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Milk Package Exchange Inc., Boston.

Mill-Brook Farm, Inc., Concord.

Mill River Electric Light Company, Williamsburg. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Millbury Steel Foundry Company, Millbury.

Millbury Water Company, Millbury. 1893, c. 214.

Millen & Williamson Company, Boston.

Miller & Goldberg Company, Boston.

Miller Brothers Company of Boston, Boston.

Miller Brothers, Incorporated, Amesbury.

Miller Wire Cloth Co., Worcester.

Millers Falls Company, Erving.

Millers Falls Paper Company, Erving.

Miller's Lunch, Inc., Boston.

Millers River Box Company, Wendell.

Millers River Power Company, Springfield.

Miller's Specialty Shop, Inc., Boston.

Millis Improvement Company, Boston.

Mills Transfer Company, Beverly.

Mills Woven Cartridge Belt Company, Worcester.

Milne & Chalmers, Inc., Quincy.

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Milner-Bill Company, The, Springfield.

Milner Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

Milton Bradley Company, Springfield.

Milton Building Associates, Milton.

Milton Chemical Co., Cambridge.

Milton Laundry, The, Milton.

Milton Light and Power Company, Milton. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Milton Tire & Rubber Co., Boston.

Minard's Liniment Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Mine Brook Cranberry Company, Boston.

Miner and Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

Minot Drug Company, Boston.

Minute Tapioca Company, Orange.

Miscoe Spring Water Company, Boston.

Miss Nelson, Inc., Boston.

Mitchell & Company, Incorporated, Haverhill.

Mitchell & Smith Inc., Boston.

Mitchell & Sutherland, Incorporated, Boston.

Mitchell Baking Company, "Worcester.

Mitchell-Caunt Company, Lynn.

Mitchell-Douglas Company, Saugus.

Mitchell Duffey Company, Boston.

Mitchell Lighter Company, Boston.

Mitchell-McCallum Company, Boston.

Mitchell Press, The, Boston.

Mitchell Sawyer Company, Sterling.

Mitchell Wing Company, Boston.

Model Laundering Company, North Adams.

Model Market Co., The, Gloucester.

Model Typewriter Inspection Co., Boston.

Modern Cloak & Suit Company, The, Boston.

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Modern Investment Company, The, Lowell.

Modern Necessities Company, Boston.

Modern Shoemakin^, Inc., Boston.

Modern Sign Co., Boston.

Modern Theatre Incorporated, Boston.

Moebus Wheel Company, Boston.

Mo-Hair Laboratories, Inc., Lowell.

Mohawk Dairy Company, Boston.

Mohawk Moccasin tompany, Brockton.

Mohawk Motor Car Co., Boston.

Mohican Hotel Co., Fall River.

Molassine Company of America, Boston.

Molt Bros. Incorp., Millbury.

Monarch Blacking Company, Lynn.

Monarch Clothing Company, Boston.

Monarch Leather Company of Boston Mass., Boston.

Monarch Valve & Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

Monatiquot Rubber Works Company, Braintree.

Moning and Berry Company, Plymouth.

Monk^s Laundry Company, Cambridge.

Monn Product Company, Worcester.

Monn Product Sales Company, Boston.

Monomac Spinning Company, Lawrence.

Monotype Composition Company, Incorporated, The, Boston.

Monroe Bridge Paper Company, Monroe.

Monson Maine Slate Company, The, Boston.

Montague City Rod Company, Montague.

Montague Company, The, Montague. вАҐ

Montague Electric Light & Power Co., Montague. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Montague Laundi'y Company, Greenfield.

Montello Co-operative Association, Brockton.

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Montello Heel Company, Brockton.

Montgomery Company, Incorporated, The, Hadley.

Montgomery-Frost Company, Boston.

Montpelier & Barre Light & Power Company, Boston.

Monument Laundry Company, Everett.

Monument Mills, Great Barrington. 1850, c 217.

Monument National Canadien Francais de Holyoke, Mass., Inc.,

Moody Bridge Garage Company, Lowell.

Moon Motor Sales Company, Springfield.

Moore & Burgess Webbing Co., Acton.

Moore & Wyman Elevator & Machine Works, Boston.

Moore Drop Forging Company, Springfield.

