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J. A. McCorkle, C. J. Search, C. H. Watson, W. S. Shattuck, 6. F. Sammis.

ST. JOHN'S L. I. CITY HOSPITAL..— Jackson av. and 12th St., L. I. City.
Tel. 800-801 Greenpoint. Hours, 9 to 6. Severe accident cases admitted at all hour#

Supt., Sister M. Loyola; Cons. Staff: Surgs., J. D. Trask, J. A. Bodine, C. H. Chetwood;
Phys., E. Lawrence; Gynec, P. Hughes; Vis. Staff: Surgs., E. S. McSweeny. E. H.
Quinn, H. J. McKenna, B. H. Bumster, F. Keller; Asst., R. E. Brennan; Phys., J. H.
Barry, W. J. Burnett, H. L. Barker, W. G. Frey, E. J. McGoldrick, J. H. Bainton ; Ophth.,
R. Kalish; Assts., C. Stevenson, W. T. Power; Laryn., J. F. Power; Gynec, J. Aspell;
Neur.. J. J. MoPhee; Path.. C. Boettiger; Amaest., W. F. Doran.

ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL,.— Central av., Far Rockaway. Tel. 520 F. R. Under
the charge of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Cons. Staff: Phys., C. J. Mac-Guire, S. W. Lambert; Surgs., E. S. McSweeny, J. B. Mur-
phy, A. B. Johnson, F. Hawkes, G. B. Stewart, S. Walsh; Gynec, L. G. Baldwin, A. M.
Judd; Laryn. and Rhin., H. A. Alderton, B D. Sheedy ; Vis. Staff, J. C. MacEvitt, Pres. ;
E. P. Hatfield, Secy; Vis. Surgs.. E. H. Pershing, L. B. Phillips, W. L. Mulcahy; Phys.,
J. C. Schmuck, M. M. Slocum. M. Katzenberg; Gynec, J. C. MacEvitt, L. P. Rau, F. P.
Hatfield; Laryn., J. F. Power: Ophth.. A. S. Kelly.

ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL.— St. Mark's av., between Rochester and Buffalo avs..
Bklyn. Conducted by the Sisters of Charity.

Sister-in-Charge, Sister Stephen; Vis. Staff, J. Harrigan, J. C. MacEvitt, J. C.Kennedy.
J. D. Sullivan, J. R. Kevin, C. Terry, E. A. Parker, J. S. Waterman, G. R. Kuhn, J. M.
Clayland, L. J. Morton, V. L. Zimmerman, J. P. Glynn, A. J. Keenan, 0. A. Gordon, T.
Mylod, J. P. Murphy, J. A. Lee, R. J. Morrison, J. M. MacEvitt, J. J. Collins, J. G. Leiter,

E. A. Hatch, E. G. Hynes, J. A. Shields, M. L. Bodkin, W. G. Reynolds, J. A. Quell, W.
W. Laing, J. G. Glynn, T. V. Higgins, J. F. W. Meagher, W. A. Gillen, Jr., L. Parker,
R. P. Sullivan, J. D. Shea, W. A. Flannery. E. T. McNulty, J. F. Griffin, G. C. Owens,
T. J. Ryan, E. A. Holtz, J. G. Williams.

ST. PETER'S HOSPITAL.— Henr> st., between Congress and Warren sts.,
Bklyn. Tel. 840 Hamilton. In charge of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis (R. C).
Open to all. Preference always given to the poor. Emergency cases admitted at any
hour. No contagious diseases. Applications from those out of the city must be ac-
companied by a certificate from some physician, stating the nature and probable dura-
tion of the disease. Children over five years admitted. Apply for admission to the
Sisters between 9 and 12, or 3 and 5. Ten wards for consumptives.

Att'd Staff: Surg., J. D. Rushmore, Pres.; F. W. Wunderlich, C. P. Gildersleeve;
Assts., W. M. Friend, F. C. Paffard, C. J. Noonan, T. M. Brennan; Phys., T. M. Lloyd,
J. A. Kene, T. A. McGoldrick, P. F. Pyburn; Assts., C. A. Phillips, P. J. York, J. G.
Glynn, L. M. Ryan; Gynec, L. G. Baldwin, J. F. Todd; Assts., E. J. Morris, G. Gibson,
T. M. Brennan, W. J. Donahue; Path., A. Murray; Radiog., F. H. Bermingham; Res.
Phys., W. G. Siegel.


