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Consults., N. M. Shaffer, Orthop. Surg.; D. B. Delavan, Laryngol. ; W. M.
Polk, Gynecol. ; T. M. Prudden, Path. ; G. T. Elliot, Dermat. ; P. Bailey,
Neurol.; E, B. Dench, Otol.

ST. MARK'S HOSPITAL..— 177 and 179 2d av. Tel. 1180 Orchard.
No ambulance service. Regular physicians can attend their own patients with
the permission of the visiting physician. Patients unable to pay are received
free; others are charged |7 per week in the wards. Free obstetrical ward.
Contagious diseases are excluded. Vis. Days, Wed. and Sun., 2 to 4 P. M.

Supt., Anna Windhorst; Consult. Phys., A. H. Smith, L. Weber; Consult.
Surg., C. McBurney; Consult. Ophthal., W. F. Mittendorf; Consult. Gynecol.,
H. J. Garrigues; Vis. Staff, L. M. Rottenberg, R. W. Wilcox, Phys.; C. Beck,
S. D. Powell, Surgs. ; H. J. Boldt, H. N. Vineberg, C. A. Von Ramdohr,
Gyuecols. ; W. Freudenthal, Aurist, Rhinol. and Laryngol. ; J. D. Richards,
Asst. ; W. K. Otis, Dermat. and Androl. ; Att'd Staff, J. Collins, C. E. Den-
hard, Phys.; J. F. Erdmann, A. Von Grimm, C. Pflster, G. J. Miller, J. Heck-
mann, Surgs. ; E. C. Beck, Asst. ; E. C. Savidge, 0. Maier, E. K. Browd, L. F.
Garrigues, A. Shuiman, Gynecols. ; D. D. Ashley, Orthop. ; G. Lindenmeyr,
Path. ; H. T. Brooks, Bacterid.


34th St. Tel. 2026, 38th. Under the charge of the Sisters of St. Mary (P. E.).
Children between two and fourteen years suffering from acute or curable dis-
eases, medical or surgical, are received. Apply to Sister Superior. Patients
out of town must send with application a physician's certificate stating nature
of disease. Vis. Days, daily, 3 to 4 P. M.

Vis. Staff, C. T. Poore, G. M. Swift, C. N. Dowd, R. Watts, Jr., F. S.
Mathews, W. A. Downes; Consult. Staff, R. Watts, F. Delafield, C. McBurney;
Spec. Consults., C. S. Bull, Ophthal. Surg.; M. A. Starr, Neurol.; F. S.
Matthews, Path. ; B. W. Hoobler, Asst. ; G. S. Cole, Radiographer.

For Out-Door Department see The Wilkes Dispensary. There is a Country
Branch at Norwalk, Conn., for cases needing a change of air. Open June 15th
to Oct. 1st. Phys. in Charge, C. G. Bohannan.

ST. VINCENT'S HOSPITAL..— Founded in 1849. 11th and 12th sts.
and 7th av. Under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. General hospital for
medical and surgical treatment of the sick, except contagious diseases. The
wards are free to the destitute sick. Those able to pay are charged $6 per
week. Accommodates 370 patients. Out-patient department open daily (ex-
cept Sunday), 2 to 5 P. M. Ambulance service. Vis. Days, Tues. and Fri.,
3 to 5 P. M., Sun., 3 to 4 P. M. Only two visitors allowed a patient on Sun-
day. In case of extreme illness, visits of immediate relatives or friends are
not restricted to the regular days or hours.

Vis. Phys., C. J. McGuire, H. M. Biggs; C. H. Lewis, J. M. Ferrer, Assts. ;
Vis. Surgs., C. Phelps, F. S. Dennis, J. D. Bryant; J. B. Bissell, G. D. Stewart,
S. J. Walsh, Assts. ; J. D. Emmet, Gynecol. ; P. A. Callan, Ophthal. Surg. ;
F. J. Quinlan, Laryngol.; C. L. Smith, Asst. Laryngol.; Path., D. H. McAl-
pin, Jr.; Consult. Phys., E. G. Janeway; Consult. Surgs., J. W. S. Gouley,
S. Smith; Spec. Consults., T. A. Emmet, W. Polk, J. Aspell, J. H. Boldt,
H. B. Wells, Gynecols. ; R. F. Weir, Gen. Surg. ; M. A. Starr, Neurol. ; F. E.
Bosworth, Laryngol. ; P. A. Morrow, Dermat.