Moore, Noyes & Foster, Inc., Haverhill.

Moore-Smith Company, Boston.

Moorland Hotel Company, The, Gloucester.

Moquin & Fontaine Company, Fall River.

Moquin's Company, Fall River.

Morandi-Proctor Company, Boston. *

Morash-Friend Co., Boston.

Morehouse Baking Company, Lawrence.

Morgan-Bond Company, Boston.

Morgan Bros. Co., Boston.

Morgan Construction Company, Worcester.

Morgan Spring Company, Worcester.

Morrill-Atwood Ice Company, Boston.

Morrill Leather Company, Boston.

Morrison Grocery Co., Boston.

Morrison-Skinner Company, Wakefield.

Morse and Buffum Company, Springfield.

Morse & Haynes Company, Springfield.

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Morse-Braekett Box Company^ Boston.

Morse, McDonald Company, Boston, Name changed to McDonald
Ross Company, q. v.

Morse-Readio Auto Company, Springfield.

Morse Twist Drill and Machine Company, New Bedford.

Morss & Whyte Company, The, Boston.

Mortgage and Equity Investment Company of Massachusetts, The,

Morton Brothers Company, Taunton.

Morton H. Morganstern Co., Boston.

Morton Press, The, Boston.

Mosely and Maschin Incorporated, Westfield.

Moses Coulee Ranch Company, Boston.

Motion Picture Exhibitors* League of Massachusetts Inc., Boston.

Motor Accessories, Inc., Boston.

Motor Car Service Company of Boston, The, Boston.

Motor Carousel Company, Fitchburg.

Motor-Economy Company, The, Boston.

Motor Sales and Service Company, Salem.

Motor Sales Company, Worcester.

Motor Specialties Company, Boston.

Motor Supply Shop, Inc., Boston.

Mott Manufacturing Company, Attleborough.

Mould Shoe Company, The, Boston.

Mt. Carmel Cranberry Company, New Bedford.

Mount Desert Granite Co., Cambridge.

Mount Holyoke Company, Holyoke.

Mount Holyoke Lithia Spring Water Company, Holyoke.

Mt. Holyoke Tissue Mills, Holyoke.

Mount Hope Finishing Company, Dighton.

Mount Hope Manufacturing Company, Somerset.

Mount Ida Rest Incorporated, Boston.

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Mount Ida School for Girls, Inc., Newton.

Mount Pleasant Stable Company, The, Boston.

Mt. Tom Railroad Company, Northampton. 1896, c. 510.

Mount Tom Sulphite Pulp Company, Boston.

Mountain Mill Paper Company, Lee.

Mountain Purity Spring Company, Boston.

Mountain Spring Water Company of Southampton, Massachusetts.
Pub. Stat., c. 110.

Mountain Valley Water Co., Boston.

Moving Picture Company of Massachusetts, The, Boston.

Mowry Electric Company, Taunton.

Mozart Music Company, Boston and Lynn.

Muir Brothers Company, Boston.

Muir's Laundry, Inc., Worcester.

Mullins Trowbridge & Company, Inc., Boston.

Multi Shoe Cover Company, Boston.

Multiple Utility Company, The, Boston.

Municipal Development Bureau, Incorporated, Boston. Name changed
to New England Board of Trade j Incorporated^ The, q, v,

Munn-Nichols Company, The, Springfield.

Munroe and Amold-Merritt Express Company, Peabody.

Munroe Felt and Paper Company, Lawrence.

Munroe Press, The, Fall River.

Munson-Whitaker Company, Boston.

Murdock and Geb Company, Franklin.

Murdock Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Murdock-Reed Company, Boston.

Murphy Boot and Shoe Company, Natick.

Murphy Brothers Company, Boston.

Murphy Coal and Wood Company, Peabody.

Murphy Cone Co., The, Boston.

Murphy Door-Bed Company of New England, Boston.

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Murphy, McDermott and Haskell Company, Boston.

Murphy Tyler Co., The, Boston.

Murray & Tregurtha Company, Boston.

Murray Brothers Company, Lawrence.

Murray Company, The, Boston.

Murray Shoe Co., Lynn.

Murray Tanning Company, Wobum.

Muschler Galvanoplastie Company, Boston.

