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E. W. Pinkham, F. A. Dorman, H. D. Furniss; Orth. Surgs., W. A. Plimpton, H. L.


Taylor; Assts., C. Ogilvy, F. H. Albee; Rectal Surg., S. G. Gant; Asst K K. McAlpine;
Aur. Surgs., J. F. McKernon, W. C. Phillips, J. B. Rae; Assts., D. MacPherson, W C.
McFarland, R. L Loughran; Ped., H. D. Chapin, A. Caille; Assts., a. R. Pise^; Ophth.,
L M. Alger, A. E. Davis; Assts., J. E. Virden, 0. W. A. Schirmer; Derm., W. B. Brown,
S. PolHtzer; Assts. M. B. Parounagian, T. G. Lusk; G.-U., R. Guiteras, E. Fuller J.
B. Squier; Assts., W. Ayres, J. Pedersen; Neur., G. M. Hammond, M. Schlapp J. J. MUc-
Phee; Assts., S. E. Jelliffe, H. C. DeV. Cornwell, W. J. Maloney; Nose and Throat, C. C.
Rice, H. B. Douglass; Assts., T. L. Harris, F. S. Lovell, J. B. Ferguson; Obst., G L.
Brodhead; Assts., H. P. DeForest, W. H. W. Knipe; Phthisiother., S. A. Knopf; Path.,
F. E. Sondern, W. J. McNeal, V. C. Myers; X-Ray, A. H. Holden.

PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL,.— Madison av. and 70th st. Tel. 1613 Lenox.
Ambulance district, 59th to 96th sts., Central Park to Third av. For the sick poor of
New York City. Patients admitted by Superintendent, on recommendation of a
manager, after examination by House Physician or Surgeon, or on recommendation
of a physician or surgeon of the hospital, subject to the approval of the Executive

Supt, C. I. Fisher, M.D.; Vis. Phys., F. P. Kinnicutt, W. P. Northrup, W. B. James,
J. S. Thacher, T. C. Janeway; Asso., G. A. Tuttle, D. Bovaird, Jr., W. T. Longcoop,
T. S. Hart; Vis. Surgs., E. Eliot, Jr., J. A. Blake; Asso., G. Woolsey, F. Hawkes, A.
V. S. Lambert; Assts., C. A. McWilliams, J. A. Hartwell, H. Auchincloss; 2d Assts.,
J. W. Jameson, J. A. Corscaden; Vis. Path., W. G. MacCallum; Vis. Phys. to Roentgen
Ray, E. W. Caldwell; Cons. Staff: Surgs., C. McBurney, C. K. Briddon; Gyn., E. B.
Cragin; Neur., M. A. Starr; Laryn., W. K. Simpson; Otol., G. Bacon; Orth., N. M.
Shaffer; Derm., G. T. Jackson; G.-U., A. T. Osgood; Ansest., T. L. Bennett; Ophth., A.

RECEPTION HOSPITAL..— Foot of E. 16th st. (Health Department.) For tem-
porary care of contagious diseases awaiting transfer to Department of Health Hospital.

RED CROSS HOSPITAL, (THE NEW YORK) — 395 Central Park W., bet.
99th and 100th sts.

Cons. Staff: Med., E. Le Fevre; Neur., G. Jacoby; Orth., V. P. Gibney; Alienist, W.
Mabon; Ophth., C. H. May, F. Van Fleet; Anaest., T. L. Bennett; Otol. and Laryn., W. C.

Vis. Staff: Surgs., I. S. Haynes, H. D. Meeker; Phys., L. K. Neff; Gynec, S. Marx;
Oto. -Laryn., R. J. Held, S. J. Kopetzky; Ophth., J. M. Mills; G.-U., F. Bierhoff; Obst.,
I. L. Hill; Ped., G. R. Pisek; Att'd Surgs., P. Syms, J. F. Connors; J. J. Moorhead,
Att'd Phys., S. A. Brown; Asst. Surgs., P. S. Boynton, A. T. Rossano; Asst. Gynec, W.
L. Bradley, J. E. Fuld, L. Marcus; Asst. Phys., H. G. Harris, W. G. Eynon, P. C.
Pumyea; Ansest., N. DeL. Fletcher, C. J. Pick, L. T. Griffith, H. C. Cowles, Jr., J. E.
Lumbard, H. K. Kellogg; Neur., S. P. Goodhardt; Asst. Oto- Laryn., C. Imperatori; Clin.
Path., A. T. Gonzales; Asst. Path., M. C. Pease, L. H. Berliner; Proctol., R. Offenbach.

