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^ — ' - I m

Corporations Subject to
Franchise Taxes.

Under Acts of 1909, Chapter 490, Part III.


Part m., Section 4.

Ihusd bt thx







Digitized by CjOOQ IC

Digitized by


Corporations Subject to
Franchise Taxes.

Under Acts of 1909, Chapter 490, Part III.

Published in Accordance with Acts of 1909, Chapter 490,
Part III., Section 4.



FOR the use of assessors.

January, 1915.





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Cccrvv- 5T(, \,'\.°{

O ■ r

>- : ' I : /

V ^

Approved by
The State Board op Publication.


Digitized by


Under Acts of 1909, Chapter 490, Part III.

Corporations existing under Authority op this Commonwealth
December 31, 1914, and subject to Taxation under Chapter
490, Part III, Acts op 1909> Organized under or subject to
Chapter 437, Acts op 1903, unless otherwise noted.

A. A. Brunell Company, Inc., Worcester.

A. A. Cobum Company, The, Worcester.

A. A. Forster Co., Natick.

A. A. Ordway Company, Haverhill.

A. A. Rowe & Son Company, Boston.

A. & A. Rubber Company, South Framingham.

A. & E. Burton Company, Boston (1914).

A. B. Currier Co., The, Boston.

A. B. Cutter Company, The, Boston.

A. B. Hoffmann and Son, Incorporated, Lynn.

A. B. Noyes & Co., Corporation, Georgetown.

A. B. Reade Co., Boston.

A. Burlingame Company, Worcester.

A. Bushee Company, Attleborough.

A. C. & M. L. Felkin Co., Boston.

A. C. Chandler & Son, Inc., Plymouth.

A. C. Button Lumber Company, Springfield.

A. C. Grady Loan Company, Brockton.

A. C. Hosmer Co., Leominster.

A. C. Joney Company, Worcester.

A. C. Leard Company, Worcester.

Digitized by



A. C. Titus & Company, Inc., Salem.

A. Ceppi C<Mnpany, Boston.

A. Cnnning^iam Drug Company, Cambridge.

A. D. Makepeace Company, Wareham. ,

A. D. Poole Co., Boston.

A. Da Prato Company, Boston.

A. Dalton Box Co., Haverhill.

A. Dalton Company, Haverhill.

A. Dickey Co., Boston.

A. Dodge & Son Corporation, Beveriy.

A. E. Bryer Contracting Co., Lynn.

A. E. Covelle Co., Boston.

A. E. Jebb Refinishing Co., Brockton.

A. E. Jones Company, Boston.

A. E. Lyon Company, The, Worcester.

A. Edgcomb Co., Boston.

A. F. Bond Company, Boston.

A. F. Clapp & Co., Inc., Boston.

A. F. Clark Lumber Company, Peabody.

A. F. Mentzer Company, Boston.

A. F. Ward Machinery Co., The, Boston.

A. G. Pollard Company, Lowell.

A. G. Smalley & Co., Inc., Boston.

A. G. Spalding & Bros., Incorporated, Boston.

A. G. Spalding & Bros. Manf'g Co., Chicopee.

A. G. Walton & Co., Inc., Lynn.

A. Grimes & Son, Incorporated, Boston.

A. H. Atkinson Company, Boston.

A. H, Davenport Company, Boston, Name changed to Irving dt Cos-
son- A, H, Davenport Co., q, v,

A. H. Demond Company, West Springfield.

Digitized by


A. H. Geuting Company, Boston.

A. H. Hews & Co., Incorporated, Cambridge.

A. H. Nelson Mannfaeturing Company, Newton.

A. H. Rice Company, Pittsfield.

A. H. Richardson Lumber Co., Boston.

A. H. Steele Co., Worcester.

A. H. Sweet Company, Milford.

A. H. Weeks & Company, Inc., Boston.

A. H. Whidden & Son, Incorporated, Peabody.

A. Hathaway Company, Boston.

A. Himmel Company, Lynn.

A. Homer Skinner Lumber Company, Fall River.

A. I. Asher Pants Company, Worcester.

A. J. Barker Company, Taunton.

A. J. Bates Company, Webster.

A. J. Beaumier Company, Springfield.

A. J. Cunningham Co., Boston.

A. J. Evenson Company, Boston.

A. J. Foster Co., Boston.

A. J. Hammerton Co., Saugus.

A. J. Kienle Coal Company, Easthampton.

A. J. Landey Company, Boston.

A. J. Lane Company, Springfield.

A. J. Smart Manufacturing Company, Greenfield.

A. J. Tower Company, Boston.

A. Jacobs & Sons Company, Lynn.

A. L. Banks & Co., Inc., Somerville.

