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for his wrongdoing. Now mark that it was not permissible to place
the sacrifice on the altar until it had been thus rubbed with salt.
God would not accept it before, but _when it had been salted it was
consumed by a fire kindled by God Himself_.

This tells us that unless we have washed our evil deeds of the day in
the salt of our tears and heartfelt contrition, God will not accept our
sacrifice of repentance; but when we have really repented, our sins
will be washed away and our recording atom will be clean as the driven
snow. With respect to our good deeds we may remember that there were
two little piles of frankincense on the top of the shewbread. These
were offered upon the altar of incense, where the smoke ascended as a
sweet savor to the Lord, so different from the nauseating stench that
went up from the altar where the sin offerings were burned. Is it any
wonder that God took no delight in the sacrifice of bulls and calves,
but delighted in a contrite heart and a repentant spirit?

It is this spiritual aromatic extract of our good deeds that builds our
soul body. By the ordinary natural process it takes about one-third
as many years in our post-mortem existence as we lived in the body,
to reap what we have sowed. But when an aspirant has assimilated the
fruits of life by faithful retrospection at the end of each day, he
is free as soon as he leaves the body and may use the years spent by
others in purgatory and the first heaven as he pleases. Furthermore,
as he needs neither food, shelter, nor sleep, he may spend twenty-four
hours a day doing good. Thus he has practically as many years of
service and soul growth after death as the number of his earth life;
and being trained and schooled in this work his attainments are
probably greater than could be made in a number of lives lived in the
ordinary way.

To aid deserving aspirants, still deeper and more definite teachings
are given by the Elder Brothers through the Rosicrucian Fellowship.
Students who feel the inner urge may ask for information concerning
these teachings.


Abel, man of Lemuria, 23.

Action, desirability of, 16.

Action, good, required for soul body, 183.

A. D. M., red earth, 78.

Adam, a Polarian, 22.

Airships of Atlantis, 71.

Albumen not needed by spiritual, 24.

Alcohol, action, 83.

Altar of sacrifice, 96.

America, the melting pot, 112.

Angels, humanity of Moon Period, 50.
lived in etheric world, 50.
guided man, 32.

Anglo-Saxons, pioneers of race, 75.

Animals ruled by group spirits, 108.

Aquarian Age, science to rule in, 82.
six hundred years until, 81.
teacher of, 76.

Arche-Tektons, Initiates are, 103.

Ark, airship of Atlantis, 71.

Aryan Age, invaders of, 80.

Aryana, national segregation of, 70.

Assimilation of life experiences, 184.

Asteroids, remnants of Moons, 60.

Astrology, value of in marriage, 53.

Atlantis, destruction of, 180.

Atlantean epoch, the nadir of materiality, 9.

Atlanteans aspire to light, 95.
divinely guided, 69.

Atlantis, airships of, 71.
atmosphere of, 69.
man becomes man in, 25.
peaceful conditions of, 86.

Atmosphere, changes of, 180.

Attainment, method of, 171.

Baptism, soul’s urge for higher life, 55.

Black Brothers, increase evil, 106.

Black Magic, frequent practice of, 101.
golden, wedding garment protects against, 106.
practices of, 103.

Blood hound, follows invisible emanation, 104.

Born of water and spirit, 80.

Brain gained at sacrifice of creative force, 32.

Breathing exercises, danger of, 9.
use of, 10.

Brotherhood, all members of, 44.

Cain, a Hyperborean, 23.

Candles, tallow, attract elementals, 106.

Causation, 177.

Children, training of, 127.

Chosen people, 95.

Christ, annual coming of, 171.
bodily presence of the Father, 98.
forgiveness of, 57.
Inhabits central sun, 58.
man a Christ-in-the-making, 158.
mission of, 47, 87.
power of, 158, 159.
preservation, principle of, 168.
sacrifice of, 98.

Christ, _see also_ Earth Spirit.

Civilization, evolution of, 111.

Communication with dead, 113.

Communion, points to age to come, 55.
worthy celebration of, 31.

