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M. M. Rhodes & Sons Co., Taunton.

M. Marks Company, Lowell.

M. Mindick Company, Boston.

M. N. Arnold Shoe Company, North Abington.

M. Obst & Co., Inc., Boston.

M. O'Keeffe, Incorporated, Boston.

M. S. Converse Company, Springfield.

M. S. Palmer Company, Boston.

M. S. Wright Company, Worcester.

M. Sweeney Company, Fall River.

M. T. Coffey Company, Fall River.

M. T. Goodrich Company, Brockton.

M. T. Stevens and Sons Company, North Andover.

M. W. Allen Construction Company, Walpole.

M. W. Ray Company, Lynn.

M. Walen & Son Incorporated, Gloucester.

Macalaster, Wiggin Company, Boston.

Maeallen Company, The, Boston.

Macbeth-Evans Glass Company (Mass.), Boston.

Macdonald & Evans, Inc., Boston.

MacDonald & Joslin Company, Boston.

MacDonald Ice Cream Company, The, Boston.

MacDonnelPs Inc., Boston.

Macduff Construction Company, The, Everett.

Macey-Stetson-Morris Company, Boston.

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MacGregor Garage Incorporated, The, Waltham.

MacGregor Home Bakery Company, Boston.

Machat Feature Film Co., Boston.

Machine Composition Company, Boston.

Mack Motor Truck Company, Boston.

Mackenzie & Winslow, Incorporated, Fall River.

Macker-Tyler Company, Worcester.

Mackey Land Company, North Reading.

Mackey Manufacturing Company, Swampscott.

Mackie Brothers Company, Broekton.

Mack's Medical Co., Inc., Boston.

MacLean Produce Company, The, Salem.

MacMulkin Inc., Boston.

Maeone Bros., Inc., Concord.

Macullar Paxker Company, Boston.

Macullar, Son & Parker Company, Worcester.

Madam Francis Company, Boston.

Madame Francis Corporation, Boston.

Madam Whitney Toilet Co., Boston.

Maddequet Harbor Hotel Company, Boston.

Mafreto Machine and Tool Company, Worcester.

Magee Furnace Company, Boston.

Magna Automobile Company, Holyoke.

Magnet Theatre Company, Boston.

Magnetic Sanitarium Company, The, Boston.

Magnetite Company, The, Springfield.

Magnolia Wharf Corporation, Boston. 1908, c. 576. 1910, c. 115.

Magrane Houston Company, Boston.

Maguire Realty Company, The, Boston.

Mahaiwe Block Company, Great Barrington. 1905, c. 161.

Main Belting Company, Boston.

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Main Provision Company, Inc., The, Boston.

Maine Fur Ranching Company, Salem.

Maine Ice Cream Company, New Bedford.

Maine State Creamery Company, Boston.

Majestic Company, The, Lawrence.

Majestic Manufacturing Company, The, Worcester.

Malagash Silver Fox Company, Cambridge.

Malaya Exploitation Co., Boston.

Maiden Amusement Co., The, Maiden.

Maiden and Melrose Gas Light Company, Maiden. 1854, c 43.

Maiden China Company, Inc., Maiden.

Maiden City Lumber Company, Maiden.

Maiden Coal Company, Maiden.

Maiden Commercial School, Maiden.

Maiden Electric Company, The, Maiden. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Maiden Free Press, Inc., Maiden.

Maiden Grain Company, Boston.

Maiden Homes Corporation, Maiden.

Maiden Laundry Company, Maiden.

Maiden Leather Goods Company, Maiden.

Maiden Mail Company, The, Maiden.

Maiden News Company, The, Maiden.

Maiden Parcel Handle Company Inc., Maiden.

Maiden Rubber Shoe Company, Boston.

Maiden Trust Company, Maiden. 1896, c. 460.

Maiden Woodenware Company, Maiden.

Maloine Chemical Company, Incorporated, Holyoke.

Maloney and White Company, Needham.

Manchester Coal and Ice Company, Lowell.

Manchester Electric Company, Manchester. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Manchester Trust Company, Manchester. 1904, c. 374.

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Mandarin Company^ Boston.

Mandell Company, The, Northampton.

Mandell Williams Company, Springfield.

Manhattan Collar Co., Boston.

Manhattan Company, The, Boston.

Manhattan Egg Company, Boston.

Manhattan Grocery & Provision Company, Boston.

Manhattan Market Company, Cambridge.

