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15th— 79 1st av.

16th— 253 Mercer st.

17th— 230 W. 20th St.

18th— 327 E. 22d st.

19th— 137 W. 30th st.

20th— 434 W. 37th St.

21st— 160 E. 35th St.

22d— 335 W. 47th st.

23d— Grand Central Station.

House of Detention for Witnesses,

203 Mulberry st.
24th— 163 E. 51st St.
25th~-153 E. 67th St.
26th— 150 W. 68th st.
27th — Arsenal, Central Park.
28th— 432 E. 88th St.
29th— 177 & 179 E. 104th St.
30th— 134 W. 100th st.



31st— 438 W. 125th st.

32d— 148 E. 126th Bt.

33d— 1854 Amsterdam ave.

34th— Highbridge.

35th — 257 Alexander ave.

36th— 160th St. & 3d ave.

37th— 178th St. & Washington ave.

38th— Westchester.

39th— Wakefield.

40th — Ktngsbridge.

41st— Bronx Park.

42d— Pier A, N. R.

42d— Sub.— Foot 122d st., E. R.

Bicycle Squad. 1786 B'way.

Det. Bureau — 300 Mulberry st.

Drill Instructor— 300 Mulberry Bt.


43d— 4th ave. & 43d st.

44th— 5th ave. & 16th st.

45th— Richards ave. & Rapelyea st.

46th— 6th ave. & Bergen st.

47th— 17 & 19 Butler st.

48th— Emmet & Amity sts.

49th— 318 & 322 Adams st.

50th— 49 & 51 Fulton st.

51st — Grand ave. & Park pi.

B2d — Atlantic & Schenectady aves.

53d — Miller & Liberty aves.

54th — Ralph ave. & Quincy st.

55th — Gates & Throop aves.

The bicycle service is attached to

this precinct.
56th— DeKalb & Classon aves.
57th — Clermont & Flushing aves.
5Sth — Tompkins & Vernon aves.
59th — Lee ave. & Clymer st.
60th— Bedford ave. & N. 1st st.
61st— Manhattan & Greenpoint aves.
62d— Humboldt & Herbert aves.

63d— Stagg St. & Bushwick av.
64th— DeKalb & Hamburg aves.
65th — E. Parkway nr. Osborn st.
66th— Ave. G nr. 95th St., Canarsie.
67th — Grant st. nr. Flatbush ave.
68th — Voorhees ave. nr. Shore Road.
69th— W. 8th St. & Surf ave. (Coney

70th— 19th ave. bet. Bath & Benson

71st— 86th St. & Fort Hamilton ave.
72d— Coney Island & Foster ave.

73d— Prospect Park.
Det. Bureau — Municipal bldg.
Ten. House— 38 & 40 Clinton St.
License Squad — Borough Hall.
Asst. Supt. of Tel.— Municipal

D. Ch. Bur. El.— 19 Smith st
Property Clerk — Municipal bldg,



74th— 162 Grand ave., L. 1. City.
75th— 84, 4th St., L. L City.
76th— 118 Broadway, Flushing.
76th— 1st Sub.— 128, 2d ave.. College

76th— 2d Sub.— 18th st. nr. 8th ave.,

77th— Grand & Court sts., Newtown.

78th— Flushing ave. ft Fulton Bt.,

78th — Sub. — Johnson nr. Jamaica ave.,

Richmond Hill.
79th— B'way & Mott ave.. Far R'k'y.
79th— Sub. — Henry st. nr Surf ave.,

Rockaway Beach.
D. Ch. Bur. El.— 162 Grand ave., L. I.



80th— Headquarters, 17 & 19 Beach

St., Stapleton.
80th— 1st Sub.— W. New Brighton.
80th— 2d Sub.— Tottenville.

80th— 3d Sub.— New Springville.
D. Ch. Bur. El.— 17 & 19 Beach Bt.,



OfiBce, 7-11 Broadway. Telephone, 1843 Broad.
COMMISSIONERS.— Jacob M. Patterson, Edmund J. Palmer, and Fred. H.


The boarding station for vessels is below Clifton, S. I. The observation
hospital is on Hoffman's Island, and the Yellow Fever HospiUl and Crema-
torv are on Swinburne Island in the lower Bay.

