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MANHATTAN— West Side Clinic, 307 W. 33d st. Telephone 3471 Murray Hill.

Lower East Side Clinic, 111 E. 10th st.

Middle East Side Clinic, 229 E. 57th st.

Harlem Italian Clinic, 420 E. 116th st. Telephone, 2375 Harlem.

Southern Italian Clinic, 22 Vandam st. Telephone, 412 Spring.

Day Camp, Ferryboat "Middletown," foot of E. 91st st. Telephone 2957 Lenox.
THE BRONX— Northern Clinic, St. Pauls pi. and 3d av. Telephone, 1975 Tremont.

Southern Clinic, 495 East 139th st. Telephone, 5702 Melrose.
BROOKLYN— Main Clinic, Fleet and Willoughby sts. Telephone, 4720 Main.

Germantown Clinic, 55 Sumner av. Telephone, 3228 Williamsburg.

Brownsville Clinic, 64 Pennsylvania av. Telephone, 2732 East New York.

Eastern District Clinic, 306 S. 5th st., Williamsburg. Telephone, 1293 Williamsburg.

Bay Ridge Clinic, 215 60th st. Telephone, 2434 Sunset.

Parkville Clinic, 974 West st. Telephone, 1866 Bath Beach.

Day Camp, Ferryboat "Rutherford," foot of Fulton st. Telephone, 1530 Main.
QUEENS— Jamaica Clinic, 10 Union av., Jamaica. Telephone, 13S6 Jamaica.

Flushing, 112 Broadway, Flushing. Telephone, 731 Flushing.
RICHMOND— Richmond Clinic, Bay and Elizabeth sts., Stapleton. Telephone, 1558


OTISVILLE, ORANGE COUNTY, N. Y. (via Erie Railroad from Jersey City). Telephone,
13 Otisville.


Maintained by the Department of Health, the Department of Public Charities, and

Bellevue and Allied Hospitals, 426 1st av. Telephone, 8667 Madison Square. Hours
9 a. m. to 5 p. m.


Examination of cultures for diphtheria bacilli, of sputum for tubercle bacilli, of

blood for the Widal reception of typhoid fever, of urine for the Diazo reaction of

typhoid fever, of blood for the Plasmodium of malaria, and of spinal fluid for


Examination of specimens of blood for the Wassermann reaction of syphilis, and
for the complement-fixation reactions of gonorrhoeal and glanders infection, and of
pus for the presence of gonococci.


Outfits for obtaining specimens may be had at any of the drug stores acting as
supply stations of the Department of Health — a full list of which is appended. Full
information and directions are given with each outfit.


(a) Home Care of Patients: On request of the attending physician nurses of the
Department will visit consumptives at their homes to give all necessary instructions
as to the care of expectoration, etc., to furnish sputum cups, to make arrangements
for removal of patient to hospital, and for the furnishing of charitable aid.

(b) Disinfection: On vacation of premises previously occupied by consumptives,
the Department will order the premises renovated or will fumigate the rooms with
formaldehyde and disinfect the bedding.

(c) Tuberculosis Clinics: [Note: All clinics have special classes for children on
Saturday from 10 a. m. to noon. Manhattan, 307 W. 33d st. and 8th av. Hours 2
to 4 p. m. week days: 8 to 9 p. m. Thursdays. 420 E. 116th st. (for Italians). Hours



10 a. m. to 12 noon week days; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 2 to 4 p. m. ; 8 to
9 p. m. Tuesdays. Ill E. 10th st. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. week days; Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday, 10 a. m. to noon; 8 to 9 p. m. Thursdays. 22 Vandam st. Hours 2 to 4
p. m. week days; 8 to 9 p. m. Thursdays, 233 E. 57th st. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. week
days. 331 Broome st. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. week days.

The Bronx — Third av. and St. Paul's pi. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. week days; 8 to 9 p. m.
Thursdays. 439 E. 139th st. Hours 10 a. m. to 12 noon Week days; S to 9 p. m.

Brooklyn — Fleet and Willoughby sts. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. week days; night clinics
for whole of Brooklyn 8 to 9 p. m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. 64 Pennsylvania av.
Hours 2 to 4 p. m. week days; 8 to 9 p. m. Thursdays. 55 Sumner av. Hours 2 to
4 p. m. ; Thursdays 8 to 9 p. m. Eastern District, 306 S. 5th st. Hours 2 to 4 p. m.
week days. 215 60th st. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
974 West st. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 10 to 12 a. m.

