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Pettingell Machine Company, The, Boston.

Pevey Foundry Company, Inc., Lowell.

Pfeiffer Manufacturing Company, Bedford.

Pfister & Vogel Company, Boston.

Phelps & Bradley Company, Boston.

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Phelps Bros. Co., Boston.

Phelps Paper Company, Holyoke.

Phelps Publishing Company, Holyoke.

Phenix Plate Company, The, Worcester.

Philadelphia Ice Cream Company, Inc., Boston.

Philip Slater Company, Boston.

Phillips and Hodgdon Incorporated, Chelsea.

Phillips Company, The, Boston.

Phillips Heater Mfg. Co., Boston.

Phillips Home Bakery, Inc., Maiden.

Phillips Music Company, Boston.

Phillipsdale Paper Mill Company, The, Walpole.

Phoenix Coffee Mills, Boston.

Phoenix Hall Association, Fairhaven. Organized, 1853.

Phoenix Lunch Company, Springfield.

Photo Art Company, The, Boston.

Phototone Company, Boston.

Phyllis Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Physicians' Protective Association, (Inc.), Boston.

Picardie Woven Fabrics Company, Boston.

Pico Cranberry Company, Boston.

Picture Shop Inc., The, Boston.

Piedmont Company, The, Boston.

Pier Fish Company Inc., Boston.

Pierce & Barnes Co., Boston.

Pierce & Chesworth, Inc., Gardner.

Pierce, Billings Co., Boston.

Pierce Brothers Limited, New Bedford.

Pierce Furniture Company, Leominster.

Pierce Hardware Company, The, Taunton.

Pierce Labeling Machine Company, Worcester.

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Pierce Manufacturing Corporation, New Bedford.

Pierson Pharmacy Company, The, Leominster.

Pigeon Cove Co-operative Association, The, Rockport.

Pigeon Hill Company, Rockport.

Pigeon Hill Granite Company, Rockport.

Pilgrim Fathers Hall Association, Lawrence. 1889, c. 362.

Pilgrim Fruit Co., The, Melrose.

Pilgrim Garage & Auto Company, Boston.

Pilgrim Laundry Company, Boston.

Pilgrim Leather Manufacturing Company (Incorporated), Brockton.

Pilgrim Mills, Fall River.

Pilgrim Shoe & Rubber Company, Boston.

Pilgrim Theater Company, Boston.

Pine-Croft Greenhouses Incorporated, The, North Brookfield.

Pine Croft Orchard Company, Boston.

Pine Grove Floral Corporation, Lynn.

Piney Point Duck Farm, Incorporated, Boston.

Pinkerton Construction Company of Massachusetts, Webster.

Pinkham & Smith Company, Boston.

Pinkham Press, Boston.

Pitman & Brown Co., Salenu

Pitt Soap Company, Salem.

Pittsburg Water Heater Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

Pittsfield and North Adams Railroad Corporation, Boston. 1842,
c. 69. 1869, c. 407.

Pittsfield Auto Garage Company, Pittsfield.

Pittsfield Coal Gas Company, Pittsfield. 1853, c. 21.

Pittsfield Contracting Company, Pittsfield.

Pittsfield Co-operative Coal Company, Pittsfield.

Pittsfield Electric Company, Pittsfield. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Pittsfield Journal Company, Pittsfield.

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Pittsfield Lime Company, Richmond.

Pittsfield Realty Trust, Incorporated, Pittsfield.

Pittsfield Spark Coil Company, Dalton.

Pittsfield Theater Company, Pittsfield.

Pittsford Electric Light and Power Company, The, Lawrence. Rev.
Laws, c 110.

Pittsford Power Company, Boston.

Place Brothers, Incorporated, Boston.

Place Garage Company, The, Fall River.

Plakias Lunch Company Inc., Boston.

Planet Company, The, Westfield.

Plato Confecti9nery Company, Inc., Boston.

Players Hall Company, Newton.

Playground Apparatus Manufacturing Company, Templeton.

