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Cohen, B., 497 Niagara St., Buffalo.
Cohen, F. Yonkers.
Cohen, F., 1027 Union av., N.Y.
Cohen, ferry, 64 E. 3d St., N.Y.
Cohen, Herman, 500 E. 173d st., N.Y.
Cohen, H. E., 35 Montgomery St., N.Y.
Cohen, H. J., 194 17th St., Bklyn.
Cohen, J. B., 863 Hunt's Point av., N.Y.
Cohen, J. N., 277 Berry St., Bklyn.
Cohen, J. Y., 197 Lancaster ay., Buffalo.
Cohen, L, 454 Hopkinson av., Bklyn.
Cohen, L. L., 760 Bushwick av., Bklyn.
Cohen, M., 1 W. 85th st., N.Y.
Cohen, N., 426 S. 4th st., Bklyn.
Cohen, R., 220 E. 17th st., N.Y.
Cohen, S., Lebanon Hosp., N.Y.
Cohn, A. E., 1070 Madison av., N.Y.
Cohn, D., 141 N. Division st., Buffalo.
Cohn, F., 31 E. 60th St., N.Y.
Cohn, Isadore, 102 W. 119th St., N.Y.

Cohn, Israel, 70 E. 96th st., N.Y.

Cohn, L., 1261 Madison av., N.Y.

Cohn, M., 1312 Franklin av., N.Y.

Cohn, M. A., 458 Stone av., Bklyn.

Cohn, 0., 792 De Kalb av. ; also 94 15th
st., Bklyn.

Cohn, Salo, 139 W. 126th st., N.Y.

Cohn, Sigismund, 116 E. 79th st., N.Y.

Cohn, W., 726 Union av., N.Y.

Colahan, T. P., 821 Lincoln pi., Bklyn.

Colbert, E. V., 4 Kenmore pi., Albany.

Colby, G. W., 108 E. 35th St., N.Y.

Colby, W. W., 717 Halsey st., Bklyn.

Cole, C. G.. Binghamton.

Cole, C. S., 122 W. 73d st., N.Y.

Cole, C. W., Oyster Bay.

Cole, D. DeF., Lyons.

Cole, E. M., De Kalb Junction.

Cole, F. 0., Gasport.

Cole, F. S., Schroon Lake.

Cole, H., 1748 B'way, N.Y.

Cole, H. P., 1748 B'way, N.Y.

Cole, J. D., Alexandria Bay.

Cole, L. G., 103 Park av., N.Y,

Cole, M. H., Newfane.

Cole, P. G., Harlem Hosp., N.Y.

Cole, R. I., Rockefeller Inst., N.Y.

Cole, T., 242 W. 11th St., N.Y.

Cole, T. F., Romulus.

Cole, W. W., Silver Creek.

Colegrove, B. F., Van Etten.

Colegrove, J. P., Salamanca.

Colegrove, LaR., Elmira.

Colegrove, La V. C, Breesport.

Colegrove, S. P., Salamanca.

Colegrove, W. E., Horseheads.

Coleman, D., 7497 Amboy rd., Tottenvllle.

Coleman, D. E. S., 101 W. 78th st., N.Y.

Coleman, H. H., Mt. Vernon.

Coleman, J., 59 W. 90th st., N.Y.

Coleman, J. C, Goshen.
Coleman, M. A., 59 W. 90th st., N.Y.
Coleman, W., 58 W. 55th st., N.Y.
Coles, H. L., Tarrytown.

Coles, J. A., 17 W. 39th St., N.Y. ; also

Scotch Plains, N. J.
Coles, J. C, Ellenville.
Coley, W. B., 40 E. 41st St.; also 5 Park

av., N.Y.,
Colgan, F. J., Canandaigua.
Colgan, J. J., 191 Nassau st., Bklyn.
Colie, E. M., Jr., 120 W. 55th St., N.Y.
Coll, A. P., 153 Lexington av., N.Y.
Coller, J. W., Wellsville.
Colles, C. J., 115 E. 35th St., N.Y.
Collica, I., 337 E. 13th St., N.Y.
Collie, J. J., Geneva.