Queens — 10 Union av., Jamaica. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. week days. 110 Broadway,
Flushing. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. week days.

Richmond— Bay st., Stapleton. Hours 2 to 4 p. m. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays.

Special throat classes in all clinics except Queens and Richmond.

(d) Hospital Admission Bureaus, 426 1st av., Manhattan. Hours 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
All applicants for admission to tuberculosis hospitals are to he referred to these
bureaus, either in person, by letter, or by telephone.

(e) Sanatorium Treatment: Incipient cases can be referred to a Hospital Admis-
sion Bureau or to the nearest tuberculosis clinic; if suitable they will be admitted
to the Otisville Sanatorium of the Department of Health, or to the New York State
Hospital for Tuberculosis at Ray Brook, N. Y.

(f) Day Camps: Middletown, foot of E. 91st st., Manhattan. Rutherford, foot of
Fulton st., Brooklyn. Disused ferryboats on which cases of tuberculosis are cared for
during the day. Applicants should be referred to their nearest tuberculosis clinic.

TYPHOID FEVER: Immunization of all persons exposed to infection with typhoid
fever; disinfection of bedding; investigation of source of infection, etc.

CEREBRO-SPINAL MENINGITIS: Assistance in maintaining quarantine; disinfection of
rooms and bedding. Injection of Flexner's antimeningococci serum.

ACUTE POLIOMYELITIS: Maintenance of quarantine disinfection of rooms and bedding.

MALARIA: Investigation of source of infection.

UNSANITARY CONDITIONS: Investigation and remedying of all unsanitary conditions,
such as faulty plumbing, etc.

CIRCULARS OF INFORMATION: The following circulars of information are issued and
will be sent on request:

"Consumption: How to Avoid Getting It, Etc." (13 languages.)

"Advice for Persons Suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis.'' (4 languages.)

"Information regarding the Clinics for the Treatment of Communicable Pulmonary

"Regarding Measures Adopted by the Board of Health for the Sanitary Supervision
of Tuberculosis in New York City."

"Importance of Bacteriological Examinations in the Early Diagnosis of Pulmonary

"What You Should Know About Tuberculosis." A text book for children.

"Dangers of Dry Sweeping and Dusting." (5 languages.)

"Information Regarding Consumption Cures." (Also printed in Italian.)

"Handbook of Help for Consumptives."

"A Consumption Catechism."

"Regarding Immunization Against Typhoid Fever."

"Regarding Typhoid Fever, the Widal Test, the Diazo Reaction and the Importance
of Disinfection of Urine.''

"How to Avoid the Contraction and Prevent the Spread of Typhoid Fever" (hanging

"The Causation and Prevention of Malaria and the Life History and Examination
of Mosquitoes."

"Regarding Syphilis and Gonorrhoea: Notification: Diagnosis."

"Regarding the Causation and Prevention of Cerebrospinal Meningitis."

"Regarding Acute Poliomyelitis. Information for Physicians."

"Regarding Acute Poliomyelitis. Information for the Public."

"Handbook of the Bureau of Infectious Diseases."



1. All physicians practising in the City of New York (including those in public
institutions) must be registered with the Department of Health.

2. An attending physician must furnish a certificate of death within thirty-six
hours after the death of the patient, or, if death be due to a contagious or Infectious
disease, forthwith.

3. If a person dies from criminal violence, or by a casualty, or suddenly when In
apparent health, or when unattended by a physician, or in prison, or in any sus-
picious or unusual manner, the case must be referred to a Coroner.

4. It shall be the duty of every physician to report to the Department of Health,
in writing, the full name, age, and address of every person suffering from any one
of the infectious diseases included in the list appended, with the name of the dis-
ease, within twenty-four hours of the time when the case is first seen.

A. — Contagious (very readily communicable): Measles, rubella (rotheln), scarlet
fever, small-pox, varicella (chicken-pox), typhus fever, relapsing fever.

