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Broad, F. McMorrow; Asst. Obstet., F. Reynolds, W. Mulheran; Asst. Ocul.,
S. B. Craton; Asst. Laryng. and Aurist, G. H. Rockwell, H. G. Kline;
Anaests., J. S. Heiman, F. E. Eusten; Dental Surg., S. C, Dayan; Supt. Training
School for Nurses, M'iss E. McGarty.


Tel. 499.

Supt., Miss L. R. Sherwood; Consult. Phys., A. B. Kinne, J. W. Candee, E.
0. Kinne; Surg., J. H. Irish; Att'd Phys., G. W. Hoyt, J. M. Keese, E. R.
Sprague, A. M. Wilier; Oculist, Laryng. and Aurist, H. A. Church; Path., J. M.


1214 W. Genesee st. Board in wards, $7 per week. Vis. Days, Tues., Fri.
and Sun., 2 to 4, 7 to 8.

Surgs., A. B. Breese, F. W. Sears, G. B. Broad, A. E. Larkin, H. G. Locke,
J. J. Buettner; Assts., A. M. Wose, H. B. Pritchard; Children Med., A. C.
Mercer, C. N. Blum, H. B. Doust; Children Surg., E. J. Wynkoop; Assts., J. C.
Palmer, C. D. Post; Obstet., A. S. Hotaling, N. L. Mulvey; Assts., A. Dutcher, A.
Cone; Ophthal., F. W. Marlow, H. L. Stebbins; Dental Surg., C. H. Barnes;
Dermat. & Syphil., H. C. Baum; Anest. and Pharm., J. J. Buettner; Laryng. and
Otol., T. H. Halsted, G. T. Rockwell; Neurol., F. H. Stephenson; Path, and
Bacter. , H. L. Steensland; Electro-Therap., J. H. Burch; Consult. Staff: Surgs.,
N. Jacobson, R. C. McLennan; Phys., H. L. Eisner, B. W. Loomis; Obstet., A.

B. Randall; Children's Dept., J L. Heffron.



Phys., R. B. Coutant, Chief; Vis. Phys. and Surgs., L. P. Dosh, J. C. Todd,
N. H. Freeland, E. N. Brandt, J. R. Cannon, H. L. Coles, C. W. Fairchild, L.
Fleming, 0. A. Igoe, J. W. Robertson, W. S. Russell, A. E. Chace, J. H. Burte^-
shaw; Consult. Phys. and Surgs., W. G. Wylie, W. 0. Plympton, H. E. Stafford,
W. A. Dayton, H. E. Moffat.



LEONARD HOSPITAL..— 14th st. and 6th av., Lansingburgh. lels.
5314 Commercial and 93 H. R.

Consult. Staff: Surgs., J. B. Harvie, C. B. Herrick, J. P. Marsh, J. M. Berry;
Phys., H. C. Gordinier, C. F. Nichols, W. Finder; Nose and Throat, B. S. Booth;
Eye and Ear, L. F. Adt; Vis. Staff, R. H. Irish, J. H. Flynn, C. B. Sprague,
J. H. Lyons, J. J. Lyons, B. 1. Shaw, H. J. White; Path., H. W. Carey.

SAMARITAN HOSPITAL,.— Eighth st. Tel. 1164. Adults and children.
Medical, surgical, obstetrical and contagious cases received. Board in wards,
$6 a week. Cases of acute infectious disease, in wards of the Price Memorial
Building, $10 per week. Emergency cases received without question as to
responsibility. Vis. Days, daily.

Supt., L. F. Arnold; Chairman M'td and Surg Staff, H. C. Gordinier; Surgs.,
J. P. Marsh, J. B. Harvie, G. L. Meredith, L. B. Schneider; Assts., W. C.
Campaigne, J., Trotter, D. Kidd, H. J. White, T. A. Hull; Phys., H. C. Gordinier,
W. L. Hogeboom, E. R. Stillman, E. W. Becker; Assts., H. W. Carey, W. J.
Garvey, T. A. Hull; Obstet., W. C. Cooper; Eye and Ear, F. A. Smith; Nose and
Throat, F. K. Roarke; Asst., E. W. Becker; X-Ray, T. A. Hull; Asst., C. A.
Hemstreet; Orthop.. J. M. Berry; Path, and Dispensary for Skin, H. W. Carey.