Collie, R. M., 706 Union st., Schenectady.
Collier, E. J., Amsterdam.
Collier, G. K., Sonyea.
Collier, M. C, Painted Post.
Collier, M. S., 606 Clinton av. N. ; also 1

Athens st., Rochester.
Collier, P. B., Kingston.
Collins, A. E., 1973 Niagara St., Buffalo.
Collins, B. C, 645 St. Mark's av., Bklyn.
Collins, C. E., Rensselaer.
Collins, C. F., 50 W. 55th st., N.Y.
Collins, F. B., Webster.
Collins, F. H., 1159 Park av., N.Y.
Collins, G. W., 261 7th av., N.Y.
Collins, H. D., 50 W. 55th st., N.Y.
Collins, J., 37 W. 54th st., N.Y.
Collins, J. H., 620 State st., Schenectady.
Collins, J. J., 1349 Dean st., Bklyn.
Collins, N. M., 43 East av. ; also 458 East

av., Rochester.
Collins, T. D., Ballstone Spa.
Collins, W. D., Hudson.
Collins, W. M., 695 St. Nicholas av., N.Y.
Collinson, T. J., Port Leyden.
Colyer, H. L., 153 W. 77th st., N.Y.
Colton, A. J., 25 E. Ferry St., Buffalo.
Colton, F. H., 136 Montague st., Bklyn.
Colton, S. J., Johnstown.

Columbia, T. B., 148 W. 80th st., N.Y.

Combes, A. C, 20 Elmhurst av., Elmhurst.

Combes, F. C, 165 E. 116th st., N.Y.

Comfort, A. M., Empire House, Syracuse.

Comfort, C. V. C, 510 Mercantile Bldg. ;
also 149 Barrington st., Rochester.

Commiskey, L. J. J., 189 6th av., Bklyn.

Comstock, E., 124 E. 27th st., N.Y.

Comstock, F. E., Wellsville.

Comstock, G. F., Saratoga Springs.

Comstock, G. S., 1626 Woodhaven av.,

Comstock, I. M., New York Mills.

Conant, J. B., Amsterdam.

Conant, M. C, 401 W. 118th st., N.Y.

Conboy, P., 82 East av., Rochester.

Concannon, J. J., 130 Claremont av., N.Y.

Conderman G., Hornell.

Condict, D. T., Goshen.

Cone, A., 1233 S. Salina st. , Syracuse.

Cone, H. A., 327 Central Park W., N.Y.

Cone, J., 826 Fox St., N.Y.



Oongdon, C. E., 859 Humboldt Parkway,

Congdon, C. E., Fort Plain.

Congdon, J. B., 664 Central av., Albany.

Congdon, W. 0., Cuba.

Conger, W. H., Madalin.

Conklin, C. R., 235 E. 57th St., N. Y.

Conklin, F. D., 369 St. Paul's av., Staple-

Conklin, J. R., Philmont.

Conklin, R. C, Batavia.

Conklin, W. H., 141 E. 45th St., N.Y.

Conklin, W. J., Fishkill.

Conklin, W. L., Dansville.

Conkling, G., Durham.

Conlan, T. P., 317 W. 51st st., N.Y.

Conley, D. H., Naples.

Conley, J. A., Penn Yan.

Conley, L. P., Clifton Springs.

Conley, W. H., Metropolitan Hosp., N.Y.

Connally, E. F., Whitehall.

Connell, E. J., 2970 Decatur av., N.Y.

Connell, K., 63 W. 49th St., N.Y.

Connelly, D., Kingston.

Connelly, W. H., Kingston.

Conner, E., 246 Lexington av., N.Y.

Conner, L. A., 121 E. 62d St., N.Y.

Conner, M. C, Middletown.

Conner, W. B., 309 Jefferson av., Roch-

Connor, J. E., 576 Dewey av., Rochester.

Connor, H. E., 95 Berry st., Bklyn.

Connors, J. F., 224 W. 79th St., N.Y.

Conolly, J. B., Glen Cove.

Conover, W. S., 2340 7th av., N.Y.

Conrow, M. W., 55 E. 55th St., N.Y.

Conroy, J. P., 167 W. 94th st., N.Y.

Conroy, P. J., Norwich.

Constable, H. L., 72 W. 48th St., N.Y.

Constantian, R. A. G., 17 E. 24th St., N.Y.

Constantlne, D. J., 528 West av., Buffalo.

Constantlne, J. E., 410 E. 117th st., N.Y.

Conterman, W. H., Central Square.

Conterno, G. W., 137 Macdougal st., N.Y.

Contessa, L, 319 E. 116th St., N.Y.

Contrell, R. G., 400 W. 23d St., N.Y.

Conway, D. L, 1203 S. Salina St., Syra-

Conway, F. C, 292 Madison av., Albany.

Conway, J. A., Hornell.

Conway, M. P., Auburn.

Conway, W. F., 288 N. Pearl st., Albany.

Conwell, R., 245 W. 30th St.; also 227 W.
134th St., N.Y.

Cook, A. E., 4802 11th av., Bklyn.