—Bard and Castleton avs., West New Brighton. Tel. 740 West Brighton. Con. Staff:
Phys., W. A. Bastedo; Surg., E. L. Keyes; Vis. Staff: Surgs., E. J. Callahan, H. T. Good-
win, D. P. MacGuire, F. Coonley ; Phys., H. E. Walker, F. De Revere, A. T. Wood, E. D.
Wisely, E. S. Reimer; Ophth., N. D. Chapman, J. R. Hicks; Otol., A. P. Voislawsky;
Path., E. C. Baldwin.

SAMARITAN HOSPITAL OF BROOKLYN.— Fourth av. and 17th st.,
Bklyn. Tel. 2710 South,
iurgs., C. F. Barber, Chief; Att'd, J. R. Stivers, W. H. Maddren ; Adjs., H. Aronson,

F. M. Galloway; Phys., Chief. M. T. Lewis; Att'd, C. H. MacVean; Asst., R. J. Bull, H.
L. Finley, N. J. McCaul; Gynec, Chief, F. J. Shoop; Att'd, A. A. Hussey, C. Chase;



Asst., G. W. Tong, G. Bottaro ; Adj., A. W. Beck, H. Morgenthaler; Ear, Nose and Throat,
L. T. Jackson; Asst., W. Dean, W. M. Gardner, W. W. Woglom; Eye, E. H. Saniter;
Children, Chief, E. H. Bartley; Att'd, J. P. McQuillan; Adj., F. Richardson; Neur., Chief,
W. Browning, F. Tilney, R. 0. Brockway ; G.-U. R. B. Anderson, Chief; Asst., F. H.
Bermingham, H. F. Bruning, Chas. M. Fisher; Obst., 0. P. Humpstone, Chief; Att'd, D.
S. MacNaughton; Asst., F. B. Doyle; Path., L. J. J. Commisky; Anaest., R. 0. Brockway;
Derm., Chief, J. M. Winfield; Asst., A. Porter; Adj., R. M. Rogers.


Surf. av. & 29th st., Coney Island. Supt., A. P. Thomson.

Med. Advisory Board, W. B. James, Chairman; H. M. Biggs, J. W. Brannan, L. F. Flick,
V. P. Gibney, W. P. Northrup, N. <M. Shaffer, E. L. Trudeau; Att'd Orth. Surg., F. Albee;
Att'd Phys., E. A. Park; Cons. Dental Surg., H. L. Wheeler; Att'd, C. Gomer.

S. R. S3IITH INFIRMARY.— Castleton av., Tompkinsville, Staten Island. Tel.
1160 Tompkinsville. District embraces the Borough of Richmond. Surgical, medica/
and obstetrical cases received. Scarlet fever and diphtheria are admitted at any hour
by permit from the Board of Health. Children are admitted. Some cases are received
without charge; others pay from $7 per week up.

Supt., M. R. Pratt, M.D. ; Phys. Emeritus, J. J. O'Dea; Cons., E. D. Coonley, J. Scales,
W. C. Walser; Ophth., C. E. Kinney; Neur., W. B. Pritchard; Aur., A. P. Voislawsky;
Orth., W. R. Townsend; Dental Surg., A. D. Pentz; Att'd Phys., H. C. Johnston, M.
Kruger, J. T. Sprague; Att'd Surg., W. Bryan, A. H. Thomas, G. P. Jessup; Adj., C. F..
Pearson, C. Walser; Out-door Dept., C. Walser, G. Mord.

SWEDISH HOSPITAL.— Rogers av. and Sterling pi., Bklyn. Tel. 4779 Pros-
pect. Surgical, medical and accident cases. Incurable or infectious cases not ad-
mitted. Capacity, 50 beds.

