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Churchill and Alden Company, Brockton.

Churchill Cranberry Company, Bridgewater.

Churchill Dry Goods Company, Bridgewater.

Church's Booking Office Inc., Boston.

Cigar Makers' Co-operative Association, The, Boston.

Cilley Gem and Mica Company, Maiden.

Cincotta Cusolito Company, Boston.

Citizens Coal & Coke Co., Melrose.

Citizens Coal Company, Holyoke.

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Citizens' Gas, Electric and Power Company of Nantucket, Nantucket.
Rev. Laws, e. 110.

Citizens* Gas light Company of Quincy, Quincy. 1860, c. 36.

Citizens Trust Company, Leominster. 1904, c. 374.

Citrus Development Company, Boston.

City and Suburban Associates, Incorporated, Boston.

City Coal Company, New Bedford.

City Dressed Meat Company, Boston.

City Fuel Company, Boston.

City Garage and Sales Company of Pittsfield, Pittsfield.

City Garage Company, Brockton.

City Laundry Company, Boston.

City Loan Company, Boston.

City Manufacturing Corporation, New Bedford.

City News Company, Fall River.

City of Homes Realty Company, Springfield.

Claflin-Sumner Coal Company, Worcester.

Clapp and Abercrombie Company, The, Greenfield.

Clapp-Eastham Company, Boston.

Clark and Cleale Co., Boston.

Clark & Dupre Mfg. Co., Worcester.

Clark & Lee Company, The, Boston.

Clark & Merrill Company, Boston.

Clark and Sands Company, Worcester.

Clark, Coggin and Johnson Company, Boston.

Clark-Cutler-McDermott Company, Franklin.

Clark Grocery Company, Norwood.

Clark Independent Oil Company, West Springfield.

Clark Refining Company, Boston.

Clark Remedies Company, Springfield.

Clark Sawyer Company, The, Worcester.

Clark School of Shorthand and Typewriting, The, Boston.

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Clark Staging Company, The, Boston.

Clarke Printing Company, The, Boston.

Clarke Pump Company, Boston.

Clarksburg Ice Company, North Adams.

Cleamo Manufacturing Company, Lynn.

Clean Stone Company, Boston.

Cleanso Specialty Co., Cambridge.

Clear Brook Cranberry Company, Duxbury.

Clearing House Parcel Delivery Company, Boston.

Clearola Mfg. Company, Boston.

Cleghorn Clothing Company, Fitchburg.

Clement Company, The, Springfield.

Clement Drug Co., The, Wellesley.

Clement Manufacturing Company, Northampton.

Clemmer & Conover, Inc., Boston.

Clerk Leather Co., Peabody.

Cleveland-Cheever Company, Boston.

Clifford, Black and Company, Incorporated, Maiden.

Clifford Building Company, Lenox.

Clifford, Inc., Boston.

Clifford S. Cobb Company, Waltham.

Clifton Electro Chemical Company, Boston.

Climax Company, The, Barnstable.

Climax Paper Box Company, Cambridge.

Clunax Smoke Preventer Company, The, Boston.

Clingfast Rubber Heel Co., Boston.

Clinton Amusement Company, Clinton.

Clinton Concrete Company, Clinton.

Clinton Cut Sole Company, Brockton.

Clinton E. Hobbs Company, Boston.

Clinton Foundry Company, Clinton.

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Clinton Gas Light Company, Clinton. 1854, c. 62.

Clinton Hall Hotel Company, Springfield.

Clinton Market Company, Boston. 1884, e. 83.

Clinton W. Schwamb and Co. Incorporated, Arlington.

Clinton Wire Cloth Company, Clinton.

Cloudland Farm, Inc., Boston.

Clough Lumber Company, Boston.

Clover Shoe Company, Lynn.

Cloverdale Company, The, Boston.

Club Stable Corporation, New Bedford.

Cluett, Peabody & Co., Inc., Boston.

Clymer Company, The, Boston.