Plaza Amusement Company, Boston.

Plimpton Press, Norwood.

Plummer & Jennings Grain Co., New Bedford.

Plummer's Studios, Inc., Boston.

Plunger Elevator Company, Worcester.

Plymouth and Boston Express Company, The, Plymouth.

Plymouth and Sandwich Street Railway Company. 1898, c. 309.

Plymouth Auto Company, Plymouth.

Plymouth Co-operative Association, Plymouth.

Plymouth Cordage Company, Plymouth. 1824, c. 21.

Plymouth County Cranberry Companyj Middleborough.

Plymouth County Trust Company, Brockton. 1892, c. 398.

Plymouth Electric Light Company, Plymouth. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Plymouth Foundry Company, Plymouth.

Plymouth Garage & Machine Shop Co., Plymouth.

Plymouth Gas Light Company, Plymouth. 1853, c. 128.

Plymouth Hardware Co., Plymouth.

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Plymouth Hospital and Train Nurse School, Boston.

Plymouth Lime Company, Barre.

Plymouth Manufacturing Company, The, Brockton.

Plymouth Mills, Plymouth. 1846, c. 176.

Plymouth Public Market, Inc., Plymouth.

Plymouth Rock Candy Co., Abington.

Plymouth Rubber Company, Canton.

Plymouth Seam Face Granite Company, Boston.

PJympton Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Pneumatic Cushion Sole Shoe Company, Boston.

Pneuvac Company, Boston.

Pocasset Garage and Machine Company, Fall River.

Pocasset Manufacturing Company, The, Fall River. 1821, c. 61.

Pocock and Wolfram Company, Boston.

Point Breeze Company, Webster.

Point Shirley Street Railway Company, Winthrop. 1906, c. 463. 1912,
c. 183.

Poland Leather Company, Boston.

Polar Lite Sign Company, Boston.

Polish and Russian Co-operative Grocery Company, The, (Gardner.

Polish Christian Industrial Association, Northampton.

Polish Co-operative Association of Brighton, The, Boston.

Polish Co-operative Association of Three Rivers, Palmer.

Polish Industrial Association, Boston.

Pomeroy Company, Boston.

Pomona Farms Company, Franklin.

Ponadel Investment Association, Incorporated, Chelsea.

Ponikin Mills, Fitchburg.

Pontoosue Woolen Manufacturing Company, Pittsfield. 1825, c. 115.
1910, c. 353.

Poole Dry Goods Company, Spiingfield.

Poole Printing Company, Boston.

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Poole Silver Company, Taunton.

Pope & Cottle Co., Chelsea.

Pope-Hartford Company of Boston.

Pope Lumber Co., Boston.

Pope Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Pope Rand Company, Brockton.

Pope-Sisson Lumber Co., Fall River.

Porceco Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

Port Norris Fruit Co., Boston.

Port of Boston Docks and Warehouse Company, Boston.

Port Tampa Phosphate Company, Boston.

Portable Door Check Company, Boston.

Porter & Rogers Co., Newburyport.

Porter Brothers & Collins, Inc., Framingham.

Porter Station Garage, Inc., Cambridge.

Porter's Market, Inc., Boston.

Portland Sales Co., Boston.

Portugal-America Publishing Association, Fall River.

Portuguese, American Grocery and Provision Company, The, New Bed-
ford, Name changed to Portuguese-American Grocery and Provi-
sion Company Co-operative, of New Bedford Massachu^setts, The,
q. v.

Portuguese-American Grocery and Provision Company Co-operative, of
New Bedford Massachusetts, The, New Bedford.

Portuguese Cooperative Union, Incorporated, The, New Bedford.

Portuguese National Wholesale Grocery Company, Fall River.

Post OflBee Pharmacy, Inc., Salem.

Post Publishing Company, Boston.

Postal Telegraph Cable Co. of Massachusetts, Boston. Pub. Stat.,
c. 106.

Potomska Mills Corporation, New Bedford.

