy A. French

1826 Manuscript singing book used in the South Parish Church, An-

dover, bears the inscription, "Enoch Frye, Apr. 20, 1799." It
contains "An anthem in memory of his Excellency, John
Hancock, Esq., Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the
Commonwealth of Mass., by Dr. Rogerson, composed for the
funeral of the deceased. Copied off and sang at the South
Parish in Andover, Jan. 12, 1800, in condolence sacred to Gen.
Washington, deceased. Washington is no more. How are
the mighty fallen."

1827 Discharge paper of Peter Lovejoy, a soldier of the nth Mass.

Regiment, dated at West Point, Dec. 1780.

1828 Dictionary containing old maxims, bought at auction by Mr.

Theophilus Frye of Andover, 1710.


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1829 Deed from John Chandler to William Lovejoy, dated Oct 30


1830 Deed from John Lovejoy, to his son William Lovejoy, dated

April 6, 1683.

1 83 1 Deed of meadow land, commonly called "Little Hope" from

Francis Faulkner to William Lovejoy, dated Apr. 26, 1687.
Dudley Bradstreet, Thomas Barnard, Elizabeth Barnard, wit-
nesses. P. Fophen Sewell, Clerk.

1832 Petition for guardianship. Petition of Timothy Hoult that Wil-

liam Lovejoy of Andover be appointed his guardian dated
Dec. 26, 1698. Hon. Jonathan Comin, Esq., Judge of Probate
of wills at Salem.

1833 Lay out of land. Parcel of land laid out to Moses Haggott,

Apr. 23, 1 718. Stephen Osgood, John Frie, Ephraim Foster,

1834 Paper of guardianship appointment of Joshua Lovejoy as guar-

dian of James Parker, by John Choate, at Ipswich, Dec. 26,
1763. Oscar A. Frye, Boston

1835 Cup and wineglass, owned by Sarah Converse, wife of Jeremiah


1836 Linen woven by Elizabeth Davis, wife of Joseph Converse of

Bedford, Mass.

1837 Mug presented to Hannah B. Goldsmith by her brother, William

Goldsmith, on his return from the war of 18 12.

Miss H. Elizabeth Giddmgs

1838 Sampler worked by Polly Clark in 1807.

1839 Wedding ring of Lucretia Cornel, married 1787.

Mrs. Frank E. (Blood) Gleason

1840 Silver teaspoon, about 150 years old. It belonged first to Sally

Bacon, gr. gr. grandmother, Sarah Bacon Gleason gr. grand-
mother; Elizabeth Gleason Goldsmith grandmother, Elizabeth
Goldsmith, aunt of owner. Now owned by

Miss Bessie P. Goldsmith

1 841 Proclamation, a Brief for a charitable contribution given by

James Bowdoin, Gov. of Massachusetts, Apr. 28, 1787.

1842 Proclamation given by William Shirley, Gov. of Massachusetts,

July 2, 1746.

1843 Proclamation given by Gov. Francis Bernard of Massachusetts,

Nov. 7, 1 761.
1843a Proclamation given by Thomas Hutchinson, Gov. of Mass ,
Oct. 28, 1773.


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1844 A Commission given to Nathaniel Green, Gent, by Jonathan

Belcher, Esq., Captain General and Governor-in-chief in and
over his Majesty's Province of the Mass. Bay in New Eng-
land. July 30, 1739. E- W* Greene, No. Andover

1845 Proclamation given by S. Phips, Gov. of Mass. July 10, 1756.

1846 A deed given in the 12th year of the reign of Queen Anne of

Rumney marsh in the township of Boston, Jan. 28, 1 714-15.

Miss A. M. Greene, No. Andover

1847 Willofjabez Hay ward.

1848 Old paper.

1849 Petition of Robert Hayward for a bridlepath leading from An-

dover to Middleton.

1850 Deed of 1757.

1851 Deed of 1769. Henry A. Hayward

1852 One of the service of silver tumblers " presented by the

citizens of Boston to Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry**
after the battle on Lake Erie, Sept 10, 181 3. Loaned by his
gr. granddaughter. Miss Annie Perry Hincks

1853 Razor Case, chiseled from a block of wood by Nathaniel Holt,

Jr. Bears the inscription "N. H. Jr. 1797." John M. Holt

1854 Cane of Capt. Joshua Holt of Revolutionary fame. This cane

was always carried by him to the Legislature during his 23
years of service. Jonathan E. Holt

1855 New Hampshire Sentinel, published at Keene, N. H., Nov. 9,

1805. Contains an article with a request from Grand Lodge
of Mass. to Mrs. George Washington for a lock of Washing-
ton's hair, and also her reply. Original owner Eben Carpen-
ter, Keene, N. H. Mrs. Hurlburtt, Boxford

1856 Inkstand, used in Revolutionary times.

1857 Clasp knife, blade five inches long, handle six and one half

inches long, used by Maj. Samuel Johnson in the Revolu-
tionary war. James E. Johnson
1858-59 Silver Calendar Watch and hair chain. Watch has four
dials, known to have been owned by John Johnson, bom 171 2,
and it is thought to be much older. The chain made of
family hair is still older.

