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Newton and Watertown Gas Light Company, Watertown. 1854, c. 44.

Newton Garage & Automobile Company, Newton.

Newton Graphic Publishing Company, Newton.

Newton Lumber Co., Newton.

Newton Natural Ice Company, Inc., Newton.

Newton Paper Company, Holyoke.

Newton Real Estate Association of Newton, Newton. 1889, c. 149.

Newton South Storage Company, Newton.

Newton Trust Company, Newton. 1894, c. 152.

Newtonville and Watertown Street Railway Company, Newton. Pub.
Stat., c. 113.

Newtonville Trust Company, Newton. 1894, c. 168.

Niagara Laundry Company, Boston.

Nicholas M. Williams Company, Boston.

Nichols and Company, Incorporated, Lowell.

Nichols & Stone Company, Gardner.

Nickeloid Manufacturing Company, Watertown.

Nickerson Company, Boston.

Nickerson Dry Goods Company, The, Leominster.

Nickerson the Haberdasher, Inc., Boston.

Nickles Cranberry Company, Inc., The, Carlisle.

Niels A. Dolleris & Son Company, Somerville.

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Nielsen-Belcher Co., Pittsfield

Nielsen Glove Company, Boston.

Nielsen Smoke Separator Company, Boston.

Nightingale & Childs Company, Boston.

Niles Bement Pond Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

Nils Bjork Company, Worcester.

No Bo Motor Works Company, Inc, Boston. Name changed to No Bo
Motor Works Inc., q, v.

No Ro Motor Works Inc., Boston.

No-Scent Manufacturing Company, Somerville.

Noble & Cooley Company, Granville.

Noble Cigar Company, Westfield.

Noble, Milne Co., Inc., Pittsfield.

Nobscot Mountain Spring Company, Boston.

Nockege Mills, Fitchburg.

Non-Corrosive Metal Mfg. Co., The, Watertown.

Nonantum Coal Company, Newton.

Nonnabo Chemical Company, Boston.

Nonotuck Silk Company, Northampton.

Nonquitt Spinning Company, New Bedford.

Norcross Automobile Company, The, Worcester.

Norcross Brothers Company, The, Worcester.

Norcross Brownstone Company, East Longmeadow.

Norcross-Cameron Company, Springfield.

Norcross Properties, Incorporated, The, Worcester.

Nordstrom Detective Agency, Inc., Boston.

Norfolk and Bristol Street Railway Company. 1900, c. 381.

Norfolk Granite Company, Quincy.

Norfolk Hardening Works, (Inc.), Boston.

Norfolk Iron Company, Boston.

Norfolk Live Stock Co., Wrentham.

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Norfolk Lumber Company, Stoughton.

Norfolk Oyster Company, Boston.

Norfolk Realty Company, Randolph.

Norfolk Varnish Co., Boston.

Norfolk Woolen Company, Franklin.

Norling & Bloom Company, Boston.

Norman and Bennett, Incorporated, Boston.

Norris Drug Co., Boston.

Norristown Magnesia and Asbestos Company, Boston.

North Adams Brick Company, North Adams.

North Adams Gas Light Company, North Adams. 1864, c. 57.

North Adams Industrial Company, North Adams.

North Adams Machine Brush Company, North Adams.

North Adams Manufacturing Company, Adams.

North Adams Trust Company, North Adams. 1904, c. 374.

North Adams Wholesale Co., North Adams.

North American Fruit Co., The, Lawrence.

North American Lead & Iron Co., Boston.

North American Wine and Spirit Journal, Incorporated, Boston.

North Andover Co-operative Society, The, North Andover.

North Andover Milk Company, Incorporated, The, Lawrence.

North Attleborough Chronicle Company, The, North Attleborough.

North Attleborough Gas Light Company, North Attleborough. 1851,
c, 133.

North Billerica Company, Billerica.

North Brookfield Industrial Company, North Brookfield.

North Brookfield Railroad Companv, North Brookfield. 1872, e. 53.
1874, c. 372.

