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Thurston Nut Lock Company, The, Boston.

Tichnor Brothers I*corporated, Boston.

Tickton's Pharmacy, Incorporated, Waltham.

Tide-Water Broken Stone Company, Boston.

Tide Water Oil Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

Tilene Company, Boston.

Tileston and HoUingsworth Company, Boston.

Tileston and Livermore Company, Boston.

Tilley Brown Company, Boston.

Tilton & Cook Co., Leominster.

Times Company, The, Newton.

Times Newspaper Company, New Bedford.

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Timothy Smith Company, Boston.

Timsou Bros. Inc., Boston.

Tirrell Pharmaceutical Company, Boston.

Tishler Levinson Company, The, Boston.

Title Guarantee & Mortgage Company, Boston.

Titus & Buckley Company, Lynn.

Titus-Angeledes Company, Boston.

Tober Brothers Incorporated, Springfield.

Tobey Lime Company, West Stockbridge.

Tobey's Boston Suburban List Inc., Boston.

" Toggery Shop " Inc., Worcester.

Toiletine Company, The, Greenfield.

Tolland Company, Tolland.

Tolman Brothers Manufacturing Company, Orange.

Tolman Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Tolman Print Incorporated, Brockton.

Tom Burke of New England, Inc., Boston.

Tom Wilson, Limited, Boston.

Tomer Advertising Agefncy, Boston.

Tompkins-Stoddard Company, Boston.

Toomey and Cody Company, Springfield.

Toomey and Demara Amusement Co., The, Lawrence.

Toppan Boat Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Torpedo Brand Manufacturing Company, Brookline.

Torrey, Bright & Capen Company, Boston.

Torrey-Epstein Company, Boston.

Torreys & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Torsion Nut-Lock and Washer Company, The, Boston.

Totem Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Totman & Ham Inc., Winthrop.

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Tourist Specialty Brush Company, Boston.

Tower Motor Co., Adams.

Towle Land Company, Boston.

Towle Manufacturing Company, Newburyport.

Towne & Melzard, Inc., Lynn.

Towne & Whitney, Inc., Gardner.

Towne FuUer Company, The, Westfield.

Toy Crafters, Inc., The, Fitchburg.

Toy Theater Company, The, Boston.

Trackless Transportation Company, Boston.

Tracy Brothers' Leather Company, Boston.

Tradd-Hoeschle Co. Inc., Marshfield.

Traders Securities Company, Boston.

Tradesmen and Purchasers Association, The, Springfield.

Train Smith Company, Boston.

Transcript Press, Incorporated, The, Dedham.

Transcript Publishing Company, The, Holyoke.

Transfer Pharmacy Incorporated, Boston.

Trask Culm Furnace Company, Boston.

Trask Heating Company, Boston.

Traveler Shoe Company, The, Boston.

Travers-Smith Co., Peabody.

Treat Hardware and Supply Company, Lawrence.

Tremain Electric Company, Brockton.

Tremont and Suffolk Mills, Lowell and Boston. 1871, c. 152.

Tremont Co-operative Society, Boston.

Tremont Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Tremont Nail Company, Boston and Wareham.

Tremont Realty Corporation, Boston.

Tremont Rubber Company, Boston.

Tremont Securities Company, Boston.

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Tremont Stores, Inc., The, Boston. •

Tremont Theatre Publishing Company, Boston.

Tremont Trust Company, Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Tremont Wine Company, Boston.

Tremont Worsted Mills, Methuen.

Tribe Automatic Headlight Co., Worcester.

Tribune Company, Framingham.

Tribune-Enterprise, Incorporated, The, Watertown.

Trimount Investment Company, Boston.

Trimount Laundry Company, Boston.

Trimount Press, Inc., Boston.

Trimount Theatre Company, Boston.

Trio Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Trisome Spring Water Company, Fall River.

Tritton and Jenner Company, Ltd., Worcester.

Triumph Couch Bed Co., Boston.

