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Fortunato; Cons. Phys., A. A. Smith, E. Castelli; Cons. Surgs., S. Smith, C. Savini;
Special Cons., Ophth., P. A. Callan; Asst., A. Vernaglia; Laryn., C. G. Coakley; Asst.,
A. Almerini; Path., W. B. Noyes; Asst., W. W. Hala; Neur., E.. D. Fisher; Asst., W. B.
Noyes; Derm., G. T. Elliott; Orth., P. H. Fitzhugh.

1917-1919 Madison av. Tels. 6022-6023 Harlem. Supt., Miss Barden. All cases of acute
and chronic joint diseases. All deformities congenital or acquired. No charge for
splints or apparatus to the indigent. Disp. hours 2 to 4, except Sunday & holidays.

Cons. Staff: Orth., R. H. Sayre, N. M. Shaffer, W. R. Townsend; Surgs., J. B. Bissell,
J. F. Erdmann, H. Lilienthal, Willy Meyer; Med., I. Adler, H. Koplik, A. Jacobi, M.
Manges; Path., K. Brooks; Special Cons., E. M. Baruch, H. W. Berg, S. G. Gant, W. S.
Gottheil, E. H. Griffin, L. H. Gulick, L. J. Ladinski, W. Mahon, J. E. Weeks.

Physician and Surgeon-in-Chief, H. W. Frauenthal : Dir. Elect. Dept. & Vis. Orth.
burg, H. C. Frauenthal; Att'd Phys. and Surgs., N. M. Mandl, M. H. Mandelbaum, H.
Schwarz, W. C. Cramp, D. D. Goldstein, E. H. Eising, M. W. Ware; Radiog., A. S.
Unger; Anaest., I. Davidson; Surgs. Oper. Assts., H. Finkelstein, W. H. Goldberg, A.
Herzlkh, A. S. Lnger; Adj. Orth. Surgs., H. Bock, I. S. Tunick; Act. Path., I. J. Levy.


EMERGENCY HOSPITAL Now part of Bollevue Hospital.

FORDHAM HOSPITAL, Southern blvd. and Crotona av. Tel. 4400 Madison

sq. and 2000 Tremont. Branch of Bellevue Hospital. Ambulance District, 169th st. to
Wakefield, and from Spuyten Duyvil east to City Island, covering Fordham, Tremont,
Williamsbridge, Kingsbridge and Woodlawn.

Vis. Staff: Phys., T. J. Dunn, T. F. Maguire, A. F. Brugman, J. E. Welch; Assts., J. J.
McGowan, J. C. Harkins; Surgs., J. J. Higgins, W. P. Healey, A. Nicoll, F. S. Taylor;
Assts., E. R. Cunniffe, F. D. H. Coerr.

FOUNDLING HOSPITAL (NEW YORK) 175 E. 68th st. Tel. 1187 and

1188 Plaza. Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. Receives foundling and
deserted children of New York City. Needy and homeless mothers, and those willing
to act as nurses, received with infants. Children placed in homes in the West.

Superior, Sister Teresa Vincent; Cons. Staff: S. Smith, Surg.; T. A. Emmet. H. C.
Coe, Obst. ; P. A. Callan, Ophth. and Aural Surg. ; W. J. Simpson, F. J. Quinlan, Laryn. ;
Vis. Phys. and Surgs., J. McGrath, R. G. Freeman, J. J. Reed, W. P. Northrup, L. E.
Holt, T. Darlington, Jr.; Asst. Vis. Phys., J. A. Dillon, M. Nicoll, J. O'Dwyer; Ophth.,
C. W. Cutler; Asst., F. W. Shine; Derm., J. P. McGowan; Otol., J. A. Kenefick; Asst.,
J. A. Mulholland; Orth., T. H. Meyers, F. E. Butler; Path, and Bact., J. Cotter; Obst.
& Gyn., J. Aspell; Asst., W. J. Maroney; Asst. Vis., N. Norton; Path., E. A. Park;
Dental Surg., L. Green; Phys. Outdoor Dept., C. J. Dillon, M. F. O'Rourke.

There is a maternity service in connection with the hospital called St. Ann's
Maternity Hospital, 130 E. 69th st., q. v.