TROY HOSPITAL.— Eighth and Fulton sts. Tels. 116, 1950. No cases are
refused, except insanity and contagious diseases. Vis. Days, Sun., Mon.,
Wed. and Fri., 3 to 5.

Supt., Sister Anna; Vis. Staff, Z. Rousseau, C. B. Herrick, J. B. Harvie,

D. W. Houston, T. G. Dickson, M. Keenan, 0. Mallett, J. W. Morris, M. D. Dickin-
son, L. F. Adt., L. B. Mount, B. S. Booth, La S. Archambeault ; Consult. Staff,
C. E. Nichols, G. Blumer, C. H. Burbeck


FAXTON HOSPITAL. — Sunset av. Applications must be made to the
Superintendent of Nurses or the Surg. -in-Chief.

Supt., Miss C. E. Illig; J. H. Glass, Surg.-in-Charge; M'. J. Davies, R. L.
Baker; Surgs, F. J. Douglass, F. D. Crim, J. Gromann, J. G. Hunt; Obstets.,
W. H. Brownell, F. H. Brewer; Gynec, F. W. Smith, D. H. Roberts; Eye,
Throat and Ear, T. H. Farrell, J. T. Gage; Orthop., C. H. Baldwin; Path., W. S.
Nelson, C. H. Baldwin; Consult. Staff, H. L. Palmer, L. L. Brainard, T. Z.
Jones, J. B. Noyes, 0. Langworthy, G. Eveleth, H. H. Wilson, U. G. Williams,
A. C. Douglas, T. B. Fernalld, G. A. McKinnon, I. S. Edsall, J. F. Hartley, G.
Graves, G. T. Pollard, C. M. Lefier, R. B. Dudley, E. M. Griffith, W. P. Hall,
A. J. Forward, A. T. Davis, R. Wilson, C. E. Pannaci, T. C. Gifford, C. L.
Crumb, R. M. Clark.

Incorporated February 7, 1870. In charge of the Sisters of St. Francis.
Medical and surgical cases received.

Staff, E. M. Hyland, Surg. -in-Chief ; Vis. Phys., H. E. Brown, W. D. Peckham,
H. H. Shaw, M. D. Graham, W. V. Quinn; Vis. Surgs., D. 8. Dye, E. M\ Hyland,
A. M. Johnson, W. E. Wetmore, F. M. Miller, W. S. Morris; Gynec, E. M.
Hyland, F. M. Miller; Obstet., D. C. Dye, H. C. Cutter; Oculist and Aurist, S. C.
Maxson; Dermat., G. M. Fisher; Path., F. H. Church.

ST. LUKE'S HOME AND HOSPITAL.— Whitesboro st. Application
for admission to Home must be made to the Executive Committee or Matron.
Application for admission to the Hospital must be made to the Superintendent
of Nurses. Vis. Days, 2 to 4, 7 to 8, daily.

Med. Dir., W. E. Ford; Gynec, H. N. Squier, F. R. Ford; Phys., W. M. Gibson,

E. D. Fuller, W. Moffatt, A. J. Browne, A. Sloan, W. C. Gibson; Surgs., F. H.
Peck, H. G. Jones, W. B. Roemer, J. G. Kilbourn, W. H. Beattie, D. R. Kinloch;
Obstet. and Ped., W. J. Schuyler, A. Martine, C. A. Frost; Dermat., G. M.
Fisher; Ophth., R. 0. Lees; G. U. Surg., L. B. Amsbry.


UTICA GENERAL HOSPITAL..— Mohawk and South sts. Tels. 432
Bell and 1240 Home. Vis. Days, daily to 8 P. M.

Consult., W. M. Gibson, S. Baker; Staff: C. E. Chase, Pres. ; W. B. Roemer,
Sec; Surgs., E. B. Guile, F. Smith, E. M. Hyland, D. R. Kinloch; Gynecols.,
J. D. Jones, W. B. Roemer, A. R. Grant, W. Beattie; Phys., M. J. Davies, H. S.
Quin, C. E. Chase, C. E. Alliaume; Skin, G. M. Fisher; Eye, Ear, Nose &
Throat, S. C. Maxson, T. H. Farrell, L. W. Oean; Paths., F. R. Ford, L. B.
Amsbry; Obstet., W. J. Schuyler, H. H. Shaw.