Health Officer of the Port, Alvah H. Doty, Clifton, S. I., Borough of Rich-
mond. Telephone, 34 Tompkinsville.



U. S. IMMIGRATION STATION.— Barge Office, Battery Park. Telephone, 2260
Broad. Office hours, sunrise to sunset. Here all immigrants are subjected
to a thorough inspection. Provision Is made for the maintenance of those
who are detained pending investigation, and for the hospital care of those
who are sick or disabled on their arrival. Commissioner, Thomas J. Fitchle;
Asst. Commissioner, Edward F. McSweeney.

U. S. MARINE HOSPITAL SERVICE.— Office at Battery Park, near the Barge
Office. Cares for sick and injured sailors of the U. S. merchant vessels
and of the revenue cutters, as well as members of the Life Saving Service.
There is a dispensary attached, where appropriate cases are treated and
pilots are examined for color blindness. It maintains a Marine Hospital, at
Stapleton, S. 1., accessible by the Staten Island ferries. A requisite for
admission is 60 days' service immediately prior to the application. George
W. Stoner, Surgeon in Command; \V. C. Hobdy, F. J. Thornbury, Asst.
Surgeons; John M. Keyes, Acting Asst. Surgeon.

U. S. PENSION AGENCY.— Office, 65 Bleecker St.; Michael Kerwin, agent.


Accredited representatives of foreign countries having offices In New Torlf,
where residents of the country represented may apply for advice and pro-

ARGENTINE REPUBLIC— Consul General, 124 Produce Exchange.
AUSTRIA-HUNGARY.— Consul General, Room 26, 33 Broadway.
BELGIUM.— Consul, 85 Worth st.
BOLIVIA.— Consul General, 19 Whitehall st.
BRAZIL.— Consul General, 17 State st.
CHILL— Consul General, 135 W. 11th st.
CHINA.— Consul, 26 W. 9th st.
COLOMBIA.— Consul General, 17 State st.
COSTA RICA. — Consul General, 66 Beaver st.
DENMARK.— Vice-consul (P. O. Box 2212), 69 Wall st.
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC— Consul General, 31 Broadway.
ECUADOR.— Consul General, 29 Broadway.
EGYPT.— See " Turkey."

FRANCE. — Consul General, 35 S. William st.
GERMAN EMPIRE.— Consul General, 11 Broadway.
GREAT BRITAIN, Consul General, 17 State St.; office for shipping seamen.

2 State St.
GREECE— Consul General, 35 S. William st.
GAUTEMALA.— Consul General, 2 Stone St.
HAYTL— Consul General, 35 S. William st.
HONDURAS.— 40 Broadway.
ITALY. — Consul General, 35 Broadway.
JAPAN. — Consul, 99 Nassau st.
KOREA. — Consul General, 63 Wall st.
LIBERIA.— Consul, 145 Broadway.
MEXICO.— Consul General, 35 Broadway.
MONACO.— Consul, 35 S. William st.
NETHERLANDS.— Consul General, 17 William st.
NICARAGUA.— 18 Broadway.
NORWAY.— Vice-consul, 17 State st.
ORANGE FREE STATE. — Consul General, 136 Liberty st
PARAGUAY.— Consul General, 2187 Broadway.
PERSIA. — Consul General, 20 Broad st.
PERU. — Consul General, 19 Whitehall st.
PORTUGAL.— Consul General, 35 S. William.
RUSSIA.— Consul General, 17 State st.
SALVADOR.— 18 Broadway.

SIAM. — Consul General, 1 E. 39th st. '

SPAIN. — Consul General, 18 Broadway.


SWEDEN.— Vlce-ConBul, 17 State st.
SWITZERLAND.— Consul General, 18 Exchange PI.
TURKEY.— Consul General, 17 State st.
URUGUAY.— Consul, 30 Broad st.
VENEZUELA.— Consul General, 17 State st


TO ASTORIA.— From ft. E. 92d st.