Cook, A. H., Dover Plains.

Cook, B. L. D., 819 Jefferson st., Buffalo.

Cook, C. P.. Hudson.

Cook, D., 103 E. 10th st., N.Y.

Cook, D. H.. 523 Clinton av., Albany.

Cook, E., 221 W. 57th St., N.Y.

Cook, E. B., 293 Monroe av., Rochester.

Cook, E. J., 1620 B'way, Buffalo.

Cook, F. H., Middletown.

Cook, F. R., 40 E. 41st St., N.Y.

Cook, G. R., 139 W. Castle St., Syracuse.

Cook, H. E., 109 W. 47th st., N.Y.

Cook, J. D., Shortsville.

Cook, J. T., 636 Delaware av., Buffalo.

Cook, M. B., 1388 Niagara St., Buffalo.

Cook, M. D., West Stockholm.

Cook, N., Sandy Creek.

Cook, R. G., Canandaigua.

Cooke, A. G., Johnstown.

Cooke, A. H., 411 Ashland av., Buffalo.

Cooke, A. S., 328 9th st., Bklyn.

Cooke, B. G., 531 W. 141st St., N.Y.

Cooke, J. B., 240 W. 138th st. ; also 616
Madison av., N.Y.

Cooke, R. A., 24 W. 50th st., N.Y.

Cooke, T. G., 177 Elm st., Richmond Hill.

Cooke, W. C, Moravia.

Cooke, W. S., Otego.

Cookingham, H. L., Red Hook.

Cooley, C. G., Montgomery.

Cooley, F. L, Hannibal Center.

Cooley, H. E., Angelica.

Cooley, J. S., Mineola.

Coolidge, E. L., 850 West End av., N.Y.

Coon, C. E., 509 S. Salina st., Syracuse.

Coon, E. N., De Ruyter.

Cooney, J. D., 201 W. 120th St., N.Y.

Cooney, M. J., Ossining.

Coonley, E. D., 198 Heberton av., Port

Coonley, F., 83 Livingston pi., West New

Coons, E. H., Gloversville.

Coons, W. S., Yonkers.

uooper, R. L., 340 W. 59th st., N.Y.

Cooper, R. S., 510 Ash st., Syracuse.

Cooper, W. G., Ogdensburg.

Coopernail, G. P., Bedford.

Copeland, R. S., 58 Central Park W., N.Y.

Copeland, W. J., Elmira.

Coppernoll, W. J., Newark.

Coppola, E. A., Mt. Vernon.

Corbett, E. L., 336 Alexander av. ; also
856 Eagle av., N.Y.

Corbett, S. F., 342 E. 143d St., N.Y.

Corbin, J., 296 McDonough St., Bklyn.

Corcia, J., 212 E. 61st St., N.Y.

Cordes, A. E., 394- A Graham av., Bklyn.

Cordes, F. W., 695 Bushwick av., Bklyn.

Cordner, R., Middletown.

Corish, J. L., 50 Herbert St., Bklyn.

Corman, J. W., North Tonawanda.

Cormier, J. A., 1 Franklin Sq., Rochester.

Cornelius, LaW. M., 1433 55th st., Bklyn.

Cornell, C. B., Warsaw.

Cornel], G. B., 570 7th St., Bklyn.

Cornell, I. M., Wappingers Falls.

Cornell, S. P., Sidney Center.

Corning, E., 281 State st., Albany.

Corning, J. L., 53 W. 38th St., N.Y.

Cornman, L. R., 209 Alexander st., Roch-

Cnrnthwaite, M. J., Ballston Spa.



Cornwall, E. E., 1239 Pacific St., Bklyn.
Cornwell, B. W., Williamsville; also 663

Main st., Buffalo.
Cornwell, H. C. deV., 173 Madison av.,

Cornwell, R. 6., Riverhead.
Corrigan, D. J., West Webster.
Corscaden, J. A., 440 West End av., N.Y.
Corsiglia, A., 42 Baxter st,, N.Y.
Corsiglia, J. B., 10 Franklin st., N.Y.
Cort, L. A., 89 Division av., Bklyn.
Cortright, C. B., 523 Herkimer st., Bklyn.
Corwin, A. S., Rye.
Corwin, B., University Heights, N.Y.
Corwin, B. F., 429 E. 21st st., Bklyn.
Corwith, S. R., Bridgehampton.
Coryell, C. C, 560 W. 180th St., N.Y.
Cosby, J. B., 362 W. 57th st., also 617 5th