Coal Consumers' League of Springfield, Massachusetts, (Incorpo-
rated), Springfield.

Coates Clipper Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Cobb & Drew, Inc., Kingston.

Cobb, Bates and Yerxa Company, Boston.

Cobb Hersey Companj', Boston.

Cobb's Boston Tea Co., Ltd., Boston.

Cobbs Consolidated Companies, Boston.

Coburn-Lawrence Company, Boston.

Coburn Manufacturing Company, Framingham.

Cobum Motors Company, The, Lowell.

Cobum Trolley Track Manufacturing Company, The, Holyoke.

Cochichewick Lake Ice Company, Lawrence.

Cochituate Oil Proof Co., Brockton.

Cochran Desk Pad Co., Boston.

Cochrane Chemical Company, Boston.

Cochrane Manufacturing Company, Maiden.

Coconis Cigarette Machine Co., Boston.

Codman & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

Codman & Shurtleff, Inc., Boston.

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Codman Realty Corporation, Boston.

Goes & Young Company, Boston.

Goes Wrench Company, The, Worcester.

Coghlin Electric Co., Worcester.

Gohannet Converting Company, Boston.

Gohasset Hotel Company, Boston.

Cohasset Water Company, CoLasset. 1886, c. 128.

Coin Operated Machine Company, Boston.

Coin Sorting and Counting Company, Boston.

Colby Company, Gloucester.

Colby's Incorporated, Taunton.

Colchester Mill Company, The, Amesbury.

Cold Blast Market Company, Fitchburg.

Coldwell-Gildard Company, The, Fall River.

Cole Drug C6mpany, Boston.

Cole Railway Equipment Company, Boston.

Coleman, Son Company, Boston.

Collateral Loan Company, Boston. 1859, c. 173. 1869, c. 428.

Collier-Keyworth Company, Gardner.

Collieson Bros., Incorporated, Boston.

Collingii^'ood Park Company, The, Boston.

Collins & Fairbanks Company, Boston.

Collins and Mun'ay, Incorporated, Holyoke.

Collins and Rankin Company, Boston.

Collins Clothing Company, Haverhill.

Collins Hardware Company, Lynn.

Collins. Lee Company, Chelsea.

Collins Manufacturing Company, The, Wilbraham.

Collins-Plass Company, Fall River.

Collins, Pratt & Graves Company, Boston.

Colman Specialty Company, Boston.

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Colonial Amusement Company, Boston.

Colonial Bed Company, Boston.

Colonial Clothing Company, Lawrence.

Colonial Counter Company, Lynn.

Colonial Cranberry Company, Boston.

Colonial Electric & Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Colonial Engraving Co., Boston.

Colonial Envelope Company, Worcester.

Colonial Feature Film Corporation, Boston.

Colonial File Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

Colonial Fur Ranching Company, Boston.

Colonial Grocery Company, Boston.

Colonial Interstate Express Co., Salem.

Colonial Lumber Company, Boston.

Colonial Manufactuiing Company, Westfield.

Colonial Marquetry Veneer Company, Boston.

Colonial Match Company, Worcester.

Colonial of Haverhill Inc., The, Haverhill.

Colonial Paper Stdck Company, BostoiL

Colonial Real Estate Agency Company, Springfield

Colonial Realty Company, Boston.

Colonial Securities Company, Boston.

Colonial Sight Seeing Auto Co., Boston.

Colonial Steel Products Company, Boston.

Colonial Theatre Company, Lawrence.

Colonial Theatre, Incorporated of Lowell, Lowell.

Colonial Woolen Mills, Methuen.

Columbia Amusement Company, The, Boston.

Colmnbia Company, Incorporated, The. Boston.

Columbia Counter Company, Boston.

Columbia Creamery Company, Springfield.

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Columbia Electric EDgineering Company, Boston.

Columbia Jewelry Company, Cambridge.

Columbia Manufactuiing Company Incorporated, Boston.

Columbia Realty Company, Boston.

Columbia Rubber Co., Boston.