FRENCH HOSPITAL. (Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance), 450-458 W. 34th st.

Tel. 862, 38th. No ambulance. Indigent patients are admitted free. Apply daily, ex-
cept Sun. and holidays, 2 to 4 P. M. Accident cases received at any time.

Cons. Staff: Phys., J. J. Henna, T. Darlington, J. S. Sauvalle, J. D. Nagel ; Surgs., F.
Hartley, C. H. Peck, G. G. Van Schaick, R. Guiteras, J. P. McGowan, R. H. Greene, P. F.
Chambers; Ophth., E. V. Agramonte, C. H. May, W. W. Gilfillan; Laryn., J. P. Erskine;
Orth., W. R. Townsend; Neur., J. A. Booth; Derm., R. J. Devlin; Path., W. R. Williams.
Vis. Staff: Phys., J. M. Ferrer, L. 0. Monory, N. B. Potter, R. H. McConnell; Surgs., P.
R. Turnure, E. H. Pool; Asst., M. I. Blank; Path., C. Krumweide, Jr.

GENERAL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 106th st. and Central Park W. Tel.

3070 Riverside. Patients with cancer and allied diseases, whose condition admits of
their treatment in the public ward, are received; also, surgical cases, for treatment
in the special wards. No children are taken. Supt., Mrs. A. M. Lawson.

Cons. Staff: F. Hartley, G. M. Tuttle, C. Cleveland, T. A. Emmet, B. F. Curtis, R. G.
Reese, C. W. Cutler, H. Barclay, P. Bailey, D. B. Delavan. Att'd Staff: H. C. Coe, G.
W. Jarman, W. B. Coley, C. N. Dowd, F. P. Kinnicutt, J. H. Lawson.


Lexington av. Tel. 3940 Lenox.

Supt., L. Kortum; Med. Board, J. Kaufmann, F. Kammerer, H. A. Ehrmann; Hon. Staff,
Phys., A. Jacobi, G. Langmann, C. H. Lellmann, E. F. Schwedler, I. Adler, F.
Schwyzer; Surg., A. G. Gerster; Neur., G. W. Jacoby; Path., F. C. Wood; Ophth., E.
Gruening; Gyn., F. Krug; Vis. Staff: Phys., A. Caille, M. Einhorn, J. Kaufmann, C. F.
Kremer, B. Morje, N. Stadtmuller, R. Stein, L. Peiser; Assts., 0. M. Sehwerdtfeger, J. G.
W. Greeff, 0. Hensel, C. Theobald; Surgs., F. Kammerer, 0. G. T. Kiliani, Willy Meyer,
F. Torek; Assts., H. Fischer, C. H. Jaeger, De W. Stetten, M. Rehling, G. H. Semken ;
Gyn., L. A. Ewald, F. Foerster, G. Seeligmann; Assts., F. R. Oastler, A. Stein; Laryn.
and Otols., J. W. Gleitsmann, J. Horn; Assts. F. Cohn, H. A. Ehrmann; Ophth., R.
Denig, F. E. D'Oench; Assts., M. Heimann, 0. Schrimer; Derm., A. F. Buechler, H. G.
Klotz; Assts., H. Fox, W. J. Heimann; Path., F. B. Humphrey; Ansest., C. Eggers. A. M.
Hellman; Radiog., A. Ripperger, Asst. C. Herring; Serol., A. L. Garbat ; Cystocop.,
E. Beer.

GOUVERNEUR HOSPITAL Gouverneur and Front sts. Tel. 4430 Orchard.

Ambulance District, Catharine st. to E. Houston, and one side of the Bowery. Calls
outside of the district often answered. Sup., J. A. Stowers. Open all hours; con-
veyance by ambulance for those unable to apply in person.

Vis. Surgs., H. M. Silver, J. F. Erdmann, L. J. Ladinski, A. Sellenings; Assts., P
Grausman, S. M. Milliken; Asso., E. Kellogg; Vis. Phys., F. Huber, T. W. Cleaveland,
J. Huddleston, J. Coughlin, E. Waitzfelder; Assts., J. Sheils, A. C. Henderson; Ophth.,
A. Weiner; Obst., G. L. Brodhead, W. H. Knipe; Radiog., W. H. Stewart, J. Remer.



