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Tiemann, P. E., 346 Broadway.
Tierney, J. J., 182 E. 111th st.
Tierney, M. J., 143 W. 74th st.
Tierney, W. J., 178 E. 111th st.
Tilton, B. T., 121 E. 38th st.
Timme, W., 158 W. 95th st.
Tirrell, M. L., 131 E. 127th st.
Titus, E. C, 127 W. 11th st.
Tobias, L., 326 E. 52d st.
Tomasulo, G., 1 King st.
Tompkins, W. M., 49 W. 38th st.
Torek, F. J. A., 1021 Madison av.
Tousey, R., 43 W. 83d st.
Tousey, S., 140 W. 57th st.
Townsend, F. M., 45 W. 32d st.
Townsend, T. M., 171 W. 71st st.
Townsend, W. R., 125 W. 58th st.
Tracy, E. C, 27 E. 126th st.

Tranchida, C, 317 E. 17th st.

Travell, H., 79 Madison av.

Travell, J. W., 27 E. 11th st.

Travis, A. H., 1 W. 83d st.

Trimble, W. B., 39 E. 28th st.

Tucker, C. P., Mt. Vernon.

Tull, E. E., 119 W. 80th st.

Tully, M. E., 60 W. 76th st.

Tunick, I. S., 258 Henry st.

Tupper, B. R., 203 W. 85th st.

Turnure, P. R., 55 W. 49th st.

Tuthill, T. K., 525 W. 162d st. r

Tuttle, G. M., 38 W. 52d st.

Tuttle, J. P., 42 W. 50th st.

Tweddell, F., 71 W. 68th st.

Tynberg, S., 1329 Madison av.

Tyrrell, W. D., 132 W. 47th st.

Tyson, H. H., 47 W. 51st st.

Unger, J. S., 1921 Madison av.

Valentine, J. J., 171 W. 71st st.

Valentine, W. A., 115 W. 74th st.

Valk, F., 164 E. 61st st.

van Beuren, F. T., Jr., 812 Park av.

Van Derlyn, J. DuB., 116 E. 71st. st.

Van der Poel, J., 56 W. 52d st.

Vander Poel, S. 0., 63 E. 55th st.
Vanderpoel, W. B., 37 W. 76th st.
Vander Veer, «A., Jr., 43 W. 50th st.
VanDyck, C. DeW., 151 W. 93d st.
Van Etten, N. B., 300 E. Tremont av.
Van Fleet, F., 11 E. 48th st.
Van Loan, J. C. P., 351 W. 46th st.



van Riempst, T. S. E. S., 152 W.

73d st.

Van Santvoord, R., 10 W. 122d st.

Van Tine, J. B., 207 W. 85th st.

VanValzah, W. W., Ithaca.

Van Wert, C, 123 W. 97th st.

Vaughan, H. S., 616 Madison av.

Vedder, M. R., 44 E. 76th st.

Vedin, A., 224 E. 15th st.

Vermilye, R. M., Redlands, Cal.

Vincent, W. G., 172 W. 79th st.

Vineberg, H. N., 751 Madison av.

Vines, E. H., 12 Convent av.

Virden, J. E., 350 Willis av.

Virgin, F. 0., 126 W. 121st st.

Vogel, K. M., 80 E. 55th st.

Voislawsky, A. P., 128 W. 59th st.

Volkenberg, A., 315 E. 17th st.

Von Grimm, A., 227 E. 68th st.

Von Raitz, F., 1 W. 102d st.

Von Ramdohr, C. A., 243 E. 18th st.

Voorhees, I. W., 3544 Broadway.

Voorhees, J. D., 106 E. 60th st.

Vosburgh, A. S., 85 E. 56th st.

Wachenheim, F. L., Ill W. 85th st.

Wachsmann, S., Montefiore Home.

Wadsworth, A. B., 114 W. 55th St.

Waechter, A. L, 216 E. 12th st.

Wagner, E., 51 E. 96th st.