Trixolo Company, The, Concord.

Trombly-Allen Jewelry Company, Worcester.

Trombly Jewelry Company, Worcester.

Tropical Medicine Company, Boston.

Trostel Leather Company, Boston.

Trowbridge Piano Co., Boston.

Troy Cereal Company, Boston.

Troy Cotton and Woollen Manufactory, Fall River. 1813, c. 145.

Troy Shoe Co., The, North Adams.

Troy White Granite Company, Worcester.

Truesdale Ginic, Inc., The, Fall River.

Trussell Hay Harvesting Machinery Company, Boston.

Truth Publishing Company, Boston.

Tubenabrush Co., Boston.

Tubular Rivet and Stud Company, Boston.

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Tucke & Parker Company, Lowell.

Tucker Store, Inc., The, Marblehead.

Tudor Company, Boston. 1868, c. 245.

Tudor Ice Cream Co., Brockton.

Tudor Press, Incorporated, The, Boston.

Tuners Supply Company, Somerville.

Turner & Hefler Company, Hyde Park.

Turner-Brown Company, Boston.

Turner-Buckley Manufacturing Company, Inc., Boston.

Turner, Tucker & Co;, Inc., Boston.

Turner's Falls Company. Chartered 1794. 1866, c. 275. 1912, c. 300.

Turner's Falls Cotton Mills, Montague.

Turners Falls Power & Electric Company, Amherst. R, L,, c. 110.

Turva Co-operative Store Company, Quincy.

Tutein, Shoules & Clay Co., Boston.

Tuttle- Abbott Company, The, Boston.

Tuttle & Bryant Co., North Adams.

Tuttle Silver Company, Boston.

Twaits Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Tweedy and Barnes Company, North Attleborough.

Twentieth Century Chemical Company, The, Springfield.

Twentieth Century Dye House, Inc., Lynn.

Twenty Associates of Gloucester, Incorporated, Gloucester.

Twenty-five Associates of Roxbury, Inc., Boston.

Twenty Star Associates, Cambridge.

Twin Bowl Cream Separator Company, Boston,

Twin Cities Ice Company, New Bedford.

Twin-Elm Spring Corporation, The, Lexington.

Twin Light Garage Company, Gloucester.

Twin Oak Poultry and Egg Company, Williamstown.

Twombly Bros. Company, Lynn.

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Tyer Rubber Company, Andover.

Tyler- Wires Company, Boston.

Tyler's Business CoU^e, Worcester.

Tyngsboro Electric Light Company, Tyngsboro. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Tyngsboro Ice Company, Tyngsborough.

Tyson, Weare & Marshall Co., Boston.

U. C. Smith Company, Brockton.

U. Holzer (Inc.), Hyde Park.

U. S. Light & Heating Company, Boston.

U. T. Hungerford Brass & Copper Company of Boston, Boston.

" Ultimate '' Filter Corporation, The, Plymouth.

Ultra Motor Car Company, Boston.

Umbagog Camp Company, Boston.

Under-Cut Drill Company, Boston.

Underhay Oil Co., Boston.

Underbill Company, The, Boston.

Underwood Typewriter Company, Boston.

Uniao Michaelense Incorporated, Cambridge.

Union Amusement Company, Brockton.

Union Avenue Hospital, Incorporated, Framingham.

Union Belt Company, Fall River.

Union Blacking Company, Incorporated, The, Lynn.

Union Brass Foundry Company, Lowell.

Union Building Association, Georgetown.

Union Butter Company, The, Worcester.

Union Caliper Co., Fitchburg.

Union Coal and Wood Company, Holyoke.

Union Coal Company, Fitchburg.

Union Coal Ice and Grain Company, Lancaster.

Union Comb Manufacturing Company, Leominster.

Union Commercial Paper Company, Boston.

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Union Company, Rockland. 1866, c. 290.

Union Cotton Manufacturing Company, Fall River.

Union Curled Hair Company, Hyde Park.