av., N.Y.
Cosgrove, J. E., 1152 58th st., Bklyn.
Coss, E. M., Cattaraugus.
Cossitt, H. A., 146 W. 70th st., N.Y.
Costales, A., 1124 Putnam av., Bklyn.
Costello, M. E., Branchport.
Costello, P. V., 195 Euclid av., Bklyn.
Costigan, G., 63 W. 68th st., N.Y.
Costigan, H., 413 W. 34th St., N.Y.
Cott, C. C, 1195 Main st. ; also 330 Depew

av., Buffalo.
Cott, G. F., 0.195 Main st. ; also 330 Oepew

av., Buffalo.
Cotter, J. H., Poughkeepsie.
Cotter, J. H., 2d, 252 Havemeyer St.,

Cotter, J. I., Campbell Hall.
Cotter, J. J., 164 W. 73d st., N.Y.
Cotter, T. F., 544 W. 148th St., N.Y.
Cottis, E. A. F., Batavia.
Cottis, G. W., Jamestown.
Cotton, J., Burnt Hills.
Cotton, M. H., Manhasset.
Couch, A. S., Fredonia.
Couch, L. B., Nyack.
Couch, W. C, Watertown.
Coughlin, J. H., 970 Park av., N.Y.
Coughlin, J. H. F., 443 1st St., Troy.
Coughlin, R. E., 428 47th St., Bklyn.
Coumeigt, J., 1672 Broadway, N.Y.
Courten, H. C, 32 S. Johnson av., Rich-
mond Hill.
Coutant, R. B., Tarrytown.
Covell, C. A., 501 S. Salina st., Syracuse.
Covell, H. H., 103 East av., Rochester.
Covert, J. B., Geneva.
Covert, R. B., Seneca Falls.
Coville, L, Ithaca.
Cowan, J. A., 438 W. 44th st., N.Y.
Cowden, M. W., Gerry.
Cowell, W. A., Olean.
Cowen, W., 35 E. 60th st., N.Y.
Cowles, H. C, Jr., 97 Central Park W., N.Y.
Cowles, J. B., Fairport.
Cowper, H. W., 510 Franklin st., Buffalo.
Cox, C. N., 257 Jefferson av., Bklyn.

Cox, E. G., 261 State st., Albany.

Cox, F. J., 99 Washington av., Albany.

Cox, H. M., 285 St. Nicholas av., N.Y.

Cox, J. A., 35 Clinton av., Albany.

Cox, J. A., 216 E. 16th St., N.Y.

Cox, J. T., Penn Yan.

Cox, L. L., Locust Valley.

Cox, R., Jr., 47 W. 44th st., N.Y.

Cox, T. H., Lee Center.

Coxe, M. S., Dunkirk.

Coyle, E., 183 Nott ter., Schenectady.

Coyle, J. F., 434 W. 43d st., N.Y.

Coyle, J. G., 226 E. 31st St., N.Y.

Crabb, E. M., Cape Vincent.

Craft, G. H., Newark.

Craft, H., Stone Ridge.

Cragin, E. B., 10 W. 50th st., N.Y.

Cragin, G. E., Kenwood.

Craig, A., Kings Park.

Craig, C. S., Hamlin.

Craig, H., Ballston Spa.

Craig, H. A., 42 Franklin av., New Brigh-

Craig, J. D., 12 Ten Broeck St., Albany.

Craig, S. L., 53 W. 56th st., N.Y.

Craig, T. C, 187 Washington pk., Bklyn.;
also 66 Broadway, N.Y.

Craig, T. L., Davenport.

Craig, W. H., West Schuyler.

Craighead, N. B., Sonyea.

Crain, A. R., 576 5th av., N.Y.

Cramer, C. R., Fairport.

Cramer, H. U., Lockport.

Cramer, L. J., Castorland.

Cramer, R. M., 122 W. 73d st., N.Y.

Cramer, W. H., Copenhagen.

Cramp, W. C, 349 West End av., N.Y.

Crampton, C. W., 500 Park av., N.Y.

Crance, C. T., N. Tonawanda.

Crandall, C. E., Hudson Falls.

Crandall, C. S., 12 Steuben pk., Utica.

Crandall, E. L., 352 Broadway, Troy.

Crandall, F. M., 113 W. 95th st., N.Y.

Crandall, G. B., 1407 Fillmore av., Buffalo.

Crane, C. F., 483 E. 7th st., Bklyn.

Crane, C. G., 121 St. James pi., Bklyn.

Crane, F. A., Lowville.

Crane, J. M., Addison.

Crane, P. R., 301 State st., Bklyn.

Crane, S. E., Onondaga Valley.

Cranmer, C. C, 64 W. 88th st., N.Y.