Wahn, H., 638 Eagle av.
Waite, H. E., 115 W. 31st st.
Wakefield, H., 547 W. 123d st.
Walcott, M., 34 W. 24th st.
Waldo, R., 54 W. 71st st.
Walker, C. H., 124 W. 73d st.
Walker, D. E., 6 W. 83d st.
Walker, E. E., 165 Madison av.
Walker, H. F., 18 W. 55th st.
Walker, J. B., 39 E. 33d st.
Walker, LeR. P., 263 W. 70th st.
Wallace, C, 126 E. 34th st.
Wallace, G. B., 251 W. 73d st.
Waller, N. B., 53 E. S2d st.
Wallerstein, A., 305 W. 80th st.
Wallin, A. C, 468 W. 145th st.
Wallin, M. K., 616 Madison av.
Walsh, J. J., 110 W. 74th st.
Walsh, S. J., 25 E. 128th st.
Walter, J., 61 W. 74th st.
Ward, E. F., 15 W. 96th st.
Ward, F. F., 6 E. 58th st.
Ward, G. G., Jr., 77 W. 50th st.
Ward, G. H., 55 E. 56th st.
Ward, R. F., 841 West End av.
Ward, W., Sloane Maternity Hosp.
Ware, E. J., 121 W. 93d st.
Ware, M. W., 27 E. 81st st.
Warford, G. T., 132 W. 82d st.
Warner, L. F., 159 W. 93d st.
Warren, J.. 616 Madison av.
Warren, J. S.. 164 W. 73d st.
Warren, M., 39 E. 27th st.
Waterhouse, M. M., 316 W. 45th st.
Waterman, J. H., 50 W. 51st st.

Waterman, J. S., 544 W. 136th st.

Waterman, W., Avon-by-the-Sea, N. J

Waters, B. II., 202 W. 103d st.

Watkins, R. L, 20 W. 34th st.

Watson, H. G., 224 E. 15th st.

Watts, R., 45 W. 36th st.

Weber, L., 132 W. 73d st.

Weber, L. G., 71 W. 83d st.

Weber, W. E., 139 W. 129th st.

Webster, D., 308 Madison av.

Weed, A. G., 152 W. 57th st.

Weed, E. T., 117 W. 121st st.

Weeks, J. E., 46 E. 57th st.

Weidler, W. B., 62 W. 58th st.

Weightman, W. A., 141 E. 63d st.

Weiher, C. L., 112 E. 76th st.

Weil, H., 241 W. 101st st.

Weil, R., 163 W. 86th St.

Weinberger, W., 252 Willis av.

Weingarten, F. S., 28 W. 91st st.

Weinstein, H., 825 Lexington av.

Weinstein, J., 261 Central Park W.

Weir, R. F., 30 W. 50th st.

Weismann, F. H., 218 E. 17th st.

Weiss, J., 329 W. 28th St.

Weiss, L, 42 W. 91st st.

Weiss, L. D., 278 W. 113th st.
Weisse, F. D., 19 Gramercy Park.

Weisse, F. S., 17 W. 10th St.

Weist, H. H., 185 Madison av.
Welch, J. E., 204 W. 70th st.
Welker, F., 344 W. 145th st.

Welles, C. S., 9 Roland Gardens,

London, England.
Wells, B. H., 523 Madison av.
Wells, E. H., 141 E. 89th st.
Welt-Kakels, S., 71 E. 66th st.
Welzmiller, J., 43 E. 28th st.
Wenner, G., 353 W. 46th st.
West, J. N., 71 W. 49th st.
West, W. E., 170 W. 85th st.
Westcott, N. S., 159 W. 12th st.
Westerfield, W., 40 W. 127th st.
Westermann, J. T., 44 E. 31st st.
Weston, A. T., 204 W. 86th st.
Wetmore, G. T., Amenia.
Wettengel, E., 147 E. 83d st.
Wettervik, F. J., 151 E. 81st st.
Wheeler, J. M., 64 W. 40th st.
Wheeler, L. H., Lockport.
Wheeler, W. L., 361 W. 23d st.
Wheelock, W. E., Morristown, N. J.
Wheelwright, JL S., 515 Madison av.
Whitbeck, B. H., 784 Park av.
White, A. L., Ill W. 82d st.
White, C. B., 238 W. 73d st.
White, D., 171 W. 95th st.
White, G. M., Morristown, N. J.
White, J. B., 1013 Madison av.
White, W. A., 461 W. 43d st.
Whitehouse, H. H., 38 E. 49th st.
Whiting, C. A., 70 W. 47th St.
Whiting, F., 19 W. 47th st.
Whiting, J. R., Jr., 200 W. 56th st.