ST. JOACHIM HOSPITAL.— 218 Stone st. Under the control and man-
agement of the Sisters of Mercy. Tels., Bell 1236, Citizens' 481. Accommo-
dates 63 patients.

WATERTOWN CITY HOSPITAL— (Incorporated as House of the
Good Samaritan. Tel. 56.

Supt., Mrs. L. R. Joy; Vis. Staff: Phys., F. A. Sherman, J. A. Barnette, E. R.
McCreary, F. B. Smith, H. A. Hoyt; Surgs., C. E. Pierce, J. D. Olin, C. N.
Bibbins, G. B. Van Doren, F. R. Calkins. Consult. Staff: Surgs., G. D. Gregor,
W. J. Kellow, H. H. Deane; Phys., C. M. Rexford, 0. 0. Stowell, G. S. Farmer;
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, J. F. McCaw; Path., J. M. Meader.


ST. AGNES' HOSPITAL.— Tel. 107 White Plains.

Supt., Sister M. Bernardine; Consult. Staff: Phys., W. P. Northrup, H. D.
Chapin, R. G. Freeman; Surgs., V. P. Gibney, R. Whitman, R. H. Sayre; Neurol.,
J. J. Walsh; Laryngol. and Otol., F. J. Quinlan; Ophthal, F. N. Irwin; Path,
F. M. Jeffries; Att'd Staff: Surgs., A. W. Page, B. S. Elliott; Orthop. Surg.,
F. E. Butler; Eye, Ear and Throat, F. L. Oswald; Path., J. Dw/er; Dental
Surg., F. M. Close, M.D.; Res. Phys., G. J. Hanley.


Chief-of-Staff, H. E. Schmid; Consult. Staff Phys., S. W. Lambert, M. Einhorn;
Surgs., F. Hartley, E. G. Tuttle; Neurol., E. G. Zabriskie; Gynecol., E. W.
Pinkham; Obstet., F. A. Dorman; Att'd Staff Phys., H. G. V. de Hart, N. F.
Curtis, S. Purdy, E. W. Weber, A. M. Haight, C. E. Birch, F. I. Nichols; Asso.,
R. L. Strong, R. R. Ryan; Surgs., H. T. Kelly, J. F. Black, J. S. Parker; Assts.,
C. C. Zacharie, E. G. Ramsdell; Path., W. E. Lothian; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat,
F. N. Irwin; Anest., E. W. Weber; Res. Phys., R. A. Mathews; Dent. Surg., D. A.


LOSIS.— Tel. 229. Capacity, twenty-five. Limited to residents of Yonkers.

Supt., Mrs. Helen Smith. Consult. Staff, J. A. M'iller, Lawrason Brown,
Alfred Meyer; Att'd Phys., W. J. Vogeler.

S*T. JOHN'S RIVERSIDE HOSPITAL.— Ashburton av. Tel. 2450.
Ambulance service. There are seventy-five beds. Medical and surgical caseB
received; maternity and contagious cases excluded. Board in wards, $7 per
week. Apply to Superintendent, Miss R. E. Bidmead. Vis. Days, Tues., Thurs.
Sat., 4 to 5; Wed., 7 to 8; Sun., 3 to 4.

Att'd Phys., W. S. Coons, S. F. Leo, C. W. Buckmaster, J. B. Kouwenhoven;
Att'd Surgs., D. John, S. E. Getty, J. T. Gorton, R. H. Shnnahan; Consult.'
Staff, L. I. Stimson, Surg.; E. G. Janeway, Phys.; W. K. Simpson, Laryng. ;
T. H. Myers, Orthop. Surg.; C. W. Cutler, Ophth. ; P. Bailey, Neurol; E. E.'
Smith, Path. ; all of New York City. Bacteriol, W. D. Home.

ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL.— South Broadway and Vark st. Tel. 2650.
Ambulance Dist., any part of Yonkers and outside when necessary. In charge
of the Sisters of Charity (R. C). Apply between 9 A. M. and 6 P. M. Emer-
gency cases received at any hour. No contagious disease admitted. ChronU



cases retained only long enough for relief. Board for those able to pay, J7
per week in the wards. Sister M. L. Kearney, Superior. Vis. Day.,, Sun.,
Tues. and Fri., 3 to 4.30 P. M.
Consult. Surgs., P. A. Callan, E. M. Hermance, J. D. Bryant, F. S. Dennis,

E. L. Keyes, New York; Consult. Phys., V. Browne, J. E. Winters, New York;
Consult. Surgs. and Phys., A. C. Benedict, E. J. Harrington, E. M". Hermance,
J. L. Porteous, J. T. Gibson; Cousult. Gynecols., J. D. Emmet, J. R. Goffe, New
York; Consult. Dermat., G. H. Fox, New York; Consult. Laryng. and Rhinol.,

F. J. Quinlan, New York; Consult. Neurol., J. Collins, New York; Vis. Surgs.,
N. A. Warren, H. Moffat, E. F. Duffy, G. S. Mooney; Vis. Phys., M. H. Foy, M.
Wolf, G. B. Brown, 0. H. Bohm; Alternating Surgs., B. H. Belcher, M. H. Foy,
W. B. MacBean; Asso., G. B. Stanwix, E. P. Lasher; L. B. Goldhorn, Path.;
B. H. Belcher, Asst. ; E. A. Spilbury, Ophth., Otol. and Laryng.


— Incorporated 1896. Vis. Days, 2 to 4 daily.

Supt., M. McLimont; Vis. Staff, R. 0. Phillips, R. R. Trotter, H. G. Keith, G. P.
Holden, S. A. Beckwith, A. V. Quick, E. D. Jenks.



ALBANY CITY 3IISSION DISPENSARY.— 1 Rensselaer st. and 616
Second st. Tel. 661 Main. Hours, 8 to 9, Tues. and Thurs. evenings.
Supt., Rev. J. Giffln; Vis. Staff, H. D. Cochrane, J. Giffin.

ALBANY HOSPITAL DISPENSARY.— New Scotland av. Tel. 1960


Staff, W. G. Lewi, G. E. Lochner, T. W. Jenkins, H. L. K. Shaw, A. J. Bedell,
J. M. Mosher, M. MacHarg, W. H. George, J. F. Rooney, A. F. Holding, C. B.
Hawn, M. Douglas, J. L. Bendell, J. A. Lanahan, A. E. Page, B. K. De Voe.

SARY.— 165 N. Pearl st. Tels. 3040 & 3041.

Staff, B. E. Kinne, F. J. Cox, W. J. McKown, F. E. Lewis, H. D. Cochrane, A.
B. Van Loon, J. B. Congdon, C. R. Green, B. E. Marshall, J. I. Dowling, E. G.
Cox, A. A. Vibbard, E. G. Benson.

Ferry st.

Phys., J. P. O'Brien, A, F. Laird; Surgs., J. A. Cox, G. Griffin; Skin and G. U.,
J. W. Wiltse, J. A. Lanahan; Nose and Throat, C. F. Theisen; Asst., E. E.
Hinman; Eye and Ear, G. S. Munson, L. F. Adt; Asst., M. A. McGrane; Skia-
grapher, A. Holding; Physiol. Therap., W. H. Happel; Children's, H. L. K.
Shaw; Neurol., L. Archambault; Gynec, J. Cox.

SOUTH END DISPENSARY.— 2 Ash Grove pi. Tel. 1165 H. R. Mon.,
Wed., Fri., 11 A. M., Surg.; Tues., Thurs., Sat., 4 P. M., Med.; Mon., Fri., 11
A. M., Nose & Throat; Wed., Sat, 8 A. M., Tues., Fri., 10 A. M., Eye &. Ear;
Tues., 11 A. M., Nervous Diseases; Tues., Fri., 11 A. M., Skin and G.-U.; Tues.,
Thurs., Sat., 4 P. M., Children; Tues., 4 P. M., Dentistry; Tues., 4 P. M.,
Stomach and Intestines; Mon., Thurs., 4 P. M., Gynec. and Women; Mon., Wed.,
4 P. M., Sat., 8 P. M., Lungs.

