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Worcester Consolidated Street Railway Company, Worcester. Pub.
Stat., c. 113. 1887, c. 284.

Worcester Construction Company, Worcester.

Worcester County Automobile Owners Association, Inc., Leominster.

Worcester County Gas Company, Boston. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Worcester County Medical Institute Company, Worcester.

Worcester Electric and Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Worcester Electric Light Company, The, Worcester. Pub. Stat.,
c. 106.

Worcester Envelope Company, Worcester.

Worcester Felt Shoe Co., Worcester.

Worcester Fire Extinguisher Company, Worcester.

Worcester Floor Wall and Tile Co., Worcester.

Worcester Gas Light Company, Worcester. 1851, c. 159.

Worcester Gazette Company, The, Worcester.

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Worcester Gear Works, Worcester.

Worcester Hay and Grain Co., Worcester.

Worcester Home Building Associates, Worcester.

Worcester Hotel Company, Worcester.

Worcester Land Development Company, Worcester.

Worcester Lawn Mower Company, Worcester.

Worcester Leather Supplies Company, Worcester.

Worcester Lithographing Company, Worcester.

Worcester Loan Company, Worcester.

Worcester Loom Co., Worcester.

Worcester Lunch Car and Carriage Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Worcester Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Worcester Metal Goods Company, Worcester.

Worcester Motor Car Company, Worcester.

Worcester News Company, The, Worcester.

Worcester Novelty Company, Worcester.

Worcester Outfitting Company, Worcester.

Worcester Paper Box Company, Worcester.

Worcester Post Company, Worcester.

Worcester Poultry Association, Worcester.

Worcester Pressed Steel Company, Worcester.

Worcester Pressed Steel Pulley Co., Worcester.

Worcester Pure Water Company, Worcester.

Worcester Real Estate Association, Worcester. 1896, c. 428.

Worcester Real Estate Trust, Inc, Worcester, Name changed to United
Tire Company, q. v. Location changed to Lawrence,

Worcester Record Company, The, Worcester.

Worcester Riding School, Inc., Worcester.

Worcester Rubber Company, Worcester.

Worcester Safe Deposit Vaults, Incorporated, Worcester. Pub. Stat.,
c. 106.

Worcester Sales Co., Worcester.

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Worcester Sand Lime Brick Company, Worcester.

Worcester Shoe Machinery Company, Worcester.

Worcester Slipper Company, Boston.

Worcester Spring Co., The, Worcester.

Worcester Storage Company, Worcester.

Worcester Strip Steel Mills Company, Worcester.

Worcester Suburban Electric Company, Grafton. Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Worcester Syndicate, Incorporated, The, Worcester.

Worcester Terrazzo Tile Works, Inc., Worcester.

Worcester Tire Fabric Company, Worcester.

Worcester Trust Company, Worcester. 1868, c. 77. 1904, c. 139.

Worcester Unit Brick & Tile Company, The, Boston.

Worcester Wind Motor Company, Worcester.

Worcester Window Cleaning Co., The, Worcester.

Worcester Wire Company, Worcester.

Worcester Woman's Club House Corporation, Worcester.

Worcester Woodenware and Paper Company, Worcester.

Worcester Woolen Mill Company, The, Worcester.

Wordell & McGuire Company, Fall River.

Worden Realty Company, The, Springfield.

Workers Co-operative Company, Gardner.

Workingmen and Women's Legal Association, Boston.

Workingmen's Building Association, Boston. 1888, c. 92.

Workingmen's Loan Association, Boston. 1888, c. 108.

Workingmen's Publishing Company, Boston.

Woronoco Chemical Company, Westfield.

Woronoco Heating and Plumbing Company, The, Westfield.

Wottoquottoc Worsted Company, Hudson.

Woven Cane Fabric Company, The, Wakefield.

Wrentham Hat Company, Wrentham.

Wrentham Hat Works Inc., Wrentham.

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Wright & Potter Printing Company, The, Boston.

Wright & Willis Co., Boston.

Wright & Wright, Incorporated, Boston.

Wright Cutter Company, Boston.

Wright Garage Company, Merrimac.

Wright Illustrating & Engraving Company, Boston.

Wright Manufacturing Company, Lawrence.

Wright Wire Company, Worcester.

Wuntslip or Lose Manufacturing Co., Boston.

Wuntwet Leather Company, Boston.

Wyantenuck Company, Great Barrington.

Wyben Spring Co-operative Creamery Association, Westfield.

Wyckoff & Lloyd Company, Springfield.

Wyco Products Company, Springfield.

Wye Knitting Mills, The, Winchendon.

Wyman-AUen Lumber Company, Boston.

Wyman and Gtordon Company, The, Worcester.

Wyn-Craft Company, The, Boston.

Xtravim Molasses Feed Co., Boston.

Xylite Lubricating Company, Holyoke.

Yale Knitting Company, Maiden.

Yale Novelty Company, Leominster.

Yardley Bronze Company, Boston.

Yates Machine Company, Salem.

Ynoka Manufacturing Co., Boston.

YoYo Beverage Company, Sudbury.

Yo-Yo Company, The, Boston.

York Amusement Company, Boston.

York and Whitney Company, Boston.

Young and Follett Company, The, Boston.

Young Brothers Company, Worcester.

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Young Curley Wardwell Company, Cambridge.
Young Lobster Company, The, Boston.
Young Men's Corporation Inc., The, Boston.
Z. A. Ward Wood-working Company, Pittsfield.
Z. B. Davis Corporation, New Bedford.
Zariffe Cigarette Company, Boston.
Zedren and Clapp Company, Boston.
Zee-Socket and Mfg. Company, Boston.
Zenith Lamp Company, Boston.
Zetterman Machinery Company, Boston.
Zinns Flower Shop, Inc., Boston.
Zolvex Compounding Co., The, Cambridge.
Zuber-Choate Company, Lawrence.'

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