Supt., D. Gothson; Con. Staff, A. T. Bristow, G. C. MacNaughton, J. D. Rushmore,
Surgs. ; W. F. Dudley, Laryn. ; C. Lundbeck, H. A. Fairbairn, Phys.; H. W. Lincoln,
Gastrol; J. H. Ohly, Ophth.; F. Peterson, Neur.; F. C. Raynor, Otol. ; Vis. Staff, N. I.
Beers, Derm.; C. B. Bacon, C. Elfstrom, H. Bryn, F. Wilson, C. Molin, Phys.; W. F.
Campbell, W. L. Chapman, W. Simmons, Surgs. ; H. Jewett, C. Duncan, A. M. Judd,
Gynec. ; LeG. Kerr, 'Ped. ; F. Sammis, Path.; J. 0. Peterson, Dental Surg.; J. L. Macum-
ber, Neur. ; E. A. Rundquist, Anaest. ; G. Kasper, Obst. Adj. Vis. Staff, H. Leonhardt, E.
Blake, E. 0. Tupper, Phys. ; L. A. Lynch, A. N. Thomson, F. Knight, Surgs. ; W. Jewett,
D. MacNaughton, H. Morris, B. D. Harrington, Asst. Gynec; G. Buist, Derm.; R. 0.
Brockway, Anaest.; C. Hirschman, Obst.

U. S. MARINE HOSPITAL.— Stapleton, Borough of Richmond. See U. S. Public
Health and Marine Hospital Service. Surg, in charge, H. W. Austin.

U. S. NAVAL HOSPITAL (BKLYN).— Flushing av., ft. Ryerson st. Tel.
7620 Main. For the sick and disabled officers and enlisted men of the U. S. Navy and
Marine Corps. Admitted at any hour on an order from Commandant of the Navy Yard
and Station. Capacity 240 beds. Annex for contagious diseases.

Med. Insp., J. C. Byrnes; Exec. Surg., N. J. Blackwood; Surg., C. M. Oman; Passed
Asst. Surg., M. W. Baker; Asst. Surg., C. M. George; Pharmacist, F. W. Breck.

WILLIAMSBURG HOSPITAL.— Bedford av. and S. 3d st., Bklyn. Ambulance
and Dispensary in connection with the 'Hospital.

Supt., A. F. Danilson; Att'd Staff: Phys., E. E. Cornwall, Le G. Kerr, R. A. Hender-
son; Asso., A. S. Treadwell; Asst., J. S. Slavin, J. M. Wallfield, H. L. Barnes; Surgs.,
R. J. Morrison, J. G. Dickert, H. A. Wade, L. A. McClelland, G. Muren, M. L. Bodkin, G.
W. Vandergrift, E. A. Parker, J. 0. Polak, C. A. Gordon; Asso., A. F. Griffiths, C. H.
Lubrecht, C. E. Scofield, J. H. B. Dowd, C. E. Panoff; Assts., W. E. Lippold, H. W.
Dangler, W. E. Hurley, C. F. Fisher, R. P. Morrison, M. M. Crawford, T. S. Welton, R. R.
Westover, W. F. Rex.


Vis. Staff consists of the physicians of the city of Niagara Falls.



MACK HOSPITAL,.— Tel. 7. Supt.. Miss A. E. Kirchhoff; Vis. Staff, G. F. Blau-

velt. E. H. Maynard, C. D. Kline. G. A. Leitner, S. W. S. Toms, A. K. Dolg; Cons. Staff,

J. 0. Polhemus. F. Hartley, E. L. Oatman, E. L. Keyes, Jr., P. Syms, R. Waldo, A. Lam-
bert, E. LeFevre, R. Slee.


OLEAX GENERAL, HOSPITAL.— Tel. Bell 22. Med. Staff, J. P. Boothe, Pres. ;
C. J. Duffy, Vice-Pres., M. P. Jepson, Sec; J. R. Allen, J. C. Clark, W. A. Cowell, J. F.
Kane. J. J. Loughlen, T. B. Loughlen, J. E. K. Morris. VV. H. Mountain, C. Smith, E.
Torrey. F. H. Bartlett, D. V. M. Hibbard, A. E. Smith, W. E. McDuffie, M. C. Follett, W.
I. Hewitt.


ONEIDA PUBLIC HOSPITAL.— 87 William st. Tel. Bell 20. Supt., W. F.
No contagious diseases admitted.
The staff consists of the city physicians in turn.


Med. Staff, Cons., 0. W. Peck, S. G. Pomeroy; Att'd, A. W. Cutler. C. R. Marsh, E. J.
Parish, G. W. Augustin.