Conscience gained in purgatory, 184.

Consciousness result of war between vital and desire bodies, 49.

Conservation of strength, 122.

Contentment lengthens life, 51.

Contrition, importance of, 185.

Conversion and Initiation, 12.
inner experience, 13.

Converts, making of, 132.

Courage, 91.

Creation, principle of Jehovah, 168.

Creative hierarchies guide man, 22.

Crystalloids aid in evolving vital body, 88.

Dead, communication with, 113.

Death, care of body after, 134.
conquest of, 56.
price of consciousness, 50.

Dense body, care of after death, 134.
crystallized state of, 47.
raising vibrations of, 10.
restoration of in sleep, 128.
spiritualization of, 74.
under laws of nature, 57.

Desire body, control of, 128.
destroys dense body, 49.
gained in Lemuria, 23.
reaction of man’s acts, 25.

Dietetics, albumen not needed by spiritual, 24.
legumes not needed by advanced, 24.

Diplomacy and force, 119.

Dissolution the Father’s power, 168.

Divine hierarchies work upon man, 22.

Divine leaders abolish religious errors, 46.

Divine spirit and physical body, 132.

Earth conditions cramp humanity, 99.
crystallization of due to man, 32.

Earth Spirit body and blood, 31.

Earth Spirit, _see also_ Christ.

Earthly goods, use of, 117.

Easter, Christ’s liberation, 160.
vital, force of, 161.

Effort brings opportunities, 15.

Ego chooses work of life, 64.

Egotism, protection from, 19.

Elder Brothers hierophants of western wisdom teaching, 173.
high status of, 173.
not mercenary, 20.
transmute evil, 105.

Elementals inhaled with incense, 106.

Emancipation, God’s purpose, 162.

Environment chosen by ego, 64, 122.
power of, 74.

Epochs, changes of, 77.

Ether etches pictures on seed atom, 184.
medium of transmission of light, 184.
new element, 71.

Evolution, 177.

Evolution of man, 35.
path of spiral, 14.

Exercises: Breathing practices, 9, 10.

Experience, a grindstone, 63.

Extreme unction, 56.

Faculties, evolution of, 177.

Fall, unchastity, 62.

Family, duty to, 127.

Father, The, dissolution principle of, 168.
highest Initiate of Saturn Period, 58.
inhabits spiritual sun, 58.

Finger nails used in Black Magic, 103.

Flesh, eating of, difficult to digest, 90.
material progress result of, 23, 86, 92.
necessitated by materialism, 23.
sins of, 90.

Flood, sun in Cancer, 78.

Food, significance of, 22.

Forgiveness of Christ, 57.

Free Will, 22.
of Initiate in choice of environment, 64.
in Atlantis, 25.

Galilee, melting pot, 74.

Gill clefts replaced by lungs, 24.

Gills of early Atlantis, 70.

Glass of water in Black Magic, 104.

God, immanence of, 161.

Golden wedding garment, _see_ Soul Body.

Good Friday, 153.

Gospels formulae of Initiation, 64.

Grace and forgiveness of sin, 34.

Grail, _see_, Holy Grail.

Group Spirit, 108.

Hair used in Black Magic, 103.

Healing, Rosicrucian method of, 103.

Help, practical, 133.

Hierarchies, service of, 135.
still active, 166.

Hindu breathing exercises, 73.

Holy Grail, many orders constitute, 105.
two forces of, 105.

Holy Spirit, _see_ Jehovah.

Human spirit and desire body, 132.

Humanity, salvation of, 160.
slowly progressing, 14.

Hyperborea, generation in, 49.

Hyperborean epoch, man plantlike in, 22.
vital body gained in, 22.

Hypnotism, danger of, 107.

I as pronoun, 83.

Inactivity causes straggling, 16.

Incense, Black Forces use, 106.

Inequalities, harmonizing of, 178.

Initiates, arche-tektons, 103.
bodies of, immaculately conceived, 64.
choose own life work, 64.
purity of, 64.
may be women, 67.