Musgrove Knitting Company, Pittsfield.

Musicians Supply Company, Boston.

Mutual Associates Incorporated, The, Gloucester.

Mutual Candy Company, Boston.

Mutual District Messenger Company of Boston, Bostofl.

Mutual Drug Co., Worcester.

Mutual Film Corporation of Massachusetts, Boston.

Mutual Medical Service Association, The, Springfield.

Mutual Plumbing and Heating Company, The, Amherst.

Mutual Supply Company, Boston.

Myer Abrams Company, Cambridge.

Myers, Brenner Company Inc., Boston.

Myrick Cranberry Bog Company, Carver.

Myrlite Company of America, The, North Adams.

Myron L. Fuller Cranberry Company, Brockton.

Mystic Publishing Company, The, Framingham.

Mystic Rubber Co., Medford.

Mystic Valley Garage, Inc., Winchester.

Mystic Wharf & Storage Company, Boston.

N. Clough Co., Boston.

N. D. Cass Company, The, Athol.

N. D. Dodge & Bliss Co., Newburyport.

N. E. Robbins Co., Boston.

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N. E. Trade Publishing Company, Boston.

N. F. Gorman Shoe Company, Haverhill.

N. H. Skinner Company, Taunton.

N. L. Stebbins, Incorporated, Boston.

N. R. Reed Company, Taunton.

N. R. Scott & Son, Inc., Worcester.

N. S. Abbott Company, Lawrence.

N. S. Cole & Son Inc., Haverhill.

N. Sumergrade and Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

N. W. Bacon Company, Boston.

N. W. Brown Piano Co., Springfield.

N. W. BroT^Ti Piano Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

N. W. Harris & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

N. W. Rice Company, Boston.

N. Ward Company, Boston.

N. Z. Graves & Co. Boston Branch, Incorporated, Boston.

Nahant & Lynn Street Railway Company. Rev. Laws, c. 112.

Nahant Land Company, Nahant. 1875, c. 139. 1888, c. 66. 1904,
c. 121.

Nantasket Beach Steamboat Company, Hingham.

Nantasket Bottling Works, Inc., Hull.

Nantucket Cranberry Company, Boston.

Nantucket Railroad Company. 1910, c. 391.

Nantucket Union Store, Nantucket.

Narragansett Mills, Fall River.

Nash Express Company, The, Peabody.

Nashawena Mills, New Bedford.

Nashua and Acton Railroad. 1907, c. 263. 1909, c. 447.

Nashua and Lowell Railroad Corporation, Lowell. 1836, c. 249. 1881,
c. 98.

Nashua Card, Gummed and Coated Paper Company, Boston.

Nashua River Paper Company, Pepperell.

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Nashua River Paper Corporation, Boston.

Nashua River Reservoir Company, Fitehburg.

Nathan D. Dodge Shoe Company, Newburyport.

Nathan Miller & Sons, Ltd., Fall River.

Nathan Robbins Company, Boston.

Nathan Sawyer and Son, Incorporated, Boston.

Natiek Gas Light Company, Natiek. 1870, c. 224.

Natick Liter-State Express Company, Natiek.

Natiek Protective Union, Natick. 1866, c. 290.

Natick Steel Equipment Company, Natick.

Natick Underwear Company, Springfield.

National Advertisers Motion Picture Weekly Inc., Boston.

National Appraisal Company, Boston.

National Art Advertising Company, Boston.

National Associates, Inc., The, Boston.

National Automatic Machine Company, Boston.

National Beef Company, Boston.

National Calculator Sales Compahy of Massachusetts, Boston.

National Cigar Stands Company, Boston.

National Coated Paper Corporation, Boston.

National Construction Company, Worcester.

National Correspondence Schools, Inc., Boston.

National Crash Mfg. Co., Boston.

National Credit Company, Boston.

National Dock & Storage Warehouse Company, Boston.

National Druggists Supply Company, Boston.

National Electric Company, Boston.

National Equipment Company, Springfield.

National Felt Company, Easthampton.

National Fish Co., Boston.

National Fly Trap and Novelty Company, Boston.

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National Fruit Products Company, Boston.

National Grames Company, Boston.

National Garage Company, Everett.

National Glue Company, Boston.