Potter Confectionery Company, Cambridge.

Potter. Harris & Company, Inc., Boston.

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Potter Knitting Company, Springfield.

Potter Press, The, Boston.

Potter- Shurtleff Company, The, Boston.

Potter Welding and Brazing Co., Boston.

Potter's Stables, Incorporated, Watertown.

Powdrell Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Powell & Mendes, Inc., Boston.

Powell Machine Company, The, Fitchburg.

Power Equipment Company, Boston.

Power Heating and Ventilating Company, Boston.

Power Numbering Machine Company, Boston.

Power Publicity Company, Inc., Boston.

Power Truck Sales Company, Worcester.

Powers & Woodhead Inc., Boston.

Powers-Dundas Company, Boston.

Practical Politics, Inc., Boston.

Practical Tailors, Inc., Boston.

Pratt and Forrest Company, Lowell.

Pratt Cereal Company, The, Boston.

Pratt Drop Forge & Tool Company, Shelburne.

Pratt, Staples, Bell & Young, Inc., Boston.

Preble-Thompson Box Toe Company (inc.), The, Lynn.

Premier Motor Car Company of New England, Boston.

Presbrey-Field Company, Taunton.

Presbrey Stove Lining Company, Taunton.

Prescott-Adams Table Co., Haverhill.

Prescott Auto Parts Company, Worcester.

Prescott Power Co., Haverhill.

President Suspender Company, Shirley.

Press Clipping Bureau, The, Boston.

Pressed Aluminum Company, Worcester.

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Preston B. Keith Shoe Company, Brockton.

Prevost Realty Company, New Bedford.

Prew Coal Company, Chicopee.

Price Leather Company, Boston.

Priest & Company Inc., Watertown.

Priest & Smith Company, Boston.

Prime Fish Company, Boston.

Prince Cleansing Company Inc., Boston.

Princeton Confectionery Company, Boston.

Prints Craft Shop, Inc., The, Boston.

Prior & Mahoney Co., Boston.

Prior & Townsend, Incorporated, Boston.

Prior's Express Inc., Lynn.

Priscilla Mills Company, Worcester.

Priseilla Publishing Co., The, Boston.

Process Copper Syndicate, Inc., Boston.

Proctor Bros. Grain Co., Cambridge.

Proctor Preserve Company, Somerville.

Produce Dealers Supply Company, Boston.

Producers and Consumers Milk Company, The, Worcester.

Producers Fish Company, Boston.

Products Syndicate, Inc., Boston.

Proffitt-Larchar Advertising Corporation, The, Boston.

Progress Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Progress Rubber Company, Maiden.

Progressive Co-operative Association, Boston.

Progressive Industrial Aid Association, Springfield.

Progressive Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Prospect Auto Company, Cambridge.

Prospect Linotype Company, Boston.

Protective Loan Company, The, Worcester.

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Protective Union Company^ The, Worcester.

Protector Last Reinforcing Co., Brockton.

Protex Mills Company, Boston.

I^rotzman Shoe Company, Weymouth.

Providence and Fall River Street Railway Company. Pub. Stat.,
c. 113.

Providence and Worcester Railroad Company, Providence, R. I. 1844,
c. 89.

Providence Ice Cream Company, Boston.

Providence Scale and Supply Co., Boston.

Providence Scenic Theatre Company, Boston.

Providence Telephone Company of Massachusetts, Boston. Pub. Stat.,
c. 106.

Providence, Webster and Springfield Railroad Company, Webster.
Pub. Stat., c. 112.

Provident Investment Company, Boston.

Provident Realty Company, Boston.

Provincetown Cold Storage Co., Provincetown.

Provincetown Light and Power Company, Provincetown. Rev. Laws,
c. 110.

Prudential Hospital Association Company, Boston.

Prudential Sales Company, Boston.

Public Co-operative Store Inc., Framingham.

Publishers Binding and Mailing Co., Bo^on.

Publishers Printing Corpn., Boston.