HAHNEMANN HOSPITAL Park av., 67th and 68th sts. Tels. 3180, 3181

Plaza. Free beds for poor. Make application to the Superintendent.

Cons. Staff: Phys., J. 6. Baldwin, T. M. Dillingham, D. B. Hunt, W. H. Krause, M.
Leal, E. H. Porter, St. C. Smith; Surgs., E. Carlton, J. H. Thompson; G.-U. Dis., B. G.
Carleton; Mat., L. L. Danforth, Chief; E. P. Swift, F. W. Hamlin, S. B. Moore, P. C
Thomas, M. W. McD-uffie. Att'd Staff: Phys., M. Powell, B. B. Clark, A. L. Root, J.
Perry Seward, W. H. Van den Burg; Surgs., C. L. Bagg, W. H. Bishop, W. G. Crump, W.
T. Helmuth, W, F. Honan, H. I. Ostrom, G. W. Roberts, E. G. Tuttle; Ocul., G. DeW.
Hallett, A. B. Norton, R. S. Copeland; Aur., C. H. Helfrich, G. A. Shepard; Throat and
Nose, J. B. Garrison, I. Townsend, C. E. Teets, R. M. Jones; Neur., J. E. Wilson; Asst.,
R. Turner; Elec.-Ther., W.' H. Dieffenbach; Derm., F. M. Dearborn; Orth. Surg., A. H.
Bingham; Vis. Phys., S. Carleton, B. G. Clark, F. K. Hollister, C. G. Webster, J. W.
Allen, LeR. B. Sherman, J. H. Storer, E. D. Klotz, T. C. Williams, E. D. Rudderow;
Paths., D. S. D. Jessup, H. C. Sayre; Ansest., T. D. Buchanan. Children's Dept: Att'd
Phys., J. T. Simonson, R. A. Benson; Asst. Elec.-Ther., W. H. King.

HARLEM HOSPITAL, 136th st. and Lenox av. Tel. 5000 Harlem; branch of

Bellevue Hospital. Ambulance District, 36th, 39th, 40th and 43rd Police Districts. Nb
contagious diseases received.

Vis. Surgs., H. A. Haubold, 1. S. Haynes, W. H. Luckett, J. J. McGrath; Assts., J. J.

Moorehead, G. H. Mallett and J. F. Connors; Vis. Phys., R. Van Santvoord, J. T. J.
Bird, R. G. Wiener, T. Keune, L. K. Neff; Cons. Phys., S. J. Metzer; Otol., H. Jarecky:
Neur., W. M. Leszynsky ; Anaest., J. Lumbard.

HAR MORIAH HOSPITAL. 138-140 Second st.

Cons. Staff: Phys., A. Jacobi; Surgs., W. Meyer, H. Lilienthal; Gyn., W. M. Polk;
Vis. Staff: Phys., L. Stieglitz, M. Rosenberg; Surgs., A. V. Moschcowitz; Gyn., A. Shul-
man, H. N. Vineberg; Cons. Phys. (children), H. Koplik; Path., E. Libman.

PITAL, NEW YORK 63d st. and E. Boulevard.

Med. Dir., R. S. Copeland; Supt., F. Black; Obst., L. L. Danforth, L. S. Loizeaux; Med.,
J. W. Dowling, H. B. Minton, E. G. Rankin, G. F. Laidlaw, W. H. Van den Burg, W. S.
Mills, F. A. Lund, E. P. Swift, J. D. Miller, H. G. Sloat; Obst., P. C. Thomas; Surg., W.
T. Helmuth, W. H. Bishop, C. L. Bagg, R. A. Stewart, J. H. Fobes, L. R. Kaufman, B. B.
Shelden, E. W. Kellogg; Gyn., E. G. Tuttle, E. F. Mills; Otol., G. W. McDowell, C. C.
Boyle, W. M. Van Zandt; Ophth., R. S. Copeland, W. McLean; Laryn. and Rhin., C. E.
Teets, R. M. Jones; Ped., J. T. Simonson, R. A. Benson, W. L. Case, A. Brown; Urol.,

B. G. Carleton: G.-U., S. Carleton, J. S. Maeder; Derm., F. M. Dearborn, 1. P. Withing-
ton; Mental Dis., W. M. Butler; Nervous Dis., J. E. Wilson, F. L. Mosser, W. B. House,

C. G. Webster; Path, and Bact., L. Heitzmann, L. F. Cocheu; Orth., A. H. Bingham, A.
H. Richardson; Electro and Hydro-Ther., W. H. Dieffenbach, T. A. Lehmann ; Ther., A.
R.- McMichael, J. E. Burt, St. C. Hitchcock; Anaest., T. D. Buchanan, F. E. Smith,
X-Ray., F. A. LeRoy.