RIVERSIDE HOSPITAL, North Brother Island. Department of Health. Re-
ceives contagious diseases.

Vis. Phys., A. R. Braunlich, E. J. Richardson.


Department of Health. For advanced cases only, with tubercle bacilli in the sputum.
Admission through Tuberculosis Hospital Bureau, 426 First av.

Vis. Phys., S. A. Knopf, J. H. Huddleston, W. J. Pulley, B. H. Waters, J. M. Creamer.


A. Tel. 6800 Plaza. Med. Dir., R. I. Cole, M.D.; Res. Phys., H. T. Swift.

ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL 55th to 59th st and 9th av. Tel. 2340-1-2-3-4

Columbus. Medical, surgical and gynecological cases and children admitted. Con-
tagious diseases not admitted. Cases admitted between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M., accident
and emergency cases at all hours. Application should be made to hospital. Those I
unable to apply visited at home. Patients living out of the city must send certificate
of reputable physician, stating nature and probable duration of disease. $10.50 per
week in wards to those able to pay.

Supt., C. B. Grimshaw; Cons. Board: Phys., F. Delafield, G. L. Peabody, W. H. Thom-
son; Surgs., R. Abbe, R. R. Weir, J. A. Blake, L. W. Hotchkiss; Gynec, T. A. Emmet,
R. Watts; Neur., P. Bailey; Laryn., J. E. Newcomb; Ophth., W. S. Holden; Otol., G. I
Bacon; Derm., C. T. Da<3e; Path., T. N. Prudden; Bacteriol., A. Wadsworth; Vis. Phys.,
F. W. Jackson, J. S. Thacher, E. Evans; Vis. Surgs., G. E. Brewer, C. H. Peck: Gynec, G.
H. Tuttle, H. C. Taylor; Jr. Phys., A. E. Sumner; Jr. Surgs., W. Darrach, C. N. Dowd;
Jr. Gynec, W. P. Healy; Path., M. Warren.


LIEF OF.)— 321 E. 42d st. Tel. 1253- Murray Hill. Curable children from four to
fourteen years, who are ruptured and crippled, received. Appliances and bandages
free to indigent adults. A moderate charge is made to others. No contagious cases
taken. Apply to Superintendent from 1 to 3 P. M., except Sun. and holidays.

Supt., 0. H. Bartine; Surg.-in-Chief, V. P. Gibney; Cons. Staff: Surgs., R. Abbe,
J W S Gouley, C. McBurney, J. D Bryant, H. S. Stearns, A. S. Taylor; Phys., F. P.
Kinnicutt, L. E. Holt, A. A. Smith, W. B. James, A. Flint, Jr., S. W. Lambert; Derm.,
L. D. Bulkley; Ophth. Surg., D. Webster; Aur. Surg., G. Bacon; Neur., P. Bailey, C. L.
Dana; Laryn., D. B. Delavan; Att'd Phys., N. B. Potter, W. Tillinghast Bull; Assts., A. H.
Busby, A. Vander Veer, Jr.; Orth. Dept., Asso. Surgs., W. R. Townsend, R. Whitman;
Assts., H. Gibney, H. L. Taylor, A. H. Cilley, C. Wallace, W. W. Strang; Hernia Dept.,
Att'd Surgs., W. B. Coley, J. B. Walker; Assts., W. A. Downes, J. H. Waterman.

E. 17th st. For women and girls of good character, and children who need care,
nursing and rest.

Summer Branch, St. Andrew's Rest, Woodcliff Lake, N. J.

ST. ANN'S MATERNITY HOSPITAL (the lying-in Department of the N. Y.
Foundling Hospital).— 130 E. 69th st. Tel. 1187-1188 Plaza. Unmarried, pregnant for
the first time, and destitute married women, or for those who can afford to pay.
Apply to the Superior, Sister Teresa Vincent.

Vis. Phys., J. Aspell; Asst. Vis. Phys., W. J. Maroney; Cons. Phys., H. C. Coe.

