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Throop, D. C. , 262 Portland av.
Tousey, T. G., 52 Cumberland st.
Turner, L. W., 82 Chili av.
Udell, P. G., Spencerport.
Urquhart, J. C, 442 Monroe av.
Van der Beek, C. A., 44 Gibbs st.
Van Horn, M. D., Churchville.
Vary, H. J., 580 West av.
Veeder, W. H., State Hosp.
Walker, 1. L., State Hosp.
Walker, Le G. A., 344 West av.
Ward, W. D., 20 Grove pi.
Wendel, E. J., 757 Joseph av.
Whitbeck, J. F. W.. 781 Park av.
White, C. E., Fairport.
White, F. H., Fairport.
Whiteside, M. J., 664 Lake av.
G. C. Whitney, 528 Genesee st.
Whitney, L. A., 98 Clinton av., S.
Whittle, J. A., 343 West av.
Wilcox, R. S.. 437 Lyell av.
Williams, H. T., 274 Alexander st.
Williams, J. R., 388 Monroe av.
Williams, W. W., Hilton.
Winslow, F. S., 410 Plymouth av.
Witherspoon, C. R.. 20 Dartmouth
Wolff, W. 0., 62 Cumberland st.
Wooden, C. D.. 150 Lake av.
Woodruff, J. B.. 513 Monroe av.
Woodruff, L. H., 17 Tremont st.
Wright, F. L., Industry.
Young, C. D., 83 East av.
Zimmer, F. W. , 45 Monroe av.
Zimmer. J.. 50 Cumberland st.




(Organized July. 1806.)

Annual mf-e:irit-. second Wednesday in December. Regular meetings, second Wednesday

in February, April. June. August and October.


President — E. F. Bronk. Amsterdam. Vice-President — J. W. White. Fonda.

Secretary — W. R. Pierce, 60 Bridge St., Amsterdam.

Treasurer — C. F. Timmerman, Amsterdam.

Censors — C. Stover. C. E. Congdon, D. Ayres.


Ayres. D.. Fort Plain.
Biggar. H. R., Glen.
Bouton. 0. Z.. Fulton ville.
Bronk, E. F. , Amsterdam.
Brownell. F. V., Canajoharie.
Canna, R. R.. Amsterdam.
Collier. E. J., Amsterdam.
Conant, J. B., Amsterdam.
Congdon, C. E., Fort Plain.
De Lamater, W. H«, Minaville.

Dill. G. H.. Fort Plain.
Dwyer, W. M., Amsterdam.
Fairbanks, J. R., Amsterdam.
Finch, L. H., Amsterdam.
Foster, A. B., Fonda.
Frazier, L. A., Amsterdam.
French, S. H., Amsterdam.
Gilbert, A. McC, Amsterdam.
Hicks, H. M., Amsterdam.
Homrighouse, S. L., Hagaman.



Husted, F. A., Amsterdam.
Johnson, R. G., Amsterdam.
Knapp, R. J., Amsterdam.
La Porte, E. C, Amsterdam.
Macomber, E. K. , Amsterdam.
Meyer, G. L, Stone Arabia.
Murphy, H. W., Amsterdam.
Peddie, W. J., Gloversville.
Phillips, C. B., Amsterdam.
Pierce, W. R., Amsterdam.
Qua, J. K. , Amsterdam.
Rulison, E. E., Amsterdam.
Schiller, J., Amsterdam.
Simons, F. E., Canajoharie.

Simons, W. N., St. Johnsville.
Smyth, A. V. H., Amsterdam.
Stover, C, Amsterdam.
Suits, P. L., Tribes Hill.
Taylor, D. M., Amsterdam.
Timmerman, C. F., Amsterdam.
Vedder, C. C, St. Johnsville.
Wagner, C. P., St. Johnsville.
Walton, J. S., Amsterdam.
Wessels, S. A., Canajoharie.
White, J. W., Fonda.
Wilson, D., Amsterdam.
Windbiel, J. E., Amsterdam.
Young, H. C, Hagaman.



(Organized in 1806.)

Annual meeting, fourth Monday in November. Stated meetings, fourth Monday in each

month, June, July, August and September excepted, at the New York

Academy of Medicine, 17 West 43d St.


President— J. F. McKernon. First Vice-President— C. G. Kerley.

Second Vice-President — T. P. Berens.

Secretary— J. Van D. Young, 167 West 71st St.

Assistant Secretary— J. M. Mabbott. Treasurer— C. H. Richardson.

