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Kelley and Hawes Company, Winchester.

Kelley-Mills Company, Brockton.

Kelley Spence Co., Boston.

Kellmann's Feature Films, Inc., Boston.

Kellmann's Majestic Amusement Co., Fitchburg.

Kelly-Evans Company, Brockton.

Kelly Leather Goods Company, Maiden.

Kelly Peanut Company, The, Boston.

Kelly Separator Company, Boston.

Kelly-Springfield Motor Truck Company, The, Cambridge.

Kempton Company, The, Haverhill.

Kempton Street Public Market, Inc., New Bedford.

Kendall Drug Company, Cambridge.

Kenilworth Press, Inc., Boston.

Keniston Engineering Company, The, Boston.

Kenlit Mfg. Co., Medford.

Kennedy & Peterson Construction Company, Boston.

Kennedy Company, The, Boston.

Kennedy's (Inc.), Brockton.

Kenney Brothers Company, Boston.

Kenney-Kennedy Company, Worcester.

Kenny Clark Company, Boston.

Kenny Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Keno Supply Company, Brockton.

Kent Company, Inc., Boston.

Kent Manufacturing Company,' Boston.

Kenworthy Brothers Company, Boston.

Kermel Apparatus Company, Boston.

Kershaw-Williams Company, Boston.

Keystone Job Print, Brockton.

Keystone Stoker Company, Boston.

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Kibbe Brothers Company, Springfield.

Kilbum, Lincoln & Co., Fall River.

£:ilbam Mill, New Bedford.

Kilby Investment Company, Boston.

Kiky Hardware Company, Boston.

Kilgore Motor Starter Compuy, Boston.

Kilgonr Boiler Setting Company, Lexington.

KiDittgley Manufaeturing Company, Boston.

Eillion Rubber C<»npany, Boston.

Killory-Corooran Shoe Co., Broekton.

Kim Manufacturing Company, Inc., Boston.

Kimball Aeroplane Company, Lynn.

Kimball and Cary Company, Northampton.

Kimball System, Incorporated, The, Lowell.

King Mining Co., Boston.

King Philip Mills, Fall River.

King Philip Tavern Company, Boston and Lakeville.

King Printing Company, The, Springfield.

Bang Rubber Company, Somerville.

Kingman and Hearty Inc., Boston.

King's Public Market Company, Springfield.

Kingsbury-Bendslev Company, Waltham.

Kinkead Mfg. Co., Boston.

Kinnell Manufacturing Company, The, Pittsfield.

Kinney Heating and Supply Company, Brockton.

Klinney Manufacturing Company, Bostpn.

Kinsman and Campbell Company, Springfield.

Kittredge Lunch Company, Boston.

Klauer Motor Repair Company, Cambridge.

Klebart & Steinberg (Inc.)> Webster.

Klein Manufacturing Company, Boston, Name changed to L and F
Manufacturing Company, The, q, v.

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Kleno Manufacturing Company, Weymouth.

Kline Kar Auto Company, Boston.

Kneil Coal Company, Westfield.

Knight and Co., Inc., Boston.

Knight and von Elten, Incorporated, Boston.

Knight Grain Company, Newburyport.

Knights-Allen Co., Haverhill.

Knipe Bros. Incorporated, Haverhill.

Knitted Padding Company, Canton.

Knojah Shock Absorber Company, Lexington.

Knowles Freeman Fish Company, Boston.

Knowlton Iron Works Co., Boston.

Knox & Morse Company, Boston.

Knox Automobile Company, Springfield.

Knox Hill Water Company, Palmer. Pub. Stat., c. 110.

Knox Motors Company, Springfield.

Knox Street Garage Inc., Lawrence.

Koehler Manufacturing Company, Hudson.

Keen Brothers, Incorporated, Salem.

Koenier & Mitchell Company, Boston.

Kohler Co., Boston.

KoUen Importing Company, Cambridge.

Koonz Manufacturing Company, The, Greenfield.

Koral Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Koritzky Trading Company, Boston.

Kom Leather Company, Salem.

Kozy Slipper Company, Lynn.

Kraft, Bates and Spencer, Incorporated, Boston.