SETON HOSPITAL..— Spuyten Duyvil Parkway, Spuyten Duyvil. Tel.
56 Kingsbridge. No ambulance. Founded by Sister Mary Irene for the better
treatment of consumptives; under the charge of the Sisters of Charity. Con-
sumptives in all stages of the disease are received. There are 200 beds. The
Margaret Branch, which is exclusively for women and children, has 175 beds.
Those able to pay are charged $7 per week in the wards. Application for ad-
mission may be made through the attending physicians or to the Sister in
charge, or to the Superintendent of Public Charities. Children under five
years of age are admitted. Vis. Days, Sun. and Thurs., 2 to 4 P. M. Only
two persons allowed to visit a patient on the same day.

Vis. Phys., A. M. Shrady, J. A. Miller, S. Hart, L. R. William; Att'd Phys.,
J. T. Abbott; Assts., P. Van Ingen, H. Emerson; Consult. Phys., F. Dela-


field, J. M. Prudden; Consult. Laryngols., C. Wagner, W. K. Simpson; Con-
sult. Ophthal., F. J. Parker; Surg., B. J. Lee; Phys., L. F. Frlssell.


and 19th at. Open to all afflicted with diseases of the skin, or cancer, who ire .
unable to pay for medical attendance. Those able to pay are charged $7 per -
week. For admission apply to the Superintendent from 11 to 5, or by letter.
Vis. Days, Tues., Thurs., Sat. and Sun., 2 to 4 P. M.

Supt., Miss Sarah Burns; Vis. Staff, L. D. Bulkley, G. H. Fox, F. Torek,;
W. S. Balnbridge; Consult. Staff, D. M. Stimson, D. Webster, R. F. Weir,
J. A. Wyeth, E. G. Janeway, E. L. Keyes, E. D. Fisher, D. B. Delavan, W.
Meyer. W. M. Polk, A. H. Smith, R. Abbe.

SL.OANE aiATERNITY HOSPITAL, (of the College of Physicians
and Surgeons).— 447 W. 59th st. Tel. 240 Columbus. No ambulance. Emerg-
ency cases received at any hour; others should apply to the resident physician,
at 2 P. M., except Sunday.

Supt., M. M. Russell; Vis. Phys., E. B. Cragin, J. D. Voorhees, F. A.
Dorman; Consult. Phys., J. W. McLane.

SYDENHAM HOSPITAL..— 339 to 347 E. 116th st. Tel. 1170 Hkrlem.
Vis. Days., Wed. and Sun., 2 to 4.

Consult. Staff, I. Adleri A. Jacobi; Phys., A. A. Smith, E. C. Spitzka;
Neurols., L. E. Holt, N. P. Northrup; Peds., C. McBurney; Surg., P. Syms;
G.-U. Surg., H. C. Coe, W. M. Polk; Gynecol., E. B. Cragin; Obstet.. G. H.
Fox; Dermat., D. Webster; Ophthals., J. F. McKernon; Laryngol. and Aural.
Surg., Att'd and Vis., Staff, H. Herman,' R. Kunitzer; Phys., C. G. Kerley,
N. Oppenheim; Peds., T. W. Kilmer; Adj., J. F. Erdmann; Vis. Surg., E. H.
Eising; Adj., E. Beer, D. D. Goldstein, I. Levin; Att'd Surgs., J. E. Puld;
Adj., S. Marx, M. Rosenthal, A. Sturmdorf; Gynecols., R. I. Frank, H.
Grad, S. Jacobson, L. Marcus; Adjs., L. S. Rau, G. Seeligman; Obstets.,
G. G. Frischlowitz, L. M. Michaelis; Adjs., M. Michailovsky, S. Pollitzer;
Dermats., E. L. Meierhof, A. N. Strouse; Ophthals., H. Jarecky, M. Toep- '
litz; Laryngol. and Aural Surg., S. Yankauer; Adj. Laryngol., C. J. Pick;
Anaesthetist, B. Levene, D.D.S. ; M. L. Simon, D.D.S., H. H. Shaley, D.D.S.,
Dental Surgs.