Censors— J. E. Weeks, H. S. Houghton, L. E. LaFetra, B. H. Wells, J. J. MacPhee and

H. Lilienthal.

(Where name of city is not given New York City is to be understood.)

Abbe, R., 13 W. 50th st.
Abraham, J. H., 130 W. 58th st.
Abrahams, R., 257 W. 88th st.
Abrahamson, I., 20 E. 69th st .
Acken, T. M., 160 W. 78th st.
Adams, C. F., 104 W. 73d st.
Adams, C. T., 43 E. 58th st.
Adams, E., 300 Central Park, W.
Adams, J. L., 38 E. 51st st.
Adams, R. S., "Waldorf Astoria."
Addy, A. R., 808 Lenox Rd., Bklyn.
Adelson, J., ^700 W. 180th st.
Adler, I. 22 E, 62nd st.
Adler, S. H., 2493 Broadway.
Adriance, V., Williamstown, Mass.
Agan, D. H., 1074 Lexington av.
Agatston, S. A., 157 W. 95th st.
Agnelli, S., 281 E. 151st st.
Agostini, V. D., 45 W. 71st st.
Aitken, J. F., 218 E. 35th st.
Albee, F. H., 125 W. 58th st.
Aldrich, J., 164 W. 81st st.
Alexander, D. E., 28 W. 115th st.
Alexander, I. H., 254 W. 127th st.
Alexander, L. D., Jr., 118 Madison av.
Alexander, W. T., 940 St. Nicholas av.
Alger, E. M., 40 E. 41st st.
Allen, T. H., 3905 Broadway.
Allen, T. H., 150 W. 59th st.

Allen, W. B v , 342 Willis av.
Almgren, E. E., 3100 Broadway.
Altman, E., 746 Fifth st.
Altman, M., 122 E. 115th st.
Alvarez, J. R., 46 E. 92nd st.
Ambos, C. L., 1583 Washington av.
Am Ende, C. G., 319 W. 45th st.
Ames, S. P., 210 W. 128th st.
Amey, J. W., 104 W. 45th st.
Amster, J. L., 2092 Bathgate av.
Anderson, J. C, 53 E. 51st st.
Anderson, J. H., Brookline, Mass.
Anderton, W. B., 825 Madison av.
Andrews, J. L., 45 E. 92nd st.
Andrews, J. A., Santa Barbara, Cal.
Aranow, H., 981 Lexington av.
Armstrong, A. S., 129 E. 62nd st.
Armstrong, E. B., 105 W. 74th st.
Armstrong, R. J., 114 W. 118th st.
Armstrong, S. T., Katonah.
Armstrong, W., 19 W. 48th st.
Aronson, E. A., 225 W. 113th st.
Aronson, M., 1875 Madison av.
Asch, J. J., 780 Lexington av.
Ashley, D. D., 346 Lexington av.
Aspell, E. J., 357 W. 56th st.
Aspell, J., 139 W. 77th st.
Assenheimer, A., 323 E. 51st st.
Assenheimer, E. M., 323 E. 51st st.



Asserson, M. A., 40 W. 96th st.

Atwood, C. E., 14 E. 60th st.

Auer, C. M., 13 W. 121st st.

Austin, D. P., 12 W. 95th st.

Auzal, E. W., 859 Seventh av.

Ayer„ J. C, 34 W. 74th st.

Ayme, E. L., 947 Lexington av.

Ayres, W., 616 Madison av.

Ayvazian, A., 217 E. 31st st.

Bacon, G., 47 W. 54th st.

Bailey, H. C, 122 E. 34th st.

Bailey, P., 52 W. 53rd st.

Bailey, T., 122 W. 78th st.

Bainbridge, W. S., 34 Gramerey Park.

Bainton, J. H., 166 W. 85th st.

Baird, A. W., New York City.

Baker, M. N., 139 E. 16th st.

Baker, S. J., 33 W. 96th st.

Baldwin, H., 53 E. 20th st.

Ball, G. M., 352 W. 29th st.

Balleray, G. H., Paterson, N. J.

Ballin, M. J., 53 E. 58th st.

Bandler, C. G., 241 W. 102nd st.

Bandler, S. W., 134 W. 87th st.

Baner, W. L, 40 W. 68th st.

Bang, R. T., 139 W. 11th st.

Bangs, L. B., 40 E. 41st st.

Banta, E. W., 80 St. Nicholas av.

Banta, F. M., 160 W. 95th st.

Barber, G. H., Olongapo, Asiatic Station.

Bardes, A., 237 Lexington av.

Barker, P. M., 221 W. 57th st.