Whitman, R., 283 Lexington av.
Whitney, C. F. S., 256 W. 97th Bt.
Wiener, A., 616 Madison av.

i. J., 46 E. 78th st.
Wien< r, R. G., 48 E. 65th st.
Wiener, S., 67 W. 89th st.
Wightman, 0. S., 113 W. 78th st.
Wilcox, H. B.. 159 E. 70th st.
Wile, I. S.. 230 W. 97th st.
Wile, U. J., 616 Madison av.
Wilkens, E. A. W., 284 Alexander av.
Wilkinson. E. C, 18 W. 25th st.
Willaid, T. H., 1 Madison av.
Williams, A. W., 549 Riverside Drive.
Williams, C. M., 48 E. 49th st.
Williams, H. B., 515 Madison av.
138 W. 71st st.
882 Park av.
556 W. 150th st.
222 W. 72d st.
, Hotel San Remo.
Williamson, E. L., 232 W. 78th st.
Williamson, H. C, 255 W. 104th st.
Willits, M., 144 E. 37th st.

J., 61 W. 50th st.
H., 400 Manhattan av.
N., 26 E. 41st st.
J., 549 Riverside Drive.
M., 2412 7th av.
E., 25 W. 37th st.
Wise, F., 828 Lexington av.
Wise, L. D., 154 W. 88th st.
Wittson, A. J., 273 W. 73d st.
Wohlfarth, J., Asheville, N. C.
Wolbarst, A. L., 105 E. 19th st.
V.olf, 6., 1889 Madison av.
Wolf, H. J., 119 W. 86th st.
Wolfe, A. A., 603 Lexington av.
Wolff, J., 29 W. 89th st.
Wollheim, J. L, 338 E. 79th st.
Wollner, H., 337 Alexander av.


H. C,
L. R.,
M. H.,
P. H.,
W. R.

Wilsey, 0.

Wilson, F.
Wilson, F.
Wilson, R.
Wilzin, I.
Winters, J.

Wood, F. C, 200 W. 56th st.
Wood, T. D., 501 W. 120th Bt.
Wood, W. B., 33 W. 47th st.
Woodend, W. E., 58 W. 71st st.
Woodman, J., 56 W. 56th st.
Woods, J. W., 245 W. 24th st.
Woodward, J. H., 58 W. 40th st.
Woolley, S. J., 157 W. 76th st.
Woolsey, G., 117 E. 36th st.
Woottcn, H. W., 319 Lexington- av.
Worster, W. P., 621 W. 179th st.
W outers, J. F., 216 W. 22d st.
Wren, A. A., 508 W. 151st st
Wright, E. W., 527 W. 134th st.
Wright, J., 44 W. 49th st.
Wright, J. B., 616 Madison av.
Wright, J. P., 161 E. 82d st.
Wurm, C, 606 E. 164th st.
Wyckoff, P. B., 23 W. 57th st.
Wyeth, G. A., 40 E. 41st st.
Wyeth, J. A., 244 Lexington a v.
Wylie, R. H., 72 W. 52d st.

W'ylie, W. G., 28 W. 40th st.

Yankauer, G. G. P., 616 Madison av.

Yankauer, S., 616 Madison av.

Yard, A. B., 28 W. 105th st.

Yates, D. G., 79 W. 104th St.

Yeomans, F. C, 46 W. 48th st.

Yocum, J. G., 128 E. 73d st.

Young, C. C, 101 W. 85th st.

Young, J. Van D., 167 W. 71st st.

Youngling, G. S., 453 W. 34th st.

Zeh, A., 243 W. 52d st.

Zemansky, A. P., 149 Broadway.

Ziegel, H. F. L., 8 W. 86th st.

Zigler, M., 1097 Forest av.

Zipser, J. E., 65 E. 84th st.

Zipser, M. A., 52 St. Mark's pi.

Zitz, F. H., 119 W. 129th st.

Zwisohn, L. W., 249 W. 122d st.



Carter, C. E., Salt Lake City, Utah.
Childs, A. E., Litchfield, Conn.
Clark, W. I., Jr., Worcester, Mass.
Godfrey, W. T., Stamford, Conn.
Hanson, E. C. M., Lincoln, Neb.

Henderson, J. M., Seattle, Wash.
McLaren, J. D., Norman, Okla.
Neal, T. A., Phoenix, Arizona.
Ramsay, G. D., Newport, R. I.
Wright, A. B., Hartford, Conn.


(Organized in 1823.)
Annual meeting, second Tuesday in November. Regular meetings, second Tues-
days in January, March, May, July and September.

President— J. G. Ernest, Gasport. Vice-Pres.— W. Q. Huggins, Sanborn.