Manhattan Shirt Co. of Massachusetts, The, Pittsfield.

Manhattan Theatre Company, Boston.

Manifold Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Mann and Stevens Woolen Company, Brookfield.

Mann Company, Inc., The, Boston.

Mann Tent Company, Boston.

Manning's, Inc., Boston.

Manomett Hall Association, The, Bourne.

Manomet Mills, New Bedford.

Mansfield Baking Company, Springfield.

Mansfield Company, Boston.

Mansfield Drug Company, Mansfield.

Mansfield-Hayward Company, Brockton.

Mansfield Laboratories, Incorporated, Mansfield.

Mansfield Lumber Co., Mansfield.

Mansfield Milling Company, Fall River.

Mansfield Optical Company, Boston.

Mansfield Printing Company, Boston.

Mansion House Garage, Inc., The, Greenfield.

Mansur Motor Truck Company, Haverhill.

Manufacturers Audit & Credit Company, Boston.

Manufacturers Company, The, Boston.

Manufacturers Equipment Company, Boston.

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Manufacturers' Machine Company, Lawrence.

Manufacturers Outlet Company, Boston.

Manufacturers Shoe Syndicate, Inc., The, Fitchburg.

Manufacturers' Storage and Warehouse Company, Boston.

Manufacturers Supply Co., New Bedford.

Manufacturer's Wool Stock Company, Millbury.

Manufacturing Equipment and Engineering Company, Boston.

Maple Farm Milk Company, Boston.

Maple Spring Company, Wareham.

Marathon Automobile Company of Boston, The, Boston.

Marble Block Company, Great Barrington. 1905, c. 160.

Marblehead Building Association, Marblehead. 1890, c. 22.

Marblehead Transportation Company, The, Marblehead.

Marcellus Roper Company, Worcester.

Marcionetti Candy Company, The, Boston.

Marconi Pharmacy, Inc., Boston.

Marconi Telegraph-Cable Company, Inc., Chatham. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Marcus Contracting Company, Boston.

Marcus Loew Boston Booking Agency, The, Boston.

Marcy Brothers & Company, Incorporated, Belmont.

Marcy Coal Company, Waltham.

Marcy Company, The, Boston.

Marginal Stores, Incorporated, Boston.

Maria & Bamett Company, Boston.

Marie Antoinette Candy Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Marigold Construction and Stores Company, The, Boston.

Marine Towel Supply Company, Boston.

Marinium Paint & Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Marion Gas Company, The, Marion. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Marion Motor Car Co. of Boston, Boston.

Mark-Motor Supply Company, Boston.

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Mark Sherwin Company, Boston.

Markell Drug Company, Inc., Boston.

Markell-Weston Drug Company, Inc., Chelsea.

Markem Machine Company, Boston.

Market Gardeners Outlet Company, The, Boston.

Market Supply Company, Boston.

Market Trust Company, Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Markwett Company, Boston.

Marlboro Amusement Company, Boston.

Marlborough Base Ball Club Inc., Marlborough.

Marlborough Building Association, Marlborough. 1889, c. 367.

Marlborough Coal Company, Marlborough.

Marlborough Drug Company, The, Marlborough.

Marlborough Electric Company, Marlborough. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Marlborough Grain Company, The, Marlborough.

Marlborough-Hudson Gas Company. 1904, c. 202.

Marlboro' Last Company, Marlborough.

Marlboro Repository Inc., Marlborough.

Marlborough Times Publishing Company, Marlborough.

Marlier Publishing Company, Boston.

Marshall & Company Incorporated, Boston.

Marshall & Crosby Company, Lowell.

Marshall and May Company, Norwood.

Marshall and Moulton Express Company, Beverly.

Marshall Fabric Co., Fall River.

Marshall-Rogers Company, Boston.

Marshall Son & Co. Corporation, Boston.

Marshalls, Incorporated, Fall River.

Marshfield Cranberry Company, Marshfield.

Marshfield Electric light and Powot ^ Company, Marshfield. Rev,
Laws, c. 110.

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Marshfield Garage, Inc., Marshfield.

Marshfield Laundry, Inc., The, Marshfield.

Marshfield Water Company, Marshfield. 1914, c. 613.

Marshpee Manufacturing Company, Mashpee. 1867, c. 41.

Marston & Brooks Co., Salem.

Marston and Tapley Co., Danvers.

Marston-Basker Company, Haverhill.

Marston Coal Company, Boston.

Marston-Sturtevant Co., Beverly.