HOSPITAL FOR NERVOUS DISEASES (Dept. Public Charities).— Black-
well's Island.

Cons. Phys., C. L. Dana, M. A. Starr, B. Sachs, G. W. Jacoby, F. Peterson, E. D.
Fisher: Phys. -in-Chief, J. Collins; Senior Att'd Phys., L. P. Clark; Pres., F. A. Schratch-
ley; Vice-Pres., E. L. Hunt; Sec, P. Bailey; J. Frankel, E. A. Hunt, F. A. Scratchley,
F. A. Pritchard, J. E. Hunt, W. M. Leszynsky, S. E. Jeliffe, L. P. Clark, G. M. Ham-
mond, L. Casamajor, W. J. Maloney, H. Climenko, H. F. Kennedy, E. G. Zabriskie;
Asst. Phys., A. A. Brill; Exam. Com., S. E. Jeliffe, W. B. Pritchard, J. E. Hunt; Com.
on Inspection, F. Bailey, F. Fraenkel, G. M. Hammond.

TIENTS. — Foot of E. 16th st. Tel. 3660 Stuyvesant. For cases of scarlet fever and
diphtheria. Intended for pay patients, each of whom has his own private room. The
hospital is a private corporation, controlled by its own Board of Governors, and not
connected with any other institution. The President of the Board of Health and one
of the Health Commissioners are ex-officio members of the Board. Ambulance and
coupe service. Charges for rooms, including nursing and services of resident physi-
cians, $40 a week and upward, payable weekly, in advance. If services of the
visiting physicians are required, the charges will be in addition to the above.


Patients may be attended by their own physicians, if desired, and children may be
accompanied by their mothers. Patients intended for the hospital must not be
removed from their apartments until the resident physician has been notified and
the requirements of the Board of Health complied with.

Supt. , M. G. Sturtevant. Con?. Staff: Phys., A. Jacobi, F. P. Kinnicutt, A. A. Smith,
J. W. Brannan; Otol., G. Bacon. Vis. Phys., R. J. Carlisle, W. H. Katzenbach, E. L.
Dow, A. Lambert, W. K. Draper and T. S. Southworth; Asst., E. L. Kellogg. Vis. Otol.,
C. G. Coakley, T. L. Saunders; Laryn., H. H. Curtis; Derm., G. H. Fox.

HUDSON STREET HOSPITAL, 67 Hudson st. Tel. 3720 Worth. (House of

Relief of the N. Y. Hospital.) Ambulance District, bounded by Canal, Mercer, Howard,
Hester, Catharine sts., Bowery, East River and New York Bay, North River. All
emergency cases, except contagious diseases. Apply at any hour, or call ambulance
through the police.

Supt., T. Howell, M.D. ; Att'd Surg., F. W. Murray, F. Hartley, P. R. Bolton, A. B.
Johnson; Asso., W. A. Downes, P. R. Turnure, E. H. Pool, J. M. Hitzrot; Att'd Phys..
L A. Conner; Asso., W. R. Williams, T. B. Barringer.

ITALIAN HOSPITAL. 165-173 W. Houston st. Tels. 2925-2926 Spring.

Vis. Phys., A. Stella, A. Maroni, G. Tedesco, F. Fortunato ; Vis. Surgs., U. Nacciarone,
F. Cassola, M. Caturani, G. Ippolito, A. Fanoni, P. Briganti, S. Saladino, F. E. Parodi,
B. Baldereschi. Dispensary open 10 to 4, daily.

JEWISH MATERNITY HOSPITAL 270-272 East Broadway. Accommodates

63 patients.