Krause Self-Operating Door Company, Boston.

Krey Music Company, Boston.

Kuhn, Fisher & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

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Kunz-Gkumiss Company, Boston.

Kuro Medicine Company, Boston.

Kyle Mining Company, The, Boston.

L. A. Hastings Company, Worcester.

L. A. Johnson Company, Inc., Boston.

L. A. Rankin & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

L. A. Rogers Company, Boston.

L. A. Thompson Scenic Railway Company of Massachusetts, Revere.

L. A. Williamson Company, Boston.

L and F Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

L. & M. Wool Cleaning Compaxiy, Boston.

L. & P. Company, Framingham.

L. B. B. Faucet Company, Springfidd.

L. B. Dow, Inc., Boston.

L. B. Evans' Son Compaxiy, Wakefield.

L. B. Moody Company, Salem.

L. B. Ramsdell Company, (Gardner.

L. B. Southwick Company, The, Peabody.

L. Brayton & Co. Inc., Newton.

L. C. Moore Company, Lawrence.

L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

L. C. Stevens Company, Brookline.

L. C. Thayer Company, Boston.

L. D. Jackson Company, Boston.

L. D. litch Building Company,. Lynn.

L. D. Margolis Company, Boston.

L. D. Bobbins Company, Lynn.

L. D. Thayer Manufacturing Company, The, Worcester.

L. D. Willcutt and Sons Company, Boston.

L. Diamond Company, Boston.

L. Dimond & Sons, Incorporated, Boston.

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L. E. A. Smith Company, Somerville.

L E. Fosgate Co., Boston.

L E. Freeman Co., North Attleborough.

L. E. Knott Apparatus Company, Boston.

L. E. Sanborn Company, Boston.

L E. Smith Company, Gloucester.

L. G. Balfour Company, Attleborough.

L. G. Fisk-Mooers Company^ Boston.

L. Ginsberg Fruit and Produce Co. Inc., Bost<Hi.

L H. IMas. Company, Boston.

L H. Goodnow FouBdcy Company, Fitchburg.

L. H. Spaulding Company, Lowell.

L Hardy Company, Worcester.

L. J. Foss Company, Boston.

L. J. Laporte Drug Co., Holyoke.

L. J. Mutty Company, Boston.

L. K. Husted Company, Inc., Chelsea.

L L. Brown Paper Company, Adams.

L M. Cotton Inc., Boston.

L. M. Dyer & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

L. M. Ham Company, Boston.

L M. Koritz Company, Lawrence.

L. M. Pierce Co., Fred A. Hoschke, Prop., Springfield.

L. Marino, Incorporated, Boston.

L Martin Company, Boston.

L. Ni<^erson Company Incorporated, Gloucester.

L. P. Churchill Company, Berkley.

L. P. French Company, The, Stoughton.

L. P. Page Company, Springfield.

L. P. Pond Drug Co., Chelsea.

L. P. Soule & Son Company, Boston.

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L. Promboim & Son Inc., Cambridge.

L. Q. White Co-operative Company, Bridgewater.

L. Q. White Shoe Company, Brockton.

L. R. Potter Co., Boston.

L. Robert Tidd Company, Boston.

L. S. Johnson Company, Boston.

L. S. Starrett Company, The, Atliol.

L. S. Watson Manufacturing Company, Leicester.

L. Speidel & Co., Inc., Boston.

L. T. Robbins Lumber Company, Inc., Plymouth.

L. Thompson Coal Co., Hin^am.

L. W. & H. F. Morse Company, Boston.

L. W. Anthony Co., Lynn.

L. W. Bigelow's Sons Furniture Company, Norwood.

L. W. Briggs Company, Worcester.

L. Wolf son's Sons (Corporation), Boston.

L. Z. Carpenter Company, Attleborough.

La Belle-Alderman Company, Springfield.

La Duke Glea Construction Company, Springfield.

La Espanola Cigar Co., Boston.

La Justice Publishing Company, Incorporated, Holyoke.

La-Lo Company, The, Boston.

La Pierre Drug Company, Cambridge.

Labelle Gas Regulator Company, Lowell.