A. L. Brooks Company, Lowell.

A. L. Carr Marine Railway Co., Fall River.

A. L. Cherry, Inc., Boston.

A. L. Eastman Company, Boston.

Digitized by


A. L. Lindroth Company, North Attleborough.

A. L. Parks Tea Company, Boston.

A. L. Richardson & Bro., Inc., Boston.

A. L. Stone Manufacturing Co., Boston.

A. Lee Company, Methuen.

A. Lord & Company, Incorporated, Chelsea.

A. M. Chapel Machine Company, Pittsfield.

A. M. Hawkes Company, The, Salem.

A. M. Hunt Company, Boston.

A. M. McPhail Piano Company, Boston.

A. M. Wheeler Company, Boston.

A. Marnock & Co., Inc., Quincy.

A. McArthur Co., Boston.

A. Morton Company, Boston.

A. P. Downs Co., Boston.

A. P. Gorman Company, Fall River.

A. P. Nardini Company, Boston.

A. R. Andrews Company, Boston.

A. R. Warfield Co., Whitman.

A. S. Belcher, Inc., Brockton.

A. S. Brock Rubber Company, Boston.

A. S. Campbell Company, Boston.

A. S. Dorfman Cigar Company, Pittsfield.

A. S. Ingraham Company, The, Attleborough.

A. S. Haddocks, Inc., Boston.

A. S. Morss Co., Boston.

A. S. Nichols Company, Boston.

A. S. Tucker Company, The, Boston.

A. Storrs and Bement Company, Boston.

A. T. Bridges Co., Incorporated, Boston.

A. T. Gallup Company, Holyoke.

Digitized by


A. T. Gallup, Incorporated, Holyoke.

A. T. Hart Co., Boston.

A. T. Howard Company, Boston.

A. T. Spooner Company, Springfield.

A. T. Stearns Lumber Company, The, Boston.

A. U. Dilley & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

A. Ullian Company, Boston.

A. Varnerin Company., Inc., Boston.

A. W. Barnes Steam Specialty Company, Boston.

A. W. Bennett Company, Boston.

A. W. Cheney Transfer Company, Chelsea.

A. W. Chesterton Company, Boston.

A. W. Cox & Co., Inc., Boston.

A. W. Emmons Company, Framingham.

A. W. 'Farrington Company, The, Boston.

A. W. Greeley Company, Haverhill.

A. W. Hayford Company, Boston.

A. W. Jones Co., Boston.

A. W. Moriarty Co., Boston.

A. W. Stephens Manufacturing Co., Waltham.

A. Willard and Son Inc., Wrentham.

A. Ziegler & Sons Company, Boston.

Abbot Worsted Company, Westford.

Abbotsford Worsted Company, Clinton.

Abbott's Menthol Plaster Company, Boston.

Abegweit Silver Black Fox Co., Boston.

Abington-Wliitman Tee Company, Abington.

Abraham Recht Company, Lynn.

Abrams Company, Boston.

Absorbentene Company, The, Waltham.

Acme Audit Company, Boston.

Digitized by



Acme Automatic Scale Company, Boston.

Acme Heel Company, Brockton.

Acme Oil Engine Company, Boston.

Acme Eegister Company, Somerville.

Acme Service Company, Boston.

Acme Spring Manufacturing Company, The, Boston. Name changed
to Kim Manufacturing Company, Inc., q. v.

Acme Torsion Spring Company, Boston.

Acme White Lead and Color Works, Boston.

Acorn Knee Pants Company, Boston.

Acton Farms Milk Company, Somerville.

Acushnet Co-operative Association, New Bedford.

Acushnet Mills Corporation, New Bedford.

Acushnet Process Company, Acushnet.

Acushnet Saw Mills Company, Acushnet.

Adam Geibel Music Company, Boston.

Adamant Battery Company, Boston.

Adams and Crockett, Incorporated, Springfield.

Adams & Euxton Construction Company, Springfield.

Adams-Atwood Company, Haverhill.

Adams Brothers Manufacturing Company, Adams.

Adams Chapman Company, Boston.

Adams Co., Beading.

Adams Co-operative Association, Adams.

Adams, Cushing & Foster, Inc., Boston.

Adams Gas Light Company, South Adams. Gen. Stat., c. 61.

Adams Hardware and Paint Company, The, Lowell.

Adams Pharmacy, Incorporated, Leominster.

Adams Pharmacy of Somerville, Inc., The, Somerville.

Adams Pond Company, Boston.

Adams Square Company, The, Boston.

Digitized by


Adams Woolen Co., Adams.

Addison Building Company, Springfield.