Cranston, W. J., Walton.

Crary, G. W., 535 Park av., N.Y.

Craton, S. B., 500 University blk., Syra-

Craw, N. A., 302 Alexander av., N.Y.

Crawe, J. M., Watertown.

Crawford, F. D., 369 Clinton st., Bklyn.

Crawford, J. F., 236 Carroll st., Bklyn.

Crawford, J. J., Glendale.

Crawford, M. M., 296 New York av., Bklyn.

Crawford, R., Saugerties.

Creamer, J. M., 207 W. 56th St., N.Y.

Creeden, E. L., 230 W. 107th st., N.Y.



Creevey, G. M., 40 E. 63d St., N.Y.

Cregg, W. F., Camillus.

Crego, F. S. ( 478 Delaware av., Buffalo.

Cremin, J. F., 430 Convent av., N.Y.

Cremin, L. M., 357 W. 57th st., N.Y.

Cremin, P. W., S56 Lexington av., N.Y.

Crescitelli, R., 182 Hester st., N.Y.

Creveling, J. P., Auburn.

Crews, J. W., Pittsford.

Criado, L. F., 616 W. 116th St., N.Y.

Crigler, L. W., 40 E. 41st St., N.Y.

Crim, F. D., 241 Genesee St., Utica.

Cripps, P. C, 162 Glenwood av., Buffalo.

Criscuoli, L, 818 Bedford av., Bklyn.

Crisman, B. J., 89 Albany St., Utica.

вАҐrispell, E. W., Williamstown.

Crispin, A. M., 854 Lexington av., N.Y.

Crissey, G. W., Mechanicville.

Cristman, H. J., Herkimer.

Critchlow, G. R., 505 Norwood av., Buffalo.

Crocker, E., Narrowsburg.

Crocker, F. W., North Lawrence.

Crockett, R. L., Oneida.

Croff, C. C, 184 E. Genesee st., Buffalo.

Croff, J. B., 184 E. Genesee st., Buffalo.

Crofutt. E. F., 1053 Southern Boulevard,

Crohn, B. B., 75 E. 81st St., N.Y.

Crombie, W. C, Mechanicville.

Cromwell, C. D., York.

Cronin, J. J., 317 W. 55th st., N.Y.

Cronin, M. D., 74 S. Swan st., Albany.

Cronk, H. R., 855 West End av., N.Y.

Cronk, H. T., 25 W. 11th st., N.Y.

Cronk, J. M., Hyde Park.

Cronson, R., 133 W. 122d St., N.Y.

Cronyn, J. L. C, 49 Franklin st., Buffalo.

Crosby, F. A., Lockport.

Crosby, J. F., Seneca Falls.

Crosier, R. 0., Lestershire.

Cross, F. B., 141 7th av., Bklyn.

Cross, J. B., 423 Potomac av., Buffalo.

Cross, T. M. B., 352 W. 28th st., N.Y.

Crossman, J. E., E. Randolph.

Crough, H. T. , Mohawk.

Crounse, A. C. Melrose.

Crounse, F., Altamont.

Crounse, J., Altamont.

Crowe, E. R., 200 Alexander av., N.Y.

Crowe, T. M., 847 Ellicott sq., Buffalo.

Crowell, A. E., Rockdale.

Crowell, E. P., 409 Jefferson av., Bklyn.

Crowell, L. C, 314 S. Crouse av., Syracuse.

Crowley, J. F., Attica.

Crowley, M. F. J., 145 W. 90th st., N.Y.

Cruickshank, G. S., 27 Portage st., Buffalo.

Cruikshank, W. J., 102 Fort Greene pi.,

Crum, H. H., Ithaca.
Crumb, C. W., 190 Genesee st., Utica.
Crumb, J. M., South Otselic.
Crump, A. C, 20 W. 50th st., N.Y.
Crump, G. A., 672 E. 219th St., N.Y.

Crump, W. G., 837 Madison av., N.Y.

Cruse, T. K., Wappingers Falls.

Crutchley, W. F., 349 W. 14th st., N.Y.

Cruttenden, H. L., Morris.

Cuddeback, E. G., Port Jervis.

Cuddeback, W. D., Aurora.

Cuddeback, W. L., Port Jervis.

Cudmore, J. H., 216 E. 39th St., N.Y.

Cuff, W. E., 115 W. 87th St., N.Y.

Culbert, J. E., 125 Seymour St., Buffalo.

Culbert, W. L., 16 E. 54th st., N.Y.

Culkin, J. R., 213 Frank st., Rochester.

Culkowski, A. S., 311 S. Center St., Sche-

Cullen, A. I., Cambridge.