Union Cutlery and Hardware Company, Springfield.

Union Desk Co., Boston.

Union Drug Company of Maiden, Maiden.

Union Drugs Stores Company, Boston.

Union Engraving Company, The, Boston.

Union Fire Insurance Agency (Incorporated), Charlemont.

Union Fish Company, Boston.

Union Foundry Company, Fitchburg.

Union Freight Railroad Company, Boston. 1872, c. 342. 1873, e. 235.

Union French Dry Cleaning Company, Worcester.

Union Fruit and Produce Company, Boston.

Union Fuel Company, Boston.

Union Furniture Company, The, Brockton.

Union Gear & Machine Company, Boston.

Union Glass Company, Somerville.

Union Glue Company, 'Boston.

Union Grocery Company, Boston.

Union Ice Company, Boston.

Union Laundry Co., Worcester.

Union Laundry Company of Boston, Boston.

Union Light & Power Company, Foxborough. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Union Linen Supply Company, Worcester.

Union Machine Company, Fitchburg.

Union Metal Works Inc., Chelsea.

Union Mill, Becket.

Union Mills Inc., Boston.

Union Motion Picture Theatre Corporation, Boston.

Union Newspaper Company, Springfield.

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Union Optical Company, Boston.

Union Oyster House Inc., Boston.

Union Plate & Wire Company, Attleborough.

Union Printing Company, Lowell.

Union Publishing Company, Boston.

Union Raincoat Company, Boston.

Union Realty Company, Boston.

Union Sales Co. Inc., "Boston.

Union Screen Plate Company, Fitchburg.

Union Seal Company, Boston.

Union Spar Company, Gloucester.

Union Spinning and Plating Company, Incorporated, The, Boston.

Union Square Dry Goods Co., Somerville.

Union Square Garage, Incorporated, The, Somerville.

Union Square Olympia Company, Somerville.

Union Stables Company, Cambridge.

Union Street Railway Company, New Bedford. 1887, c. 91.

Union Supply Company, Boston.

Union Theatre Company, Boston.

Union Tool Company, Boston.

Union Trading Stamp Company, Boston.

Union Trust Company, Boston. 1888, c. 422. 1900, c. 97.

Union Trust Company of Springfield, Massachusetts, Springfield. 1904,
c. 374.

Union Twist Drill Company, Athol.
Union Water Meter Company, Worcester.
Union Welting Company, Boston.
Union Wholesale Drug Co., 3oston,
Unique Amusement Company, Boston.
Unique Theatre Company of Boston, Boston.
United Amusement Company, Boston.
United Attraction Company, The, Lexington.

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United Breeders, Inc., Braintree.

United Brick Company, Boston.

United Building & Commercial Company, Brockton.

United Builiiing Company, Boston.

United Candy Company, Boston.

United Chemical Company, Boston.

United Cleanser Company, Boston.

United Clothing Company, incorporated. Fall River.

United Cranberry Company, The, Boston.

United Dairy Products Company, The, Boston.

United Distributing Company, Boston,

United Dress Manufacturing Company, Boston,

United Drug Company, Boston.

United Druggists Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Boston. 1907,
c. 576.

United Electric Apparatus Company, Boston.

United Electric Light Company, Springfield. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

United Feather Company, Boston.

United Fish Company, Boston.

United Fisheries Company, Gloucester.

United 5 & 10 ^ Stores, Incorporated, Springfield.

United Grocers Wholesale Company of Marlboro, Marlborough.

United Grocers Wholesale Company of New England, Boston.

United Grocery Company, Inc., Boston.

United Honing & Stropping Machine Company, Brockton.

United Hospitals Drug Co. (Inc.), The, Fall River.

United Laboratories Company, Boston.

United Leather Company of Boston, Boston.

United Limb & Brace Co., The, Boston.

United Lumber Company, The, Springfield.

United Manufacturing Company, The, Springfield.

United Merchants Corporation, Springfield.