YORK).— 229-231 E. 57th st. Clinics daily at 2 P. M.

Eye and Ear, J. L. Adams; Chief, Throat and Nose, S. Goldstein, J. A.
Mac Isaacs, J. H. McCroskey, F. D. Gullever, J. J. McGowan, E. C. Fassett;
Ophthal., P. B. Hough, J. J. Concannon; Otol., C. F. Walter, C. W. Lynn;
Lungs, J. L. Barton, S. D. Harrison, W. L. Wheeler, E,. A. Miller, F. C.
Combes, F. W. Langstroth; Dental and Oral Surgs., W. D. Tracy, M. C.
Tracy, L. A. O'Brien, S. de Sola, J. I. Hebben; Path., H. E. Lewis.

TRINITY HOSPITAL.— 50 Varick st. Tel. 1373 Franklin. Is main-
tained by the Corporation of Trinity Church. It is intended primarily for the
poor of the parish, but others are admitted when there is room. Chronic cases,
obstetric cases, and children under fourteen years of age are not admitted.
Apply to the Superintendent between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M.

Supt., Miss Annie E. Kirchhoff: Vis. Staff, A. L. Fisk, F. Hawkes, C. A.
McWilliams, W. S. Schley; Consult. Staff, W. M. Polk, N. H. Henry, F. T
Brown, C. P. Tucker; Ophthal. Surg., R. H. Derby; Path., E. E. Smith;
Assts., B. J. Lee, H. C. Williams, J. H. Kenyon, J. G. Yocum; Examining
Phys., F. G. Merrill.

"WASHINGTON HEIGHTS HOSPITAL.^B'way 178th and 179th st.

Phys., S. O. Sabel, J. Weinstein; Surgs., C. C. Slchell, H. M. Kalvin; Nose
and Throat, I. Friesner; G.-U. and Skin, L. Bowman; Neurol., M. I. Blank:
Orthop., P. W. Nathan.

WILLARD PARKER HOSPITAL.— Foot of E. 16th st. Tel. 5613,
18th. Ambulance district. Boroughs of Manhattan and Bronx. Persons suffer-
ing from diphtheria are received. Vis. Days, for parents. Sun., Tues. and
Thurs., 11 A. M. to 3 P. M.

Supt. and Res. Phys., H. L. Lynah; Asst. Res. Phys., B. Throne; Vis. Staff.
J. E. Winters, J. W. Brannan, H. W. Berg, W. P. Northrup, A. T. Swan,


H. D. Chap in, L. Fischer; Consult. Staff, G. F. Shrady, Surg. ; H. H. Wootton,
Ophthal. ; P. D. Kerrison, Aurist.


"110th St., bet. Columbus and Amsterdam avs. Tel. 3969 Riverside. No ambu-
lance. For treatment of diseases peculiar to women. Chronic, contagious and
confinement cases and cancer cases are not received. Apply to the Superin
tendent, Miss F. E. Fowler, week days, from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M.

Vis. Staff, H. D Nicoll, C. Cleveland, B. M. Emmet, P. F. Chambers; Con-
sult. Phys., E. G. Janeway, A. H. Smith, F. Delafield, P. P. Kihnicutt; Con-
sult. Surgs., W. T. Bull, C. McBurney, R. Abb6, J. D. Bryant; Gynecols.,
Out-Door Department, J. G. Hirons, J. C. Taylor, H. Grad, R. M. Rawls,
G. H. Mallett, M. P. Denton.

WORKHOUSE HOSPITAL. (Dept. of Correction) Blackwell's Island.

Vis. Phys., S. A. Brown, G. B. Wallace, C. E. Bruce, S. Tynberg; Vis.
Surgs., W. T. Gibb, A. S. Morrow, J. B. Squier; Ophthal., W. B. Marple,
R. G. Reese; G.-U. Surg., M. I. Schoenberg; Consult. Surg., J. P. Tuttle.