North Cambridge Theatre Company, Boston.

North Carolina Mica Co., Boston.

North Chelmsford Machine and Supply Company, Chelmsford.

North Dighton Co-operative Association, Inc., Dighton.

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North Dighton Co-operative Stove Company, Taunton.

North Egremont Water Company, Egremont. 1912, c. 612.

North End Amusement Company, New Bedford.

North End Street Railway Company, Worcester. Pub. Stat., c. 113.

North Main Market Company, Worcester.

North Pharmacy, Inc., North Attleborough.

North Pond Ice Company, Fall River.

North Sedgwick Canning Co., The, Melrose.

North Shore Amusement Company, Revere.

North Shore Breeze Company, Manchester.

North Shore Creamery Company, Beverly.

North Shore Dairy Association, Gloucester.

North Shore Express Company, Lynn.

North Shore Ferneries Company, Beverly.

North Shore Ice Delivery Company, The, Lynn.

North Shore Motors and Service Company, Incorporated, Salem.

North Shore News Company, Lynn.

North Shore Red Granite Company, Salem.

North Shore Steamboat Company, Salem.

North Somerville Coal Company, Somerville and Medford.

North Star Printing Company, Fitchburg.

North St. Beef Co., Ltd., Boston.

North Street Realty Company, Pittsfield.

North Truro Cold Storage Co., Truro.

North-Union Realty Company, Pittsfield.

North Weymouth Associates Inc., The, Weymouth.

Northampton Athletic Club, The, Northampton.

Northampton Brick Company, Northampton.

Northampton Cutlery Company, Northampton.

Northampton Electric Lighting Company, Northampton. Pub. Stat.,
c. 106.

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Northampton Emfery Wheel Compaiiy, The, Northampton.

Northampton Garage Company, Northampton.

Northampton Gas light Company, Northampton. 1853, c. 59. 1869,
c. 119.

Northampton Hosiery Company, Northampton.

Northampton Printing and Binding Company, Northampton.

Northampton Produce Company, Northampton.

Northampton Silk Company, The, Northampton.

Northampton Street Railway Company, Northampton. 1865, c. 128.
1873, c. 48.

Northeastern Company, The, Boston.

Northeastern Lunch Company, Longmeadow.

Northern Amusement Company, The, Boston.

Northern Avenue Stores and Dock Corporation, Boston.

Northern Box Company, The, Everett.

Northern Construction Company, Boston.

Northern Industrial Chemical Company, Boston.

Northern Massachusetts Street Railway Company. Pub. Stat., c. 113.

Northern Specialty Company, Boston.

Northern Waste Company, Lawrence.

Northfield Co-operative Creamery Association, Northfield.

Northfield Hotel Company, Northfield.

Northfield Water Company, Northfield. 1898, c. 385.

Northrup Hotel Company, Wakefield.

Norton and Taunton Street Railway Company, The. Pub. Stat., c. 113.

Norton Company, Worcester.

Norton Electric Light and Power Company, Norton. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Norton Grinding Company, Worcester.

Norton Water Company, Boston. 1910, c. 466.

Norton Water Motor Company, Boston.

Norumbega Lunch Company, The, Newton.

Norumbega Park Company, Newton.

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Norwell Water Company, Norwell. 1914, c. 488.

Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company, Norwich, Conn. 1836,
c. 204.

Norwood, Canton and Sharon Street Railway Company, The. Pub.
Stat., c. 113.

Norwood Engineering Co., Northampton.

Norwood Gas Company, Norwood. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Norwood Ice Company, Northampton.

Norwood Lithuanian Grocery and Provision Store, Incorporated, The,

Norwood Press Company, Norwood.

Norwood Scott Company, Somerville.

Noshake Grate and Heating Company, The, Lowell.

Notilt Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Nouvelle Lumber Company, Boston.

Nouvelle Mode Co., Boston.

Novelty Braid Co., Boston.

Novelty Feature Films Inc., Boston.