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United Metal Seal Company, Boston.

United Milk Products Company, The, BostcMi.

United Mineral Company, Boston.

United Motion Picture Corporation, Boston.

United Motion Picture Theatre Corporation, Boston.

United Nut Lock Company, Springfield.

United Optical Company, Webster.

United Paper Stock Company, Chelsea.

United Perfume Company, Boston.

United Pharmaceutical Company, Boston.

United Remedy Co., Inc., Watertown.

United Retail Stores of New England, Inc., Boston.

United Retailers, Inc., The, Boston.

United Sealing Machine Company, Springfield.

United Service Auto Co., Boston.

United Sewing Machinery Company, Springfield.

United Shirt & Collar Co., Boston.

United Silver Plate Company, Boston.

United Skirt Manufacturing Company, Boston.

United Soda Fountain Company, The, Boston.

United Spinning Machinery Company, Boston.

United States Asphalt Company, The, Boston.

United States Bunting Company, Lowell.

United States Cartridge Company, Lowell.

United States Cities Railway Company, Boston.

United States Color & Chemical Company, Boston.

United States Colunm Company, Boston.

United States Construction Company, Boston.

United States Cotton Manufacturing Co., Boston.

United States Electric Generator Company, Boston.

United States Electric Signal Company, Newton.

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United States Envelope Sealing Machine Company, Springfield. Name
changed to United Sealing Machine Company, q. v.

United States Fuel Company, Boston.

United States Hopper Company, Boston.

United States Hotel Company, Boston. 1824, c. 103. 1840, c. 33.

United States Institute Company, Boston.

United States Lumber Corp., Boston.

United States Match Plate Co., Holyoke.

United States Metal Products Company, Boston.

United States Peroxide Company, Worcester.

United States Radiator Corporation of Massachusetts, Boston.

United States Sealing Company, Springfield.

United States Securities Company, Boston.

United States Shoe Company, Boston.

United States Snnfl Company, Boston.

United States Spring Bed Company, The, Springfield.

United States Steel Hoop Company, Boston.

United States Tanned Pig Skin Company, Peabody.

United States Transfer Advertising Company, Boston.

United States Tropical Food Company, Maiden.

United States Trust .Company, Boston. 1887, c. 188. 1888, e. 251.
1895, c. 30.

United States Worsted Company, Boston.

United Stationers, Inc., Boston.

United System Construction Company, Boston.

United Tack Company, Taunton.

United Tailoring Company, Inc., Boston.

United Textile Company, Boston.

United Tire Company, Lawrence.

United Wholesale Company, Boston.

Unity Investment Corporation, Boston.

Unity Loan Company, Boston.

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Universal Adjustable Saw Company, Boston.

Universal Appliance Company, Boston.

Universal Boring Machine Company, Hudson.

Universal Gauge Company, (limited), Boston.

Universal Machine Company, Boston.

Universal Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Universal Postal Machine Company, The, Boston.

Universal Raincoat Co., Boston.

Universal Refining Company, Boston.

Universal Safety Tread Company, Boston.

Universal Stamping Company, Boston.

Universal Supply Company, Springfield.

Universal Tool Company, The, Springfield.

Universal Trading Bond & Coupon Company, Boston.

Universal Trolley Wheel Company, The, Springfield.

Universal Truck Co. of New England, Boston.

University Library Extension, Inc., Norwood.

University Paper Box Company, Boston.

University Press: John Wilson & Son, Incorporated, Cambridge.

Up Town Amusement Company, Boston.

Upham Bros. Co., Stoughton.

Upham's Comer Stable Company, Boston.

Uptodate Specialty Company, Worcester.

Upton Manufacturing Company, Upton.

Uricsol Chemical Company of Boston, Boston.

Usher Automatic Stop Company, Chicopee.

Uswoco Mills, Lawrence.

Utica Treeing Machine Company, Boston.

Utilities Equipment Company, Boston.