Publishers Syndicate Co., Boston.

Puget Sound Traction Light & Power Company, Boston.

Pulito Company, Boston.

Pulsifer Chemical Company, Boston.

Pulsifer Kingston Company, Boston.

Purchasers of H. & J. Brewer Co.'s Springfield .Retail Store, Inc.,

Purdy Tow & Water Boat Company, Boston.

Pure Food Package Company, Boston.

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Pure Ice Company, Worcester.

Puritan Cement Stone Co., Natick.

Puritan Chemical Company, Boston.

Puritan Comb Company, Leominster.

Puritan Company, Boston.

Puritan Confectionery Company, Chelsea.

Puritan Co-operative Club, Incorporated, Boston.

Puritan Dental Company, Boston.

Puritan Fish Freezing Co., Provincetown.

Puritan Fruit Company, Boston.

Puritan Interstate Express Company, The, Salem.

Puritan Loan and Investment Association, Boston.

Puritan Mailing Machine Company, Boston.

Puritan Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Puritan Mills, Fall River.

Piuitan Motor Supply Company, Boston.

Puritan Sales Co., Boston.

Puritan Silverware Company, Boston.

Puritan Telephone Company, Boston. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Puritan Trust Company, Boston. 1892, c. 394. 1893, c. 267. 1894,
c. 115.

Puritan Wire Nail Company, Taunton.

Puritas Company, The, Boston.

Purity Confectionery Company, Boston.

Purity Distilling Company, Boston.

Purity Ice Company, Newton.

Putnam & Son Company, Lowell.

Putnam & Thurston Company, Worcester.

Putnam Machine Company, Fitchburg.

Putnam-Morrill Company, The, Boston.

Putnam's Hotel Co., Boston. .

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Pyrene Company of New England, Boston.

Pyrene Sales Co., Worcester.

Pyro-Febrin Company, The, Northiampton.

Pyro-Pin Manufacturing Company, The, Fitchburg.

Q. A. S, Comedy Co., Boston.

Q-P Signal Company, The, Needham.

Qaabbin Aqaeduct Company, Enfield. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Qaaboag Leather Company, Monson.

Quaboag Manufacturing Company, Brookfield.

Quaker City Varnish Co. Inc., Boston.

Quality Shop, Inc., Winthrop.

Quality Toggle Co., The, Boston.

Queen Bee Confectionery Company, Boston.

Queen Hairpin Co. (Inc.), Leominster.

Queen Manufacturing Company, Inc., Boston.

Queensboro-Boston Corporation, Boston.

Queensbury Mills, Worcester.

Quicklet Company, The, Boston.

Quigley Furnace and Foundry Company, Springfield.

Quiricy Beef Company, Quincy.

Quincy Colunm Turning Co., Quincy.

Quincy Electric Light and Power Company, The, Quincy. Pub. Stat.,
c. 106.

Quincy Lumber Company, Quincy.

Quincy Market Cold Storage and Warehouse Company, Boston.

Quincy New System Wet Wash Co., Quincy.

Quinn Brothers, Incorporated, Boston.

Quinn Lunch Company, The, Pittsfield.

Quinsig Ice Company, Worcester.

Quinsig News Company, Boston.

Quinsigamond Consolidated Company, The, Worcester.

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Quinsigamond Pressed Steel Company, Worcester.

Quirk Automatic Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Quirk-Baker Tea Company, Springfield.

Quissett Mill, New Bedford.

Quito Cigar Company, Incorporated, Boston.

R. A. Day Company, Lawrence.

R. A. Fash Ice Cream Company, Everett.

R. A. McWbirr Company, The, Fall River.

R. A. Tuttle Company, Boston.

R and G Shoe Company, Lynn.

R & R Investment Company, Boston.

R & R Mfg. Co., The, Worcester.