Novelty Selling Co., The, Boston.

Novelty Silk Shop, Incorporated, Boston.

Novitas Sales Company, Boston.

Noyes Bros. Inc., Boston.

Noyes Manufacturing Company, Taunton.

Noyes Paper Company, The, Haverhill.

Noyes-Randall Company, Fall River.

Nueces Valley Irrigation Company, Somerville.

Nurses' Club and Registry, Greenfield.

Nutile-Shapiro Company, Salem.

Nutter & Barnes Company, Boston.

Nutting-Pillman Amusement Company, The, Waltham.

Nyanza Mills, Boston.

Nye & Company, Inc., Boston.

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0. A. Kelley Company, Worcester.

0. & J. Machine Company, The, Worcester.

0. B. Parks Co., The, Westfield.

0. B. Wetherell and Son Company, The, Fall River.

0. C. White Company, The, Worcester.

0. D. Baker Company, Boston.

0. D. C. Company, Boston.

0. G. Poor Lumber Company, Swampscott.

0. H. Goodman Co., The, Dana.

0. H. Stevens Manufacturing Company, Marlborough.

0. /. Paquette and Company , Inc., Southbridge. Name changed to
Commercial Press, Inc, g. v.

0. K. Purifier Co., Boston.

0. L. Lorentzen Company, Boston.

0. L. Story Scenic Company, Boston.

0. S. Cook & Sons Company, Fitchburg.

0. W. Lord Company, Everett.

Oak Bluffs Land and Wharf Company, Edgartown. 1868, c. 60.

Oak Bluffs Street Railway Company. 1901, c. 68.

Oak Hill Associates, Inc, Newton.

Oak Street Garage Incorporated, Lawrence.

Oakes and Dow Company (Incorporated), The, Boston.

Oakes Knitting Mills Co., Boston.

Oakland Mills, Taunton.

Oaklandvale Farm, Incorporated, Boston.

O'Bannon Corporation, Boston.

O'Brien Drug Company, Boston.

Ocean Fish Company, Boston.

Ocean Mills Company, The, Boston.

Ocean Pier Company, Boston.

Ocean Telegraph Company, Boston. 1869, c 129.

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Ocean Terminal Railroad Company, Boston. 1874, c. 372. 1884, c. 183.

Ocean Terminal Railroad Dock and Elevator Company, Boston. 1881,
c 239. 1884, e. 183.

Oceanside Company, The, Gloucester.

O'Connor & Co., Inc., Fitchburg.

Odd & Unique Art Exhibition, Inc., Boston.

Odd Fellows Associates, Inc., Taunton.

Odd Fellows Building Association, Millbury.

Odd Fellows' Hall Association, Boston. 1871, c. 45.

Odd Fellows' Hall Association of Lawrence, Lawrence. 1874, c. 9.

Odd Fellows Hall Association of Maiden, Mass., Maiden. Rev. Laws,
c. 125.

Odd Fellows' Hall Association of South Weymouth, South Weymouth.
1870, c 224. 1874, c 375.

OflSce Appliance Co., The, Boston.

Office, Bank & Library Company, Boston.

Office Specialties De Luxe, Incorporated, Worcester.

Office Specialty Company, Boston.

O'CJorman, Wade & Powers Co., Boston.

Ogunquit Manufacturing Company, Andover.

O'Hara Waltham Dial Company, Waltham.

Ohio Leather Corporation, The, Boston.

Oksas Express Co., Brockton.

Old Colony Bowling Company, Inc., Boston.

Old Colony Box Company, The, Acushnet.

Old Colony Broken Stone and Concrete Company, Quincy.

Old Colony Chemical Company, Boston.

Old Colony Cotton Company, Boston.

Old Colony Cranberry Corporation, Yarmouth.

Old Colony Cut Glass Works, Inc., Fall River.

Old Colony Discount Company, Brockton.

Old Colony Foundry Co., East Bridgewater.

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Old Colony Fur Ranching Company, Boston.