Adjustable Truss Hinge Company, Boston.

Adjustment Bureau of the Boston Credit Men's Association, Boston.

Adscar Company, Boston.

Advance Button Company, Attleborough.

Advertiser Newspaper Company, Boston.

Advertisers' Company (Inc.), Boston.

Advertising Vigilance Association, Inc., Boston.

Advocate Company, The, Cambridge.

Adzit Company, The, Orange.

Aeolian Macaroni Company, Boston.

Aero-Marine Equipment Company, Boston.

Aero Sales Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

Aetna Hosiery Company, Worcester,

Aetna Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Aetna Mills, Watertown. 1864, c. 33.

Aetna Rubber Company, Boston.

Affleck Ruling & Stationery Co., Holyoke.

Agawam Company, Agawam. 1851, c. 133.

A.gawam Electric Company, The, Agawam. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Agawam Reservoir, Power and Irrigation Company, The, Wareham.
Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Agoos Leather Co., Inc., Boston.

Aichess Petticoat Company, Boston.

• Aiden Lair Farms Association, The, Williamstown.

Aiken Knapp Company, Worcester.

Aiken, Putnam Co., Boston.

Aitken, Son and Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Ajax Metal Hoop Company, Boston.

Akers and Taylor Manufacturing Company, Charlton.

Digitized by



^Akim Trading Company Ltd. of Massachusetts, Boston.

Akron Tire and Eubber Company of Boston, The, Boston (1914).

Alban Theatrical Company, Boston.

Albany and Pittsfield Developing Company, Pittsfield.

Albany Cash Market, Incorporated, The, Pittsfield.

Albany Supply & Chemical Company, Boston.

Albenart Company, Canton.

Albert Culver Company, The, Eockland.

Albert D. Howlett Company, Boston.

Albert Dickinson Company of Massachusetts, The, Boston.

Albert E. Hale Co., Spring^eld.

Albert L. Reed, Incorporated, Cambridge.

Albert Russell & Sons Company, Newburyport.

Albert Steiger Company, Springfield.

Alberti Importing and Exporting Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Albiani Lunch Co., Boston.

Albree Self Figuring System Company, Boston.

Aloo Film Corporation of New England, Boston.

Alden Bros. Co., Boston.

Alden Hall Corporation, Boston.

Alden Press, Holyoke.

Alden Rubber Company, Boston.

Alden Sheet Metal Working & Plumbing Co., Brockton.

Alden SpeareJs Sons Co., The, Cambridge.

Alden T. Cleveland Mfg. Co., Boston.

Aldis Owen Hall's System of Business Enterprises, Incorporated,

Aldrich-Chipman Company, The, Attleborough.

Aldrich-Clisbee Company, The, Boston.

Aldrich Manufacturing Company, Charlton.

Alexander Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Digitized by



Alexander Confectionery Co., Boston.

Alexander P. Maynard, Inc., Boston.

Alexander Strauss Incorporated, Lowell.

Alexandros H. Kafengis Company, The, Boston.

Alfana Cigar Company, Boston.

Alfred Brigham Co., Boston.

Alfred E. Haines Company, Boston.

Alfred H. Aldrich Company, Boston.

Alfred Hale Rubber Company, Boston.

Alfred Karp, Inc., Boston.

Alfred Sears Co., Boston.

Alger Paper Box Company, Middleborough.

Algonquin Co., Inc., The, Boston.

Algonquin Printing Company, Fall River.

Alhambra Rubber Company, The, Milford.

Alkalol Company, The, Taunton.

Allbe and Lincoln Co., Springfield.

Allegheny Coke Company, Boston.

Allen and Endicott Building Company, The, Cambridge.

Allen and Fox Express Company, Boston.

Allen & Paisley Company, Boston.

Allen-Bradley Cranberry Company, The, Boston.

AUen, Doane & Co., Inc., Boston.

Allen-Foster- Willett Company, Lynn.

Allen-Higgins Wall Paper Company, Worcester.

Allen-Hurd Company, Boston.

Allen Lane Company, Boston.

Allen School of West Newton, The, Newton. Rev. Laws, c. 125.

Allen, Slade & Co., Inc., Fall River.

Allerton Laundry Corporation, Lynn.

Allied Arts Association, Boston.

Digitized by



Allied Investors Corporation, Boston.

Allied Stores Company, Springfield.

Ailing Rubber Company, Worcester.

Allston Laundry Inc., The, Boston.

Almond Company, Ashbumham.

Almy, Bigelow & Washburn, Incorporated, Salem.

Alpha Candy Company, Lynn.

Alpha Hat Company, Medway.

Alpha Investment Company, Boston.