B. —Communicable: Diphtheria (croup), typhoid fever, Asiatic cholera, tuberculosis
(of any organ), plague, tetanus, anthrax, glanders, epidemic cerebro-spinal menin-
gitis, leprosy, infectious diseases of the eye (trachoma, suppurative conjunctivitis),
puerperal septicaemia, erysipelas, whooping cough, acute poliomyelitis (infantile

C. — Indirectly communicable (through intermediary host) : Yellow fever, malarial

5. Physicians must report births occurring in their practice within ten days after
the event.

6. Every physician must preserve a duplicate record of every death and birth so

N.B. — Any violation of the Sanitary Code is a misdemeanor. (See 1172, Chap. 466,
Laws of 1901.)


1. Reports of cases of contagious diseases, of births, of still-births, and of deaths
must be written with black ink, upon blank forms provided by the Department,
which will be furnished upon application, personally or by mail.

2. Certificates of death will be returned for additional information which give any
of the following diseases, without explanation, as the sole cause of death:
Abortion, Erysipelas, Meningitis, Phlebitis,
Cellulitis, Gangrene, Metritis, Pyaemia,
Childbirth, Gastritis, Miscarriage, Septicaemia,
Convulsions, Haemorrhage, Peritonitis, Tetanus.

(Any one of these may be the result of an injury, and thus be a subject for Inves-
tigation by a Coroner. If it is not, the certificate should make that fact plain.)

Physicians are also required, in accordance with Section 133 of the Sanitary
Code, to report to the Department of Health, among other diseases, all cases of
tuberculosis, typhoid fever, cerebro-spinal meningitis, malaria, and acute poliomye-
litis. They are also requested to report all cases of venereal diseases.

2. All changes of address and discontinuance of treatment on the part of their
consumptive patients are to be reported to the Department of Health once a

3. All necessary precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of the disease,
e.g., isolation and quarantine in cases of cerebro-spinal meningitis, acute polio-
myelitis, disinfection of typhoid excreta and of tuberculosis sputum.

4. No certificate will be accepted which gives a mere symptom as the sole cause
of death, such as "asphyxia," "debility," "dropsy, '' "heart failure," etc., unless
accompanied by a satisfactory written explanation.

5. Certificates containing palpable errors of names, dates, etc., which are illegible
will be returned, and a new certificate required, as no corrections, erasures, or inter-
lineations will be permitted.

(These certificates are permanent records of great legal importance, and it is neces-
sary that they should show upon the face that they are original records and have
not been tampered with.)

N.B. — Physicians are particularly requested to make their reports of the cause of
death as full and accurate as possible, in order that the records of this office may
be of statistical value to the medical profession and the public.



It shall be the duty of every undertaker having notice of the death of any person
within the City of New York of small-pox, diphtheria (croup), scarlet fever, yellow
fever, typhus fever, plague, Asiatic cholera, measles, or any other infectious disease
dangerous to the general health of the community, or of the bringing of the dead
body of any person who has died of any such disease into such city, to give immediate
notice thereof to this Department. No person shall retain or expose, or assist in the
retention or exposure of the dead body of any such person except in a coffin or
-casket properly sealed; nor shall he allow any such body to be placed in any coffin
-or casket unless the body has been wrapped in a sheet saturated with a proper dis-
infecting solution, and the coffin or casket shall then be immediately and permanently
sealed. No undertaker shall assist in the public or church funeral of any such person.
No undertaker shall use, or cause or allow to be used, at any funeral, or in any room
where the dead body of any person shall be, any draperies, decorations, rugs or
carpets, belonging to or furnished by him or under his direction.

A public or church funeral shall not be held of any person who has died of
small-pox, diphtheria (croup), scarlet fever, yellow fever, typhus fever, Asiatic
cholera, measles, or plague; but the funeral of such person shall be private, and it
shall not be lawful to invite, or permit at the funeral of any person who has died of
any one of the above diseases, or of any infectious disease, or at any services con-
nected therewith, any person whose attendance is not necessary, or to whom there is
danger of contagion.


By order of the Board of Health. President.



Regular Stations are visited daily by collectors. Substations forward specimens to a
regular station. S. & H. Sundays and Holidays.



134th st.

131st st.

125th st.

123d st.

120th st.

119th st.

119th st.

119th st.

116th st.

115th st.

115th st.

113th st.

112th st.

112th st,

110th st.

110th st.

109th st

108th st.

107th st.

106th st.

106th st.

105th st,

105th st

105th st.

104th st.

101st st.

101st st.

101st st.
100th st,

97th st.