Utley Company, The, Holyoke.

Utley's, Inc., Holyoke.

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Uxbridge and Whitinsville Transcript Publishing Company, Uxbridge.

Uxbridge Auto Company, Uxbridge.

Uxbridge Cotton MiUs, Uxbridge. 1840, c. 49.

Uxbridge Hardware & Furniture Company, The, Uxbridge.

V. A. Strout Shoe Company, Boston.

V. & F. W. Filoon Company, Brockton.

V. S. Pond Company, Foxborough.

V-S Undermuslin Company, Worcester.

V. Wentworth Piano Company, Boston.

Vachon Aerial Manufacturing Co., The, Brookline.

Vacuum Glass Company, Lynn.

Vacuum Ventilator Company, The, Boston.

Vail Galvanizing Plant, Inc., Boston.

Valley Creek Coal Company, Boston.

Valley Drug Company, Webster.

Valley Paper Company, Holyoke.

Van Buskirk & Osborne Company, Cambridge.

Van-Car Leather Company, Peabody.

Van Norman Machine Tool Company, Springfield.

Van Ormer Coal Company, Boston.

Van Slyck Publishing Company, Boston.

Van Tassel Leather Company, Boston.

Van Vlack Co., Boston.

Van Zandt, Jacobs & Co., Inc., Boston.

Vapo Company, The, Boston.

Vapowax Chemical Company, Boston.

Variety Booking Offices, Incorporated, Boston.

Vamey & Puech Company, Boston.

Vasil MacKay Company, The, Boston.

Vassara Fruit Co., Inc., Boston.

Vaughan Construction Company, The, Springfield, Name changed to
Goodwin-Howard Concrete Construction Company, q, v.

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Vaughn-Upton Company, Boston.

Vega Company, The, Boston.

Vehicle Spring Supporter Company, Boston.

Vendome Lunch Company, Lynn.

Vendome Taxicab Company, Inc., Boston.

Verde Antique Quarries Company, Boston.

Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad Company, Boston. 1844, c. 134.
1869, cc. 68, 238, 318.

Vermont & Massachusetts Sheep & Land Company, Boston.

Vermont Supply Company, Boston.

Vernon Court Hotel Company, Boston.

Vershire Company, The, Boston.

Vesper Preserve Company, Ayer.

Vesuvio Drug Company, Boston.

Victor Amusement Company, Worcester.

Victor Chocolate Company, Inc., Brockton.

Victor Hat Company, Springfield. "

Victor, Inc., Springfield.

Victor Mangle Company, The, Lowell.

Victor R. F. Walker Company, Boston.

Victor Shoe Machinery Co., Boston.

Victor Sporting Goods Company, Chicopee.

Victoria Aeroplane, Automobile and Amusement Co., Avon.

Victoria Theatre Company, Boston.

Viets Company, The, Springfield,

Village Hall. Corporation of Barnstable, The, Barnstable.

" Vim " Incorporated, Boston.

Vinal Motor Renting Company, Boston.

Vhicenzo Rey, Inc., Boston.

Vinette Hose-Cock Company, The, Pittsfield.

Vineyard Drug Company, The, Tisbury.

Vineyard Grove Company, Edgartown. 1870, c. 110.

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Vineyaxd Haven Gas and Electric Light Co., The, Tisbury. Rev. Laws,
, c. 110.

Vineyard Haven Wharf Company, Tisbury. 1835, c. 19. 1881, c. 3L

Vineyard Lighting Company, Oak Bluffs. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Vineyard Transportation Company, Boston.

Vinton Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Virginian Power Company, The, Boston.

Viscoloid Company, The, Leominster.

Vitalait Laboratory Inc. The, Newton.

Vitalait Laboratory of New England, Inc., The, Newton.

Vodon-Curtiss Company, The, Boston.

Vogel Drug Company, The, Boston.

Von Olker-Snell Paper Company, Boston.

Vose Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Vose-Swain Engraving Company, Boston.