TO BLACKWELL'S ISLAND.— From ft, E. 26th St., 10.30 A.M. and 8 P.M.;

E. B2d St. and E. 78th St., hourly 6 A.M. to 7 P.M.
TO BROOKLYN. — From Catharine Slip to Main St., Brooklyn.

From E. 10th st. to Greenpoint ave., Brooklyn.

From E. 23d st. to Broadway & Greenpoint ave., Brooklyn.

From E. Houston st. to Grand St., Brooklyn.

From Fulton st. to Fulton St., Brooklyn.

From Grand st. to Grand st. & Broadway, Brooklyn.

From Pier 2, E. R. to 39th st., Brooklyn.

From Roosevelt st. to Broadway, Brooklyn.

From Wall Bt. to Montague St., Brooklyn.

From Whitehall st. to Atlantic & Hamilton avea., Brooklyn.
TO ELLIS ISLAND.— From Whitehall Bt.
TO FT. LEE.— From W. '130th st.

TO HART'S ISLAND.— From E. 26th st, 11 A.M. daily except Sunday.
TO HOBOKEN. — From Barclay st. to Newark St., Hoboken.

From Christopher st. to Newark St., Hoboken.

From W. 14th st. to 14th st., Hoboken.
TO JERSEY CITY. — From Chambers st. to Pavonia are., J. C.

From Cortlandt st. to Montgomery Bt., J. C.

From Desbrosses st. to Montgomery St., J. C.

From Liberty st. to Communlpaw ave., J. C.

From W. 23d st. to Pavonia ave. & Montgomery st., J. C.

From W. 13th st. to Bay St.. J. C.

S. Ferry to J. C.

Also Brooklyn annex from Fulton st., Brooklyn, to J. C.
TO LONG ISLAND CITY. — From E. 34th st. to Borden ave.

From James Slip to Borden ave. ; Pier 13, E. R., to Borden ave.
TO NORTH BROTHER ISLAND.— From E. 16th St.. 10 A.M. dally.
TO RANDALL'S ISLAND.— From E. 26th St.; E. 120th St., hourly S A.M. to

9 P..M.
TO STATEN ISLAND.— From Whitehall st. to St. George, S. I.
TO WARD'S ISLAND.— From E. 26th St.; E. 116th St.. hourly.
TO WEEHAWKEN.— From Franklin st. & W. 42d at.
TO GOVERNOR'S ISLAND.— From Whitehall Bt.
TO BEDLOE'S ISLAND.— From Battery Pier.


BATHS, FREE FLOATING (Department Public Buildings, Lighting,
and Supplies). — 13 to 21 Park Row. There are fifteen free floating baths on
the North and East Rivers, located as follows, though subject to change:

NORTH RIVER.— Battery. Duane St., W. 20th st.. W. olst St.. W. 82d St.,
W. 129th St.

EAST RIVER.— Pike, Corlears, 3d, E. 20th St., E. 24th St., E. 51st st., E.
91st St., E. 112th St., E. 136th st.

They are open from June to October between the hours of 5 A.M. and P.M.
Males, Tues., Thurs., Sat., and Sun.; females, Mon., Wed., and Fri. Boys
and girls under fourteen years are only admitted between 7 A.M. and 6 P.M.
Each bather must provide suitable bathing clothes. Admission free, but may
be refused for sanitary or police reasons.


BATHS, THE TEOPLE'S.— 9 Centre Market pi., nr. Grand St. Main-
tained by the N. Y. Association for Improving tlie Condition of the Poor.
From May 1st to September 30th they are open from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M., and
for the rest of the year between 8 A.M. and 8 P.M.; Sundays 6.30 to 9.30 A.M.
Spray and shower baths are provided, and bath tubs for elderly women. A
charge of five cents is made for soap and towel. R. E. Taylor, Supt.

BATHS OF THE DEMILT DISPENSARY — 23d st. and 2d ave.
Open Tuesdays and Fridays from 1 to 8 P.M. for women and children only;
open remainder of the week, including Sunday, for men only. Charge of five
cents is made for soao and towel.



St. Hot and cold baths are maintained in connection with the Department of
Sanitation and Hygiene. They are open to the public at a charge of five cents.