Barnett, E. LeR., 159 Lexington av.

Barnett, S., 66 W. 92nd st.

Baron, A., 1346 Lexington av.

Barrett, A. L., 2162 Aqueduct av.

Barrett, F. J., 119 W. 80th st.

Barrie, G., 601 W. 110th st.

Barringer, T. B., Jr., 34 W. 84th st.

Barrows, C. C, 63 E. 56th st.

Barshell, S., 22 W. 114th st.

Barsky, J., 203 E. Broadway.

Bartholomew, H. S., 152 W. 57th st.

Bartholow, P., 57 W. 45th st.

Bartlett, F. H., 40 E. 41st st.

Bartlett, W. A., 33 W. 67th st.

Barton, J. L., 117 E. 61st st.

Baruch, E. M., 57 E. 77th st.

Basch, S., 142 W. 85th st.

Bassin, J. N., 501 W. 178th st.

Bassler, A., 126 E. 60th st.

Bastedo, W. A., 57 W. 58th st.

Battle, T. J., 459 W. 44th st.

Bauer, F. M., Home for Aged & Inf., B.I.

Baumgard, H. G., 144 W. 95th st.

Beach, B. S., 144 W. 85th st.

Beal, F. E., 616 Madison av.

Bechet, P. E., 40 E. 41st st.

Beckary, A. M., 306 E. 84th st.

Becker, J. A., 67 W. 92nd st.

Becker, P. G., 145 W. 80th st.

Bedell, C. E., 410 West End av.

Beekman, F., 55 E. 61st st.

Beekman, J. N., 119 E. 40th st.

Beer, E., 116 W. 58th st.
Begg, C. L., 131 E. 17th st.
Behrman, M., 306 E. 51st st.
Beil, C. L., 616 W. 184th st.
Belcher-Hardy, S. D., 419 W. 118th st.
Bell, A. MacD., Tupper Lake.
Bell, G. H., 12 W. 46th st.
Bell, H. W., 2261 Aqueduct av.
Bellantoni, R., 371 Broome st.
Benedict, C. S., 310 W. 102nd st.
Bennett, G. M., 312 E. 143d st.
Bensel, W., 355 W. 84th st.
Bentz, G. K., 309 E. 86th st.
Berens, T. P., 35 Park av.
Berg, A. A., 923 Madison av.
Berg, H. W., 923 Madison av.
Berger, M. M., 327 E. 10th st.
Berk, A. B., 656 Madison av.
Berlin, F. F. R., 169 W. 64th st.
Bernstein, H. A., 139 W. 119th st.
Bernstein, I. I., 205 E. Broadway.
Betowski, P. E., Waverly.
Beuermann, J. A., 1891 Lexington av.
Bicak, J. F., 631 E. 169th st.
Bickerton, T. W., 656 West End av.
Bickham, W. S., 440 Riverside Drive.
Bieber, J., 383 E. 8th st.
Bierhoff, F., 10 W. 61st st.
Biggs, H M., 113 W. 57th st.
Bilhoefer A J., 108 W. 119th st.
Billings, J. S., Jr., 68 W. 55th st.
Bingham, J. R., 216 W. 7 v 9th st.
Bird, J. T. J., 236 W. 123d st.
Birkins, E. R., 445 W. 124th st.
Bischof, L. F., 120 E. 34th st.
Bishop, E. S., Bellevue Hosp.
Bishop, J., University Club.
Bishop, J. N., 103 Park av.
Bishop, L. F., 54 W. 55th st.
Bissell, J. B., 46 W. 55th st.
Black, C. L., 114 W. 123d st.
Black, M. F., 406 W. 57th st.
Blackmar, J. S., 40 W. 127th st.
Blake, J. A., 603 Madison av.
Blancard, W., 123 E. 60th st.
Blank, M. I., 1845 7th av.
Blasucci, E. S. L., 679 Lexington av.
Blauvelt, A., 338 W. 12th st.
Bleil, F., 1350 Lexington av.
Bleiman, A., 566 Park av.
Bleyer, J. M., 836 Lexington av.
Bloch, M., 223 E. 57th st.
Blodgett, F. J., 140 W. 72d st.
Bloom, S., 616 Madison av.
Bluestone, J. I., 215 E. Broadway.
Blumgart, L., 122 W. 58th st.
Bock, H., 59 E. 65th st.
Bodine, J. A., 151 W. 72d st.
Boeker, H., 235 E. 68th st.
Boese, W. H., 527 W. 143d st.
Bogart, B. D., 245 W. 103d st.
Bogart, G. W., 139 E. 47th st.
Bogue, E. A., 63 W. 48th st.
Bogue, F. L., 63 W. 48th st.