Old Colony Gas Company, Haverhill. Rev. Laws, c 110.

Old Colony Insurance Company, Boston. Rev. Laws, c. 118.

Old Colony Manufacturing Corporation, Taunton.

Old Colony Nurseries Incoiporated, Plymouth.

Old Colony Piano Company, Taunton.

Old Colony Press, Boston.

Old Colony Railroad Company, Boston. Chartered 1862. 1872, c. 143.

Old Colony Realty Associates, Inc., Boston.

Old Colony Rubber Company, Boston.

Old Colony Tailoring Company, Boston.

Old Colony Theatre, Inc., Plymouth.

Old Colony Trust Company, Boston. 1890, c. 288. 1911, c. 128.

Old Colony Wharf Company, Boston. 1873, c. 244.

Old Comer Book Store Inc., The, Boston.

Old Comer Drug Store Inc., Gloucester.

Old Island Silver Black Fox Co., Lynn.

Old Natick Inn, Incoi-porated, Boston.

Old South Theatre, Inc., Boston.

Old South Tmst Company, Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Old South Trast Company of Boston, The, Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Oldham & Ranahan Company, Southbridge.

Oleic Company, Inc., The, Salem. ,

Oliver Ames & Sons Corporation, Easton.

Oliver and Howland Company, The, Springfield.

Oliver Ditson Company, Boston.

Oliver E. Hawes Company, Melrose.

Oliver-Hurwitch Co., Boston.

Oliver Novelty Manufacturing Co., Springfield.

Oliver Realty Company ^ Worcester, Name changed to Worcester Home
Building Associates, q, v,

Oliver Tailoring Co., Boston.

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Oliver Whyte Company, Boston.

Olmstead-Quaboag Corset Company, West Brookfield.

Olmsted and Tuttle Company, Chicopee.

Olympia Ding Company, Gloucester.

Olympia Hotel Co., Boston.

Olympia Theatres Company, Lynn.

Olympic Park Company, Boston.

Olympic Theatre Company, Boston.

Omido Chemical Company, Amherst.

Omiros Cigarette Company Incorporated, Lowell.

Oneida Knitting Company, Inc., Boston.

Oneida Regal Co., Boston.

Onota Chemical Company, The, Pittsfield. вАҐ

Onset Bay Grove Association, Wareham. 1877, c. 98.

Onset Water Company, Wareham. 1892, c. 334.

Optical Lens Company, Southbridge.

Optical Specialties Company, Boston.

Oran McCormick Publishing Company, Boston. Name changed to Foot-
wear Fashion Publishing Company, q, v.

Orange Co-operative Coal Company, Orange.

Orange Hardware Company, Orange.

Orange Street Market Inc., Chelsea.

Orcutt Automatic Train Control Company, Boston.

Oregon Galena Mines Company, Brockton.

Orent & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

Orent Payson Co., Boston.

Orient Heights Pharmacy, Inc., Boston.

Orient Importing Co., Ltd., Fall River.

Orient Spray Company, Boston.

Orienta Amusement Company, Boston.

Oriental Bed Company of Boston, Boston.

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Oriental Garment Company, Boston.

Ornamental Mineral Company,. Boston.

Orona Manufacturing Company, Boston.

O'Rourke-Magner Quarrying Company, Salem.

O'Rourke Perfect Arch Support Inc., The, SalenL

Orpheum Amusement Company, New Bedford.

Orpheum Theatre Company of Maiden, Maiden.

Orpheum Theatre, Inc., Haverhill.

Orswell Electric Company, Boston.

Orswell Mills, Fitchhurg.

Orthopedic Shoe Company, Boston.

Oshom Mills, Fall River.

Oshome, Lewis & Ccwnpany Inc., Marhlehead.

Oi^car G. Thomas Company, Taunton.

Oscar T. Gove Company, Incorporated, Haverhill.

Osgood Bradley Car Company, Worcester.

Osgood-Hungerford Co., Boston.

Osterville Ice Company, The, Barnstable.