Columbia Securities Company, Boston.

Columbia Textile Company, Lowell.

Columbia Tire and Top Company, Boston.

Columbia Trust Company, Boston. 1892, c. 400.

Columbian Amusement Company, Attleborough.

Columbian Corporation, The, Boston.

Columbus Construction Co., Inc., Boston.

Columbian Insecticide Company of Boston, The, Boston.

Columbian Law Bureau Inc., Boston.

Columbian National Life Insurance Company, The, Boston. 1902, c.

Columbian Orchestra, Incorporated, The, Lawrence.

Columbian Stevedores & Mfg. Co., Boston.

Columbus Building Corporation, The, Westfield.

Columbus Construction Co., Inc., Boston.

Columbus Interstate Express Company, Salem.

Combined Heat & Sprinkler Company, Boston.

Combined Tool Company, The, Leominster.

Combustion Engine Power Company, Boston.

Combnsto Sales Corporation, Boston.

Comet Photo Studios, Inc., Boston.

Comins and Company, Incorporated, Oxford.

Commercial Brewing Company, Boston.

Commercial Cable Company, The, Boston. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Commercial Chemical Company, Boston.

Commercial Credit Company, Worcester.

Commercial Fibre Company, Boston.

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Commercial Hotel Company, Worcester.

Commercial Investment Co., The, Boston.

Commercial Press, Inc., Southbridge.

Commercial Realty Company, Boston.

Commercial Tow Boat Company, The, Boston.

Commercial Traveler Magazine Publishing Company, Springfield.

Commercial Trust Company, Springfield. 1904, c. 374.

Commercial Union Company, Ware.

Commercial Union Telegraph Company of Massachusetts, The, Boston.
Pub. Stat., c. 106.

Commercial Wharf Company, The, Boston. 1832, c. 51. 1882, c. 39.

Common Sense Gum Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Associates Inc., Boston.

Commonwealth Avenue Pharmacy Inc., Boston.

Commonwealth Building Association, Inc., Cambridge.

Commonwealth Clothing Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

Commonwealth Co-operative Clearance Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Dye and Cleansing Works, Boston.

Commonwealth Engineering Company, Lynn.

Commonwealth Garage, Incorporated, Boston.

Commonwealth Gas and Electric Corporation, Boston.

Commonwealth Glue Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Hotel, Inc., Boston.

Commonwealth Ice & Cold Storage Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Instrument Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Land Title Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Laundry Company, Cambridge.

Commonwealth Manufacturing Company, Gardner.

Commonwealth Oil Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Press, Worcester.

Commonwealth Healty Company, Boston.

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Coimnonwealth Shoe and Leather Company, Boston.

Commonwealth Trust Company, The, Boston. 1887, c. 224. 1888, c.
271. 1889, c. 437. 1904, e. 182.

Compressed Steel Shafting Company, Boston.

Conanicut Mills, Fall River.

Conant and Donelson Company, Greenfield.

Conant & Golan Company, Boston.

Conant Ball Company, Boston.

Conant Brothers Company, Boston.

Conant Chapin Co., Leominster.

Conant, Houghton and Co., Incorporated, Littleton.

Conant, Incorporated, Boston.

Concord Building Company, Framingham.

Concord, Maynard and Hudson Street Railway Company, The. Pub.
Stat., c. 113.

Concord Packing Company, Boston.

Concrete and Expanded Metal Construction Company, Cambridge.

Concrete Steel Products Company, Boston. '

Condit Amusement Company, Boston.

Conduit & Cable Manufacturing Company, The, Chelsea.

Confield Company, The, Springfield, Xame changed to Kinsman and
Campbell Company, q, v,

Congamond Ice Company, Westfield.

Congi-ess Investment Company, The, Boston.

Congi-ess Realty Company, The, Boston.

Congress Shoe & Rubber Company, Boston.

Congress Street Safe Deposit Company, Boston. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Conley Drug Co., The, Cambridge.

Conlon Motor Cab Co., Boston.