OXOXDAGA COUNTY HOSPITAL.— Open to the public 2 to 4 daily. Ca-
pacity. 75 beds.
Supt.. H. D. Nottingham: Matron, N. C. Driscoll; House Phys., S. E. Crane.


OSSIXIXG HOSPITAL Tel. 556. Tues. and Thurs., 2 to 4. Dispensary Bays,

Mou. , Wed. and Friday. 4.

Supt.. Miss J. M. Thomas; Vis. Phys. and Surgs., J. D. Madden, R. T. Irvine, C. P.
Byington. M. W. Barnum, W. A. Miner, E. F. Sheehan.


OSWEGO HOSPITAL.— Bridge and 6th st. Tel. 115.

supt.. M. MacPhee: Cons. Staff: C. Macfarlane, W. J. Bulger, Ira L. Jones, A. C. Bax-
ter. E. J. Marsh, W. B. Acker, W. L. Wetmore: Phys., A. C. Calisch, C. S. Albertson, D. D.
O'Brien. J. F. T. Dubois, F. L. Sin Clair, F. D. Sin Clair, J. B. Ringland; Surgs., J. K.
Stockwell, J. E. Mansfield; Obst. and Gyn., A. W. Irwin, C. R. Hervey, Eva McKnight;
Ocul. and Aur., J. F. Dwyer, H. M. Wallace, C. A. Sheridan: Children, P. M. Dowd. W.
C. Todt: Neur., W. H. Kidder; Dental Surg., S. Slocum; Aneest., G. C. Elder, W. H.
Wetmore: Path., H. Albertson.


PEEKSKILL HOSPITAL.— 151 South st. Tel. N. Y. 57, State Line 65. 57 beds,
contagious pavilion 6 beds. Ambulance service.

Cons. Staff: Phys., C. C. Knight: Surg., G. Woolsey, New York; Gyn., C. C. Barrows.
New York; Ophth. and Otol., W. M. Carhart ; Vis. Staff, A. 0. Snowden, C. A. Knight,
P. H. Mason. P. W. O'Brien, E. DeW. Lyon, C. R. Greene, F. A. Snowden, S. Curry, H. f
Hart; Ophth. and Aur. Surg., R. W. Moe.


CHAMPLAIX VALLEY HOSPITAL.— Cons. Staff. W. N. Thayer, K. J. Sever-
ance. J. P. J. Cummings. M. M. Turner, W. T. Sherman. E. R. Eaton, T. H. Canning. C.
B. Warner. W. E. Pattison. J. A. Battin. C. R. Payne. T. A. Wasson. V. A. Marshall. H. R.
Marvin. F. E. Hubbard. 0. W. O'Neil. C. E. Holbrooke, L. Ladd, R. F. C. Kieb, R. Dexter,
W. J. C. Aubrey: Att'd Staff: Phys., C. W. Arthur, A. W. Fairbank, A. A. de Granpre, M. B.



Holcombe; Surgs., L. G. Barton, R. S. Macdonald, T. J. Cummings, E. E. Larkin;
Child., W. S. Buck; Ear, Nose & Throat, E. T. Brown; Path., B. H. Stone; X-Ray &
Elec.-Ther., L. B. Morrison; Neur., C. H. North; Gyn., F. A. L. Lockhart; G.-U., W. W.

PHYSICIANS' HOSPITAL, 25 beds. All physicians invited to send their


Directors: J. G. McKinney, Pres. ; L. F. Schiff, Sec; M. D. Briggs, J. H. Bartholf, W.
F. iBrown, C. S. Bentley, H. E. Center, W. E. Clough, G. D. Dare, F. J. D'Avigrop, B. H.
Dutcher, W. IH. Everett, F. S. Farnsworth, W. Gillespie, J. M. Hackett, R. iE. Hyde,
1. S. Haynes, J. H. LaRocque, T. A. Rogers, J. J. Robinson, C. D. Silver, H. S. Mc-
Casland, L. F. Schiff, F. N. Swift, K. J. Severance, W. C. Thompson, W. U. Taylor.


UNITED HOSPITAL, 110 Smith st. Tel. 139.