Culler, F. W., 114 W. 91st St., N.Y.

Cullinan, H. M., 7 Linden av., Bklyn.
Cullinane, C. R., 180 Seneca st., Buffalo.

Cullings, M. H., 422 S. Warren st., Syra-

Culver, C. M., 36 Eagle st., Albany.

Culver, C. W., Hammond.

Culver, D. J., Harrisville.

Cummings, C. E., 560 Auburn st., Buffalo.

Cummings, W., 148 W. 105th St., N.Y.

Cummins, F. M., Warwick.

Cummins, J. P. J., Ticonderoga.

Cummins, J. S., Warwick.

Cummins, T. J., Plattsburgh.

Cunniffe, E. R., 340 E. 194th St., N.Y.

Cunningham, C. B., Warrensburg.

Cunningham, J. A., 191 York St., Bklyn.

Cunningham, R. H., 236 W. 55th st., N.Y.

Cunningham, T. H., Glens Falls.

Cunningham, W. P.. 317 W. 14th St., N.Y.

Cuono, J. J., 200 Bleecker St., N.Y.

Curlette, J. F., Monticello.

Curran, S. C, Hudson.

Currie, T. J., Willard.

Currier, A. F., 145 W. 121st St., N.Y. ; also

Mt. Vernon.
Currier, C. G., 313 W. 102d St., N.Y.
Curry, G. P. M.. \1t. Kisco.
Curry, J. F., 203 Alexander av., N.Y.
Curry, S., Peekskill.
Curry, S. E., Hastings-on-Hudson.
Curtice, L. E., 385 W. Ferry st., Buffalo.
Curtin, T. H., 149th st. & 3d av., N.Y.
Curtin, W. A., 408 E. Genesee st., Syra-
Curtin, W. E., Cohoes.
Curtis, B. F. , Scarborough-on-Hudson.
Curtis, B. L., Poughkeepsie.
Curtis. C. T.. Livingston.
Curtis, D\, Jeddo.

Curtis, D. F., 488 South av., Rochester.
Curtis, E., 33 W. 69th St., N.Y.
Curtis, F. C, 17 Washington av., Albany.
Curtis, G. L., 43 W. 48th St., N.Y.
Curtis, H. H., 118 Madison av., N.Y.
Curtis. J. G., 401 W. 118th st., N.Y.
Curtis, N. F., White Plains.
Curtiss, C. E., Manlius.
Curtiss, M. A., Kirkville.



Cusack, E. J., Fulton.

Cussler, E., 76 E. 55th St., N.Y.

Cuthbert, W. C, Hudson Falls.

Cutler, A. W., Oneonta.

Cutler, Colman W., 8 E. 54th st. f N.Y. .

Cutler, Conflict W., 135 W. 76th st., N.Y.

Cutler, D., Bolivar.

Cutter, E., 262 W. 77th st., N.Y.

Cutter, H. P., 221 Genesee st., Utica.

Cutter, J. A., 262 W. 77th St., N.Y.

Cutter, W. D., Brewster.

Cutting, R., Campbell.

Cutujian, A., 71 Lexington av., N.Y.

Dade, C. T., 25 W. 50th st., N.Y.

Dadirrian, M. 6., 73 Lexington av. ; also

625 W. 113th St., N.Y.
Dailey, L. J., Gloversville.
Dake, W. E., 98 Clinton av. S., Rochester.
Dale, F. T., Depauville.
Dale, M. A., 33 1-2 W. 131st st., N.Y.
Daley, R. M., 43 E. 27th St., N.Y.
D' Alfonso, A., 118 Frank st., Rochester.
D'Alise, C, 195 2d av,. N.Y.
Dalmage, F. W., Hermon.
Dalphin, P. F., Malone.
Dalrvmple. F. W.. New Rochelle.
Dalton/w. A., 149 E. 63d st., N.Y.
Daly, D. D., Ellenburg Depot.
Daly, D. J., 107 E. 96th st., N.Y.
Daly, J. D., 777-A Union st., Bklyn.
Daly, K. L., 49 Chili av., Rochester.
Daly, W. C, 395 University av., Rochester.
Daly, W. S., Ogdensburg.
Daman, C. N., 331 Warren st. ; also 1309

E. Adams st., Syracuse.
D'Amato, N., 753 Union st., Bklyn.
d'Ambrosio, E., 223 E. 116th st., N.Y.
d'Ambrosio, L., 692 Liberty av., Bklyn.
Damon, N. L., 7 Glenada pi.; also 1173 E.