O'SuUivan Brothers Company, Lowell.

O'Sullivan Specialties Company, The, Lowell.

Otho Motor Company, The, Boston.

Otis Allen & Son Company, Lowell.

Otis Brothers Company, Watertown.

Otis Company, Ware. 1840, c. 3. 1908, c. 235.

Otis F. Putnam Company, Danvers.

Otter River Board Co., The, Templeton.

Otto J. Piehler, Inc., Boston.

Oulford Company, The, Boston.

Oulton Motor & Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Outlet Fruit Company, The, Lowell.

Outlook Mfg. Company, The, Worcester.

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Overlaad Interstate Express Company of Clinton, The, Clinton.

Overland-Winton Sales Company, Worcester.

Ovington Aviation School of Correspondence, Newton.

Owen Bearse & Son Company, Boston.

Owl Supply Company, Boston.

Oxford Chemical Company, Boston.

Oxford Fibre Company, Boston.

Oxford Garage Company, Lynn.

Oxford Grain Company, Worcester.

Oxford Print, Boston.

Oxford Rubber Company, Cambridge.

Oxford Water Company, Oxford. 1904, e. 193.

Oxidite Manufacturing Company, Arlington.

Ozo Company, The, Boston.

P. & B, Skirt Company, Inc, Boston. Name changed to Peirce and
Barton Co,, Inc., q. v.

P. & J. Besse Company, Boston.

P. & L. Automatic Laundry Valve Co., The, Salem.

P. & P. Sales Co., Inc., The, Boston.

P. B. Sanford Company, The, Boston.

P. Corcoran & Sons, Incorporated, Boston.

P. Creedon Company, Boston.

P. Crown Company, Brockton.

P. Dempsey Co., The, Boston.

P. Derby and Company, Incorporated, Gardner.

P. F. Bonney's Sons, Boston.

P. F. Shea Incorporated, Springfield.

P. F. Shea Theatres Company, Springfield.

P. F. Wood Boiler Works, Incorporated, New Bedford.

P. G. K. Company Limited, Boston.

P. H. Carpenter Company, The, Southbridge.

P. H. Prior Company, Boston.

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P. Holdensen Company, Boston.

P. J. Boland Company, North Adams.

P. J. Harney Shoe Company, Lynn.

P. J. McCormick Co., Cambridge.

P. J. McElroy Co., Cambridge.

P. J. Murray and Company, Incorporated, Holyoke.

P. J. Reid Corp., Needham.

P. J. Smith Co., Salem.

P. J. Sullivan Company, Boston.

P. M. Chandler & Company, Inc., Boston.

P. M. Leavitt Company, Boston.

P. P. Caproni and Brother, Incorporated, Boston.

P. P. Emory Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

P. Pastene & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

P. R. Glass Company, Boston.

P. R. Ziegler Company, Boston.

P. Rielly & Son Leather Company, Boston.

P. S. Huckins Company, Boston.

P. Sousa & Co. Inc., Lowell.

Pach Bros. Inc., Cambridge.

Pacific Mills, Lawrence. 1850, c. 128.

Package Confectionery Company, Boston.

Package Machinery Company, Boston.

Packard Carton Company, Brockton.

Padichah Cigarette Co., Boston.

Page and Shaw, Incorporated, Cambridge.

Page Company, The, Boston.

Page Machine Company, Inc., Haverhill.

Page Manufacturing Company, New Bedford.

Page Oil Liniment Co., Inc., Lynn.

Page Paper Box Company, Chicopee.

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Page-Storms Drop Forge Company, Chicopee.

Page Taxi-cab Co., Haverhill.

Paige Motor Car Company of New England, The, Boston.

Paige Motor Company of Boston, Boston.

Paine Furniture Company, Boston.

Pairpoint Corporation, The, New Bedford.

Paleface Shooting Grounds Corporation, Boston.

Palmer & Parker Company, Boston.

Palmer and Singer Motor Company of New England, Boston.