Alpha Waste Products Company, Boston.

Alphabeticon Company, Boston.

Alsten and Goulding Company, Worcester.

Alta Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Amalgamator Manufacturing' and Mining Company, Boston.

Ambler Myriagraph Company, Natick.

American Agricultural Chemical Company of Massachusetts, The,

American Artois Bran Company, The, Boston.

American Automatic Feed- Water Regulator Company, Boston.

American Auxiliary Heating Co., Boston.

American Baking Company, Boston.

American Balloon and Decorating Company, Boston.

American Banner Company, Boston.

American Barrel, Company, Salem.

American Bell Telephone Company, Boston. 1880, c. 117.

American Belting and Tanning Company, Boston.

American Camphor Refining Company, The, Boston.

American Car Sprinkler Company, Worcester.

American Card Clothing Company, Worcester.

American Casket Company, Springfield.

American Chemical and Dyestuff Company, Incorporated, Boston.

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American Cloak Company, Boston.

American Clock Bank Mfg. Co., hyim,

American Clothing Syndicate, Inc., Boston.

American Clutch Company, Amesbury.

American Coal Company, Boston.

American Coat and Linen Supply Company, Boston.

American Coke and Charcoal Company, Salem.

American Color and Chemical Company, The, Boston.

American Coretwine Company, Boston.

American Cork Company*, Incorporated, Boston.

American Cultivator Publishing Company, Boston.

American Cushion Skate Company, Boston.

American De Greasing Co., Peabody.

American Delivery Company, Boston.

American Department Store Company, Maiden.

American Dry Plate Company, The, Worcester.

American Electric Process Steel Company, Boston.

American Electric Switch Company, Springfield.

American Electric Tool Company, Newton.

American Elevator-Rescue Appliance Company, Boston.

American Emblem Company, Boston.

American Equipment Company, Boston.

American F. N. Company, Newton.

American Fancier and Stockkeeper Company, The, Boston.

American Feature Film Co., Boston.

American Felt Company, Boston.

American Fiber Company, Worcester.

American Finance Company, Boston.

American Finishing Machinery Company, Boston.

American Fireworks Company, Boston.

American Fireworks Sales Company, Boston.

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American Flaming Arc Lamp Company, Boston.

American Flax Mills, Gardner.

American Fountain Pen Company, Boston.

American Furniture Exchange, Boston.

American Garage and Auto Company, Boston.

American Gas Burner Hot Water Company, The, Boston.

American Gas Light Company of New England, Boston.

American Glue Company, Boston.

American Graphic Art Company, Boston.

American Grocery Company, Boston.

American Halibut Company, Gloucester.

American Hat Company, Boston.

American History Publishing Co., The, Boston.

American House Corporation, The, Greenfield.

American Ignition Company, Incorporated, Boston.

American Ink Company, Boston.

American Insurance Company, Boston. 1818, c. 15.

American-International Company, Pittsfield.

American Investment Company, The, Salem.

American Iron & Metal Company, Boston.

American Jewel Company, Boston.

American Knitting Company, Waltham.

American-La France Fire Engine Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

American Law Service Company, Boston.

American Leather Goods Company, Boston.

American Life-Saving Garment Comj)any, Boston.

American Light, Heat and Power Company of Boston, Boston.

American Linen Company, Fall River. 1853, c. 92.

American Linseed Company, Boston.

American Linters Company, Boston.

American Lithuanian Co-operative Public Market Corporation, The,

Digitized by



American Loan Company, Worcester.

American Lunch Company, Boston.

American Manufacturing Company, Boston.

American Mason Safety Tread Company, Lowell.

American Mica Company, Boston.

American Mineral Company, Boston.

American Model & Instrument Co., Worcester.

American Motor Equipment Company, Boston.

American Motorists' Protective Association, Incorporated, Boston.

American Narrow I^abric Company, Fitchburg.

American National Detective Agency, Inc., Boston.

American National Investment Company, Boston.

American Net and Twine Company, Boston.

American No-Slip Cement Company, Boston.

American Nut Lock Company, Boston.

American Oak Leather Company, The, Boston.

American Oil Company, Cambridge.

American Optical Company, Southbridge.

American Oxidaze Company, Worcester.

American Oxygen Association (Incorporated), Boston.

American Package Fruit Company, Boston.

American Pad & Paper Co., Holyoke.

American Painting & Decorating Company, Boston.

American Paper Stock Company, Boston.

American Photographic Publishing Company, Boston.

American Piano Supply Company, Boston.

American Plumbing and Heating Company, Fall River.

American Powder Mills, The, Boston.

American Printing Company, The, Fall River.

American Realty Company, Boston.