Connecticut Cottons Co., Boston.

Connecticut River Bridge, The Proprietors of, Montague. Chartered

Connecticut River Na\-iga<ion Company, Springfield.

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Connecticut River Railroad Company, Northampton. 1845, c. 8. 1886,

c. 16. 1912, c. 727.
Connecticut River Transmission Company, Boston. Rev. Laws, c. 110.

Connecticut Valley Amusement Company, Springfield.

Connecticut Valley Street Railway Company. Pub. Stat., c. 113.

Council and McKone Company, Boston.

Conner Shoe Company of Baltimore, Brockton.

Conner Shoe Company of Indianapolis, Brockton.

Connolly Lumber Company, Boston.

Connolly Steel Casting Company, Chelsea.

Consignors' Union Inc., The, Boston.

Consolidated Amusement Company, Boston.

Consolidated Canoe Works, Inc., Boston.

Consolidated Dry Goods Company, Springfield.

Consolidated Ice Company, The, Clinton.

Consolidated Meat and Grocery Company, New Bedford.

Consolidated Realty Trust, Inc., Boston.

Consolidated Shoe Company, Salem.

Consolidated Weir Company, Boston.

Consolidation Coastwise Company, Boston.

Construction Information Company, The, Boston.

Consumers Coal Corporation, Boston.

Consumers' Co-operative Company, Boston.

Consumers Ice Company of Pittsfield, Pittsfield.

Consumers' Paint & Varnish Co., Boston.

Consumptina Emulsion Company, Boston.

Continental Advertising Co., Boston.

Continental Asbestos Corporation, Worcester.

Continental Bedding Company, Boston.

Continental Company, Boston.

Continental Fmit Products Co., Worcester.

Continental Wood Screw Company, Boston.

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Contoocook MiUs Corporation, Boston.

Converse Rubber Shoe Company, Boston.

Conveyancers Title Insurance Company, Boston. Pub. Stat., c. 106.
1887, c. 214.

Conway Electric Street Railway Company, Conway. 1894, c. 252.

Conway Machine and Garage Company, Boston.

Cook Borden & Company, Inc., Fall River.

Cook Electric Company, Greenfield.

Cook Lumber Company, Greenfield.

Cook- Vivian Company, Boston.

Cooley & Marvin Co., Boston.

Cooley Brothers Company, The, Westfield.

Cooley Dry Goods Store, Incorporated, The, Springfield.

Coolidge & Strauch, Incorporated, Waltham.

Coolidge-Cabot Company, Boston.

Coolidge Comer Garage Company, Brookline.

Coohdge Ice Company, Lynn.

Coolidge-White Farm Company, Burlington.

Cooper & Cooper Company, Boston.

Cooper Company, Lawrence.

Cooper Manufacturing Company, Worcester. •

Cooper-Williams Inc., Boston.

Co-operativa Operaria Portugueza, Inc., Fall River.

Co-operative Delivery Company, Worcester.

Co-operative File Company, Lawrence.

Cooperative Grocery Stores Co., Boston.

Co-operative Hospital Association, Inc., Boston.

Co-operative Insurance Stamp Company, Boston.

Co-operative Jewelry Company, The, Springfield.

Co-operative Motors Corporation, The, Boston.

Co-operative Realty Company, Boston.

Co-operative Sales Company, The, Boston.

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Co-operative Society of Bank Men, Boston.

Co-operative Supply Company, Boston.

Copecut Cranberry Company, New Bedford.

Copeland and Dodge Company, The, Springfield.

Copithorn Demountable Rim Company, Natick.

Copley Plaza Operating Company, Boston.

Copper News Publishing Company, Boston.

Coppus Engineering and Equipment Company, Worcester.

Corbett-Caton Company, Lynn.

Corbin Wrench Company, Easthampton.

Cordaville Woolen Company, Southborough.

CordTs Mills, Millbury.

Corey Hill Oarage Company, Brookline.

Corey Klein Co., Worcester.

