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Q. I. Jackson, H. M. Silver, N. M. Shaffer, D. M. Stimson,' G. M. Tuttle, R.

F. Weir, E. B. Cragin, G. W. Jacoby, J. Wright, M. D. Rushmore; Path.,
L. Cordes.


• ITALIAN HOSPITAL..— 169 W. Houston st. Tel. 2926 Spring.

Consult. Phys., A. Maroni, A. Stella. Dr. Bluchhi; Surgs., C. Sanni, F. E.
Parodi, A. Fanoni, Dr. Buccinto.

hattan Hospital). — Cor. 131st st. and Amsterdam av. Tel. 63-64 Morningside.
Ambulance District, from 86th to 145th sts., from Lenox av. to the Hudson
-River, including the 30th and 31st Police Precincts. Incurable and con-
tagious diseases are not admitted. Those able to pay are charged •$! per day.
Emergency cases received at any hour. Others should apply to the superin-
tendent, R. H. Townley, between ll'A. M. and 2 P. M. Vis. Days, Tues., Fri.
and Sun., 2 to 4 P. M. Patients allowed only two visitors a day.

Vis. Phys., F. H. Daniels, S. Baruch, H. B. Henson; Vis. Surgs., L. W.
Hotchkiss, W. G. Le Boutillier, G. T. Chase; Consult. Staff, W. T. Bull,
Surg.; E. G. Janeway, Phys.; Spec. Consult., E. L. H. McGinnis, Gynecol.;
R. Kalish, Ophthal. ; E. K. Dunham, Path.; J. E. Welch, Asst. Path.

JEWISH HOSPITAL.— Classon and St. Mark's avs. and Prospect pi.,
Brooklyn. Tel. 4864 Prospect. Incorporated 1901. Non-sectarian. Will open
about Nov. 29, 1906.

. OFFICERS.— A. Abraham, Pres. ; L. L. Firuski, 1st Vice-Pres. ; A. Levy,
2d Vice-Pres. ; N. S. Jonas, Sec. ; H. Roth, Treas. ; E. Strasser, Supt.


17 and 19 E. 111th st.

Supt., F. L. Lurkins; Consult. Phys., J. McE. Wetmore, J. W. Dowliug,
I. Townsend; Consult. Surgs., F. E. Doughty, S. F. Wilcox, W. Tod Helmuth,
Jr.; Consult. Specialists: J. T. O'Connor, Neurol.; G. W. McDowell, Otol;
A. B. Norton, Ophthal.; G. F. Laidlaw, Path.; Att'd Phys., L. A. Queen, C.
Ver Nooy, J. P. Seward, B. B. Clark, C. R. Conklin, L. M. Stanton, R. U.
Benson; Att'd Surgs.: G. W. Roberts, Gen'l Surg.; A. H. Bingham, Orthop.
Surg. ; J. D. Buchanan, Alt. ; A. H. Richardson, Alt. ; L. R. Kaufman, Asst. ;
J. B. Garrison, Laryngol. ; E. H. Porter, Gastro-Enterol. ; J. E. Wilson,
Neurol.; F. M. Dearborn, Dermat. ; G. De Wayne Hallett, Ocul. ; E. S.
Munson, Aurist; G. A. Hull, M.D., Dental Surg.; P. D. Saylor, Path.

LEBANON HOSPITAL.— Cauldwell and Westchester avs. Tel. 1678
Harlem. Acute cases taken. Apply to Superintendent, W. Daub. A ward for
children. Vis. Days, Wed. and Sun., from 2 to 4.

Att'd Phys., A. P. Zemansky; Assts., W. J. Pulley, H. J. Wolff; Att'd Surg.,
Paiker Syms; Assts., Henry Roth, W. A. Shufelt; Att'd Gynecol., Ralph
Waldo; Assts., S. S. Graber, L S. Feinberg; Att'd Ophthal. and Otol., William
Cowen; Asst., M. Cohen; Att'd Dermat., William S. Gottheil; Assts., Leon
Bowman, R. Abrahams; Att'd Phys., Children's Dept., A. Mayer;. Assts., M. S.
Kakels, Carl Goldmark; Att'd Neurol., W. M. Leszynsky; Path.,. Edward

YORK (formerly the Colored Home and Hospital, org. in 1830).— E. 141st st.
and Concord av. A general hospital for the medical and surgical treatment
of pay and free patients, with separate buildings for consumptive and ma-
ternity patients, and a detached pavilion for infectious diseases. It provides a
home for the aged, infirm and destitute colored persons of both sexes; a
Home for Incurables, and a Training School for Colored Nurses, established
1S98. Ambulance service from the Harlem River- to 149th st., and the Sound
to Harlem River, Including the 35th Police Precinct. Has capacity for 400
beds. Supported by voluntary subscriptions and municipal grant. Application
for admission should be made to the Supt; Vis. Days, Tues. and Fri., 2 to 5
P. M. ; Sun., 4 to 5 P. M.