Vroom Brothers Company, Lynn.

Vulcan Fibre Company, Boston.

Vulcan Manufacturing Company, Newton.

Vulite Chemical Co., Boston.

W. A. & H. A. Root, Inc., Boston.

W. A. Buxton Automobile Company, Worcester.

W. A, Buxton Machinery Company j The, Worcester, Name changed
to W, A, Buxton Automobile Company , q, v,

W. A. Castle Company, The, Springfield.

W. A. Chaplain Company, Brockton.

W. A. De Pew Co., Boston.

W. A. Fuller Lumber Company, Leominster.

W. A. Haynes Co., The, Maynard.

W. A. Hilliard Company, Boston.

W. A. Jefts Company, Melrose.

W. A. Mack Company, Lowell.

W. A. Moffitt Co., Boston.

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W. A. Norton Company, Boston.

W. A. Robinson & Co. Inc., New Bedford.

W. A. Snow-Iron Works (Inc.), Boston.

W. A. Wood Company, Boston.

W. & A. Bacon Company, Boston.

W. & S. Blackinton Company, North Attleborough.

W. B. Chubb Company, Boston.

W. B. Clarke Company, Boston.

W. B. Crombie Company, The, Worcester.

W. B. Hubbard and Sons Company, Boston.

W. B. Huette Shoe Company, Boston.

W. B. May Company, Bridgewater.

W. B. White & Son — Incorporated, Quincy.

TF. Bert Lewis Shoe Company, Boston, Name changed to Caunt-Lewis
Company, The, q. v.

W. Booth Company, Lowell.

W. C. Bates Co., Boston.

W. C. Bliss Co., Boston.

W. C. Edson Company, Boston.

W. C. Miles Co., Medford.

W. C. Vaughan Company, Boston.

W. D. Earl and Company (Inc.), Leominster.

W. D. Kendall Company, Worcester.

W. D. Kinsman Company, Springfield.

W. D. Wilmarth & Co., Corporation, Attleborough.

W. E. Ellis Company, Haverhill.

W. E. Garland Company, The, Boston.

W. E. Greene Amusement Company, Boston.

W. E. Griflfin Company, Worcester.

W. E. Hebbard Company, Boston.

W. E. Hoyt Co., Salem.

W. E. Richards Company, Attleborough.

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W. E. Smith Company, Boston.

W. E. Thayer Company, Boston,

W. E. Tillotson Manufacturing Company, Pittsfield.

W. E. Wood Company, Greenfield.

W. F. & J. S. Kingsbery Co., Boston.

W. F. Ayers Linen Company, Boston.

W. F. Cobb Company, Franklin.

W. F. Cook Granite Company, Springfield.

W. F. Come Company, Boston.

W. F. Gruttemeyer and Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

W. F. Keams Company, Cambridge.

W. F. Newhall & Son, Incorporated, Lynn.

W. F. Schrafft & Sons Corporation, Boston.

W. Fillmore Company, Cambridge.

W. G. King Company, Lynn.

W. G. Payson Co., Fitchburg.

W. George Greenlay Co., Saugus.

W. H. Ames & Co., Inc., Boston.

W. H. & Webster Jones Company, Boston.

W. H. Bennett Co., Lynn.

W. H. Blodget Company, Worcester.

W. H. Bowdlear Co., The, Boston.

W. H. Brayton Co., Newton.

W. H. Brooke Company, Boston.

W. H. Cooley Company, Pittsfield.

W. H. Ellis & Son Company, Boston.

W. H. Ellison Hardware Co., Springfield.

W. H. Graham Incorporated, Boston.

W. H. Green Vaudeville Agency Inc., Boston.

W. H. Holbrook Company, Boston.

W. H. I. Hayes Company, Lowell.

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W. n. Ingalls Company, Lynn.