National Hair & Fibre Company, Boston.

National Hide Company, Boston.

National Insulate Company, Springfield.

National Insulator Company, Boston.

National Investment and Security Company, Boston.

National Jewelry Company of Springfield, Springfield.

National Knitting Company, Inc., Boston.

National Lead Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

National Legal Blank Publishing Co., Boston.

National Loan and Investment Company, Holyoke.

National Manufacturing Company, The, Worcester.

National Matzo Company of Boston, Boston.

National Metal & Rubber Co., Boston.

National Metallic Bed Company, Everett.

National Motor Car Co. of Worcester, The, Worcester.

National Oil Company, Boston.

National Paper Goods Company, Springfield.

National Papeterie Company, Springfield.

National Parlor Furniture Company, Boston and Worcester.

National Plating Company, Worcester.

National Premium Advertising Company, Boston.

National Printing Machinery Company, Athol.

National Publishing and Trading Company, Boston.

National Realty Company, Boston.

National Remedy Company, The, Boston.

National Roller Chafe Iron Company, Medway.

National Sales Company, Boston.

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National Scale Company, Chicopee.

National Self- Winding Clock Co., Boston.

National Separator & Machine Company, Boston.

National Service Corporation, Boston.

National Shipping Company, Boston.

National Shoe & Supply Co., Boston.

National Shooting Galleries Company, Boston.

National Soap Corporation, Boston.

National Stationery & Office Supply Co., Boston.

National Steel and Bronze Corporation, Boston.

National Supply Company, Boston.

National Tack Co., Inc., Boston.

National Tariff Adjustment and Assurance Company, The, Boston.

National Toy Co., Boston.

National Trade Exchange Inc., The, Boston.

National Waterproofing Co., Boston.

National Wholesale Millinery Syndicate, Inc., The, Boston.

Naturaline Corset Company, Boston.

Naumkeag Credit Company, Salem.

Naumkeag Express Company, Salem.

Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company, Salem. 1839, c. 113.

Naumkeag Trust Company, Salem. 1904, c. 374.

Nauset Cranberry Co., Orleans.

Navahoe Club, The, Boston.

Navin & Kelly Company, Boston.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Company, Cambridge.

Neapolitan Wine and Importing Company, Boston.

Needham Laundry Company, Needham.

Needham Lumber Co., Needham.

Needham Masonic Hall Association, Needham.

Needham Tire Company, Needham.

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Needham Trust Company, Needham. 1904, c. 374.

Neely Medical Company, Cambridge.

Nehemiah Lee Coal Company, Lynn.

Neild Manufacturing Corporation, New Bedford.

Nelson Color Company, Amesbury.

Nelson-Haynes Hotel Company, Springfield.

Nemasket Automobile Co., Middleborough.

Nemasket Worsted Mills, Middleborough.

Nemock Specialty Company, The, Lowell.

NeoHthic Sanitary Flooring Company, Lowell.

Neponset Color Company, Boston.

Neponset Reservoir Company, East Walpole. 1845, c. 48.

Nevens- Wallace Train Control Company, Waltham.

Never Shrink Company, Boston.

Nevins Company, The, Boston.

New Acme Plating Co., Worcester.

New Arling^ton Co-operative Association, Lawrence.

New Bedford Amusement Company, Boston.

New Bedford and Agawam I^inishing Company, Wareham.

New Bedford and Onset Street Railway Company. Pub. Stat., c. 113.

New Bedford Auto Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Baseball Association, New Bedford.

New Bedford Bobbin Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Clothing and Jewelry Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Cordage Company, New Bedford. 1846, c. 1.

New Bedford Cotton Mills Corporation, New Bedford.

New Bedford Dry Goods. Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Extractor Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Fish Company, Incorpoi-ated, New Bedford.

New Bedford Foundry and Machine Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Gas and Edison Light Company, New Bedford. 1850,
c. 144. 1891, c. 46.

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New Bedford lee Company, The, New Bedford.

New Bedford, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Steamboat Company,
New Bedford. 1886, c. 8.

New Bedford Opera House Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Pressed Stone Company, Boston.

New Bedford Real Estate Association, New Bedford. 1889, c. 26.

New Bedford Roller Polo Association, Inc., New Bedford.