ST. ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL 415-419 W. 51st st. Under the care of the

Sisters of St. Francis. No contagious diseases.

Supt., Mother Celso; Att'd Phys. and Surgs., J. R. Alvarez, D. Bissell, R. Eastman,
W. T. Gibb, H. Griswold, G. T. Harrison, F. C. Hollister, H. C. Hazen, J. J. Noll, P.
Outerbridge, E. S. Peck. E. Quinn, J. N. West, J. A. Wyeth, J. V. D. Young, C. C.
Barrows, J. L. Adams, T. Morgan, H. F. Quackenbos, w. Gilrlay, J. Taylor, J. Quinn,
W. Morgan, J. Byrne, H. D. Meeker, A. Newman, W. Ford, W. P. Healy, R. Graham,
C. I. Proben, B. Tilton, D. E. Walker, W. R. Thompson, G. W. Fitch, F. Coerr, F. A.
Cleland, G. B. Lee, N. J. Marxuach, W. McMurdy, S. W. Stone, F. E. Neef, F. H. Richards,
H. S. Pascal, W. I. Dannreuther, P. H. Gray, W. Young, E. McDonald, G. W. Kosmak, V.
Sillo, C. F. Adams, F. L. Taylor, T. J. Carney, A. M. Lesser, H. P. MaoGregor, J. J.
McGrath, G. Boskowitz, W. H. Stratford, J. E. MacKenty, D. J. Phelan, A. M. Beckary,
}. L. Andrews, W. Gill Wylie, R. H. Wylie, M. Wolk.

ST. FRANCIS HOSPITAL E. 142d st., bet. Brook and St. Ann's avs. Tel.

2514 Melrose. In charge of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. No ambulance. For
medical and surgical treatment of the sick poor. Only curable and non-contagious
cases admitted. Capacity, 450 beds.

Phys. -in-Chief, J. Doming; Vis. Phys., A. Seibert, L. F. Warner, T. F. M'cParlin, A. M.
Leon, J. E. Shrady, A. R. Braunlich; Vis. Surgs., J. Rogers. W. Downes; Asst. Vis. Phys.,
L. von Roeder, F. L. Donlon, F. E. Marscheider, E. C. Podvin, D. J. Donovan, W. E.
Neuman; Asst. Vis. Surgs., F. C. Edgerton, F. S. Matthews; Cons. Phys., F. E. Miller,
C. M. Cauldwell, F. Schwyzer; Cons. Surgs., F. Kammerer, S. Lloyd; Path., J. H. Larkin;
Asst. Path., G. A. Rueck; Elect. -Ther., J. P. McParlan; Derm., C. M. Dillingham; Ophth.,
J. B. Lynch; Laryn., M. J. Schwerd; Neur., J. J. McPhee; Otol., R. Lewis; Orth..
G. R. Elliott.

St. Francis Home. — 609 Fifth st. Annex to St. Francis Hospital. For the care of chronic
and incurable cases. Phys., L. Haupt, G. T. Mundorff; Res. Phys., J. S. Richards.

Tel. 3398 Murray Hill. Maintains the Floating Hospital, New York Harbor, C. W.
Hart, Supt., and the Seaside Hospital, New Dorp, S. I., C. W. Goodwin, M.D., Supt.

Att'd Staff Phys., D. Bovaird, Jr., R. G. Freeman, G. P. Jessup; Adjs., F. E. Butler.
M. Leale, W. M. Hartshorn, E. M. Colie, Jr.; Surg., A. L. Fisk; Adj., S. I. Rainforth ;
Orth. Surg., R. Whitman: Adj., C. H. Jaeger; Cons. Staff: Phys., A. Jacobi, L. E. Holt;
Surg., F. S. Dennis; Orth., V. P. Gibney.

144th sts., bet. Brook and St. Ann's avs. In charge of the Sisters of the Poor of St.
Francis. Free to the poor. Capacity, 500 beds. Vis. days, Sun. and Thurs., 2 to 4.
Apply to Sister Superior at the hospital, 8 A. M. to 1 P. M.