Bobmialk, C. W., 851 Lexington av.
Boldt, H. J., 39 E. 61st st.
Bondy, J., 1266 Boston Road.
Bonime, E., 1356 Madison av.
Bookman, A., 137 W. 58th st.
Bookman, M. R., 481 E. 141st st.
Booth, C. F., 149 E. 83d st.
Booth, J. A., 129 W. 77th st.
Bopp, W. F., 160 W. 97th st.
Born, R. 0., 246 Lexington av.
Bostwick, W. W., 3690 Broadway.
Bosworth, F. H., 41 Park av.
Bourke, G. R. s 144 W. 12th st.
Bourke, J. F., Sayvllle.
Bovaird, D., Jr.. 137 E. 60th st.
Bowers, W. C, 616 W. 116th st.
Bowles, F. J., 121 W. 93d st.
Bowman, J. E., 616 Madison av.
Bowman, L., 108 E. 73d st.
Boyd, C. S., 52 W. 84th st.
Boyd, W. A., 346 Willis av.
Boyer, A. A., 11 E. 48th st.
Boynton, P. S., 230 W. 78th st.
Bozeman, N. G., 67 W. 49th st.
Bracker, M. H., 1821 Amethyst st.
Bradley, A. M., 198 Broadway.
Bradley, S. C, 2702 Marion av.
Bradley, W. L., 55 W. 75th st.
Bradshaw, W. M., 55 E. 72d st.
Brady, S.. 40 W. 68th st.
Brand, A., 1431 Madison av.
Brandaleone, J., 323 E. 13th st.
Brannan, J. W., 11 W. 12th st.
Branower, W., 1815 Seventh av.
Branth, J. H., 183 W. 87th st.
Braunlich, A. R., 153 W. 82d st.
Breakell, J. A., 698 West End av.
Breckwedel, H. B., 313 W. 87th st.
Breed, N. P., Douglaston.
Breiter, N., 302 Central Park, W.

Bremner, S. K., 500 Park av.

Brendon, E. V., 213 W. 12th st.

Brennan, E. F. , 265 Alexander av.

Brennan, R. E., 41 W. 71st st.

Brenner, E. C, 840 West End av.

Brennglass, J., 2 W. 120th st.

Brettauer, J., 1063 Madison av.

Bretz, A. G., 616 Madison av.

Brewer. C, 74 W. 69th st.

Brewer, G. E.. 61 W. 48th st.

Brickner, S. M., 136 W. 85th st.

Brickner. W. M., 30 W. 92d st.

Bridges, A. C. 148 W. 74th st.

Bridgman. T. F., 570 W. 183d st.

Briganti, P., 205 E. 17th st.

Brill, A. A., 97 Central Park, W.

Brill, N. E., 48 W. 76th st.

Brink, C. 6., 220 W. 107th st.

Brinkmann. M. W., 54 W. 90th st.

Brinsmade. D. B., 302 W. 83d st.

Britenstool. H., 152 W. 57th st.

Broder, J., 45 St. Mark's PI.

Broder, N. E., 321 6th st.

Brodhead, G. L., 144 W. 58th st.



















Bronson, E. B., 10 W. 49th St.
Brooks, G. F., 247 Central Park, W.
Brooks, H., 44 W. 9th st.
Broome, J. R., 35 W. 32d st.
Broquet, E., 267 Alexander av.
Broughton, W. R., 348 Madison av.
Broun, LeR., 148 W. 77th st.
Brouner, W. B., 27 W. 9th st.

1885 Madison av.

550 Park av.

26 Gramercy Park.
110 W. 84th st.

Ill W. 55th st.
, 175 W. 58th st.
Brown, W. B., 616 Madison av.
Brownell, E. G.. 139 W. 69th st.
Brugman, A. F., 163 W. 85th st.
Brush, E. F., Mount Vernon.
Bryant, F. A., 62 W. 40th st.
Bryant, J. D., 32 W. 48th st.
Bryant, W. S., 41 E. 33d st.
Buchler, A. F., 616 Madison av.
Buck, F. D., 158 W. 48th st.
Bucklin, C. A., care J. H. Banton, 1 Lib-
erty st.
Budington, W. I., North Brother Island.
Buerger, L., 40 E. 41st st.
Bugbee, H. G., 40 E. 41st st.
Bulkley, L. D., 531 Madison av.
Bull, Tillinghast, 951 Madison av.
Bull, Titus, 504 W. 149th st.
Bullard, W. E., Larchmont.
Bullowa, J. G. M., 62 W. 87th st.
Burch, T. H., 130 W. 57th st.
Burdick, C. G., 120 E. 34th st.
Burgheim, L., 176 E. 79th st.
Burke, F. T., 206 W. 95th st.
A., 149 W. 48th st.