Palmer Company, The, Boston.

Palmer Co-operative Association, The, Boston.

Palmer Drug Company, Palmer.

Palmer Himter Lumber Company, Boston.

Palmer Manufacturing Company, Middleborough.

Palmer, McElwain & Cole, Inc., Boston.

Palmer Renting Company, Boston.

Palmer Water Company, Palmer. 1883, c. 171.

Palo Seco Fruit Company, Boston.

Pamott Mines Company, The, Boston.

Pan American Securities Corporation, Boston.

Panama Canal & Amusement Company, Springfield.

Panther Rubber Manufacturing Company, Stoughton.

Paper House of New England, The, Springfield.

Paper Mill Supply Company, Chelsea,

Paragon Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Pardee & Young Company, Fall River.

Parfitt-Martin Co., The, Holyoke.

Paris Cloak Company, New Bedford.

Paris Paper Box Company, Boston.

Parisian Dry Cleansing Company, The, Lynn.

Park Amusement Co., The, Lawrence.

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Park Amusemeut Company Inc. of Springfield, Springfield.

Park and Pollard Company, The, Boston.

Park Avenue and 55th Street Corporation, Worcester.

Park Building Company, Worcester.

Park Co-operative Society, The, Boston.

Park Garage Company, Somerville.

Park Square Motors Company, Pittsfield.

Park Square Realty Company, Pittsfield.

Park Theatre Amusement Co., Taunton.

Park Theatre Company, Spencer.

Park Theatre Company of Boston, Boston.

Parker and Lane Company, Winchester.

Parker & Page Company, Boston.

Parker Brothers Iron Company, Boston.

Parker Bryant Company, Incorporated, Brookline.

Parker Carbureter Company, Boston.

Parker Company, Incorporated, The, Haverhill.

Parker Drug Company, Andover.

Parker-Hammerton Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Parker House Corporation, New Bedford.

Parker Mills, Fall River.

Parker Sales Company, Boston.

Parker Sparrell Company, Marblehead.

Parker Supply Company, Boston.

Parker Transmission and Appliance Company, Springfield.

Parker Wire Goods Company, Worcester.

Parkhill Manufacturing Company, Fitchburg.

Parkhurst Fisheries Co., The, Gloucester.

Parks Sausage & Provision Co., Boston.

Parmenter Smelting Company, Boston.

Parsons-Dalton Co., Salem.

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Parsons Machinery Company, Marlborough.

Parsons Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Parsons Paper Company, Holyoke.

Pastime Amusement Co., Lawrence.

Pathescope Company of New England, Boston.

Pathfinder Sales Co., Boston.

Paton Manufacturing Company, Leominster.

Paton-Perry Company, The, Leominster.

Patriot Publishing Company, Springfield.

Patten Bros. Incorporated, Fall River.

Patterson Auto Company, Conway.

Patterson Rubber Company, Lowell.

Pattinson Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Paul Revere Silver Company, Boston. (1910.)

Paul Revere Silver Company, Boston. (1914.)

Paul Revere Trust Company; Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Paul Stucklen Company, Boston.

Paul Whitin Manufacturing Company, Northbridge.

Paul Wood Company, Somerville.

Paulerow Inventions, Inc., The, Boston.

Pawtucket Amusement Co., Boston.

Paye and Baker Manufacturing Company, North Attleborough.

Payson Mitchell Company, Quincy.

Peabody Anti-Dust Company, Peabody.

Peabody Interstate Express Company, Peabody.

Peabody Leather Company, Peabody.

Peabody Manufacturing Company, Newburyport.

Peabody Press Company, Peabody.

Peabody Square Garage Company, Boston.

Peabody-Wobum Machine Company, Peabody.

Peach Pipe Company, Boston.

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Pean Medical Company, Worcester.

Pearl and Bunting Company, Boston.

Pearl Street Association, The, Worcester.

Pearson & Marsh Incorporated, Boston.

Pearson Engineering Company, Boston.

Peat Products Company, Boston.

