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Wagner Spring Bed Manufacturing Company, Holyoke.

Wakefield Coal Supply Company, Wakefield.

Wakefield Paper Box Company, Wakefield.

Wakefield Planing Mill Co., Wakefield.

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Wakefield Rattan Company, Wakefield.

Wakefield Real Estate and Building Association, Wakefield. 1871,
c. 120. 1891, c. 13. 1911, c. 14.

Wakefield Slipper Company, Lynn.

Walbuck Crayon Company, The, Lawrence.

Walcott-Cameron Company, The, Palmer.

Walden Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Walden Tool Company, Boston.

Walen Drug Company, The, Manchester.

Wales Beef & Provision Company, Boston.

Walfair Construction Company, The, Lowell.

Walk Hill Garage Company, Boston.

Walk-Over Shoe Company of Providence, Brockton.

Walker and Pratt Manufacturing Company, Watertown.

Walker & Watson, Inc., Boston.

Walker Bros. Dyeing and Bleaching Co., Chelsea.

Walker Ice Company, Worcester.

Walker Lithograph & Publishing Company, Boston.

Walker Press, Inc., The, Boston.

Walker-Rintels Drug Company, Boston.

Walker-Rintels, Inc., Boston.

Walker Stetson Company, Boston.

Walker, Wells Company Incorporated, Amesbury.

Walker Wool Company, Boston.

Walker's South Boston Express, Incorporated, Boston.

Wall, Streeter and Doyle Company, North Adams.

Wallace and Stimpson Co., The, Worcester.

Wallace Grain Company, Clinton.

Wallace Nutting, Incorporated, Fraraingham.

Walnut Avenue Garage, Inc., Boston.

Walpole Tire and Rubber Company, Walpole.

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Walsh & Co. Inc., Boston.

Walsh Drug Company, Qoinoy.,

Walsh Roofing Company, PittsfielcL

Walter A. Wentworth Company, Boston.

Walter B. Hennigan Company, Boston.

Walter Baker & Company, Limited, Boston. 1898, c. 103.

Walter C. Brooks and Company, Limited, Boston.

Walter C. Lewis Company, Boston.

Walter C. Mentzer Company, Boston.

Walter Cobum Company, Lowell.

Walter F. Hoover, Inc., Springfield.

Walter F. Jordan Co., Boston.

Walter G. Rugbies Company, Boston.

Walter H. Preble Company, Boston.

Walter H. Turner (Inc.), Boston.

Walter H. Woods Company, Boston.

Walter J. Bates, Inc., Boston.

Walter J. Budgell and Sons, Incorporated, Peabody.

Walter M. Lowney Company, The, Boston.

Walter Rapp Company, Boston.

Walter S. Barnes & Son, Incorporated, Boston.

Walter S. Davis Company, The, Boston.

Walter W. Eaton & Co. Inc., Springfield.

Walter W. l^eld and Son, Incorporated, Cambridge.

Waltham Bag & Paper Company, Boston.

Waltham Bleaehery and Dye Works, The, Waltham.

Waltham Coal Company, Waltham.

Waltham Electric Co., Waltham.

Waltham Emery Wheel Company, Waltham.

Waltham Foundry Co., Waltham.

Waltham Hardware Co., Waltham.

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Waltham Laundry Company, Waltham.

Waltham Publishing Company, Waltham,

Waltham Scenic Theatre Company, Bostcm.

Waltham Screw Company, Waltham.

Waltham Trust Company, Waltham. 1901, c 170.

Waltham Watch Company, Waltham.

Waltham Watch Tool Company of Springfield, Massachusetts, The,

Walton Lunch Company, Boston.

Walworth Construction and Supply Company, Boston.

Walworth-English-Flett Company, Boston.

Walworth Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Wamesit Power Company, Lowell. 1865, c. 117.

Wamesit Worsted Company, Boston.

Wampanoag Mills, Fall River.

Wampatuck Cranberry Co., Boston.