3474 Broadway.

C, 157 W. 79th st.

D., 242 Lenox av.
C, 340 W. 57th st.

F., 40 E. 62d st.
Hotel Astor.

J. H., Tarrytown.
55 E. 65th st.

Burke, J.

Burke, M.





Burt, S. S.,


Busby, A. H.,

Butler, F. E., 151 W. S2d st.

Byrne, J. H., 360 W. 51st st.

Caccini, A. M., 76 W. 12th st.

Cady, H. W. F., 40 E. 41st st.

Cahoon, J. H., 253 W. 22d st.

Caille, A., 753 Madison av.

Cairns, D. W., 411 West End av.

Caldwell, E. W., 480 Park av.

Caldwell, W. E., 55 Central Park W.

Calhoun, W. C, 205 W. 107th st.

Callan, L. W., 452 5th av.

Callan, P. A.. 452 5th av.

Camac, C. N. B., 108 E. 65th st.

Cammann, D. M., University Club

Campbell, G. B., ?n? w. 86th st.

Campbell, J. A., 523 W. 22d st.

Caples, B. H., 540 W. 122d st.

Carling, J., 322 2d av.


5' >7

Carlisle, R. J., 44 W. 48th st.

Carlucci, F., 2381 Grand av.

Carluccl, 6., 2381 Grand av.

Carman, A. R., 27 W. 127th st.

Carney, T. J., 204 W. 55th st.

Carpenter, A. C, 219 E. 19th st.

Carpenter, E. N., 58 Central Park W.

Carpenter, F. B., 40 E. 41st st.

Carpenter, M., 616 Madison av.

Carr, D. C, 2 E. 127th st.

Carr, L. L., 2111 Albermarle rd., Bklyn.

Carr, M. L., 353 W. 57th st.

Carr, W, 35 W. 46th st.

Carr, W. L., 68 W. 51st st.

Carter, C. B.. 102 W. 71st st.

Carter, De L, 1030 Park av.

Carter, H. S., 66 W. 55th st.

Carter, W. W., 69 W. 50th st.

Cash, S. L.. 53 W. 52d st.

Cassebeer, H. A., Alwyn court.

Cassell, J. W., 112 W. 120th st.

Cassola, F., 264 W. 71st st.

Castelli, A., 210 W. 59th st.

Castelli, E., 175 W. 72d st.

Caturani, M. G.. 348 E. 116th st.

Cauldwell, C. M., 16 W. 54th st.

Celler, H. L.. 61 W. 94th st.

Cereseto, G. P., 32 Mulberry st.

Chace, A. F., 393 West End av.

Chalmers, T. C, 29 W. 9th st.

Chamberlin, E. C, 4 W. 84th st.

Chambers, P. F., 49 W. 57th st.

Chapin, H. D.. 51 W. 51st st.

Chapin, W. B.. 232 W. 101st st.

Chapman, S. U., 501 W. 120th st.

Chappel!, tt. F., 7 E. 55th st.

Chard. M. L, 616 Madison av.

Chargin, L, 203 W. 113th st.

Chase, G. T.. 62 W. 130th st.

Chase, W. E.. 139 E. 47th st.

Cheesman, T. M., Garrison-on-Hudson.

Cheney, L. A., 300 W. 59th st.

Cherry, G. A., 1227 Madison av.

Cherry, T. H.. 255 W. 108th st.

Chetwood, C. H., 25 Park av.

Child, C. G.. Jr., 163 E. 71st st.

Chisholm, W. A., 62 W. 53d st.

Chittenden. A. S., Binghamton.

Chrystie, T. M. L.. 1748 Broadway.

Churchill, F.. 144 E. 89th st.

Churchill. S. W., 131 W. 61st st.

Cilley, A. H., 138 E. 37th st.

Cisin. M., 145 Avenue B.

Claiborne. J. H.. 11 E. 48th st.

Clark, A. S., 38 E. 49th st.

Clark, H. S., 141 E. 83d st.

Clark. J. B., 616 Madison av.

Clark, L. P.. 84 E. 56th st.

Clark. W. B., 48 W. 51st st.