Cons. Surgs., J. C. Edgar, R. Waldo; Att'd Surgs., A. J. Rongy, A. M. Hilkowich, J.
Heller, N. Ratnoff; Vis. Surg., S. D. Jacobson; Adj. Att'd Surgs., H. Radin, B. Roman,
S. J. Druskin, M. Rosenbluth, J. Bakst, S. J. Scadron, M. Rubin; Path., L. Jaches.

J. HOOD WRIGHT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (formerly the Manhattan
Hospital). — Cor. 131st st. and Amsterdam av. Tels. 63-64 Morningside. Ambulance Dis-
trict, from 76th to 145th St., from St. Nicholas av. and west side of 8th av. to the
Hudson River, including the 32d and west half 36th and north part of 28th Police
Precincts. Incurable and contagious diseases not admitted. Those able to pay are
charged $1.50 per day. Emergency cases received at any hour. Apply to the Superin-
tendent, F. S. Martenis, between 11 and 2.

Vis. Phys., F. H. Daniels, H. B. Henson, A. J. Wittson ; Asst. Vis. Phys., H. Barclay;
Vis. Surgs., G. T. Chase, H. D. Collin, E. Fahnestock ; Asst. Vis. Surg., W. P. Healy;
Cons. Staff: Phys., S. Baruch ; Special Cons., E. L'H. McGinnis; Gyn. ; R. Kalish, Ophth. ;
J. L. Welch, Path.; Asst. Path., J. G. Dwyer; Neur., W. B. Pritchard; Otol., J. W. Cas-
sell; Derm., H. Fox; G.-U., C. H. Chetwood ; Roentg., W. H. Stewart.


19 E. 111th st.

Supt., F. C. Lukins; Cons. Staff: I. Townsend, E. H. Porter; Phys., S. F. Wilcox, W.
T. Helmuth; Surgs., G. W. McDowell, Otol.; A. B. Norton, Ophth.; J. D. Buchanan,
Ansest. ; Att'd Phys., L. A. Queen, C. Ver Nooy, J. P. Seward, B. B. Clark, C. R. Conklin,
R. A. Benson, J. S. Meader; Att'd Surg., G. W. Roberts; Orth., A. H. Bingham;
Asst. Alt., G. W. Whitney; Specialists; J. B. Garrison, Laryn.: J. E. Wilson, Neur.;
F. M. Dearborn, Derm.; G. DeW. Hallett, Ocul. ; G. A. Hull, M.D., Dental Surg.. J. S.
Maeder, Path. ; I. P. Withington, Asst. Alt. Derm.

LEHANON HOSPITAL Cauldwell and Westchester avs. Tel. 3285 Melrose.

Acute cases taken. Apply to Superintendent, W. Daub. Ward for children.

Att'd Staff: Phys., A. P. Zemansky, A. Mayer, H. J. Wolf: Assts., C. Goldmark, W.
Rieser, G. Mannheimer, W. J. Pulley, W. Weinberger; Surgs., P. Syms, H. Roth; Assts.,
M. Bookman, M. S. Kakels, H. Reiss, L. M. Kahn ; Gyn., R. Waldo, S. S. Graber;
Assts., A. J. Rongy, E. Schnaper, I. S. Feinberg, H. Aranow ; Ophth. and Otols., W.
Cowen: M. D. Lederman ; Assts.. I. Grushlaw, I. J. Heller; Derm., W. S. Gottheil; Asst.,
B. F. Ochs; Children, S. V., Haas, €. Hermann; Assts., S. Schulhofer, F. Cohen; Neur.,
W. M. Leszynsky; Path.. E. P. Bernstein; Ansest., M. R. Bookman; Radiog., H. Landesman.


(formerly the Colored Home and Hospital). — E. 141st st. and Concord av. For medical
and surgical treatment of pay and free patients, with separate buildings for gyneco-



logical and maternity patients, and detached pavilion lor infectious diseases.
Provides a home for aged, infirm, destitute and incurable colored persons of both
sexes, and a Training School for Colored Nurses. Ambulance service from Harlem
River to 149th st., the Sound to Harlem River, including the 61st Police Station. 450
beds. Application should be made to the Superintendent.