Staff— Consult., F. C. Curtis," C. E. Davis, W. H. -Happel, W. G. Macdonald,
I.. H. Neuman, A. Vander Veer, S. B. Ward; Att'd L. F. Adt, L. Archambault,
A. J. Bedell, G. E. Beilby, H. Bendell, L. S. Blatner, T. L. Carroll, W. H.
George, J. H. Guttmann, A. T. Laird, J. A. Lanahan, L. Le Brun, J. M. Mosher,
L. H. Neuman, D. V. O'Leary, Jr., J. F. Rooney, A. G. Root, J. A. Sampson, A.
Sautter, H. L. K. Shaw, J. N. Vander Veer, C. K. Winne, Jr.; Asst. Att'ds, F. C.
Conway, B. K. De Voe, P. W. Harrig, C. B. Hawn, T. Lawyer, M. A. McGrane,
J. P. O'Brien, A. E. Page, G. W. Papen, Jr., H. Rulison, H. D. Cochrane.


BUFFALO EYE AND EAR INFIRMARY.— 671-673 Michigan st.
Tel. Seneca 3657. Vis. Days, every week day at 2.

Vis. Staff, L. Howe, G. A. Hitzel, A. E. Hubbard, J. C. Clemesha, F. J. Bar-
rett, W. S. Renner, A. E. Diehl; Clin. Assts., H. W. Cowper, G. W. Seitz.

Bell-Tupper 71, Frontier 337.

Staff, Gen. Prac, J. ullman, W. I. Thornton, L. Kauffman, V. A. Pchellas;
G.-U., A. B. Wright, C. W. Bethune; Children, A. Zittle; Nose, Throat and Ear,
H. J. Mulford; Skin, G. Wende, J. Spangenthal; Surg., H. A. Smith, H. C. Rooth;
Neurol., J. W. Putnam, J. A. Gibson; Eye and Ear, E. G. Starr, L. M. Francis,
A. G. Bennett, W. L. Phillips; Women, R. Flood Keyes; Orthop., R. 0. Meisenbach.


JAMES MERCY HOSPITAL.— Tels. Century 12, Bell 122.
Staff, L. M. Kysor, B. R. Wakeman, C. 0. Green, C. R. Phillips, J. R. Conway.





aItIITY DISPENSARY.— 312 W. 54th st. Hours, 9 to 10, 3 to 4, dally.
Thurs., Fri., 8 P. M., Men. Chief of Staff, A. E. Gallant; Surg., Daily, 9,

A. E. Gallant; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Mon., Wed., Fri., 3, M. Gerber;
Women, Tues., Thurs., Sat., 3, H. W. Lathrop; Skin and Men, Tues., Fri., 8,

B. R. Tupper; Dental, Tues., 4, J. B. S. Egan.

BABIES' HOSPITAL, O.P.D.— 135 E. 55th st. Tel. 737 Plaza. Hours,
10 to 11, 2 to 3.

Supt., M. A. Smith; Phys., P. Van Ingen, T. S. Southworth, H. E. Hale, J. H.
i.awson; Assts., A. F. Hess, A. I. von Sholly, M. Stark, F. H. Bartlett, J. F.
Sammis, F. Tweddell, E. L. Jefferies.

BEACHONIAN DISPENSARY.— 183 Ludlow st. Tel. 2453 Orchard.
Daily, 3 to 6, except Sun.

H*ads of Depts., S. R. Schultze, C. B. Graf, J. Bernstein, B. A. Turkel, D.
Al^erin, J. Slamovitz, E. Fishbein, S. Gerber, M. J. Schoenberg, A. J. Blaustein,
L. Granet, D. Brucar.

BELLEVUE HOSPITAL (Out Patient Department).— 26th st. and
1st av. Open from 9 to 5. The Physicians and Surgeons are Adjunct Assistant
Visiting Physicians and Surgeons to Bellevue Hospital, and, in the absence of
the Assistant Visiting Physicians and Surgeons to the Hospital, act as Assistants.

Mon., Wed., Fri.: Surg., 11 to 1, S. Erdman; Gynecol., 12 to 2, G. D. Hamlen;
2 to 4, R. W. Lobenstine; Medicine, 1 to 3, J. A. Miller; 3 to 5, N. R. Norton.
Children, 1 to 3, F. S. Meara; Children, 3 to 5, S. Cash; G.-U., 9 to 11, C. G.
Bandler; 11 to 1, H. C. Yocum; Tues., Thurs., Sat.: Surg., 9 to 11, W. C.
Cramp; Gynecol., 12 to 2, E. Foskett; 2 to 4, W. P. Mac Leod; G.-U., 9 to 11,
A. R. Stevens; 11 to 1, H. F. Nordeman; Medicine, 1 to 3, J. F. Nagle; 3 to 5,

C. Philips. Children, 1 to 3, F. S. Fielder; 3 to 5, E. Hand.


and Cherry sts. Tel. 4906 Orchard. Hours, daily, 9 to 10, 1 to 5, except Sun.