&. 5th av Froatz

&. Madison av Budelman

&. 3d av Sayer

& 2d av Aronstam

& 2d av Watkins

& 1st av Hasselback

& 5th av Kohosoff

& Madison av Zeiger

& 3d av Trau

& Park av Indursky & Kunken

& 1st av Pugliese

& 2d av Samarelli

&. Madison av Leibowich

& 3d av Hegeman

& 3d av Romlein & Fuchs

& 2d av Leinecker

& Madison av Perla

& 2d av De Maio

& Madison av Newmark

&. Lexington av Mahler

&. 2d av Harlem Phar.

& 3d av Aronstam

& Madison av Nehan

Si 2d av La Scala

& Madison av Levy Bros.

& Madison av Picker

& Lexington av Yaffa

&. 2d av Halpern

&. Madison av Mt. Sinai Disp.

&. Madison av Simetz

97th st. &. Lexington av.

Criss &. Blackman

96th st. &. Park av Strieffer

96th st. & 2d av Berger

95th st. & 3d av Roux

92d st. & Lexington av Steinman

92d st. & 1st av Wexler

91st st. & Madison av Dauscha

91st st. & 3d av Frohwein

90th st. & 1st av Eichler

89th st. & Park av Bernstein

89th st. & 2d av Rosenstein

88th st. & Madison av Ordman Bros.

88th st. &. 3d av The Goldlust Phar.

87th st. & Park . av Ulfelder

87th st. & 2d av Strasswimmer

87th st. & Ave. A Bauman

86th st. Ave. A Burian Phar.

86th st. &. Lexington av Foucar

83d st. & Lexington av Lascoff

83d st. & 1st av Greenberger

81st st. & Madison av Kurpe

81st st. & Park av Kleinau

81st st. & 2d av Loewenberg

79th st. & Lexington av Joffe

78th st. &. Lexington av.

Cooper & Brandenberg

78th st. & Ave. A Kimmel

77th st. & 2d av Colle

75th st. & Madison av Cassebeer

73d st. & Lexington av Cramer



73d st. 4 1st av Castka

72d st. 4 3d av Imhof & Co.

72d st. & 2d av Davidson

71st st. 4 Lexington av Roediger

67th st. 4 3d av Zinckgraff

65th st. 4 Park av Timmermann

64th st. 4 1st av Wurthman

62d st. 4 2d av Binger

62d st. 4 Lexington av Timmermann

61st st & 3d av Hudnet

59th st. 4 Madison av Kalish

59th st. 4 Lexington av Nauheim

57th st. 4 Madison av Breitenbach

56th st. 4 Lexington av Deshell

54th st. 4 2d av Bogathy

53d st. 4 Madison av Larimore

52d st. 4 3d av Edlich

51st st. 4 2d av Siegel

50th st. 4 1st av Edlich

49th st. 4 2d av Joffe

48th st. 4 Madison av Reeder

48th st. 4 Madison av.

Munsch, Protzman 4 Co.

47th st. 4 5th av Fraser

46th st. 4 5th av Larimore

45th st. 4 3d av Brandt

42d st. 4 Park av Schoonmaker

42d st. 4 3d av Krause

39th st. 4 Lexington av Herz

34th st. 4 Lexington av Du Gay

33d st. 4 4th av Caswell Massey Co.

29th st. 4 4th av Bagoe

29th st. 4 3d av Keating

27th st. 4 3d av Lehman

25th st. 4 2d av Jarchow

25th st. 4 1st av...Dept. of Health Clinic

23d st. 4 4th av Kalish

23d st. 4 3d av Sultan

22d st. 4 4th av Haas

17th st. 4 Ave. A Carabello

15th st. 4 1st av Gregorius

13th st. 4 2d av Walters

11th st. 4 3d av Kopolsky

10th st. 4 1st av Goluboff

10th st. 4 Ave. C Robinson

9th st. 4 2d av Weiss

9th st. 4 Ave. A Garfinkel

9th st. 4 Ave. A Elkin 4 Podolsky

8th st. 4 1st av Goldschmidt 4 Co.

4th av. 4 Astor pi Muellenbach

7th st. 4 Ave. C Bleier 4 Strauss

6th st. 4 2d av Rosenthal

5th st. 4 1st av Nemser

5th st. 4 Ave. A Klingelhoeffer

5th st. 4 Ave. C Shapiro

3d st, 4 2d av Fuehrer

1st av., cor. Houston st Monell's Phar.