Initiation, changes life, 13.
confers authority, 13.
free, 13.
inner experience, 12.
money cannot buy, 11.
requirements for, 20.
spiritual process, 11.
spiritualizes vital body, 67.
through spiritual exercises, 11.
tribulation leads to, 63.

Initiation fee, impossibility of, 20.

Inner vision opened, 136.

Intellectual conception of life, 175.

Intensity of feeling, 19.

Jehovah, creation principle of, 168.
dwells in physical sun, 58.
highest Initiate of Moon Period, 58.
race spirit of the Jews, 110.
regent of various moons, 58.
warder of creative forces, 56.

Jesus race body of, 74.

Judgment, Sun in Libra, 156.

Justice of life, 175.
with mercy, 33.

Knowledge, necessity for, 131.

Larynx gained at sacrifice of creative force, 32.

Law, knowledge of, 131.

Law of Consequence given to Atlanteans, 26.

Laws of nature and destiny, 25.

Legumes not needed by advanced, 24.

Lemurian epoch, desire body gained in, 23.

Life Spirit and vital body, 132.

Light, Atlanteans aspire to, 95.
symbol of God, 167.

Living church within, 124.

Lords of Mercury, stragglers of past, 59.

Lords of Venus, stragglers of past, 59.

Lord’s Supper, _see_ communion.

Lost souls, 58.

Love endlessly born, 169.
keynote of coming age, 80.
of souls, 53.
transcends sex, 51.

Lucifer spirits cause body’s crystallization, 32.

Lungs related to spirits’ freedom, 24.

Man becomes man in Atlantis, 25.
mineral-like in Polarian Epoch, 88.

Marriage necessitated by disintegration and death, 49.
sacrament of, 55.
transcends sex, 51.

Materialism, predominance of, 163.

Matter, limitation of causes self-confidence, 22.

Materialization, varieties of, 102.

Meat non-permanent as food, 82.

Meat eating, _see_ Flesh eating.

Michael, race spirit, 111.

Milk aid in evolving desire body, 89.
given in Lemuria, 23.

Mind, effect of meat upon, 93.
given during Atlantean epoch, 22.
given for discrimination, 122.
link between spirit and matter, 132.

Minerals, assimilation impossible, 82.

Moderation in food, 136.

Mongols, descendants of Atlanteans, 75.

Moons, discipline stragglers, 59.
physical vehicles of Jehovah, 172.
tumors of universe, 60.

Moses led followers through water, 26.

Motive, importance of, 101.

Mysteries, soul body teaches, 136.

Mystery schools furnish higher teaching, 8.

Nationalism must pass, 112.

Nations, rise and fall of, 110.

Negroes, descendants of Lemurians, 75.

New Galilee, 135.

New heaven and new earth, _see_ Aquarian Age.

New race, 75.

Niebelungen ring, 42.

Nimrod, Atlantean king, 22.

Noah, 27.

Noise, evil effects of, 125.
stirs desire bodies, 126.

Nucleus in magic practices, 103.

Orthodoxy, arguments of, 46.

Panorama etched into desire body, 133.

Passion, crystallizing power of, 32.

Periodic flow of earth, 62.

Philosophy, hidden meaning in, 135.

Physical body, _see_ Dense body.

Pioneers the active workers, 16.
two classes of, 17.

Pisces, creed and dogma of, 81.

Planet, body of Great Spirit, 156.
evolution of, 41.
orbit of, 156.

Poise, necessity for, 125.

Polarian had only dense body, 88.

Polarian epoch, dense body in, 22.
mineral-like state of man in, 22.

Polygamy, 66.

Possession cures desire, 93.

Post mortem experience, 15.

Post mortem state, 16.

Preservation, Christ principle, 168.

Progress, impossible to unworthy, 150.

Proselyting unnecessary, 132.

Providence of God, 120.

Purity, redemption of, 35.

Race spirits cause racial characteristics, 109.
high ideals of, 110.

Racial characteristics, 109.

Rainbow, advent of, 27.
emblem of diversity, 70.
entrance to new age, 180.
gates to promised land, 69.

