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Strikoi, procuring of persons to take place of emplosrees during, enforcement of act

to regulate 115

Studonta, certain military organisations of, may drill and parade with firearms . 7

SuocesiionB, taxation of 244

Suffolk, county (see Counties).

district (see District).
Suits against voluntary associations created by written instruments, etc. 163

Sunday (see Lord's Day).

Supervisor, of administration, office established 311

of loan agencies (see Loan Agencies).
Surrey, boards of (see Boards).
Swine not intended for sale, slaughtering of 113


Table of changes in the general laws 369

'* Tag day act,'' so-called 167

Tar, spreading of, upon public ways 100

Taunton, city of (see Cities).

assessors of, verification of list to be filed with 108, 310

bills (see Bills).

certain exemptions from 115

odlectors of, bonds of 103

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630 Index to General Acts.

TAX, T1XX8, TAXATION — concluded. page

oommiflsioner (see Commisaioiien).

corporation, distribution of certain, etc. . ' . . . . 325
laws, relating to amended 14, 61, 83, 103, 115, 150, 201, 244, 281, 310, 325

lost by soldiers' exemption, reimbursement of cities and towns for 325

on bonds registered with tax commissioner 327

on forest products 281

on income, etc. 249

on legacies and successions 244

on mutual fire insurance companies 201

on real and personal property, payments on account of .... 14

state, apportioned and assessed 310

state and county, basis of apportionment of, established .... 138

unpaid, interest upon ' 83

Teachers, public school, certain payments under retirement S3^etem for .211

retirement system for 234

retirement of, etc., in training schools under direction of board of education . 38

Teachen' retirement aMOcUtion (see Associations).

Templeton, town of (see Towns).

Tenure of office (see Office).

Tern, protection of 11

Town, accountants (see Accountants),
accounts (see Accounts),
clerks (see Clerks),
meetings (see Meetings),
officers (see Officers).


Arlington, improvement of certain lands given commonwealth by . 165

Ashburnham, highway in, etc., improvement of 191

Ashby, highway in, etc., improvement of 191

Barre, highway in, etc., improvement of 188

Bourne, highway in, improvement of . . . . . . . 183

Braintree, parkway connecting Blue Hills reservation with Granite street in,

construction of . . . . . . 209

Cohasset, taking of fish in waters of 23

Dracut, state highway in, etc., improvement of . . . . . . 181

Dudley, River road through, etc., recovery of damages caused-by improvement

of 187

Duzbury, taking of fish in waters of 23

Framingham, transfer of part of state camp grounds to, etc 184

Hingham, state highway in, improvement of 189

Hopkinton, highway in, improvement of . . . . . 194

Hubbardston, highway in, etc., improvement of 186

Kingston, taking of fish in waters of 23

Lunenburg, highway in, improvement of • 192

Marblehead, flounders in waters adjacent to, protection of . . .29

Marshfield, taking of fish in waters of 23

Mashpee, highway in, improvement of 192

Methuen, state highway in, etc., improvement of 181

Milford, highway in, etc., improvement of 194

Needham, certain land in, may be connected with south metropolitan sewerage

system 78

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Index to General Acts. 631

TOWNS — oonoluded. paob

New Braintree, highway in, etc., improvement of 188

Norton, highway from Taunton to, oonstruotion of 182

Norwood, state highway in, highway oommission may disoontinae section of 66

Pelham, highway in, im];m>vement of 183

Phillipston, highway in, etc., improvement of 193

Pl3rmouth« highway in, etc., im];m>vement of 183

taking of fish in waters of 23

Reading, added to north metropolitan sewerage district .127

Rutland, highway in, improvement of 186

Sandwich, highway in, etc., improvement of 192

Scituate, taking of fish in waters of 23

Southbridge, River road in, improvement of 180

River road through Dudley from Webster to, recovery of damages caused

by improvement of 187

Templeton, highway in, etc., improvement of 193

Wasrland, Dudley pond in, excluded from metropolitan water system 71
Webster, River road through Dudley from Southbridge to, recovery of damages

caused by improvement of . ' . . . 187

Westwood, state highway in, highway oommission may discontinue section of 66
Towns, boards of health in certain, annual reports of deaths to state department of

health by, law repealed 38

boards of selectmen of, may disapprove granting by fire prevention commis-
sioner of certain licensee 112

may grant licenses to sell certain articles for charitable purposes 167
may petition director of bureau of statistics for audit or installation of a

system, of accounts . 10

certain, in Plymouth county may issue licenses for cultivating dams and

quahaugs 24

of lesv than ten thousand inhabitants, license fee for slaughter houses in 124
and dties, appropriations by, for benefit of soldiers and sailors in national