Martell Motor Company, Boston, Name changed to Martell Tool &
Wfg Co., q. V.

Martell Tool & MTg Co., Boston.

Martha's Vineyard Street Railway Company. 1896, c. 431.

Martha's Vineyard Telegraph Company, Boston. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Martin D. Hoyt, Inc., Salem.

Martin Fur Breeding Company, Brockton.

Martin Kelley Company, Danvers.

Martin L. Hall Company, Boston.

Martin Manufacturing Company, Newton.

Martin Shoe Company, Salem.

Martin Tractor Company, Springfield.

Marvello Company, The, Leominster.

Marwood Publishing & Sales Company, The, Boston.

Marysville Dredging Company, Boston.

Mason & Bissell Company, Boston.

Mason & Parker Manufacturing Company, Winchendon.

Mason Box Company, The, North Attleborough.

Mason Brush Works, Worcester.

Mason Cigar Company, Boston.

Mason Drug Company, Webster.

Mason-Lenzen Company, The, North Attleborough.

Mason Machine Works, Taunton.

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Mason Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Mason, Sanborn and Ramsdell Company, Boston.

Masonic Building Corporation of Northampton, The, Northampton.

Masonic Protective Association, The, Worcester. Reincorporated June
12, 1909. 1907, e. 576.

Massachusetts Accident Company, Boston. 1907, c. 576.

Massachusetts Amusement Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Automobile Company, Cambridge.

Massachusetts Barbers Supply Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Biographical Society, Boston.

Massachusetts Bonding and Insurance Company, Boston. Rev. Laws,
c. 118.

Massachusetts Brick Company, Montague.

Massachusetts Broken Stone Co., Salem.

Mass. Builders' Finish Company, Cambridge.

Massachusetts Buildings Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Carburizing Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Chemical Products Co., Boston.

Massachusetts Chocolate Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Commercial Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Company, The, Boston.

Massachusetts Contracting Company, The, Worcester.

Massachusetts Corset Company, Worcester.

Massachusetts Cotton Mills, Lowell. 1839, c. 1.

Massachusetts Credit Association Inc., Springfield.

Massachusetts Cremation Society, The, Worcester. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Massachusetts Distributing Agency Incorporated, Cambridge.

Massachusetts Enameling & Mfg. Co., Boston.

Massachusetts Experimental & Construction Co., Boston.

Massachusetts Fan Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Boston. 1907,

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Mafisachusetts Fuel Saving Radiator Company, Foxborough.

Massachusetts Garage Association, Incorporated, Boston.

Massachusetts Health Book Publishing Company, Worcester.

Massachusetts Hospital life Insurance Company, Boston. 1817, c 180.

Massachusetts Hotel Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Incorporation Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Investment & Loan Company, The, Boston.

Massachusetts Investment and Realty Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Ircm & Metal Company, Chelsea.

Massachusetts Loan and Investment Company, Maiden.

Massachusetts Loan Company, Springfield.

Massachusetts Loan Society Inc., Boston.

Massachusetts Lumber Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Machine Shop, Inc., Boston.

Massachusetts Madison Company, Inc., Boston.

Massachusetts Medical Service Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Metal Polish Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Mills In Georgia, Boston.

Massachusetts Mohair Plush Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Mortgage and Realty Corporation, Boston.

Massachusetts Motion Picture Theatre Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Motor Sales Co., Boston.

Massachusetts Net Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Northeastern Street Railway Company. Pub. Stat., c.
113. 1902, c. 520. 1912, c. 724.

Massachusetts Novelty Ccwnpany, Cambridge.

Massachusetts Oilless Bearings Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Pharmacy, Inc., Cambridge.

Massachusetts Pink Granite Company, The, Milford.

Massachusetts Plating Co., Worcester.

Massachusetts Radium and Thorium Institute, Stoneham.

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Massachusetts Rag and Paper Manufacturing Company^ Boston.

Massachusetts Real Estate Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Realty-Conuneroial Company, The, Boston.

Massachusetts Rubber Company, Boston.

Massachusetts School of Optometry, Inc., Boston.

Massachusetts Securities Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Shoe Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Silver Black Fox Co., Boston.

Massachusetts Stables Co., Boston.

Massachusetts Storage Warehouse Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Telephone and Telegraph Company, The, Boston. Pub.
Stat., c. 106.

Massachusetts Thread Works, Inc., Boston.

Massachusetts Title Insurance Company, Boston. Pub. Stat., c. 106.
1884, c 180.