Reconciliation, desirability of, 119.

Recording angels give religions, 7.

Religion, happiness from, 126.

Religion given by Recording Angels, 7.
suited to nations, 8.

Religious errors, not long permitted, 46.

Responsibility not to be shirked, 127.

Resurrection, Easter Sun symbolizes, 163.

Retrospection, good gained by, 184.
importance of, 18.

Rhine Gold, 42.

Rosicrucian messengers, 11.

Sacrament, Hebrew derivation of, 55.
importance of, 38.

Sacrifice, evolution result of, 97.
soul growth from, 165.

Sanctuary, inner, 124.

Saints, 17.

Salt, 185.

Science becomes religious, 40.
to rule Aquarian Age, 82.

Seances, danger of, 107.

Seasons symbolize diversity, 70.

Self-Sacrifice, advancement from, 38.
of Christ, 100.

Selfishness bane of race, 43.

Separation of sexes, 32.

Service builds soul body, 135.
essential in life, 135.
the policy that pays, 118.
redemption of stragglers, 59.

Sexes, separation of, 32.

Silence, great help in soul growth, 126.

Sin must be expiated, 57.

Sixth sense, 178.

Sleep, work during gains soul growth, 129.

Solar system body of God, 59.

Son, _see_ Christ.

Sorrow, keynote of Buddhism, 57.

Soul amalgamates with spirit, 96.

Soul body, 54.
from seed, 73.
light of teaches man, 136.
of new age, 181.
methods of building, 80.
protects against Black Magic, 106.
wedding garment of new age, 80.

Soul growth dissolves crystallized bodies, 96.
helps in, 126.
method of, 17.

Sound, effect of, 124.

Spinal nerves, animal twenty-eight pairs of, 61.
man thirty-one pairs of, 61.

Spirit orbit of, 156.

Spiritual forces, ebb and flow of, 61.

Spiritual sight result of war, 112.

Spiritual world, time non-existent, 169.

Spring and Earth Spirit, 31.

Stellar ray, 64.

Strength, conservation of, 122.

Sugar beneficial effects of, 83.
cure of alcoholism by, 84.

Sun ascends at Easter, 165.
in Cancer, the flood, 78.
invisible vehicle of God, 172.
visible vehicle of Christ, 172.

Tact, value of, 119.

Talents of ego, 15.

Teacher of New Age, 76.

Temple, way to shown, 136.

Thought breaks down tissue, 23.

Time, non-existent in spiritual world, 169.

Tolerance for our families, 137.

Tree of knowledge, 32.

Tribulation prepares for Initiation, 63.

Trinity, mystery of, 167.

Unfoldment, three stages of, 55.

Universal solvent, 168.

Vegetarianism, advantages of, 91.

Vegetarian needs no alcohol, 91.

Virgin spirits enmeshed in matter as egos, 132.
self-consciousness attained by, 22.

Vital body charges body with energy, 132.
constructive energy of, 49.
evolved by Hyperborean, 22, 88.
medium of occult growth, 9.
spiritualized by Initiation, 67.
stores up power, 128.
vehicle of love, 51.

War, spiritual aspects of, 123.
spiritual intensity of, 104.
spiritual sight result of, 112.

Water, Noah and Moses led followers through, 26.
used in Black Magic, 104.

Wedding garment, _see_ Soul Body.

Western Initiates more advanced, 8.

Western Mystery Teaching Christian, 47.

White Magic, unselfish, 102.

Wine, given in Atlantis, 26.
self-assertion from drinking, 86.
stimulates spirit of man, 27.

Word, cosmic meaning of, 155.

Workers, the pioneers, 16.

World, God’s training school, 180.

World change to come, 181.

Worry, evil of, 116.

You as pronoun, 83.