Supt., Louis J. Frank; Vis. Phys. and Surgs. — Gen. Med.: Chiefs, J. Barsky,

D. Sheitlis, H. P. Schlansky, Maxwell Goldstein. Gen. Surg. : Chiefs, Raphael
Lewy, B. E. Sheitlis. Children: Chiefs, Z. Sharfin, C. Goldman, I. S. Hirsch,
M. Ghertler, A. Nissinoff. Women: Chiefs, M. Cisin, A. Brothers, L. J. Ladinski.
Nose, Throat and Ear: Chiefs, F. Cohen, W. Freudenthal. Eye: Chiefs, E.
Torok, M. S. G. Landa. Skin: Chiefs, M. Michaelowsky, J. Wile. G.-U.: Chiefs.
S. W. Schapira, A. L. Wolbarst. Neurol.: S. Rosenbluth, H. 0. Wolf.


CHURCH.— 225 W. 99th st. General medical and surgical diseases, 2 to 3,
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, 3 to 4, daily.


CALVARY DISPENSARY.— W. 57th st., between 6th and 7th avs.
Temporarily closed.

SARY.— 1st av. and 27th st.

Med.: W. G. Thompson, Prof.; F L. Keays, Chief; M. H. Sicard, W. Arm-
strong, L. G. Weber, C. H. Webster, B. H. Searing, R. LeR. Hutton, A. Caccini,
R. A. Cooke, G. Merkel, Assts. Surg.; L. A. Stimson, Prof.; J. P. Grant, Chief;
A. S. Armstrong, G. L. Rohdenburg, C. Broder, J. Di Rocco, F. A. Bryant, H.
W. Frink, G. M. Smith, Assts. Gynec. ; W. M. Polk, Prof.; G. D. Hamlen, Chief:
G. C. Hall, A. A. Rosenbloom, H. A. Cossett, H. B. Judd, Assts. G.-U. Dis. ; S.
Alexander, Prof.; F. C. Edgerton, Chief; V. H. Pentlarge, W. H. Mackenzie, T.
C. Takami, T. E. Waldie, Assts. Neurol.; C. L. Dana, Prof.; J. R. Hunt, Chief;

A. S. Leverty, S. P. Brooks, R. Kruna, F. W. Robertson, G. H. Cudmore, B. L.
Hinkle, H. W. Fink, M. L. Neff, Assts. Ped. ; J. S. Winters, Prof.; W. Shannon,

B. H. Searing, J. R. Le Comte, Assts. Phys. ; W. D. Tyrrell, Dermat. ; G. T.
Elliot, Prof.; J. C. Johnston, Chief; H. J. Schwartz, G. Ronsheim, Surgs.; E.
Lovejoy, L. B. Mount, A. J. Gilmour, Assts. Otol. ; F. Whiting, Prof.; G. B.
McAuliffe, Chief; N. S. Roberts, C. M. Hickey, T. A. Mulcahy, Assts. Laryng. ;
1. E. Newcomb, Prof.; F. T. Burke, Chief; C. Mack, W. C. Montgomery, E. J


rnnnpll H B Judd E. W. Goode, Assts. Psychopath.; A. Hoch, Prof.; G. H.

K?rby Chief C.H Campbell, Asst.' Orthop. ; N. M. Shaffer Prof. ; P. W. Robe* 3

J J Nutt, Surgs.; D. Murphy. W. F. Burrows, H D. Urquhart, Assts JphthaL.

C S Bull Prof.; R. G. Reese, J. H. Claiborne, Surgs.; G. W. Vandergnft, E. B.

Colburn, A. D. Eisenberg, J. R. Hicks, Assts. Radiog. and Radiother. : A. C.


PENS \RY .-1917-1919 Madison av. Mon., Wed., Fri. Chief H W. Frauen

5S Assts., H. Finkelstein, M. Strunsky, I. S. Tunick A. S. Unger W H.