BETHANY DEACONESS HOSPITAL,.— 237 St. Nicholas av., Bklyn.
Tel. 4S6 Bushwick. Home and Hospital for the treatment of all non-contagious
diseases. Contains thirty-five beds. For those able to pay, $7 per week is
charged in the wards.

Consult. Staff: J. Fuhs, F. A. Schlitz, Phys.; L. S. Pilcher, Surg.; Att'd
Phys., C. J. Hettesheimer, A. Bell, Att'd Surgs.; P. Manecke, W. F. Koerner,
C. A. Lubrecht, Assts. ; Vis. Phys., R. T. Wheeler, W- B. Brader, H. A.
Wade, W. R. A. Carley, N. Matson; Vis. Surgs., J. O. Polak, W. A. Myers,
W. B. Chase, J. G. Dickert; J. H. Droge, Rhinol., Laryngol. and Otol. ; B.
Schalk, Ophthal. ; W. Moser, Path.

BRADFORD STREET HOSPITAL,.— Bklyn. A branch of the Kings
County Hospital, opened November, 1902. Emergency ambulance service con-
nected with hospital.

Supt., J. F. Fitzgerald; Vis. Days and Staff are the same as the Kings
County Hospital.

BROOKLYN HOSPITAL, THE.— Raymond st. and DeKalb av.,
Bklyn. Tel. 2905 Main, All non-contagious cases, including children of all
ages. Apply to the Superintendent for admission. Vis. Days, in the general
wards, Thurs. and Sun., 2 to 4; Tues., 6 to 7.

Supt., Miss M. W. Osbom; Vis. Phys., A. R. Paine, G. R. Butler, G. R.
Hall, H. A. Fairbairn; Vis. Surgs., R. W. Westbrook, W. C. Wood, R. L.
Dickinson; Obstet., F. H. Stuart; Orthop. Surg., J. M. Clayland; Path., J. M.
Van Cott; Consult; Staff, A. Hutchins, R. Ormiston, F. West, Med.; T. R.
French, Laryngol. ; J. S. Prout, Otol. ; S. Sherwell, Dermat. ; A. Mathewson,
Ophthal.; F. Ferguson, Path.

CUMBERLAND STREET HO SPIT ALi.— 105-111 Cumberland st.,
Bklyn. (Homcepathic. ) Ambulance District, water front and a line extending
from the Wallabout Canal, through Hewes st., Kent av., Wallabout St., Hay-
ward St. and Bedford av., Brevoort pi., Franklin av., Malbone st., Flatbush av.,
Carlton av., Atlantic av., Cumberland st.. Myrtle av., and Navy St., and along
the west wall of tlie U. S. Navy Yard to Wallabout Bay. For destitute persons
.suffering from non-contagious diseases. Admitted ou permits from the Com-
mfssion-er of Charities, or at hospital. Vis. Days, Wed. and Sun., 11 to 3.
• Supt., C. B. Bacon, M.D. ; Vis. Staff, W. W. Blackman, O. S. Ritch, G- C.
Jeffrey, .D. Simmons, W. H. Aten, M. T. Hopper, W. Winchell, W. S. Rink,
A: M. Ritch, C. Burnham, - W. L. Love, H. E. Street, J. L. Moffat, H. D.
Schenck, A. G. Warner, N. Robinson, W. M. Butler, F. E. Risley, H. B.
Minton, W. H. Pierson, T. A. Buys, W. C. Latimer, H. C. Allen, E. R. Fiske,
J. L. Keep, H. J. Pierron, W, S. Searle, E. Chapin, B. W. Bierbauer, F. T.
Van Woert.


St., Bklyn. Tel. 1242 Main. For free treatment of diseases of the eye, ear,
throat, skin and nervous system. Vis. Days., Wed., 2 to 3, Sun., 2 to 4.