Phys. -in-Chief, F. H. Dillingham; Phys.-in-Charge, H. Wollner; Vis. Phys., C. A.
Rhodes, A. R. Branhlich, J. F. Holmes, W. A. Dalton, S. Milbank, W. L. Eyers, J. L. Din-
ning, G. H. Matthews, H. L. Shively, J. B. Huber, H. H. Rowland, A. H. Montgomery, J.



D. Kernan, Jr., 0. R. Lucas; Vis. Surg., E. M. Foote; Orth., G. R. Elliott; Laryn., M. J.
Sehwerd; Ophth., J. B. Lynch; Derm., F. H. Dillingham; Path., J. H. Larkin; Cons.
Phys., C. M. Cauldwell, J. Doming, F. E. Miller; Res. Phys., P. J. McKenzie.

ST. LAWRENCE HOSPITAL —Edgecombe Road and W. 163d st.

Supt., Sister M. Ignatius; Cons. Staff: Phys., C. MacGuire; Surg., J. D. Bryant; Gynec,
j. Aspell; Att'd Staff: Phys., T. Kelly; Surgs., S. J. Walsh, T. D. Merrigan.

ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL.— 113th st. and Amsterdam av. Tel. 780 Horningside.
No ambulance. Medical and surgical treatment for acute curable and non-contagious
diseases. Children's wards. Board in wards for adults, $10.50 per week; for children,
J6. Free to those certified as unable to pay. Apply between 10 A. M. and 5 P. M.
Physicians will be sent to examine patients living in New York for admission if confined
to beds.

Supt., Rev. G. F. Clover; Cons. Staff: Phys., C. W. Packard, F. P. Kinnicutt, B. Rob-
inson, H. F. Walker, F. Delafield, Van H. Nome; Surgs., C. McBurney, L. B. Bangs, F.
W. Murray, J. A. Blake, B. F. Curtis; Orth. Surg., N. M. Shaffer; Laryn., D. B. Delavan;
6ynec., W. M. Polk; Path., T. M. Prudden; Derm., G. T. Elliot; Neur., P. Bailey; Otol.,

E. R. Dench; Vis. Staff: Phys., A. W. Hollis, S. W. Lambert, C. F. Collins; Asso. Att'd
Phys., F. S. Meara, H. S. Patterson, E. W. Gould, L. F. Frissell; Surgs., R. Abbe, C. L.
Gibson; Asso. Att'd, H. H. M. Lyle, W. Martin; Orth. Surg., T. H. Myers; Ophth., C. W.
Cutler; Path., F. C. Wood.

ST. MARK'S HOSPITAL.— 177 and 179 2d av. Tel. 1180 Orchard. So ambu-
lance. Physicians can attend their own patients with permission of the visiting phy-
sician. Those unable to pay received free; others charged $8 per week in wards.
Obstetrical and children's wards. Contagious cases excluded. Out-door department
always open.

Supt., Elsie Weickert; Cons. Staff: Phys., R. W. Wilcox; Surg., C. McBurney; Ophth.,
W. F. Mittendorf; Gyn., H. J. Garrigues; Obst., C. A. Von Ramdohr; Otol. -Laryn., W.
Freudenthal; Vis. Staff: Phys., I. M. Rottenberg, H. Stern; Surgs., B. T. Tilton, C.
Pfister, C. P.. L. Putnam; Vis. Gyn., A. Shulman, A. Von Grimm; Vis. Obst. and Ped., 0.
Maier; Derm., L. Weiss; Bacter. , H. T. Brooks; Path., H. Kreuder.

Tel. 6515 Murray Hill. Under the charge of the Sisters of St. Mary (P. E.). Children
from two to fourteen years with acute or curable diseases received. Apply to Sister
Superior. Patients out of town must send physician's certificate stating nature of

Vis. Staff: G. M. Swift, C. N. Dowd, F. S. Mathews, W. A. Downes, C. E. Farr, P. Van
Ingen; Cons. Staff: R. Watts, F. Delafield, C. McBurney; Neur., M. A. Starr; Path., W. C.
Clarke; Asst., Ten E. Elmdorf; Radiog., A. H. Busby; Bacter., T. F. Bridgman.

For Out- Door Department see The Wilkes Dispensary. There is a Country Branch at
Norwalk, Conn., for cases needing a change of air. Open June 15th to Oct. 1st. Phys.-
in-Charge, C. G. Bohannan.