These are under the control of the Department of Docks and Ferries. They
are open to the public from May 27th to November 10th, between the hours
of 8 A.M. and 10.30 P.M., and there is music from 8 to 10 P.M. at each pier.
These breathing spaces greatly assist in the struggle against disease and death
among the infant population of the tenements during the heated season.
They are located as follows:

Foot of E. 3d St. Foot of Barrow st., N. R.

Foot of E. 24th St. Foot of W. 50th St., N. R.

Foot of E. 112th St. Foot of W. 129th St., N. R.

COMMISSIONERS. — J. Sergeant Cram, Pres. ; Charles F. Murphy, Treas. ;
Peter F. Meyer; William H. Burke, Sec.



First Class. — Letters and all written matter, whether sealed or unsealed,
and all other matter sealed, nailed, sewed, tied, or fastened in any manner,
BO that it cannot be easily examined, two cents per ounce or fraction thereof.
A " Special Delivery " ten-cent stamp, when attached to a letter in addition
to the lawful postage, shall entitle the letter to immediate delivery at, or
within one mile of, any post-office. Postal cards, one cent each.

Second Class. — All regular newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals is-
sued at intervals not exceeding three months; the postage is one cent for each,
four ounces, payable by postage stamps.

Third Class. — Embraces printed books, pamphlets, circulars, engravings,
lithographs, proof-sheets and manuscript accompanying the same, and all
matter of the same general character, and not having the character of per-
sonal correspondence. Circulars produced by hektograph or similar process, or
by electric pen, are rated as third class. The limit of weight for mail matter
of the third class is four pounds, except in the case of single books exceeding
that weight. The rate of postage on mail matter of the third class is one
cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof.

Fourth Class. — All mailable matter not included in the three preceding
classes, which is so prepared for mailing as to be easily taken from the
wrapper and examined. Rate, one cent per ounce or fraction thereof, except
seeds, roots, cuttings, bulbs, plants and scions, which are one cent per two
ounces. Limit of weight, four pounds. Full prepayment compulsory. Liquids,
and other like injurious matter, not admitted, except under conditions which,
may be learned at any post-office.


Direct your mall matter to a post-offlce, writing the name of the State plalnlr;
and if to a citj', add the street and number or post-olQce box of the person
addressed. Matter not addressed to a post-ofiBce cannot be forwarded. Writ*
or print your name and address, and the contents, if a package, upon the
upper left-hand corner of all mall matter. This -will Insure its Immediate re-
turn to you for correction, If Improperly addressed or Insufficiently paid; and
If It Is not called for at destination It can be returned to you •without going
to the Dead Letter office. If a letter, It vrlll be returned free. Register all
valuable letters and packages. Registry fee, eight cents, which, with the post-
age, must be fully prepaid.

Fees Charged for Money Orders. — For Money Orders In denominations of $100
or less, the following fees are charged in addition to revenue stamp: For
Orders for sums not exceeding $2.50, 3c.; $2.50 to $5, 5c.; $5 to $10, 8c.; $10
to $20, 10c. ; $20 to $30, 12c. ; ?30 to $40, 15c. ; $40 to $50, 18c. ; $50 to $60, 20c. ;
$60 to $75, 25c.; $75 to 100, 30c.


To all Foreign Countries (except Canada, Cuba, and Mexico):

On Letters, five cents for each half ounce or fraction thereof — prepayment
optional. Double rates are collected on delivery of unpaid or short-paid letters.

On newspapers, books, pamphlets, photographs, sheet music, maps, en-'
gravings, and similar printed matter, one cent for each two ounces or fraction

To Canada (including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Prince
Edward Island): Letters, two cents for each ounce or fraction thereof; Books,
Circulars, and similar printed matter, one cent for each two ounces or frac-
tion thereof; Second Class Matter, same as in the United States; Samples, one
cent per two ounces (must be paid at least two cents) : Merchandise, one cent
per ounce. Packages must not exceed 4 lbs. 6 ozs. in weight — prepayment com-

To Cuba, rates the same as the U. S.

To Mexico: Letters, Postal Cards, and printed matter same rates as In the
United States. Samples, one cent per two ounces. Merchandise other than
samples can only be sent by Parcel Post.