Massachusetts Trust Company, Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Massachusetts Waste Company, Sudbury.

Massachusetts Wharf Coal Company, Boston.

Massachusetts Window Cleaning Company, Lynn.

Massaemet Yam Mills, The, Colrain.

Massasoit Company, Chester.

Massasoit Manufacturing Company, Fall River.

Masten and Wells Fireworks Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Master Mariners' Towboat Company, Gloucester.

Master Production Film Company, Boston.

Masury- Young Company, Boston.

Matagalpa Rubber Company, Boston.

"Matchless" Heater Company, The, Holyoke.

Matheson Vail Company, The, Boston.

Mathison Greenhouses Inc., Waltham.

Mattakeesett Company, Newton.

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Mattapan Deposit and Trust Company, South Boston. 1891, c. 169.

Mattapan Motor Car Company, Boston.

Mattapan Realty Company, Inc., Boston.

Mattapoisett Cranberry Company, Taunton.

Mattapoisett Manufacturing Company, Mattapoisett.

Matthew F. Sheehan Co., Boston.

Matthews Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Maugus Printing Company, Wellesley.

Maverick Iron Works Incorporated, Boston.

Maverick Mills, Boston.

Mawhinney Art Company, Pittsfield.

Mawhinney Last Company, Worcester.

Max Keezer Company, Cambridge.

Max Machine Company, Clinton.

Maxim Chemical & Drug Company, Boston.

Mayer & Hirshfeld Incorporated, Boston.

Mayfair Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Mayflower Laundry Company, Boston.

Majrflower Rubber Works Company, Braintree.

Maykel Automobile Company, The, Worcester.

Maynard & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

Maynard Coal Company, Springfield.

Maynard Corset Company, Worcester.

Maynard-Gough Company, The, Worcester.

Maynard Rubber Corporation, Springfield.

Maynard Trust Company, Maynard. 1904, c. 374.

Mayo Construction Company, Lynn.

Mayo Meat Company, Boston.

McArthur Bros. Co., Boston.

McAuliffe Non Siphoning Trap Company, Chdsea.

McAuslan and Wakelin Company, Holyoke.

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McCabe and Finzel Company, Lawrence.

McCallion Transfer Company, Boston.

McCallmn Hosiery Company, Northampton.

McClellon Locomotive Boiler Company, Boston.

MeCloskey & Harty, Inc., Cambridge.

McClurg Tire and Rubber Company, Boston.

McComb, Powers and Swenson, Incorporated, Worcester.

MeCne and Cahill Amusement Company, Brockton.

McDonald Hospital Inc., The, Brookline, Name changed to Summit
Hospital, q. v,

McDonald Ross Company, Boston.

McDonald Rubber Company, Boston.

McDowell Hat Shop, Inc., Boston.

McMwain-Barton Shoe Company, Boston.

McGhan Portable Scaffolding Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

McGovem Coal Co., Boston.

McGrath-Sherrill Press, Boston.

McHeffey Express Company, Everett.

McHenry Drug Company, Rockport.

Mclndoe- Whitney Company, Winchester.

Mcintosh Company, Springfield.

McKay Typewriter Company, Boston.

McKenzie Engraving Company, Boston.

McKie Lighter Company, Boston.

McKie Shipbuilding Company, Boston.

McKinnon and McKenzie Company, Boston.

McKinnon Building & Repair Company, Boston.

McKinnon Construction Company, Boston.

McLane Silk Company, Montague.

McLaughlin and Doucette Company, The, Lynn.

McLaughlin & Reilly Co., Boston.

McLean & Cousens Company, Boston.

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McLean, Black & Co., Inc., Boston.

McLean-Jones Oil & Supply Co., Boston.

McLellan & Brigham Company, Boston.

McManns Pharmacy, Inc., Pittsfield.

McMillan Bros. Co., Fall River.

McMinn & Quigley Steel Company, Boston.

McNally ConstruoticHi Co., Fall River.

McNeely & Co., Inc., Boston.

McNeil Corporati(m, Boston.

McNeil Manufacturing Company, Boston.

McNichol-Carr Last Company, Lynn.

McNulty Building Company Inc., Medford.

McQuaid Brothers Company, Clinton.

McVarish Company, The, Boston.

Meader Engineering and Machine Company, Boston.

Meadow Brook Ice Company, Quincy.

Means & Thacher, Incorporated, Quincy.

Mears Improved Line Company, Gloucester,

Measures Company, Ipswich.