R. & R. System Clothes Incorporated, Boston.

R. B. Currier Company, Springfield.

R. B. Gage Company, Saugus.

R. B. Macdonald & Co. Inc., Attleborough.

R. B. Mason Company, Incorporated, Boston.

R. B. McKim Company Incorporated, Boston.

R. Baillie Company, The, Fall River.

R. Bliss Manufacturing Company, Boston.

R. C. Goudey Company, Boston.

R. C. Richardson Company, Boston.

R. D. Lidstone Company, Inc., Boston.

R. D. Marson Moving Picture Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

R. E. McDonald Company, Boston.

R. F. Dodge Company, Beverly.

R. F. Murphy Company, Lowell.

R. Guastavino Company, Boston.

R. H. Hirshfield Co., Boston.

R. H. Newell Company, Uxbridge.

R. H. Smith Manufacturing Company, The, Springfield.

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R. H. Stebbins Company, Fall River.

R. H. White Company, Boston.

R. Holman Company, Chelsea.

R. J. Ederer Netting Company, Boston.

R. J. Healey Shoe Company, Worcester.

R. J. Rodday Co., Boston.

R. J. Todd Company, Boston.

R. L, Merrill & Co, {Inc.), Boston, Name changed to Charles River
Motor Boat Co., q, v,

R. L. Wilson Company, Concord.

R. M. Kelley Company, Boston.

R. Marston Company, Boston.

R. R. Higgins Company, Boston.

R. S. Bauer Company, The, Lynn.

R. S. Hamilton Company, Boston.

R. S. Reed Company, Fall River.

R. T. Sullivan Co., Wellesley,

R. W. Armstrong Co., The, Boston.

R. W. Rice Coal Company, The, Springfield.

R. Woodman Manufacturing and Supply Company, The, Boston.

Rabbi Isaac Elchonon Aid Association, Boston.

Rabinowitz Delicatessen and Lunch Company, Boston.

Radium Sign Company, Melrose.

Railroad Wharf and Storage Company, Boston.

Railway Appliances Corporation, Boston.

Railway Signal Sales Company, Newton.

Raivaaja Publishing Company, Fitchburg.

Ralph A. Day Company, Salem.

Ralph Coal Company, Quincy.

Rambler Motor Car Co. Inc., Haverhill.

Ramsdell and Littlefield Incorporated, Boston.

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Ramsey-Scofield Company, Worcester.

Rand Adjustable Index Company, Boston.

Randall-Faichney Company, The, Boston.

Randall-Miller Company, Boston.

Randolph Bottling Company (Inc.), Randolph.

Randolph Mutual Association, Randolph.

Ranlett Grocery Company, The, LoweU.

Ranno-Speirs Company, Boston.

Rapid Transit Transportation Company, Boston.

Rapp-Huckins Company, Boston.

Ravenel Company, The, Worcester.

Ravine House Company (Inc.), The, Boston.

Rawles-Cobb Company, Boston.

Rawson Products Company, Boston.

Ray Detective Agency and Merchants Secret Service Incorporated,

Ray-Shiner Manufacturing Company, The, Franklin.

Raymond Engineering Company, Boston.

Raymond Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Raymond Skate Mfg. Co., Boston.

Rayolite Company, Boston.

Read Brothers Company, Somerset.

Reading Co-operative Association, Heading.

Reading Custom Laundry, Incorporated, Reading.

Reading Lyceum Hall Association, Reading. 1854, c. 360.

Reading Masonic Temple (Corporation), Reading.

Reading Rubber Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Ready-Sketch Company, Boston.

Real Estate Exchange and Auction Board, The, Boston. 1889, c. 153.

Real Estate Exchange Corporation, Boston.

Real Estate Improvement Company of Haverhill, Haverhill. 1886,
c. 111.

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Real Estate Investment Company, Worcester.

Real Estate Mortgage Loan Company, The, Springfield.

Real Property Company, Inc., Boston.

Realistic Moving Picture Company, The, Boston.

Realty Company of Massachusetts, The, Boston.

Reardon Boiler Company, Boston.

Rebboli Sons Company, Worcester.