Secretary— J. H. Miller, Niagara Falls. Treasurer— W. A. Scott, Niagara Falls.
Censors— F. J. Baker, H. H. Mayne, F. Guillemont.
Baker, F. J. Lockport. Barnard, T. P. C, North Tonawanda.

Baker, R. 0., Lockport. ► Bickford, J. W., Lockport.

Barber, 0. T., Sanborn. Blackley, C. A., Lockport.



Campbell, C. E., Niagara Falls.
Carmer, F. T., Newfane.
Chapin, A. LeR., Niagara Falls.
Clendenan, C. W., North Tonawanda.
Cole, F. 0., Gasport.
Cramer, H. U., Lockport.
Crosby, F. A., Lockport.
Dennis, B. F., Niagara Falls.
Draper, W. L., Niagara Falls.
Ernest, C. E., Gasport.
Ernest, J. G., Gasport.
Falkner, L. W., Youngstown.
Falkner, W. J., Youngstown.
FitzGerald, R. R. B., Lockport.
Gray, J., Niagara Falls.
Griswold, E. P. H., Niagara Falls.
Guillemont, F., Niagara Falls.
Helwig, J. E., Martinsville.
Hodge, W. H., Niagara Falls.
Hodson, W. H., 156 W. Humboldt Park-
way, Buffalo.
Horton, E. B., Niagara Falls.
Hough, W. D., Niagara Falls.
Huggins, W. Q., Sanborn.
Hurd, S. W., Lockport.
Hurlbut, L. R., Lockport.
Hurlbut, M. C, Lockport.
Jayne, L. M., La Salle.
Kerr, T. A., Lewiston.
Kittinger, F. A., Lockport.
Lawler, A. J., Niagara Falls.
Leo-Wolf, C. G., Niagara Falls.

Loomis, W. H., Lockport.

McBrien, F. R., Niagara Falls.

McChesney, W. E., Niagara Falls.

McNamara, A., Lockport.

Macpherson, J. F., North Tonawanda.

Martin, A. J., North Tonawanda.

Mayne, H. H., Lockport.

Meehan, J. H.. Niagara Falls.

Miller, J. H., Niagara Falls.

Minard, G. H , Lockport.

Moore, A. N., Lockport.

Palmer, C. N., Lockport.

Peart, W. A., Sanborn.

Pickett, F. R.. Olcott.

Plain, J. C, Ransomville.

Potter, M. J. M., Niagara Falls.

Potter, W. H., Niagara Falls.

Preisch, C. L., Lockport.

Price, N. W., Niagara Falls.

Ringueberg, E. N. S., Lockport.

Rooker, A. M., Niagara Falls.

Scott, W. A., Niagara Falls.

Shoemaker, E., Newfane.

Snyder, T., Niagara Falls.

Sprague, W. G., Barker.

Teeter, L. H., Niagara Falls.

Welch, G., Niagara Falls.

Wheeler, L. H., Lockport.

Wilmot, H. A., Middleport.

Wixson, R. H., Niagara Falls.

Wood, W. C, Lockport. —68


(Organized July, 1806.)

Annual meeting, second Tuesday In January. Regular meetings, second Tues-
day of April, July and October.


President — F. D. Crlm, Utica. Vice-President— H. L. Borland, Camden.

Secretary — W. B., Roemer, 31 Oneida st., Utlca. Treasurer — R. L. Baker, Utica.
Censors— F. J. Douglas, H. G. Jones, E. D. Fuller, T. H. Farrell, C. Bernstein

(Where the name of city is not given Utica is to be understood.)

Allen, B. P., Oriskany.
Amsbry, L. B., 1 Winston Bldg.
Baker, R. L., 25 Hopper st.
Baker, S., 37 Winston Bldg.
Baldwin, C. H., 282 Genesee st.
Bartlett, C. R., Boonville.
Bartlett, H. G., Moriarty, N. M.
Bayllss, F. P., 43 Winston Bldg.
Beattie, W. H., 133 Park av.
Bender, A. W., 58 Elizabeth st.
Bernstein, C, Rome.
Blgelow, P. F., 809 Sunset av.
Borland, H. L., Camden.
Bradford, H. C, 20 E. 22d Bt., N.
Brewer, F. H., 223 Genesee Bt.