Supt., A. Lake.; Att'd Phys., L. F. Bishop, N.R. Norton, F. R. Oastler,
A. E. Chllds; Asst. Att'd Phys., H. S. Carter, H. Zinsser; Att'd Surgs., J. A.
Hartwell, B. F. Tllton, C. P. Flint; Asst. Att'd Surgs., A. V. S. Lambert, S. M.
Mllllken, Jr.; Consult. Staff: T. W. Bickerton, W. B. James, Phys.; C. Mc-
Burney,L. A. Stimson, Surgs.; H. D. Nicoll, Consult. Obstet. ; E. M. Raynor.
Obstet. ; N. J. Hepburn, OphthaU ; A. E. Chllds, Path.


(SOCIETY OF THE).— 2d av., 17th to 18th sts. Objects are to provide
medical attendance and nursing for destitute women at their homes and In the
hospital, and also to afford opportunity for physicians and medical students
to study obstetrics. Apply to W. H. Spiller, M.D., for information regarding

Consult. Surg., W. M. Polk; Att'd Surgs,, J. W. Markoe. A. B. Davis, R.
W. Lobenstine, Ross McPherson, J. H. Harrar, E. S. Gushee, W. A. Mor-
gan, G. W. Kosmak, C. B. Knapp.

sailors, Atlantic and Gulf ports.— 109 Broad st. Tel. 4569 Broad. Instituted
under Special Act, Laws of New York, 1896. Provides professional care for
sick and injured seamen under foreign flags and examination of crews before
signing, by request of consul, owner or agent. Purpose: Daily visiting service
to ships, hospital care while in port when required, to prevent the spread
of venereal and other diseases unprovided for under the health regulations of
local or national authorities. Supported by fees under contract with owners
or agents and voluntary subscriptions.

Director, W. T. Jenkins, 9 A. M. to 4 P. M., daily; Med. Inspectors and
Examiners for New York and vicinity, S. A. Marshall, Perth Amboy; A.
Potter, W. R. Ramsay


Island; for the treatment of male and female patients and all classes of dis-

Vis. Staff: C. L. Bagg, Pres. ; J. H. Demarest, T. F. Smith, E. G. Rankin,
H. I. Ostrom, C. C. Boyle, B. G. Carlton, W. F. Honan, H. M. Lewis, E. D.
Klots, G. S. Harrington, H. S. Hathaway, G. T. Steward, J. H. Storer, C. C.
Howard, D. D. Stevens, S. K. Royle, E. P. Swift, A. L. Root, W. S. Mills,
E. D. Rudderow, P. C. Thomas, S. B. Moore, A. C. Wallin, F. N. Whitehome.


82d St. Tel. 34, 79th. Has thirty-five beds for medical and surgical cases and
six beds for babies. Vis. Days, daily, 4 to 5 P. M.

Matron, Miss Mary Houck; Vis. Staff: Gynecol., B. S. Talmey, J. A.
Schmitt; Children, H. B. Sheffield; Internal Med., O. P. Honegger, M. Jack-
son; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Max Talmey, A. Schapringer; Surg., F. H.
Albee; Adj. Vis. Staff: G. A. Friedman, J. E. Murphy, R. P. Muellenbach,
H. Spitzer, L. Pick, M. Cisin, A. F. Dempewolff; Consults., J. T. Nagle,
A. Caille, H. T. Brooks.

4327 38th. Diseases of the throat, nose and ear. Wards accommodate ten

Supt., G. B. Hope, M.D. ; Surgs., G. B. Hope, D. McDonald, N. S. Roberts,
C. E. Denison; Assts., H. S. Vaughan, C. G. Hunt; Consult. Surg., F. H.
Wiggin; Consult. Path., F. Ferguson.