Goldberg, R. Kovacs, L. S. Manson. Tues., Thurs., Sat.; Chief, H. C. Frauen-

thal Assts., H. Bock, J. Roth, I. Reitzfeld.
DE1IILT DISPENSARY, THE.-Cor. 2d av. and 23d st.
House Phys., N. Ni Morse; Asst., T. J. Kearns. The House Physicians have

charge of the classification.

Note.-Physicians attend on alternate days; the first named in each class on
Mon Wed. and Fri.; the others on Tues., Thurs. and Sat.

House Phys N N Morse; Gen. Med., P. M., N. G., McMaster, R. S. Fralick;
A 5 F S Rawls, L. M. Silver. Gen. Surg., W. P. Herrick, E. W. Banta; Asst.
f J "Kearns, H. G. Baumgard. Throat and Nose, W. A. Chisholm E. E. Cary;
Assts., H. L. Lynah, J. E. Kumpf, C S. Josephs. Women P. M J. P.
McParlan, P. H. Ernst; Assts., L. Wise, G. F. Poole Women, A. M R. J. E.
Scott, F. V. Phelps. Children, P. M., J. E. Winters 8 J. Evans; Assts W.D
Tyrrell H Carey. Children, A. M., W. A. Dalton, R. S. Adams; Asst L Walther.
Eye j' C Lester, S. F. Hallock; Asst., T. D. McRossie. Skin, W. B. Brown A.
M. Kane;' Assts., S. R. Olliphant. Nervous System, Rheumatism and Electro-
Therapeutics (Mon., Wed. and Fri.), W. B. Noyes; Asst. W. W. Halo. Path.. N.
N Morse, T. J. Kearns. Evening Class for Females (Tues. and Fri.), C E
Brown, A. Vedin, J. Sherman, M. H. Brown. Evening Class for Males G-U
(Tues and Fri.). T. S. Van Riempst. F. G. P. Op de Beeck. Vis. Phys.. Central
District, W. L. Stowell; Asst., I. A. Stoloff; North District, M. Downey; South

Dl NOT 1 E t -The CU S t o U uth n ' District extends from 14th st. to 20th st. The Central
District extends from 20th st. to 30th st. The North District extends from 30th
st to 40th st. Each District extends from 6th av. to East River.

DENTISTRY.— 205-207 E. 23d st. Open daily, 9 to 12, except Sun. and
holidays. Operations are performed by the students under proper supervision.

Clinical Staff: J. A. Blake, M.D., Consult. Surg.; F. D. Weisse, M.D.. Att d
Surg • A. R. Starr, M.D., E. Hillyer, Consult. Surgs.

S3d st For free treatment of children and women. Hours 1.30 to 4.

Pres' and Chief of Clinic, A. Wallerstein; Att'd Phys., J. D. Malcolm.

Tel. 2110 Stuyvesant. . „ „

Supt G W Boskowitz; Staff, A. B. Wolf, House Surg.;. A. Gombar, House
Phys. -"Mon.. A. Gombar, S. Schaffer; Tues., G. E. Holmberg. D. L. Russell;
Wed A B Wolf C. W. Willis; Thurs., A. Favorini, G. E. Holmberg; Fri., P.
Mallowitz, D. J. Ruzicka; Sat., M. H. Skou. E. Brunor; Consult. Phys and
Surgs M. B. MacDermott. M. B. Pearlstien, V. Sillo, W. L. Heeve. P. Nilsson,
A W. 'Herzog. H. Scaison, S. R. Schultz, J. Moran, S. A. Hardy.

FLOWER HOSPITAL, O.P.D.-429 E. 63d st. Tel. 5506 Plaza. Hours,

9 Supt' F ° Black; Gen. Med.: Consult. Phys., E. G. Rankin, C. F. Laidlaw.
j W. Dowiing, W. H. Van den Burg, R. F. Rabe, W. S. Mills; Att'd Phys., R.
Turner, G. C. Dominick, H. G. Sloat; Gen. Surg : Consult Surg W T. Helmuth
W. H. Bishop; Att'd Surgs., J. H. Fobes, L. R Kaufman E. W Kellogg W Case
Orthop.: Consult. Surgs., A. H. Bingham; Att'd AH. Richardson; Children.
Consult. Phys., J. T. Simonson; Att'd Phys., H Ellis, H. S. Phelps W. M.
Collins G W Lutton F. M. Smith; Women: Consult. Surgs., G. W. Roberts, E. G.
Tuttle Att'd Surgs A. L. Grausch, L. S. Loizeaux, E. F. Mills, M. W. McDuffle;
lye: Consult Phys., R. S. Copeland; Att'd Phys.. W. McLean; Skin: Consult.
Phys F M Dearborn; Att'd Phys.. I. P. Withington; G.-U.: Consult. Surg.,