Wamsutta liiills. New Bedford. 1846, c. 201.

Wandel Screen Manufacturing Company, The, Walpole.

Wannacomet Water Company, Nantucket. 1880, c. 27.

Waquoit Herring River Company, (Waquoit) Falmouth. 1866, c. 187.

Ward, Drouet & Foster, Inc., Boston.

Ware and Brookfield Street Railway Company. Rev. Laws, c. 112.

Ware Coal Co., Ware.

Ware Coupling and Nipple Company, Ware.

Ware Electric Company, Ware. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Ware Hosiery Company, The, Ware.

Ware Lumber Company, Ware.

Ware Machine & Loom Company, Ware.

Ware Pratt Company, Worcester.

Ware River Manufacturing Company, Wai*e.

Ware River Railroad Company, W^i'e. 1867, c. 76.

Wareham Cranberry Company, Boston.

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Warewel Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Warner & Childs Co., The, Cambridge.

Warner Manufacturing Company, The, Greenfield. вАҐ

Warner's Features, Incorporated, of Massachusetts, Boston.

Warp Compressing Machine Company, Worcester.

Warren-Allen Carpet Company, Boston.

Warren & Gerrish, Incorporated, Boston.

Warren Beef Company, Inc., Boston.

Warren, Brookfield and Spencer Street Railway Company, The. Pub.
Stat., c U3.

Warren Brothers Company, Boston.

Warren Chambers Pharmacy Inc., Boston.

Warren F. Fraser Co., Boston.

Warren F. Witherell Company, Boston.

Warren Fitch Company, Boston.

Warren Garage Company, Worcester.

Warren Hotel Company, Worcester.

Warren Leather Goods Company, Worcester.

Warren M. Poorman Company, Boston.

Warren Manufacturing and Construction Company, The, Fall River.

Warren Mills & Power C'ompany, The, Holyoke.

Warren N. Lancaster Pen Company, Springfield.

Warren Pharmacy Inc., The, Randolph.

Warren Power Company, Springfield. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Warren S. Hixon Company, Lynn.

Warren Soap Manufacturing Company, The, Boston.

Warren Steam Pump Company, Warren.

Warren Toppan Company, The, Lynn.

Washburn and Garfield Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Washburn & Heywood Chair Co., Erving.

Washburn and Moen Manufacturing Company, Worcester. 1868, c. 31.

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Washburn Brothers Company, Boston.

Washburn Cranberry-Bog Co., Boston.

Washburn Purizone Company, Boston.

Washburn Realty Co., Ltd., Boston.

Washburn Realty Trust, Ltd, Name changed to Washburn Realty Co,,
Ltd., q, V.

Washbum-Skilton Company, Boston.

Washington Department Store Inc., The, Boston.

Washington Fruit Company, Worcester.

Washington Investment and Loan Association, Boston.

Washington Jewelry Company, Boston.

Washington Mills, Boston.

Washington liiills Emery Manufacturing Company, Ashland.

Washington Theatre, Incorporated, Boston.

Wason Company, The, Boston.

Wason-MacDonald Co., Haverhill.

Wason Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

Watauga Mining Company, 6oston.

Waterbury Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

Waterhead Mills Incorporated, Lowell.

Waterhouse Welding Company, Boston.

Waterman Supply Co. Inc., Fall River.

Waters and Litchfield Company, Boston.

Waters Company, Inc., The, Boston.

Waters Governor Company, Boston.

Watertown Cranberry Company, Watert'own.

Watson-Blood Company, Leominster, Name changed to Watson-
Howard Company, q. v.

Watson, Hallett Co., Boston.

Watson-Howard Company, Leominster.

Watson Shoe Company, Lynn.

Watts and Cook, Inc., Boston.

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Watts Detective Agency, Inc., Boston.

Watuppa Reservoir Company, Fall River. 1826, c. 31.

Watuppa Warehouse Company, Fall River, Mass., Fall River.

Waucantuck Mills, Uxbridge.