Med Staff: H. A. Bayles, E. A. Quinlan, W. J. Sheehan, 0. J. Stafford, G. E. Thomes,

C. W. Walker, R. S. Webbe, J. F. White, A. S. Corwin, C. T. Wolff.


PORT JERVIS HOSPITAL.— Cor. Ball and Sussex sts. Tel. 19. Vis. Phys.
W. L. Cuddeback, H. B. Swartwout, E. G. Cuddeback.


culosis oply.

Staff: J. W. Poucher, Chief; Att'd, L. H. Marks, R. W. Andrews, J. A. Card, F. H.
Greene, H. A. Gribbon, A. L. Peckham.

VASSAR BROTHERS' HOSPITAL.— Read pi. Tel. 25. Ambulance service.
Acute, curable and non-contagious diseases treated. Chronic and incurable diseases
received and retained at discretion, but not permanently provided for. Contagious
diseases, incurable cancer, epilepsy, delirium tremens, insanity and venereal diseases
not received. Applications received from 10 A. M. to 5 P. M., except Sunday. Cases
of sudden injury received at any hour. Applicants from the city, too sick to apply
in person, will be examined by a physician at residence. Applications from out of the
city should be sent with a written certificate from a regular physician, stating
disease, present conditions and symptoms. Free to those who, in the judgment of the
Executive Committee, are unable to pay. Others pay in proportion to their means.
Preference is given first to residents of Poughkeepsie; second, to those of Dutchess
County, and third, to the State at large. Surgical clinics Tues., Thurs. and Sat.,
9 A. M.

Surg. -in-Chief, J. T. Harrington; Phys., S. L. Smith; Asso. Surg., A. R. Moffit;
Path., W. A. Krieger; Ophth. and Otol., W. G. Dobson; Cons. Staff, R. Abbe, F. P. Kinni-
cutt, T. C. Janeway, A. B. Davis, J. W. Markoe, C. L. Dana, T. H. Myers, J. E. Weeks,

D. B. Delavan, G. Bacon, F. C. Wood, W. P. Northrup, C. L. Gibson, C. T. Dade.


Ambulance Dists. — The city has been divided into four districts, and all "hurry
calls" must be sent to the hospital of the district assigned to it to insure prompt
service. Calls sent to a hospital outside of its district will be promptly transferred
by that hospital to the proper hospital. For both sides of East Main st. and East av.
and all territory north thereof, call Rochester Homoeopathic Hospital. Tel. 400. For
all territory south of East av. and East Main st., call Hahnemann Hospital. Tel. 626.
For all territory west of the river to and including both sides of Central av., Allen
st. and Jefferson av., call General Hospital. Tel. 656. For all territory west and
north of Central av., Allen st. and Jefferson av., call St. Mary's Hospital. Tel. 162.
Patients in all cases will be taken to their own homes or to the hospital of their
choice. For ordinary calls ambulances will go to any part of the city desired.


HAHNEMANN HOSPITAL..— 9 Rockingham st.

Supt., Mrs. M. B. Curtice, Med. Staff: V. A. Hoard, Chief G. I. Bidwell, W. E. Dake,
H. H. Baker, E. V. Ross, A. R. Fritz; Cons. Phys. , A. C. Hermanee; Ophth. and Otol., W.
H. Doane, Phys. in Charge; Cons., W. P. Fowler; Surg. Staff: J. S. Barnard, Chief;
Cons., J. M. Lee; Asso., W. F. Fowler: Electro-Therap., V. A. Hoard, C. T. Graham;
Obst., A. C. Hermanee, V. A. Hoard; Path., G. I. Bidwell ; X-Ray, E. B. Cook.

Home, 900 Chase. 250 beds and 16 detention rooms for acute alcoholic cases and
suspected insane awaiting examination.

Supt., H. B. Cash. Res. Med. Supt., L. J. Somers. Consulting staff of county

ROCHESTER GENERAL HOSPITAL. (Formerly Rochester City Hos-
pital). — 223 West av. Tel. 656. Apply to the superintendent at any time. Public
wards, $7 per week, or less, at discretion of the superintendent. Privilege of own
physician, except in public ward, where attendance is donated.