Laboratory Kitchen: Incorporated, Boston.

Lace Shop, Inc., The, Boston.

Laconia Car Company, Boston.

Ladew-Jones Co., Boston.

Lady Betty, Inc., Brookline.

Lagasse Brothers Company, Fall River.

Lagoon Pond Company in Dukes County, Tisbury. 1857, c. 87.

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Lake Ariguanabo Company, Boston.

Lake Boon Boat Service, Inc., Stow.

Lake Boon Shop (Incorporated), Stow.

Lake Shore Company, Shrewsbury.

Lake Street Hotels, Inc., Boston.

Lake Waban Laundry Company, Wellesley.

Lake Williams Ice Company, The, Marlborough.

Lakeside Construction Company, Worcester.

Lakeview Press, Framingham.

Lally Commercial Body Co., South Boston.

Lamb & Ritchie Company, Cambridge.

Lamb Knitting Machine Company, Chicopee.

Lambert and Turner Company, Boston.

Lambeth Rope Corporation, New Bedford.

Lambie-Denman, Incorporated, Springfield.

Lambson Furniture Company, The, Westfield.

Lamere & Robinson Company^ Boston.

Laminated Materials Company, Boston.

Lamson and Goodnow Manufacturing Company, Bucklaiid. 1851,
c. 312.

Lancaster Milk Company, Somerville.

Lancaster Mills, Clinton. 1844, c. 20.

Landers Frary & Clark Co., Boston.

Lands End Motor Co., Rockport.

Lane & Co. Corporation, Boston.

Lane & Co. Inc., Boston.

Lane Brothers Company, Boston.

Lane Bros. Company of Chartley, Norton.

Lanfe-Libby Fisheries Company, Boston.

Lane's Cove Pier Company, Gloucester. 1827, c. 76.

Lang & Jacobs Company, Boston.

Langdon Store Company, The, Monterey.

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Langewald CompaDy, The, Cbicopee.

Language Correspondence Schools, Inc., The, Boston.

Lannin Realty Company, Boston.

Larehar & Branch, Inc., Webster.

Larrabee and Stearns, Inc., Melrose.

L'Association Progressive Franco-Americaine de Springfield, Massadiu-
setts, Springfield.

Laurel Lake Mills, Fall River.

Laurie Valve Co., Boston.

Lawler Bros. Theatre Co., The, Greenfield.

Lawler MTg. Co., Maiden.

Lawler Printing Company, The, Lowell.

Lawncrest Inn Company, Haverhill.

Lawrence & Stanley Co., Boston.

Lawrence B. Smith Co., Boston.

Lawrence Baseball Association, Lawrence.

Lawrence Candy Manufacturing Compaiw, Lawrence.

Lawrence Development Corporation, Lawrence.

Lawrence Dry Goods Store, Incorporated, Lawrence.

Lawrence Duck Company, Lawrence. 1853, c. 81.

Lawrence Dye Works Company, The, Lawrence.

Lawrence Gas Company, Lawrence. 1849, c. 17.

Lawrence Gas Generator Company, Lawrence.

Lawrence Grain and Coal Company, The, Lawrence.

Lawrence Grocery Company, Lawrence.

Lawrence Hebrew Merchants Association Inc., Lawrence.

Lawrence Ice Company, Lawrence.

Lawrence Improvement Company, Lawrence.

Lawrence Lumber Company, Lawrence. *

Lawrence Manufacturing Company, Lowell. 1831, c. 5.

Lawrence Market Company, Lawrence.

Lawrence Motor Mart, Inc.. Lawrence.

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Lawrence Piano Company, The, Lawrence.

Lawrence Produce Company, The, Lawrence.

Lawrence Pump and Engine Company, Lawrence.

Lawrence Rubber Company, Lawrence.

Lawrence Street Drug & Chemical Company, The, Lawrence.

Lawrence Trust Company, Lawrence. 1904, c. 374.

Lawrence Wholesale Drug Company, Lawrence.

Lawson Pink Food Prc^ducts Co., Boston.

Lawson-Pratt Sales Company, Boston.

Lawyers Title & Mortgage Guaranty Company, Boston.