Reccord Chemical Mfg. Co., The, Worcester.

Rechabite Building Association of Marblehead, Mass., Marblehead.

Record Dry Plate Company, The, Abington.

Record of Christian Work Company, Northfield.

Recorder Publishing Company, Cambridge.

Red Cross Company, The, Boston.

Red Dragon Cigar Company, Haverhill.

Red Heart Chemical Company, Worcester.

Red Sea Balsam Co., New Bedford.

Red Star Bedding Company, The, Boston.

Redpath Chautauqua System, Inc., The, Boston.

Redpath Lyceum Bureau Inc., The, Boston.

Reed and Barton Corporation, Taunton.

Reed and Prince Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Reed Disinfecting Company, The, Middleborough.

Reed Lunch Company, Boston.

Reed-Prentice Company, Worcester.

Reed Shoe Company, Boston.

Refrigerating Construction Company, Boston.

Regal Bottling Co., Boston.

Regal Chemical Company, Boston.

Regal Cloak Company, Boston.

Regal Jewelry Company, SomerviUe.

Regal Laundry Company, Boston.

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Eegal Shoe Company, Boston.

Began Bay State Hotel Company, Worcester.

Regina Lace Company, Boston.

Register and Guide Company, The, Boston.

Register Co-operative Printing Company, Yarmouth.

Reid and Hughes Company, Lawrence.

Reid Conant Leather Company, Boston.

Reid Publishing Company, Boston.

Reidy Drug Company, Weymouth.

Reinach Company Inc., The, Boston.

R^jane Company, The, Boston.

Reliable Mour Company, Boston.

Reliable Knitting Company, Great Barrington.

Reliable Prescription Store, Inc., The, Boston.

Reliance Drug Company, Boston.

Remington-XJrquhart Press Inc., Boston.

Remodeling & Reinforcing Last Co., The, Boston.

Rendezvous Company, The, Cambridge.

Re-New Lamp Company, Maiden.

Renfrew Manufacturing Company, (South) Adams. 1867, c. 194.

Rennex Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Renovating Supply Company, Boston.

Renton Heel Company, Lynn.

Renton Motor Car Company, Haverhill.

Republic Manufacturing Company, The, Boston. вАҐ

Republic Rubber Company, of Massachusetts, Boston.

Republican Company, The, Springfield.

Rescue Mission Wood & Coal Yard, Incorporated, Boston.

Resthaven Sanitarium Inc., Rutland.

Revere Amusement Company, Boston.

Revere Bath House & Amusement Company, Revere.

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Revere Beach Amusement and Construction Company, Revere.

Revere Beach Company, Boston.

Revere Beach Derby Company, Boston.

Revere Beach Laundering Co., Revere.

Revere Boat Company, The, Revere.

Revere Dairy Lunch Company, Revere.

Revere Distilling Company, Boston.

Revere Drop Forge Company, Revere.

Revere Hardware Company, Revere.

Revere House, Proprietors of the, Boston. 1854, c. 58.

Revere Investment Company, Revere.

Reversible Collar Company, Boston. Organized, 1866. 1869, c. 232.

Review Publishing Company, Boston.

Rex Wrench Company, Boston.

Reynolds Chocolate Company, The, Somerville.

Reynolds, Drake and Gabell Company, Easton.

Reynolds Oil & Supply Company, Boston.

Rezistol Chemical Co., The, Boston.

Rheumo Chemical Co., Brockton.

Rhines Lumber Co., Weymouth.

Rhodes & Ripley Clothing Company, Boston.

Rice and Company Incorporated, Lowell.

Rice & Lockwood Lumber Company, Springfield.

Rice, Barton and Fales Machine and Iron Company, Worcester. 1867,
c. 274.

Rice Bros. Brewing Association, Pittsfield.

Rice Chocolate Company, Boston.

Rice Drug Company, Framingham.

Rice-Engineering Co., Inc., Boston.

Rice, Sayward & Whitten Company, Boston.