Clarke, A. V., 248 W. 132d st.

Clarke, W. J.. 224 W. 72d st.

Clarke, W. C. 200 W. 56th st

Class. F. M.. 24 W. 45th st.

Cleaveland. T. W.. 220 W. 59th st.

Cleaves, M. A., 616 Madison av.

Clemens, J. B., 603 5th av.

Cleveland, C, 40 E. 41st st.

Clifton, E. G., 205 W. 103d st.

Clinton, C. A., 112 W. 131st st.

Close, G. H., 145 Lexington av.

Coakley, C. G., 53 W. 56th st.

Cobb, G. H., South Orange, N. J.

Coburn, R. C, Bretton Hall.

Cocks, George H., 1986 Madison av.

Cocks, Gerhard H., 137 E. 54th st.

Coe, H. C, 8 W. 76th st.

Coffin, L. A., 156 W. 58th st.

Coggeshall, H. T., 40 E. 58th st.

Cohen, F., 1027 Union av.

Cohen, J. B., 863 Hunts Point av.

Cohen. M., 1 W. 85th st.

Cohn. A. E., 1070 Madison av.

Cohn. F., 31 E. 60th st.

Cohn, I., 102 W. -119th st.

Cohn, L, 1261 Madison av.

Cohn, Salo., 139 W. 126th st.

Cohn. Sigismund, 116 E. 79th st.

Cohn, W., 726 Union av.

Colby, G. W., 108 E. 35th st.

Cole, C. S., 122 W. 73d st.

Cole, L. G., 103 Park av.

Cole, R. I., Rockefeller Inst. Hosp.

Coleman, W., 58 W. 55th st.

Coles, J. A., 17 W. 39th st.

Coley, W. B., 5 Park av.

Colie, E. M., Jr., 120 W. 55th

Colles, C. J., 115 E. 35th st.

Collica, I., 337 E. 13th st.

Collings, H. P., Hot Springs, Ark.

Collins, C. F., 50 W. 55th st.

Collins, G. W., 261 7th av.

Collins, J., 37 w. 54th st.

Collyer, H. L, 153 W. 77th st.

Combes, F. C, 165 E. 116th st.

Comstock, E., 124 E. 27th st.

Cone, H. A., 327 Central Park W.

Connell, E. J., 2970 Decatur av.

Connell, K., 63 W. 49th st.

Conner, E., 246 Lexington av.

Conner, L. A., 121 E. 62d st.

Connors, J. F., 224 W. 79th st.

Conover, W. S., 2340 7th av.

Conroy, J. P., 167 W. 94th st.

Constable, H. L., 72 W. 48th st.

Cook, F. R., 40 E. 41st st.

Oooke. R. A.. 24 W. 50th st.

Corbett, E. L., 856 Eagle av.

Corning, J. L., 53 W. 38th st.

Cornwell, H. C. de V., 173 Hadison av.

Corscaden, J. A.. 440 West End av.

Corsiglia, A., 42 Baxter st.

Coryell, C. C, 560 W. 180th st.

Cossitt. H. A.. 146 W. 70th st.

Costigan, G., 63 W. 68th st.

Cotter. J. J., 164 W. 73d st.

Coughlin, J. H., 970 Park av.

Cowen, W., 35 E. 60th st.

Cowles. H. C. Jr., 97 Central Park W.



Cox, H. M., 285 St. Nicholas av.
Cox, R., Jr., 47 W. 44th st.
Cragin, E. B., 10 W. 50th st.
Craig, S. L, 53 W. 56th st.
Cramp, W. C, 349 West End av.
Crampton, C. W., 500 Park av.
Crandall, F. M., 113 W. 95th st.
Crary, G. W., 535 Park av.
Craw, N. A., 302 Alexander av.
Creevey, G. M., 40 E. 63d st.
Cremin, P. W., 856 Lexington av.
Crigler, L. W., 40 E. 41st st.
Crispin, A. M., 854 Lexington av.
Crofutt, E. F., 1053 Southern boulevard.
Cronin, J. J., 317 W. 55th st.
Crowe, E. R., 200 Alexander av.
Crump, G. A., 672 E. 219th st.
Cudmore, J. H., 216 E. 39th st.
Culbert, W. L., 16 E. 54th st.
Culler, F. W., 114 W. 91st st.
Culver, E. M., 202 W. 86th st.
Cunningham, R. H., 236 W. 55th st.
Cunningham, W. P., 317 W. 14th st.
Curtis, B. F., Scarborough-on-Hudson.
Curtis, E., 33 W. 69th st.
Curtis, G. L., 43 W. 48th st.
Curtis, H. H., 118 Madison av.
Curtis, J. G., 401 W. 118th st.
Cutler, Colman W., 8 E. 54th st.