Supt., R. W. Bassett; Surgs., J. D. Rushmore, J. M. Raub, A. Brinkham,
J. W. Ingalls, W. H. Snyder, H. A. Alderton, J. Scott Wood, N. L. North,
W. Simmons, F. D. Bailey, W. C. Braislin, H. H. Waugh, D. W. Meyer,
C. N. Cox, P. C. Jameson, B. C. Collins, S. H. Lutz, W. S. Shattuck, Jr.;
Assts., J. C. Hancock, A. Arbona, E. W. Wright, N. E. Farewell, J. H. Ohly,
W. G. Reynolds, J. C. Medd, W. E. Joiner; Clin. Assts., G. R. Hawley, T.
Dixon; Eye. Clin. Assts., J. J. Kaiser, H. P. Snell; Ear, Asst. Surg., C. G.
Molin; Clin. Assts., C. E. Lack, C. E. Scofield; Skin and Throat: Surgs., S.
Sherwell, F. C. Raynor, W. H. Steers, H. Arrowsmith; Asst. Surgs., F. L.
Tucker, A. H. Clements, H. Santoire; Clin. Assts., F. R. Herriman, M. G.
White; Nerv. System: Phys., A. C. Brush; Asst., C. MacCoy.

FLUSHING HOSPITAL.— Parsons and Forest av.. Flushing.

Supt., Miss F. L. Wetmore; Phys., R. Folger, J. L. Hicks, J. MacLeod,
J. D. McPherson, E. P. Lawrence; Surgs., J. L. Bloodgood, A. W. Jagger,
G. I. McKelway, C. B. Story; Asso. Phys. and Surgs., W. A. Allen, A. S.
Ambler, F. M. Deems, I. F. Dick, L L. Doughty, A. C. Griffin, H. L. Owsley,
L. R. McCullom; Consult. Otol., R. Lewis; Neurol, and Electro-Therap., A. D.
Rockwell; Ophthal., W. O. Moore; Disp. Ophthal., W. F. Macklin; Path.,
S. P. Beebe; Dental Surg., C. M. Master.

GERMAN HOSPITAL.— St. Nicholas av.. Stanhope and Stockholm sts.,
Bklyn. Tel. 365 Bushwick.

Supt., L. Pauly; Phys., J. Fuhs, W. Moser, L. Louria, C. Wuest, "W.
Seimel; Surgs., R. S. Fowler, L. S. Pilcher, J. P. Warbasse; Asst., C.
Fulda, Jr.; Gynecols., F. Weisbrod, W. Linder; Nose, Throat and Ear,
J. H. Droge; Neurol., W. Browning; Eye, E. Schalck; Radiog., H. P. Bender,
C. Wuest; Asst. Bacteriol. and Path., W. W. Laing.

GERMAN LUTHERAN HOSPITAL..— East New York av. and- Powell
St., Bklyn. Tel. 169 East New York. No ambulance. Receives all classes of
diseases except contagious ones. Board, $7 per week to those able to pay;
others free. Apply to the Superintendent, Miss L. Lindemann. Vis. Days,
daily, 3 to 5.

Consult. Surgs., E. Bachmann, J. D. Rushmore; Phys., F. H. Miller, E.
Luhrsen, E. P. Hickok, A. Arbona, M. F. De Lorme, O. Niedner; Surgs.,
J. Kepke, V. Barber, N. Rathbun, J. Kirk, P. H. Keeler, A. W. Slee, W. F.
Saybolt, W. H. Rankin.

KINGS COUNTY HOSPITAL.— Clarkson st., Bklyn. Tel. 901 Flat-
bush. Ambulance District, Eastern Parkway to Flatbush av., to Ft. Hamilton
and Gravesend avs., to King's Highway, to city line, to Eastern Parkway.
Destitute persons suffering from non-contagious diseases are admitted on per-
mits from the Commissioner of Charities, or at hosptial. Vis. Days, Wed. and
Sun., 10 to 4.