Limits of Size and Weight: Packages of samples of merchandise to for-
eign countries must not exceed 12 ozs., nor measure more than 12 in. In
length, 8 in breadth, and 4 in depth; and packages of printed matter must
not exceed 4 lbs. 6 ozs.


On Algeria, Austria, Belgium, British India, Cape Colony, Constantinople,
Denmark. Dominion of Canada, Egypt, England, France, German Empire,
Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Newfoundland, New
South Wales, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Sandwich Islands, Scotland,
Shanghai, Sweden, Switzerland, Tasmania, Victoria: For Orders for sums of
$10 or less, 10c. ; over $10 and not exceeding $20, 20c. ; over $20 and not ex-
ceeding $30, 30c. ; over $30 and not exceeding $40, 40c. ; over $40 and not ex-
ceeding $50, 50c. ; over $50 and not exceeding $60, 60c. ; over $60 and not ex-
ceeding $70, 70c. ; over $70 and not exceeding $80, 80c. ; over $80 and not exceed-
ing $90, 90c. ; over $90 and not exceeding $100, $1.

East Indies and Egypt by remittance through the London Exchange Office.



Parkhurst G. Harrison. Univ. Cas-
tleton, Vt., 1S40; N.Y. Horn. Coll.,

ALLENTOWN, Monmouth Co.
•Johnson H. P. Jefferson, 1883.

Mem. Monmouth Dist. Soc.
•Pumyea P. B. BplL.N.Y., 1868.

Mem. Monmouth Dist. Soc.

ALLOWAY, Salem Co.

Ewen Warren L., 8 to 9, 7 to 8. Jef-
ferson, 1882. Mem. Am. Med.
Ass'n; N.J. State Soc.; iSalem Dist.

ANDOVER, Sussex Co.
Clark Jeptha C. N.Y. Hom. Coll.,


Mem. N.J. Hom. Soc.

ANNANDALE, Hunterdon Co.
♦Berkaw Willard Ewing, 8 to 9, 12 to
1, 6 to 8. Univ. Penna., 1881. Mem.
Hunterdon Dist. Soc. N.J. §tate


Barber Pliny W., 290 B'way, 9 to 11.
Hosp. Coll. Med., Louisville, Ky.,

Exton James A., 75 Beech St., until
9, 12 to 1, 6 to 8. Tel. 8B Arling-
ton. Coll.P.&S.,N.Y., 1866. Mem.
Am. Med. Ass'n; N.J. State ^Soc;
Hudson Dist. Soc; N.J. Sanitary
Ass'n; Am. . Public Health Ass'n;
Practs* Club Newark & J.C.

Lightfoot George Frederick, 8 to 9.30,

6 to 7.30. Tel. lOB. N.Y. Hom.
Coll., 1891. Mem. Chirurg. Club,

•Marks Edward George, Kearney av.
cor. Eilshemins av., 8 to 9, 2 to 3,

7 to 8. Tel. 121 Arlington. N.Y.
Univ., 1894. Mem. Hudson Dist.

Strasser August Adrian, 115 Beach
■ St., 8 to 9, 1 to 2, 7 to 8. Sun. until

1. Tel. 9A. Coll.P.&S.,N.Y., 1896.

Mem. Hudson Dist. Soc. ; N.J. Soc.

ASBURY, Warren Co.

Johnson Samuel H., 7 to 8, 12 to 1, 5
to 7. Coll.P.&S., Bait., 1884; Chi-
cago Hom. Med. Coll., 1886.

LaRiew F. J., until 9, 12 to 2, 6 to 8.
Bait. Med. Coll., 1898. Mem. War-
ren Co. & Tri-Co. Socs.

ASBURY PARK, Monmouth Co.

Ackerman James Franklin, 8 to 10, 7

to 8. Tel. 8. N.Y. Hom. Med.

Coll., 1890. Mem. Am. Inst. Hom.;

N.Y. Mat. Med. Soc.
Ackerman Joseph. 1010 Grand av., 11

to 12.30, 4.30 to 6. Tel. 8. Hahne-
mann Coll., Phila., 1899.
Bennett Reginald S., 516 Asbury av.,

8 to 10, 1 to 3, 7 to 9. Tel. 125A.

Columbia Univ., 1899. Mem. N.J.