Corey Leather Company, Boston.

Corey- Whiting Cranberry Company, Boston.

Cornelius Callahan Company, The, Boston.

Cornell & Andrews, Incorporated, Boston.

Cornell Mills, Fall River.

Comer Drug Store, Inc., Salem.

Corona Chemical Company, Boston.

Corporation Charter Co., Boston.

Corporation Security Company, Boston.

Corporation Trust & Guarantee Company, Boston.

Coi-poration Trust & Organization Company, Boston.

Corporation Trust & Registration Company, Boston.

Corporation Trust, Incorporated, The, Boston.

Corr Manufacturing Company, Taunton.

Corrigan & Palmer Company, Fall River.

Corrugated Culvert Co. of New England, The, Boston.

Corset H. Company, Worcester.

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Corson Auto Company, Spnngfield.

Corwin- Wilde Company, The, Boston.

Cosmopolitan Cloak Company, Boston.

Cosmopolitan Mercantile Investment Co., Boston.

Cosmopolitan Rubber Co., Boston.

Cosmopolitan Trust Company, Boston. 1904, c. 374.

Costmeter Company, Boston.

Costotime Company, The, Boston.

Cosy Home Construction Co., Winthrop.

Cote Piano Manufacturing Company, Fall River.

Cotocheset Company, Barnstable.

Cottage City Rink Company, Taunton.

Cottage City Water Company, Oak Bluffs. 1890, c. 151.

Cottage Drug Company, Boston.

Cottage Park Hotel Company, Boston.

Cotter Shoe Company, Lynn.

Cottle Company, The, Boston.

Cotuit Cooperative Groceiy Co., The, Barnstable.

Cotuit Cranberry Company, Barnstable.

Cotuit Oyster Company, Cotuit.

Couch and Paul Trolley Base Company, Boston.

C'^ughlan and Sheils Company, Boston.

Coughlin Manufacturing Company, Boston.

Country Club Soda Company, Incorporated, Springfield.

Courier-Citizen Company, Lowell.

Couiier-Independent Publishing Company, The, Wareliani.

Court Electric Company, Boston.

Covel and Osborn Company, The, Fall River.

Coveney Building Company, Hyde Park.

Covich, Finklestein Company, Incorporated, Boston.

Coward Auto Supply Company, Boston.

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88 ^':

Cowen Compauy, Boston.

Cox Confectionery Company, Boston.

Crane Brook Company, Wareham.

Crane Company, Boston.

Crane Company of Springfield. Westfield.

Crane Puller. Company, Boston.

Crane Screw Co., Boston.

Cranska Thread Company, Worcester.

Crawford-Plummer Company, Springfield.

Cream of Chocolate Company of America, Danvers.

Credit-Guide and Guaranty Company, Worcester.

Credit Reporting Collection Company, Boston.

Credit Reporting Company of New England, Boston.

Creed-Kellogg Company, The, Boston.

Creedon Building Association, Salem.

Creedon-Houghton Company, Boston.

Creese & Cook Building Company, Danvers.

Creese & Cook Co., Danvers.

Crescendo Publishing Company, Boston.

Crescent Amusement Company, The, Boston.

Crescent Hall Market Company, Arlington.

Crescent Lake Park Company, Haverhill.

Crescent Manufacturing Company, Xew Bedford.

Crescent Oil Company, Boston.

Crescent Worsted Company, The, Lawrence.

Cressey Dockham and Company, Inc., Salem.

Cressey Park Company, Lawrence.

Crittenden Manufactuiing Company, Boston.

Crocker Burbank & Co. Inc., Fitchburg.

Crocker Drug Company, Boston.

Crocker Garage Company, Falmouth.

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Crocker-McElwain Company, Holyoke.

Crocker Pen Company, Boston.

Crocker Rubber Company, The, Brockton.

Crockford Manufacturing Company, Fall River.

Croft Iron Works Company, Boston, Name changed to F, N. Bock
Iron Co,, q, v.