York Mothers' Home of the Sisters of Misericorde).— Ft. E. 86th st. Affords
medical treatment for respectable women about to become mothers. Under the
charge of the Sisters of Misericorde. Patients can be received at any time
upon application to the Hospital. Vis. Days, Tues. and Thurs., 1 to 5.

Med. Director, M. C. O'Brien; Consult. Gynecols., G. T. Harrison, J. Aspell;
Obstet. Surgs., J. S. Peterson, J. B. Cooke, R. Armstrong, G. P. Shears, J. A.
Brady; Surg., J. J. McGrath; Neurol., J. J. McPhee; Path, and Ped., H. Stern;
Oculist, Laryngol. and Aurist, G. B. McAuliffe; Dentist, J. Kuhn.

TIVES.— W. 138th St. and Broadway. Tel. 5110-5111 Morningside. An un-
sectarian charity hospital to afford free shelter in sickness, and to relieve
Invalids, residents of the City of New York, who, by reason of the chronic
character of their diseases, are unable to procure medical treatment in any


of the other hospitals or homes. Apply at home proper. Vis. Days, Wed.,
Sat. and Sun., 2 to 4.30 P. M.

Supt., A. Hausmann; Consult. Phys., S. Baruch, I. Adler; Consult. Surgs.,
F. S. Dennis, S. Alexander; Special Consults., H. S. Oppenheimer, C. Koller,
E. S. Peck, Ophthals. ; C. L. Dana, J. Collins, A. Seesel, Neurols. ; M. Toep-
litz, F. Cohn, W. Freudenthal, Laryngols. ; S. Lustgarten, Dermat. ; J. Walter,
L. S. Rau, H. N. Vineberg, Gynecols. ; V. P. Gibney, G. R. Elliott, Orthop.
Surgs.; H. Brooks, Path.; J. Fraenkel, Med. Dir. ; Res. Phys., S. Wachsmann.
The Country Sanitarium for Consumptives, Bedford Station, Westchester Co.,
N. Y., is for incipient cases of phthisis who can do light out-door work.

MT. SINAI HOSPITAL..— 100th to 101st st. and Fifth av. For the
medical and surgical care of persons, except those suffering from infectious
or contagious diseases. Those able to pay board are charged $7 per week and
upward. Cases of accident are admitted at any hour.

Supt., S. S. Goldwater; Consult. Phys., A. Jacobi, E. G. Janeway; Consult.
Surgs., D. M. Stimson, W. F. Fluhrer; Att'd Phys., J. Rudisch, A. Meyer,
N. E. Brill, M. Manges,- H. Koplik (Diseases of Children); Att'd Surgs., A. G.
Gerster, H. Lilienthal, and H. Goldenberg (G.-U. Service); Gynecols., J. Bret-
tauer, F. Krug; Asst. Gynecols., H. N. Vineberg, S. M. Brickner; Ophthal.
and Aural Surg., E. Gruening; Att'd Dermat. S. Lustgarten; Att'd Neurol.,
B. Sachs; Adj. Att'd Phys., D. H. Davison, H. W. Berg, A. Kohn, E. Libman,
H. Heiman (Dis. of Children); Adj. Att'd Surgs., C. A. Elsberg, J. Wiener,
A. V. Moschcowitz, A. A. Berg, M. W. Ware (G.-U. Service); Adj. Ophthal.
and Aural Surgs., C. H. May, C. Koller; Att'd Laryngol., D. B. Delavan; Adj.
Att'd Dermat., F. J. Leviseur; Adj. Att'd Neurol., W. Hirsch; Adj. Att'd
Laryngol., E. Mayer; Path., F. S. Mandlebaum; Asst. Paths., E. Libman, E.
P. Bernstein, H. Cellar; Radiograph., W. M. Brickner; Asst. Radiograph.,
Adj. Phys. Contagious Dis., L. Hauswirth; Adj. Surg. Contagious Dis., L. B.
Meyer, A. G. Foord; Anaesthet., T. L. Bennett, M. P. Denton, C. J. Pick;
Admit. Phys., M. Rosenberg; Asst., B. S. Oppenheimer.

SCHOOLS. — Randall's Island. A Department of Public Charities, accessible
by ferry from the foot of E. 26th St., or from the foot of 120th or 125th sts.
Maintains a Children's Hospital, a School for Feeble-Minded Children and a
Custodial Asylum for hopeless idiots.