Le Courrier Publishing Company, Salem.

Le Lynnois Publishing Company, Incorporated, Lynn.

Le Supplement Publishing Company, Lowell.

Leamard-Tompkins Electric Co., Boston.

Leas & McVitty Company, Boston.

Leatherbee Company, Boston.

Leavitt and Peirce (Incorporated), Cambridge.

Leavitt & Rubenstein Press, Inc., Boston.

Leavitt Machine Co., The, Orange.

Leavitt 's Scotch Polish Company, Boston.

L'Echo Publishing Company, New Bedford.

Ledder & Probst, Incorporated, Boston.

Lee Creamery Co-operative Association, The, Lee.

Lee Electric Company, Lee. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Lee Farming Co., Quincy.

Lee Hotel Company, Lee.

Lees Button Company, The, Leominster.

Legal Premium Company, Boston.

Legal Process Company, Boston.

Legal Service Company, Boston.

Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Company (Massachusetts), Boston.

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Leicester Grocery Company, The, Leicester.

Leicester Polar Spring Company, Worcester.

Leighton-Mitchell Company, Boston.

Lenox Drug Company, Lenox.

Lenox Electric Company, The, Lenox. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Lenox Hotel Company, Boston.

Lenox Jewelry Company, Boston.

Lenox Loan and Investment Company, Boston.

Lenox Motor Car Company, Boston.

Lenox Veterinary Medicine Company, The, Pittsfield.

Lenox Water Company, Lenox. 1874, e. 209.

Leominster Co-operative Association, Inc., Leominster.

Leominster Drug Company, Leominster.

Leominster Electric Company, Leominster.

Leominster Electric Light and Power Company, The, Leominster.
Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Leominster Fuel Company, Leominster.

Leominster Gas Light Company, Leominster. 1870, c. 224.

Leominster Investment Associates, Incorporated, Leominster.

Leominster Machine Supply Company, Leominster.

Leominster Novelty Co., Leominster.

Leominster Shell Goods Company, Leominster.

Leominster Shell Goods Mfg. Co., Leominster.

Leominster Shoe Company (Inc.), Leominster.

Leominster Worsted Company, Leominster.

Leon Miller Company, Boston.

Leona Mining Company, Boston.

Leonard and Baker Stove Company, Taunton.

Leonard Lumber Co., Boston.

Leonard Watch Company, Boston.

Leopold Morse Company, Boston.

Leslie & GriflBth Company, Boston.

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Leslie Dry Groods Company, The, HaverhilL

Leslie Manufacturing Company, Canton.

L^Etoile Publishing Company, Lowell.

Lever Cream Separator Company, Boston.

Levirs and Sargent Company, Incorporated, Lynn.

Levitan Amusement Company, Inc., Boston.

Levy Brothers Inc., Boston.

Levy Department Store, Inc., Boston.

Lewando's French Dyeing and Cleansing Company, Boston.

Lewen Construction Company, Salem.

Lewis A. Brown & Co. Inc., Boiston.

Lewis A. Brown Company, Boston.

Lewis A. Crossett, Inc., Abington.

Lewis E. Tracy Company, Boston.

Lewis F. Perry's Sons Company, Boston.

Lewis F. Small, Incorporated, Boston.

Lewis H. & F. W. Lovering, Inc., Kedford.

Lewis H. Clough Sulphur Vapor Bath Company, Boston.

Lewis J. Bird Company, Boston.

Lewis-La Bonte Company, Haverhill.

Lewis Leather Company, Easton.

Lewis Manufacturing Company, Walpole.

Lewis, Mears Company, Boston.

Lewis Mine Company, Boston.

Lewis S. Sandler Company, Lynn.

Lewis Wharf Company, Boston. 1834, c. 115.

Lexington Coal Company, Lexington.

Lexington Gas Company, Lexington. Pub. Stat, c. 106.

Lexington Lumber Company, Lexington.

Lexington Trust Company, Lexington. 1904, c. 374.

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Ley Construction Company^ The, Springfield.

Libbie Printing Company, The, Boston.

Libby Ice Cream Company, Somerville.

Libby Manufacturing Company, Mebrose.