Supt., R. H. Townley; Cons. Staff: Phys., T. W. Bickerton, W. B. James; Surgs., L. A.
Stimson, J. A. Blake, J. A. Hartwell; Gyn. and Obst., E. B. Cragin ; Att'd Staff: Phys.,
L. F. Bishop, C. E. S. Webster, H. S. Carter; Assts., L. H. Shearer, F. J. Barrett, R.
Grace; Surgs., B. T. Tilton, C. R. L. Putnam, S. M. Milliken, Jr.; Assts., J. I. Russell, S.
L. Erdman, F. T. van Beuren; Obst., E. M. Raynor; Asst., E. T. Hull; Gyn., F. R.
Oastler; Asst., P. H. Williams; Ophth., N. J. Hepburn; Otol., C. Graef; Neur., M. G.
Schlapp; Path, W. H. Higgins; Derm., G. W. Crary; Orth., B. F. Whitbeck.


OF THE).— 2d av. , 17th to ISth sts. Provides medical attendance and nursing for
destitute women at homes and in the hospital and affords opportunity for physicians
and medical students to study obstetrics. Apply to W. H. Spiller, M.D.

Cons. Surg., W. M. Polk; Att'd Surgs., J. W. Markoe, A. B. Davis, R. W. Lobenstine,
R. MePherson, J. A. Harrar, E. S. Gushee, W. A. Morgan, G. W. Kosmak, C. B. Knapp, C.
F. Jellinghaus, W. P. McLeod; Anasst., T. L. Bennett, J. E. Lumbard.

Tel. 5391 Plaza. Free only to those too poor to pay. Special wards for contagious
ophthalmia. Supt., R. O'Brien. Apply daily, except Sun., 1 to 3 P. M.

Cons. Staff: Phys. and Surgs., J. J. Russell, L. E. Holt, W. B. James, G. W. Crary,
J. A. Booth; Path., J. Wright, E. L. Oatman, E. S. Thomson, A. B. Duel; Otol., D.
Webster; Laryn., 0. B. Douglas, C. H. Knight; Att'd Phys., R. S. Haynes, R. L. Hutton;
Path., L. W. Strong; Radiog., F. M. Law; Ansest., T. L. Bennett. Ophth. Dept. : Surgs.,

D. Webster, J. B. Emerson, N. J. Hepburn, F. Van Fleet, J. E. Giles, E. L. Oatman, E. S.
Thomson; Jr. Surgs., C. \V. Kinney, H. W. Wootton, F. N. Irwin, J. R. Shannon; Asst.
Surgs., S. M. Payne, J. W. Cassell, S. F. Hallock, W. M. Carhart, G. R. Hare, E. A.
Spilsbury, D. Foster, F. J. Parker, A. J. Smith, N. L. L. Fletcher, A. Nettle, J. L. Mac-
Dowell, G. H. Ward, J. H. Fuchsius, L. W. Crigler, A. D. Mittendorf, J. G. Dwyer, J. F.
Smith, A. Braun, T. H. Curtin; Clin. Assts., B. F. Halsey, J. Dillenberg, H. F. Gibson,
L. J. Denchfield, T. J. Bridgman, W. B. Weidler, W. H. McWilliams; <Aur. Dept.: Surgs.,
J. F. McKernon, W. C. Phillips, T. P. Berens, A. B. Duel; Jr. Surgs., S. McCullaugh, J.
B. Rae, P. D. Kerrison, E. P. Fowler; Asst. Surgs., W. H. Haskin, A. P. Voislawsky, F.
H. Bartlett, R. N. Disbrow, D. S. Dougherty, L J. Denchfield, C. D. Van Wagenen, L. M.
Hubby, J. J. Thomson, J. R. Page, J. D. Richards, S. J. Kopetzky, W. C. McFarland, R.
L. Loughran, S. K. Frost, H. B. Brown, G. Steele,, W. L. Culbert, A. Braun, S. W. Roof,
J. E. MacKenty, H. F. Blaekwell, W. A. Scruton; Clin. Assts., R. H. Huvelle, J. G. Dwyer,