Waverley Company, Boston. 1855, c. 217.

Waverley Hall Company, Belmont.

Waverly Heating Supply Company, The, Boston.

Waverly Hotel Company, The, Lowell.

Waverly Specialty Company, Cambridge.

Waverly Street Garage Inc., Framingham.

Wayland Inn Hotel Company, Wayland.

Wear Wrench Company, The, Southbridge.

Web-Lox Fibre Manufacturing Company, Newton.

Webb Realty Company, Quincy.

Webber Company, The, Boston.

Webber Lumber and Supply Company, Fitchburg.

Webber Mfg. Co., Boston.

Weber Bros. Shoe Co., North Adams.

Weber's Shoe Parlor Company, Boston.

Webster and Dudley Street Railway Company. Pub. Stat., c. 113.

Webster and Southbridge Gas and Electric Company, Webster. Pub.
Stat., c. 106. 1907, c. 440.

Webster Auto Delivery Company, Dudley.
Webster Loom Harness Company, The, Fall River.
Webster Lumber & Supply Company, Webster.
Webster Lumber Company, Watertown.
Webster Paper Box Company, Webster.
Webster Press, Incorporated, The, Webster.
Webster Thomas Company, Boston.
Wechsler-Levy Company, The, Boston.
Wedgemere Conservatories Incorporated, Winchester.
Wedgerite Powder Company, Boston.

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Weeden Manufacturing Corporation, New Bedford.

Weeks & Doten Company, Boston.

Weetamoe Mills, Fall River. 1871, c. 50.

Weinz Trimming Company, The, Boston.

Weir Stove Company, Taunton.

Wekonee Corporation, Barnstable.

Welch & Suthergreen Co., ffitchburg.

Welch Bros. Company, Boston.

Welch Bros. Company of Lowell, Lowell.

Weldon Garage, Lie, Greenfield.

Weldon Hotel Company, Greenfield.

Wellesley Domestic Laundry Company, Wellesley.

Wellesley Inn Corporation, Wellesley.

Wellesley Knitting Mills, The, Wellesley.

Wellesley Publishing Company, Wellesley.

Wellfleet Cranberry Company, Wellfleet.

Wellington & Buck Company, Cambridge.

Wellington Black Silver Fox Company, Inc., Boston.

Wellington Company, The, Boston.

Wellington Farm Company, Belmont.

Wellington Furniture Company, Pittsfield.

Wellington Improvement Association, Inc., Medford.

Wellington Piano-case Company, The, Leominster.

Wellington-Pierce Company, Boston.

Wellington Rubber Company, Boston.

Wellington- Wild Coal Company, Boston.

Wellmade Gas Mantle Company, Boston.

Wells Brothers Company, Greenfield.

Wells Chemical Bronze Works, Worcester.

Welmade Screw and Manufacturing Co., Fitchburg.

Welsbach Company of New England, Boston.

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Welted Sole Co., Boston.

Wenatuxet Cranberry Company, Boston.

Wendell Hotel Company, Pittsfidd.

Wendell Realty Company, Pittsfield.

Wenham Lake Ice Company, The, Salem.

Wenham Lake Ice Corporation, Salem.

Wentworth Clothing Company, New Bedford.

Wentworth, Fosdick Company, Boston.

Wentworth-Lister Company, Newton.

Wentworth-Swett Company, Haverhill.

Wemer-Pazolt Company, Boston.

Wesley House, Licorporated, Oak Bluffs.

Wesner Drop-Arm Hanger Company, Boston.

West & Dodge, Inc., Boston.

West Boston Gas Company, Boston. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

West Boxford Realty Company, Boxford.

West Boylston Manufacturing Company, The, West Boylston. 1813,
c. 84. 1823, c. 29.

West Brookfield Creamery Co., West Brookfield.

West Chop Steamboat Company, Boston.

West End Street Railway Company, Boston. 1887, c 413. 1911,
c. 740.

West Gas Improvement Company of America, The, Boston.