ST. VINCENT'S HOSPITAL 11th and 12th sts. and 7th av. In charge of

the Sisters of Charity. Medical and surgical treatment. No contagious diseases. Wards
free to the destitute sick. Those able to pay charged $6 per week. Accommodates 380
patients. Out-patient department open daily (except Sunday), 2 to 4 P. M. Ambulance
service. Only men visitors allowed Sunday. In extreme illness, visits of immediate
relatives or friends not restricted to regular days or hours.

Vis. Staff: Phys., C. J. MacGuire, H. M. Biggs, T. Kelly, J. M. Ferrer, C. E. Nammack,
W. L. Baner, J. B. Bissell; Assts., P. Murray, M. 0'Rourke; Surgs., F. S. Dennis, J. D.
Bryant, G. D. Stewart, S. J. Walsh, L. L. Keyes, Jr.; Assts., J. J. Higgins, W. C. Lusk.
W. S. Ford; Gynec, J. Aspell, W. J. M'aroney; Laryn., F. J. Quinlan; Asst., J. A.
0'Connell: Ophth., P. A. Callan; Paths., J. H. Larkin, A. R. Mandel; Cons. Staff: Surgs.,
J. W. S. Gouley, S. Smith, C. Phelps; Gynec, W. Polk, R. F. Weir; Neur., E. Fisher;
Laryn., F. E. Bosworth; Derm., P. A. Morrow; Orth. Surg., R. H. Sayre; Radiol., G. M.

SETON HOSPITAL.— Spuyten Duyvil Parkway, Spuyten Duyvil. Tel. 56-57 Kings-
bridge. No ambulance. For the better treatment of consumption. In charge of the
Sisters of Charity. All stages of the disease received. 220 beds. The Nazareth Branch,
exclusively for women and children, has 216 beds. Those able to pay are charged $7
per week in the wards. Application for admission may be made through the attending
physicians, the Sister in charge, or the Superintendent of Public Charities. Children
under five years of age admitted.


Cons. Staff: Phys., F. Delafield, T. M. Prudden, A. M. Shrady; Laryn., C. Wagner W.
K. Simpson; Ophth., F. J. Parker; Att'd Staff: Phys., J. C. Greenway,' J. M. Kent, c!
Martin, L. Cussler, I, 0. Woodruff, P. Irving, T. Kelly, R. G. Stillman, M. F. Black,' W.
Bradshaw, H. James, A. Swann, J. H. Telfair, H. C. Thacher, A. Vander Veer, R.' W.
Macintyre; Att'd Laryn. and Otol., C. D. Van Wagenen; Orth. Surgs., R. A. Hibbs, R. G.
Moore, B. P. Farrell; Assts., R. G. Moore, T. L. Saunders; Path., D. C. Martin.

SKIN AND CANCER HOSPITAL. (NEW YORK).— 2d av. and 19th st.
Open to all afflicted with diseases of the skin, or cancer, who are unable to pay
for medical attendance. Those able to, pay $7 per week. For admission apply to the
Superintendent 11 to 5, except Sun. or holidays.

Supt., Miss S. Burns; Cons. Staff: D. M. Stimson, D. Webster, R. F. Weir, J. A. Wyeth,
E. L. Keyes, D. B. Delavan, W. Meyer, W. M. Polk, R. Abbe, W. Van V. Hayes, L. a!
Pilcher, A. B. Duel, G. M. Hammond; Vis. Staff: L. D. Bulkley, H. H. Whitehouse, F.
Torek, W. S. Bainbridge.

SLOANE HOSPITAL, FOR WOMEN (formerly Sloane Maternity Hospital
of the College of Physicians and Surgeons). — 447 W. 59th st. Tel. 240 Columbus. No am-
bulance. Emergency obstetrical cases received any hour. Gynecological cases should
apply at 10.30 A. M. All others at 2 P. M'., except Sunday.

Supt., M. M. Russell; Cons. Obst., J. W. McLane; Att'd Obst. and Gynec, E. B. Cragin;
Asst. Att'd Obst., J. D. Voorhees, F. A. Dorman; Asst. Att'd Gynec, F. R. Oastler W

SYDENHAM HOSPITAL — 331-347 E. 116th st. Tels. 5438-5439-5440 Harlem.