96th st., Bklyn.
Dana, C. L., 53 W. 53d st., N.Y.
Dana, H. T., Cortland.
Dandurand, S~. . Watertown.
Dandy, G. B., Jr., 348 VV. 57th st., N.Y.
Danelson, J. E., 663 Main st. ; also 4 Ash-
land av. , Buffalo.
Danforth, E. Bainbridge.
Danforth, L. L, 49 W. 52d st., N.Y.

D'Angelo, R., 366 Broome st., N.Y. ; also
128 Orchard st., Corona.

Dangler, H. W., 455 Classon av., Bklyn.

Daniel, A. S., 321 E. 15th st., N.Y.

Daniels, F. H., 103 W. 122d st., N.Y.

Daniels, J. H., 559 W. Ferry St., Buffalo.

Daniels, J. L., 167 W. 126th St., N.Y.

Dann, A., 12 Vick pk. A, Rochester.

Dann, L., 158 E. 113th st., N.Y.

Dann, N. R., 159 E. 37th st., N.Y.

Dann, R. H. V., Elmira.

Danner, E. W., 222 W. 59th St., N.Y.

Dannreuther, W. T., 2030 Broadway, N.Y.

Danser, E. G., 592 Walden av., Buffalo.

Dantes, M., 192 Lenox av., N.Y.

Danzi, E., 10 Spring st., N.Y.

Danziger, E., 63 W. 90th st., N.Y.
Darbois, t. 0., 425 58th St., Bklyn.
Dare, G. DeW., Morrisonville.
Darling B. C, 39 E. 33d st.,; also 622

W. 137th st., N.Y.
Darling, L. B., Palmyra.
Darling, N. B., 125 St. Felix st., Bklyn.
Darlington, T., 30 Church st., N.Y.
Darrach, W., 47 W. 50th st., N.Y.
Darrow, C. E., 116 East av., Rochester.
Darrow, S. W., Brockport.
Dart, W. S., Hobart.
Dattelbaum, M. J., 345 Stone av. ; also

1125 Eastern Parkway, Bklyn.
Daunais, J. C. E., Cohoes.
Davenport, H. I., Auburn.
Davey, B. T., 137 W. 69th st., N.Y.
David, F. H., 172 W. 76th st., N.Y.
Daviddow, T. J., 572 48th st., Bklyn.
Davidoff, H., 249 E. Broadway, N.Y.
Davidson, B. ; 151 Leonard St., Bklyn.
Davidson, D., 1363 2d av., N.Y.
Davidson, D., 446 Pacific st. Bklyn.
Davidson, I., 140 W. 111th st., N.Y.
Davidson, J., 173 E. 82d st., N.Y.
Davidson, J. MacB., Pyrites.
Davidson, J. R., South Bethlehem.
Davidson, R. T., 693 Bushwick av., Bklyn.
Davie, F. C, Angelica.
Davies, J. G. A., Nunda.
Davies, J. H., 552 Greenwich st. , N.Y.
Davies, M. J., 6 Steuben Park, Utica.
Davies, R. C, Granville.
Davies, T. F., Floral Park.
Davies, V. M., Congress.
D' Avignon, F. J., Ausable Forks.
D'Avignon, F. J., Jr., Ausable Forks.
Davin, J. P., 117 W. 76th st., N.Y.
Davis, A. B., 42 E. 35th St., N.Y.
Davis, A. E., 50 W. 37th st.. N.Y.
Davis, A. E., Pittsford.
Davis, A. T., Farmersville Station.
Davis, C. A., Altamont.
Davis, C. E., 75 Elk st., Albany.
Davis, C f E., Mecklenburg.
Davis, C. L., S. Dayton.
Davis, D. H., East Worcester.
Davis, E. E. , Forestville.
Davis, E. W., 57 W. 53d st., N.Y.
Davis, F., Jr., 17 W. 47th st. ; also 58 W.

47th St., N.Y.
Davis, F. W., 142 W. 12th st., N.Y.
Davis, G. E., 50 W. 37th st., N.Y.
Davis, G. G., Arcade.
Davis, G. H., Le Roy.
Davis, G. H., Brockport.
Davis, G. H., 580 Halsey st., Bklyn.
Davis, G. W., Peterboro.
Davis, H. W., Falconer.
Davis, J., Ray Brook.

Davis, J. C, 19 Cumberland st., Rochester.
Davis, J. C, 1888 Bathgate av., N.Y.
Davis, J. D., Springville.
Davis, J. E. L.,743 Madison av., N.Y.



Davis, J. F. ( 400 Hancock St., Bklyn.

Davis, J. G., 263 W. 21st St., N.Y.