American Respirator Company, Boston.

Digitized by



Americau Eotary Pump Co., Boston.

American Eubber Company, Boston.

American Sales Machine Company, The, Worcester.

Ameiican School of Business, Incorporated, Boston.

American Scientific Supply Corporation, The, Salem.

American Securities Corj^oration, Boston.

American Shoemaking Publishing Company, Boston.

American Silver Black Fox Company, Boston.

American Smokeless Powder Company, Boston.

American Solidified Oil Works, Maiden.

American Specialty Company, Worcester.

American Stable Co., Boston.

American Stamping Machine Company, Lynn.

American Stationery Company, Boston.

American Stave and Cooperage Company, Boston.

American Stay Company, Boston.

American Steam Gauge & Valve Manufacturing Company, Boston.

American Stop-Motion Company, Lowell.

American Storage Battery Company, The, Cambridge.

American Stores Company, The, Springfield.

American Tailors, Inc., Boston.

American Tap and Die Co., Greenfield.

American Tar Company, Boston.

American Tea and Coffee Co., Boston.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company, New York.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company of Massachusetts, Boston.
Pub. Stat., c. 106.

American Textilose Company, Boston.

American Tire Company, Saugus.

American Tool and Machine Company, Boston.

American Tray Wagon Company. Winchendon.

Digitized by



American Trust Company, Boston. 1881, c. 80. 1907, c. 77.

American Tube Works, SomerviDe. 1851, c. 133.

American Utilization Company, Boston.

American Union ToweL Supply Company, Chelsea.

American Valve Company, Boston.

American Voting Machine Co. of Massachusetts, The, Boston.

American Waltham Watch Company, Waltham. 1854, c. 123. 1885,
c 26.

American Watch Tool Company, Waltham.

American Water Supply Company of New England, Boston.

American Waterproof Sole Company, Boston.

American Wharf Company, Gloucester.

American Whip Company, Westfield.

American Wholesale Grocery Company, Worcester.

American Window Cleaning Company of Holyoke, Mass., Holyoke.

American Window Cleaning Company of Springfield, Mass., Spring-

American Wireless Company, Boston.

American Wireless Equipment Company, Boston.

American Worsted Machinery Company, Lawrence.

American X-Ray Screen Co., Quincy.

Ames Implement and Seed Company, Boston.

Ames Plow Company, Boston.

Ames Premium Company, Lynn.

Ames Sword Company, Boston.

Amesbury and Salisbury Gas Company, Amesbury. 1855, c. 146.

Amesbury Building Corporation, The, Amesbury.

Amesbury Commercial Press, Amesbury.

Amesbury Electric Light Company, Amesbury. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Amesbury Theatre Company, Amesbury.

Amherst Co-operative Supply Association, The, Amherst.

Amherst Creamery Company, The, Amherst.

pigitized by



Amherst Garage Company, Amherst.

Amherst Gas Company, The, Amherst. 1870. c. 224.

Amherst Manufacturing Company, Amherst.

Amherst Power Companif, Amherst, Name changed to Turners Brails
Poicer & Electric Company, q. v,

Amhei-st Water Company, Amherst. 1880, c. 179.

Amherst Waxed Paper Mills, Amherst.

Amoroso, Incorporated, Boston.

Amos F. Chase Company (inc.). The, Boston.

Anastasi Life-Boat Company, Boston.

Anchor Color & Gum Works, Dighton.

Anchor Laundry Company, Boston.

Anchor Linotype Printing Company, Boston.

Ancient River Corporation, The, Boston.

Ancona Company, The, Fall River.

Anderson and Company Inc., Cambridge.

Anderson Electric Car Company of Boston, Boston.

Anderson-Snow-Hardware Company, Boston.

Andover Press (Limited), The. Andover.

Andover Realty Co., The, Andover.

Andrew D. Fuller Co., Boston.

Andrew Dutton Company, Boston.

Andrew G. Paul Company, Boston.

Andrew J. Lloyd Company, Boston.

Andrew J. Morse & Son, Incorporated, Boston.

Andrew Kerr Company, The, Plymouth.

Andrew Wilson Company, Lawrence.

Andrews and Oilman Inc., Maiden.

Andrews-Gardner Co., Boston.

Andrews Paper Company, Boston.

Andrews- Wasgatt Company, Everett.

Digitized by



Androscoggin Motor Company, Boston.

Androscoggin Pulp Compliny, Boston.

Angelo Seretto Company, Fitchburg.

Angier Chemical Company, The, Newton.

Angier MiUs, Ashland.

Anglo-American Textile Machinery Company, Boston.

Angus Engineering Company, Incorporated, Boston.

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