Miss Mildred Johnson, Medford

i860 Memorial piece done with a pen by Dorcas Dane in 1803.

l36i Memorial Piece done with a pen in 1809 by Dorcas Dane.

Miss Elmira Jones


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

1 862 Silver spoon, 1700. Mrs H. Bradford Lewis

1863 The Boston Post-Boy and Advertiser. Dated Boston, Nov.

14, 1768. Miss Emma J. Lincoln

1864 Pewter mug and breast pin, very old. Mrs. John R. Loring

1865 Silver mug made by Abijah Northey.

1866 Silver tablespoon made by Abijah Northey. Abraham Marland

1867 Silver tankard, thought from family docxmients to be a Com-

munion cup, made by B. Burt.

1868 Fire Bag of Abijah Northey of Salem, Mass. Loaned by his gr.

grandson. George Abbott Marland

1869 Mourning ring inscribed "S. Hastie ob. 2d. Apr. 1781 AE 27."

A crystal casket with skeleton outlined inside, forms the sig-
net. Miss Helen Marland

1870 Manuscripts, Commission No. 9 of Samuel King, Capt in the

loth Mass. Regiment, dated Sept. 29, 1779, "to take rank as
such from the 8th day of May 1776," given by Congress of
the U. S. of America, signed by Samuel Huntington, Presi-
dent. Ben Stoddert, Sect, of war.

1 87 1 Certificate of death on Nov. 7, 1780, of Maj. Samuel King, who

was Aide de Camp to the late Maj. General the Baron De-
Kalb. Dated Annapolis, Md., Nov. 10, 1780. Signed Wm.
Hyde, Isaac McHard, and the physician, James Murray.

1872 Manuscripts; Administration papers.

1873 Buckle of Abijah Northey, Senior. Mary King Marland

1874 Silver pepper box made by Paul Revere.

1875-81 A collection of three tablespoons and four teaspoons, of the
last century or older. .

1882 Card table with corners " to put up a sixpence to make the game

a little interesting." Made and owned by David Northey
a pewterer and goldsmith of Salem.

1883 Napoleon medal Battle of Marengo, 1800. Engraved by An-

drieu — a present to Capt. Abijah Northey of Salem.

1884 Chair originally owned by Lady Wentworth of New Hampshire.

1885 Soldier's letter from Charles King to his brother. Mar. 14, 1779.

He says, in relation to an affair of a commission in case he
re-enlists, "But if I should I would not do it under a Commis-
sion." * I act at present as Sergt. Major and draw Cornet's
pay which is 26 dollars, two-thirds.'

Mr. and Mrs. William (Abbott) Marland

1886 Book; "The Poor Man's Help and the Young Man's Guide,"

by William Burkitt, Dedham, England, 1693.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1 887 Picture of Deliverance Parkman's home, Salem, Mass. Built

1670, A. D., taken down in 1834 ; near corner of Sumner and
Essex Streets. Mrs. Wm. S. (Northey) Marland

1888 Cup and saucer, white with blue border, from 150 to 200 years

old. Original owner Eunice Berry Howe of Middleton,
mother of Esquire Howe of the General Court.

1889 Silver teaspoon dated about 1750. Original owner E. Porter.

Mrs. Angelina Matthews, Boxford

1890 Sermons (i 779-1 789) of Rev. William Fessenden, first minister

of Fryeburg, District of Maine. Fryeburg was granted to
Gen. Joseph Frye of Andover for services in French and In-
dian War. He probably listened to these sermons.

1 89 1 Candle stick of the last century used for a tea table.

Mrs. James H. (Griswold) Merrill

1892 Sampler worked by Betsey Gould in 1804. (i 793-1827).

Mrs. Frank H. (Howe) Messer

1893 Tea tray. A wedding present to Sarah Pierepont, wife of Presi-

dent Jonathan Edwards.

1894 Cornice; woodwork from the First Andover Theo. Sem. Chapel

designed by Bulfinch. Miss Agnes Park

1895 Manuscript sermon by President Jonathan Edwards, written on

scraps of paper and bound together. These scraps were the
refuse from the paper used by his daughters, who made fans to
eke out their living.