Cutler, Condict W., 135 W. 76th st.

Dadirrian, M. G., 73 Lexington av.

Daley, R. M., 43 E. 27th st.

Dallas, A., Pine Brook, N. J.

Daly, D. J., 107 E. 96th st.

Dana, C. L., 53 W. 53d st.

Dandy, G. B., Jr., 348 W. 57th st.

Daniel, A. S., 321 E. 15th st.

Daniels, F. H., 103 W. 122d st.

Dann, N. R., 159 E. 37th st.

Danner, E. W., 222 W. 59th st.

Dannreuther, W. T., 2030 Broadway.

Danzi, E., 10 Spring st.
. Danziger, E., 63 W. 90th st.

Darling, B. C, 39 E. 33d st.

Darlington, T., 30 Church st.

Darrach, W., 47 W. 50th st.

Davidson, I., 140 W. 111th st.

Davidson, J., 173 E. 82d st.

Davin, J. P., 117 W. 76th st.

Davis, A. B., 42 E. 35th st.

Davis, A. E., 50 W. 37th st.

Davis, E. W., 57 W. 53d st.

Davis, F., Jr., 58 W. 47th st.

Davis, F. W., 142 W. 12th st.

Davis, G. E., 50 W. 37th st.

Davis, J. E. L., 743 Madison av.

Davis, J. G., 263 W. 21st st.

Davis, W. 0., Woodhaven.

Davison, D. H., 1062 Madison av.

Dawbarn, R. H. MacK., 105 W. 74th st.

Dayton, H., 201 W. 55th st.

Deane, W. C, 616 Madison av.

Dearden, J. E., 125 E. 91st st.

de Bermingham, J. M., 106 W. 45th st.

Dederer, C, 609 W. 127th st.

De Forest, H. P., 150 W. 47th st.

De Garmo, W. B., 616 Madison av.

de Kraft, F., 148 W. 70th st.

de la Calle, E., 6 av. de Camoens, Paris.

Delafield, F., 5 W. 50th st.

Delavan, D. B., 1 E. 33d st.

de Lisle, J., Pasteur Inst., Paris.

Delphey, E. V., 400 W. 57th st.

Deming, W. C, 2563 St. Raymond av.

Dench, E. B., 15 E. 53d st.

Denhard, C. E., 197 Edgecombe av.

Denig, R. C, 56 E. 58th st.

Denison, C. E., 143 W. 76th st.

Dennett, R. H., 432 W. 154th st.

Dennett, W. S., 8 E. 49th st.

Dennis, F. S., 62 E. 55th st.

Denno, W. J., 14 Central Park W.

Denton, M. P., 33 E. 33d st.

De Sanctis, N. M., 125 Thompson st.

Dessar, L. A., 154 W. 58th st.

Dessau, S. H., New Rochelle.

Deutsch, S., 337 E. 87th st.

Devlin, R. J., 156 W. 13th st.

Dew, J. H., 65 W. 68th st.

de Watteville, W. A., 371 Lexington av.

Dillingham, F. H., 148 W. 85th st.

Dillon, C. J., 175 W. 97th st.

Dillon, J. A., 967 Lexington av.

Dinkelspiel, E., 102 W. 75th st.

Dinning, J. L., 158 W. 96th st.

Disbrow, R. N., 40 E. 41st st.

Dithridge, L. M., 588 Van Nest av.

Ditman, N. E., 780 Madison av.

Dittrich, E. W., 158 E. 81st St.

Dixon, G. A., 15 W. 49th st.

Dixon, G. S., 123 E. 74th st.

Dockstader, C. H., 483 Manhattan av.

Dodin, H. A., 1194 Washington a v.

D'Oench, F. E., 49 E. 58th st.

Dold, W. E., Astoria.

Dolphin, B. E., 430 W. 116th st.

Donovan, W., 125 E. 106th st.

Doolittle, W. F., 242 W. 104th st.

Doran, W. T., 356 Lexington av.

Dorman, F. A., 133 E. 57th st.

Doming, J., 124 W. 81st st.

D'Oronzio, J. B., 46 Oak st.

Doty, G. E., 216 W. 38th st.

Doubleday, J. S., Douglaston.

Dougherty, D. S., 73 W. 49th st.

Douglas, J., 145 W. 81st st.