Crompton and Knowles Loom Works. 1900, c. 51.

Crompton Associates, Worcester. 1893, c. 410. 1905, c. 52.

Crompton Motor Carriage Works, Worcester.

Cromwell Oil Company, Boston.

Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Company, Boston.

Cross Coal Co., Lawrence.

Cross Dry Goods Company, The, Lawrence.

Crowder Cotton Produce Company, Boston.

Crowell Machine Company, Boston.

Crowley Company, The, Andover.

Crown Bottling and Extract Company, Boston.

Crown Cafe Company, Boston.

Crown Linen Mills, Boston.

Crown Lumber Company, Spiingfield.

Crown Manufacturing Company, North Attleborough.

Crown Novelty Co., Leominster.

Crown Packing Company, Gloucester.

Crown Window Shade Co., Boston.

Crumb Quarry Company, Quincy.

Crystal Drug Co., Gardner.

Crystal Gelatine Company, Boston.

Crystal Spring Bleaching and Dyeing Company, Freetown.

Cuba-American Fruit Company, Lowell.

Cuba Importation Company, Holyoke.

Cuban Agricultural Company of Massachusetts, Ludlow.

Cubberly, Inc., Maiden.

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Cullen Brothers Compauy, Springfield.

Culver-Steams Manufacturing Company, Worcester.

Cummings & Pearaon, Inc., Boston.

Cununings Company, The, Worcester.

Cummings Fish Company, Boston.

Cummings Machine Works, Boston.

Cummings-Milbury Company, Boston.

Cummings Shoe Company, Worcester.

Cummington Co-operative Creamerj' Association, The, Cummington.

Cummington Water Company, Cummington. 1914, c. 550.

Cummins Clothing Co., Boston.

Cumner-Jones Company, Boston.

Cunard Sales Company, Boston.

Cunningham & Sons Co., Boston.

Cunningham & Thompson Company, Gloucester.

Cunningham Bros. Inc., Cambridge.

Cunningham, Handschumacher Co., Boston.

Cunningham Packing Company, Boston.

Cunningham Supply Co., Boston.

Curley Spring Hoof Pad Company, Brockton.

Curran & Joyce Company, Incorporated, Lawrence.

Currier-Todd Company, Lawrence.

Curtis and Cameron Incorporated, Boston.

Curtis & Marble Machine Co., Worcester.

Curtis & Pope Lumber Co., Boston.

Curtis Construction Company, Springfield.

Curtis Drug Co., Boston.

Curtis-Hawkins Company, The, Boston.

Curtis Marine Turbine Company of the United States, Quincy.

Curtis Provision Company, Boston.

Cushing Medical Supply Company, Boston.

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Cusumaiio Company, Importers, Boston.

Cut Price Automobile Supply Company, Boston.

Cutler Company, The, Wilbrabam.

Cutter & Smith Company, Inc., Boston.

Cutter, Fletcber & Company Incorporated, Boston.

Cutter Tower Company, Boston.

Cynthia Mills, Boston.

Cyril J. Larivee, Inc., Charlestown.

Cyi-us Patch & Son (Inc.), Quincy.

D. A. Perkins Company, The, Boston.

D. A. Smith Company, Boston.

D. & L. Slade Company, Boston.

D. Atwood Company, Boston.

D. B. Maclary & Son Company, Boston.

D. C. Percival & Company, Incorporated, Boston.

D. D. and A. W. Chase Corporation, Haverhill. 1907, c. 120.

D. D. Chase Lumber Company, The, Haverhill.

D. Doherty Comi3any, Boston.

D. E. Wadsworth & Company, Incorporated, Quincy.

D. Eddy and Sons Company, Boston.

D. F, Briggs Company, The, Attleborough.

D. F. McCall Shoe Company, Westfield.

D. F. Munroe Company, Boston.

D. H. Fames Company, Worcester, Name changed to '^ Toggery Shop ^'
Inc., q. V.

D. H. Gregory Company, Princeton.

D. Henry Bonner Company, The, Cambridge.

D. J. Curtis Brick Company, Chicopee.

D. K. Carpenter Corporation, The, Brockton.

D. L. Fuller Company, Boston.

D. L. Marshall Company, Boston.

D. L. Page Company, LoAvell.

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D. L. Rand Co., Boston.