Rays From the Rose Cross


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_The Question Department_ is designed to give further light upon the
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_The Astral Ray Department_ gives Cosmic Light on life’s problems. So
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Vocational Readings for young men and women are given to show them the
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_Studies in the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception._ Our Origin, Evolution
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_Nutrition and Health._ In this department articles on health and diet
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The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception

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is ready to receive this advanced science of the soul, the religious
philosophy of the Aquarian Age, now at hand. The existing soul-hunger
and the satisfying nature of the Rosicrucian teachings are equally well
attested by the phenomenal sale of this great book, and many thousands
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over the world, who testify that they there found what they have long
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We give herewith some headings of chapters and subdivisions as a slight
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Part I.

The Visible and Invisible Worlds, The Four Kingdoms, Man and the Method
of Evolution. Spirit, Soul and Body; Thought, Memory and Soul-growth.
The conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind. The science of
death, the beneficence of purgatory, life in heaven. Rebirth and the
Law of Consequence.

Part II.

The Scheme of Evolution. The Path of Evolution. The Work of Evolution.
Genesis and Evolution of Our Solar System. Chaos the seed-ground of
Cosmos, Birth of the Planets, Planetary Spirits. Evolution of the
Earth. The Moon, the eighth sphere—retrogression. Occult Analysis of
Genesis. The Nebular Theory.

Part III.

Christ and His Mission. The Star of Bethlehem, the Mystery of Golgotha
and the cleansing blood. Future Development and Initiation. Alchemy
and Soul-growth. The Method of Acquiring First-hand Knowledge. Western
Methods for Western People. Esoteric Training. Christian Rosenkreuz and
the Order of Rosicrucians. The Rosicrucian Initiation.


The Rosicrucian Philosophy


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_Section I._—_Life on Earth._ Social Conditions, Marriage, Children,
Sleep and Dreams, Health and Disease

_Section II._—_Life After Death._ Cremation. Purgatory, The First
Heaven, The Second Heaven, The Third Heaven, Guardian Angels.

_Section III._—_Rebirth._ The Law of Rebirth, The Law of Causation,

_Section IV._—_The Bible Teachings._ The Creation, The Fall, The
Immaculate Conception, Sayings of Christ.

_Section V._—_Spiritualistic Phenomena._ Mediumship, Obsession,

_Section VI._—_Clairvoyance._ Dangers of Psychism, True Spiritual
Unfoldment, Initiation.

_Section VIII._—_Animals_. Their Life Here and Hereafter.



How Shall We Know Christ When he Comes?

By Max Heindel

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and similar subjects of vital interest.


Christ or Buddha?

Annet C. Rich.

Foreword by Max Heindel.

30c. Postfree.

The idea that India is the main repository of occult knowledge is held
by many who have forsaken the Christian Religion to embrace Hinduism.
“Christ or Buddha?” shows most clearly that


throw a light upon the problems of life which is much more intense,
far-reaching and soul satisfying in every respect than that of the
Eastern teachings. A partial list of contents will indicate its scope.


Freemasonry and Catholicism


_An Esoteric Exposition of the Cosmic Facts underlying these two Great
Institutions, as determined by Occult Investigation_

Describes the influence of each of these institutions upon the
evolution of mankind and the ultimate destiny of each.

The building of King Solomon’s Temple has always remained a theme of
great interest; but add to this the story of the Queen of Sheba and the
real builder of the Temple, Hiram Abiff, so seldom read of in current
literature, and truly one is confronted by a story of exquisite and
transcendent interest.

To have read this book is to have delved deep into the past and to have
gained a glimpse into the mysteries that have puzzled philosophers in
ages gone by. Only a Mystic and a trained Seer who has the divine gift
of reading the Akashic Records of the past could give such a lucid
description of this great subject.


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The Web of Destiny



The Occult Effect of our Emotions

Prayer—A Magic Invocation

Practical Methods of Achieving Success

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Rosicrucian Interpretation of Christianity


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No. 1. The Riddle of Life and Death.
No. 2. Where Are the Dead?
No. 3. Spiritual Sight and the Spiritual Worlds.
No. 4. Sleep, Dreams, Trance, Hypnotism, Mediumship and Insanity.
No. 5. Death and Life in Purgatory.
No. 6. Life and Activity in Heaven.

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