Supt., J. F. FitzGerald; Vis. Staff, A. T. Bristow, J. B. Bogart, W. Maddren,
C. F. Barber, H. H. Morton, C. D. Napier, J. M. Winfield, G. McNaughton,
S. J. McNamara, W. Browning, A. C. Brush, R. M. Pomeroy, A. M. Judd, G.
R. Hall, Z. T. Emory, J. R. Stivers, E. P. HickOk, D. F. Lucas, J. M. Van
Cott, H. A. Alderton, J. W. Russell, J. S. Wood, J. F. FitzGerald, H. H.
Arrowsmith, G. F. Little, J. C. Bierwirth; Asst. Vis. Staff, W. F. Campbell,
A. Bogart, H. Eraser, W. Truslow, W. C. Woolsey, H. M. Mills, C. MacCoy,
E. Zabriskie, W. Butler, J. Watt, W. P. Poole, M. F. Lewis, A. Murray, W.
S. Shattuck, H. P. Gould, B. D. Harrington. C. B. Bacon, D. S. Mac-
Naughton, M. D. Jones, G. L. Stivers, J. H. Ohly, R. B. Anderson, S. H.
Lutz, E. P. Porter, W. H. Maddren; Consult. Staff, W. H. Bates, C. Jewett,
J. A. McCorkle, J. S. Prout, J. D. Rushmore, P. L. Schenck, F. E. West,
E. Palmer, F. Sherwell, J. T. Duryea, J. Wright.

KINGSTON AVENUE HOSPITAL. (Health Department).— Kingston
av. and Rutland rd., Bklyn. Tel. 601 Flatbush. For adults and children suf-
fering from contagious diseases. Res. Phys., E. Eberle; Matron, M. Dooling.

Amity sts., Bklyn. Tel. 4S51-4852 Main. Medical, surgical and- obstetrical


cases received; incurable and contagious diseases excluded. Emergency cases
admitted at any hour. Vis. Days, Tues. and Fri., 2 to 4; Sun., 2 to 3.

Supt., R. E. Shaw, M.D. ; Vis. Phys., J. A. McCorkle, F. H. Col ton, H. L.
Read, C. Jewett, F. E. West, G. R. Hall; Vis. Surgs., J. D. Rushmore, A. T.
Bristow, E. Palmer, G. McNaughton, H. .H. Morton, W. C. Wood; Consult.
Staff, J. W. Hyde, E. A. Lewis, A. Hutchins; Spec. Consults., J. S. Prout,
Ophthal. Surg.; T. R. French, Laryngol. ; S. Sherwell, Dermat.


Incorporated 1883.— 827 Sterling pi., Bklyn.

Ses. Phys. and Supt., O. A. Wigle; Consult. Staff, M. B. Brown, G. Jeffery,
S. Wilcox, W. M. Butler, E. Chapin, G. W. Roberts, S. Smith, W. W. Black-
man, H. H. Boynton, L. H. Muncie; Vis. Staff, J. V. Baker, L. A. Cort,
G. Cassidy, M. Lines, R. J. Ayres, M. Fish-Fleckles, M. L. Turton, F. Min-
shull, H. C. Van Buren, H. Hale, M. Potter.

METHODIST EPISCOPAL. HOSPITAL (Seney).— 7th av. and 6th

St., Bklyn. Tel. 124 South. Ambulance service. Persons of all ages are ad-
mitted. Those able to pay are charged $7 up. Apply to the Superintendent at
any time. Vis. Days, Tues. and Fri., 2 to 4; Sun., 2 to 3.

Gen. Supt., A. S. Kavanagh; Res. Supt., W. T. Graham; Vis. Surgs., L. S.
Pilcher, J. B. Bogart, P. H. Sturges; P. M. Pilcher, T. B. Spence, A. H.
Bogart, Assts. ; Vis. Phys., A. R. Matheson, G. R. Butler; R. M. Mead, H. G.
Webster, Assts.; Consult. Surg., L. B. Bangs; Consult. Phys., A. E. M.
Purdy, W. H. B. Pratt; J. E. Sheppard, Consult. Aurist; T. R. French,
Consult. Laryngol.; J. S. Wood, Consult. Ophthal.; Path., W. N. Belcher;
R. Clark, Asst.

HOSPITAL.— 4th av. and 46th St., Bklyn. Tel. 700-701 Bay Ridge.