Liberty-Durgin, Inc., HaverhilL

Liberty Hat Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Liberty Masonic Association, Beverly. 1867, c. 283.

Liberty Paper Company, Boston.

Liberty Shoe Compaxiy, The, Salem.

Liberty Shoe Manufactuiing Company, Chelsea.

Liberty Square Warehouse Company, Boston. 1825, c. 61.

Liberty Trust Company, Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Librairie Beauchemin, Incorporated, Worcester.

Library Bureau, Boston.

Light Publishing Company, Springfield.

Lighting Supply Company, Boston.

Lilly Brackett Company, Brockton.

Lilly Company, The, Attleborough.

Lincoln and Smith Press, Boston.

Lincoln Clothing Company, The, Worc^ter.

Lincoln-Dillaway Company, The, Boston.

Lincoln Engraving Company, Boston.

Lincoln Leather Goods Company, The, Somerville.

Lincoln Lunch Company, Inc., Worcester.

Lincoln Manufacturing Company, Fall River.

Lincoln Park Amusement Company, Worcester.

Lincoln Polishing Company, Quincy.

Lincoln Shoe Company, Boston.

Lincoln Trust Company, Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Lincoln Webbing Company, Brockton.

Lincoln, Willey & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

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Lincoln- Williams Twist Drill Company, Taunton.

Lindbladh Corporation, The, Boston.

Linden Park Laundry Company, Boston.

Ulndependant Publishing Company, Fall River.

Lindsay Morison Stock Company, Inc., The, Boston.

Linehan-Conover Company, Worcester.

Linehan-Douglas Company, Westfield.

Linen Thread Company, The, Boston.

Liner and Space-band Company, Boston.

Linscott Motor Company, Boston.

Linscott Sporting Goods Company, Boston.

Linscott Supply Company, Boston.

Linus D. Drury Corporation, Boston.

Linwood Street Railway Company, Northbridge. Pub. Stat., c. 113.

Lion Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Lion Raincoat Company, Boston, Name changed to Lion Manufactur-
ing Company J q, v.

Lionne Company, The, Boston.

Lipson Seam Cementing Machine Company, Boston.

Liquid Gas Company of Massachusetts, The, Boston.

Litchfield Shuttle Company, The, Southbridge.

Lithuanian Co-operative Association of Brighton, The, Brighton.

Lithuanian Cooperative Association of East Cambridge, Inc., Cam-

Lithuanian Workers' Corporation, Gardner.

Little, Brown and Company (Inc.), Boston.

Little River Fur Farm^ Inc., Boston, Name changed to Little River
Silver Tip Black Fox Co,, q, v.

Little River Silver Tip Black Fox Co., Boston.

Littlefield Machine Company, The, Haverhill.

Littleton Unit Brick and Tile Company, Incorporated, Littleton.

Live Advertising Company, Lowell.

Living Age Company, The, Boston.

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Lloyd Coal Company, Arlington.

Lloyd D. Holton Company, Boston.

Lockcura Company, The, Boston.

Locke Coal Company, Maiden.

Locke Regulator Company, Salem.

Locks and Canals on Merrimack River, Proprietors of the, Lowell.
Chartered, 1792. 1846, c. 48.

Locks Pond Reservoir Company, Montague. 1885, c. 74.

Lockwood Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Loewenthal Co. of Mass., Boston.

Logan Coal Company of Fall River, Fall River.

Lombard Company, The, Boston.

Lombard Machine Company, Worcester.

Lombardy Inn Company, Boston.

London and Ceylon Tea Co,, The, Boston. Name changed to London
Tea Company, The, q. v.

London Finance Company, Boston.

London Harness Company, Boston.

London Raincoat Company, Boston.

London Tea Company, The, Boston.

Lonergan Players Inc., The, Lynn.

Long & Saunders Company, Quincy.

Long Pond Fishing Company in Yarmouth. 1842, c. 75. 1881, c. 46.

Long Pond Ice Co., Easton.

Loomis & Sperry Inc., Holyoke.

Looney Brothers Leather Company, Salem.

Lord & Bumham Company, Boston.

Lord and Company, Incorporated, Lawrence.