W. H. Lucas, Inc., Boston.

W. H. Marble Automobile Company, Brockton.

W. H. McElwain Company, Boston.

W. H. Miner Chocolate Company, Springfield.

W. H. Noyes & Brother Company, Newburyport.

W. H. P. Gilmore Co., Montague.

W. H. Pevear & Co. Inc., Watertown.

W. H. Riddle & Son, Inc., Boston.

W. H. Saart Company, The, Attleboroug^.

W. H. Sawyer Lumber Company, The, Worcester.

W. H. Stone Company, Boston.

W. H. Virgie Company, The, Framingham.

W. H. W. Teele Company, Boston.

W. H. Ward Company, Lowell.

W. H. Willard Company, Worcester.

W. H. Wilmarth & Co., Corporation, Attleborough.

W. H. Young Company, The, Boston.

W. J. Barry Shoe Company, Salem.'

W. J. Boynton Baking Company, The, Groton.

W. J. Casey Company, The, Somerville.

W. J. Council Co., Boston.

W. J. Coulter Press, Inc., The, Clinton.

W. J. Foss Company, Springfield.

W. J. Gardner Company, Boston.

W. J. Ham Co., Boston.

W. J. Hyland Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

W. J. Jennison Flour Company, Springfield.

W. J. Lally Clothing Company, Boston.

W. J. Sullivan Co., The, Boston.

W. J. Woods Company, The, Worcester.

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W. J. Young Machinery Company, Lynn.

W. K. Farrington Press, Boston.

W, K. Gilmore & Sons Inc., Wrentham.

W. L. Douglas Shoe Company, Brockton.

W. L. Hallett Theatrical Transfer Co., Boston.

W. L. Jackson & Sons Company, Quincy.

W. L. Porter Company, Worcester.

W. L. Russell Co., The, Boston.

W. L. Taylor Company, The, Springfield.

W. L. Waples Company, The, Boston.

W. M. Caldwell Company, Waltham.

W. M. Christie and Son Company, Boston.

W. M. McDonald Company, Incorporated, The, Boston.

W. M. Todd Company, Natick.

W. M. Weston Co., Boston.

W. M. Young Regalia Company, Springfield.

W. N. Fisher Company, The, North Attleborough.

W. N. Gleason Company, The, Worcester.

W. N. Proctor Company, Boston.

W. 0. Gibson Company, Gloucester.

W. 0. McDuffee Company, Boston.

W. P. B. Brooks & Company, Inc., Boston.

W. P. Goode Brush Co., Boston.

W. P. Leavitt Sons Company, The, Newton.

W. P. Rowell & Sop, Incorporated, Worcester.

W. P. Whittemore Company, Boston.

W. Pence Mitchell Hat Company, Quincy.

W. R. Elliott Co., Boston.

W. S. Barney Company, Boston.

W. S. Best Printing Company, Boston.

W. S. Bray & Son, Inc., Haverhill.

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W. S. Carr Company, Boston.

W. S. Chase & Sons, Incorporated, Haverhill.

W. S. Kilton Company, Worcester.

W. S. Lee Co., Salem.

W. T. Grant Co., Lynn.

W. T. McLaughlin Company, Boston.

W. T. Shackley & Son Company, Boston.

W. V. Small Company, Boston.

W. W. Carey Company, Lowell.

W. W. Taylor Mfg. Co., Mansfield.

W. W. Windle Co., Millbury.

W. W. Witham Company, Gloucester.

Waban Hotel Company, Wellesley.

Waban Rose Conservatories, Natick.

Wacco Supply Company, Boston.

Wachtel-Pickert Company, Boston.

Wachusett Rest, Incorporated, The, Hubbardston.

Wachusett Shirt Company, Leominster.

Wachusett Thread Company, Worcester.

Wade Machine Company, The, Boston.

Wade Press, Incorporated, Boston.

Wading River Reservoir Company, Taunton. 1866, c. 171. 1869,
c. 375.

Wadleigh Company, Salem.

Wadsworth, Howland & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

Wage Earners Loan Association, Boston.

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