Vis. Staff: Phys., R. Kunitzer; Adj., E. Spitzer; Surg., A. E. Isaacs; Adj., S. Spiegel-
berg; Asst., J. M. Lipschutz; Gyn., M. Rosenthal; Adjs., F. H. Mosler, L. Friedman, L.
Harris; Asst., H. Biscow; Derm., M. Michailovsky ; Asst., L. Contessa; G.-U. Surg., S. W.
Schapira; Adj., F. J. Schoenenberger; Obst., H. Jarmulowsky; Adjs., J. Jarcho, E. K.
Browd; Asst., A. Lightstone; Children, F. L. Wachenheim; Adj., B. Wronker, J. Koron-
efsky; Asst., L. Kunz; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, H. Jarecky; Adj., J. Weinstein; L. P.
Bernstein, S. Ingerman, A. Herzig; Path., J. H. Larkin; Adjs., F. Goldfrank, I. J.' Levy;
Asst., M. H. Freund; Radiog., I. S. Hirsch; Adj., I. J. Landsman; Admit. Phys., H. Ken-
dall; Adj., J. Ziporkes.


to 233 E. 57th st. Clinics daily at 2 P. M. and Tues., Thurs. and Sat. 8 P. M., except
Sun. and holidays.

Supt., S. E. Pendexter, M. D. ; E. J. Bermingham, Surg. -in-Chief ; E. A. Miller, Exec.
Surg.; Cons. Staff: H. H. Curtis, P. Syms, N. B. Potter, D. A. McAuliffe, R. G. Reese, J.
L. Adams, W. J. Morton, W. G. Thompson, G. M. MacKee, S. J. Kopetzky; Throat, Nose and
Ear, Surgs., S. Goldstein, J. A. Maclsaacs, F. C. Smith, R. J. Held, L. M. Hurd; Asst., M.
L. Carr, E. C. Fassett, L. M. Mooney, W. Ferguson, S. E. Pendexter; Clin. -Assts., A. W.
Thompson, J. J. Cosgrove, D. H. Jones, I. Cohn, V. Mildenberg, F. H. Collins, V. J. Or-
lando, N. Fletcher; Eye, P B. Hough, A. D. Mittendorf, J. A. Meek; Asst., F. Churchill ;
Heart and Lungs, N. N. Stark, J. A. Devlin, I. Cohn, A. G. Larkin; Tuberc. Dir. of
Camp, H. H. Curtis; Phys., S. Goldstein, De L. Carter, N. N. Stark, S. Tannenbaum; S.
Friedman, S. Floersheim, A. R. Crain ; Electro. -Therap. and Radiog., A. J. Quimby, G. M.
MacKee; Path., S. Friedman; Asst., S. Tannenbaum; Ansest., C. J. Pick. L. T. Griffith;
Dental and Oral Surg., W. D. Tracy, H. S. Vaughan, M. C. Tracy, S. De Sola, H. H.
Ruthling, G. W. Hobby, C. Cole, L. E. Palmer, J. H. Mayer, A. Pimienta, M. King, A. No-
dine, W. Aronstein, E. J. Requa, E. Senior.


av. Tel. 3906 Tremont.

Vis. Surg., H. Roth; Att'd, C. A. Holmes; Asso., J. L. Amster, A. E. Munson; Att'd
Phys., J. F. Holmes, G. Starke, N. B. Van Etten, W. A. Boyd; Asso'., H. Wollner; Gyn., F.
W. Loughran; Asso., E. F. Specht, T. F. Lancer; Ped., E. F. Hurd; Asso., W. H. Kahrs;
Otol., C. H. Smith; Ophth., J. E. Virden; Obst., L. F. W. Haas.

VOLUNTEER .HOSPITAL — 93 Gold st. Tel., Office, 41 Beekman; Ambulance,
42 Beekman.