Mechanics' Foundry and Machine Co., Fall River.

Mechanics' Iron Foundry Company, Boston.

Mechanics' Mills, Fall River. 1868, c. 242.

Mechanics Trtist Company, Boston, Name changed to Old South Trust
Company, q, v,

Medfleld Water Company, Medfield. 1892, c. 322.

Medford Amusement Company, Medford.

Medford Hospital Inc., Medford.

Medford Ice Company, Medford.

Medford Manufacturing Company, The, Medford.

Medford Trust Company, Medford. 1904, c 374.

Medford Woolen Manufacturing Company, The, Medford.

Medical Attendance Company, New Bedford.

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Medway and Dedham Street Railway Company. 1906, c. 463, Part III,
$ 145.

Medway Park Association, Medway.

Meek Oven Company, The, Newburyport.

Meigs & Co., Incorporated, Springfield.

Meisel Press Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Mekeel-Sevem-Wylie Company, Boston.

Melanson Shoe Company, Lynn.

Melbourne Company, The, Boston.

Mellish & Byfield Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Mellor Manufacturing Company, The, Springfield.

Melrose Free Press Inc., The, Melrose.

Melrose Rubber Company, Boston.

Melrose Trading Company, Chelsea.

Melville Company, The, Lynn.

Melville Ice Company, Pittsfield.

Melville Pharmacy, Incorporated, Pittsfield.

Melvin Bancroft Company, Lowell.

Melzar Laboratory, Incorporated, The, Boston.

Melzar Smith Company, Boston. Name changed to Nickerson the
Hdberdasher, Inc., q. v.

Memorial Press, The, Plymouth.

Mendelsohn Jewelry Co., Inc., Boston.

Menotomy Trust Company, Arlington. 1904, c 374.

Mercantile Adjustment Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

Mercantile Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Boston. Chartered
1823. 1882, c. 8.

Mercantile Information Agency Inc., Lawrence.

Mercantile Produce Co., Boston.

Mercantile Realty Company, Boston.

Mercantile Service Company, The, Boston.

Mercantile Wharf Corporation, The, Boston. 1826, c. 13. 1897,
c. 195.

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Merchandise & Laundry Tag Co., Boston.

Merchandise Supply Company^ Boston.

Merchant Box and Cooperage Company, Gloucester.

Merchant Tailors Trimming House, Incorporated, Boston.

Merchants Association, Incorporated, Chelsea.

Merchants Cloak & Clothing Company, The, Boston.

Merchants Co-operative Advertising Company, Boston.

Merchants* Co-operative Express Company of Lawrence, Lawrence.

Merchants Delivery Co., Boston.

Merchants' Finance Company, Boston.

Merchants' Fruit and Provision Company, Lowell.

Merchants Investment Company, Boston.

Merchants Law Exchange, Inc., The, New Bedford.

Merchants' Legal Stamp Company, Boston.

Merchants' Manufacturing Company, Fall River. 1867, c. 81.

Merchants Mercantile Corporation, Boston.

Merchants National Advertising Company, Boston.

Merchants' Steam Lighter Company, Boston.

Merchants Syndicate Company, Boston.

Merchants Trading Stamp Company, Fall River.

Merchants Trust Company, Lawrence. 1904, c. 374.

Merchants' Warehouse Company, Boston.

Merchants Wool Scouring Company, Boston.

Mercury Publishing Company, New Bedford.

Meredith Linen Mills, Boston.

Merg Engineering Company, Boston.

Meridian Com'^any, The, Boston.

Merrick Lumber Company, Holyoke.

Merrill Chair & Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Merrill's Food and Chemical Company, Beverly.

Merrimao Chemical Company, Boston.

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Merrimack Clothing Company, The, Lowell.

Merrimac Construction Company, Boston.

Merrimac Foundry and. Machine Company, Lawrence.

Merrimac Hat Company, Amesbury.

Merrimack Ice Co., The, Haverhill.

Merrimack Manufacturing Company, Lowell. 1821, c. 46.

Merrimac Mattress Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Merrimac Paper Company, Lawrence (1914).

Merrimac River Towing Company, Newburyport.

Merrimac Shoe Co., Merrimac.

Merrimack Square Theatre Company, Boston.

Merrimack Utilization Company, Lowell.

Merrimac Valley Mills, Methuen.

Merrimack Warehouse Company, Boston.

Merrimac Witch Ha^el Company, Boston.