Peavy Brothers Company, Boston.

Peck-Leach Company, Taunton. Name changed to Peck-Leach Furni-
ture Company, q, t,

Peck-Leach Furniture Company, Taunton.

Peckham-Davis Company, Fall River.

Peerless Comb Company, The, Fitchburg.

Peerless Handcuff Company, Springfield.

Peerless Leather Company, Lynn.

Peerless Machinery Company, The, Boston.

Peerless Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Peerless Motor Car Company of New England^ Boston, Name changed
to Beacon Motor Car Co,, q, v.

Peerless Stamp Company, Boston.

Peerless Welding and Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Peirce and Barton Co., Inc., Boston.

Peirson Hardware Company, Pittsfield.

Pellervo Co-operative Association, Quincy.

Pellissier Engineering Company, The, Springfield.

Pels Company, The, Brockton.

Pemberton Company, Lawrence. 1860, c. 102.

Pemberton Realty Company, Boston.

Pemberton Sales Company, Boston.

Peninsula Family Laundry, Incorporated, Boston.

Penn Metal Company, Boston.

Pennell, Gibbs and Quiring Company, Boston.

Pennsylvania Oil Company, Boston.

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Pennsylvania Refiners Association, Incorporated, Boston.

Pennsylvania Textile Company, Boston.

Pennsylvania Tile & Construction Company, Boston.

Penny Dreamland Amusement Company, The, Boston.

Pentueket Baseball Association, Haverhill.

Pentucket lee Co., Georgetown.

Pentueket Wood Heel Company, Haverhill.

People's Cash Shoe Store, Waltham.

Peoples Cash Stamp Company, Boston.

People's Cloak & Suit Co., Boston.

Peoples Clothing Store of Wakefield, Inc., Wakefield.

Peoples Coal Company of Worcester, The, Worcester.

People's Co-operative Association of Lynn, Inc., The, Lynn.

People's Co-operative Store of Chelsea, Inc., The, Chelsea.

Peoples Drug Store Co., Boston.

Peoples Express, Inc., Newburyport.

Peoples Furniture Company of Framingham, Framingham.

People's House Furnishing Co., The, Haverhill.

People's Ice Company, The, Andover.

Peoples Loan Association, Worcester.

Peoples Profit Sharing Company, Boston.

Peoples Silver Fox and Fur Company, The, Pittsfield.

Peoples Theatre Inc., Boston.

People's Trading Company, The, Worcester.

Pepperell Card and Paper Company, The, Pepperell.

Pepperell Spring Water Company, Pepperell.

Pequot Shirt Company, Boston.

Percy Ford Company, Boston.

Perfection Grate Company, Springfield.

Perfection Jar Opener Company, Boston.

Perfection Laundry Corporation, New Bedford.

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Perkins and Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Perkins Appliance Company, Springfield.

Perkins Stephenson Company, Maiden.

Perkins Wood Working Company, Boston.

Perley R. Eaton Lumber Company, The, Fitchburg.

Perlmuter Brothers Company, Inc., Boston.

Pero Foundry Company, Worcester.

Perry & Ayers (Incorporated), Boston.

Perry Auto Company, Taunton.

Perry, Buxton, Doane Company, The, Boston.

Perry, Malcolm Co., Haverhill.

Perry Mason Company, Boston.

Perry Yam Mills, Webster.

Persian Rug Loft Incorporated, Boston.

Persons-Arter Machine Company, The, Worcester.

Persons Manufacturing Company, The, Worcester.

Pessewamett Corporation, Stow.

Peter Cooper's Glue Factory of Massachusetts, Boston.

Peter F. Connolly Co., Boston.

Peter F. Tague Company, Boston.

Peter Gray & Sons Incorporated, Boston.

Peter Wood Dyeing Company, The, Worcester.

Peters Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Petersham Farmers' Cooperative Exchange, Petersham.

Peterson Grain & Coal Company, The, Great Barrington.

Petri and Jones Company, Incorporated, Boston.

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