E. F. Darling, L. W. Tindolph, E. W. Kobler, F. White, S. Basch, 0. L. Goehle; Throat
Dept.: Surgs., H. Smith, W. F. Chappell, L. A. Coffin, J. Wright; Jr. Surgs., D. Mac-
Pherson. T. J. Harris, L. M. Hurd, J. E. MacKenty; Asst. Surgs., C. E. Munger, W. N.
Hubbard, C. A. Manson, E. H. Farr, F. H. Bartlett, E. V. Hubbard, W. W. Carter, S.
McCullagh, 0. E. Prellwitz, W. S. McMurdy, F. N. Law, J. R. Guntzer, G. H. Cocks, J.
D. Kernan, C. B. Maclntyre, J. A. Mulholland, S. W. Roof, B. Munday, P. F. Sondern ;
Clin. Assts., E. R. Faulkner, F. H. Knight, W. M. Dunning, W. Lamberson, S. H.
Basch, W. R. May, W. A. Scruton, D. G. Yates, F. W. White, L. W. Tindolph.


6986-6987 Plaza.

Supt., Nancy E. Cadmus. Cons. Staff: Orth., W. R. Townsend; Ophth, W. H. Holzapfel;
Aur., A. P. Voislawsky; Att'd Phys., J. C. Edgar, A. Flint, Jr., C. C. Barrows; Asst.
Att'd, A. A. Moore, R. E. Brown, W. M. Ford.

MERCHANT MARINE HOSPITAL SERVICE for foreign sailors, Atlantic
and Gulf ports. — 109 Broad st. Tel. 4569 Broad. Under Special Act, Laws of New York,
1896. Provides professional care for sick and injured seamen under foreign flags and
examination of crews before signing, by request of consul, owner or agent. Purpose:
Daily visiting service to ships, hospital care while in port when required, to prevent
the spread of venereal or other diseases unprovided for under the health regula-
tions of local or national authorities. Supported by fees under contract with owners
or agents and voluntary subscriptions.

Director, W. T. Jenkins, 9 A. M. to 4 P. M., daily; Med. Inspector and Examiner for
New York and vicinity, W. T. Jenkins.


Tel. 7400 Madison sq. For the treatment of male and female medical, surgical,
maternity cases and children's diseases; 1,400 beds. Act. Med. Supt., C. B. Bacon;
Dep., W. A. Polglase.

Vis Staff, A. L. Root, Pres. ; W. F. Honan, Vice-Pres. ; C. C. Boyle, Sec; J. H. Demarest,
T. F. Smith, E. G. Rankin, H. I. Ostrom, B. G. Carlton, E. D. Klotz, G. S. Harrington,
H. S. Hathaway, G. T. Stewart, J. H. Storer, C. C. Howard, S. K. Royle, E. P. Swift,
W. S. Mills. E. D. Rudderow, P. C. Thomas, S. B. Moore, A. C. Wallin, F. N. White-
horne, G. F. Laidlaw, J. P. Seward, C. L. Bagg, C. C. Boyle.

METROPOLITAN THROAT HOSPITAL.— 351 W. 34th st. Tel. 4327 38th.
Diseases of the throat, nose and ear. Wards accommodate ten patients.

Supt., G. B. Hope, M. D. ; Cons. Surg., T. A. Smith; Surgs., G. B. Hope, D. McDonald,
N. S. Roberts, C. E. Denison, H. S. Vaughan, C. C. Coryell; Assts., C. J. Strong, H. L.
Bender, J. M. O'Brien.

MISERICORDIA HOSPITAL (formerly New York Mothers' Home of the Sis-
ters of Misericorde). — 531 E. 86th st. Medical treatment for respectable women
about to become mothers and for surgical cases; also maintain a training school for

Pres. Med. Board, M. C. O'Brien; Cons. Gynec, G. T. Harrison, J. Aspell; Obst.,
G. P. Shears, E. L. Ayme, J. W. Joyce; Asst., J. J. McMahon; Surgs., J. A. Brady, E.
Fahnestock; Ped., F. M. Rochford, C. J. Dillon; Neur., J. J. MacPhee; Gynec, W. P.
Healy; Ocul., G. B. McAuliffe; Otol., J. McCoy; Path., W. P. Strain.



and Broadway. Tel. 2420-21 Audubon. An unsectarian charity hospital to afford free
shelter in sickness and to relieve invalids, residents of the City of New York, who,
by reason of the chronic character of their diseases, are unable to procure medical
treatment in any of the other hospitals or homes. Apply at home proper.