B. G. Carleton; Att'd Surgs., S. Carleton, J. M. Marden; Nervous Dis. : Consult.
Phys., J. E. Wilson; Att'd Phys., W. B. House, C. G. Webster, F. J. Mosser;
Nose and Throat: Consult. Phys., C. E. Teets; Att'd Phys., R. M. Jones; Physi-
cal Therap. : Consult. Phys., W. H. Dieffenbach; Att'd Phys., C. C. Brant, J. E.
Burt, St. C. Hitchcock; Ear: Consult. Phys., G. W. McDowell; Att'd, W. M. Van
Zandt; Lungs: W. S. Mills, C. S. Strowger.

PORDHAM HOSPITAL. DISPENSARY.— Crotona av. and Southern
Boulevard. Tel. 2000 Tremont. Hours, 10 to 12, 2 to 4.

Staff, F. Coerr, E. R. Cunniffe, J. J. McGowan, A. McD. Bell, E. L. Cocks, C.
Graef, T. D. Brown, C. Keppler, J. C. Harkins, F. D. Gulliver, C. E. O'Grady;
Assts., C. A. Holmes, W. A. Roberts, Le R. B. Vail, C. Ginsberg, A. C. Butts,
Jr., V. Mannarino, E. J. Connell, Jr.


Dir. and Chief Obstet. : I. L. Hill; Chief Ped., H. Schwarz; Att'd Obstet., T.

Cotter, H. G. Harris; Att'd Phys., M. Goldfrank, J. Leopold, L. J. Plazek;

Asst. Att'd Obstet., W. Lustig, W. Feldman.

FRENCH HOSPITAL DISPENSARY.— 450-458 W. 34th st. Eye,
Thurs., 1 to 2, W. W. Gilfillan; Ear, Nose and Throat, Mon., Tues., Thurs., Sat.,
2 to 4, F. G. P. Op de Beeck.

Gen. Med. and Surg., M. I. Blank, U. Kahn, E. Jonessoff, A. Alexion.

The dispensary staff attends to outdoor visits and confinements.


and Central Park West. Public wards are devoted to treatment of cancer and
allied diseases. There is an Out-Patient Department for examination and
treatment of cases not requiring immediate care. Open daily, 2.30 to 3.30,
except Sun. and holidays.

PENSARY.— Park av., between 76th and 77th sts. Non-contagious diseases
received, adults and children. Open daily, except Sun. and holidays, 1.30 to
4.30. Orthop. Dept., 9 to 1.30.

Supt., L. Kortum; Med. Board, J. Kaufmann, F. Kammerer, H. A. Ehrmann;
Disp. Com., A. Baron, G. L. Laporte, E. G. Kessler; Int. Male Dept.: G. L.
Laporte, L. Peiser, 0. M. Schwerdtfeger; Int. Female: E. G. Kessler, P. Renn,
J. G. W. Greeff; Surg.: M. Rehling, F. Bleil, H. Fischer, H. Rabenstein, E.
Adams, G. H. Semken; Gynec. : M. Rosenthal, L. A. Ewald, G. Seeligmann;
Eye: F. E. D'Oench, R. Denig, M. Heimann, J. I. Middleton; Dermat. : S. Pollit-
zer; Throat, Ear and Nose: J. Horn, F. Cohn, H. A. Ehrmann, J. J. Hubschmitt,
E. Danziger; Children's: A. Baron, W. E. Weber, 0. Hensel, J. Hoch; Neurol.:
J. R. Jacoby; Urol.'. F. Bierhoff, H. R. A. Graeser; Orthop.: C. H. Jaegar: A.
Waechter, J. Heckmann; Tuber.: C. Theobald, S. Breitenfeld, A. von Grimm;
Dental, W. J. Lederer.

Orchard. Open daily, 9 to 5.

Vis. Staff, G. K. Swinburne, M W. Ware, N. Breiter, W. N. Berkeley, W. Cowen,

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