Supt., Mrs. M. C. Dunphy; Att'd Phys., E. E. Harris, T. S. Southworth,
W. L. Stowell, W. A. Dunckel, H. E. Hale, Asst.; Att'd Surgs., W. S.
Bainbridge, A. S. Taylor, C. M. Ford, C. Ogilvy, E. W. Peet, Asst. ; Consult.
Neurol., F. Peterson, W. H. Caswell, Asst.; Att'd Neurols., N. Oppenheira,
L. P. Clark; Att'd Ophthals., C. B. Carter, P. H. Fridenberg, C. H. May,
W. E. Spicer; Att'd Dermats., C. T. Dade, 0. H. Holder, E. L. Cocks, C. A*
Kinch; Paths., M. Wollstein, M. Grund; Neuro-Paths., T. P. Prout.

NEW YORK HOSPITAL.— 7 to 25 W. 15th st. Tel. 3900 Chelsea.
Ambulance Dist., 14th and 42d sts., 4th and 7th avs., and North River, 14th to
27th sts. Acute, non-contagious, medical and surgical cases and children are
received. Patients able to pay are charged $7 per week in wards. Apply to
supt. at any time. Patients unable to apply in person will be visited at their
homes. Vis. Days, Tues. and Fri., 2 to 4 P. M.

Supt., G. P. Ludlam; Vis. Phys., G. L. Peabody, H. P. Loomis, S. W.
Lambert, L. A. Conner; Vis. Surgs., L. A. Stimson, F. Hartley, F. W. Mur-
ray, F. H. Markoe, P. R. Bolton, A. B. Johnson.

Department of Public Charities. Tel. 3352 Madison sq. Sub-division of the
City Hospital for the care and treatment of indigent women during confine-
ment. Apply to the Superintendent of Department Adults, foot E. 26th St.,
10 A. M. to 3 P. M.

NURSERY AND CHILD'S HOSPITAL,.— 571 Lexington av. Tel. 421
Plaza. Admits children under four years of age, free from contagious disease;
Women of good character and unmarried women pregnant for the first time
admitted to the lying-in ward. If unable to pay the confinement fee of $25,


they must remain two months after recovery. For particulars, apply to the
Superintendent, Miss J. A. Hunt, or to the Secretary at the hospital. Vis.
Day, Fri., 2 to 9 P. M.

Vis. Phys., A. M. Thomas, T. S. Southworth, C. F. Collins, R. G. Freeman;
Consult. Phys., H. D. Nicoll, J. W. McLane, J. J. Hull, E. L. Partridge;
Spec. Consults.: Orthop. Surg., V. P. Gibney; Ophthal., M. E. Tully; Path.,
V. Alriance.

AND HO-PITAL (NEW YORK).— 44 and 46 E. 12th st. For treatment
of diseasos of the eye and ear. Indigent people are admitted free of charge.
H. Knapp, Exec. Surg.

YORK).— 126 E. 59th st. Furnishes treatment to the poor suffering from
deformities of the spine, and from diseases of the hip, knee and other joints.
Those who are able to pay are charged for the apparatus. The hospital re-
ceives children between the ages of four and fourteen years, and charges $4
a week for board, and there are a number of free beds. A system of out-door
visiting is also maintained. Regular dispensary service every afternoon except
Sun. Surg. -in-Chief, R. A. Hibbs.

PARALYTIC HOSPITAL.— Blackwell's Island. A department of the
City Hospital for adult paralytic cases, both male and female.

PASTEUR INSTITUTE.— 313 W. 23d st. An institution for the Pas-
teur treatment of hydrophobia. Both in-door and out-door patients are re-
ceived, and those unable to pay are treated free. Apply .between 9 and 6.

PHILANTHROPIN HOSPITAL.— Williamsbridge. For Medical and
Surgical Treatment. Free to the destitute sick. Those able to are expected
to pay. Accommodates 34 patients. Out-Patient Department open daily, 2 to
5, except Sun. Vis. Phys., H. Stern, T. F. Reilly; Vis. Surgs,, S. Strauss,

B. S. L. Blasueci; Att'd Phys. and Surgs., J. R. Fabricius, J. L. Hughes,
E. C. Podvin, N. De Tullio, T. Mulholland, J. J. Walsh. C. Beck, G. A.
Crump; Otol., W. S. Bryant; Laryngol., G. B. McAuliffe; Orthop., D. D.
Ashley; Path., E. Lewis, and T, H. Curtin; Ophthal., F. Van Fleet.