Supt., M. L. Keith; Cons. Staff, D. Little, W. Rider, C. A. Dewey; Vis. Phys., C. E.
Darrow, R. M. Moore, C. D. Young, J. Roby; Vis. Surgs., J. W. Whitbeck, H T Williams,
E. W. Mulligan, F. W. Zimmer; Ophth., A. C. Snell; Orth., R. R. Fitch; Derm., J. L.
Roseboom; Neur., E. B. Angell; Laryn., J. 0. Roe; Obst., W. M. Brown. Junior Staff:
Phys., C. 0. Boswell, C. R. Witherspoon; Surgs., S. W. Little, 0. G. Hastings. L. W.
Rose, L. W. Howk; Assts., M. C. Potter, R. L. Carson, J. M. Ingersoll, A. W. Thomas, E.
Baldwin, C. W. Thomas, M. L. Casey, E. G. Nugent W. T. Mulligan, W. V. Ewers, F. P.
Leadley, M. B. Palmer, W. D. Ward, W. H. Sutherland, N. D. McDowell, J. K. Quigley,
C. N. Jameson, W. F. Plumley, J. C. O'Connor, R. S. Wilcox, F. S. Winslow, F. W.
Seymour, B. A. Richards, N. C. Orchard, C. W. Hoyt, C. W. Hennington, T. Jameson, W. E.
Bowen. G. H. Gage, A. F. Cassebeer, S. T. Appelbaum, C. F. Chaffee, E. W. Ruggles,
G. B. Carroll.



Supt., Miss M. L. Johnson. Medical Board: P. W. Neefus, Pres. ; W. A. Keegan, Vlce-
Pres. ; T. Parsons, Sit. Cons. Phys., R. A. Adams, M. H. Adams: Att'd Phys., C. R.
Sumner, W. S. Rambo. L. L. Button, J. K. Tretton, D. B. Jewett, M. S. Ricker; Surgs.,
S. R. Snow. N. M. Collins, W. A. Keegan, H. G. Shepard ; Asst. Surg, and Anaest., F. T.
Bascom; Asst., J. Morgan: Maternity Dept., E. M. Wolcott: W. W. Winans; Asst., W.
Perrin ; Eye and Ear, E. J. Bissell, T. Parsons; Nose and Throat, H. W. Hoyt; X-Ray, L.
J. Sanders, E. B. Cook. Neur., P. W. Neefus; Path., W. C. Daly.

ROCHESTER MUNICIPAL. HOSPITAL Tels. 4194 Home, 1320 Chase.

Bell. For contagious diseases. Hours, 10 A. M. to 5 P. M.
Supt.. J. W. Thompson. Vis. Staff: G. W. Goler, J. Roby.

ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL (THE ROCHESTER).— West av. and Genesee
st. Tel. 162. Surgical and medical cases. Children's ward. Board-, $7 in general
wards. Apply to the Sister Superioress.

Supt., Sister Clementine; Surgs., E. M. Moore, H. T. Williams, E. W. Mulligan, W. B.
Jones, J. A. Stapleton ; Assts., 0. E. Jones, T. Jameson, L, W. Howk, G. G. Carroll, T. T.
Mooney. J. P. Fleming; Phys., J. P. Brady, T. A. O'Hare, J. R. Culkin, A. W Henckell,
N. W. Soble: Assts., M. L. Casey. G. A. Marion; Ocul. and Aur., P. Conboy ; Throat and
Nose, J. M. Ingersoll; Neur., E. L. Hanes; Path., M. L. Ca.-ey ; Obst., K. Buck; Orth., L.
\. Whitney; Roentgen, L. R. Gorman; Anaest., H. W. Barber.



— E. Garden st. Tels. 53 Bell, 14 Home.

Supt., A. E. Eveningham. Med. Staff: H. D. White, Pres.; W. J. P. Kingsley. G. N.
Lehr, J. T. Wingate; Surg. Staff, J. H. Whaley, H. F. Hubbard, W. L. Kingsley; Obst.,
E. Ellinwood, C. R. Mahady, H. J. Teller; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, K. E. Williams;
Cons. Staff, B. P. Allen. F. K. James, L. Beebe, C. Bernstein, H. L. Borland, C. W.
Shaver, A. H. Smith, T. K. Bruce. T. H. Cox, C. L. Furman. G J. Pollard, J. D. George,
H. T. Jackson, M. Lewis, J. D. Shipman, J. Middleditch. M. T. Powers, E. C. Reames,
H. H. Wilson, R. B. Wilson, H. K. Worden.