E. Houston 4 Mott sts Pugliese

71 E. Houston St., cor. Elizabeth. Colonello

E. Houston 4 Clinton sts Goldberg

E. Houston 4 Cannon sts Goldblatt

Stanton 4 Forsyth sts Rosenberg

Stanton 4 Orchard sts Robinson

Stanton 4 Ludlow sts Barasch

270 Stanton st. (near Columbia)


Rivington 4 Norfolk sts Lewis

214 Rivington st Feitelson 4 Gordon

Spring 4 Mulberry sts Rosa

Delancey 4 Eldridge sts.,

United Drug Stores Co.

Clinton st. (near Delancey) Ruwman

Spring 4 Bowery Miner

Broome 4 Ludlow sts Walker

Broome 4 Cannon sts Decker

Broome 4 Willett sts Dichter

Grand 4 Mott sts LaPinto

527 Grand st. (near Henry st.) Gilbert

Montgomery 4 Madison sts Wiesenthal

220 E. Broadway (near Clinton st.)


E. B'way 4 Pike st Pick

Canal (near Ludlow st.) Harrison

Henry 4 Pike sts Lipset

Madison 4 Gouverneur sts Garber

Catherine st. (near Madison st.) Rich

New Bowery (near Roosevelt st.)

Guarini 4 Candela
Park Row 4 Pearl st Tauh


226th st. 4 B'way Buck |

207th st. 4 Post av Vockroth

185th st. 4 St. Nicholas av Nevelson

184th st. 4 Audubon av. ..Kantor 4 Kantor

180th st. 4 B'way Wasself

180th st. 4 St. Nicholas av Hegeman

179th st. 4 Audubon av Dostrow

178th st. 4 St. Nicholas av Tufts

174th st. 4 St. Nicholas av Mindlin

Nagle av. 4 Arden st Ziegler

172d st. 4 Amsterdam av Scheinblum

169th st. 4 Amsterdam av Simon

165th st. 4 Amsterdam av Myers

162d st. 4 Amst. av Amst. Drug Co.

160th st. 4 B'way Pope 4 Co.

156th st. 4 B'way Halper

155th st. Amsterdam av Hegeman


149th st. 4 Amsterdam av Heinrichseff>

149th st. 4 St. Nicholas av Jacobsooi-

148th st. 4 B'way Winter

148th st. 4 7th av Lascofl-

146th st. 4 B'way Keogh

145th st. 4 Amsterdam av Steinhilber

145th st. 4 St. Nicholas av Raub

145th st. 4 8th av.. Colonial Park Drug Co.

144th st. 4 Broadway Driesen

144th st. 4 8th av Molwitz

143d st. 4 7th av Rosemary Pharmacy

142d st. 4 B'way Couch

141st st. 4 7th av Halper

140th st. 4 Amsterdam av Blum

140th st. 4 8th av Klingman

140th st. 4 Lenox av Smithlihe

138th st. 4 B'way Geety



137th st. & Lenox av Robbins

136th st. & B'way Hegeman

135th st. & B'way Bank

135th st. & 8th av Sagal &. Kaufman

133d st. & Lenox av Borchard

132d st. &. 7th av Silverman

130th st. 4 Amsterdam av Springer

130th st. & Sth av Riker

129th st. &. 8th av Oberdorfer

127th st. &. B'way Dorb

127th st. & Lenox av Schmelz

127th st. &. 7th av Noble

125th st. &. Amsterdam av Snyder

125th st. L 8th av Hegeman

125th st. L Lenox av Hegeman

124th st. L Lenox av Pfaff

120th st. & Amsterdam av Friedgen

120th st. &. 8th av Koehler

119th st. & 5th av Kohosoff

118th st. L Manhattan av Cook

118th st. &. 7th av National Drug Co.

118th st. & Lenox av Moes

116th st. &. Lenox av Albert

114th st. It B'way Bauer

114th st. & Lenox av Diamond

113th st. & Sth av McCutchen

112th st. & 7th av Robinson

110th st. & B'way Riker

110th st. &. Amsterdam av. Cathedral Phar.