Broga, D. C, Rome.
Brown, A. J., 550 Park av.. N. Y.
Brown, H. E., 102 John st.
Browne, A. J., 224 Genesee st.
Crownell, W. H., 32 Court st.
Church, F. H., 43 Gardner Bldg.
Clark, A. P.. New Hartford.
Clarke, W., 136 Park av.
Colton, S. J., Johnstown.
Comstock, I. M., New York Mills.
Cox, T. H., Lee Center.
Crim, F. D., 241 Genesee st.
Crisman, B. J., 89 Albany st.
Crumb, C. W., 190 Genesee st.
Cutter, H. P., 221 Genessee Bt.



Davies, M. J., 6 Steuben Park.
Davis, A. T., Farmersville Station.
DeLong, F. S., 17 The Olbiston.
Dimon, J. \V. W., 367 Genesee st.
Donahoe, P. J., New Hartford.
Douglas, F. J.. 1 Steuben Park.
Douglass, J. W. Boonville.
DuBois, H. G., Camden.
Dudley, R. B., Clinton.
Dye, D. C, 129 Elm st.
Eames, L. N., Taberg.
Elllnwood, E. M., Rome.
English, G. P., Boonville.
Farrell, T. H., 236 Genesee st.
Fisher, G. M., 230 Genesee st.
Fitch. H. A., 4 Rutger Park.
Fleming, J. W., 1 Steuben Park.
Ford, F. R., Clarendon Bldg.
Ford, W. E., 266 Genesee st.
Frost. C. A., 250 Genesee st.
Fuller, E. D., 26 Court st.
Fuller, E. W., 26 Court st.
Gage, J. E., 236 Genesee st.
Gazzam, E. VanD., 8 Rutger st.
George, J. D., Verona.
Gibson, W. C, 25S Genesee st.
Gibson, W. M., 260 Genesee st.
Gifford, S. L, Whitesboro.
Gifford, T. C, 246 Genesee st.
Gillette, A. A., Rome.
Glass, J. H., 288 Genesee st.
Graham, M. D., 431 Columbia st.
Griffith, E. M., Chadwicks.
Gromann, J., 521 Columbia st.
Guile, E. B. , 355 Genesee st.
Haberer, H. J. Hinckley.
Haight, J. E., State Hosp.
Hamilton, S. W., State Hosp.
Hamlin, V. B., Clinton. -

Harrison, D. S., New York Mills.
Hart, C. R., New Hartford.
Hichman, C. N., .516 State st.
H olden, A. L, 132 South st.
Hunt, J. G., 5 Gardner Bldg.
Hyland, E. M., 239 Genesee st.
Jankiewicz, L. P., 142 Whitesboro st.
Johnston, A. M., 89 Kossuth av.
Jones, H. G., 224 Genesee st.
Jones, H. W., 23 Court st.
Jones, J. D., 240 Genesee st.
Jones, LeRoy H.-, 11 1-2 Court st.
Jones, T. Z., Waterville.
Kempf, F. M., 250 Genesee st.
Kibbey, R. G., Barneveld.
Kilborn, G. L, Forestport.
Kilbourn, J. G., 247 Genesee st.
Kinloch, D. R., 12 Court st.
Kline, A. C, Prospect.
Kuhn, W., Rome.

Lees, R. 0., 230 Genesee st.
Lehr, G. N., Rome.
Lewis, G. M., Vernon.
Lewis, P., Holland Patent.
McNamara, D. L., 9 Hopper st.
MacFarland, E. G., Clinton.
Mahady, C. R., Rome.
Martine, A., 325 Genesee st.
Maxson, S. C, 225 Genesee st.
Miller, F. M., 44 Gardner Bldg.
Moffatt, W., 240 Genesee st.
Morris, W. S., 196 Genesee st.
Nichols, C. W., Whitesboro.
Nock, T. G., Rome.
Owens, F. T., 1 1-2 Steuben Park.
Palmer, H. L., State Hosp.
Palmer, W. B., 337 Genesee st.
Parker, H. R., Barneveld.
Pattengill, L. F., 77 Howard av.
Peck, F. H., 196 Genesee st.
Peckham, W. D., 333 1-2 Genesee st.
Pollard, G. J., Oriskany Falls.
Powell, W. t 351 Genesee st.
Powers, M. T., Westernville.
Quin, H. S., 102 South st.
Quinn, W. V., Clarendon Bldg.
Rayhill, J. W., 27 Seymour av.
Reid, C. C, Rome.

F., Boonville.
F., 750 Bleeker st.
H., 226 Genesee st.
B., 31 Oneida st.
670 Bleeker st.
D., New Hartford.
J., 3 Hopper st.
P., Rome.