West India Management and Consultation Company, Boston.

West Lynn Lithuanian Co-operative Market Inc., Lynn.

West Medford Automobile Company, Medford.

West Roxbury Hardware Company, Boston.

West Roxbury Trap Rock Company, Boston.

West Shore Association, Worcester.

West Stockbridge Creamery, Inc., The, West Stockbridge.

West Stockbridge Lime Company, West Stockbridge.

West Stockbridge Mutual Telephone Company, West Stockbridge.
Rev. Laws, c. 110.

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West Varnish Co., Everett.

West Ware Paper Company, The, Ware.

Westborough Gas and Electric Company, The, Westborough. Pub.
Stat., c 106.

Westboro' Hat Company, Westborough.

Westboro Inn Inc., Westborough.

Westeott Motors Co., Boston.

Westerly Shirt Company, Boston.

Western Massachusetts Cadillac Company, Springfield.

Western Massachusetts Company, Springfield. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Western Massachusetts Contracting Company, Westfield.

Western Oil and Gasoline Company, Boston.

Western Oil Company, Boston.

Western Produce Company, Springfield.

Western Union Telegraph Company, New York.

Westfield Agricultural and Athletic Company, Westfield.

Westfield Box and Shook Company, Westfield.

Westfield Brick Company, Westfield.

Westfield Cigar Company, Westfield.

Westfield Coal Company, Westfield.

Westfield Laundry Company, The, Westfield.

Westfield Power Company, Westfield.

Westfield Pure Food Association, Westfield.

Westfield Times Company, Westfield.

Westfield Whip Company, Westfield.

Westford Water Company, Westford. 1907, c. 175.

Westhampton Water Company, Westhampton. Pub. Stat., c. 110.

Westminster Shank Company, Westminster.

Weston-Thurston Company, Boston.

Weston Water Company, Weston. 1896, c. 217.

Westport Harbor Aqueduct Company, Westport. Pub. Stat., e. 110.

Westville Spinning Company, Taunton.

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Westwood Farm Milk Co., Boston.

Wetherbee Brothers Company, Arlington.

Wetherell Bros. Co., Boston.

Wetmore-Savage Co., Boston.

Wetmnpka Fruit Company, Boston.

Weymouth Art Leather Company, Boston.

Weymouth Light and Power Company, Weymouth. Pub. Stat.,
c. 106.

Weymouth Water Power Company, Weymouth.

Whalom Lake Launch Company, Worcester.

Whalom Recreation Company, Fitchbui^.

Whalom Sanitorium, Lunenburg.

Wheeler Estabrook Co., Marlborough.

Wheeler Express Company, Marlborough.

Wheeler Foundry Company, Inc., Worcester.

Wheeler Reflector Company, Boston.

Wheelock-Jeffrey Company, Boston.

Where To Go Bureau, Inc., Boston.

Whidden & Co. Incorporated, Boston.

Whitaker-Cushing Company, The, Shirley.

Whitaker Reed Company, The, Worcester.

Whitall Manufacturing Company, Lowell.

Whitcomb & Kavanaugh Company, Boston.

Wliitcomb-Blaisdell Machine Tool Company, Worcester.

White Amusement Company, Boston.

White and Bagiey Company, The, Worcester.

White and Wyckoff Manufacturing Company, Holyoke.

White Automobile Co., Brockton.

White Eagle Provision Company, (Inc.), Salem.

White Entertainment Bureau, Boston.

White Marble and Terazzo Company, The, Lee.

White-Merrill Company, Boston.

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White Motor Car Company, The, Worcester.

White Paper Box Company, Holyoke.

White River Leather Company, Boston.

White Rock Water Company of New England, Boston.

White Smith Music Publishing Company, Boston.

White, Son Company, Boston.

White Star Egg & Fruit Company, Boston.

White Star Laundry, Licorporated, Lynn.

White Star Mattress Company, Chelsea.

White Warner Company, The, Taunton.