guard legalised 689

boards of health in, may make rules to check spread of infantile paralysis . 694

to notify state department of health of cases of dangerous diseases in 40

claims of, for care of tuberculosis patients 42

licensing of motor vehicles carrying passengers for hire by . . . 309
may appropriate money for conducting proceedings relative to public

service corporations . .17

may boirow money for acquiring land and construction of buildings . 87
may borrow money in excess of statutory limit to meet liabilities for certain

state and military aid . 694

may lease voting machines 30

may provide aid for dependent relatives of members of national guard called

for service on Mexican Border ....... 689

motor trucks owned by, registration of 38

officers of, making certain pasrments of state and military aid shall report to

commissioner of state aid and pensions 694

ovBrseem of poor of, exchange of information between state board of charity

and commission for blind and * . 129

pasrment of water supply bonds by 46

pensioners or annuitants to, services rendered by 66

pensions granted by, sale of, etc., prohibited 66

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632 Index to General Acts.


Towns, and cities, puUio markets established by, use and managemant of . 58

reimbursed for certain state and military aid ...... 594

for taxes lost by soldiers* exsmptaons ....... 325

substitute call men in fire departments of, promotion of . .92

transportation and delivery of intoxicating liquors in, regulated 196

trust funds held by, deposit of 78

tuberculosis hospitals for oertain, counties to establish ..... 297

tuberculosis hospitals in, building and use of, promoted .... 177
TraekleM trolley (see Trolleymotor).
Tracks, interchange of railrojad corporations and street railway companies, authoi^

ity of public service commission as to 109

Trades, tax upon income derived from 249

Training sehool (see Bchool).

Transfer of oertain pensions, prohibited 55

Treasurer, assistant, co-operative banks may provide 16

of Norfolk county may employ clerical assistance ..... 162

investment of funds of commonwealth by 173

security of official bonds requiring approval or examination of . 176

use of moneys received from boards of registration by, etc 333

Treasurers, county, payment of interest on money paid into superior court to 27

TroUejrmotors on public ways, use of 240

Trout, brook, open season on 18

Trucki, motor, owned by cities and towns, registration of .... 38
Trust, companies (see (Companies).

funds (see Funds).

hospitals for consumptives, salary of stenographer and derk employed by 23

Independent Agrictiltural School of Bristol Coubty, may construct bam, etc. . 126

Massachusetts Agricultural College, annual report of 207

to provide certain instruction 208

Trustees, insane, resignation of 329

Tuberculosis, hospitals (see Hospitals),
patients (see Patients).


United States, senators (see Senators in congress).

ships (see Ships). ^ •

volunteer military or naval force, transfer of militia units to . . . 101


Valley of Neponset river (see River).

Vehicles, lights on, at night on public highways and bridges .... 21

motor, carrsring passengers for hire, licensing by cities and towns of
operators of, fee established for renewal of licenses of
reckless driving of, etc., punishment of
registration and operation by certain non-residents of
lise in hunting of, prohibited

Vendors, itinerant, sales by

Vinegar, standard and «ale of








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Index to General Acts. 633

Voluntaiy MiooUtionB (see AsaooiatioiiB). page

▼oten, blind, etc., secrecy of Australian ballot extended to .... 58

in Boston, registration of 64

of one political party prevented from voting in primaries of another 156

registration in primaries of ......... 59

Voting (see Absentee voting).

in presidential primaries, roethed changed ....... 12


WacM, assignment of 184

weekly pajrment of, to employees of hotels in cities ..... 203

prosecutions under law providing for ..... . .11

Wardens, forest, may arrest i)ersons unlawfully setting fire in open air . .36

Warrants, search, under law relating to certain drugs 91


metropolitan ssrstem 149

Dudley pond excluded from 71

Water supply t>onds, payment by cities and towns of . 45

Waterwasrs and public lands, commission on, established .... 303
Wayland, town of (see Towns).
Ways, public, spreading of tar, oil, etc., upon 100

use of troUesrmotors on 240

Wayward child (see Chfldien).

Webster, town of (see Towns).

Weights and measures, commissioner of (see Commissionen).

Wellington bridge (see Bridge).

Westwood, town of (see Towns).

Weymouth, Back river (see River).

Fore river (see River).

Widows, eligibility of, to receive soldiers' relief, etc 90

Wills (see Remainders, contingent).

Wires for transmission of electricity, granting of locations for . 134

Witnesses, metropolitan park commission may summon 22

Women, certain illiterate married, exempted from compulsory attendance at

evening schools . 60

hours of employment of, etc 196

Wood duck (see Duck).

Workmen's compensation, act, amendments to 21, 53, 66, 179, 336, 337

insurance (see Insurance).
Workshops, furnishing of lookers in certain 90

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