Merrimack Wood Heel Company, Haverhill.

Merrimack Woolen Company, Dracut.

Merritt Metal Process Co., Boston.

Merrow Brothers, Inc., Boston.

Merrow Machine Company, Salem.

Merry Mount Granite Company, Quincy.

Mesaba Railway Company, Boston.

Messenger Printing and Publishing Company, The, Worcester.

Metal Pin Company, Boston.

Metal Products Company, Boston.

Metallic Drawing Roll Company, The, Springfield.

Metals Coating Company of America, Boston.

Metcalf Hospital, Winthrop.

Methuen Company, Boston. 1821, c. 59.

Methuen Granite Company, Lawrence.

Methuen Hand Laundry Inc., Methuen.

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Metola Talking Machine Co., Boston.

Metropolitan Air Goods Company, Reading.

Metropolitan Building Association, Boston.

Metropolitan Charcoal Company, Dedham.

Metropolitan Coal Company, Boston,

Metropolitan Furniture Company, Springfield.

Metropolitan Furniture Company of Boston, Boston.

Metropolitan Garage, Inc., The, Boston.

Metropolitan Grocery Company, Cambridge.

Metropolitan Ice Company, Boston.

Metropolitan Laundry Company, Watertown.

Metropolitan Lithograph and Publishing Company, Boston.

Metropolitan Loan and Investment Corporation, Chelsea.

Metropolitan Manufacturing Company, Boston. Name changed to
Metropolitan Furniture Company of Boston, q, v.

Metropolitan Raincoat Company, Boston.

Metropolitan Stable Company, Boston.

Metropolitan Steamship Company, The, Boston.

Metropolitan Storage Warehouse Company, Cambridge.

Metropolitan Supply Co. Inc., Boston.

Metz Clothes Shop, Inc., Lawrence.

Metz Company, Waltham.

Mexican Central Railway Company, Limited. 1879, c. 274.

Meyer Store, Incorporated, The, Pittsfield.

Meyer's Baking and Delicatessen Company, Boston.

Miano and Diliberto, Inc., Boston.

Mica Lantern Slide Company, Boston, Name changed to Micagraphic
Slide Company^ q, v,

Micagraphic Slide Company, Boston.

Michael J. Sullivan, Incorporated, Lawrence.

Michaelense Publishing Company, Fall River.

Michelin Tire. Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

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Michigan Motor Company, Boston.

Middle Mass. Chemical Company, The, Palmer.

Middleborough Amusement Company, Middleborough.

Middleboro Realty Company, Middleborough,

Middleby Criterion Oven Company, The, Boston.

Middleby Oven Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Middlesex Amusement Company, Everett.

Middlesex & Boston Street Railway Company. 1906, c. 463.

Middlesex Aqueduct Corporation, Arlington. Organized, 1799.

Middlesex Company, Lowell. 1830, c. 9.

Middlesex Contracting Company, Framingham.

Middlesex Co-operative Garden Company, Hudson.

Middlesex Equitable Association, Boston.

Middlesex Investment Company Inc., Cambridge.

Middlesex Knitting Company, Wakefield.

Middlesex Last Company, The, Maiden.

Middlesex Motors, Inc, Lowell, Name changed to Coburn Motors Com-
pany, The, q, v.

Middlesex Realty-Construction Company, Boston.

Middlesex Safe Deposit and Trust Company, Lowell. 1888, c. 421.

Middleton Land Company, Middleton.

Middletown Beef and Provision Co., Boston.

Miles Patents Company, Boston.

Milford Amusement Company, Boston.

Milford and Lake Maspenock TroUeymobile Co., Milford.

Milford and Uxbridge Street Railway Company. 1901, c. 379.

Milford, Attleborough and Woonsocket Street Railway Company.
1898, c. 329. 1900, c. 292.

Milford Automobile Machine Company, Milford.

Milford Coal Company, Milford.

Milford Daily News Company, Milford.

Milford Electric Light and Power Company, Milford. 1886, c. 243.

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Milford Gas Light Company, Milford. 1854, c. 242.

Milford Holding Company, Milford.

Milford Iron Foundry, Milford.

Milford Land and Development Co., Boston.

Milford Lyceum Hall Company, Milford.

Milford Printing Company, The, Milford.

Milford Realty Company, Milford.

Milford Rubber Cement Company, Boston.

Milford Shoe Company, Milford.

Milford Water Company, Milford. 1881, c. 77.

Military Press Association, Inc., Boston.

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