169th st. &. B'way McRae

107th st. & B'way McDonald

106th st. & Amsterdam av Belmonte

105th st. & Amsterdam av Geisler

104th st. & Columbus av Reed

103d st. & Amsterdam av Klein

102d st. & B'way Kerley

101st st. & B'way Hegeman

100th st. &. Amsterdam av Michel

99th st. &. B'way Congleton

98th st. & B'way . MacRae

98th st. &. Columbus av Koff

96th st. Columbus av Davidson

94th st. & Columbus av O'Connor

93d st. &. B'way Teitelbaum

92d st. & Columbus av Buch

91st st. & B'way Rieck & Tsheppe

88th st. & B'way Breiting

86th st. & B'way Hegeman

85th st. & B'way Neegard

85th st. & Amsterdam av Schwartz

82d st. & Columbus av Spangenberg

81st st. &. Amsterdam av De Mott & Sons

80th st. & B'way Hegeman

79th st. & Amsterdam av Kramer

375 Amsterdam av Hackett

75th st. & Columbus av Bailey

74th st. & B'way Boisnot

70th st. & B'way. Pond, Bowes &. Cartright

69th st. &, Columbus av Bauer

68th st. & West End av Seley

61st st. &. Columbus av.. Jones & Leonard

60th st. & Amsterdam av Cohen

59th st. & Columbus av. . Roosevelt Hosp.

58th st. & 6th av Hitchcock

57th st. & 9th av Quencer

56th st. & 6th av Mclntyre

59th st. & 7th av Smith

54th st. & 6th av Boedicker

52d st. & 9th av Robens

52d st. & 8th av Falkiner

52d st. & 6th av '.Neergard

51st st. & 9th av Pundt

51st st. & 2d av Siegel

50th st. & 10th av Huels

50th st. &. 9th av Shappiro

50th st. & 9th av Kramer

49th st. & 6th av Schwenforth

48th st. & 10th av Miller

48th st. & 6th av Candow

46th st. & B'way James

45th st. & 9th av Eagle Drug Co.

45th st. & Sth av Weiss

44th st. &. Sth av James

43d st. & 7th av Longacre Phar.

43d st. & 10th av HcRossie

42d st. & B'way (Times Square). .Hegeman

39th st. & 9th av Lund

38th st. & 5th av Haas

37th st. & 6th av Hall

34th st. & 10th av Lipset

34th st. & 9th av Blomeier

34th st. (near 5th av.) Riker's

307 W. 33d st. (near Sth av.)

Clinic Department of Health

31st st. &. B'way Caswell Massey

30th st. & 9th av Schierer

28th st. & 8th av Gregorius

25th st. & 7th av Krause

23d st. & 6th av Riker

22d st. & 9th av Golding

19th st. & 9th av Burns

18th st. & 8th av Taub

14th st. & 9th av Katz

13th st. & Sth av Schoenberg

Hudson & Jane sts Fritz

W. 4th & 10th sts Schrieber

Sth st. & 6th av Bigelow

B'way & 9th st Riker & Son Co.

Greenwich av &. Bank st Robertiello

Hudson & Barrow sts Flower

106 W. Houston st (Thompson st.).Gebicke

Hudson & King sts Knapp

172 Varick st (Charlton) Huelster

40 Grand st (near Thompson st.)

Bleecker & Sullivan sts D'Anna

Borough Office, 3d av. & St. Paul's pi.

282 City Island av Alpers

530 City Island av Niedlich

5602 B'way (near 231st st.) Van Gilder


4707 White Plains rd. (near 241 st st.)

3981 White Plains rd. (near 225th st.)




White Plains av., Gun Hill rd Fincke

200th st. 4 Webster av Hassell

199th st. 4 Webster av Branower

Fordham rd. 4 Marion av Jones

Fordham rd. 4 Aqueduct av Werner

Katonah av. (near 236th st.) Eusner

2 Westchester sq Pierson

Jerome av. 4 Kingsbridge rd Ambos

Fordham rd. 4 Jerome av Rosenbaum

589 E. 184th st. (near 3d av.). .Schneider

680 Morris Park av Kopald

2149 Westchester av (near Purdy st.)


501 E. 180th st. (Bathgate av.) Stacom

760 E. 180th st. (near Prospect av.).. Wilson

Tremont 4 Clinton avs Lins

Crotona av. 4 Fairmont pi Katzel

E. 177th st. 4 Boston rd Miller

177th st. 4 Honeywell av Smith

471 E. Tremont av. (cor. Washington av.)

E. 188th s.t. 4 Cambreling av. ..LaGambina

E. 177th st. 4 Park av Miller

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