YORK).— Founded in 1882. 214 to 220 E. 34th st. Tel. 3036 Madison sq.
Contains one hundred and five beds, and, in addition to its dispensary service,
has free wards for the medical and surgical treatment of the sick poor suffer-
ing from non-contagious diseases. It also has private rooms. Apply to the
Secretary, C. H. Chetwood, M.D., or to the Supt., J. Gunn, at the hospital.
, Vis. Surgs., J. A. Wyeth, R. H. Dawbarn, J. A. Bodine; Vis. G.-U. Surg.,

C. H. Chetwood; Vis. Rectal Surg., J. P. Tuttle; Vis. Orthop. Surg., W. R.
Townsend; Vis. Phys., M. Manges, W. H. Katzenbach, W. Van V. Hayes;
Vis. Gynecols., J. R. Goffe, B. H. Wells, R. H. Wylie; Vis. Peds., A. Seib^rt.
C. G. Kerley; Vis. Dermat., A. R. Robinson; Vis. Ophthal., R. O. Born; Vis.
Laryngol. and Rhinols., D. B. Delavan, R. C. Myles, F. J. Quinlan; Vis.
Otol., F. Whiting; Vis. Neurol., W. B. Pritchard.

(THE NEW YORK).— 303 E. 20th st. Tel. 5S09 Gramercy. No ambulance
service. Non-contagious diseases are admitted without regard to non-ability
to pay. Vis. Days, daily, 2 to 4.

Supt., A. H. Candllsh; Vis. Phys., W. H. Porter, S. S. Burt, L. Weber, E.
Quintard, C. F. Wainright; Asst. Vis. Phys., J. S. Emans, J. Welzmiller,
R. H. Halsey; Vis. Surgs., W. Meyer, S. Lloyd, R. T. Morris, J. McGrath, C.
Beck; Asst. Vis Surg., C. S. Cole; Vis. Gynecols., B. McE. Emmet, H. St. J.
Poldt. G. M. Edebohls, G. G. Ward, J. N. West; Asst. Vis. Gynecol., A.
Brothers; Vis. Phys. to Babies' Wards, H. D. Chapln, A. CaiH§; Asst. Vis.
Phys., C. 0. Malsch, G. R. Pisek; Vis. Surgs. to Babies' Wards, S. Lloyd,
T. Dunham; Asst. Vis. Surgs., C. R. L. Putnam, E. W. Peterson; Vis. Surgs.
to the Orthop. Wards, W. O. Plimpton, H. L. Taylor; Ophthal. Surg. Babies'
Wards, A. E. Davis; Path., H. S. Brooks; Path. Babies' Wards, E. K.


PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL..— Madison av. and 70th st. Tel. 263,
79th. Ambulance district, 59th to 96th sts.. Central Park to the East River.
For the sick poor of New York City. Patients may be admitted by the Super-
intendent, on the recommendation of any manager, after examination as to
suitableness by the House Physician or Surgeon, or on the recommendation
of any physician or surgeon of the hospital, subject to the subsequent ap-
proval of the Executive Committee. Vis. Days, Tues. and FrI., 2 to 4; Sun.,
3 to 4.

Supt., C. I. Fisher, M.D. ; Vis. Phys., W. G. Thompson, F. P. Kinnicutt,
W. P. Northrup, W. B. James, J. S. Thacher; Asso. Vis. Phys., G. A. Tuttle,
D. Bovaird, Jr. ; Vis. Surgs., A. J. McCosh, E. Eliot, Jr.; Asso. Vis. Surgs.,
F. T. Brown, G. Woglsey; Asst. Surgs., F. Hawkes, C. A. McWilliams; Con-
sult. Phys., E. G. Janeway, A. H. Smith; Consult. Surgs., C. McBumey,
C. K. Briddon; Spec. Consults., H. D. Nlcoll, Gynecol.; M. A. Starr, Neurol.;

F. H. Bosworth, Laryngol. ; C. S. Bull, Ophthal. ; W. K. Simpson, Otol. ; N. M.
Shaffer, Orthop. ; G. T. Jackson, Dermat.