H., 14 Winston Bldg.
Sloan, A., 3 Stewart Bldg.
Sloan, H., 142 Columbia st.
H., Camden.
E., Whitesboro.
W., 249 Genesee st.
N., Remsen.

D. L., 419 Columbia st.
Squier, H. N., 230 Genesee st.
Stafford, A. E. , Whitesboro.
Staunton, F. I., 14 Cottage pi.
Tefft, C. B., 333 Genesee st.
Teller, H. J., Rome.
Torney, G. H., Jr., State Hosp.
Towsley, W. D., Camden.
Wankel, G. C, Deerfield.
Wetmore, W. E., 441 Whitesboro st.
Whaley, J. H., Rome.
White, H. D., Rome.
Wingate, J. T. , Rome.
Wingenbach, J. F., 314 State st.
Worden, H. K., Westmoreland.
Wright, G. R., Deansboro. —148

Rinkle, La
Roberts, D.
Roemer, W.
Rossi, F. J.,
Russell, W.
Schuyler, W.
Scully, T.
Shaw, H.

Smith, A.
Smith, C.
Smith, F.
Sparks, E.
Spence, H.




(Organized in 1806.)

Annual meeting, second Tuesday of December. Regular meetings, second Tues-
day of February and May, fourth Tuesday of September.


President— T. H. Halsted, Syracuse. Vice-President— B. F. Chase, East Syracuse.

Secretary — J. C. Shoudy, 1706 West Genesee St., Syracuse.

Treasurer — A. Cone, Syracuse.

Censors— F. H. Flaherty, E. J. Wynkoop, A. S. Hotaling, G. B. Broad, A. E.


(Where the name of city is not given Syracuse is to be understood.)

Abeel, A. J., 630 University Blk.
Alsever, W. D., 528 S. Salina st.
Andrews, J. E., Fabius.
Ayling, W. J., 728 E. Fayette st.
Bamford, T. E., 304 Delaware st.
Bannan, T., 503 Warren st.
Baum, H. C, 809 University Blk.
Benham, F. R., 1105 E. Genesee st.
Bibbens, S. S., 125 South av.
Blum, C. N., 201 Merriman av.
Breese, A. B., 310 James st.
Britten, G. S., 602 Euclid av.
Broad, G. B., 505 S. Warren st.
Brown, G. L, Euclid.
Brust, H. 0., 620 E. Genesee st.
Bryan, G. J., Fayetteville.
Buecheler, W. A., 712 Butternut st.
Buettner, J. J., 1004 S. Salina st.
Burch, J. H., 417 W. Gsnesee st.
Burns, R., 815 S. Salina st.
Burrows, C. F. ( 1001 E. Genesee st.
Campbell, A. J., 410 S. Warren st.

Carson, J. C, State Inst. Feeble

Minded Children.
Case, H. G., 1032 S. Salina st.
Chase, B. F., East Syracuse.
Clark, G. E., Skaneateles.
Coe, J. H., 1514 E. Genesee st.
Cone, A., 1233 S. Salina st.
Coon, C. E., 509 S. Salina st.
Crane, S. E., Onondaga Valley.
Craton, S. B., 500 University Blk.
Curtin, W. A., 408 E. Genesee st.

Curtiss, C. E., Manlius.

Curtiss, M. A., Kirkville.

Daman, C. N., 331 Warren st.

Deavor, T, L. , 803 E. Genesee st.

Demong, C. W., 206 Ash st.

Donohue, F. 0., 409 S. Warren st.

Doust, A. G., 302 Delaware st.

Doust, H. B., 641 Park av.

Dutcher, A., 841 University Blk.

Easton, F. E., 1117 E. Genesee st.

Edwards, A. S., 1506 N. Salina st.

Edwards, G. A., 326 Montgomery st.
Eisner, H. L, Fayette Pk.