Whitehead Metal Products Company, Boston.

Whitin Machine Works, Northbridge. 1868, c 140.

Whiting Chain Company, Plainville.

Whiting Cigar Manufacturing Company, The, Holyoke.

Whiting Manufacturing Company, Northborough.

Whiting Paper Company, Holyoke.

Whitman and Keith Company, Brockton.

Whitman Chemical Company, Inc., Boston.

Whitman Hudson Company, Lawrence.

Whitman Manufacturing Company, Whitman.

Whitman Mills, New Bedford.

Whitman Times Company, Whitman.

Whitman, Ward & Lee Company, Boston.

Whitmore Company, The, Boston.

Whitmore Manufacturing Company, The, Holyoke.

Whitney and Calhoun, Incorporated, Boston.

Whitney, Barney Company, Boston.

Whitney Bros., Inc., Boston.

Whitney Coal and Grain Company, Concord.

Whitney Law Corporation, New Bedford.

Whitney Reed Corporation, Leominster.

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Whiton and Haynes Company, Boston.

Whittaker Chain Tread Company, Boston.

Whittemore & Pollard Co., Boston.

Whittemore Shoe Company, Boston.

Whittemore- Woodbury Company, Boston.

Whittemore-Wright Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Whitten-Gilmore Company, The, Boston.

Whittenton Hosiery Company, Taunton.

Whittenton Manufacturing Company, Taunton.

Whittier Machine Company, Boston.

Whittier-Wellington Corporation of Massachusetts, The, Boston.

Whittier Woodenware Company, Boston.

Wickersham Quoin Company, Boston,

Wickstead Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Widen Lord Tanning Co., Danvers.

Wight Brothers (Inc.), Boston.

Wight-Thayer Company, The, Springfield.

Wikstrom Company incorporated, Boston.

Wilbert E. Welch Company, The, Boston.

Wilbur L. Taylor, Inc., Lawrence.

Wilbur Theatre Company, The, Boston.

Wilcox and Brewer Manufacturing Company, Athol.

Wilcox and Hathaway Company, Fall River.

Wilder Ice Company, The, Hanover.

Wiley and Russell Manufacturing Company, Greenfield.

Wilhelm-Dexter Company, Boston.

Wilkins Storehouse Company, Lynn.

Will & Baumer Company, The, Boston.

Will W. Mayhew Company, Boston.

Willard Welsh Realty Co., Boston.

William A. Clark Coal Company, Northampton.

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William A. Davis Company, The, Boston.

William A. Hardy & Sons Company, Fitchburg.

William A. Slater Mills, Inc., Boston.

William A. Thompson Company, Boston.

William Allen Son's Company, Worcester.

William B. Whiting Coal Company, Holyoke.

William Baylies Company, Incorporated, New Bedford.

Wm. Bourne & Son Piano Company, Boston.

William C. Atwater & Co. (Incorporated), Fall River.

William C. Dillon Company, The, Boston.

William C. Gregor, Inc., Boston.

William C. Jones Company, Boston.

William C. McConnell Company, Boston.

William C. Norcross Company, Boston.

William Carter Company, The, Needham.

William Curtis' Sons Company, Boston.

William Dean Sanford Corporation, The, Boston.

William E. Bent Company, Springfield.

Wm. E. Doyle Co., Inc., Boston.

William E. Livingston Company, Lowell.

William F. Mayo Company, Boston.

William F. Mosser Company, Boston.

Wm. Filene's Sons Company, Boston (1903).

Wm. Filene's Sons Company, Boston (1912).

Wm. Forsyth & Sons Company, Lynn.

William G. Barker Company, Boston.

William G. Bell Company, The, Boston.

William G. Webber Company, Salem.

William Gilligan Company, Boston.

"William H. Bangs Company, Boston.

William H. Bassett Company, Bridgewater.

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William H. Berry Company, Boston.

William H. Brine Company, Boston.

William H. Bums Company, Worcester.

Wm. H. Gallison Co., The, Boston.