Bice, Valentine Company, The, Springfield. Name changed to F. 8.
Valentine Company, q. v.

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Richard Borden Manufacturing Company, Fall River.

Richard Briggs Company, Boston.

Richard D. Kimball Co., Boston.

Richard Feakes Mercantile Agency Inc., Boston.

Richard French Iron Works, Worcester.

Richard H. Booth Co., Worcester.

Richard Healy Company, Worcester.

Richard Mayer Company, Boston.

Richard 0. Harding Company, The, Boston.

Richard T. Green Company, Chelsea.

Richards & Brennan Co., Randolph.

Richards & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

Richards Manufacturing Company, The, Attleborough.

Richardson-Bennett Lumber Company, Leominster.

Richardson Furniture Company, Boston.

Richardson Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Richardson Piano Case Co., Leominster.

Richmond Garage and Motor Company, Boston.

Richmond Iron Works, The, Richmond.

Richmond Shoe Company, Salem.

Richmond Telephone Company, Richmond. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Richmond- Wellington Hotel Company, North Adams.

Rickard Shoe Company, The, Lynn.

Ricker-Bennett Company, The, Cambridge.

Riddle-Robbins Lumber Company, The, Boston.

Ridgely Protective Association, The, Worcester. Organized 1894.
Reincorporated, 1907. 1907, c. 576.

Ridgewood Mills, The, Springfield.

Ridgway Construction Company, Boston.

Riegel-Richards Company, The, Boston.

Riley Pebbles Shoe Company, Natick.

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King Brush Company, Waltham.

Ripley & Barilett Company, Plymouth.

Ripley Howland Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Ritz Hotel Company, Boston.

Riverbank Court Hotel Company, Boston.

Riverbank Improvement Company, Boston. 1890, c. 109.

Riverdale Press, The, Brookline.

Riverside Boiler Works, Inc., Cambridge.

Riverside Co-operative Association of Maynard, The, Maynard.

Riverside Mills, Worcester.

Riverside Park Amusement Company, Springfield.

Riverside Water Company, Gill. 1888, c. 241.

Riverview Laundry Company, The, Concord.

Riverview Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Rivett Lathe and Grinder Company, Boston.

Roach-Webber Company, East Bridgewater.

Roackdale Woollen Company, Boston.

Roadstrand-Perry Company, The, Springfield.

Robbins & Pierce Company, Leominster.

Robbins-Putnam Company, Tlie, Boston.

Robert Bleakie Company, Hyde Park.

Robert Carruthers Company, Lowell.

Robt. Cook & Sons Co., Brockton.

Robert Fawcett and Son Company, Incorporated, Cambridge.

Robert Gallagher Company, The, Boston.

Robert H. Spare, Incorporated, Springfield.

Robert Harrison Company, The, Boston.

Robert Murphy's Sons Company, Ayer.

Robert Murray Co. Inc., The, Boston.

Robert R. McNutt, Inc., Boston.

Robert Whittaker Co., Northborough.

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Robert Wilson Company, The, Springfield.

Roberts Iron Works Company, Cambridge.

Robertson Company, The, Lowell.

Robertson Motor Car Company, Taunton.

Robertson Sutherland Company, Lawrence. ,

Robinson and Jones Company, Natick.

Robinson Bramley Co., Inc., Lawi*ence.

Robinson-Brockway Manufacturing Company, Lynn.

Robinson Export Company, Boston.

Robinson Glue Corporation, Gloucester.

Robinson Transfer Co., Boston.

Roblin-Schiller Company, Boston.

Roche and Daly Company, Boston.

Rochester Pants Company, Boston.

Rock Manufacturing Company, Northborough.

Rock Oil Motor Company, Boston.

Rockdale Lime Company, West Stockbridge.

Rockingham Milk Company, Boston.

Rockland Co-operative Market Inc., Rockland.

Rockland Trust Company, Rockland. 1904, c. 374.

Rockland Webbing Company, Rockland.

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