Davis, J. J., 310 E. Broadway, N.Y.

Davis, J. 0., Gilbertsville.

Davis, J. W., Livingston Manor.

Davis, L. R., Oneida.

Davis, M. B., Patchogue.

Davis, S., 104 Marcy av., Bklyn.

Davis, S. A., Yonkers.

Davis, T. G., 426 E. 144th st., N.Y.

Davis, W., Gloversville.

Davis, W., 401 E. 152d st., N.Y.

Davis, W. B., Matteawan.

Davis, W. D., 6929 Ridge Boulevard, Bklyn.

Davis, W. H., 289 Decatur st., Bklyn.

Davis, W. Hy., 158 St. Mark's av., Bklyn.

Davis, W. 0., 12 Forest Parkway, Wood-

Davis, W. W. , Chester.

Davison, D. H., 1062 Madison av., N.Y.

Dawharn, R. H. M., 105 W. 74th st., N.Y.

Dawe, H. P., Pawling.

Dawes, S. L, 255 State st., Albany.

Dawley, M. W., Richfield Springs.

Dawson, H. G., Cape Vincent.

Dawson, E. A., 921 Bedford av., Bklyn.

Dawson, J. S., Perry.

Day, A. W., 234 52d st., Bklyn.

Day, E. F., Binghamton.

Day, E. G.. 27 W. 128th st., N.Y.

Day, J. W., 211 Powers Bldg., Rochester.

Day, L. M., Sidney.

Day, S. W., Auburn.

Dayton, H., 201 W. 55th st., N.Y.

Dayton, W. A., 57 W. 75th st., N.Y.

Deady, C, 151 W. 73d St., N.Y.

Deal, F. A., 3920 Broadway, N.Y.

Dean, A. E., Brocton.

Dean, D. A., 89 Riley st., Buffalo.

Dean, E. A., Lackawanna.

Dean, J.. 324 Jay st., Bklyn.

Dean, J. A., Kings Park.

Dean, J. W., Glens Falls.

Dean, L. W., 41 Gardner Bldg., Utica.

Dean, W. C, 26 Palmetto st., Bklyn.

Dean, W. I., Lyons.

Deane, H. H., Watertown.

Deane, W. C, 616 Madison av., N.Y.

Dearborn, F. M., 855 7th av., N.Y.

Dearden, J. E., 125 E. 91st st., N.Y.

Deary, L. E., 221 E. 19th st., N.Y.

Deavor, T. L., 803 E. Genesee s.t., Syra-

De Baun, R., Congress.

de Beer, J. B. D., 439 Hancock st., Bklyn.

de Bermingham, J. M., 106 W. 45th st.,

De Brodes, B. 6., Yonkers.

de Castro, E. M., Jr., 895 Union st., Bklyn.

de Castro, J. F., 357 Clinton st., Bklyn.

De Ceu, R. E., 2134 Seneca st., Buffalo.

Deck, L. L., Salamanca.

Deck, 0. H., Herkimer.

Decker, A. D., Pleasant Plains.

Decker, B. E., Bradford.

Decker, F. S., Bloomingdale.

Decker, J. A., Ulster Park.

Decker, J. J., 1939 Washington av., N.Y.

Decker, J. W., 51 W. 54th st., N.Y.

Decker, W. M., 1336 Main st., Buffalo.

De Coste, S. H., 170 Barbey St., Bklyn.

Decot, V. A., 725 Genesee st., Buffalo.

Dederer, C, 609 W. 127th st., N.Y.

Dederick, A. S., Rhinebeck.

Dee, W. V., 290 Bridge St., Bklyn.

Deegan, H. B., Canaserago.

Deely, G. E., 132 Montague st., Bklyn.

Deems, F. M., 289 Madison av., Flushing.

Deevy, J. P., 242 E. 83d st., N.Y.

De Filippi, F. A., 69 Mott St., N.Y.

DeForest, H. P., 150 W. 47th St., N.Y.

De Freest, H. E., McKinley sq., Troy.

De Garmo, W. B., 616 Madison av., N.Y.

De Graff, A., Guilderland.

De Grandpre, A. A., Plattsburgh.

De Gregori, P. H., 423 Metropolitan av..

De Groat, H. K., 359 Lafayette av. ; also
218 Carolina st., Buffalo.

de Hart, H. G. V., White Plains.

Deitz, W. E., Berne.

De Kay, W. H., Hurley ville.

DeKlyn, C. C, New Rochelle.

de Kraft, F., 148 W. 70th st., N.Y.

de Kraft, H., 119 W. 49th st., N.Y.

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