Lord Electric Company, Boston.

Lord Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Loring Avenue Garage Company, Salem.

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Loi-ing-Axtell Company, Springfield.

Loring Realty Company, The, Melrose.

Los Fabrieantes Unidos, Inc., Boston.

Los Indios Grapefruit Plantations, Inc., Boston.

Lot Phillips & Co. Corporation, Hanover.

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., Boston.

Lords B. Cadario & Sons, Incorporated, Boston.

Louis Bassill Company, Boston.

Louis Bourneuf Corporation, Lynn.

Louis Cohen Shirt Company, Holyoke and Boston.

Louis Dejonge Co., Fitchburg.

Louis E. Crosscup Company, Boston. ^

Louis E. Merry Company, Boston.

Louis Fabian Bachrach Company, Worcester.

Louis Fabian Bachrach, Inc., Boston.

Louis G. Destremps and Sons Incorporated, Fall River.

Louis H. Ross Music Publishing Company, Boston.

Louis K. Liggett Company, Boston.

Louis Le Bow Company, Springfield. Name changed to F. W. Garran
Company, q. v,

Louis Miller Co., Inc., Boston.

Louis Rothstein, Incorporated, Boston.

Louis W. Sumner, Inc., Boston.

Lovejoy-McGrail Company, Boston.

Lovell and Covel Company, Boston.

Lovells (Inc.), Cambridge.

Lovett, Hart and Phipps Company, Boston.

Lovewell-Henrici Company, Chelsea.

Lowe Brothers Company, Fitchburg.

Lowe, Donald & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Lowe Produce Company, Gardner.

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Lowell and Andover Railroad Company, Lowell and Andover. 1872.
e. 53.

Lowell and Fitchburg Street Railway Company. Rev. Laws, c. 112.
1904, c. 168.

Lowell Baseball Club, Lowell.

Lowell Bleachery, Boston and Lowell. 1833, c. 2.

LoweH Bfoa. & Bailey Company, Boston.

Lowell Buiek Company, Lowell.

Lowell Cement Brick Company, Lowell.

Lowell Commercial College, Incorporated, The, Lowell.

Lowell Co-operative Association, Sovereigns of Industry, Lowell.

Lowell Electric Light Corporation, The, Lowell. 1870, c. 224.

Lowell Felt Company, Lowell.

Lowell Gas light Company, Lowell. 1849, c. 234.

Lowell Hosiery Company, Lowell. 1869, c. 326.

Lowell Insulated Wire Company, Lowell.

Lowell Land Company, Lowell. 1888, c. 218.

Lowell Paper Tube Corporation, Lowell.

Lowell Real Estate Company, Lowell. 1892, c 343.

Lowell Shuttle Company, Lowell.

Lowell Spinning Company, Boston.

Lowell Terminal Company, The, Boston.

Lowell Textile Company, The, Lowell.

Lowell Trust Company, Lowell. 1890, c. 323.

Lowell Waste Company, Lowell.

Lowell Witherby Company, Boston.

Lower Falls Garage Company, Wellesley.

Loyal Protective Insurance Company, Boston. 1907, c. 576.

Lozier Motor Company of Boston, Somerville.

Lozier Motor Company of New England, Boston.

Lubron Company, The, Newton.

Lucas Corundum Mining and Manufacturing Company, Chester.

Luce Manufacturing Company, Dalton.

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Lucy Mill and Lumber Company, The, Boston.

Ludlow Electric Light Company, Ludlow. R. L., c. 110.

Ludlow Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

Luke W. Reynolds Co., Brockton.

Lumsden and Van Stone Company, The, Boston.

Lundin Steel Casting Company, The, Boston.

Lunenburg Water Company, Lunenburg. 1914, c. 339.

Lunkenheimer Company, The, Boston.

Lunt Moss Company, Boston.

Luso- American Company, Fall River.

Luten Engineering Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

Luther Manufacturing Company, Fall River.

Luther Paul Co., Newton.

Luther Reed Manufacturing Company, The, Fall River.

Luxemoor Company, Boston.

Luxus Company, The, Springfield.

Lyman B. Brooks Company, Boston.