Farmer, T. P., 912 N. Alvord st.
Feigel, G. C, 516 Prospect av.
Felton, C. A., 1839 W. Fayette st.
Flaherty, F. H., 320 Montgomery st.
Foreman, T. F., 303 Delaware st.
Gak, H. E., South Onondaga.
Geer, Le R. T., 124 Merriman av
George, F. S., 214 South av.
Gillette, E. J., Phoenix, Ariz.
Graven, C. H., Delphi Falls.
Gregg, M. E., Elbridge.
Groat, W. A., 600 E. Genesee st.
Halsted, T. H., 831 University Blk.
Hanchett, J. E., 407 E. Fayette st.
Hawley, G., Baldwinsville.
Hawley, H. B., 501 S. Warren st.
Heath, C. J., 1316 S. Salina st.
Hedden, A. W., 600 S. Warren st.
Heffron, J. L., 528 S. Salina st.
Hotaling, A. S., 801 E. Genesee st.
Jacobson, N., 430 S. Salina st.
Jamiesou, W. W., 304 Hawley av.
Johnson, J. R., 605 Warren st.

Kaple, E. B., Elbridge.

Kaufmann, F. J., 311 W. Genesee st.

Kellogg, W. C, 203 Seymour st.

Kevand, J. H., 503 University Bldg.

Kinne, G. R., 438 Gifford st.

Kline, H. G., 831 University Blk.

Knapp, J. W., 301 Lowell av.

Knoff, F. H., 1471 S. Salina st.

Knowllon, F. P., 1506 E. Genesee st.

Larkin, A. E., 509 E. Genesee st.

Law, W. F., 602 Lodi st.

Leiter, H. L., 411 1-2 S. Warren st.

Levy, I. H., 717 E. Genesee st.

Levy, J. J., 717 E. Genesee st.

Lewis, G. G., 600 University Blk.

Locke. H. G., 519 E. Genesee st.

Loveland, B. C, 813 University Blk.

Lucid, M. M., Cortland.

McClary, C. E., 110 South av.

McKeeby, W. C, 315 S. Warren st.

McKenna, T. F., 224 E. Onondaga st.

McMaster, P. R., 1201 S. Salina st.

McMorrow, F., 214 S. Warren at.



MacGruer, H. A.. 508 University Blk.
Magee, H. M., 400 Gifford st.
Marlow, F. W. ( 731 University Blk.
Maxstm, E. R., 818 Madison st.
Maxson, E. S., 818 Madison st.
Mellor, L. R., .301 Slocum av.
Mercer, A., 324 Montgomery st.
Mercer, A. C, 324 Montgomery st.
Merwin, E. B., Manlius.
Merwin, H. D., Cicero.
Miller, A. B., 326 Montgomery st.
Monroe, N. A., 426 James St.
Mooney, E. L. , 604 E. Genesee st.
Moore, B. S., 906 N. Alvord st.
Muench, W. G., 514 Prospect av.
Mulvey, N. L, 502 W. Genesee st.
Murray, D. H., 800 University Blk.
Osgood, W. W.,. Jordan.
Ostrander, C. f., 407 Union Bldg.
Padget, H. G., Tully.
Palmer, J. C, 505 E. Fayette st.
Pickard, H. S., North Syracuse.
Plant, J. W., 224 Harrison st.
Post, C. D., 618 S. Salina st.
Price, G. M., 430 S. Warren st.
Pritchard, H. B., 513 S. Salina st.
Randall, A. B., Liverpool.
Reifenstein, E. C, 512 Prospect ave.
Reynolds, F., 217 Seymour st.
Rockwell, G. H., 532 University Blk.
Rood, A. B. Minoa.
Rood, M. G., 424 Warren st.
Roth, J. C, 329 Gifford st.
Ruland, A. S., 300 Delaware st.
Rupp, F. J., 536 Butternut st.
Rutledge, J. M., 1004 Cortland av.
Ryan, F. J., 614 S. Salina st.
Sampson, E. S. , North Syracuse.
Saxer, L. A., 305 James st.

Sears, F. W., 709 S. Warren st.
Shaw, G. H., Baldwlnsville.
Shepard, E. H., 413 S. Crouse av.
Shoudy, J. C, 1706 W. Genesee st.
Shrimpton, E. L. , 611 E. Genesee st.
Slingerland, I. M., Fayetteville.
Slocum, F. W., Camlllus.
Smith, C. N., 109 Green st.
Smith, F. W., 606 S. Salina st.
Snow, S. F., 713 University Blk.
Stark, G. W., 4 Snowdon Bldg.
Stebbins, H. L., 320 University Blk.
Steensland, H. S., 309 Orange st.
Stephens, G. H., 643 Park av.
Stephenson, F. H., 431 University Bldg.
Stoup, R. J., 612 Lodi st.
Strong, F. R., Brewerton.
Sullivan, R. L, Baldwinsville.
Thrall, H. G., Fayetteville.
Todd, J. B., 742 S. Beech st.
Totman, D. M., 912 E. Genesee st.
Tripp, A. G., Cicero.
Tucker, C. F., 1431 S. Salina st.
Vadeboncoeur, A. F., 307 James st.
VanDuyn, E. S., 318 James st.
VanDuyn, J., 318 James st.
Van Lengen, F. W., 706 Catherine st.
Wallace, W. L, 1000 E. Genesee st.
Wasse, G. M., Baldwinsville.
Weidman, C. E., Marcellus.
Werfelmann, W. J., 904 N. Salina st.
Whitney, R. A., Liverpool.
Wiley, C. F., 713 Harrison st.
Williams, C. S., La Fayette.
Wiseman, J. R., 705 E. Genesee st.
Wose, A. M., 315 James st.
Wright, H. B., Skaneateles.
Wynkoop, E. J., 401 James st.