D. M. Dillon Steam Boiler Works, Fitchburg.

D. M. Lamitie Company, Westfield.

D. Mackintosh & Sons Company, The, Holyoke.

D. P. Nichols Company, The, Cambridge.

D. S. O'Brien Company, Lowell.

D. S. Quirk Company, The, Boston.

D. S. Woodberry Company, Boston.

D. Serabian & Co., Incorporated, Boston.

D. T. Dudley and Son Company, The, Sutton.

D. T. Kennedy Power Company, Haverhill.

D. W. Field Farm Company, Brockton.

D. W. Mellen Company, Springfield.

D. W. Pingree Company, The, Lawrence.

D. W. Ranlet Company, The, Boston.

D. Wood Company, Webster.

Dadmun Co., Boston.

Daggett and Curry Company, Waltham.

Daggett Chocolate Company, Boston.

Dahlquist Metal Spinning Company, Boston.

Daily News Publishing Company, The, Springfield.

Daland Co. Inc., Salem.

Dalton-IngersoU Mfg. Company, Boston.

Dalton-Jackson Black Fox Company, Cambridge.

Dalton Silver Black Fox Company of Massachusetts, Brookline.

Daly^ox Toe Company, Abington.

Daly Music Publisher, Inc., Boston.

Daly Wagon Manufacturing Company, Springfield.

Dame, Stoddard Company, Boston.

Damon and Ellis, Incorporated, Boston.

Damon Company, The, Leominster.

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Dan A. Donaliue Incorporated, Salem.

Dan S. O'Brien Company, Springfield.

Dana E. Spatdding Restaurant Co., Boston.

Dana Furniture Co., Taunton.

Dana Hardware Company, Boston.

Dana S. Courtney Company, Boston.

Danbury Hat Store Inc., The, Haverhill.

Daniel Duane Company, The, Boston.

Daniel E. Walsh Company, Boston.

Daniel Green Felt Shoe Company, Boston.

Daniel Low and Company, Incorporated, Salem.

Daniel Marr and Son Company, Boston.

Daniel Russell Boiler Works, Incorporated, Boston.

Daniels and Blomquist Company, Boston.

Daniels & Johnston, Inc., Boston.

Daniels 'Cornell Company, The, Worcester.

Daniels Worsted Mills, Boston.

Danielson Cotton Company, Boston.

Danvers Co-operative Association, Danvers.

Danvers Laundry Company, Danvers.

Danvers Leather Company, Danvers.

Danvers Tungsten Lamp Company, Danvers.

Danversport Rubber Company, The, Danvers.

D'Arcy and Sons Company, Boston.

Darling and Rhodes Company, Worcester.

Darling Woolen Mills Company, The, Worcester.

Darrow-Mann Company, Boston.

Bart Express Company, Marlborough.

Dart Motor Truck Company of Massachusetts, Boston.

Dartmouth Manufacturing Corporation, New Bedford.

Daudelin & Cotton, Incorporated, Aver.

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Daukautas Amusement Company, Inc., Brockton.

Davenport-Brown Company, Somerville.

Davenport Peters Company, Boston.

Davey Oil Refining Company, The, Boston.

David Brown Company, The, Lawrence.

David E. Sherin Company, Worcester.

David H. Jacobs and Son Incorporated, Boston.

David H. Pruyn Co., Boston.

David Irving Company, Brockton.

David J. Ingraham, Inc., Boston.

David J. Sheehan and John J. Rourke Construction Company, The,

David J. Sheehan Company, Lynn.

David Kaplan Beef Company, The, Boston.

David M. Council Company, Fall River.

David Street Company, Boston.

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