RECEPTION KOSPITALi.— Ft. of E. 16th st. (in charge of the Health
Department). For temporary care of contagious diseases awaiting transfer to
Riverside Hospital, Res. Phys., H. L. Lynale.


Under the auspices of .the American National Red Cross Society. Object, to
train a corps of physicians and nurses for attendance upon the sick and
wounded of all nationalities; also to supply the American National Red Cross
Society nurses, medical and surgical aid and assistance as may be needed.
The hospital is conducted by the Sisters of the Red Cross.

Sister-in-Chief, B. Hofker-Lesser; Sister-Manager, F. E. Barker; Surg.-
in- Chief, A. M. Lesser.

RIVERSIDE HOSPITAL..— North Brother Island. Health Department.
Receives contagious diseases.
Res. Phys., S. P. Watson; J. Murphy, Matron.


Brother Island (Health Department).

Vis. Phys., S. A. Knopf, W. J. Pulley, J. H. Huddleston; Res. Phy., F. S.

ROOSEVELT HOSPITAL.— 58th to 59th sts. and 9th av. Tel. 2340-1-2
Columbus. Ambulance District, 27th st. to 86th St., Central Park West, to 59th
St., to 6th av., to 42d St., to 7th av., to 27th St., to North River. Medical,
surgical and gynecological cases are admitted. One medical and one surgical
ward for children. Cases of severe accident, or serious illness, admitted at
any hour of the day or night; others between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. Applica-
tion should be made in person at the hospital, where an examination will be
made. Those unable to apply in person will be visited at their homes. No
contagious diseases are admitted. Application for the admission of patients
living out of the city must be addressed to the Superintendent, and accom-
panied by a certificate of some reputable physician, stating the nature and
probable duration of the disease. Those who are able to pay are charged
$7 to $10.50 per week in wards, but no one is denied admission because of
inability to pay.

Consult. Phys., F. Delafield, G. L. Peabody; Consult. Surgs., R. Abbe, W. T.
Bull; Consult. Gynaecol., Robert Watts, T. A. Emmet; Consult. Neurol., P.
Bailey; Consult. Laryngol., J. E. Newcomb; Phys., W. H. Thomson, W. B.
James, F. W. Jackson; Jr. Phys., Robert C. Kemp; Surgs.^ Jos. A. Blake,

G. E. Brewer; Jr. Surgs., L. W. Hotchkiss, C. H. Peck; Asst. Surgs., W.
Martin, C. P. Flint; Gynaecol., G. M. Tuttle; Jr. Gynaecol., H. C. Taylor;
Path., E. Hodenpyl; Asst. Path., N. E. Ditman.

RELIEF OF).— 135 E. 42d St. Tel. 1117, 38th. Curable children from four
to fourteen years of age, who are ruptured and crippled are received..' Appli-
ances and bandages free to indigent adults. A moderate charge is made to


others. No contagious cases admitted. Apply to Superintendent from 1 to 3
P. M., except Sun. and holidays, at which time the dispensary is open. Vis.
Day, Sat., 2 to 4 P. M.

Supt, A. H. Bartine; Surg. -in-Chief, V. P. Gibney; Hernia Dept, W. T.
Bull; Att'd Phys., A. Flint, Jr.; Asst. Surgs., W. R. Townsend, R. Whitman,
W. B. Coley, J. B. Walker; Consult. Surgs., R. Abb6, C. T. Poore, J. W. S.
Gouley, C. McBurney, J. D. Bryant, H. S. Stearns; Consult. Phys., E. G.
Janeway, F. P. Kinnicutt, L. E. Holt, A. A. Smith, W. B. James, A. H.
Smith; Spec. Consults., L. D. Bulkley, Dermat. ; D. Webster, Ophthal. Surg.;
G. Bacon, Aural Surg. ; J. Collins, Neurol. ; D. B. Delavan, Laryngol.

EN.— 211-213 E. 17th St. For women and girls of good character, and chil-
dren, who need care, nursing and rest.

Summer Branch, St. Andrew's Rest, Woodcliff, N. J.

ST. ANN'S MATERNITY HOSPITAIj (the Lying-in Department of
the N. Y. Foundling Hospital).— 175 E. 68th st. Tel. 2500 Plaza. Unmarried
women, pregnant for the first time, who desire to preserve individual or family
reputation; also for destitute married women, or for those who can afford to
pay. Apply to the Superior, Sister Teresa Vincent.