1896 Beza's New Testament, Cambridge, Eng., 1643. "Dr. Increase

Mather had this book in his hand during the morning recita-
tion of his grandson Byles, when he was seized with that
apopletic deliquim which in the end proved his death." (Note
on the fly-leaf). It contains also autographs of subsequent
owners. Dr. Mather Byles and Dr. Eliphalet Pearson.

Rev. Edwards A. Park, D.D. LL. D.

1897 Blue silk skirt worn by Sarah Houghton when she was pre-

sented at Court previous to 1795.

1898 Sampler worked by Mary Barr of Salem in 1803.

Miss Florence A. Parker

1899 Photograph of Gen. Enoch Poor taken from the painting by

Gen. Kosciusko. The original picture is in the Cilley family
of New Hampshire. General Kosciusko made the first sketch
on the fly-leaf of a hymn book in church. Enoch Poor was of
a distinguished family of Andover and served in French and
Indian war as well as the Revolution and died in service.

Edward P. Poor, Lawrence


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1900 Receipt of money of Thomas Poor, Jr., to Asa Abbot for pay-

ment of $53.00 due men for learning to train for French and
Indian War, dated 1755.

1901 Very old bracelet

1902 Lafayette badge worn at memorial service in honor of Lafayette,

1834. Mr. and Mrs. George H. (Marland) Poor

1903 Baby shoes 130 years old, they were the first shoes ever worn

by Miss Lois Phelps who married Capt. Isaac Blunt.

1904 Scales for weighing money. Owned by Capt Isaac Blunt of

the Andover artillery. Mrs. Mary A. (Stanley) Richards

1905 Almanack. Date 1785. Mrs. Darius (Famum) Richardson

1906 Sugar tongs captured by a privateer from Gloucester in 1775 by

an ancestor of the loaner^ Miss Alice Rogers

1907 Coat of Arms of the Franklin family.

1908 Coat of Arms of the McGregor family.

1909 Very old slippers. ' Col. and Mrs. George (Aiken) Ripley
191 o Coat of Arms of Marquis Comwallis, recently found on a book

plate in a volume of Lord Bacon*s works printed in 1658.
This was probably the General, Earl Comwallis, of the Revo-

191 1 Picture. The first fight in Congress, 1798; published in Phila-

delphia a few days after the affray, the participants being
Matthew Lyon of Vermont and Roger Griswold of Connecti-
cut Frame of wood from the old Phillips* mansion House.

Rev. William L. Ropes

1 91 2 Silver pepper box made in England over 200 years ago. Came

from the Cushing family through Mary Cushing, Job Cushing
Stone to Mr. John Cushing Sears.

1913 Silver cup made in England over 200 years ago. Came from

the Cushing family through Mary Cushing and Job Cushing
Stone, to the present owner.

1 91 4 Engagement ring, belonged to Rebecca Johnson.

191 5 Silver stock buckle, original owner Mr. Nathan Barker.

1 91 6 Piece of wedding dress of Elizabeth Barker wife of Lieut Abra-

ham Poor of the Revolutionary war.

1 91 7 Bone pie marker carved from a bone with a pocket knife by a

prisoner of the War of 181 2.

191 8 Silver tea spoon maker I. B. Original owner Mary Poor pre-

vious to 1799.


Digitized by V3OOQ IC

1 91 9 Photograph of commission of Abraham Poor in the Revolution.

1920 Silver teaspoon, maker T. P. Original owner Sarah Holt, date

previous to 1788.

1 92 1 Silver tea spoon, marked I. B. maker. Original owners, Samuel

and Susanna Barker, date 1766.

1922 Silver table spoon, marked I. B. maker. Original owners Sam-

uel and Susanna Barker, date about 1766.

Mr. and Mrs. John C. (Johnson) Sears

1923 Book, Charter granted to the inhabitants of Massachusetts Bay,

Boston, 1759.

1924 Silver tea spoon. Miss E. M. E. Sanborn

1925 Wafers owned by an officer of the Revolution.

Mrs. David (Hay ward) Shaw

1926 Autograph letter of Lafayette, dated Paris, August i, 181 5, to

President Madison, given by Mrs. D. P. Madison, wife of
President James Madison to Rev. Luther H. Sheldon, De-
cember 7, 1838. Mrs. S. H. (Flagg) Sheldon

1927 Rapier of Lieut. Ebenezer Peabody, a minute man at Bunker

Hill, and wounded October 7, 1777, at Saratoga.

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