New Bedford Rubber Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Safe Deposit and Trust Company, New Bedford. 1887,
c. 42.

New Bedford Storage Warehouse Company, New Bedford.

New Bedford Textile Co., New Bedford.

New Bedford Tow Boat Corporation, New Bedford.

New Bedford Valve Manufacturing Company, New Bedford.

New Boston Music Hall, Boston.

New Can Company, The, Boston.

New England Advertising Company, Boston.

New England Amusement and Entertainment Co., The, Boston.

New England Amusement Corporation, The, Boston.

New England Annealing & Tool Company, Boston.

New England Association, Chelsea.

New England Audit Co., Springfield.

New England Autovacuum Refrigerating Company, Boston.

New England Bedding Company, Boston.

New England Biscuit Company, Worcester.

New England Black Fox Company, Boston.

New England Blacking Company, Inc., Boston.

New England Board of Trade, Incorporated, The, Boston.

New England Box Toe Company, Brockton.

New England Bureau of Tests, Incorporated, Boston.

New England Cable Company, Lowell.

New England-California Corporation, The, Boston.

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New England Car Advertising Company, Boston.

New England Casualty Company, Boston. Reincorporated March 5,
1910. 1907, c 576.

New England Cloak and Suit Company, Boston.

New England Coal and Coke Company, Boston.

New England Cold Storage and Warehouse Company, Pittsfield.

New England Cold Storage Company, Boston.

New England Commercial Paper Co., Boston.

New England Commercial Photograph Co., Boston.

New England Concrete Construction Company, Boston.

i^ew England Confectionery Company, Boston.

New England Contracting Co., Worcester.

New England Converting Company, Boston.

New England Co-operative Motor Company, Wellesley.

New England Co-operative Society, Boston.

New England Corset Company Inc., Worcester.

New England Cotton Yam Company, New Bedford.

New England Counter Company, Lynn.

New England Craftsman, Boston.

New England Cranberry Sales Company, Middleborough.

New England Despatch Company, Boston.

New England Die Company, Brockton.

New England Directory Company, Salem.

New England Drug Company, Boston.

New England Egg Company, Boston.

New England Electric Vehicle Company, Boston.

New England Engine and Boat Association, Incorporated, Boston.

New England Envelope Company, Worcester.

New England Export Exposition Company, The, Boston.

New England Express Company, The, Salem.

New England Extract Co., Boston.

New England Feed and Fuel Company, Boston.

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New England Feed Company, The, Boston.

New England Felt Roofing Works, Boston.

New England Fibre Blanket Company, Worcester.

New England Fireproof Homes Company, Springfield.

New England Fireworks Company, Inc., Boston.

New England Flour Company, The, Boston.

New England Foundation Company, Incorporated, Boston.

New England Fruit Company, Boston.

New England Fuel Company, Worcester.

New England General Utilities Company, Williamstown.

New England Hardware Company, Lynn.

New England Hat Co., Framingham.

New England Industrial and Educational Exposition Company, Boston.

New England Insurance Agency, Boston.

New England Iron & Hardware Association, Boston.

New England Iron Works Co., Boston.

New England Kellastone Company, Boston.

New England Kennel Bureau, Inc., The, North Reading.

New England Lamp Company, Maiden.

New England Land Company, Inc., The, Boston.

New England Leather Goods Company, The, Boston.

New England Library Bindery Company, The, Springfield.

New England Live Stock Company, Lynn.

New England Loan Association, Incorporated, Chelsea.

New England Machinery Company, Boston.

New England Magazine Company, Boston.

New England Maple Syrup Company, Boston.

New England Meat Market and Provision Company, Boston.

New England Mercantile Co., Boston.

New England Merchandise Purchasing Company, Boston.

New England Metal & Machine Company, Boston.

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New England Metal Culvert Company, Palmer.

New England Millinery Company, Boston.

New England Motion Picture Company, Boston.

New England Motorist Company, The, Boston.

New England News Company, The, Boston.

New England Newspaper Publishing Company, The, Boston.

New England Nurseries Company, The, Bedford.

New England Nut Food Co., Marlborough.

New England Office Furniture Company, Boston.

New England Oil Company, Somerville.

New England Oil, Paint & Varnish Co., Everett.