Lyman Mills, Boston and Holyoke. 1854, c. 82.

Lynch Brothers Brick Company, The, Holyoke.

Lynch Brothers Carriage Company, Chelsea.

Lynch Brothers Leather Company, Salem.

Lynch Heel Company, Lynn.

Lynde and Hanchett Company, Lowell.

LynHome Company, Lynn.

Lynn & Salem Concrete Company, Lynn.

Lynn Base Ball and Amusement Company, Lynn.

Lynn Box Company, Lynn. (1914.)

Lynn Branch Burdett College, Incorporated, Lynn.

Lynn Clothing Company, Lynn.

Lynn Coal Company, Lynn.

Lynn Co-operative Association, Lynn.

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Lynn Evening News Company, Lynn.

Lynn Fire and Police Notification Company Incorporated, Lynu.

Lynn Gas and Electric Company, Lynn. 1853, c. 35. 1873, e. 112.
1888, c. 252.

Lynn Grease Extracting Company, Lynn.

Lynn Ice & Cold Storage Company, Lynn.

Lynn Ice Company, The, Lynn.

Lynn Investment and Securities Company, The, Lynn.

Lynn Jewelry Company, Lynn.

Lynn Jewish Publishing Company, Ljun.

Ljoin Last Company, Lynn.

Lynn License Association, Inc., Lynn.

Lynn Manufacturers and Merchants Mutual Fire Insurance Company,
Lynn. Rev. Laws, c. 118.

Lynn Market House Company, Lynn. 1870, c. 167.

Lynn Motor Cycle Co., Lynn.

Lynn Photo Chemical Company, Lynn.

Lynn Publishing Company, Lynn.

Lynn Remedial Loan Society, Lynn.

Lynn Rubber Manufacturing Company, Lynn.

Lynn Safe Deposit and Trust Company, Lynn. 1887, c. 195.

Lynn Specialty Co., The, Lynn.

Lynn Storage Company, Lynn.

Lynn Storage Warehouse Company, The, Lynn.

Lynn Telegram Inc., The, Lynn.

Lyon Carpet Company, Lowell.

Lyon Company, The, Leominster.

Lyon Manufacturing Company, Fitchburg.

Lyons and Hershenson, Incorporated, Lynn.

Lyons & Murphy's Dorchester Express, Inc., Boston.

Lyons Counter Company, Lynn.

Lyons Hotel Company of Massachusetts, The, Boston.

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Lyric Theatre and Amusement Company, Lynn.

M. A. Dame & Son Company, Lynn.

M. A. Hanigan Company, Fitchburg.

M. A. Packard Company, Brockton.

M. & C. Hat Company, Boston.

M. & C. Skirt Company, Boston.

M. & M. Jewelry Co., Inc., Providence, R. I.

M and T Button Company, Boston.

M. and T. Skirt and Dress Co. Incorporated, Boston.

M. B. Claff and Sons Inc., Randolph.

M. B. M. Motor Company, Boston.

M. B. Paige Company, Peabody.

M. C. Rosenfeld Company, Boston.

M. Connell Co. Inc., Lynn.

M. D. Holmes & Sons Company, Worcester.

M. D. Jones Company, The, Boston.

M. D. Malbon Co., Haverhill.

M. Daly Co., Lawrence.

M. Doyle & Company Inc., Boston.

M. E. Hall Co., Boston.

M. F. Hanson & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

M. Finkovitch, Inc., Boston.

M. Fitzpatrick & Son Inc., Cambridge.

M. G. Tuck Co., Boston.

M. H. Bates Co., Brockton.

M. H. Boyden Company, Walpole.

M. J. Crowley Company, Springfield.

M. J. Doran Company, Fall River.

M. J. Doyle Printing Company, Holyoke.

M. J. Holden Lumber Company, The, Adams.

M. J. Laporte, Incorporated, Holyoke.

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M. J. O'Malley Company, The, Springfield.

M. J. Ryan & Sons Company, Grardner.

M. J. Silva Company, Fall River.

M. K. Smith Company, The, Worcester.

M. L. Hewett & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

M. L. Pratt Company, Plymouth.

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