Vis. Phys., J. Aspell; Asst. Vis. Phys., J. A. Dillon, I. S. Hill; Consult.
Phys., H. C. Coe.

ST. ELIZABETH'S HOSPITAL.— 415-419 W. 51st st. Private hospital
under the care of the Sisters of St. Francis. No contagious diseases. Vis.
Hours, afternoons and evenings.

Supt., Mother Celso; Att'd Phys. and Surgs., J. R. Alvarez. A. Bird, D.
Bissell, J. A. Bodine, A. Currier, R. Eastman, W. T. Gibb, J. R. Goffe, E. H.
Grandin, H. Grlswold, H. Grad, G. T. Harrison, E. G. Janeway, J. E.
Janvrin, F. C. Hollister, H. C. Hazen, J. J. Noll, Paul Outerbridge, E. S.
Peck, E. Quinn, A. B. Tucker, F. H. Wiggin, J. N. West, J. A. Wyeth, J. E.
Winter, J. V. D. Young, C. C. Barrows, J. L. Adams, T. Morgan, H. F.
Quackenbos, W. Gildey, J. Taylor, J. Quinn, W. Morgan, J. Byrne, H. D.
Meeker, A. Newman, D. H. Stewart, W. Ford, A. Goelet, W. P. Healy, R.
Graham, J. D. Nagel, C. Rakestraw, D. E. Walker.

ST. FRANCIS' HOSPITAIj.— E. 142d st., bet. Brook and St. Ann's
avs. Tel. 2514 Melrose. No ambulance service. Persons suffering from non-
contagious diseases are received. Vis. Days, Sun. and Thurs., 2.30 to 4.30.

Vis. Phys., J. Doming, A. Seibert, F. Schwyzer, L. F. Warner; Vis. Surgs.,
F. Kammerer, S. Lloyd; Asst. Vis. Phys., T. F. McParlan, C. Bartels; Asst.
Vis. Surg., J. Rogers; Consult. Surgs., G. F. Shrady, G. M. Edenbohls; Consult.
Gynecol., W. R. Gillette; Consult. Phys., C. H. Lellman, F. E. Miller.

143d and 144th sts., bet. Brook and St. Ann's avs. Under the charge of the
Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. Free to the poor. Capacity, 350 beds.
Vis. Days, Sun. and Thurs., 2.30 to 4.30 P. M. Apply to Sister Superior at the
hospital, 8 A. M. to 5 P. M.

Phys. -in-Chief, C. M. Cauldwell; Phys. -in-Charge, H. Wollner; Vis. Phys..
C. E. Banker, A. R. Braunlich, J. J. Morrissey, J. T. Holmes, J. B. Manning,
T. H. Curtin, F. H. Dillingham, A. Spence, J. L. Dinning, J. H. Larkin, A.
Muller, J. J. Dunleavy, H. L. Shively, A. H. Travis, J. J. White. J. B.
Huber; Vis. Surgs., W. J. Furness, M. J. Schwerd, C. H. Mcllwaine; Consult.
Phys., J. Doming, F. E. Miller.

ST. LUKE'S HOSPITAL.— 113th st. and Amsterdam av. Tel. 780
Morningside. No ambulance. Medical and surgical treatment to patients suf-
fering from acute curable and non-contagious diseases. Children's wards and
separate wards for consumptive cases. Board in wards for adults, $10.50 per
week; $6 in children's wards. Free to those certified as unable to pay. Apply
to Superintendent between 10 A. M. and 5 P. M. Physicians will be sent to the
homes of patients living in New York to examine them for admission if they
are confined to their beds. Vis. Days, Tues. and Fri., 2 to 2.30 P. M.

Supt., Rev. G. F. Clover; Vis. Phys., V. H. Norrie, G. A. Spalding, A. W.
Hollis, T. C. Janeway, E. LeFevre, C. F. Collins; Vis., Surgs., R. Abb6, B. F.
Curtis, F. H. Markoe, C. L. Gibson; Orthop. Surg., T. H. Myers; Ophthal.


Surg., C. W. Cutler; Path., F. C. Wood; Consult. Phys., C. W. Packard, A.
H. Smith, G. G. Wheelock, A. B. Ball, F. P. Klnnicutt, B. Robinson; Con-
sult. Surgs., W. T. Bull, C. McBurney, L. B. Bangs, F. W. Murray; Spec.

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