Supt., F. S. Allen; Cons. Staff: Surgs., W. T. Helmuth, G. T. Stewart; Phys., St. C.
Smith, G. B. Sterns, R. F. Rabe, D. E. S. Coleman, W. H. Freeman; Gynec, E. G. Tuttle;
Obst., W. G. Crump, L. L. Danforth; Aurist, G. W. McDowell; Ped., J. T. Slmonson;
Rhinol., J. B. Palmer; Ocul., E. S. Munson; Orth., H. P. Cole; Att'd Staff: Phys., J. W.
Fox, H. P. Gillingham; Assts., W. M. Van Zandt, J. C. Bradner, F. M. Smith, H. S. Phelps;
Surgs., R. A. Stewart, J. H. Fobes, C. H. Duncan; Assts., E. W. Kellogg. G. W. Lutton;


Gynec. , C. Gennerich, B. B. Sheldon; Derm., F. M. Dearborn; Therap., W. H. Dieff en-
bach; Neur. and Alienist, R. Turner; Ped. , P. C. Thomas; Rhin. and Laryn., M. W.
Conrow; Anasst., L. F. Cocheu; Path., W. D. Duckworth; Orth., A. J. Savage.

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS HOSPITAL, 552 and 554 W. 165th st. Tel. 3090,

3091 Audubon. Att'd Staff: Surg., Gynec. and Obst., C. C. Sichel; Assts., A. Haberstroh,
L. Neuwelt, D. H. Levy; Phys., S. 0. Sabel, G. R. Satterlee; Assts., J. B. Gere, J. S.
Kenny; Nose and Throat, I. Friesner, J. C. Sharp; Eye, A. Braun; Skin, H. Fox; Neur.,
G. Scholer; G.-U., J. Van der Poel; Exam. Phys., F. F. Kosak.

WILLARD PARKER HOSPITAL. Foot of E. 16th st. Tel. 1600 Stuyvesant.

Ambulance district, Borough of Manhattan. Persons suffering from diphtheria and
scarlet fever are received. Those suffering from other contagious diseases are received
at the Reception Hospital.

Gen. Med. Officer, H. M. Biggs; San. Supt., W. Bensel; Cons. Otol., A. P. Duel; Cons.
Path., S. Flexner; Att'd Staffs: Phys., H. W. Berg, J. E. Winters, A. T. Swan, L. Fischer,
H. D. Chapin, M. Nicoll, Jr., A. S. Hess, J. H. Huddleston, R. P. Cole, R. S. Haynes;
Gyn., W. E. Studdiford: Otol., P. D. Kerrison; Surg., T. A. Smith; Laryn., H. L. Lynah;
Bact., W. H. Park; Asst. Att'd, F. H. Bartlett, B. R. Hoobler, E. Long, P. Van Ingen, 6.
R. Pisek, J. F. Nagle, 0. M. Schloss, J. S. Leopold, J. W. Bullowa, H. S. Satterlee, A. W.
Bingham, F. S. Fielder, G. B. Wallace.

bet. Columbus and Amsterdam avs. Tel. 3969 Riverside. No ambulance. For treatment
of diseases peculiar to women. Chronic, contagious and cancer cases not received.
Apply to the Superintendent, Miss Elizabeth J. Van Slyke, M. D.

Vis. Staff: L. Broun, P. F. Chambers, C. Cleveland, D. Bissell, A. Flint, Jr., J. R. Goffe;
\ssts., C. G. Child, Jr., W. M. Ford, H. Grad, E. W. Pinkham, R. M. Rawls, E. M.
Hawks; Asso., G. L. Brodhead, G. D. Hamlen, F. Hawkes, G. B. Lee, M. Mcean, C. A.
McWilliams, G. H. Mallett, F. R. Oastler, A. Sturmdorf, R. B. Talbot, E. E. Tull, R.
Waldo, G. G. Ward, Jr., G. Woolsey, J. C. Taylor, R. H. Wylie; Gynec, O.P.D., G. Gibson,
C. P. Gray, J. G. Hirons, W. M. Morgan.

WORKHOUSE HOSPITAL (Dept. of Correction), Blackwell's Island. Cons.
Staff: Surgs., J. P. Tuttle, J. B. Squier; Phys., C. E. Bruce, G. W. Wallace; Ophth., W.
B. Marple; Vis. Phys., T. J. Abbott, S. Tynberg, J. H. Wyckoff, 0. S. Wightman; Vis.
Surgs., W. T. Gibb, A. S. Morrow. F. C. Yeomans; Ophth., E. F. Krug, G. Young; Neur.,

F. A. Scratchley, E. L. Hunt; G.-U., F. J. Schonenberger; Asst., R. W. Hall.



FOR NURSES, BAY RIDGE.— 60th st. and 2d av. Tel. 3511 J Sunset.