Supt., M. Madland; Consult. Staff: Surg., J. A. McCoi'kle, H. C. Turner;
Ophthal, J. S. Wood; Neurol, W. Browning; Laryngol., W. F. Dudley; Vis.
Staff: Att'd Phys., T. C. Guenther, E. E. Cornwall; Assts., W. C. Schoenijahn,
R. E. Coughlin; Att'd Surg., H. B. Delatour, E. D. Ferris; Assts., C. E. Lack,
E. M. Skelton; Path., L. C. Ager; C. L. Stone, Asst.; Anaesthetist, A. H.

New Brighton, Staten Island. Tel. 103 F. W. Brighton. Comprises a central
nursery and fourteen cottages. Lying-in patients are not received, but in
other respects the conditions for admission are the same as at the City Branch.
Vis. Days, 2d and 4th Thurs. of each month.

Supt., Mrs. C. Miller; Consult. Staff, W. C. Walser, A. Lukens, J. W.
Townsend; Spec. Consult., W. F. Mittendorf.

TERNITY.— Washington av. and St. Johns pi., Bklyn.

Med. Dir., B. W. Avery; Consult. Staff: Surgs., N. Robinson, W. W. Black-
man, O. S. Ritch; Oculist and Aurist, A. G. Warner; Paths., E. R. Fiske,
R. Lloyd; Nose and Throat, W. B. Winchell; Neurol., W. H. Aten; Res.
Phys., G. W. Whitney; Att'd Staff, W. S. Rink, B. L. Houghton, C. L. John-
ston, B. W. Bierbauer, H. D. Schenck, J. B. Given, M. T. Hooper, F. E.
Risley, H. C. Allen; Adj. Phys., R. Upham, J. F. Ranken, S. W. Pallister.

RECEPTION HOSPITAL. (Coney Island.) Branch of the Kings
County Hospital. Open April 15th to Oct. 1st only.
Supt., J. F. Fitzgerald, M.D.

ST. CATHARINE'S HOSPITAL.— 250 Bushwick av., Bklyn. Tel.
274 Wmsburg. Under the care of the Sisters of St. Dominic. Ambulance
District bounded by Queens County, Myrtle av., Broadway, Union, Driggs and
Manhattan avs., to Newtown Creek. Accident cases admitted at all hours;
others, 9 to ll A. M., 2 to '5 P. M. Applications must be made personally, or
by a friend, to the Sister at the door. Admissions are governed by (a) the
rules of the Commissioner of Charities, and (b) the rules of the hospital.
Vis. Days, Sun. and Thurs., 3 to 5.

Mother Superior, M. B. Hanner; Vis. Phys., J. Fuhs, E. J. Carroll, V. J.
Klein, M. Enright, W.- M^^jtfier; Vis, Surgs., M. Figueira, J. C. Kennedy, P,


Hughes, F. Kneer; Consult Phys., H. Riedel; Ophthal. and Aurists, L. Coffin,
H. R. Price, F. D. Bailey; Neurol., E. J. McEntee; Laryngol., J. Meyer;
Dermat., S. Sherwell; Path., W. T. Allen; Dental Surg., D. Engel.

St., Bklyn. The object is to furnish hospital treatment to babies under two
years of age, and to train nurses for babies. Medical Board consists of two
consulting surgeons, four consulting physicians, and two attending physicians.
Free to the needy poor; persons able to pay are charged according to their
means. Sick children, under two years of age, are admitted, excepting those
suffering from contagious diseases. For admission apply to the hospital be-
tween 8 and 12 M. Vis. Day, Thurs., 1 to 2.

Supt., Miss J. O'Daly; Consult. Surgs., W. Maddren, C. Jewett; Consult.
Phys., T. M. Lloyd; Spec. Consults., W. Browning, Neurol.; W. F. Dudley,
Laryngol.; W. H. Snyder, Ophthal.; W. A. Northridge, J. W. Parrish, Vis.
Ped. ; Path., W. N. Belcher; Anaesthet., J. C. E. Nielsen.

ST. JOHN'S HOSPITAL,.— Atlantic and Albany avs., Bklyn. TeL
2060-2061 Bedford. For the treatment of acute and curable non-contagious dis-
eases. Applications should be made between 10 and 12 A. M. Emergency cases
will be admitted at any time. Patients, when practicable, should be examined
before entrance by one of the Hospital Staff. Terms in general wards, $7 per
week. Vis. Days, 2 to 3 daily.