State Med. Ass'n.
Beveridge William W., 110 Grand

av., 8 to 9, 1 to 2. Tel. 32 Asbury.

BelL.N.Y., 1898. Mem. State Med.

Ass'n & Monmouth Co. Soc.
Bryan Joseph Harker, 10 to 12, 7 to 9.

•fel. 5 Asbury Park. N.Y. Hom.

Med. Coll., 1890. Mem. N.J. Hom.

Soc. ; N.J. Hom. Co. Soc; Acad.

Path. Sciences.
Chadwick Francis T., 603 Asbury av.

N.Y. Univ., 1864.
Coleman Frederick Frelinghuysen,

201, 4th av., 9 to 10, 1.30 to 2.30, 7

to 8. Tel. 1. N.Y.Univ., 1893.
Davison John F., 605 Asbury av. N.

Y.Univ., 1880. Mem. N.J. State

Soc. ; Monmouth Dist. Soc.
Hetrick Samuel LeRoy. Hahnemann

Med. Coll., Phila., 1900.
Johnson Samuel. 110 Grand av., 8 to

9, 1 to 2. Tel. 32. Coll.P.&S.,N.Y.,

1867. Mem. Monmouth Dist. Soc. ;

N.J. State Med. Ass'n. Consult.

Phys. Mem'l Hosp.
McQuesten Calvin B- Dartmouth,

Mackintosh James H., 515, 3d av.

BelL.N.Y., 1872.
♦Mackintosh Sarah F., 515, 3d av. W.

M.C.N.Y.Inf., 1872. Mera. Mon-
mouth Dist. Soc.




•Mitchell Henry, 1201 Grand av.

Bell.,N.Y., 1866. Mem. Monmouth

Dist. Soc.
Reed Edwin B., 406, 4th av., 8 to 10,

1 to 3, 6 to 8. Tel. 76F. Jefferson,

Taylor John, 1211 Grand av., 11 to 1,
7 to 8. Tel. 54. Bell. & Hahne-
mann Med. Colls., 1893. Mem.
Monmouth Co. Med. Soc.; N.J.
Med. Soc; N.J. Sanitarium Ass'n.

Upham Ella P., 305, 3d av., until 11,
1 to 2.30, 6 to 7.30. Tel. 29-2. W.
M.C., Penna., 1885.

Wilbur George Frank, 711 Grand av.,
until 10, 1 to 2, 6 to 7. Univ.
Penna., 1882. Mem. Monmouth
Dist. Soc. Att'g Phys. Mem'l
Hosp., Long Branch.

Williamson Alexander, 513, 1st av.
Univ. Penna., 1878. Mem. Mon-
mouth Dist. Soc.


Bally Alfred William, 1809 Pacific
av., 9 to 11, 2 to 4. Tel. 38. Hah-
nemann, Phlla., 18S6. Mem. Am.
Inst. Hom. ; N.Y. Horn. Med. Soc;
W. Jersey Hom. Soc. ; Germantown
Med. Soc. ; Co. Hom. Med. Soc. ;
Nat'l Soc. Electro-Therapeutics;
Atlantic City Hom. Med. Club.

Barnes W. M., 1006^ Pacific av., until
10, 2 to 4, 7 to 8. Tel. 621. Jeffer-
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Atlantic City Acad. Med. ; Atlantic
Co. Med. Soc.

Bennett Francis Wayland, 1710 Pa-
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Univ. Penna., 1891. Mem. Am.
Med. Ass'n; Atlantic Dist. Soc;
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Phys. Atlantic City Hosp.

Bennett William H., Ohio & Paeiflc
avs., 2.30 to 3.30. Univ. Penna.,
1869. Mem. Atlantic Dist. Soc. ;
Am. Pediatric Soc; Path. Soc;
Coll. Phys., Phlla. Phys.-ln-
C!harge Seaside House for Invalid
Women; Children's Seashore House.

Chew Elisha C, 28 S. Kentucky av.,

2 to 4, 7 to 8. Tel. 122. Univ.
Penna., 1891. Mem. Am. Med.
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Cuskaden A. D., 2 S. Michigan av.,

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Jefferson, 18!J2. Mem. Am. Med.