Matron, A. Spence; Disp. Staff; E. C. Bennett, Chief; Surg, and Diseases of Women, B.

G. Blackmar, E. C. Bennett, R. C. Williams; Gen. Med. and Tuberc. Clin., F. E. A. Stoney,
Chief; R. Hills, R. E. Coughlin, T. C. Guenther, Assts.; Children, S. Beck, H. J. L.
Schroeder, C. M. Fisher; Nose and Throat, M. S. Ittelson, J. J. M'asterson; Eye and
Ear, R. Hills, N. E. Farewell; Skin and G. U., J. Logue; Gen. Clin. Assts., J. J. M. Carey,
J. C. Graham. Registrar, R. E. Spence.

BETHANY DEACONESS HOSPITAL.— 237 St. Nicholas av., B'klyn. Tel.
486 Bushwick. For the treatment of all non-contagious diseases. Contains thirty-five
beds. Those able to, pay $8 per week in the wards.

Chief-of-Staff, P. Manecke; Cons. Staff: Surg., L. S. Pilcher; Gynec, J. 0. Polak;
Phys., J. Fuhs, E. E. Cornwall; Eye, E. Schalck; Nose and Throat. C. N. Cox; Path., H.
A. Higley; Vis. Surg., W. F. Koerner, W. B. Chase, J. G. Dickert, C. Lubrecht, C. Hettes-
heimer. H. A. Wade; Vis. Phys., W. H. Ross; Att'd Phys., G. Buttschardt, L. Koempel,
R. T. Wheeler.

BRADFORD STREET HOSPITAL.— A branch of the Kings County
Hospital. For purely emergency work. Emergency ambulance service.

Supt., M. D. Jones, M. D. Staff is the same as the Kings County 'Hospital.

BROOKLYN HOSPITAL, THE.— Raymond st. and DeKalb av., Bklyn. Tel.
2905 Main. For the free care of the sick. Chronic and contagious cases not admitted.
Maintains the Brooklyn Training School for Nurses, ambulance service, Dispensary and
Low Maternity Hospital. Apply to the Superintendent.

Supt., W. G. Nealley; Cons. Staff: F. E. West, Med.; T. R. French, Laryn.: J. E. Shep-
pard, Otol.; S. Sherwell, Derm.; J. M. Van Cott, Path.; Vis. Phys., A. R. Paine, G. R.


Butler, G. R. Hall, H. A. Fairbairn; Asso. Phys., H. E. Fraser, R. Clark, J. M. Callender,
T. H. Dexter; Surgs., R. W. Westbrook, W. C. Wood, J. E. Jennings; Asso., G. L. Buist, J.
H. Long; Orth., J. M. Clayland; Asso., W. R. Martin; Gynec, R. L. Dickinson, R. H.
Pomeroy; Asso., W. H. Cary; Laryn., W. F. Dudley; Asso., C. G. Crane; Neur., W. Brown-
ing; Asso., F. C. Eastman; Ophth., P. C. Jameson; Asso., W. G. Reynolds; Otol., W. S.
Shattuck; Asso., F. H. Lasher; Gastro.- Enter., D. D. Roberts; Obst., A. A. Hussey; Asso.,
V. L. Zimmerman; Radiog., J. E. Blake; Derm., N. T. Beers; Path., F. A. Hulst; Anaest.,
G. W. Tong; Clin. Assts., E. L. Swan, W. S. Smith, G. W. Tong, H. F. McChesney, Eliot
Bishop, N. P. Rathbun, W. H. Lohman, E. K. Tanner, W. Pfeiffer; Dental; W. D. Woolley;
Asso., H. P. Gould.

BUSHWICK HOSPITAL,.— Howard av., cor. Monroe St., Bklyn. Tel. 17

Supt., Miss R. M. Sauter; Gen. Surgs., A. T. Bristow, J. B. Meury, C. H. Watson; G.-U.,
N. Rathbun; Gynec, G. A. Williams, W. A. Jewett, R. M. Rome; Aurist, H. A. Alderton;

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