Supt., Rev. P. F. Swett; Med. Staff, H. B. Delatour, H. A. Fairbairn, A.
W. Catlin, F. H. Colton, A. T. Bristow, W. S. Simmons, W. B. Brinsmade,
G. G. Hopkins, J. R. Bird, A. Hutchins, "W. F. Dudley, E. Palmer, J. E.
Langstaff, H. T. Hotchkiss, A. Murray, J. M. Van Cott, W. L. Duffleld, W. F.
Campbell, F. H. Knight, W. H. Rankin, W. S. Hubbard, E. P. Porter, S.
Lewis, P. C. Jameson, W. Browning, J. M. Winfield, J. W. Henry, W. H.

ST. JOHN'S li. I. CITV HOSPITAL..— Jackson av. and 12th St..
L. I. City. Tel. 800-801 Greenpoint. Hours, 9 to 6. Severe accident cases
admitted at all hours.

Supt., Sister M. Loyola; Consult. Phys. and Surgs., Jas. D. Trask, C. ,H.
Chetwood, Peter Hughs, Enoch Lawrence; Vis. Surgs., J. A. Bodine, E. S.
McSweeney, B. G. Strong, E. H. Quinn, H. J. McKenna; Vis. Phys., W. J.
Burnett, J. H. Barry, P. H. Bumster, H. L. Parker, J. P. Moore; Vis. Ophthal.
Surg., Richard Kalish; Vis. Laryngol.,' Jas. F. Power.

ST. MARY'S FEMALE HOSPITAL,.— 155 Dean st., near Hoyt st.
Exclusively for the diseases of women.

There is also a Maternity Hospital and Infants' Home.

Vis. Staff: Gynecol., W. J. Corcoran, J. C. McEvitt; Assts., J. P. Glynn,
H. C. Keenan; Obstet., J. M. Downey, S. J. McNamara, J. J. O'Connell;
Assts., G. Daley, C. G. O'Connor, P. J. York.

ST. »I ART'S HOSPITAL,.— St. Mark's av., between Rochester and
Buffalo avs., Bklyn. All sick not suffering from contagious diseases are ad-
mitted. Maintains an orthopedic department.

Sister-in-Charge, Sister Stephen; Vis. Staff, J. Harrigan, J. C. MacEvitt,
W. J. Corcoran, J. C. Kennedy, J. D. Sullivan, J. R. Kevin, C. Terry, E. A.
Parker, J. Harrigan, J. L. Waterman, G. R. Kuhn, J. M. Clayland, L. Morton,
V. L. Zimmerman, J. P. Glynn, H. Keenan, 0. A. Gordon, J. P. Mylod, J. P.
Murphy, J. A. Lee, R. J. Morrison, J. Gallagher, J. M. MacEvitt, J. J. Collins,
J. Leiter, E. A. Hatch, E. G. Hynes, J. A. Shields, G. E. Deely, M. L. Bod-
kin, J. J. O'Connell, J. G. Williams.

• ST. PETER'S HOSPITAL,.— Henry st., between Congress and Warren
sts., Bklyn. Tel. 840 Hamilton. In charge of the Sisters of the Poor of
St. Francis (R. C). Open to all. Those who cannot pay are received as
readily, as those who can, prefereuce being always given to the poor. Emer-
gency cases admitted at any hour. No contagious diseases received. Chronic
cases are not retained after the acute attack has subsided. Applications from
those living out of the city must be accompanied by a certificate from some
physician, stating the nature and probable duration of the disease. Children
over five years admitted. Apply for admission to the Sisters between 9 and 1^,


or 3 and 5. There are four wards for consumptives. Vis. Days, Sun. and
Thurs., 3 to 5 P. M.

Att'd Surg., J. D. Rushmore; F. W. Wunderlich, C. P. Gildersleeve, W. M.
Friend, P. F. Pyburn, F. C. Paffard, C. J. Noonan, Assts. ; Att'd Phys., T. B.
Corbally, T. M. Lloyd, J. A. Kene, T. A. McGoldrick, P. F. Pyburn, C. A.

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