Dow, E. Le R., 49 W. 57th st.

Dowd, C. N., 127 W. _72d st.

Downes, W. A., 37 W. 71st st.

Downey, M., 143 E. 46th st.

Doyno, G., 325 E. 17th st.

Draper, G. Rockefeller Inst. Hosp.

Draper, W. K., 121 E. 36th st.

Drayton, H. S., 70 5th av.

Droogan, J. W., 1513 Parker st.

Druskin, S. J., 214 E. Broadway.

Dryfuss, B. J., 7 W. 91st st.

Duane, A., 139 E. 37th st.



DuBois, E. F. ( 129 E. 76th st.
Duel, A. B., 27 E. 57th st.
Dunckel, W. A., 317 W. 83d st.
Dunham, E. K., 35 E. 6Sth st.
Dunham, T., 48 E. 63d st.
Dunn, T. J., 2735 Webster av.
Dunning, W. M., 1992 Clinton av.
Dunseith, J. F., 354 W. 42d st.
Durand, A. W., 31 Nassau st.
Durham, A., 10 W. 16th st.
Dutari, A. A., 70 W. 46th st.
Dwight, J., Jr., 134 W. 71st st.
Dwight, K., 1045 Madison av.
Dwyer, J. G., 40 E. 41st st.
Echeverria, M. J., 248 W. 76th st.
Edgar, J. C, 28 W. 56th st.
Edgerly, J. W., 418 E. 136th st.
Edgerton, J. I., 72 W. 52d st.
Edlich, T. J., 155 E. 45th st.
Egan, C. J., 601 E. 182d st.
Eggleston, C, 171 W. 95th st.
Ehrhart, P., 351 W. 29th st.
Eichberg, L. R. ( 312 W. 99th st.
Eichler, P., 1787 Washington av.
Einhorn, M., 20 E. 63d st.
Eisenberg, I. C, 1281 Madison av.
Eising, E. H. ( 18 E. 60th st.
Eliot, E., 48 W. 56th st.
Elliot, G. T., 36 E. 35th st.
Elliott, G. R., 48 E. 26th st.
Ellison, C. R., 206 E. 116th st.
Ellison, C. W., 259 W. 130th st.
Ellison, S. R., 118 W. 103d st.
Elmendorf, Ten E., 130 Wadsworth av.
Elsberg, C. A., "The Leonori."
Elwert, C. P., 1690 Broadway.
Ely, A. H., 47 W. 56th st.
Emans, J. S., Saranac Lake.
Emerson, H., 120 E. 62d st.
Emerson, J. B., 40 E. 41st st.
Emmet, B. McE., 535 Park av.
Emmet, T. A., 89 Madison av.
Ennist. F. B., 248 W. I05th st.
Eno, H. C, Saugatuck, Conn.
Erdman, S., 115 E. 80th st.
Erdmann, J. F.. 60 W. 52d st.
Erlwein, M., 12 Convent av.
Ernst, P. H., 141 E. 16th st.
Ettinger, H., 2094 5th av.
Evans, E. M., 56 E. 55th st.
Evans, S. M., 115 E. 39th st.
Evarts, H. C, Man. State Hosp.
Eveleth, C. W., 41 St. Nicholas ter.
Everitt, C. V., 92 Liberty st.
Eversfleld, F. J., 226 W. 21st st.
Ewing, J., 256 W. 57th st.
Ewing, W. A., 134 W. 58th st.
Eynon, W. G., 423 E. 136th st.
Fabricius, J. R., 51 W. Fordham rd.
Fagan, P J., 533 W. 145th st.
Fahnestock, E., 61 W. 50th st.
Fairbank, C. 0., Petrolea, Ont.
Falcone, M., 184 Mott st.
Farr, E. H., 321 W. 46th st.

Farrar, J. N., 1271 Broadway.

Farrell, B. P., 256 W. 57th st.

Farrington, W. H., Astor House.

Fassett, E. C, 500 W. 111th st.

Feinberg, I. L., 104 W. 119th st.

Feinberg, I. S., 310 E. 79th st.

Feldman, M., 275 E. Broadway.

Feldstein, S., 157 W. 120th st.

Fendler, A. M., 1391 Madison av.

Ferguson, G. B., 223 Mt. Hope pi.

Ferguson, J. B., 123 E. 19th st.

Ferguson, J. S., 330 W. 28th st.

Ferrer, J. M., 441 Park av.

Ferris, A. W., Sherman Square Hotel.

Ferris, C, 535 W. 142d st.

Fichter, L., 562 W. 148th st.

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