New England Optical Company, Boston.

New England Orthopedic Apparatus Company, Boston.

New England Panama Hat Company, Inc., Boston.

New England Paper Bag Company, Boston.

New England Paper Goods Company, Holyoke.

New England Paper Stock Company, Worcester.

New England Patent Fire Escape Company, Boston.

New England Pharmacal Company, Worcester.

New England Plating and Engraving Company, Inc., The, Boston.

New England Poultry Corporation, Reading.

New England Power Company, Boston.

New England Pressed Steel Company, Boston.

New England Publishing Company, The, Boston.

New England Purity Paper Bottle Company, Northampton.

New England Raincoat House Incorporated, Boston.

New England Reed Company, Boston.

New England Registry Bureau, Boston.

New England Reporting Agency, Incorporated, Boston.

New England Road Machinery Company, Boston.

New England Rubber Shoe Company, Boston.

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New England Sheep Ranch & Development Company, Boston.

New England Smelting & Refining Co., Boston.

New England Steel Roofing Company, Worcester.

New England Structural Company, Boston.

New England Supply Company, Boston.

New England Tank & Tower Company, Boston.

New England Telegraph Company, Boston. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

New England Telephone and Telegraph Company, New York.

New England Telephone and Telegraph Company of Massachusetts,
The, Boston. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

New England Theatres Company, Boston.

New England Theatrical Booking Agency, Inc., Boston.

New England Tire and Supply Company, Boston.

New England Transfer Advertising Company, Boston.

New England Tray Company, Somerville.

New England Trust Company, The, Boston. 1869, c. 182.

New England Vending Co., Boston.

New England Waste Company, Boston.

New England Women's Homestead Association, Boston. .

New Era Spinning Co., Boston.

New Gleason Hotel Company, Marlborough.

New Hampshire Amusement Company, Boston.

New Hampshire Homes Company, Boston.

New Home Realty Company, Worcester.

New Home Sewing Machine Company, The, Orange.

New Hotel Company, Boston.

New Light and Supply Company, Boston.

New London Northern Railroad Company, New London, Conn., 1860,
c. 38. 1869, c. 315.

New Marlboro Association, New Marlborough.

New Mattakessett Creeks, Proprietors of the, Edgartown. 1889, c. 335.

New Method Laundry Company, Pittsfield.

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New Orpheum Theatre Company, Cambridge.

New Park Square, Incorporated, Westfield.

New Premier Theatre Co., Lowell.

New Process Gas and Supply Company, New Bedford.

New Process Twist Drill Company, Taunton.

New Public Market, Inc., The, Attleborough.

New Richwood Hotel Co., Boston.

New Rockland Hotel Company, Boston.

New System Dental Company, Newburyport.

New York and Boston Auto-Bus Company, Chelsea.

New York and Boston Despatch Express Company, Boston.

New York and Boston Smoked Fish Company, Boston.

New York & New England Fuel Economizer Company, Salem.

New York Bargain House, Inc., Boston.

New York Bed Spring Company. The, Springfield.

New York, Brockton and Boston Canal and Transportation Company.
1906, c. 532.

New York Building Wrecking Co., Inc., Boston.

New York Credit Co., Fitchburg.

New York Egg & Fruit Co., Boston.

New York Mattress Company, Boston.

New York, New England Company, The, Holyoke.

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company, New York.
1872, c. 171.

Newark Lunch Company, The, Boston.

Newbury Auto Company, The, Boston.

Newbury Shoe Company, The, Haverhill.

Newburyport Fish Cold Storage Company, Newburyport.

Newburyport Gas and Electric Company, Newburyport. 1850, c. 147:

Newburyport Silver Company, Newburyport.

Newell and Knowlton, Incorporated, Peabody.

Newell and Snowling Construction Company, Uxbridge.

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Newell-Neilson Produce and Trading Company, The, Boston.

Newell-Putnam Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

Newmarket Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Newport Fisheries, Ice & Cold Storage Company, Gloucester.

Newport Transfer Express Company, Boston.

News Publishing Company, Incorporated, Newburyport.

News Publishing Company of Fi*amingham, Framingham.

News Publishing Company of New Bedford, New Bedford.

Newton and Barnfather Co. Inc., Pittsfield.

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