Staff: J. P. Golegrove, S. P. Colegrove, L. L. Deck, 0. S. Martin, P. H. Bourne, E.
M. Shaffner, F. C. Beals, C. Beals, J. A. Taggert, T. Spalding, J. T. Hoeffler, W. M.


RECEPTION HOSPITAL.— (Incorporated under the State Charities Laws of
New York.)

Phys. in Charge, E. R. Baldwin; Vis. Phys., E. R. Baldwin, C. C. Trembley, L.
Brown, H. M. Kinghorn; Asst., J. W. Price.


SARATOGA HOSPITAL.— W. Harrison and Division sts. " Tels. H. R. 207, Com.
300 Union.

Supt., Miss C. Lawrence. Vis. Staff: Phys., M. E. Varney, M. E. Van Aernem, W.
Sanford, H. L. Loop, A. S. Downes; Surgs., J. B. Ledlie, F. J. Resseguie, A. W. Thompson,
J. F. Humphrey, G. S. Towne, G. H. Fish; Obst., M. E. Varney, G. S. Towne; Path.,
A. S. Downs; Dispensary Phys., E. H. King, W. J. Green.

ST. CHRISTIAN'S HOSPITAL.— (The summer hospital of the Childs Hospital,

Vis. Staff: D. C. Moriarta, J. B. Ledlie; Cons. Staff, the staff of the Childs Hospital,



SCHENECTADY).— Tel. 2477. Charge for board and treatment in wards, $7 per

Supt., C. D. Ogsbury; Cons. Phys., W. L. Pearson, J. L. Schoolcraft, C. C. Duryea;
Cons. Surgs., W. P. Faust, F. C. Reed, W. L. Fodder, D. L. Kathan ; Phys., H. V.
Mynderse, C. G. Briggs, W. W. Goddard, C. F. Clowe; Eye and Ear, J. E. Reed; Gyn., C.
G. McMullen; Children, F. Vander Bogert; Obst., H. A. Kurth ; Path., W. B. Stone;
Neur., N. A. Pashayan ; X-Ray, C. A. MacMinn; Dental Surg., C. N. Lord.



Vis. Surg., S. Demarest; Asst., M. J. Sanford: Vis. Phys., W. R. Sitler; Cons. Surg.,
J. C. McCoy; Cons. Phys., E. C. Rushmore; Cons. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, W. B.
Johnson; Phys., R. Kiefer; Path., F. R. Sandt; Ana?st., H. G. Hubbell.


HOSPITAL OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD.— Tels. 2560 Bell and 710 Inde-
pendent. Board in wards, $7 per week. Emergency cases admitted at any time.

Cons. Phys., B. W. Loomis; Surg., A. Mercer; Laryn., S. F. Snow; Neur., A. Vande-
boncoeur, H. G. Locke; Chiefs: Phys., J. L. Heffron; Surg., J. Van Duyn ; Phys., I. H.
Levy, F. L. Harter, W. D. Alsever, L. A. Saxer, F. -Hooker, 0. M. Wiley; Surgs.:
G. M. Price, B. W. Sherwood, E. S. Van Duyn, R. W. Chaffee; Asst. Surgs., F. W. Van
Lengen, G. Stephens, R. Burns, H. G. Case, F. Knoff, S. Stewart, C. Ostrander, G.
Cannett; Asst. Phys., J. J. Levy, R. J. Stoup; Laryn. & Otol., G. S. Britten, E. L.
Mooney; Asst. Laryn., G. D. Lynch; Ophth., J. H. Kevand, G. G. Lewis; Derm., H. A.
MacGruer; Neur., B. C. Loveland; Path., H. S. Steensland; Asst., H. G. Weiskotten;
Obst., W. Hinsdale, R. C. Scott, E. W. Belknap; Asst., C. E. McClary; Children's Phys.,
E. C. Reifenstein, A. S. Ruland, J. R. Johnson, T. H. Mesick; Asst., L. R. Mellor;
Elec. -Therap., A. J. Abeel ; Clin Asst., Comm. Records, W. Buechler, P. Burns; Dental
Surg., A. B. Benham; Clin Asst. Surgs., H. Letter, G. Case.


ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL..— 305 Prospect av., Prospect Hill. Tel. 310. In
charge of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis.

Sister Superior, Sister M. Gertrude; W. A. Curtin, Pres. ; Vis. Phys., W. A. Curtin, H. L.
Elmer; Vis. Surgs. , N. Jacobson, D. M. Totman ; Gyn., A. B. Miller; Laryn. and Aur. ,
T. H. Halsted; Ocul., F. W. Marlow; Obst., E. W. Smith; Derm., H. C. Baum; Path., H. S.
Steensland; Asst., F. M. Meader; Cystoscopist, A. M. Wose; Hematol., W. A. Groat;
Asst. Phys., A. E. Larkin, G. E. Feigel, T. F. Foreman, W. G. Muench, J. V. Sheehan, J.
Wiseman, C. Post: Asst. Surgs., F. H. Flaherty, C. W. Domong, C. E. Coon, J. Palmer;
Asst. Gyn., G. B. Broad, F. McMorrow : Asst. Obst., F. Reynolds, W. Mulheran; Asst. Ocul.,
S. B. Craton; Asst. Laryn. and Aur., G. H. Rockwell, H. G. Kline; Anaest., J. S. Heiman,
J. J. Buettner, L. H. Weinheimer, F. L. Scanlon, C. J. Wells; Dental Surg., S. C. Dayan ;
Asst., H. I. Oliver; Supt. Training School for Nurses, Miss E. McCarty.

SYRACUSE HOMCEI'ATHIC HOSPITAL..— 116 E. Castle st. Tel. 499.

Supt., Miss L. R. Sherwood; Cons. Phys., A. B. Kinne, J. W. Candee, E. 0. Kinne;

Surg., J. H. Irish; A-tt'd Phys., G. W. Hoyt, J. M. Keese, E. R. Sprague; Ocul., Laryn.
and Aur., H. A. Church; Path., J. M. Keese.


Genesee st. Board in wards, $7 per week.

Cons. Staff: Phys., H. L. Eisner, B. W. Loomis; Surgs., N. Jacobson, R. C. McLennan;
Obst., A. B. Randall; Children's Dept., J. L. Heffron ; Surgs., A. B. Breeee, F. W.
Sears, G. B. Broad, A. E. Larkin, H. G. Locke, J. J. Buettner; Assts., A. M. Wose, H. S.
Pritchard; Children Med., A. C. Mercer, C. N. Blum, H. B. Doust ; Children Surg., E. J.
Wynkoop; Assts., J. C. Palmer, C. D. Post; Obst., A. S. Hotaling, N. L. Mulvey; Assts.,

A. Dutcher, A. Cone; Ophth., F. W. Marlow, H. L. Stebbins; Derm. & Syphil., H. C.
Baum; Anaest. and Pharm., J. J. Buettner; Laryn. and Otol., T. H. Halsted, G. T.
Rockwell; Neur., F. H. Stephenson; Path, and Bact., H. L. Steensland; Electro-Therap.,
J. H. Burch; Dental Surg., C. H. Barnes.



Cons. Phys. and Surgs., W. G. Wylie, W. 0. Plympton, H. E. Stafford, W. A. Dayton, H.
E. Moffat, A. S. Taylor; Phys., R. B. Coutant, Chief; Vis. Phys. and Surgs., L. P. Dosh,
J. C. Todd, N. H. Freeland, E. N. Brandt, J. R. Cannon, H. L. Coles, C. W. Fairchild, L.
Fleming, 0. A. Igoe, J. W. Robertson, W. S. Russell, A. E. Chace, J. H. Burtenshaw.


LEONARD HOSPITAL.— 14th st. and 6th av., Lansingburgh. Tels. 5314 Com-
mercial and 93 H. R.

Cons. Staff: Surgs., J. B. Harvie, C. B. Herrick, J. P. Marsh, J. M. Berry; Phys., H.
C. Gordinier, C. F. Nichols, W. Finder; Nose and Throat, B. S. Booth; Eye and Ear,
L. F. Adt ; vis. Staff, R. H. Irish, J. H. Flynn, C. B. Sprague, J. H. Lyons, J. J. Lyons,

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