William H. Mitchell & Son Company, Boston.

William H. Prior, Incorporated, Boston.

Wm. H. Wilkinson Co., Medway.

William H. Wood Lumber Co., Cambridge.

William Hall Company, Boston.

William I. Siff Co. Inc., Worcester.

William J. Bride Company, Reading.

William J. Haire Company, Boston.

William J. McCarthy Company, The, Somerville.

William J. Murdock Company, Chelsea.

William J. Rafferty Co., Boston.

William J. Thompson & Co., Inc., Somerville.

William K. Pierce Company, Fall River.

William Kellar Construction Co., Newton.

William L. Browne Electric Company, The, Worcester.

William L. Davis Co., Worcester.

William L. Dines, Jr. Company, Worcester.

William L. Miller Company, Boston.

William M. Flanders Company, Boston.

William M. Horrigan Company, Boston.

William M. Williams Specialty Company, The, Springfield.

William N. Flynt Granite Company, Monson.

William N. Hamel & Co., Inc., Lawrence.

William N. McKenna Company, Boston.

William P. Bonbright & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

Wm. P. Proctor Co., Chelmsford.

William Pathie Company, Worcester.

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William Paton Company, Grafton.

William Porter & Son, Incorporated, Lynn.

William Reed & Sons' Company, Taunton.

Wm. S. Butler & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

Wm. S. Haynes Co., Boston.

William S. Hills Company, Boston.

William S. Howe Co., Somerville.

William Underwood Company, Boston.

William W. Babcock Company, Boston.

William W. Bevan Company, Boston.

William W. Edgar Company, Belmont.

William Walker Company, Boston.

William Whitman Co., Boston. Name changed to William Whitman
Company, Inc., q. v.

William Whitman Company, Inc., Boston.

Williams Alumni House Incorporated, The, Williamstown.

Williams and Bridges Company, Worcester.

Williams & Daly Company Inc., The, Boston.

Williams and Everett Company, Boston.

Williams and Twigg Company, Waltham.

Williams Auto Company, Boston.

Williams Book Store Company, Boston.

Williams Bros. Fish Company, Lynn.

Williams Cut Sole Co., Boston.

Williams-Kneeland Company, Braintree.

Williams Manufacturing Comjiany, The, Northampton.

Williams Market, Boston. 1849, c. 243.

Williams Shoe Store, Incorporated, Northampton.

Williams Stove Lining Company, Taunton.

Williamsburg Manufacturing Company, Williamsburg.

Williamson-Housman Company, Boston.

Williamstown Gas Company, Williamstown. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

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Williamstown Glass Sales Co., Boston.

Williamstown Water Company, Williamstown. 1885, c. 311.

Willimansett Ice Company, The, Holyoke.

Willis A. Pride and Co., Incorporated, Boston.

Willis C. Bates Company, Boston.

Williston H. Collins Company, New Bedford.

Willsite Flooring Company Incorporated, Boston.

Wilson and Shapiro Poultry Company, Boston.

Wilson Brothers Company, Boston.

Wilson Building Moving Company, Lawrence.

Wilson Incorporated, Boston.

Wilson Mercantile Company, Boston.

Wilson System of Construction, Inc., Boston.

Wilson Tisdale Company, Boston.

Winchendon Electric Light and Power Company, Winchendon. Pub.
Stat., c. 106.

Winchester Automobile Company, Winchester.

Winchester Laundry Company, The, Winchester.

Winchester News Company, Winchester.

Winchester Trast Company, Winchester. . 1904, c. 374.

Windram Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Windsor Cement Company, Boston.

Windsor Pharmacy Inc., Lawrence.

Windsor Print Works, North Adams.

Winer's Specialty Store, Inc., Salem.

Wingate Shoe Corporation, The, Haverhill.

Winkler-Reinherz Bag Company, Boston.

Winnisimmet Company, Boston. 1833, c. 197.

Winnisimmet Railroad Company, Chelsea. 1857, c. 227.