Med. Dir., S. Wachsmann; Pres. Med. &. Surg. Board, C. L. Dana; Cons. Staff: Phys.,
I. Adler, A. Meyer; Surg., F. S. Dennis; Orth., V. P. Gibney ; Ophth., H. S. Oppenheimer,
G. Koller: Neur., C. L. Dana; Laryn., W. Freudenthal, F. Cohn ; Derm., S. Lustgarten;
Gynec, J. Walter, L. S. Rau, H. N. Vineberg; Att'd Staff, Neur,, I. Abrahamson, I.
Strauss; Phys., H. Brooks; Ophth., E. S. Peck; Orth., G. R. Elliott; Surgs., E. Beer,
C. Goodman; Neur. Surg., E. Sachs; Path., J. Ewing.

The Country Sanitarium for Consumptives, Bedford Station, Westchester Co., N.Y.,
is for incipient cases.

Med. Supt., L. Rosenberg; Cons. Phys., A. Meyer; Adj. Cons. Phys., G. A. Fried,
G. Mannheimer, L. Kessel : Vis. Laryn., W. Freudenthal, F. Cohn; Adj., E. Danziger.

MT. SINAI HOSPITAL 100th to 101st st. and Fifth av. For the medical and

surgical care of persons. Infectious or contagious diseases not received. Those
able to pay board ire charged $7 per week and upward. Accidents are admitted at
any hour.

Supt., S. S. Goldwater, M. D. ; Cons. Staff: Phys., A. Jacobi; Surgs., D. M. Stimson.
W. F. Fluhrer; Att'd Staff: Phys., Julius Rudisch, A. Meyer, N. E. Brill, Morris Manges;
Surgs., A. G. Gerster, H. Lilienthal; Ped., H. Koplik; Gynec, J. Brettauer, F. Krug;
Ophth. Surgs., C. H. May, C. Koller; G.-U., E. Beer; Aur. Surg., F. Whiting; Neur., B.
Sachs; Derm., H. Goldenberg; Laryn., E. Mayer; Orth., P. W. Nathan; Path Staff:
F. S. Mandlebaum, Path.; E. Libman, Asst.; E. P. Bernstein, H. L. Celler, L. Buerger,
Asso., I. Strauss; Asso. Att'd, E. Libman, H. W. Berg, D. H. Davinson, A. Kohn, A. A.
Berg, A. V. Moschcowitz, J. Wiener, C. A. Elsberg, H. Heiman, S. M. Brickner, H. N.
Vineberg, S. Oppenheimer, J. Wolf, M. W. Ware, I. Abrahamson, F. J. Leviseur, L. B.
Meyer, E. A. Aronson ; Adj. Att'd, A. B. Stern, R. Weil. L. Hauswirth. H. L. Celler,
I. Strauss, R. Lewisohn, W. M. Brickner, L. Buerger, H. Schwarz, R. T. Frank, S.
Weiner, P. Fridenberg, M. J. Ballin, E. Eising, A. B. Berk, S. Yankauer; Admit. Phys.,
M. Rosenberg; Adj., H. Neuhof; Asst., J. J. Meyer, J. I. Wolf; Radio., L. Jaches; Anaest.,
T. L. Bennett, M. P. Denton, C. J. Pick, W. Branower.

NEUROLOGICAL INSTITUTE 149-151 E. 67th st. For the study and treat-
ment of nervous and mental diseases.

Supt., A. H. Candlish; Med. Board, J. Collins, J. Fraenkel, P. Bailey; Cons. Staff:
Neur., C. L. Dana; Surgs., J. A. Blake, R. Abbe; Phys., F. P. Kinnicutt, R. Abbe;
Gynec, J. C. Edgar; Derm., J. A. Fordyce; Orth., V. P. Gibney; Laryn. and Rhin.,


W. L. Colbert; Otol., E. B. Dench; Ophth., W. A. Holden; Surg., C. A. Elsberg; Asso.
A. S. Taylor; Assts. , E. Beer, H. Neuhof; Radiog., L. G. Cole; Anagst., J. H. Kenyon;

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