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City Acad. Med.
Darnall William Edgar, 121 S. Illi-
nois av., 9 to 10, 2 to 4. 7 to 8.

Tel. 626. Univ. Va., 1895. Mem.

Am. Med. Ass'n; N.J. State Soc;

Am. Acad. Med. ; Atlantic Dist.

Soc ; Atlantic City Acad. Med.

Phys. Atlantic City & St. Michael's

Baby Hosps. ; Mercer House for In-
valid Women.
Divine Jane Steele, 601 Pacific av.,

10 to 12, 3 to 5. W,M.C., Penna.,

1887. Mem. Atlantic Dist Soc.
•Fayerman Walter Branch, 34 N.

Ohio av., until 10, 7 to 9. Tel. 395.

Leonard Med. Coll., 1896. Mem. At-
lantic Dist. Soc.
Fleming John R., 1903 Pacific av., 8

to 10, 1 to 3, 7 to 8. Tel. 168.

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Inst. Hom. ; Germantown Med.

Club; W. N.J. Soc; Atlantic City

Garrabrant Clarence, 1001 Atlantic

av., until 10, 3 to 5, 7 to 9. Tela.

63 & 236. Coll.P.&S., Bait., 1886.

Mem. Atlantic City Acad. Med. ; At-
lantic Dist. Soc.
Harward John J., 21 S. Pennsylvania

av., 8 to 10, 2 to 4, 7 to 8.30. Tel.

900. Univ. Md. & Jefferson Hom.

Coll., 1901. Mem. Atlantic City

Med. Soc.
•Hodges W. M. Coll.P.&S., 1869.

Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n.
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to 2, 6 to 8. Tel. 18. Bell., N.Y. ,

1865. Mem. Atlantic Dist. Soc.
Johnson C. Radclifle, 1604 Pacific av.,

8 to 10, 2 to 3.30, 7. Tel. 603. Coll.

P.&S.,N.Y., 1897. Mem. Am. Med.

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Joy J. Addison, 35 S. Illinois av., 8

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Med. ; Atlantic Dist. Soc.
Lyon Melvern S., 716 Atlantic av., 8

to 10, 2 to 4, 7 to 9. Tel. 14. Hah-
nemann, Phlla., 1889. Mem. Am.

Inst. Hom. ; N.J. State Hom. Med.

Soc ; Atlantic City Hom. Med.

Marvel Emery, 711 Pacific av., 2 to

3, 7 to 8. Tel. 309. Univ. Penna.,



1895. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n; At-
lantic Dist. Soc. ; Atlantic City
Acad. Med. Visit. Phys. Atlantic
City Hosp. ; Jewish Seaside Home.

Marvel Philip, 9 to 10, 2 to 3, 7 to 8.
Tel. 501. Univ. Penna., 1884. Mem.
Am. Med. Ass'n; N.J. State & At-
lantic Dist. Socs. ; N.Y. Acad. Med.

Morris S. LeRoy, 109 N. New York
av., 10 to 12, 3 to 5. Tel. 665. Har-
vard Univ., 1S95.

•Nicholas Henry D. Univ. Penna.,
1898. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n.

•North James, 29 S. Tennessee av.
Jefferson, 1880; Phila. Dental, 1883.
Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n; Atlantic
City Acad. Med.; N.J. State Dental

•Pennington Byron Cooke, 1212 Pacific

av.. until 10, 1 to 3, 6 to 8. Tel.

166. Jefferson, 1881. Mem. Am.

Med. Ass'n; N.J. State & Atlantic

Dist. Socs. ; Atlantic City Acad.

Med. Surg. Atlantic City Hosp.
♦Pollard W. M. Jeff. Phila., 1882.

Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n.
♦Powell William M., 31 S. Indiana

av., 2 to 4. Tel. 168. Univ.

Penna., 1884. Mem. Am. Med.

Ass'n; Atlantic Dist. Soc; Atlan-
tic City Acad. Med.
•Reed Eugene L. Jefferson, 1884.

Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n; N.J. State

•Reed Talbot, 9 to 10, 2 to 3, 7 to 8.

Tel. 643. Univ. Penna., 1884. Mem.

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