Winnisimmet Trust, Inc., Boston.

Winslow B. Taylor, Inc., Boston.

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Winslow Bros. & Smith Co., Norwood.

Winslow, Mackenzie Co., Fall River.

Winter Brothers Company, Wrentham.

Winter Hill Ice Company, Boston. ^

Winthrop Confectionery Company, Inc., Boston.

Winthrop Cotton Yam Company, Taunton.

Winthrop Drug Co., Winthrop.

Winthrop M. Baker Boston Chocolate Company, Boston.

Winthrop Mills Company, Boston.

Winton Clothing Company, Boston.

Wire Goods Company, The, Worcester.

Wire Hardware Company, The, Worcester.

Wireless Package Carrier Company, Boston.

Witch City Auto Co., Inc., Salem.

Witch City Bottling Works, Inc., Salem.

Witeh City Tanning Company, Salem.

Witherell & Dobbins Company, Haverhill.

Wizard Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Wobum Degreasing Company, Wobum.

Wobum Gas Light Company, Wobum. 1854, c. 211.

Woburn Hardware Company, Wobum.

Wobum Iron Foundry, Inc., Wobum.

Wobum Journal Company, Wobum.

Wobum Light, Heat and Power Company, Woburn. Pub. Stat., c.

Woburn Machine Company, Wobum.

Woelfel Embossing and Decorating Co., Peabody.

Wolcott Square Pharmacy, Inc., Boston.

Wolff & Silverman Inc., Boston.

Wollaston Center Garage Company, Quincy.

WoUaston Foundry Company, Boston.

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Wollaston Masonic Temple Association, Quincy.

Woman's Achievement Publishing Company, The, Boston.

Woman's Journal, Proprietors of the, Boston. 1870, c. 5.

Woman's Quality Shop, Inc.,. The, Boston.

Woman's Shop Inc., The, Springfield.

Wonder Last Company, The, Lawrence.

Wonder-mist Company, Boston.

Wonder-mist Co., The, Boston.

Wood Barker Company, Boston.

Wood, Clarke Press (Inc.), The, Boston.

Wood-Morgan Detective Agency, Incorporated, The, Boston.

Wood Pollard Company, Boston.

Wood, Putnam & Wood Co., Boston.

Woodberry Press, The, Boston.

Woodboume Company, The, Boston.

Woodbury and Company, Incori>orated, Worcester.

Woodbury Company, Boston.

Woodley Soap Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Woodman-Davis Company, Worcester.

Woodman Lumber Company, Boston.

Woodruff Publishing Company, Boston.

Woods and Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

Woods Pond Cranberry Company, The, Middleborough,

Woods-Sherwood Company, llie, Lowell.

Woods Womans Shop, Inc., Worcester.

Woodward and Cochey Incorporated, Lynn.

Woodward & Powell Planer Co., Worcester.

Woodward Drug Company, Boston.

Woodward-Reopell Compaiiy, The, Springfield.

Wool & Fibre Importing Company, Boston.

Woolenwash Company, Boston.

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Woonsocket Machine & Press Company, Boston.

Worcester and Company Incorporated, Boston.

Worcester & Paxton Motor Company, Paxton.

Worcester and Shrewsbury Railroad Company, Worcester. 1872, c. 53.

Worcester and Shrewsbury Street Railway Company, Worcester. Pub.
Stat, c 113. ^

Worcester and Webster Street Railway Company. Pub. Stat., c. 113.

Worcester Autogenous Welding and Construction Company, Inc.,

Worcester Automobile Company, Worcester.

Worcester Baking Co., Worcester.

Worcester Baseball Co., The, Worcester.

Worcester Bleach and Dye Works Company, The, Worcester.

Worcester Brewing Corporation, Worcester.

Worcester Broken Stone Company, Worcester.

Worcester Butter & Egg Co., Worcester.

Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Company, Worcester.

Worcester Collateral Loan Association, Worcester. 1896, c. 298.

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