Dallas, A. J., Syracuse.
Dibble, 0. G., Pompey.
Fairrhild, M. B., Svracuse.

Honorary Members.

Munson, W. W., Otisco.
. Wilbur. N., Fayetteville.


Annual meeting, second Tuesday in October. Regular meetings, second Tues-
day in January, April and July.


President— C. C. Lytle, Geneva. Vice-President— H. C. Buell, Canandaigua.

Secretary-Treasurer — D. A. Eiseline, Shortsville.

Censors— J. H. Jewett, S. R. Wheeler, C .F. Nieder.

Allen, A. D., Gorham.
Armstrong, A. W. , Canandaigua.
Beahan, A. L., Canandaigua.
Braman. C. B., Clifton Springs.
Buell, H. C, Canandaigua.
Burgess, H. C, Canandaigua.
Clapper, W. B , Victor.


Collie, J. J., Geneva.
Conley, L. P., Clifton Springs.
i Cook, R. G., Canandaigua.
Covert, J. B., Geneva.
Davenport, H. I., Auburn.
De Laney, J. P., Geneva.
Donovan, P. M., Canandaigua.



Eiseline, D. A., Shortsvllle.
Emerson, C. P., Clifton Springs.
Furman, I. J., Shortsville.
Gardner, M., Modesto, Cal.
Grove, C. W., Geneva.
Hallenbeck, C. E., Canandaigua.
Hallenbeck, 0. J., Canandaigua.
Halstead, A. T., Rusbville.
Hartshorne, I., Poughkeepsie.
Hicks, W. S., Bristol.
Howe, H. J. Q., Phelps.
Howe, W. A., Phelps.
Hutchens, J., Canandaigua.
Imboden, H. M., Clifton Springs.
Jennings, M. L. , Geneva.
Jewett, J. H., Canandaigua.
Knickerbocker, H. J., Geneva.
Lytle, C. C, Geneva.
McCarthy, C. D., Geneva.
McCaw, W., Geneva.
McClellan, F. E., Canandaigua.
McClellan, G. W., Canandaigua.
McDowell, B. T., Bristol Center.
Mason, 0. J., Farmington.
Mead, A. M., Victor.
Merritt, C. P. W., Clifton Springs.
Newland, F. H., Clifton Springs.

Nicder, C. F.. Geneva.
Parmenter, J., Geneva.
Pratt, J. H., Manchester.
Pratt, J. R., Manchester.
Preston, B. I., Naples.
Robson, J. A., Hall.
Rupert, T. D., Geneva.
Sanders, J. A., Clifton Springs.
Sargent, G. W., Seneca Castle.
Sayre, E. B., East Bloomfleld.
Schoonmaker, H., Clifton Springs.
Selover, C. W., Stanley.
Skinner, W. W., Geneva.
Spaulding, F. W., Clifton Springs.
Spengler, J. A., Geneva.
Standish, E., Honeoye.
Stebbins, F. L, Geneva.
Turck, W., Clifton Springs.
Vanderhoof, F. D., Phelps.
Warner, F. P., Canandaigua.
Wheeler, S. R., East Bloomfleld.
Wilbur, D. S., Naples.
Williamson, C. C, Gorham.
Winters, W. P., San Diego, Cal.
Woodbury, M. S., Clifton Springs.
Young, G. B., Geneva.


Honorary Members.
Carson, M. R., Canandaigua. | Wilbur, L. F., Honeoye.

Online LibraryMedical Society of the State of New York (1807- )Medical directory of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut (Volume v.12) → online text (page 103 of 133)